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Desperately seeking relevance . . . Can’t stop, won’t stop! Shannon Watts puts Bass Pro Shops in her crosshairs – “We know this will come as a huge shock to you, but Moms Demand’s Shannon Watts has a big ol’ bee in her bonnet. The object of her ire today? None other than Bass Pro Shops. Their sin? Liking a tweet from NRA News urging support for rape survivor and Second Amendment activist Kimberly Corban (who, by the way, handily schooled Watts just yesterday).”

Poor Shannon, things just aren’t going her way . . . Moms Demand Action Founder Lies About NRA – “On Wednesday, Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action, an anti-gun group, got herself tangled up in lies and obfuscations as she tweeted a response to Kimberly Corban, who was raped as a 20-year-old student in 2006 and has since become a passionate advocate for gun rights.”

NC GOP leader shows off an AK-style rifle ‘Christmas gift.’ Some aren’t impressed. – “N.C. Republican Party executive director Dallas Woodhouse caused a stir on social media this week when he posted a picture on Facebook and Twitter in which he’s holding an AK-style semi-automatic rifle. ‘Best Christmas present ever !!’ Woodhouse wrote in the post. The post has drawn hundreds of comments, some of which praised the GOP leader for exercising his Second Amendment right to own a gun. ‘Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! God bless you!’ one person wrote.” Bet he doesn’t shoot his eye out.

Sheriffs won’t enforce Nevada gun law after opinion – “The next steps for proponents of expanded gun background checks in Nevada are unclear after a legal opinion that for all intents blocks a voter-approved initiative set to go into effect Sunday. What is clear is that the Background Check Act to require a federal database check of private party gun transfers will not be enforced. That’s according to Nevada sheriffs.” Oh well.

Could Amazon stop a Ron Swanson with a gun? A new patent for drone protection shows the retailer is trying – “We’ve all thought about it after learning about’s ambitious effort to fill the skies with its unmanned delivery drones. What happens if someone tries to take one of these flying merchandise-hauling contraptions down? The idea was famously touched upon in an episode of NBC political comedy “Parks & Recreation,” when stanchly libertarian Luddite Ron Swanson (played by Nick Offerman) shoots a delivery drone with a hunting rifle.” Actually, we’re pretty sure Ron used a shotgun. In any case, we’d guess a load of Remington Hypersonic #2’s will defeat whatever Amazon may be cooking up.

Have you seen The Gadget?

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    • I thought this was a striker decocker like that SA Canik had and was stupid. Watching the video, this is brilliant for a carry gun. Only question would be if it could get gunked up or blocked making the gun not fire when you want it to.

      • The only failure mode for the Gadget is that it fails to work as a striker stopper. They designed it so that in the worst case, the Glock will still fire as normal.

        • Well no, worst case would be that it’s so ‘gunked up’ that it doesn’t move, bricking the gun. It’s an OK (if unneeded) concept but needs some refinement.

    • Got my Gadget. It increases the rattle factor slightly but otherwise is totally transparent to the operation of the gun. It’s nice kit!

  1. The “Gadget” seems very interesting. The funding site shows it was fully funded over a year ago. Are they delivering yet?

    • Yeah, aside from the guy not knowing what active and passive safeties actually are, it was an interesting video. If someone gave one to me or they were cheap enough, I’d probably try one out.

      • Having thought about it for more than 30 seconds, I’d be curious to know what the force required to overcome a firm insertion into a holster acting on the trigger would be.

        I’d be super bummed if in addition to a bullet in my thigh I also had a broken thumb from the slide.

        • If you press firmly enough on the back of a slide, you will prevent the slide from cycling and also left uninjured. One of the popular youtube personalities tested this multiple times.

        • Pressing in with minimal force while jamming the gun into the holster like a mall ninja will give you a hole and a broken thumb.

          Pressing in hard while deliberatly holstering will give you neither.

          This should be a great invention, as long as reliability is not impaired.

        • Having fired a glock with a thumb on the back of the slide, it’s no big deal. It’s actually not that much force to overcome.

          Is it scary as hell the first time? yup. But your thumb will be no worse for it.

    • I believe he has fulfilled or nearly fulfilled all backers and should be shipping retail purchases soon.

