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S.C. is the place to talk guns – A challenge to The Donald: “But I wonder if Trump would come to Charleston, stand in front of Mother Emanuel Church and explain to everyone why he supports keeping the “Charleston loophole” – and opposes pretty much every common-sense measure that has been proposed to keep guns out of the hands of the likes of Dylann Roof? Will this guy who says he always “tells it like it is” … the guy who like the school yard bully (that he is) loudly proclaims he’s such a tough guy with guts, etc., come explain his NRA endorsement to the families of the Emanuel Nine?” . . .

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Democrats made assault weapons more popular, says gun historian –  Here’s something to thank a Clinton for: “(Martin K.A.) Morgan, an American author and military historian, blames former President Bill Clinton’s 1994 assault weapons ban for ushering in change. ‘My overwhelming impression is that the 1994 Clinton crime bill created this new world where everyone owns a AR-15 type rifle.’”

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Why not bling your GLOCK? “If you are looking for a high performance coating for your slide or barrel, look no further than one of our beautiful PVD selections. Physical Vapor Deposition is a process often used to provide hardness and abrasion resistance to machine parts and cutting tools to achieve maximum efficiency.


Gavin Newsom’s transgender posts about guns stoke online fervor – “’The comments he made prove pretty much categorically that he has no idea what is happening in the lawful gun-owning community,’ (the Pink Pistols’ Gwen S.) Patton said. ‘This is a case of stereotypes and preconceived notions driving his agenda.’” So…pretty much par for the California course.


Life in Chiraq: “They could catch the right person with a real gun, I mean that was a lot of water, you hit the right person you could get the wrong reaction.”


2016 NRA Annual Meeting: The Crime Report – “What happens when you gather 80,000 Second Amendment Loving Americans into a small area for a weekend of gun-related fun? Blood in the streets? Indiscriminate shootings? Bodies piling up at the smallest of offense? You know the answer.

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  1. “come to Charleston, stand in front of Mother Emanuel Church and explain to everyone why ‘I’ support keeping the “Charleston loophole” – and opposes ‘ALL’ common-sense measure that has been proposed to keep guns out of the hands of the likes of Dylann Roof? ”

    I’d be happy to. Someone buy me a ticket.

    • The issue is that the Social Justice Warriors would prevent you from even speaking. Does not matter who it is, that person would be shouted down before they had a chance to speak.

      “They just want to have a conversation crowd” only wants a one way conversation within the echo chamber.

      • Sadly, I suspect your right. But in the immortal words of Jason Nesmith “Never give up! Never surrender!”

        • Add to that, never negotiate with an enemy that is dishonest, because they will take what you offer and then demand more. In my experience there is no group more dishonest than the people who want to take our guns.

        • Why does ANYONE (on our side) talk to that B-ach. You would have thought after her ambush interview on GHW Bush in the ’80’s, we’d have learned. She is NOT, ‘America’s Sweetheart’, she is a sneaky, snarky, leftwing operative, that should be avoided at all cost.

      • Thanks Phil, we would be more than happy to give away more of our rights to make you feel safer. We know it’s for our own good and wiser heads should prevail.

        Sure glad you have a soap box to speak for us “little people”. If only all our laws could be made according to public opinion polls. What a Utopia that would be.

        We need your help like the Tibetans needed the Chinese. We plan on keeping our Republic, no thanks to you.

  2. That’s funny ,none of the anti gun crowd will accept a debate ,and when they do hear the other side ,they somehow get edited out

  3. Same. I’d be more than happy to explain that through the authorities improperly entering the assholes conviction for narcotics he was legally able to go to any firearm dealer fill out a 4473 and still purchase a firearm legally.

  4. ‘My overwhelming impression is that the 1994 Clinton crime bill created this new world where everyone owns a AR-15 type rifle.’

    Truth be told I did not grow up around guns, was not in the military, really didn’t know that much about them until 5 or so years ago. Mind you I have always been a strong believer in the constitution and the second amendment, just that guns weren’t something I was really involved in.

    I first decided to get one, and then get my carry permit, because of the obvious attack on our rights by the state in general and specifically thanks to the SAFE act.

    So is this a true statement? In my case I think it certainly applies.

