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Donald Trump Jr. (courtesy Facebook)

The above photo’s making the rounds on Facebook. Donald Trump Jr.’s holding a severed elephant tail. I don’t want to lower myself to the level of the “discourse” The Donald displayed at last night’s presidential debate so I won’t say anything about anyone’s hands/penis size, or being surprised to see a picture of Jr. in the daylight. I will say this: many gun owners are reassured by Jr.’s love of firearms freedom. Jr.’s definitely a “gun guy.” By relying on the son to stop the sins of the father, though, is a bad bet. With Trump, everything’s negotiable, even your gun rights. Agreed?

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      • This. Prefer Ted,
        But in the end anyone but a D. The other candidate can have sex with sheep on live tv and I’d still vote for them over the dem.

      • I’m with you Matt in Maine. Ted is my guy in the primary. If he doesn’t make it through then I will look to see who is the best choice in the general. Score of 0-10 Hillary is a -16 soooo that makes the choice pretty easy.

        Not voting at all is like buying a gun for self defense. Sure I would love to have a Dillion 134 minigun but when push comes to shove and I meet a coked out thug in a back alley I will be glad to have my Glock vs waiting for my Dillion to arrive.

      • I hope for our sake it is Ted. The guy has class, a track record to be proud of and is a consititionalist.

        The same can’t be said about Trump. His obnoxious attitude is genuinly starting to be nausiating as well.

        • This is a winner take all election. If the Democrat Party wins, they will win control over the country for at least a generation. So, if you think not voting will send some message to the world that you are pissed at the establishment so that you can change how they think, you haven’t thought this through.

      • Mathematically, if you do not vote at all or if you waste your vote on a candidate that has zero chance of winning then you have increased the vote count of the person you like the least by exactly one. Not one half.

        Whenever the RINOs giver me a nose-holder for POTUS I prefer to think of the Dem I dislike the most (Harry Ried this year) and then I go to the polls with the idea that even if Ted doesn’t win I have PERSONALLY cancelled out Harry’s vote.

        • This math applies within one electoral cycle. But long term, if you keep “holding your nose” and voting for whatever they give you just so that the other guy doesn’t win, you’ll keep getting a turd. Why would they change anything, if you have already proven so many times that you’ll vote for a turd anyway?

          A vote for a third party is “wasted” in that particular election, but it sends a message to the party that assumed it would have got it that they need to fix their shit. One vote isn’t much of a message, which is why the “you’re throwing it away” line is such potent propaganda – because it’s true, so long as too few people keep doing it. The trap is that this is recursive – voting third party is throwing your vote away only until enough people start doing so that it affects either one of the big parties (who assumed that those votes are theirs) enough to cause them to lose. One loss is still not enough of a message, but enough of them, and a sustained rise in popularity of third parties, would inevitably lead to changes – either because the party will pay attention, or because the most popular third party will take over.

        • That attitude has cost gun owners dearly over the decades. Of course a single vote, statistically, is not significant. But when large swaths of gun owners stay away from the polls, gun rights are usurped by the politicians who do get voted in. CA has roughly 9 million gun owners, and every one of them should vote. Few do. Elections have consequences. In 2016, the upcoming POTUS may be able to make 3 SCOTUS selections (obviously with congressional approval). One additional liberal supreme court judge could cripple not just the 2nd, but the 1st, 4th and 5th Amendments as well.

      • +1 to this. In this presidential race it’s simple as ABC = Anyone But Clinton.

        Trump is not perfect but if he gets people out to vote ABC I am fine with that,

    • If it is not Cruz, I’m voting third party. I refuse to give tacit approval to a broken two party system. If more patriots would rise up and do the same thing we would have a chance at taking this country back from the Csuckers in washington.

      • “If it is not Cruz, I’m voting third party. I refuse to give tacit approval to a broken two party system.”

        Just don’t vote. Please.

        I feel you pain. Seriously.

        Voting third party, however, will not get you candidate elected, and you will succeed in providing direct help to the enemy.

        Don’t stab other POTG in the back.

        Just please don’t vote at all…

        • That makes no sense. How would voting for a pro gun rights libertarian/independent be an issue. I’m so sick of both of these Effing parties and the people that follow them. At this point I’ll quote Steve Rinella “I’m a political eunich”. The Dem’s wanna take guns. The republicans want to take your land. There is no place in this election for someone who is Pro gun, pro public land, pro fiscal conservatism, pro legalization of marijuana and pro gay rights. The whole thing is a big giant circus where common sense has no place anymore and those of you who vote for a letter are sheep.

