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“Now, we’ve got the ultimate political waffler, Donald J. Trump, joined by Alabama’s Senator and perennial pessimist, Jeff Sessions, blatantly lying about Hillary Clinton by claiming that she is obsessed with repealing the Second Amendment.  They claim that her support of expanding background checks is just liberal code for mass gun confiscation. That makes about as much sense as claiming that checking ID for alcohol sales means that you’re in favor of Prohibition.” – Clete Wetli in No one is coming for your guns [at]


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  1. Never trust someone that looks like a 70s TV detective.

    Seriously though, I move back to California. They certainly seem to be trying to take peoples firearms based on features. Besides that if I can’t buy a new one, it’s effectively taken from us as future generations can’t get one and they certainly want to ban features.

    • Kind of a cross between Columbo and Rod Serling.
      Welcome to….. The Twilight Zone

    • They’re not taking people’s guns in California…they’re just making them all illegal and putting the onus on the gun owners to dispose of the now illegal firearms.
      That’s completely different, because…look at this baby!

  2. Yeah, like totally chill! Obama didn’t come and take your guns either…isn’t that right you buncha inbred clingers?

    • O’BAMA was too busy running guns to the Sinaloa drug cartel and the Islamic State. Taking our guns was on his list but with destabilizing the middle-east, trashing the economy, and collapsing the health care industry he just hasn’t had the time to get to it.

      • That, or is just the fact that is the only one of those things any one put up a fight over…

      • He’s also pretty cowardly in doing anything that seems to contradict public opinion. The media was able create an image of public support for the ACA, so he got it done. No such luck fur gun control, so nothing ventured in this administration.

    • Actually, the government is taking away people’s guns without due process. Someone merely accused of the crime of domestic violence loses their constitutionally guaranteed rights before they are tried and convicted of a felony. You’re probably not well-reasoned enough to realize that the gun grab isn’t going to be an all or nothing “we’re coming now!” move but a slow erosion of liberty all in the name of “safety” and “for the children”.

    • “If I could’ve gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them — Mr. and Mrs. America turn ’em all in — I would have done it. I could not do that. The votes weren’t here.”

      –Senator Diane Feinstein

    • When an organization that has the goal of defending constitutionally protected gun rights is accused of being a terrorist organization, yeah they are coming for your guns. One chickenshit regulation at a time.

    • And just how long have you been in your mothers basement playing “flog the donkey” with yourself you total ass hat.
      The worst administration in history has made no secret it REALLY wanst to forbid gun ownership just like the European douche bags have done over there.

      You are apparently to busy navel gazing (at your mommies) to get a clue. OCrapheads’ desire is to sieze control like any other african 3rd world dictator he so loves to emulate.

      • For what it’s worth, I declined jumping aboard the hate train, figured you forgot a /sarc tag seeing as you’re a regular.

      • The troll rate has been up lately and the content has been about the level of your post, so yeah, I completely missed the sarcasm.

      • Or make it more obvious like:
        “Chill, Obama didn’t come and take your guns.
        He made the VA and social security administration do it for him.”
        “Chill, Obama didn’t come and take your guns.
        A smart president knows how to delegate tasks like that.”

      • Sarcasm was my first impression, but I saw the responses and figured I was wrong. It’s hard to parody living self parodies, I’ll give you that Nick.

  3. It’s all a joke ! Come on “We the People “! Awake! Take back Freedom, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness! Before it’s to late…And all you get then is an NWO-EU UN global citizen “Yes, or No button that’s rigged! ” Good luck with you future then fellow Global citizen….

  4. But somehow ID to drink is different from ID to vote. Never trust a Democrat, they use deceptive language to steal your money, your time, and your rights!

    • Bingo! That makes about as much sense as claiming that checking ID for voting means that you’re for Jim Crow. Bad analogy when your side is the master of hyperbole and impugning false motives on others.

  5. …. and Hillary admires Australia’s mass confiscation model and believes “It’s with a look.”

    Nope. “Nobody” saying she wants to take my guns there.

    The Clinton’s and their media lackeys are the most frequent abusers of the the old “tell a lie often enough” political tactic.

    • Exactly. I think Clete suffers from a selective memory problem. To say nothing of the fact that it was Hillary who was behind the Assault Weapons Ban….and wants to go there all over again. She and DiFi are on the same page.

  6. “That makes about as much sense as claiming that checking ID for alcohol sales means that you’re in favor of Prohibition.”

    Of course not too long ago they actually did come and take our booze.

  7. I thought “dog whistles” were a well-established fact of life… this game is confusing.

  8. Meanwhile Clinton is saying she wants Australian-style gun control, the main feature of which was was the requirement that owners turn their newly banned guns in to the government.

  9. “the segment of their base that’s hoarding MREs and incandescent light bulbs in their basements”

    Hey, I don’t hoard MRE’s.

    • Yea, I just read the whole thing and it’s mind numblingly predictable. Lie after lie from this guy, then he complains about WVNN’s Will Anderson who he says is full of lying lies.

      But the best is the end, with the telltale Coup de grâce;

      “In the meantime, ditch some of those MREs or you won’t have any room for those fifty extra ammo clips or those high-powered military assault rifles you use for hunting…um, rabbits.”

      I thought it was bullets that were high-powered, not rifles (I don’t have a military rifle, do you? Of course I do have a stock of incandescent bulbs so there’s that). What exactly is high powered anyway, are these only for use in the mountains?

