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BREAKING: Police Ambush Attacks in San Antonio, St. Louis & Sanibel, FL

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Police Ambush Attacks

Once again, radical elements of society have targeted America’s police officers for horrific ambush attacks in a pair of incidents Sunday.  A black male suspect shot and killed San Antonio police veteran Sunday at noontime as the officer worked a traffic stop near that city’s police headquarters.  Later Sunday evening, an unknown suspect shot a St. Louis Metro police officer in the face at least twice.  That officer is in the hospital in critical condition at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis.  Also Sunday evening, a suspect tried to assassinate a Sanibel, FL police officer on a traffic stop.  That suspect was apprehended not long after following a shootout with cops there.

SAN ANTONIO, via the San Antonio Express News:

Police ambush attacks

At 11:45 a.m. Sunday, a San Antonio police officer was shot and killed while performing a routine traffic stop near police headquarters downtown, police Chief William McManus said.

McManus said the shooting occurred on the south side of SAPD headquarters, where an officer was issuing a traffic citation. As he did so, a black vehicle pulled up behind the officer’s unit.

The suspect got out of the car, walked up to the passenger window and fired one round into the patrol car, hitting the officer in the head, McManus said. He said the suspect reached in and fired again, hitting the officer a second time.

The suspect then drove off, McManus said during a news conference.

The officer was Det. Benjamin Marconi, and was pronounced dead at San Antonio Military Medical Center. The 50-year-old officer was a 20-year veteran of the force.

The suspect is described as a black male, 5′ 7″to 6-foot tall, wearing a gray shirt and black pants. According to police the suspect is driving a black midsize sedan.

According to chatter on police scanners, police were searching the area near headquarters and the surrounding buildings for the shooter, while homicide detectives were interviewing witnesses who were either near a VIA bus stop, or on a VIA bus near where the shooting occurred.

ST. LOUIS via St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

A St. Louis police sergeant was shot in the face Sunday night when a driver pulled up beside him near Hampton and Pernod avenues and opened fire.

“He was targeted because he was a police officer,” Mayor Francis Slay said at a press conference at Barnes Jewish Hospital. “He didn’t stop anybody. He didn’t point a gun at anybody. All of us as a community have to do what we can to help find this guy.”

Police said the sergeant, 46, had been shot twice and was conscious. He was in critical but stable condition and expected to live. He is a 20-year veteran of the department.

…When police arrived at the shooting scene in St. Louis, the sergeant was sitting in his SUV, his seatbelt was fastened and his gun was holstered.

“He didn’t have time to react to this threat,” Police Chief Sam Dotson said.

A source told the Post-Dispatch that the sergeant said a car had pulled up beside his SUV and the officer thought the driver was going to ask him a question. Instead, the person in the car fired at the officer.

The sergeant did not get a good look at the shooter, the source said.

“The officer says he saw the muzzle flashes and felt the glass breaking in his window as the shots came through and struck him in the head,” Dotson said.

SANIBEL, FL via NBC – 2:


Sanibel Police officials say the suspect who shot a police officer on the island Sunday evening is in custody.

The suspect was taken into custody in the Dunes neighborhood after exchanging gunfire with officers from the Sanibel Police Department.

According to police, an officer was shot and injured during a drive-by while conducting a traffic stop around 8 p.m. Sources identified the officer as Jarred Ciccone.

The suspect fled the scene and was located in the 1400 block of Sandcastle Road.

The Sanibel Police attack took place in the same county where a concealed carry licensee shot and killed a man attacking a deputy about a week ago.

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  1. Just watch, leftists will blame us/the 2nd Amendment rather the the sub humans their culture of dependency, entitlement, mass immigration, reality denialism, anti white racism, and all other failures/mental illness of cultural marxism.

    But then again this all part of their plan.

    I wonder if Trump will take out Soros or just give Vlad a free pass to drone/Spec Op Team him.

    • There are plenty of cop haters on TTAG, the Left won’t get involved. The Jews complain about the use of ovens in Germany in the 1940s. Now the ovens are being used in mexico by people just as evil as the National Socialist Workers Party in Germany.
      The police are good. Are there bad white cops? Yes. Just like there are bad white libertarians, bad white atheists, bad white anarchists.
      You might have ovens in California if things keep going the way they are now..


