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Yolo County Sheriff Ed Prieto (courtesy

“How many times have you been attacked? How many friends do you have who have been attacked? I’m not talking about the exception. I have five daughters and I can say I would not honestly give a weapon to any one of my daughters.” – Yolo County, CA Sheriff Ed Preto in Ruling on concealed weapons spotlights California’s key role in gun debate [via]    [h/t DrVino]


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  1. So you wouldn’t allow your daughters to defend themselves if someone tried to assualt them?
    Yeah some father you are. Epic fail.

  2. So no one will have the right to keep and bear arms under his authority because he’s an irresponsible parent? We’re not even in Alice in Wonderland when talking about California anymore, it’s gone beyond weirdness to something else altogether. A sickness with no name.

  3. When he says “I’m not talking about the exception” I guess he doesn’t want to hear me say 5 of my friends have been attacked because that would be the exception to somebody who doesnt know anyone who has been attacked?

  4. ‘I’m not talking about the exception.’ – If you’re the exception you’re just going to have to lay down and die for the greater good. But if your not the exception you never needed a gun in the first place.

    • One county next Sacramento. This is where law enforcement earns its coin ensuring citizens become victims. Starting to respect criminals more than a badge, their motives are understandable.

      • In cases like this the criminal and the badge have the same motive, to take what is yours for their own. Whether that is property, rights, or life is just semantics.

        • This is key. We need to start calling police and Sheriffs like Ed Preto exactly what they are: violent criminals who use the threat of deadly force to violate our humanity for their own benefit … which includes getting paid to violate us and the sadistic pleasure of violating us.

    • Since I haven’t been violently attacked, then crime must not be a problem, and maybe the Sheriff’s department doesn’t need so much funding. Let’s reduce their budget by 50%.

  5. I myself was attacked once. Kind of. My drawn gun stopped him before a single punch was thrown. One of my cousins was attacked by a guy with a revolver. My cousin stopped that attack by sticking his hand in the way of the hammer as he wrestled the gun away from the assailant. But those would be exceptions, wouldn’t they?

    • I had an “exception” back in the ’80s.

      A friend and I were on our way from Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, MO back to Ft. Knox, KY. A guy tried to run us off the road, probably to carjack us. Apparently the HK93 I pointed at him caused him to remember important business somewhere else. I suspect he ruined the engine in his little import running away from us.

  6. This guy is a moron so I certainly wouldn’t rely on him for my personal safety. And I wouldn’t ask his permission to protect myself either.

      • The above quote from this guy would make a great ad for someone running against him. “Sheriff Pretoria won’t even help his daughters be protected from rapists so why would he protect you?”

      • Unfortunately, the two are not mutually exclusive. Additionally, Yolo County is very rural. It would not surprise me if the police response times were less than stellar in many areas.

        • Yolo County is also home to it’s largest city, Davis, which just happens to be home to UC Davis. This is the largest collection of liberals, second only to SF. Can’t wait for retirement so we can move to FREE AMERICA!

        • I used to be a Bob (in Calif), then I moved out of there when I retired. It’s so much better to just be a Bob now.

  7. What we have here is a failure to understand a logical fallacy.

    The probability that I will ever need to defend myself with a gun is near zero.
    The probability that you will ever need to defend yourself with a gun is near zero.
    The probability that any law abiding citizen will ever need to defend themselves with a gun is near zero.

    Therefore the crime rate requiring the use of a firearm is close to zero.

    Crime is something that happens to the other guy. You are the other guy’s other guy. That is why you carry a gun.

    • tdiinva,

      I emphatically disagree with your statement, “The probability that I will ever need to defend myself with a gun is near zero.” for the following reason:

      Last year in the United States, law enforcement agencies reported about 1.1 million violent crimes to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The United States population is around 330 million. That means something like 1 in 300 people were victims of violent crime last year. That also means, over a 50 year span (from age 21 to 71), about 1 in 6 people will be victims of violent crime. That is NOT “near zero probability”.

      Furthermore, countless people never report being the victims of violent crime for various reasons. That being the case, it is quite possible that the number of violent crimes in the United States is twice the number reported to the FBI, which would mean about 1 in 3 people will be victims of violent crime in their adult lifetime.

