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Veteran Outdoors continues its mission to give back to veterans who gave for their country by providing them with free-to-them hunting, fishing, and outdoor experiences. You can help our nation’s heroes and enter to win some incredible prizes along the way. Between now and October, Veteran Outdoors will be giving away prizes every month. We’re giving away . . .

  • Guns (TBA)
  • Hunts (TBA)
  • A one of a kind Ed Anderson hand painted Orion Cooler
  • Camo gear and clothing
  • Custom VO Yeti Tumblers
  • VO gear
  • BRUTUS EL JEFE – our South Texas Outfitter’s Custom Ford Expedition Hunting Rig

Brutus 2_1

There are two ways to get your name entered into the drawings. (Click here to enter.)

1. For every $100 you donate, your name will be entered into the drawing. (Example; a one-time pledge of $300 gets your name entered into the drawing three times.)

2. For every $10 pledged on the monthly giving plan, your name will be entered into the drawing. (Example: a $50 per month pledge on the 12 month giving plan gets your name into the drawing 5 times.)


Every month, all names that are drawn are reentered back into the pot for all the other drawings. The sooner you enter, the better your odds! If you’re drawn, your name goes right back into the hat for all future drawings!

Go to to make-a-donation to enter today.

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  1. So how do they give to vets? Sounds like you have to buy raffle tickets “donate” to get entered

    • They take vets on hunts, fishing trips, and other outdoor activities. Real charity, with the funds raised actually going to help the vets, not to pay executive salaries and “overhead”. Look them up online and you’ll see a lot of the people they’ve helped, including me. When I got home, they really helped me out, and were the first people to show me what a grateful nation really was.

  2. Not to be off topic (ok,I’m totally taking this off topic) but I need AI advice. I live in a three story house and the top floor is on a different AC zone that stopped working and can’t be serviced until Tuesday. I don’t ever really go up there but I have about 12 guns up there, most of which are family hand me downs and old rifles with wooden stocks. Is the 100 degree heat for 5 days going to be an issue for the wood stocks?

    • I left an old shotgun in a soft case in my closet during a bad heat wave in WV. High humidity. Whatever the wood was covered in got sticky and It was like peeling a scab to get that case off that gun.

      The gun looked like hell after that. Don’t know if this pertains to your situation.

  3. After all the evil I have been through by the state, there is no question some soldiers did good with their hearts. May your blades be wet with the ichor of the evil.

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