      I’m glad a good black man with a gun, saved the life of a white sheriff deputy when he killed a bad black man with a gun.
      Then the good people purchased a new gun for the good guy who had to turn in his gun as required for the crime scene investigation.


      • “Cop hater” is a relative term, almost infinitely elastic. What passes for that on TTAG are people who despise the betrayal of the public’s trust exhibited by many police officers. This comes in the form of actual crimes committed by cops, silence on the part of their fellow officers, and antipathy toward 2A rights typical of big city PD brass.

        None of that eventuates in assasination attempts by TTAGers or sympathy from TTAGers for such attacks. What I read on TTAG are sometimes cavalier and dismissive attitudes toward police. True. However, that is rooted in the reality that these are armed agents of the state with an awkward mandate to enforce the laws they’re [partially] immune to. Balance that against competent officers who genuinely serve to protect the public.

        The result is far more nuanced than just labeling everyone with an adversarial view of the police as a “cop hater.” I’ll go as far as to say that 99% of what you’d label a cop hater in here, is someone who dearly believes in this country’s constitutional principles. Assassinating officers is a vile attack on those principles and the rule of law itself. You won’t find any regulars here in favor of that.

        • “None of that eventuates in assasination attempts by TTAGers or sympathy from TTAGers for such attacks…”

          Maybe you should read the comments on this article. I didn’t even read them all- frankly it just dims my view of ‘gun people’ too much- but there’s plenty of people who seem to be smugly delighted that cops are ‘reaping what they sow’ and that there are ‘no innocent cops.’

        • Thanks for that, gents.

          The “all cops lie all the time” and “all cops should be disarmed” are clear examples of cop hate. I’ll define it this way: there are posters here who think everything police do is wrong.

          Win a fight? It’s because your on steroids.

          Lose a fight? You’re a coward.

          Wear a uniform? You’re a murderer, or someone who desperately desires to be one.

          Support police accountability? It doesn’t matter. You either don’t really do that or there aren’t enough cops who do to make any sort of difference.

          More Dead Soldiers immediately comes to mind.

  2. Hell and brimstone, this is terrible.

    Rest in peace officers. I don’t envy your job. Stay safe guys. I don’t begrudge you guys keeping yourselves safe.

    Don’t put yourselves at risk.

    If you have a choice, get blue flu hardcore in California and New York and Chicago. Let the statists choke on their BLM rhetoric and disarmed citizens. Don’t pile your bodies on the pyre of failed liberalism.

    Godspeed to fallen officers. Hopefully the liberals will stop denying their rhetoric is kiling officers.

  3. I read this a few hours ago while leaving a high risk stop on a stolen car. Been trying to think of what to say since then, and the best I can come up with is this-

    There are more than a few who read and comment here that aren’t shy about how much they dislike police. Some because they think we’re the enforcers of the state and no better than the Gestapo or Stasi, and some because they think we’re stereotypically lazy thugs who only got hired to bully people and profile minorities between donut runs. Some may even dislike police because they believe lies like “hands up, don’t shoot.”

    While everyone is free to have their own opinion, here is my challenge. However much time you spend thinking about how you would like to see me lose my job, how you’re sure I’m either a crook or covering for other cops who are, or how I should have my retirement taken because loggers and commercial fishermen have a higher workplace death rate, spend twice as much time thinking about how to change society. How to make people want to take responsibility for their own lives again instead of resting secure in the mistaken belief that if they call 911 and shut their eyes, the government can miracle all their problems away.

    I hope you find a way to make it happen. Until then, we’ll be out there.

    • Thank you for working in the meat grinder, you keep the ungrateful safe, and you have my respect and support, officer. Your war never stops, as you walk the path between the thin veneer of civilization and the unabashed evil of men.

      My regards to you and yours in the wake of these damn tragedies.

    • I’ve always gotten along well with cops on an individual level. The problem infecting most police departments is usually chiefs and the mayors who hired those chiefs.