      Of course a person’s particular lifestyle will adjust that number somewhat. At any rate, whatever the adjustment, your probability of being the victim of a violent crime (and thus being justified to use a firearm to defend yourself) is way, WAY above “near zero”.

    • He probably spends a lot more time with the county commission or whoever his bosses are defending his paycheck than anywhere near where he needs a gun to protect himself.

  8. The Sheriff should attend just one of my pistol classes. I have yet to have a class were there was not at least two people there because they recently became a victim of a crime. Their comments when asked about the crime was that “the police do not give a shit” and they don’t want to be a victim again.

    Also, if nothing ever happens, why does he even have a job? Somebody is being attacked everyday.

    He will change his tune the day one of his daughters is attacked.

    • Also, if nothing ever happens, why does he even have a job?

      Serving and protecting the public is how they sell their presence as collectors of revenue for the state and a buffer between the upper/political classes and the middle/lower/peasant classes.

      They’re all essentially ______ of Nottingham when you get right down to it.

  9. Yep we’re just wildebeest crossing though the river of life, while crocodiles lay waiting for a meal, odds are croc’s will eat, low probability it will be an particular wildebeest. What’s worst is a Sheriff, elected representatives, and general public who could protect, decline to do so, preferring to watch the carnage.

  10. Yes, Gun Safety begins when the loving Village who indoctrinates, err, raises your child and ensures that guns of weapons of war are not present in their Safe Space. Think of the children….
    Who knows? Maybe we will get lucky with this guy and his kids and see evolution in action.

  11. My wife and I were. Displaying the fact that I was armed persuaded them that he five of them were outnumbered by the two of us, and my cocked and locked 45.

  12. And how often does the Sheriff or his deputies use their guns? What he doesn’t understand is that even if the probability of needing a gun is low, the consequences of not having a gun can be catastrophic. Further, the probability of any of his daughters using those guns in a crime is even lower.

    Also, his name is “Prieto”, not “Preto”.

  13. Sheriffs and police chiefs who are against private citizens possessing firearms should themselves be barred from possessing or carrying one

    • Actually, any person who does not believe in firearms use by citizens should be barred from any position involving an affirmation to preserve and protect the Constitution or to uphold the law.

      • Bravo!!!
        These are not the best Americans for the job, they are blind by fear and the ability to reason.

  14. Well probably this guy realizes that he and his wife raised his daughters so he’s as much of an idiot as his daughters are and his wife is and he’s afraid that they’re going to shoot him possibly by accident most likely with intent.

    • “Genius child was never born of idiot parents.” – Commentary by the M.D. author of a late 19th century medical textbook.

  15. I’ve never been attacked, so I guess I don’t need the police either. That would be great, my tax money can go to something else, right?

  16. An open Oath-Breaker, a collectivist-gerbil eagerly gnawing away at the founding principles and at the foundation of the Republic, and a clear domestic enemy of the Constitution.

    It really is as dirt-simple as that.

  17. If his logic was sound, then there is no reason for police, specifically him, to carry guns while off duty.

  18. The last County Sheriff here wouldn’t sign off for people to buy suppressors. Anyone who wanted to had to form a gun trust. We voted him out.

    My daughter will be moving out in August. She will have at least one gun she and her roommate can shoot, quite well, if not one for each room of the apartment, and one for the car.

  19. Never mind the millions of Americans affected by violent crimes every year…my wife was robbed at gunpoint twice, a friend was taken hostage and later released, and another was murdered. But I guess those were the exception? My wife, son, daughters and grandchildren have been instructed in the use of firearms. Defend yourself and your loved ones, refuse to be a victim.

  20. 2 very close friends of mine have neen raped….one when she was a young teen ….the other as a freshman in college.

    Ah….how about the reported rape stats and the conversation that those stats are woefully under reported.
    How about bill cosby, how about the rapes in his own fn state.
    How about ….idk….reality?
    I agree…..father fail!
    My kids will and do carry.
    This man is living blind!
    Too bad for the town.

    • Ragnar (Above) beat me to it, but apparently You Only (get to) Live Once there.

      In Yolo, be grateful for the one life you had…

  21. So an old, fat cop who is no longer useful in a fight doesn’t want you or your daughters to be useful in a fight, either.

  22. This is what everyone of these morally superior people should be required to do:

    Letter to my special snow flakes.