        • *Every* protest vote like that is effectively a free vote for the opposition.

          That’s how Bill Clinton was elected, all those ‘protest’ Perot votes.

        • 3 percent is all a minor party needs to have primary access in many states. According to Gallup 52.1 percent of people polled said there needs to be a third party. According to your logic a vote for someone other than an R is a wasted vote. How can you ever expect to break that stranglehold on a rigged system if you don’t vote your conscience? It takes courage to break from the herd but it just might inspire others as well to follow you. Keep being a lemming if you choose. No one will accuse you of original thought.

        • This statement is quite possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. If in fact he were to vote for a third-party candidate or not vote at all the net result would be the same for your candidate of choice. At least he would get the satisfaction of voting his mind. Which is more than can be said of the “I’ll vote for a candidate that I don’t believe in/know full well is going to screw me in the end” crowd because it’s not the democrat. That’s just plain retarded

        • “*Every* protest vote like that is effectively a free vote for the opposition.”

          Actually no, it’s not. You nor the GOP ‘own’ MY vote anymore than Bernie owns my dollars. And me keeping mine doesn’t mean you have less, because it was never yours. You have to earn them, and you haven’t.

          Nominate a candidate who doesn’t support an AWB next time.

      • “I’m voting third party. I refuse to give tacit approval to a broken two party system. If more patriots would rise up and do the same thing . . .”

        You must be resigned to an America with institutionalized progressivism accompanied a kind of state authoritarianism this country has never before experienced. And, once it in place, you can forget about it ever going away. That’s what voting your principles can lead to. That’s what got Obama elected and it will go a long way toward getting Hillary elected. But, gosh, you sure will have made your point . . .

        • I will have voted my concience, and I always prefer to stand on the moral high ground.

        • The Republicans have been an authoritarian progressive party since they put the tyrant Lincoln in the White House. The sad thing is that the Democrats adopted their progressiveism from the Republicans. Jefferson and Jackson beat Lincoln and Grant every day of the week.

        • @ Bob….I will have voted my concience

          No you voted with your FEELINGS just like all the stupid Dems.
          Grow up…the world isn’t perfect.

          You’re making it undeniably worse by enabling a Democrat to get in and making things worse then it would be if you held your nose and voted for a repub that you don’t care for.

          The only candidate that you will agree with on all topics is if you run for president yourself.

      • Either way you look at it or from any angle this does not look good.
        The tribes do not need Americans coming over to assist in culling herds of anything. Their own poachers do just fine and elephants are a particularly sensitive subject.
        The shot of a severed tail says what ” I am finally the mighty hunter man!”
        I don’t think so.

        • I don’t hunt myself, but I have some questions. How much do poachers pay for the privilege of hunting elephants? Tribes may not need American’s help to cull the herds, but they sure do need American’s money to pay for conservation.
          Let’s say no rich hunter is allowed to come to Africa and shoot elephants, rhinos and lions. Peace and paradise, right? How long will locals suffer these animals which are only nuisance or even danger to them once they can’t sell them to hunters? Who will care if poachers kill them all? Or if all the wildlife parks land is used for something profitable? The main barrier between big game and extinction is not state sponsored protection but money from hunters.

      • May as well seeing as Trump has already said he’ll attack Cruz with a maple syrup flavored birther campaign because it’s not about what is good for the country or even the party all that matters to Trump and Hillary is a Trump or Hillary win.

    • Exactly what JWM said. I’m voting as far away from Hrod or the Bern as possible. I almost want to vote multiple times – there’s no voter ID in CA – but with my luck I’d be one of the few Independents / Republicans actually doing that.

    • This.
      Trump is not the ideal choice but winning against the two front running democrats is mandatory. Part of Trumps odd attraction seems to be his ability to look unstoppable in the face of a media onslaught. I’m not yet convinced that he is, but how he deals with the GOP will proof that on its own.

      Altho we don’t get a general election vote in the US Virgin Islands (with the big centennial anniversary of American ownership happening next year… Awkward), we do get delegates for the GOP primary. From what I heard most were uncommitted but caught between Ted, Rubio and Carson.

    • I’m no fan of The Donald, but I’ll take him over Hillary or Bernie. I would rather my gun rights be negotiable than a target for elimination. With so many USSC seats up for grabs, we can’t afford a Democrat. I would much rather have Cruz or Rubio, but I’ll take Trump if he is the nominee.