      • That’s a given in any organization. Those with the sharpest elbows, and the strongest focus on simple personal gain and climbing the ladder come what may, are the ones most successful at climbing those ladders. The scum will always rise to the top, IOW. It simply cannot be otherwise.

        Hence, the only “solutions”, is to make organizations smaller (more local police, less Federal meddling), and/or less powerful (as in, reducing the amount of laws, so that cops are only charged with enforcing truly important ones that very few would have qualms about. In practice, the 10 commandments +- ).

    • I am not a cop, and there are no cops in my family. I have no need at all to be as polite as you are.

      You will never meet a bigger cop lover than me. I guess I’m one of the rare few for whom one was always been there when needed. It has a lot to do with me refusing to leave my bad neighborhood, and instead working my ass off to improve it. The SAN ANTONIO cops that I know have helped us do this all over the city, and we are grateful for it. This is not the gangsta “SAYtown” of the 90’s and it took a lot of hard work to make it that way. My heart is broken at the death of this officer. This town came together years ago when my boss, officer Anthony Riojas was killed, and we will again. This was as much an attack on the people of this great city as it was on Marconi and his family and he WILL be avenged. Count on it.

      The death stats are obviously an offshoot of the great job they’ve done over the past several decades, with regards to affirmative policing and it’s effect on reducing violent crime. But even with that said, the death rate for cops is still appallingly high, something like 20 per 100k, making it the 10th deadliest occupation in the country. The comparison to loggers and fisherman is so ridiculous as to infuriate me; when was the last time a garbage man tried to arrest a crackhead, and got his ass beat? The last time a fisherman went to a domestic dispute, and ended up in a shootout? The last time a logger had to shoot a tree that was marching toward him with a knife? When was the last time a pilot was targeted for assassination because someone posted grainy footage of another pilot, thousands of miles away, crashing into the sea? Are construction workers forced to shoot 1500 people a year because they can’t follow simple instructions without flailing their arms around and being a jackass? Yes I went there. Is there a nationwide, media and idiot orchestrated jihad against power line workers, with pro power line websites full of commenters who somehow actually agree with them, for some unGodly reason? Yes, I went there, too. The childish hysterics that surround police on this website really concern me. Call me “Concern ruester,” I just can’t help it.

      When you sow the seeds of discord, you must prepare to reap those fruits. Everyone who egged these cretins on will need to search their own souls for that harvest. Wait… who am I kidding? They will just have to keep whacking it to their Iphones while good men die for their “convictions.” Sheesh, what was I thinking?

      • “Cop” is also a less dangerous job than driving a vehicle of any sort for a living, doing construction, working in a warehouse, or a bunch of other mundane tasks which are performed by tens of millions every day. They die on the job it’s a 5 second blurb on the news if they’re lucky. There’s not tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars spent on their funeral procession and 2 minute memorial on the evening news.

        I do know cops, have friends who are in, and have had many relatives who have been over the decades. Back when being a cop was actually dangerous work. (Though to be fair, it’s getting to be a little bit again.)

        Being a cop is a job. One with better pay and benes than the average American. In return we expect them to be a little less corrupt than they are, and provide a bit less attitude. I still support cops in general, especially in the context of them as government agents versus the BLM scum – someone’s gonna eventually have to start shooting these animals, and I’d prefer it was people with qualified immunity.

        Even with the current spate of horrible incidents, cops are still right at a 50/50 chance that they die in a traffic accident.

        • Current Stats for 2016 (below), and counting… Not to many other jobs where people get shot as the leading cause of death… with auto accidents even if you add in motorcycles and pursuits total is 32. Add stabbings, gunfire, assaults and vehicle assaults and you have 73…. this doesn’t even starch the surface of actual violent encounters, fights, resisting, etc… of course this comes with job… but you cant compare it to say a trucker driver or construction or job site accidents, because the job site isn’t actively wanting to hurt/ kill you.. Stats below…
          Animal related: 1
          Assault: 2
          Automobile accident: 21
          Drowned: 2
          Duty related illness: 1
          Fall: 1
          Gunfire: 58
          Gunfire (Accidental): 2
          Heart attack: 6
          Motorcycle accident: 7
          Stabbed: 1
          Struck by vehicle: 6
          Vehicle pursuit: 4
          Vehicular assault: 12

        • Joshua, the newsies have made it sound like we’ve got a bumper crop of dead cops this year, and it’s only 117 in mid November? (I’m not counting heart attacks or illness, does the FBI’s annual total count them?)