  10. I don’t think that because of the universal background checks, just her outright statement that the Supreme Court got Heller wrong and desire to implement Australian style gun control. Either Hitlery or I have a fundamental misunderstanding of the English language, and since I’m not a waffling, lying crook, I’m voting it’s her.

  11. No one is going to hunt down progressives and put them in ovens.

    You just have to get used to where the world is going.

    See, we can do it too.

  12. California’s legislature has voted for laws banning all semi-automatic rifles (and are in the process of doing it again), so it’s getting harder to claim that the leftists are not after your guns.

  13. Sure, and you can totally trust our government….
    “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” Oh, wait….
    “You native amiericans can keep your lands”. Oh, wait…
    “The NSA is totally not reading your email and listening to your phone.” Oh, wait…
    “The president would never use the IRS to punish his enemies.” Oh, wait…

  14. I love how they just kinda fail to mention that “reinstatement of the AWB” is right there in plain text on her campaign website.

    If mentioned it’s always third or fourth in an article, buried or barely referred to.

    But sometimes it’s “Nobody wants to take your guns… But who needs ‘military style assault weapons’?”

    In other words.. “You’re paranoid for thinking we want to take your guns. We only want to take the ones that look scary to us.”

    As far as those who think that’s OK : Remember, fudds: There HAVE BEEN attempts to ban rifle scopes.

  15. Really…then what does she mean when she says the Supreme Court was dead wrong on Heller?

  16. Blah blah woof woof-Jimi Hendrix. No one is fooled(with a modicum of brains). Stock up-it’s going to get ugly…(and no I’m not talking about the hildebeast).

  17. People who claim that “nobody’s coming for your guns” always seem to conveniently ignore the fact that they have been doing so, in an incrementally ratcheting way, since at least 1934.

    The smart gun grabbers figured out a long time ago that outright confiscation isn’t going to be practical. So they just nibble away, making gun ownership just a little bit harder every time they get the chance. It takes a long time that way, but it’s a lot less likely to lead to widespread violence.

    They almost got away with it, too. Not that long ago, the NRA was 100% Fudd, and gun companies were openly collaborating with the government on gun-control schemes. Then the internet hit the scene in a big way, and allowed formerly isolated gun owners to communicate easily with each other and get organized, and the game done got changed.

  18. Apparently no liberal who favors Australian-style gun control has any idea what Australian-style gun control actually entails.

  19. I really feel banning guns in the future that I may potentially buy is the closest equivalent to “taking them away.” I would not have my KSG if the the 2012 AWB went into effect.

    The anti’s will argue it’s not until we’re all boiled up.

  20. Repeating a lie doesn’t make it true.

    Someone should tell the D Party that.

    So where’s the convenient index of the times they’ve said otherwise, out loud, directly, by analogy, and otherwise? Someone has to bave made this.

  21. If an ID check for firearms (which we already have and which I support) is not an infringement on 2A, why is an ID check to vote (which I also support) is considered an infringement of voting rights? If we follow their line of reasoning, wouldn’t an ID check on guns be considered racist in that it disproportionately affects black people?

  22. To me this comes down to an interpretation of what “coming for your guns” means.

    Liberals want everyone to think that 2A supporters believe that “coming for your guns” means mass confiscation with jackboots kicking in doors, children screaming and “bitter clingers” shooting it out with a posse that’s there to forcibly take away their firearms… like the Germans searching houses for Jews.

    Those of us with two firing neurons know this is logistically impossible and would spark Revolution 2.0 which the government cannot hope to win. The government can’t even subdue 50,000 Taliban in 15 years of trying (don’t get me started on ROE), they’re not going to be able to do it to millions of people on our own soil who are within striking distance of most US military installations.

    No, the Left “comes for your guns” in much more devious ways. Restrictions on what you can buy in terms of magazine capacity, bankrupting gun stores with new laws (see Cali), a myriad of laws for which a conviction removes your “right” to firearms including pouring cleaning solutions down the wrong drain, licensing schemes, taxes that put shops out of business or put guns out of reach due to price (see the NFA and Portland’s new taxes) or attempting to mandate smart gun tech to price owners out of the market. Other schemes as well.

    One doesn’t have to kick in a door, shoot up the place and take things by force when a complex set of laws and regulations can effectively make ownership and possession illegal, such a pain in the ass that virtually no one is willing to deal with it or so expensive that only the very wealthy can afford such a past time.

    Some people will say “Oh, Wilson’s off his meds again, tighten up that tinfoil you conspiracy nut” but it’s not really crazy, it’s already happened with the NFA. What percentage of people can afford to go out and just drop cash down for a transferable MG these days? How many people are willing to drop hundreds on a suppressor, fill out all the paperwork and pay another $200? Few, and with the coming restrictions on NFA Trusts it will be fewer still.

    I certainly won’t be purchasing any more NFA gear until the rules revert to what they were because the new rules basically took my Trust and made it an unbelievable pain the ass to deal with. Sure, I could make another one that’s separate and only has myself on it, but that defeats the entire purpose of the original trust! It also ignores the fact that as a law abiding citizen I shouldn’t have to do that!!

  23. He is what is technically referred to as a “pathological liar”.

    You see them all the time if you pay attention, denying the Holocaust, praising Stalin and Castro, and handing out press releases on behalf of Black Lives Matter and the Fraternal Order of Police.

    You can’t make them stop lying, but they can’t make you believe either.

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