    • Not me. I have more faith that the “Great Negotiator” could get gun control through Congress than Hillary. It’s Libertarian Party this year, and probably every year from now on if the GOP keeps nominating AWB supporters, like they have with Trump and Romney.

    • “She would never come for our guns.”

      TTAG management, call Massachusetts 911 immediately!

      Tell ’em Ralph is having a stroke and likely has irreversible dain bramage at this point…

      Don’t sweat it, Ralph, TTAG will have a blowout wake for ya.

      Too bad you won’t be able to enjoy it… 🙂

      • No. Ralph was just being precise. Hillary won’t come for our guns. She will send somebody to collect our guns.

  1. Shooting an elephant is no more a sign of second Ammendment respect than burning a flag shows support for the government. Just another rich white guy with a defective moral GPS.

    • Trophy hunting does seem like an extravagance of the wealty. I try to keep my hunting on food procurement.
      Yet, what goes unsaid often is just how utterly destructive elephants are. Many subsistence farmers and their families suffer as a result.

      • I agree that there are many farming communities for which elephant herds prove destructive. There are regions in Africa with what some would say are too few elephants, and regions with unsustainable large herds.

        On the food, front, however, little is wasted. When you hunt an elephant in sub-Saharan Africa the local community butchers and consumes the elephant.

        Eric hunts deer, as well….

    • Dude. Even in today’s dystopian age, just happening to have a father who is simultaneously white and wealthy, does not automatically make you immoral……

      The guy’s just a hunter. No different from many of us. As long as he makes reasonable effort to kill humanely, and not go beyond acceptable quotas, he’s just another schlub who paid for a tag and went for a hunt.

      Given that his dad seems to be a world class scatterbrain, and certainly someone addicted to being popular and liked, I’d go so far as to say him having a son involved in a “controversial” activity involving guns, is a very good thing. Much better than reading Donald Jr. is a PETA member, that’s for sure.

  2. Like father, like son. Always chasing tail.

    Doubt son even remembers killing the beast. Just trying to impress dad. Sad. Dad not impressed.

  3. I say we keep up the infighting, and when our favorite candidate doesn’t win, we take our ball and go home. That way we’ll be Ready for Hillary!!!!!

  4. Given my plebeian status I’m sure this is something I’m not rich enough to understand, but…

    If my father had more money than god, I would not go to Africa and shoot animals with a plastic rifle. I’d insist on something in wood, made by Victorian era Brits with several names, and firing a caliber that can normally only be found in museums.

  5. Another thing that should sink him, but won’t. They’ll keep scratching their heads, wondering why all the old tricks aren’t working. They’ve figured out the first part; the people want someone outside of the establishment. They can’t see the second; THEY ARE THE ESTABLISHMENT. The backlash is against their self anointment as our moral betters. Even this gay, socialist european gets it;

    • The old tricks are working cause Trump is telling the truth. Think about someone’s response to the truth. They just sit there and say uuummmm ok.

      • The ‘old trick’ is telling people what they want to hear.

        Face it, when it comes to perceived sincerity, if you can fake that, you’ve got it made…

  6. At least his hands are big enough to hold a dumbo tail. Will confess I’ll vote for Hillary cause Trump just makes too much sense. This country has a King so a little interracial Queen action would do this country good. Can you fault a scorn woman who wants to sit 30 feet away from where a woman, far better looking than her, gobbled her mans goo, wanting access to the nuclear football. Furthermore her screeching matches well with BLM folks and the gimme free stuff crowd. I want her to confiscate every rifle, handgun and slingshot so law abiders get their heads bashed in by criminals. God bless the unions funneling dues to democrats cause that’s the way they roll and have to keep murdering those unborn and planned abortion and can get money to Hillary.

    Keep American great….thanks.

  7. The average American has been so brainwashed by the Anti-Hunting News Media that while they are eating their McDonald’s hamburgers they are posting on Social Media their condemnation of all hunting. It never occurs to them that without hunting they would be shelling out more money in taxes to pay Government hunters to thin out wild game populations. They are actually hypocrites if they enjoy eating meat as what chance does an animal in a slaughter house have to escape. None of course but the thought I am sure never crosses their minds.

    In Africa every time one of its countries have banned hunting it was so corrupt Government officials (who were being paid off by poachers) could reap obscene illegal profits from the illegal Ivory and even bush meat trade.

    All this is kept from the public either on purpose or through total ignorance by the U.S. News Media who portray all Hunters as kill crazed lunatics who are toothless red neck hillbillies that guzzle down bottles of beer while blasting away with the latest assault rifles. And a gullible public believes every word of it.