        • Joshua, Not too many other jobs where you get shot to death? So when a gas station attendant is shot during a robbery, or some nutty Muslims come and shoot up their former office mates, those people are what, not as dead? A different kind of dead? Do explain, people who are not cops get shot at their jobs at a far higher rate – and they aren’t allowed guns to defend themselves, let alone body armor. Please, how are these people any less dead?

          “you cant compare it to say a trucker driver or construction or job site accidents, because the job site isn’t actively wanting to hurt/ kill you”..

          You can readily disabuse yourself of that fiction by visiting a construction site of any size.There are machines that can break and kill you, cranes collapse and kill you’ John drops a wrench 10 floors up and it hits you at the base of the cranium, just below a hard-hat, a rigging cable snaps and cuts you in two. I could do ‘ways people die on a construction site’ all day long, and I’m not even in that business.

          Regardless of your other logical fallacies, the facts remain as in your chart – being a cop is pretty darn safe. Many things can be fudged, but dead is fvckin’ dead, and is very accurately tabulated. Many tens of millions of work-a-day folks are far more likely to be actively killed doing their mundane jobs.

      • Bitch, whine, and complain.

        First, like every government job description, police departments need a 10% staffing enema for about 3-4 years at least. Whereas normal gov workers are just lazy, police gov boneheads are dangerous to the public.

        Second, we need every cop and door-kicker to be bodycammed out the wazoo. That will help in the enema process. Missing camera footage results in un-paid suspension and firings all the way from beat cop through chief.

        Police unions have ignored the warnings from the average citizen for too long. When you get to the point that a 50+YO white collar southern Methodist is tired of your sheet, then maybe it’s a time for reflection.

    • There are more than a few who read and comment here that aren’t shy about how much they dislike police. Some because they think we’re the enforcers of the state and no better than the Gestapo or Stasi, and some because they think we’re stereotypically lazy thugs who only got hired to bully people and profile minorities between donut runs.

      ^ Laugh out loud funny!

      • The sad part is there is a grain of truth in this statement. I’m an older guy now and my interactions with police have been mixed, at best. Some where polite and professional, but many were not. The latter were “bullies with badges”…egos out of control. Too many police today see the public as something they must “control”, not something they “serve”. Most of these officers probably do not see themselves as “agents of the state”, although through their actions, that is what they are . Most officers are not as introspective or as insightful as the above commenter “Hasdrubal” is. We need more officers like him.

        • Hasdrubal just felt the emotional need to virtue signal. He will still jack you up without hesitation. Whatever.

        • You know, I could go on for pages about how I’m not like that, and it wouldn’t matter. I could give you examples of how I encourage people I meet on calls to arm themselves, to get carry permits, and whether you believe me or not, it wouldn’t matter. I could tell you about times when I’ve refrained from arresting people for negligent discharge when they accidentally shot themselves, or for reckless endangerment when they left their purse in the park with a Glock peeking out for everyone to see. Even if you believe me, if you meet me on a call, you won’t know I’m the guy posting here.

          It wouldn’t even matter if you were right. What matters is how we as a nation and as individual Americans can stop needing to abandon personal responsibility and give up liberty to the government. There’s more than 63 million votes out there marked Clinton that say people like me need more authority, and maybe a shiny new federal department of oversight to make sure we only jack up people who are, perhaps, ‘deplorable.’ That matters more than just about anything else.

        • I wouldn’t say police authority is a political issue in that way. Trump is WAY more likely to give police more power via appointments and the justice department than Clinton, who openly derides the use of police in society.

          Sure, Clinton would use feds more. But they’re not the majority of cops.

