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“Any firearm that won’t fire when it’s needed just isn’t ‘smart.’ And any ‘security’ system that defaults to turning itself off during a problem just isn’t secure. A lot of busy people with important duties thus spent their valuable time (to say nothing of taxpayer resources) running around in circles, so President Obama could pretend he was being proactive on ‘gun safety.’” – NRA-ILA in Federal “Smart Gun” Standards Set a High Bar [via]

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      • Effect not affect ;-P Effect is generally a noun whereas affect is generally a verb.

        “I feel like criticizing someone’s intelligence while making a grammar mistake has a negative EFFECT on your argument.” or “I feel like criticizing someone’s intelligence while making a grammar mistake negatively AFFECTS on your argument.

        You might want to write more carefully while criticizing someone else’s grammar.

        • It negatively affects your argument, it does *not* negatively affect ON your argument. Are we all having fun?

        • Worst president since Wilson? That’s comical. Obama didn’t pass much that trampled on individual liberties compared to even the Bush and Clinton administrations. He has plenty of flaws, but he didn’t really actually do much to limit any of my rights or those of my loved ones.

          I’ll cautiously wait and see what President Trump ends up doing. If he fights for individual rights over businesses and “collective” rights he’ll get my support. If he tramples on individual rights, raises my taxes while lowering his own, etc. as he has threatened and as Pence and others would like, I cannot support the man.

        • hello from Illinois, I encourage you to look up The Affordable Care Act if you are looking for a law that tramples individual liberty.

        • Agreed in part. The ACA also protected individual right to make their own reproductive decisions.

          However, the country under Obama, not always through his actions, has also increased individual rights via the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana in several states, gay marriage, allowing both gays and women to openly fight for and defend our country, he’s been a better gun salesman than Oliver Winchester and Samuel Colt, championed freedom of speech and religion, deported of more illegal immigrants than either Bush or Clinton, pulled us out of the recession, killed Bin Laden, ended the use of torture, increased support for veterans (the VA is still a cluster f*** though), and more.

          On the other hand, he botched the withdrawal from Iraq and hasn’t appropriately reacted to ISIS, continued to spy on US citizens, failed to prevent government overreach by not stopping use of eminent domain that clearly benefit business rather than the public, failed to close GITMO (not from lack of effort on his part), and more.

          Is he flawed? Of course. Could we do better? Of course! Will we? Probably not. We don’t have a history of electing the best and brightest among us to public office.

        • hello from Illinois, I encourage you to look up The Affordable Care Act if you are looking for a law that tramples individual liberty.

          Nothing says freedom like paying a $1000 tax penalty because you couldn’t afford the amazingly ridiculous high premiums and value eliminating extreme deductibles for said insurance.

          It’s like, “you didn’t make enough money?!” Here pay this penalty for not buying this extremely expensive valueless crap called obamacare while we give your money to people who can’t pay. All it does, everything that it does, is encourages me to work less, work for less, work less hours, and embrace poverty so that I can start getting free shit. And if everyone jumps on that boat, then the boat starts sinking.

        • Like I said, I agree ACA has some serious flaws. That just not the whole picture of the Obama presidency. Looking at the bigger picture, I’d take Obama over many past presidents, but he is still by no means my favorite man or woman for the job. He has his own serious flaws and abuses of power.

        • Worst president since Jimmy “freakin” Carter. FIFY neiowa. And I see lots of parallel lines with the present situation. I just hope Donnie is better on guns than the venerated Reagan…

        • Horsecrap. Worst president *EVER*. He passed almost no laws art all every time wrong, starting with his “stimulus” which gave away 860 billion of taxpayer funds for absolutely nothing, and to no effect. He pushed many proposals which went nowhere because they were totally without value (eg UBC) and/or were an attempt to rein in rampant freedom in America. Spent altogether too much time throughout 8 years apologizing for American exceptionalism and attempting to eliminate it. On, and on, and on. He was a stinking pile of socialistic crap when he was elected a IL state senator, and he will be a stinking pile of socialistic crap on 21 Jan. I could go on for hours, as could any thinking human, but I don’t have the time or energy. I just hope he disappears as effectively as W did in 2009, but I think he is too damn stupid.