    “Because there is so much gun violence, because that violence has never touched our family, I decided to tell you how I am supporting the removal of guns from society. No one in our family will have the ability to defend themselves in the event of an attack on one or more of us. We will brave the future without fear, without compromise, without weapons. Now, this stance may result in the death or permanent injury to one of us, but you and we will be standing for life, positive living, opposed to violence. If you, or any of us, suffer the statistically insignificant chance of harm, take heart in the knowledge you are doing the right thing. Should you not survive a lethal assault, we will post your picture on all the social media and tell the world how wonderful your life was, how we will miss you, and how your demise strengthens our resolve to not buckle to pressure to meet violence with violence. I love you all.”

  23. I have never been involved in an accident involving another vehicle. I have never rolled an automobile over. I have never had a deadly disease that required extensive medical care. I have never burned my house down. I have never had my house burglarized. I have never………

    You get the point, I can rattle off a near endless list of things I have never done or that have never happened to me. The list could range from the common to the rare one off type of who woulda thunk it cataclysmic event. Never the less I take care to be prepared so that I can either prevent or make amends in the event something happened to me. Truth be told I do not think any of us wake up in the morning and say something like, “damn I sure hope I get in car wreck this morning.” I also doubt any of us say, “you know what I don’t have cancer and neither does anyone in my family so I am not going to worry about health insurance.” No, we don’t do that and would not admit it if we did. People would think you are foolish. Well, the same thing applies to personal defense. Now I am not saying everyone must own a firearm. Truth be told there are some people that cannot operate stapler. That does not change the fact that there are other of us who can use firearms. It is also does not mean that the incompetency, fear, or complacency of others should dictate rule of law for everyone else. Making laws based on emotions in an effort to curtail actions based on emotions is nefarious premise.

  24. So I guess it’s OPEN SEASON on yer girls huh sheriff? Good to know…BTW most of what cops do is revenue enhancement. Especially in smaller burbs like…Ferguson.Missouri.

  25. My sympathy goes out to the citizens of Yolo County who are forced to live under the rule of this tyrant who who has no respect for the Constitution. Not to mention his daughters who are being encouraged to be victims rather than strong women. Shameful excuse for a father.

  26. Knowing the family tree of Ed Preto’s daughters, I wouldn’t let them have sharp pencils or any other pointy objects. Because stupid is an inherited trait.

  27. How long until someone finds pics of his daughters and posts them? How long after that until one or more gets raped because they are guaranteed to be unarmed?

    I think he just offered his daughters as victims. Is his middle name maybe “Lot”?

  28. Prieto contends that people can open carry in most of the county (which is approximately 98% rural and unincorporated) and the only incorporated areas are small towns, so no one need s a concealed carry permit. I guess he doesn’t carry what happens to residents when they cross the county line into Sacramento, or further south into gang infested Stockton. Ingrown blinders.

  29. So a Sheriff, who almost certainly has a gun or multiple guns in his house doesn’t train his daughters to the point that he can trust them with a firearm? Or maybe he’s just a sexist?

    That should get him some sort of award for poor parenting.

  30. The good thing I don’t have to care what he does for his family (or doesn’t do).

    In his logic, it would be more acceptable to prepare to defend yourself after you had been attacked.

    Unfortunately you may be maimed or dead afterward. So you should only lock your door after you’ve been robbed.

    Dumbass logic from. …..a dumbass. Go figure.

  31. I don’t think people here understand the liberal argument.

    Crime and interpersonal violence are a result of socioeconomic forces produced by capitalist unfairness. The criminal is produced at random by an unfair society.

    Shooting those people by private citizens only punishes the already oppressed. Police attempt to remain away from violent incidents, only shooting those who go directly against society by shooting at the police.

    The solution to crime is a thorough remaking of society under Socialist principles of fairness. Even the defensive use of guns is a violent shortcut which delays a better society. It removes part of the incentive to change.

    In the meantime, the leaders of social change will be protected by registered, professional bodyguards, paid for by the state.

    (Disclaimer: This is sort of sarcasm. But, I think this is what Liberals/Progressives/Marxists believe.)

  32. Prieto doesnt have to arm his daughters. Half of his family works for the county.
    He got slammed with an investigation a couple years back for cronyism.


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