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After every headline mass shooting event, celebrities come out of the woodwork to “demand change.” Some — like Matt Damon — make no bones about what change they’d like to see: civilian disarmament. Others take their lead from professional gun control advocates and hide their desire for disarmament behind euphemisms like “gun reform” and “common sense gun safety.”

I reckon these high-profile anti-gunners speak out on social issues because celebrity is a perishable commodity. Famous folk are under constant financial and psychological pressure to stay relevant. To walk loudly and carry a big-ass megaphone.

In this constitutional republic of ours, celebrities can express their opinions on whatever subject strikes their fancy, just like everyone else. But I consider celebrities largely and perhaps inherently unqualified to speak on gun control, surrounded as they are by armed guards, left-leaning media moguls and dedicated yes-men.

We don’t pay celebrities to recommend public policy. But we do pay them and that’s exactly what many do anyway. But just as celebs are free to speak their minds, we are free to withhold our financial patronage when they say things that offend our faith in the United States Constitution. The People of the Gun should clock celebrities’ gun control advocacy and do just that. Do it for the children!

Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: President Obama Rejects Gun Control Based on Criminal Acts (Although He Doesn't Know It)">Previous Post
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  1. Celebrities never cease to amaze me. I’m sure Plaxico Burress and Phil Spector know a thing or two about gun control and gun violence. Let’s ask them!

      • I was talking about having a weak sounding name and you took it straight to the race card…

        Good job – Rev Sharpon would be so proud.

        Well, at least partially proud anyways, you still didn’t figure out a way to “white guilt” me out of money.

        • So it’s OK to to be racist in these comment sections as long as you leave the Jews alone out of fear Mr. Farago will ban your Lilly white ass.

        • Not fear of banishment so much as fear of the curse.

          And you honestly believe someone HAS to be racist to point out dude’s name would be right at home in the candy aisle between a 3 Musketeers and a Kit Kat?

        • I’m racist because I think Carmelo, which is an Italian/ Spanish name is a weak name…

          You’re an idiot.

        • So which is it? A “weak” name, a name a candy bar should have or you just can’t admit you’re a racist.

          You should have just kept your mouth shut, you even had 5 minutes to edit your post and you’re so frickn stupid you just went with it.

          With people of the gun like you the second amendment as we now know it is doomed, because you’re nothing but a redneck racists who clings to his guns and beer.

        • I’m biracial, you clown. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

          Racism is clearly your God.

          Everything raises and sets on its will, both good and bad, and nothing is void of its power, as far as your concerned.

  2. Professional athletes are the best at what they do out of a complete and total dedication to their craft. Such dedication doesn’t typically leave much time to study of social and economic implications of public policy.

    Stick to what you’re good at.

  3. Maybe Carmello should start with the NBA, convince his fellow ballets to give up their rights to bear arms before speaking of the general public.

  4. Pro athletes and celebrities should lead by example if they want to be taken seriously… They should give up all firearms and all armed security first, otherwise they are a bunch of hypocrites.

    • ^^^^^ Exactly right.

      It amazes me that these “celebrities” come out with statements like this and yet they do not line up to turn in their guns.

      Since every reasonable leftist person agrees that guns are bad, there should be lines around the block at every police station in this country as leftists lead by example and voluntarily disarm themselves.

      For the children.

      Think what a clear and powerful statement that would be! And yet, it does not happen so I must conclude that despite their sound and fury, they are simply full of crap.

  5. I liked it better when singers would sing, actors would act and athletes would play ball. I do not pay to hear their uninformed politically correct speech which is why I do not listen to these people and turn them off. On the plus side, they have passed me off enough that I finally cut my cable TV and it saves me money every month.

    • The rich….have you priced tickets lately?…they with the other sports i.e baseball hockey…football have priced the blue collar right out of the park besides those are all gun free zones…

      • I don’t really watch or care about team sports. So no, I have not priced tickets.

        I’ve never understood the concept of watching team sports. If you’re into a sport, play it. I mean, that’s what I did growing up.

  6. The problem is that a lot of people believe Sports Figures have valid opinions about everything. Entertainment Media and Internet Social Media have dumbed-down everything to the lowest common denominator, so that a larger percentage of the unwashed masses do not/cannot form their own opinions, but look to someone else to do it for them. This is just another symptom of the lemming-mentality that is destroying America. Too bad we can’t get millions of them to do that running off a steep cliffside into the ocean thing before they vote for Crooked Hilary next November.

  7. The opinions of celebrities and athletes is less valid than the opinions posted by someone on these and other forums?
    Got it. Did anyone actually read Anthony’s comments?

  8. I, for one, take.all my ethical guidance crom people who care more about the tool than the violence itself.

    Such precision. Right on target.

    Commander Free Throw scores again.

  9. If Carmelo can convince his fellow blacks to stop killing each other in record numbers, more power to him. That’s the problem in this country. It’s not the guns; it’s the people who are using the guns. And, they look just like Carmelo. That’s th real truth that no one wants to admit.

  10. Take advice from a ganged-up stooge who plays in a ganged-up league? Yeah, probably not.

    Oooo, look — copies of Melo in “Don’t Snitch” are available on Amazon!

    • Yea, that’s about my reaction as well.

      When more pro black athletes start acting like adults and community leaders, then they’ll gain some credibility with which to proffer advice like this.

      Until they quit the gangster lifestyle, well, they’re just the usual bunch of two-faced celebrity fools.


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