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“Police killed one suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing during a shootout and were engaged in a house-to-house search for a second man on Friday in the Boston suburb of Watertown after a bloody night of shooting and explosions in the city’s streets,” reports. “During the night a university police officer was killed, a transit police officer was wounded, and the suspects carjacked a vehicle before leading police on a chase that ended with one suspect shot dead.”  . . .

“This was a trauma arrest, multiple injuries, probably, we believe, a combination of blast, potentially gunshot wounds,” [Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center chief of emergency medicine Dr. Richard] Wolfe told a news conference. When asked how many gunshot wounds, he said: “Unable to count.”

The blast injuries may have been caused by “an explosive device, possibly shrapnel, thermal injury. It was pretty much throughout the trunk. It was multiple wounds,” he said.

The second suspect is currently at large.

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  1. …and the other suspect is in some poor bastard’s house terrorizing them.

    Bet some residents of Watertown, MA have a strange hankerin’ for an M4 with a couple of 30-round mags right about now…

  2. I’m a little over a mile from the cordon in Watertown. Sirens have be going all night and all morning. Happy Patriot’s Day all. This day will indeed be long remembered as yet another shot heard ’round the world.

    Expect more of this.

  3. I can’t think of a better time to give up my guns!
    Terrorists armed with bombs and guns rampaging through an American town!
    Obama has saved us!
    I can’t imagine anything worse for my safety than threatening an armed terrorist with my legal weapon in self-defense! I might make him more angry!
    He might double-bomb my family instead of just bombing us! Surrender was the best option for those people during 9/11 right?!
    Maybe if I submit, he’ll show me mercy like he did those people at the marathon…
    Sorry. My sarcasta-tron kinda went haywire for a minute.
    But seriously. Give up our guns? Now? After THIS?
    No EFFING way!!

  4. The suspects are brothers from Chechnya. They’ve been in the US for “several years.” You have to wonder how many more like these are in the country and when they’ll strike.

    • and in other news, B-2 bombers from Whitman AF Base in Missouri and B-52 bombers based in Guam continued the round-the-clock bombing of the Chechnya capital. . . .

    • After 9/11 there was talk that there where many sleeper cells in the US. There are probably more than we know. How do you know if someone is part of sleeper cell? You don’t know unless they are overt.

      What this should be is a wake up call that something can happen at anytime and large events like the marathon will always be magnets for these people for symbolic reasons.

      We are fortunate to live in a country where most can live an entire life in condition white, but perhaps during events where there are a lot of people, we all need to learn to be more in condition yellow.

      Once again, nothing would have stopped what occurred but I am sure some idiot politician will call for “something” to be done. Lautenberg was just the first of the many idiots to come with stupid solutions many will follow.

    • They’re now saying they’re russian from an area near chehnya and habe been here a little over a year. Atleast that’s what I’m hearing on the radio but as we all know our media isn’t always the most factual source of information cough msnbc, the washington post and many others cough cough

    • “Give me your tired, your poor,
      Your huddled masses yearning to bring their own special home-brewed sorry excuse for a culture along with them,
      The wretched refuse of your teeming 3rd-World pestholes.
      Send these, the homewrecking, bomb-tossers to me,
      I lift my lamp beside the golden door like a night-light at a Motel 6!”

  5. Wow, I really hope they are going to bring the second guy in alive. Then again, I don’t know if these guys want to be alive.

    • Well if the police fail to capture him alive, anyone can dream up any of a number of possible affiliations and motivations for the suspects … and some of them will not reflect well on the good citizens who wish to have the option to arm themselves for personal defense.

    • Don’t ya just get the feeling they have no intention of bringing in this guy alive? No trial, no embarrassing investigation, and the government explanation will fit in a nice tidy little “right wing extremists are dangerous and should be controlled” box.

      • Yep. If the guy’s captured and started quoting Marx, Lenin
        or Obama; it’s going to be a bit harder to label him as the
        next Tim McVeigh.