    • He has nailed the dumbest & worst president of all time–all he wants do is waste our tax dollars flying his worthless ass all over the world on vacations & to play golf–his outing with Tiger Woods cost us 3.5 million–the rotten bastard needs to repay us all of the $ he has stolen from us

    • Now, now, fellas. We should not let our petty differences divide us. We should seek out areas of agreement.

      For example, I think we can all agree that Obama is a d!ckhead.

  1. Obama’s entire legacy is a going to be wiped cleaned once DJT takes office and goes to work…

    If he can get the backing of Congress and pull off even 1/10th of what he says, it will the biggest positive stride America has generations.

    He appears to have already averted WWIII with Russia and put Mexico on notice. Already knocking out slashed in the “W” column in my book.

  2. How do you improve a coffee cup, answer…you can reshape, color or graphic, add or subtract a handle, and insulate it, however you cannot redesign its function; a cup is a cup. And a gun is a gun, no amount of tinkering, adding electronics, batteries, or sensors will improve safety of a gun. It is what it is and Obama, State of CT, CA, MA and all the rest of the wonder gun legislation will do nothing to improve gun safety.

    January 2017 cannot come soon enough.

    • The basis of this argument is objectively false. Guns and gun safety have improved tremendously over the centuries. So have coffee cups for that matter. Sure both doe the same things they always have, but they are better at it now than before and generally more durable.

      Would your really argue that our guns today are no safer than those of the 19th or even early 20th century? Most modern guns will not go off if dropped loaded, many of those from decades ago could and did. Other guns had no safety mechanisms or loaded chamber indicators, again obviously less safe than many current firearms. Electronic safety equipment has proven troublesome, and I’d much rather see more work on mechanical improvements, but its rather ill-informed to think nothing has been improved on firearms safety-wise. An AR15 is arguably much safer than its predecessors. Its easier to safely unload, load, clear malfunctions, has a easily operated and checked safety, is drop safe, etc.

      • Easier to safely unload? I can’t imagine anything much more difficult to safely unload than an AR, and I have 4. Lever action? Bolt action? Break action? More normally configured semi? ALL are easier to safely unload. ARs are safe enough, IMHO, but we don’t need to get crazy in singing their praises.

        • ARs are a lot safer to unload than say a muzzle loading musket or firearms that require running the action for every round loaded. What is unsafe about unloading an AR? You just drop the mag and pull the charging handle. My point is simply that firearms and other objects have positively evolved in form and function including safety and it is silly to suggest otherwise. I’d certainly rather get in a car crash in a modern car than my ’36 Ford. That doesn’t mean I don’t drive both. I just take some extra caution with the older technology just like I’d take extra caution carrying a vintage Colt revolver (hammer down on an empty chamber) compared to a modern Smith & Wesson (full loaded). That doesn’t mean I am pro-electronic smart guns because there are a host of issues and potential issues with them.

    • Remember when he said that he would take it as a personal insult to his ‘legacy’ if all blacks did not turn for Hilldog Rotten Criminal? I guess his ‘legacy’ just got insulted

  3. The “great” thing about biometrics being used for security is that once someone hacks your fingerprint data, your retina scan data or your DNA…

    Well then, it’s over, brother. You can’t change that password.

    That’s why I’m keeping all of my “legacy guns” at the ready. Even if they ever were to go out of style they would be coming back in style soon enough.

    Ah… The circle of fads!

  4. I look for to hearing President Trump telling the Secret Service protection detail for former president Obama to use smart guns.
    The same for the guard detail for the US Congress.
    He already told Hillary to ditch her guards guns.
    President Trump will of course have the old fashioned hundred year technology for his guards firearms.

  5. So they’re cheering publication of a document that contradicts everything they’ve told us about smart guns and makes them look like fools. Awesome.

  6. His legacy is laying at the feet of successive presidencies the ability to make legal war against the people of this nation, to kill them whenever deemed prudent, for reasons that exist behind the impenetrable wall of “national security”, a security state that the historically worst regimes on earth never imagined, the ability to track humans in real-time, their actions, beliefs, opinions, buying habits, political views, etc….

    His legacy is abject failure, and the careful destruction of the false narrative that the Democratic party is anything but a club for rich oligarchs with a strangle hold on a base of “useful idiots”, and the fall from grace of the worst politician in American history, Presumptive Cankles. With a little luck, and competent steering by the right people, there is potential for an increase in the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

    p.s. Obummer sure did sell a lotta guns, times may get a little lean unless the Soros waves can be used to scare up another gun/ammo run.


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