    • In 1994 my dad owned two guns. A really small 22 pistol, and a shotgun with a long barrel and a bunch of chokes. A few years later, when Clinton was making some collateral damage in Serbia in efforts to distract the media from him repeatedly blowing his load in the Oval Office, we had already tooled up with multiple AKs, the Bill Clinton MAK90 sporter, SKSs galore, m1 carbines, AR15s, Uzi sporters, Cobray m11, mini 14s and many many more. That was an exciting time for me. Thanks Bill!!!

  5. I looked 2 young men who are very liberal in the eye today. I asked them if they believed in a woman’s right to make choices for her own body. “Absolutely” Then how can you deny a woman the tools she needs to defend her own body. “Ohhhh…” Congratulations, you are now Republicans

    • That champion of women’s rights, Betty Friedan, objected to women’s fighting back against rapists and murderers. She argued that doing so just “perpetuates the cycle of violence.” In other words, she valued her philosophy above their lives, health and sanity.

      • No, most Republicans believe that a woman’s ‘own body’ stops at the body of another human being with his or her own unique set of human DNA, his or her own heart pumping his or her own blood (often not even the same blood type as the mother’s) in his or her own circulatory system – completely separate from his or her mother’s, his or her own fingers, toes, etc. If you wish to deny science, fine, but a human fetus is NOT just a tumor.

        • Except most abortions occur way before the baby is that developed.

          Explain to me how a mass of cells, that could be turned into countless remedies for ailments of people who are already undeniably alive, is more important than someone with brain damage speaking again. That said, I do disagree with late term abortions.

          You are denying science through your claims. A mass of cells is not a child. Stem cell research can save lives. A woman’s body is her own choice.

          Besides, there are just too many people anyway. Why bother fighting tooth and nail to save a mass of cells that one day will rob you violently and you shoot them dead.

        • Wow, talk about ignorance of science. A human’s heart starts beating 18 days after conception. Before most women have a clue that they’re even pregnant the baby has his or her own complete circulatory system pumping blood that’s frequently not even the same blood type as the mother’s. How is this just a ‘clump of cells’?

          You claim that fetal stem cell research can save lives but then claim that there’s too many people, so why bother? Besides, if you knew anything about the science you’d know that there’s been much more promising results from adult stem cell research than fetal stem cell research.

          And how do you decide which babies will grow up to rob you? Why not wait until they actually do rob you to execute them just so nobody innocent has to die?

      • I’m pretty sure most Republicans believe that first part, it’s just that most Democrats don’t get that it isn’t the woman’s body that’s being physically or chemically damaged to the point of cessation of life functions.

  6. If he was genuinely concerned about the safety of trannies he’d force doctors to admit “Sex Reassignment Surgery” doesn’t work an leave a maimed wreck that’s incapable of having sex and is linked to an increase in suicide instead of forcing doctors to perform it. It would stop them from killing themselves.

    • That’s the would-be trannies’ decision. You may be right about the success rate of a sex change in terms of future happiness. But neither you, nor me, nor anyone else has the right to make that decision for them. The worst tyrants are those who feel duty bound to force others to do what the tyrants believe is good for them.

      • I’m fine with that, but government mandated acceptance is no more acceptable than government mandated psychiatric treatment for people who wish to pretend that they do or they don’t have a Y chromosome. I believe science is on my side, but either way government should have no horse in this race.

      • They should still be able to do it, but they should know it doesn’t work. It’s proven it doesn’t work to the point the creators of SRS refuse to perform it anymore.

        Currently the government threatens the medical license of anyone who dares tell them it’s a bad idea and threatens to jail those who won’t do the surgery.

        • Even though most Western countries aside from Denmark classify “trans-sexuality” as a mental disorder, gender dysphoria.

  7. ‘My overwhelming impression is that the 1994 Clinton crime bill created this new world where everyone owns a AR-15 type rifle.’

    Anybody who was around the ‘gun culture’ in the early 90s would remember how Mini-14s were everywhere and nobody had ARs. Of course Minis were $200 cheaper back in the day. Bill Ruger played lead fiddle with the Dems to keep the Mini off the banned list. Kind of backfired in the long run.

  8. Charleston loophole? How can one keep something that does not exist.

    Even calls the original claim about this by HRC “false”.