        • For better or for worse, we will never know what Clinton would have done. My fear was that she would continue the Obama policy of getting de facto federal control over local police departments, by encouraging investigations where they are accused of racism whether or not any evidence is found. Each time they do that, it’s a step towards something he mentioned in a speech back in 2008-

          “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we set,” Obama said at the time. “We’ve got have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

    • Hasdrubal,

      I believe you are missing a righteous and huge complaint: almost all police officers blindly enforce any and every law on the books without any regard to human dignity and rights. Police universal response to criticism or derision, “We are following orders! If you don’t like it, have your government change the laws!”

      Example 1:
      Almost every cop in the United States will arrest a person for carrying a concealed firearm in a jurisdiction that criminalizes concealed carry without a license … even if the person has no criminal record and there is no malicious intent. Why? Who has that person harmed? How is arresting (which will lead to imprisonment upon prosecution) a good person who has no intention of harming anyone good for society? Why is the arresting officer elevating local law above the Supreme Law of the Land (United States Constitution, Second Amendment)?

      Example 2:
      Almost every cop in the United States will serve process (whether issuing a ticket, summons to appear in court, or arrest) to a person even when the alleged “offense” and/or penalty is ludicrous. Pick up a feather in the woods that happens to be an eagle feather and hang it on your car’s rear-view mirror and you are facing fines of thousands of dollars and several years in prison. No cop in the United States should ever enforce such a law.

      Look, almost no one begrudges police who investigate a murder and try to capture the suspect (assuming the investigators do not violate our rights to privacy, due process, search warrants, etc. in the process). What people begrudge are police who enforce fines of hundreds to thousands of dollars as well as arrest/imprisonment for victimless crimes.

      • Actually, I think you’re completely right. Unfortunately, getting large numbers of people who love liberty enough to despise unconstitutional laws and use their discretion to enforce or not for the benefit of society to seek employment as cops, is about as difficult as getting the laws changed.

        I don’t think it’s impossible for the POTG and freedom loving Americans in general to do for law enforcement what the left did for education a few decades back, and get hired in sufficient strength to change the culture. What I don’t know is what it would take to start the movement.

        • More virtue signaling.

          You just don’t get it. Why are law abiding people scared of cops? Not hate, scared.

        • “What I don’t know is what it would take to start the movement.”

          Now THAT is the $50,000 question.

        • “What I don’t know is what it would take to start the movement.”

          Put the parents in jail for what the kids do.

          That right there, in a nutshell, will solve the entire problem. If they’re facing jail time, the parents will damn well clean up their act and know what in the hell their kids are up to, and teach them to not screw up.

          Under 18, and arrested? Parent pays the fine, parent goes to jail.

          ‘Course, that’s easy for me to say because my kids are long grown and gone, but — I think it’d work.

      • The idea that cops robotically enforce every law is silly. If it were true everyone would be in court, all the time. But when it comes to process issues, yes. Cops are part of the justice system and that system is based on process. A jury can nullify but you want police to decide to toss a judge’s order because they don’t like it?

        That’s ridiculous. You no longer have a system at all at that point. You can’t have it be both functional (for crimes A, B and C) but non-functional (for crimes D and E). The place to change these issues is not t the lowest level (i.e. street cops). It’s with the laws your representatives enacted for you and the orders your elected judges issued. But of course your fellow citizens in this republic have a say as well…

    • Good post Hasdrubal. I’ve had nothing but good interactions with police out here in New Mexico. Especially now that I have OC’d for the last eight years in various metro areas and nothing but a professional response from those same police.

      (But the no knock warrants, asset forfeiture, sobriety check points and the War on Drugs, which the police enforce, are a stain and an abomination against the constitution and the american people. Which we the people are responsible for allowing and are the ones responsible to change these laws.)

      So if I see a cop being attacked, I will intervene, at the risk of my life, to help out. But for those cops that arrive after the fact, just don’t shoot me out of hand, without a warning, if I haven’t re-holstered my firearm before y’all arrive.

      • ThomasR highlighted additional abominations that I did not list … and the word “abomination” is exactly right.

