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“There are people who have professed to carrying a gun now because Trump made them feel unsafe. I think their fears are groundless, but I can’t make them not be afraid, so whatever they need to do to feel safer, I don’t have a problem with that as long as they do it responsibly.” – The Pink Pistols’ Gwendolyn Patton in Changing the Face of Gun Ownership [via]

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  1. One key problem. If they were responsible, they wouldn’t be liberals demanding that the government take care of them and “feeling unsafe” when they are told “no”.

  2. The expected performance, or lack thereof, of the left wing in a fictional civil war has been a long running joke.
    Will a newly armed left wing learn the value of personal liberty and change their tyrannical ways? Will their newfound drive to arm up sputter out and they’ll return to a state of declawed self-pity? Or, will they maintain their tyrannical views while arming and training and make the long running joke significantly less funny?

    • I think these are the clowns who buy a gun and one box of ammo and then proceed to put it on a shelf in the back of the closet to make them feel safe.

      • Yeah, that’s where I’d place my money.
        Then a few years down the road they can make a big pious show of turning it in at a “buyback.”

      • They will be shown by media as “You see, gun owners support this yet another commonsense gun grabbing scheme.”

    • People always joke about and make fun of their enemies til the first battle. Remember that thru out history there’s always been that variation on the theme “the war will be over by christmas”.

    • In the free states, where you can walk into a gun store and walk out armed, those petrified libs will get their Glock and their box of practice ammo. They might even shoot some of it.

      In the states where the libs have erected sundry roadblocks to freedom, they won’t bother to go through with it. For example, they won’t go through the process of applying for an Illinois FOID card, wait for it to arrive in a month or two, then go buy their pistol and wait another three days before they can pick it up. Concealed carry license? Fuhgedaboudit! Too much money and time.

      It’s amusing how the infringements the liberals created will work against them now.

  3. Firstly, I voted for Trump.

    But I can understand that some minorities might feel threatened, given some of the comments that Trump has made which seem to justify violence against them. But I think their fear derives from a misunderstanding of his words and intents.

    Here’s what I tell others to help explain why the left and the right hold Trump in utterly different lights…

    …the left took Trump’s statements literally but didn’t take his candidacy seriously…

    …the right took Trump’s candidacy seriously but didn’t take his statements literally.

    Hence the impasse and the fear and the misunderstanding. Over time, all will realize that Trumps only sin is being an outsider and that not only will he himself temper some of his rhetoric, but also, the other organs of government will limit the reach of his policies.

    I dislike Obama. But he once said something that I’m sure will soon be realized by Trump too. He said that he came to be surprised at how little real authority he had to enact policies on his own. I’m sure he meant that he needed to be consensus leader rather than an authority leader.

    Trump will figure that out too as he’s a lot smarter than some give him credit for.


    • “…some minorities might feel threatened…..”

      Threatened by what? Who is rioting & burning down neighborhoods? Who promotes political violence? Who deliberately targets police officers? Who makes movies glamorizing assassination? Who is shouting down any political opposition? Who promotes psychoactive drug use?

      Every societal threat comes from the left. Every. Single. One.

      • Don’t get out much do you Tim. The Bill of Rights gets threatened by the Right as well as the left. Pretty regularly. Many combat veterans return caring very much about the Constitutional rights being questioned by the free ranging Trump. And don’t believe experienced soldiers would all choose the side you would.

        • Which “constitutional rights” are you talking about?

          The “right” to publish slander with no repercussions?
          The “right” to conspire to overthrow the government of the US? (That covers all of Islam.)
          The “right” to shoot at cops because they dare put criminals out of our misery?

          Please explain.

        • Preserve,
          Yeah, I’d say you just pretty much trashed The first fourth sixth, seventh and eighth amendments of the U.S. Constitution. That is not patriotism. As all your life you stood in front of a flag with your hand over your heart that’s for to protect the Constitution that you now claim to be a weakness.
          The sworn enemy of the U.S. Is Russia, BTW

        • George: The Soviet Union was the sworn enemy of the United States. I remember, I served when the USSR was still a ‘thing’.

