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“I’m not a criminologist but I can safely say that guns are being taken off the street in an unprecedented way. Some people, unfortunately, are turning to a different weapon.” – New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio in De Blasio credits less guns with more stabbings [at]


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    • Thank the gods Duke B is in goose step with King Obama in matters of gun control. That up close and personal blade insertion is far better than violating noise restrictions of a gun used to lawfully protect against a stabber. Lets hope he gets reelected.

  1. Yep.
    And when I worked in Tampa, 10 and 12 year kids tended to stomp each other to death.
    Not much Big Brother can do to implement a ban on feet.

  2. I am in no way competent or qualified. I have no facts to back my assertion, but I can safely make any self-serving claim I want.

    NYC really does make you mental.

    • I wonder if that’s an issue of ‘dissapearing’ into a major urban center.

      Maybe it lets the ‘apeshit’ out in people…

  3. “Some people, unfortunately, are turning to a different weapon.”

    Indeed. Who could have predicted such a thing? Well, all of us of course.

    And when you say ‘some people’ let’s qualify that a little. Some criminals. The law abiding of course, abiding by the law and all that, are thus left defenseless against these criminals.

    Again, who could have predicted such a thing? Well, all of us of course.

    What is it about government that seems to require the abandonment of simple common sense at all levels? What will it take to bring common sense back? Is it even possible?

    • Disarming the citizenry further justifies the state to take more power, because the state can’t have a self reliant people otherwise it wouldn’t be able to perpetually grow itself.

    • Government,,,, common sense. Lol. Bunch a lawyers arguing about the definition of what the word is,is. IMO a person couldnt be president unless he has served in the military. Congressman and senators would have to work one year on a pig farm. Judges would have to do 6 months in jail. And legislators should be put on an island and bicker amoungst themselves until they finally built a boat or jumped in the sea and argued with a shark.

  4. Thugs in NY City only need guns to shoot each other. For the common robbery or rape, a knife will do just fine against citizens who have been disarmed by their own government.

  5. Oh, you mean like what happened in the UK and AU. The UK then attempted to pass a law to even limit how many cooking knives someone can have. Sure, ban whatever you want government’s of the world, you will simply drive things into the black market or people will simply substitute for something else. Banning objects versus addressing the causes of certain behavior never works. Shifty economies, crappy education systems and crappy laws that capture innocent people than actually stop crime simplly create an environment of desperate people who will do desperate things.

    • “Banning objects versus addressing the causes of certain behavior never works.”

      Herein is the problem. Government addressing causes of behavior. It is easier to ban an object. Have a conversation, splash ink on paper and thier work is done, hand off to enforcement.

      Equally it not governments responsibility to figure out why Johnny has abandonment issues or how he’s hard wired.

      Government’s responsibility is to support law abiders, encourage lawful self defense…but there’s no coin for them in that.

    • To be fair, the English invented blunt-tipped steak knives for the dinner table centuries ago, to prevent drunken & enraged ‘gentlemen’ from going at it to the death over dinner. Sharp & pointy items were kept back in the kitchen.

      “Ruprecht! Put the cork, back on the fork!”
      “Why is the cork on the fork?”
      “To prevent him hurting himself, and others”

      • Oh, man! Thanks for the reminder!

        Gotta watch ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ again…

        “Excuse me, may I go to the bathroom?”

        “Yes, Ruprecht.”

        “Thank you….”


    • Framing Hammers, the new face of street crime! Now available with non-slip striking surface and 2x skull piercing spikes of Death!

      IMO i would take a framing hammer to a “rumble” over a screwdriver.

  6. I’d worry about this if most shooting occurred within 7 yards.

    And in other news, research shows that most shootings occur within 21 feet. Nowhere near the 7 yard danger zone of a knife.


  7. Wait… so you’re telling me that criminals didn’t just throw up their hands and say “Aw, shucks!” when you banned guns. Say it ain’t so! I mean, who are these people who continue to defy the power of mommy government? There should really be a law against that! Oh wait…

    • Yep…ink on paper is magic. Fixes all problems bad people have allowing citizens to unburdened themselves with defending their lives.

        • They used a different ink back then. Had the blood of patriots ,heroes, and gentlemen in it. The ink they use now is just cheap sht from china

  8. De Blasio is ignorant. Criminals access to guns as always. Just another sack-o-crap who pats themselves on the back because no one else will.

  9. I think Cain slew Abel without a gun. Rumour has it that he used the jawbone of an ass, but the murder weapon was never found.

  10. That’s not a knife>THAT’S a knife. Crocodile Dundee cleared up the knife thing years ago…the derp-it burns!

  11. When I was a kid, knives were the weapon you feared much more in NYC than guns. Yes, there was crime with guns, but it seemed as tho every penny-ante punk had a switchblade or a drop knife.

  12. That from a reform jewish politician who uses, in his words, armed white racist police officers to guard his half black son 24 hours a day. All paid for at government expense.

  13. Imagine 2 or 3 180 pounders kick in your door and you are a 80 year old man or woman, or a young person. I don’t care what weapon you might need to equalize that but only a good 44 will do or its game over every time. The weak have a right to an equalizer. DeBlasio, you are nuts.”

  14. de Blasio is a walking fartbox. When he speaks most will laugh and feel embarrassed for him. Those that don’t are idiots. Under his guidance New York will be the next Detroit.

  15. They want to ban guns. They want to ban knives. They also want to ban bullet & blade resistant garments … just because, FU, that’s why!

    We’re the ruling class and you’re the scum we rule over. Now shut up and page your taxes!

  16. Idiots/Liberals assign blame to things, not people.

    They can’t seem to identify the problem(s), so go after the tool.

    And when they restrict the tool…other tools come into play.

    And that’s because the problem(s) still exist.


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