  8. On the level: has anyone ever ate elephant and what does it taste like?

    Yeah, like chicken I know so let’s get that out of the way 🙂

  9. Well I hope Jr. CAN keep pops 2A stance where it should be. But I ain’t betting on it. What was Jr?-2 wives ago? I want Ted to win but I would vote for the orange one . Anything but a clinton…are they going to ask the hildebeast how big “her” junk is?

    • Perhaps Marco has observed that Hill’s hands are quite large in proportion to her body (ex her rear end)?

  10. Hey kids, wasn’t Mittens cute with his speech against Trump? Oooh, a brokered RNC convention sooo Mittens will be coronated, sooo he can give the election to Hitlery! Neato!
    I am not wild about Trump, but what the RNC has planned for us is pure crap.

    • Did you get annoyed 4 years ago when the NRA force fed Mitt as the savior of the 2nd TOM? I know I did when he may have been a worse RINO than the donald…

      • Indiana was going for Mittens, so I voted for Gary Johnson the Libertarian Candidate. Mittens is as bad as Obonzo and Hitlery, and in some ways, he is even worse.

    • Mitt Romney is only trying to save us from a fascist idiot who hated Reagan and has ties to Putin. #nevertrump!

      • Yeah I’m sure Mittens is a regular Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, and has the worth of your vote first on his list of concerns.

      • What on earth makes you think Trump is a fascist. A populist? Sure. Fine. A fascist believes in the broad integration of manufacturing corporations and the government. That isn’t Trump’s thing.

        Mitt through his reputation into the gutter yesterday. The man who lauded Trump four years ago publically….now trashes him with slanders? He says Trump is not a successful businessman, citing four minor businesses that didn’t constitute 3% of his active investments? Mitt devoted his own career to bankrupting small and medium-sized businesses. A few survived.

        Mitt isn’t upset about Trump’s businesses. He is envious, and he is upset that Trump has promised to try and tax Hedge Fund Carried Interest as ordinary income. I’m with Trump on that. Mitt has proved to be a money-grubbing disloyal and bitter sell-out.

        • Mittens was quite the Progressive in Taxachusetts.
          Mittens is a liberal dressed in conservative clothing.

        • Yeah, Trump’s not money grubbing, nor a sellout. He pays tithe every year just like Romney also, and never got a kick out of firing anyone. He’s certainly never been bought & paid for, despite operating his whole life in an absolute den of corruption & organized crime, which he’s admitted to engaging with bribery. Nope, not a sellout, despite toeing the liberal line with his support & money while scamming rubes in NYC, and toeing the cartoonishly-hawkish conservative line now that he seeks the presidency (well, scratch the hawkish conservative part; he’s already backpeddled/contradicted himself on every policy he ‘saw the light’ on)

          Meanwhile, one of the guys responsible for organizing support for the Heller case that got guns back in Chicago, DC, and eventually NYC, who has an entire career of evidence supporting the constitutional restraint of government is overlooked. Simply because he isn’t a blowhard asshole that weak men wish they could emulate.

          Vote for a man, not a meme.

        • To be honest, barnbwt, Trump has never pretended that he wasn’t frequently dealing with very unsavory characters. John Cody comes to mind. Was Trump ever bought and sold. Not to my knowledge.

          Each election, primary or general, we get a chance to vote for the candidate most aligned with our own action goals. In closed primaries for me, that means “which Republican?” For me it’s Trump. I have a much closer knowledge of his actual business behavior. Rubio and Cruz don’t really have any business behavior to know. Cruz is my second choice.

      • Ties to Putin? Oh Noes! You mean Trump wants a constructive relationship with the leader of the 2nd most powerful nation on Earth? Better we rattle some sabers and involve ourselves with crappy little nations on the other side of the world.

        • Buy a new globe; Russia ain’t anywhere close to second. They are an enemy, though, so ties to them should be considered. Especially given his many ties to other enemies, like NYC politicians, guys like Bloomberg & Soros, liberal causes, and democrat candidates in other states.

          “Oh, that’s the cost of doing business” So what happens when he is offered more money or power by forsaking the minority of activist gunowners? Or by international organized crime interests looking to expand the reach of global corporatist power? Or a majority of voters who desire free stuff (like a wall or jobs) regardless of the consequences?

          None of it matters since he says he’ll keep the mud races out, right?