          Russia is certainly a geopolitical competitor, but it’s a stretch to say that Russia is a sworn enemy.

          You’re not wrong in that the Bill of Rights is under attack from establishment types on the left and the right, though. Words don’t seem to matter to those guys.

      • The left looks at it’s behavior (riots, violence, intolerance ) and worries Trump will treat them the same way. In short they expect to be treated the same way they treat others.

        • They’re mistaken in their calculation, but I can see where they’re coming from. No, I don’t mean that as an apologia for the leftists, as in “But….but….you have to see it from their perspective!” I just mean that the left would throw us all into insane asylums, re-education camps, gulags, and incinerators if they got the chance. How do we know? Because their kind has done it repeatedly over the 20th century and today’s leftists declare their nefarious longings on a daily basis in the media.

          It isn’t that they have a legitimate point of view to be empathized with, but rather than they have a warped and wicked worldview that they just assume everyone else shares, albeit it in other flavors. That’s their fundamental misunderstanding of the rest of us. We don’t want to hurt people. We don’t want to compel people. We don’t want to steal from people. Leftist philosophy, however, is predicated on those very principles. So they cannot understand why anyone, when they hold the reins of power, would pass up the chance to smite their enemies.

          They just don’t get that we’re the good guys and they’re the bad guys.

  4. Personally, I am all for it. I would love to live in a world where gun control stopped being a partisan issue, and people become less polarized instead of more so. Of course that’s only a fantasy when both sides consider the other to be the enemy.

    Democrats suck, Republicans suck. We shouldn’t need to make binary choices on whose suckiness we’re stuck with every two years. I’d like to see the ‘Leave Me the F— Alone’ party, a message I think we could all get behind.

      • Voting Libertarian at the local level and helping to build the party through donations, volunteering, and local electoral victories is a worthy and useful goal.

        Voting for the party’s ridiculous assortment of goofballs running for president, in what are essentially vanity candidacies of clueless dilettantes, is a waste of your vote and a mockery of democracy.

        • I live in Montana, Trump was a garaunteed win in this state. Voting for him or Hillary was not an option for me, as I find them both reprehensible. I’m glad it wasn’t Hillary, I’m disappointed it was Trump. The only thing that makes a mockery of the Democratic Republic we live in, in my opinion, is allowing a polarized binary system to control the country. Both major parties are terrible and if it is at all possible to break their strangle hold we need to do whatever we can to accomplish that.

  5. Hey, lefty fruitloops, you know that guns are yucky. Why buy a gun when you can simply slink off to your government provided “no speech” zone or your university provided safe space?

    • “…or your university provided safe space?”

      Where they will eventually hold their Gun Owners Anonymous meetings to share their shame of once breaking down and buying a gun.

      Today’s new liberal gun buyers are going to be tomorrows Fudds. The media is going to have a field day, interviewing all of these “gun owners” after the next crisis (terrorist attack/mass shooting).

  6. The heart of the 2nd Amendment is protection against a tyrannical government. At this point in time, it’s the political left who has some concerns about the potential for tyrannical government. Personally, I think it’s a baseless concern, but the Left said the same to conservatives over the past eight years so I can see how the concern exists.

    I also personally think those of us already in the way of the gun should welcome them with open arms. As these new gun owners learn, they’ll come to understand that a gun is just another tool to be used responsibly. And as they gain that perspective, and as they see that said tool is also one heck of a lot of fun, it can only help all of us when the pendulum swings back the other way in a few years…and make no mistake, it will swing back.

    I like the idea of converting the opposition when the opportunity arises. You should too. So put out the welcome mat!

  7. How are you going to get and keep your new gun in California? ?????
    Or buy the ammunition for it????
    I understand you have to keep it disassembled in lock box while you are at home by order of the proud gay socialist progressive white man, state Senate president Tom Ammiano.


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