Boxer Tactical Daily Digest 5.24.16: Gun Sales Up, Tactical Spork and AL’s AG’s Hypocrisy


Hillary Clinton could beat Obama’s record in driving gun sales – President Pantsuit would no doubt move lots of heaters. “On the campaign trail in New Hampshire, Clinton said that Australia’s national buy-back program for banned semi-automatic rifles was ‘worth looking at’ in the United States. And she’s promised executive action to expand background checks for gun purchases. Clinton has also said that the 2008 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, the District of Columbia v. Heller-the linchpin of an individual’s right to own a gun-was wrongly decided.” Everyone we talked to at the NRA meetings last weekend reported that they’re plenty busy. Does anyone really see that changing before November? . . .

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Do you roll your own? RCBS’ New M1000 Scale Is Feature-Packed for Serious Reloaders – “Featuring a proven design that lets you weigh up to 1,000 grains with +/-0.1-grain accuracy, the M1000 also offers RCBS’ magnetic damping system for fast readings, and maintenance-free movement. The tip-proof metal pan makes loading easier.”

TBS’s ‘The Detour’: Guns Endanger Kids, Constitution in Need of ‘Update’ – “Kind of ironic that a show called The Detour, which chronicles the hijinks and hilarity of a family driving a car all over the country, bemoans the danger guns pose to children. While motor vehicles pose the single greatest unintentional risk to children. Equally weak is the idea that the Constitution is somehow not “sacred,” or badly in need of an “update.” Because it’s been amended 27 times. The Constitution itself allows for the provision of amendments. So what’s the point? In fact, that’s a great question for that entire scene of the show; what was the point?”


AG: No need to sue to bring down signs banning guns – Or maybe it is necessary. “(Attorney General Luther) Strange’s Montgomery office is one of those exceptions. The Anniston Star reported on Sunday that signs prohibiting guns appear on the doors of the attorney general’s office. Officials in Strange’s office didn’t reply to questions about that sign by press time Sunday, but Lewis on Monday said in an email the office is off-limits for guns because it ‘houses law enforcement personnel and is a secure access facility.’”


National Fishing and Boating Week is coming up. No matter which way you see the election going, keep those firearms in the boat, mkay?

Behold, the tactical spork.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 8.41.29 AM

Homeowner Fatally Shoots Robbery Suspect in Fort Bend Co. – A message from Sheriff Troy Nehls for all you creeps thinking of wandering down from Houston: “Don’t come into Fort Bend County and start waving guns around because you could leave in a bag.” Copy that.

Jews and guns; To carry or not to carry – in today’s world, is that even a question we should be asking anymore?No, but New York Jews do anyway. Except for lots of statist *ss kissing, scribe Larry Gordon comes up with the right answer.

West Virginia Begins Allowing Concealed Guns Without Permits – Early days, but no blood in the streets reported as of 20:00 GMT.

Pathetic attempt to scare Americans by showing black people as stupid and irresponsible with guns.



  1. avatar Anthony1911 says:

    A Ka bar spork? I want one.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      Just say *NO* to plastic sporks…

  2. avatar thegreatclownpuncher says:

    Maybe I am not operator enough but a tactical spork? Really?

    1. The spork. The ultimate example of what is wrong with compromise. It sucks as a fork and soup leaks out. As useless as pistol caliber carbines.

      1. avatar Enzo says:

        If the black useless tactical spork is a pcc, would a spork with a wood handle and a bowl deep enough hold soup be like a lever carbine in .357?

  3. avatar gs650g says:

    Surprised the video wasn’t a pair of OFWGs

  4. avatar Southern Cross says:

    I think Hillary needs a lesson in modern economics, and not the already discredited Marxian economics (based on Marx’s dubious perceptions of 19th Century society).

    Basically an Australian style gun buy-back would blow out the national debt to record levels. Unless Hillary decides to charge the people for the privilege,

    1. avatar Ddub says:

      Grandfathering existing guns is the only way, and then making transfers either illegal, too expensive, or too arduous for the layman to understand. Guns will slip away one by one. The “ban” on fully automatic weapons is a prime example. They are expensive and a PITA to acquire in any fashion, even inheriting. Some people like to crow “See how dumb that ban on full auto’s is? No one who legally owns one uses them in crimes!” Yup you’re right, making the anti’s case for them.

    2. avatar Mk10108 says:

      CA is about to make a legally purchased rifle not requiring registering to be registered. And make you pay 20 bucks for the pleasure of telling Ms. Harris your serial number.

  5. avatar Gregolas says:

    The AL AG is obeying the statute. No carry in ANY law enforcement, DA’s offices, or any annex thereto.

  6. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Standard load out on my boat for any kind of fishing is the 22-45 lite and a brick of ammo.

    1. avatar Cameron b says:

      Didn’t you submit a story about that 22/45 coming in handy or was that someone else?

      1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

        Yes. Came in handy, but not into play when a dude tried to rob me and two buddies.

  7. avatar jwm says:

    That’s not a spork. That’s an operator as fuck eyeball gouger.

    1. avatar pwrserge says:

      Just bought one. That puppy is living inside the front webbing of my plate carrier? Why? Because fuck you, that’s why.

      1. avatar 16V says:

        “Because fuck you coleslaw, that’s why.”

        The Colonel will be watching you very, very closely.