      I’ve received mine a week ago.

  2. Tell Shannon to bite the wax tadpole. She is nobody and nothing. Her so called “group” can’t gather 50 people for a protest.

  3. No one called women minions or puppets. Someone just called Shannon a puppet and minion. Her reading comprehension is terrible.

    • … and it only took Erika Soto Lamb an hour and a half to come up with that rather timid retort.

  4. The Gadget (interesting historical name for it) is an interesting idea. Like the guy in the video I’m not sure it’s necessary but whatever. There’s need, want and good to have. Where it falls for you may vary.

    For me, I very rarely carry a Glock any more and when I did carry a Glock religiously I never came close to shooting myself with one. For me I guess I just consider it a non-issue. Then again, I don’t put my thumb over the hammer of SA/DA pistol as some sort of safety precaution either… in fact, as far as I know I’ve never heard of the practice before… so there’s that.

    • The Gadget (interesting historical name for it)

      I thought so too, and came here to point it out. For those that aren’t aware, “The Gadget” was the informal nickname for the Trinity nuclear device, the first successful test of an implosion-type nuclear bomb.

      • Do you know why Edward Teller considers himself to be the ‘mother’ of his multi-stage fusion invention and not the ‘father’?

        (He brought it to ‘full term’. Google the story of him sitting by a seismograph in the US and watching the needle ‘jump’ at the expected time. He sent out a telegram saying only “It’s a boy.”) 🙂

  5. So, Bass Pro Shops is pro-NRA?
    Who knew? What a shocker.

    Shannon’s ignorance and pure desperation are amusing.

    • An even bigger shocker would be if anyone bought anything firearms-related from Bass Pro. “Bass Pro: we think selling above MSRP is a good idea.”

  6. Shannon is even less relevant now that unimportant Hillary has become a national laugh.
    Congratulations needs a nose-job Shannon. Keep up the no consequence work. You go girl!

  7. As soon as kapo bloomberg stops financing her she’ll drop the anti gun crusade like a bad habit. She’s just faking it for the check. And it shows.

    Anti gun side is hysterical and in a tail spin since the donald won. 2asux doesn’t have his heart in his work anymore, either. He’s just phoning it in now.

    When midterms get here and they take another drubbing it will be biblical tears then.

  8. Gonna catch flak for this, but “The Gadget” is a dumb idea in my opinion. Learn how to handle the firearm properly and you won’t have any issues. Just another piece of equipment trying to make up for lack of proper handling. I’m sure there’s plenty of people that will disagree with me, but I really see no need for this whatsoever.

    By the way, I AM a Glock carrier, and a Glock fanboy.

  9. Ok… The Gadget looks like the world’s most fire retardant paper hat. Why would you ever add a failure point to your gun that doesn’t need to be there? If you want a gun with a decocker, get a Walther P99. It retails for ~$80 more than the Glock and gives you all the advantages of a DA/SA gun in a striker fired package.

  10. As a Glock EDC’er the gadget looks pretty cool. However, most Glock NDs that I have seen or heard of usually come not while in the immediate act of re-holstering but rather after a foreign object (drawstring, shirt tail, etc) is dragged into the holster when you put the gun away and then the gun is fired when the owner realizes there is an obstruction and goes to yank offending obstruction out of the holster. The gadget doesn’t look like it would help there as your hand is off the gun at that point.

  11. Unfortunately, Shannon Watts recently moved to Boulder. Be ready Colorado for more stupid gun laws heading our way.

    • I’ve heard that she has. That puts her about 15 miles from me. She can enjoy the aroma of dirty hippies and socialists in the People’s Republic of Boulder.

      • If ever there was a place for hippies, pot, and absolutely ridiculous liberal ideals to brew and manifest into a physical place, it would be Boulder.

        Edit: According to her Twitter page, it says she’s a “Coloradoan”

  12. Lookup “pocket EMP” on youtube, put a direct tv dish behind it and you can fry a drone without blinking

  13. This is one of the many reasons why I carry Springfield Armory pistols. I don’t touch the grip safety so therefore the gun can not fire if a foreign object such as a shirt tail enters my holster.

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