        Another case in point: I was on a friend’s ski boat for a pleasure cruise around a lake. We were not going too fast. We were not in any way, shape, or form reckless. We were simply cruising and being considerate of other boaters, skiers, fisherman, and swimmers. As we passed the local police on their patrol boat, the cop gives me a dirty look and tells me to sit down because standing up on a giant boat and holding onto the overhead ski towing bar is somehow a crime against humanity. That was incredibly degrading and infuriating. I am an adult. If I want to stand up on a large boat and hold onto the overhead ski towing bar that is capable of holding several hundred pounds, that is my prerogative. But no, I have to sit down like a toddler or else the local cops come over to arrest us. You have no idea how degrading and infuriating that is. Of course that pales in comparison to no-knock raids at the wrong house — or even the right house — to justify a desire to seize a plant (marijuana) before the home occupants can flush it down the toilet.*

        What we are describing is outright abuse of the public. If you keep beating your spouse or child long enough, at some point he/she might strike back. I am neither condoning nor condemning such attacks on police. I am merely stating the context of the situation.

        * Note that I have never used marijuana and have no intention of ever using it. Furthermore, I think it is incredibly foolish to use it. Nevertheless, if someone wants to ingest marijuana in the privacy of their home, so be it. Who am I to tell someone what they do in their home as long as they are not harming anyone else?

      • You must not live in ABQ, because those guys are cowboys of the tenth magnitude. They have issues that even Rampart didn’t have. I was out there for a year, and fortunately I had the connects at the time, so I had nothing to fear. Normal people? Egads, the stories I heard from those dirty m-fers…

  4. The MSM makes a big deal about a law enforcement person being shot. “You knew the job was dangerous when you took it” If you did not then there is a problem. Innocent civilians are murdered every day and the MSM never say a word. Any death by violence and none self defense is not acceptable. Just stop blaming the gun, the race, etc; start blaming the lack of family values, the education of our children and the war on drugs. Wake the frell up sheeple.

    • That’s because the MSM doesn’t give a sh*t about dem boyz in da hood, unless they’ve got a nice mugshot they can flash on the screen for 20 seconds while complaining about guns and white people. There is never any honest concern for the victim(s) and their families, and they never give any real suggestions about how to empower and uplift the people living in abject poverty on the edge of the knife.

  5. Meanwhile CNN’s top story is Trump’s twitter use…

    I’m going out on a limb here, but I’ll guess that the shooters were either leftists or some of their pet ghetto savages. I suspect things are only going to get worse as 8 years of racial grievance mongering and identity politics come home to roost. If there is one clear message from this past election it’s that there are people in this country that hate it’s culture, history and ideals and they see it as their righteous duty to attack America and it’s supporters. They have experienced a set back and their rage and vitriol is boiling over. I would suggest it’s not irrational to prepare accordingly.

    • “If there is one clear message from this past election it’s that there are people in this country that hate it’s culture, history and ideals and they see it as their righteous duty to attack America and it’s supporters.”

      Having grown up on the west coast, in the Bay Area, and having been indoctrinated in this belief system, I can say this would include many if not most liberal/regressives. There are many that are the “useful idiots” that have been indoctrinated into the “feel good” part of the propaganda of being “multi-cultural” and being “tolerant”. But the leftist leadership know full well the end game of their agenda. It is the end of our republic and the creation of a “workers paradise”, where the elite sit in their mansions as the final arbiters of what the “collective good” is for those
      “useless eaters and breeders”.

  6. Cops, reaping what they have sown. We need the cops to end their war against the American people.

    • Why do you take your useless self outta here. I dont support the bad cops, way more good than bad in that field. I’ve known some really great people who are police. So I guess you would not care if someone drove up next to you and just shot you in the face? So take your sorry !@#$ self outta here and do something useful with your useless life.

    • It may look like that to you but very often things are not what they seem. More likely, innocent cops are being reaped due to sinister sowing done from a level far from where you can see. There certainly are bad apples and blue lines but these events are taking on the appearance of a calculated encouragement that is not coincidental. It’s worth considering there are people that want us to react simplistically. If we do, they get what they want and we never suspect their motive nor what they want.