        • By “constructive relationship”, do you mean ignoring all the internal human rights abuses, and splitting the worlds into spheres of influence – “you guys can go at everything on this here side of the line, and the other side is fair game for us”?

    • Im afraid its going to be clinton. I cant see dems having it for 3 terms, has that ever happened? But this b.s. about republicans taking down the front runner, im sayin trump, pretty much gives it to hillary..maybe its a conspiracy after all?

  11. Sad to say, but I really thought Cruz would do better in the Southern States on Super Tuesday. Dixie should have been duck soup for Cruz.

        • Thanks it is nice to converse with a real person who supports a white communist jewish man who said he voted the way he did on the second amendment because, in his words, rural vermont people [white folks] like guns.

        • Jlp, I think you should lose some weight before you’re allowed to talk about politics.

        • Thought so, neither of you liberal idiots can answer either either of my questions. Dodge, deflect and deny all you want. You’ve been educated on the internet, and lack complete comprehension of reality.

    • Two words: Bobby Kennedy

      Heated emotions & crazy people = a bad place for guns, same as a court room. It’s not like armed security isn’t present to account for the temporary disarmament, either.

      • I’m pro-choice (which is completely irrelevant, since I’m not defending elephant fetuses here). I do own weapons, but I don’t use them to shoot elephants, or people, unless they attack me first.

        Now, if an elephant charges you, I don’t see a problem with you shooting it in self-defense. But if you go trophy hunting elephants, you’re either clueless, or scum.

        • If you can understand the social, financial and ecological benefits of trophy hunting, you are either clueless or scum.

        • I understand them just fine. Would you suggest that we open up trophy hunting on humans in Africa, also? I mean, think about the revenue! And it could all be directed towards conservation efforts – I mean, welfare programs. Surely saving so many people from poverty is well worth a few human heads mounted on someone’s wall as trophies?

        • You pulled out human trophy hunting as some bizarre, sick tangent. I’m talking about money from hunting tags being used to preserve elephants, rhino, etc. The meat and other products goes to locals. The guides and assistants are paid by wealthy hunters. The “alternatives” to trophy hunting generally include poaching. Non-hunting safaris are certainly a tourist attraction, but trophy hunters can pay $10,000 – $25,000 fees for exotic tags. That’s a whole lot of conservation. See: South Africa.

          If you don’t like trophy hunting you’re free not to do it. I just don’t see the point of bashing it like some mindless anti-gunner. Perhaps you’d rather have exotic game shot by poachers or paid government employees.

        • I don’t have a problem with trophy hunting. I have a problem with trophy hunting sentient animals (or, at least, the ones likely to be sentient). Surely you can understand the difference?

        • I understand your feelings but elephant control can become very complex. In well managed game reserves the elephants do know that they are safe within the boundaries of the park but leave at night to raid native farm land when they become to numerous for the Park so culling is sometimes necessary. On the other hand some parks are very large and there is not enough money to hire large amounts of game rangers and then the poachers move in and attempt to slaughter the entire herd.

          Elephants today are being squeezed into smaller and smaller areas even where they are somewhat protected due to the human population explosion in Africa. In the old days intertribal warfare and disease kept human populations under control but in modern times with modern medical care even people living in remote areas are getting access to drugs that do indeed save thousands of human lives which results in an explosion of the population never seen before in ancient times and when it comes to living space the government game control people since the early 1900’s are often sent in to wipe out any problem herds of animals to the last animal, this is what wiped out the majority of wild game in Africa, not legal hunting and even not poaching but the mass slaughter of herds just to make room for more human habitation. Now with 99 per cent of Africa’s wild game killed off the poachers are eliminating what few animals are left in Africa.

          Legal hunting actually saves herds of wild game as when wild game has a value and Safari outfits are given blocks of land to manage they are the last group of people that want to see a decline in wild herds of animals. But alas corrupt African Governments are only too eager to eliminate sport hunting and the revenue it brings in for wild game management because corrupt Governments make way more money by being paid off by poachers in the ivory trade who pay large sums of money to the Corrupt Government officials can look the other way.

        • I guess I could accept trophy hunting as a “lesser evil” even in this case. But I can’t stop despising people who are actually doing it, solely because they have an urge to kill a creature like that and boast of it later.

        • Would you suggest that we open up trophy hunting on humans in Africa, also? I mean, think about the revenue! And it could all be directed towards conservation efforts – I mean, welfare programs.
          That has some real possibilities for sentencing criminals to become Big Game, but the Gladiatorial Games show much more promise.