    • No it was not a loophole, rather an error by the police. But to “them” it makes no difference that the law specifies that a NICS check must be completed in 3 days; they would prefer that no gun could be transferred until that background check comes back, no matter how long it takes. They don’t care that the purpose of the 3 day period was to assure that the system could not be abused to deny gun purchases through long or even interminable delays (i.e., how the NJ permitting system works today, where it may take 6 months to a year to get permission from the local p.d. to buy a firearm).

  9. Totally unrelated, but this is the easiest way to bring up a question, and more importantly remember where I asked it. Although, it is getting late, so maybe it will get missed.

    As a bit of background, we were at a steakhouse tonight and I was carrying IWB. The chairs were designed so that they wrapped slightly around the lumbar, and ended up pressing my 4:30 Glock Gen 4 into my side, seriously tenderizing me. I popped into the restroom to adjust, but it was hard to gauge without being at the seat to confirm.

    So I was that weirdo that couldn’t stop fiddling at the table, and eventually got comfortable after moving the firearm to 3:00.

    The question is, what’s the best way to temper that aggression without compromising the grip? Because everything else was fine, but I feel like a waffle right now.

    • Sometimes it depends on the clothes you’re wearing, but I like appendix carry and cross draw at about 10 o’clock. Cross draw can be better if you are driving, as it’s easy to draw with being hindered by the seatbelt.
      Appendix carry can force good posture too.

      • Appendix is all about how you are built (proportioned). I cannot sit with a gun in the appendix position, even with a pretty short barrel (3.5″).

        • Appendix is the most comfortable position, IMHO.

          But, it helps to be a flat belly, otherwise the guns into your stomach.

          Either way, though, the front part of pants are designed to flex the most, so it’s the easiest to adjust.

        • Appendix might work for my body, but I’m pretty sure I’d need another holster – the Alien Gear is pretty wide. I’m guessing the G19 would need to ride a little higher to avoid digging the barrel into my crotch.

          Cross-draw could and should overcome both of those. Plus, I’m guessing it would need to sit at 10:00-ish? That would have avoided the chair issue from yesterday.

        • Katy: I’m rocking a G19 appendix (1-2 o’clock) right now while going about our weekend shopping. I recommend an appendix specific holster.

          It’s my favorite and most comfortable carry location, but I have a lean waist and long torso. So, full size guns don’t bother me at all. YMMV.

    • If anyone looks like they’re paying a lick of attention just smile and tell them your adult diaper is bunching up.

      • They look nice, but it wasn’t the butt causing problems. It was the aggressive texture on the grip side panel. Those holsters don’t seem to solve that one either. I figure that since I’m going to be primarily using the weapon in my right hand, a slight loss on the left side is acceptable.

        • Appendix carry can be problematic if you carry your striker-fired G-19 with one in the pipe.

          I am personally not comfortable with doing that, especially if you need your gun, you are under the effects of a major adrenaline dump where fine motor skills are out the window.

          The risk to your femoral artery is quite real under those circumstances, when your heart is in your throat, ‘when fingers turn into flippers’, so to speak.

          I personally would only carry a revolver with a long, heavy trigger pull appendix carry. (Like a Ruger LCR).

          (Just my .02 and worth roughly half that amount…)

    • I have an old belly band I’ll wear whenever I IWB-under-the-shirt a gun. I don’t put anything in it, but it sits between me and the grip. Many holsters will take care of such issues (as some have mention), it’s just that mine doesn’t.

  10. Well I’m commenting on one of the most ignorant ghetto moves I’ve EVER seen-hitting unaware bystanders with a Super-Soaker. Saw a video from the southside of Chicago. DumbFook homie not getting that’s ASSault…catch a bullet boy. Oh and the tranny is on his/her own. Pretty sure they voted Gavin and his ilk in…

  11. Why in heck should anyone try to define crazy?? You cant stop it or predict it. No back ground check before the fact would or could.
    If one passes a so called background check and then weeks later goes batshit crazy. Shooting up a church. Why should anyone expect a person to confront the victims families after the fact to defend their position on something that wouldn’t have changed anything at all that happened anyway??

  12. The churches in SC should start arming themselves, so they can shoot back.

    Active shooters are the main reason why I carry, so I can shoot the bastard before he murders so many people.


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