      2. avatar jwm says:

        A plate carrier? What about salad bowls and glasses?

    2. avatar Wood says:

      Been on ENDO? I like how Mike tried to spell out stabbing sounds.

    3. avatar Defensor fortismo says:

      I actually ordered one for father’s day, but not out of desire for tacticewlness, the old man is into backpacking, and this looks like it would cover all the bases of eating on the trail.

  8. avatar VaqueroJustice says:

    The Detour was kind of funny, it had it’s moments, but always eventually
    descended into the type of crudity that passes for “adult” humor these days.

    Nothing adult about it, it’s just 8th grade playground stuff, at best it’s lazy writing.

    I doubt an e-mail or letter writing campaign would do much, as TBS would
    likely take the fact that we were offended as a positive.

  9. avatar CarlosT says:

    The Constitution has been amended 27 times. Only once was that to decrease freedom, which later required another amendment to fix.

    Sorry, modern day prohibitionists, not buying it.

    1. avatar Nanashi says:

      “Only once was that to decrease freedom”

      The 16th and 17th disagree with you (the 22nd can be argued as such too, but limits on politicians are needed)

      1. avatar CarlosT says:

        Regardless of how one feels about federal income taxes or direct election of senators neither of those actually remove rights from individual citizens. Presidential term limits do, but it applies to a very small set of individuals.

        Obviously, the expansion of federal power involved in federal taxes has implications for freedom, as does the turning the Senate into a slightly tweaked House of Representatives. But they don’t directly, explicitly remove a right like the 18th Amendment, or like what the anti-gun prohibitionists would like to do with guns.

        1. avatar Evan Maes says:

          I would argue that income tax explicitly removes a person’s right to privacy, and more so violates the right to own ones property. Regardless, you said “decrease freedom” not “violate rights” and an income tax is certainly a decrease in freedom.

      2. avatar Alan Longnecker says:

        Politicians should only count as 3/5 of a person.

    2. avatar Evan Maes says:

      Income tax seems pretty statist to me…

      1. avatar Tex300BLK says:

        Just be thankful we aren’t getting all of the government we are paying for.

        1. avatar 16V says:

          If we were getting the government we were paying for, it’d be a helluva lot smaller.

          The one “paid for” by never-ending mountains of debt that are somewhere north of $60K per legal citizen, that’s what we have.

    3. avatar neiowa says:

      Really? Bestowing the vote on women didn’t reduce the freedom of men? Giving the vote to unqualified, unformed children didn’t reduce the freedom of adults?

      1. avatar Yellow Devil says:

        I would caveat that statement by saying the Federalization of voting standards that was historically up to the individual states and localities did partly increase the power of the central government beyond original intent, at the cost of the 9th and 10th amendment.

    4. avatar CarlosT says:

      Those are all arguable, and you’ll be able to find someone who will take one side or the other side on all of them without necessarily being completely insane. The 18th Amendment is the only black and white, plain as day, no question about it scenario where the nation passed a Constitutional amendment to explicitly restrict a freedom Americans enjoyed. One year after ratification, alcohol was banned in the US. That’s there in the text, no argument or interpretation required. An explicit fix was needed to restore the freedom.

      People arguing for an “update” of the Constitution are asking for something like another 18th Amendment. Not something that arguably encroaches on freedom because of its effects or how it’s used. It’ll be an explicit removal of a right that we currently have.

  10. avatar FormerWaterWalker says:

    Well this old guy will be adding to those #’s before November. Thanks to my gubmint SS check. Whether the beast or the orange dude wins…

  11. avatar Juice says:

    Seeing a lower-third read “Victim Kills Suspect” is refreshing to see, rather than labeling the deceased as the victim. Thumbs up ABC Houston.

  12. avatar El bolero says:

    And yet nary a cry of racism will heard from the left concerning the stereotypical traetment in the video.

  13. avatar Larry says:

    Ka Bar had a supply of grippery or whatever that kind of plastic is left over, so they made a series of ” tactical” items. The spork is the third such item , a bottle opener and an ice scraper being the first two.

    They appeal to knife guys and some who may have carried the Ka Bar is the handle is similar . They are all made tongue in cheek. Ka Bar is in on the joke, yet the products work very well too .

    As for the ice scraper living in Western NY where we use ice scrapers starting sometimes in November through March, I can say I’ll never break this one ! For seven bucks it’s a great tool. The fact that it’s often in easy reach in the car and is sharp, hard , easy to grip and hit with is just a bonus. I gave them to guys I work with and many bought more .

    If you Iive in snow country I recommend them , it’s named Lake Effect ( if you live near a Great Lake, you’ll understand the name ) .

  14. avatar Some Bloke says:

    RCBS “tip proof” pan? HAHAHAHAHAH. There’s no such thing as tip proof. If you think there is I have a shop vac filter thoroughly impregnated with double base for you to smoke near.

  15. avatar Wiregrass says:

    I may have to get my son one of those sporks. He lives in an academic gun free zone and you never no when a piece of tactical stealth cutlery might come in handy.

    I also need to check out that RCBS scale. I’ve about had it with my Lee and need to upgrade. Can’t access Brownell’s site from here. Anyone know what they go for?

  16. avatar LHW says:

    Great opportunity to “lose” your guns in a tragic boating accident.

  17. avatar Tom j says:

    That looks like metro shooting supplies in St Louis county. ..

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