        • With secular leftists, animals are on par with humans so that’s why they would believe that trophy hunting is equivalent to murder of humans.

          You just have to understand that for many on the Left, their moral compass is broken.

        • I’ve known quite a few animals who were not just on par, but clearly better than many humans out there.

          My point, however, was not about animals in general, but about a specific category of animals who are self-conscious and sentient enough to understand, fear and respect death, and create rituals around it (burial, mourning at burial sites etc). Killing such animals is murder, plain and simple.

    • Elephants also ‘grok’ revenge enough to destroy villages (and villagers) that killed their own for tearing up the fields. I’ll bet you think hippos shouldn’t be hunted either, despite killing and maiming so many. Or hogs, more intelligent than dogs. These animals are dangerous and destructive as would be grizzlies in Manhattan; they WILL be hunted out of habitated areas, the only question is whether money can be made off them in the process.

      As far as human hunting, it would be an absurdist reduction except for the fact our nation pays aid to African nations specifically to secure access for our special forces to track down and kill various warlords, Idi Amins, Boko Harams, and ISIS. As with elephants, it is completely justified and in the interests of everyone.

  12. I think its high time that the Trump haters actually stop their navel gazing and actually look at the harsh truth.

    Gun rights will mean precisely fvck all if America continues down the open borders – free trade road.

    • That and it’s absolutely beautiful to see a full scale rebellion against the media, and watch the establishment get a candidate rammed down their throats for once.

      • The media hates Cruz just as much as Trump and the Repub establishment hates Cruz even more.

        If you want to pizz off the establishment the most, vote cruz.

    • Should Muslims be allowed to own guns?

      What do you think?

      If someone asked Trump (I’m surprised no-one did already), what do you think he would say?

      • To answer your question, yes if they are lawabiding citizens of america. Since you asked the Muslim question let me ask you do you think muslims citizens of isreal should be able to own guns?
        Currently it is against the law for them to own guns.

      • Sure they can own whatever guns they want, within the borders of their native country.

        Arguing if invaders should be armed in your own country is suicidal nonsense.

        • Can you give a simple yes or no answer to the following question:

          Should citizens of the USA who are Muslims be prohibited from possessing and/or carrying firearms?

    • Harsh truth, you say?
      -The wall won’t be built, and Mexico won’t pay for it
      -Even if built wouldn’t keep anyone out
      -Will take longer than his term(s) to build, so won’t work as stated
      -The illegals won’t be deported
      -Sanctions won’t be laid on Mexico/etc for immigration
      -Trump will fold on us gunowners after every shooting
      -Trump will appoint justices he knows from NYC courts to SCOTUS
      -Trump will enrich himself with the office
      -Trump will cut short-sighted deals with democrats & foriegn interests
      -Trump has contradicted himself on every issue he’s previously held the liberal line on

      Harshest of all, none of this matters at all to Trump supporters, because he says he’ll keep the Mexicans away as well as the mean old establishment he’d have to work with to do so. So they ignore the one candidate left with consistent conservative/constitutionalist principles, for the flim-flam of a living meme.

  13. A lot of moronic blather that is neither the truth, nor about guns.

    Seems to be more and more of this as time and the buck passes.

  14. I wonder how many People Of The Gun are also progressives and are finding the inherent incompatibility difficult to handle? Of course, I’m not pointing fingers . . .

    • None. There are plenty of liberal and progressive gun owners, but they don’t define themselves primarily, or even to any significant extent, through their guns; and so don’t use labels like POTG for themselves.

      • Ah!

        Curious, I know politically you consider yourself to the left, and you certainly are a firearm enthusiast, do you consider yourself a POTG?

        • No, definitely not. I do enjoy it as a hobby, and I do believe in RKBA as a fundamentally good thing as a matter of ideology; but it’s not what my life revolves around, and it’s not my single issue.

          To me, POTG implies someone who is a single-issue voter, politically speaking. I can’t imagine a liberal who is single-issue on guns (i.e. if forced to make a choice, would always choose pro-gun regardless of what other issue is at stake).

        • There are plenty on the left who are single-issue on guns, and it’s ‘nyet!’.

          Neither party wants me, my candidate has to be fine with me keeping my recreation in my gun safe…

        • >> There are plenty on the left who are single-issue on guns, and it’s ‘nyet!’.

          If you mean Everytown and the like, for all their talk, if you actually look at the voting patterns, it’s clear that gun control is not the primary issue for liberals. Yes, a lot of people would like it, but they care about other issues more, so when ranking candidates, gun control is pretty low on the list, and usually the decision is made long before they get to it.