      • Don’tcha get the feeling you were completely wrong? Don’t I get the feeling people like you will keep being wrong but no one will call you on it?

  6. Somewhere Chris Matthews is crying that this wasn’t the Great Right Hope he expected the terrorists to be.

  7. First off: Thoughts and prayers to the Officer’s who lost his life tonight and grateful thanks to his family for their sacrifice.

    Will this have any effect on the Immigration Bill? You know the latest in the “You have to pass it to find out what’s in it, emergency, let’s all scramble around and be seen to be doing something” bill? Or are there too many new votes at risk to let something like this sway our opinions?

  8. Chechens, eh? Why were they bombing us instead of Russia…?

    I hope they take the other bugger alive. I want some answers that don’t come from a diary.

    • oh, but torture is so horrible and violates their civil rights and think about the unicorns, and puppies, oh my, this is terrible . . . . until it leads to actionable intelligence that stops the next cell . . . . . oh, and I am sure Barry will blame Bush.

      • Torture is unreliable for intelligence gathering, period. There is no way to know what is gained is true, they are just as likely to give the name of some poor uninvolved innocent person who the government will then come down on on the word of a torture victim. It’s the deepest form of “Swatting”

        • Depends on the person and on being able to corroborate the evidence…. That was an emotional and completely incorrect statement… Plus we don’t torture our prisone… Snicker… Sorry couldn’t finish that

        • Your second sentence seems to refer only to your first, and not to anything I said. As far as the last it seems to just be an insult. The simple fact is that “informants” are overused in this country, using bad info gained by torture is the height of it. Swatting someone by prank calling the cops to their house is wrong. Swatting someone by torturing a person until they say something anything to make it stop is even more wrong. This is about innocent Americans getting the no knock, which is something we should be very concerned about avoiding in this particular forum. If nothing else a terrorist with enough hate could memorize specific names of people he/she wants to throw under the bus, and the government will eat it up never realizing they are playing to the goals of terrorists. Just like freedom is restricted after a bombing, that is what they want.

        • Why do you think all these militant groups were immediately on the horn denying any involvement? Usually they are tripping over each other trying to steal credit for these horrendous events. But they know that the liberal media will eat their denial up hook line and sinker and that will shift the blame to americans and further undermine the basis of our society, which is supposed to be freedom.

    • Non-Arab Muslims, many of them radicalized in the same way the Middle Eastern Muslims are. It was only a matter of time before we got on the list of targets. I was wondering when they’d get around to us.

  9. All week fear of terror has been drummed up by MSM. The moment they were identified they were considered “armed” and dangerous.
    This could be used to make new laws in many ways.
    From gunpowder restrictions to Russian ammo import bans. Possibly even the “see he had a long gun, all terrorists have those ” angle.
    The good guys did not need this to happen right now, and neither did the people of Mass. Thoughts and prayers to all those effected by this latest tragedy of fears.

    • I’m going to bet that this will have the opposite effect. We’ve got Jihadis running around my extended neighborhood shooting people, carjacking, tossing bombs and generally making a mess of things. We’ve got a criminal war going on beneath our southern border. The western economies are in a very precarious condition. Who knows what’s coming next? Gun control went down in flames this week in DC despite all of the resources that the bliss ninnies threw at it. The Norks are getting uppity again. China is very unstable and is happily agitating its neighbors. And that’s just for starters.

      The American people are getting sick and tired of being sick and tired. We’re tired of being denigrated, played for fools, having our pockets picked to no good end, being endlessly lied to and enduring a litany of other abuses. I think that you’re going to see some real change in this country and soon.

  10. How did they stop the one guy? THEY SHOT HIM? Cant be, a gun never solved anything. & now they are going after the other guy with guns? When will it end? o probably is thinking “If only we could have got a free obamaphone to him” we could have rehabilitated him, oh well, Randy

  11. Why can’t people ever hold their freaking phones the correct way when recording video. Why would you possibly think holding your phone in portrait is going to record video in landscape orientation?


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