      • There are no innocent cops. All of them are required to steal from us. All of them violate our rights while they pretend to have some special authority that the rest of us don’t have.

  7. So… when are we going to admit that BLM is a terrorist organization and start hunting down its leadership like we do their ISIS buddies?

  8. Used to be – radicals smoked weed and put flowers in gun barrels. I’m told, they were hard to tolerate then. Why we are tolerating “abolish the police” radicals today is mesmerizing.

    • No. They were just the ‘useful idiots” ,per Stalin, that supported the marxist/communist attacks against the foundations of this country, that continue today.

      The radicals (marxist/communists) were planning mass murder to get their “workers paradise”, like the Weather Underground that planned to murder 25 million Americans that wouldn’t be “re-educated” once their Marxist revolution succeeded.

      Today, those same radicals are in the seats of power, like unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist,” currently Ivy league professor, “I did not do enough” Bill Ayers.

      And they still plan to commit mass murder to complete their “transformation of America”.

      The BLM group with their ambush murders of cops is simply another facet of that plan. Hegelian Dialectic. Create a problem, get a reaction, present the solution.

  9. This is a coordinated attack by the Marxist. The local police must be brought to heel if they are to be successful. Do not allow this to happen, the attacks will escalate and the MSM will blame everyone but the ones responsible for the carnage.

    Be prepared to assist your local law enforcement.

  10. The Sanibel shooting is the strangest one. Lee County has some troubled areas but Sanibel Island is not ghetto/violent at all. It is a quite beach front community on a barrier island in Tarpon Bay. Half the island is the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge. The racial makeup of the city was 98.0% White, 0.6% African American, 0.1% Native American, 0.4% Asian, 0.00%(1) Pacific Islander, 0.3% from other races, and 0.6% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 2.3% of the population. The median income for a household in the city was $97,788, and the median income for a family was $138,194. Males had a median income of $80,152 versus $45,458 for females. The per capita income for the city was $79,742.

    It is not a cheap place to live and it sure as hell isn’t like Miami Beach with glitzy flash over a layer of filth and gutter trash.

    The area doesn’t fit the MO of the standard Leftist/BLM/Radical inspired attacks going on across the country. Either the shooter was from one of the crappier parts of Lee County or someone is off their meds.

    • Probably a criminal casing the neighborhood that had been “inspired” by the Leftists media constant drum beat of the “war on helpless blacks”, to fight back against the “murderer”, once he was pulled over for the traffic stop.

      The real enemy is not the BLM/SJW types. They are just pawns. Just like the leftists elites in the media were the ones tearing down our “baby killer” troops in Vietnam, while singing the praises of the those “poor oppressed” murderous communists NVA. The elite leftists/communists in academia and the media are doing the same with our police.

      Liberal/progressives and the statists in the republican party; the true enemy of individual freedom, personal rights and of our republic.

  11. Any man who wants to run around town and catch bad guys i.e.. murderers, rapists, and thieves have my full support.
    Any man who writes traffic tickets because some one exceeded a arbitrary speed limit or wasn’t wearing the proper safety equipment does not.
    Decide which one you are.

      • John E,

        The solution is called RESPONSIBILITY.

        the kid on the bike and his/her parents have to be responsible. The parents have to determine whether their child can ride a bicycle responsibly. If that is the case, then it is up to the child to actually ride responsibly.

        Next, the driver has to be responsible as well.

        If a serious injury/fatality happens and the child was irresponsible, it is not the driver’s fault no matter what speed he/she was driving. If the driver was irresponsible, then he/she needs to serve a LONG prison sentence for negligent homicide. If the driver was at a reasonable speed but swerved off the road when they spilled their drink, give them a 20 year sentence. If the driver was going 80 mph in a residential neighborhood and swerved off the road, give them life in prison.

        This is the answer. Personal responsibility and public education. Dumbing everything down to the lowest possible function and treating everyone like toddlers is NOT the answer.

  12. I support good honest law enforcement 100 percent….thank you for all you do.

    On a lighter note…police and donuts…..