          It’s exactly why the relatively small, but firm single-issue pro-gun block on the right exerts such influence – piss it off, and it’ll vote you out just because of that; but pander to it, and others to be bothered enough with that to vote you out just because of that. In any place where margins are slim, it’s something that every politician has to consider.

  15. Jr looks like a Fudd.

    The Second Amendment has nothing to do with using bolt-action rifles to hunt big game in far-away continents.

  16. I see nothing wrong with culling the herd. It is a completely moral act. The white liberals are ignorant of basic wildlife conservation.
    As far as Africa goes it is illegal for the African people to own modern firearms. They must rely on outsiders to control their animal population.
    A herd of elephants is just as destructive walking through a wheat or corn field as a herd of deer or wild hogs is in the USA.

    The hunting business provides thousands of good high paying jobs for the people of Africa. Just as it does in the United States. I believe white liberals are racist who are working to deny Africans the ability to control their animal population and make a living doing so.

    I read a few years ago, in the country of India 17 people a year are killed by tigers or other big cats. When was the last time in America 17 people where killed by bears and mountain lions in one year?

  17. When was the last time in America 17 people where killed by bears and mountain lions in one year?
    We have other predatory animals.

    • Over 150 years ago Americans were killed daily by apex predators until Sam Colt made us equal with god.

  18. Agreed. The only thing DT cares about is DT. If he gets elected it will end in resignation or impeachment.

    • Or heart-attack or assassination (hate to say it, but the man stokes the fires of emotion for so many, that there will be crazy people who go after him and the incompetent USSS, and they only need to succeed once, and then Trump can do for gun rights what Kennedy did…for the next fifty plus years…)

      • No expectations here. Nor do I think it’s safe to believe that he’s anything but out for himself. I think the really concerning thing is nobody knows what he would really do because he will say what is convenient at all times. I know that’s not unique to him as a politician, or even as a candidate, but if he holds conviction behind half of what he says I would be surprised– and fairly concerned from a foreign relations standpoint.

  19. Anyone else see the metaphor in this photo? Son kills mascot, Dad kills the party? The next President will be Hillary unless she is indicted. Take it to the bank. I am rooting for the FBI.

    I voted for Cruz in the primary. I will vote for Trump in November. Last go round I voted for Gary Johnson and swore that I would never vote my conscience again.

    Elephant hunting isn’t for me, but to each his own. I am a hunter, and I “trophy hunt” turkeys so I suppose I am a hypocrite too. Oh well.

  20. This is the first time in History that both the Republicans and the Democrats will both be running a Liberal for President and putting aside just for a moment the gun issue Trump is actually more Liberal than the Wall Street Lawyer Hillary. One of Histories great ironies. The Liberals win either way in this election.

    • Actually, wealth people win, either way.

      Either a billionaire wins, or the ruthless politician owned by billionaires wins.

      Unless you are very, very rich and well contected you lose, just like everyone else.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it, again. George Carlin coined it best,”… there’s only one party and you ain’t in it.”

  21. Let’s see… Donald trump Jr. shooting an ancient elderly diseased elephant moments from dying anyways for ridiculous sums of money provided to the locals for conservation… Let me check my give-a-sh!t meter. Yep, topped out at zero.

  22. That Trump’s son engages in (a very expensive form of) hunting means nothing about his attitudes toward the Second Amendment. The right of the wealthy, politically connected elite to keep and bear arms has never seriously been in question in any human society.

    • Abso-freakin-lutely! Thanks for the excellent quick sum up. The privileged class have always had guns. It’s when the not-so-privileged classes don’t have guns, that bad things tend to happen. A Big Bwana photo-op does not a 2nd A supporter make.

  23. There are many aspects. Yes, he son’s hunting habit does not necessarily translate into the father’s policy prescriptions. In addition it must be noted that many hunters are willing to disregard others’ rights. The duck hunter may not, for example, give a damn about the AR15 shooter. The quail hunter may not care less about the Glock owner’s concealed carry.

    Real questions about Trump’s 2A position are unasked and unanswered.

        • You should take a good hard look into your side of the political spectrum there blanco…

        • I’m quite familiar with it, thank you. But the thing about us liberals, we also want to know more about other people around us, and not necessarily those that we like or are friendly with. Hence my curiosity.

        • Int19h, complete bullshit, and you know it, that is, if you’re a real liberal.

        • I’m a real liberal, and yet I’m asking you, am I not?

