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The National Association for Gun Rights “have my head on the wall to show around the country to ensure that Democrats all have their heads buried very firmly in six inches of sand.” – Former Colorado Senate President John Morse in The No-Compromise Group That Thinks the NRA is Weak on Guns [at]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: White People Express Frustration With Guns">Previous Post
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  1. I don’t live in his district but I gave good money to put his head on that wall. The gun haters are running scared in Colorado, they keep sending gun bills to kill committees because they are afraid of losing.

    • With all of the people tooling up in Pueblo, I see a huge change in the political spectrum soon in this state. I think more and more people around the state are tooling up, and it’s a matter of time before we turn back the crap legislation here.

  2. The NRA does some good, but it supports NICS, (a clear violation of the second amendment) which makes it a gun control organization,

    Plus, it gives A ratings to politicians that are just a bunch of gun grabbers.

    If they got their head out of their nether regions and would stop supporting NICS, the NRA would be an organization I would feel proud to say I’m a member, (which I am, as well as GOA,)

    • These are the two biggest reasons that I do not feel comfortable joining the NRA even though I know that they also accomplish some good things. One other reason – I joined once long ago (yearly) and they spent more money on magazines and junk mail asking me for more money than I had paid in dues.

      The most important reason I have stopped financially supporting the NRA is that they are a strictly one-issue organization that cannot seem to understand that the politicians they support with an “A” rating for gun rights are also sometimes Liberal Progressives who will destroy other rights given the opportunity and will buckle to the anti-2A crowd when necessary to save their own political skins. Anyone can see, looking at Obama, what a politician is willing to say to get elected and what they are ready to do once they are in office are not always the same thing. NRA needs to stop thinking that a Prog who voted pro-gun in the past will never change his spots when thte DNC starts putting the pressure on.

      • While I agree with you in part, I can tell you it was the NRAs mailers at the end that tipped the balance in many an election. Support them, no organization is perfect but they have improved and learned over the last 20 years.

  3. As I recall, little Johnny whored himself out to Shannon’s Sugar Daddy. The voters in his state senate district responded by firing him in a recall election.

    See little Johnny.
    See little Johnny cry. Seriously, watch the youtube videos and see little Johnny cry. Liberal tears are the best.
    See little Johnny refuse to accept responsibility for his own actions.

    This coming November we must make lots of little liberal Johnnys cry.

    • Amen. Morse was a former police chief forcing his leftist stance on the people. His chief political skill was invoking fear. Get out and vote people! Give money and get involved. Support NRA GOA and the rest. Don’t hide behind your keyboard.

  4. What is Johnny boy up to these days? I bet he has a real nice official title from one of Bloomy’s groups like “Cabana Boy” or “Porter” or my favorite “Boot Licker”

    • They put him in charge of the future Vichy Government of the United Nationalist Socialist States.

  5. Hey John, ya mad bro? Just don’t get so mad that you go all James Holmes on those you disagree with.

    • Actually the more I think about it, people like Morse don’t go Homes or Lanza on those they disagree with. They go Wounded Knee with those they disagree with playing the role of the Lakota. Is that where you’re headed John?

  6. We were never supposed to fight back. They had their “Brisbane,” it was supposed to be over. In their minds by this time they were supposed to have majorities in both houses, and be wagging their fingers at us while we whimper with our noses in the corner. Instead we are giving them the finger as we vote them out of office. And, being the big money statists that they are, they can only see the pro-gun orgs as their main opposition, and not the hordes of voters they insulted. Good. Let them remain clueless.

  7. “The group specializes in appealing to “the low-information side of the pro-gun population,” said Dave Kopel, research director for the Denver-based Independence Institute, a policy group that supports limited government and has accepted funding from the NRA.”

    Yep, those low info voters fired his ass. Voting…bulwark against people working to take away your right to lawful self defense.

    • Yeah, David Morse is an actor rather than a politician. Plays pretty good bad guys usually.

        • Maybe we should make this a shout out to David Morse. “Thank for the entertainment dude! You’re an excellent actor!”

  8. “Democrats all have their heads buried very firmly in each other’s asses”

    There. Fixed it.

    • Article was fun! Listening to grabbers whine and complain about their failures is just great. I read it looking for a site to contribute, no go, will google.

    • its also comforting to know that when TTAG links to a anti gun article or website, they see exactly who they getting flooded with and how many of us there are.

      I doubt they share those stats because I am sure its more than a little depressing to those running the machinery to see what a real grassroots movement looks like vs what they are passing off as a grassroots movement. And that also makes my day better.

  9. I am proud that I was part of the recall campaign for that freedom hater. Funny thing is no one is paying attention the laws he got passed. You can still buy 30 round mags in stores here. For some odd reason many Latinos loved him and we’re very rude in encounters.

  10. I dont trust the NRA. When Hesston was prez, they had some balls. The democratic party used to be for the people but it changed to.

  11. Well, at this point I don’t think Bloomie’s Buds are doing themselves any favors.

    If I read that right, The Sheriff of Not-Any-More is griping that people organized to boot him out of office when they just wouldn’t get with the program. Pesky proles. It’s like they have opinions.

    The do-as-I-say folk seem to have a real problem when they can’t just take away stuff the groundlings want to keep. It is so consistently naked any more, it’s gotta be eroding even the staunchest of the “Rule me, harder.” fetishists.

  12. We would have NO “rights” without the NRA. 800kg. gorilla(yeah bigger). Are they perfect? Nope…yeah quit hiding behind a keyboard.

  13. If it wasn’t for the NRA and group like them,just think what a worse mess this country would be in. Hitler was mild to what could happen. Russia might be close, but are current for of government may not be the best, (with the a–holes in Washington but we could have worse.

  14. I did. Polls sci. In college seemed like a waste of time, then. Now, it all makes sense that we are only human, and not perfect. If there is a better for of government n this world, that works for everbody, where is it, and can we copy it, gene rid of the a-Sholes now in Washington DC, And make sure Hilley doesn’t get in.She would be worse than what we have now.

  15. Dudley Brown and RMGO had nothing to do with the recall of John Morse and Angela Jiron, and the resignation of Evie Hudak in the Colorado legislature. Brown has, however, made a nice career out of claiming things he’s never done and soliciting money based on those false claims.
    David Kopel and Independence Institute may be trusted in their description. Dudley Brown has a lot in common with Al Sharpton.

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