    Why is it everyone makes fun of the police/donut connection…let’s be honest with ourselves…donuts are awesome! A light sugary pastry covered with everything from sprinkles to bacon. Of course police like donuts…who does not like donuts….you may or may not eat them in a regular basis, but I have never heard anyone say they do not like a donut.

    Blue Strong…and long live the Donut!

    • If you make your living behind the wheel of a vehicle as most cops do and I have done, non cop, for any length of time you will hit “fast” food type places for your sustenance.

      Why donuts? If you’re tuned to a radio and may have to interrupt your repast at a moments notice the donut shop is quickest and easiest. More likely to get your food and beverage before the next call comes in.

    • Whenever someone makes a donut\cop joke to me I ask them “What, do you not like donuts, COMRADE?”

      That’s probably going to have to stop when the body cams get deployed.

      • Do people really still honestly believe in the cop/donut matrix? Or is that a thing, like maybe still in NO? Mmmm, beignets….

        Every cop I know calls out for lunch/dinner, and sits down and eats. The under-30 buffo/’roid crowd eats better than the 50+ year-old lardos, but the fat guys have generally been moved out of patrol and been moved to pushing paper. or prisoner transport or something anyway.

        I’m trying to think of a cop I know under 50 who’d even take a donut if I brought a box. Maybe if I threw them a Smoothie King or Jamba Juice card they’d be all over it, but a donut?

  13. No one ought to be murdered by cowardly ambush as a political/social statement or protest. Police are caught in the crossfire of multiple conflicting political and social forces many of which have the moral standing of pondscum (well maybe pondscum actually has better moral standing).
    Imagine the uproar if ordinary citizens went out murdering people they believed to be supporting the murder of Police.

  14. All for public hangings of gutter trash–you can not help them & returning them to the streets on bail or parole is stupid–bleeding heart liberals say they can be ‘rehabilitated’; yea, right–about 1 out of 100,000-time to actually ENFORCE laws we have

  15. These ambushes have done more to inspire support for police than good guys like Hasdrubal and Accur81 could ever imagine.

    Maybe now the good cops and the good citizens they’re supposed to protect and serve can refocus their attention on defeating the thugs and helping each other.

    It won’t be easy. There are a lot of hard feelings to overcome and a lot of wrongs to right. But it’s possible.

  16. Interesting how any reference to law enforcement in a TTAG article always elicits the predictable “F–k the Police” comment from at least one of the dozen or so antisocial cop hating anarchist morons like Chris Mallory who bird dog this site.

    It also interesting that TTAG is the only major gun blog that not only attracts but for some strange reason embraces the few cop haters who troll the forum.

    It would be really interesting if there were some way to learn how many of the “F–k the Police” trolls are in reality alter egos of staff for a certain major gun blog and it’s sister pro weed blog, but of course, we’ll never know.

    • Maybe because some of them have earned our contempt. See the new article on a companion gun blog, Guns.com: “Albuquerque police tampered with videos of officer-involved shootings.” The article goes on to say: “Body camera videos that captured police involved shootings were altered or deleted by Albuquerque Police Department officials, according to court documents filed late last month by the department’s former records supervisor.” I’m sure this is not the only occurrence…just one that has become public. How often have multiple police car cams all malfunctioned at the same time when something controversial occurs (look up high speed pursuit ending in killing on college campus as example). My own thinking as a member of the public is that with the powers given to police officers comes a requirement for meeting a higher standard of ethical conduct, along with an understanding that an officer is here to “serve” the public, not “control” the public. As a Southerner, I was brought up to respect law enforcement officers while at the same time to question the legitimacy of authority. Our actions were judged by our own “honor” system, based on what used to be standard American values. I’ve had trouble explaining to my new Northern, retired law enforcement neighbor how the South can be so law abiding and rebellious at the same time .. the result of an individual “honor” society…sadly, one that is fading. So…I am simultaneously a strong supporter of law enforcement, while at the same time a harsh critic…not much respect for those who blindly support law enforcement officers nor for those who blindly hate law enforcement officers.

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