          Now, will you keep dancing around the question, or will you answer it?

        • I asked the question first, libturd, now answer. You can dodge, deflect, and deny all you want. Typical democrat strategy.

        • Yeah that’s what I thought. Typical white liberal who can’t even back up what they say. You can’t maintain an argument against an educated conservative, none the less a minorily one. Have fun sucking your own d**k in your moms basement for eternity. You liberals get REAL upset when non whites get educated I’ve noticed.

        • I present to you, gentlemen, a fine specimen of an educated “conservative” (i.e. a Trump voter).

          Why the quotes? Well, genuine conservatives generally have a better grasp of English – because it takes a lot more reading to grok the ideology and argue for it coherently.

          Whereas here, as you can easily see for yourself, the fundamental, core message is “suck your own dick”. And so the intellectual capacity and the educational level necessary to espouse that is correspondingly low.

        • Yet still can’t answer my questions under any circumstances. Perhaps if you lost some weight you could respond better…

        • The only thing that was phrased as a question in your incoherent brain dump was “You’ve got a problem with that?”, which is normally an idiomatic expression used by lowlifes to initiate physical assault. In case it was actually a genuine question, the answer is “yes” – but don’t take it too hard, and don’t let it stop you in answering the question that I have asked at the very beginning.

        • Finally we’re getting somewhere. Did I strike a nerve there, thunder thighs? Now, why do you have a problem with state imposed authoritarianism?

        • I didn’t say I have a problem with state-imposed authoritarianism. I said that I have a problem with self-proclaimed Trump supporters wanting to “grind my enemies underfoot” – since I’m definitely their enemy, the reason should be obvious. Of course, molon labe etc; but I’d rather stop them before that.

        • So you don’t have a problem with state imposed authoritarianism, so long as it fits your personal opinion. So your fine using it against those you disagree with, but against yourself you’d undoubtedly resist. You then state “molon labe”, as if you’d actually do something in the face of your opposition disarming you, but let’s face it, your 100% fine with disarming others, whilst you’d likley disarm of given the order by a liberal superior, no?

        • >> So you don’t have a problem with state imposed authoritarianism, so long as it fits your personal opinion.

          No, I didn’t say that, either. I didn’t say anything on that matter at all. So, why do you insist on an off-topic discussion?

          (And you still haven’t answered the question. Second strike.)

          BTW, why the obsession with “state imposed” authoritarianism? Is it better when it’s imposed by private individuals? You know, “no dogs, Negroes and Mexicans” signs, like in the good old times?

        • My, my, if words were fist. But there not. Ghet out thar n vote ya’all. Vote for Trump r Hillory Sanders, rubio, cruz, or mickey fckn mouse. Nuthins goin change.

  24. The elite like to be elite, if everyone had guns and everyone could hunt elephants then what’s elite about either?

    Donald “Chapter 11” Trump is very proud of his NYC concealed permit, if the unwashed masses could all get one it wouldn’t be worth mentioning and wouldn’t emphasize his connections to the his elite NYC friends Hilary, Bloomberg, the people Bloomberg still owns, that one other guy.

  25. Theyre all in it together, clinton, sanders,rubio, cruz, trump. Democrat, Republican, its all the same. Elections is a morral check, turnouts up morral is good, the fools have hope. Turnouts down, we may be loosing control of the populace. The bill of rights has no teeth in it anymore. “WE” have let “them” chip it away little by little. We are dictated to every day, the price of food, fuel, housing, medicare and schools. Every aspect of our lives is dictated to us by this government. And we demand nothing from it, we take what it sees fit to give. We go to work, pay our taxes, support that government with those taxes, and yet we ask nothing from it. Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can for your country. Well we have did and did and did some more, we have fought your wars, we have sacrificied our young, we supported you. You lie cheat and steal from us, you compare what we have against third world countrys we are spied upon and distrussded.You build our false hopes with elections. Racism is kept alive by you, a tool to keep all of us segregated against each other and not you. The blacks, browns ,whites, yellows are going to vote for this party that party. There is no party, the party is over, its control of the masses, power mad maniacs, feeding off the power of control.. we cheer a win for cocealed carry, a win for the new stop sighn on the corner. Gobbling their carrot, as they rape MY country. Nothing changed, more wars, hunger, homeless, more subjegating laws. “4 years from now I will vote him out” Breath deeply of the false hope. Goodbye good people

  26. If Trump wins the nomination I’m voting for Gary Johnson. I’m not voting for a fascist to save me from a Marxist.

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