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“Nothing sells better than fear, and more people are buying guns. Unfortunately, this means more people will die. But there may be another reason for the spike in federal background checks. Thanks to Obama’s executive orders, more private gun dealers are complying with the new background check policy, and that’s a good thing.” – John Rosenthal, co-founder and president of Stop Handgun Violence in Nothing sells better than fear: More mass shootings leads to boost in gun sales [via]


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  1. I’m not sure what a “private” gun dealer is.
    I know “gun dealer” and “private seller”, but I don’t know “private gun dealer”.

    Wait! Does he get yelled at by sergeant gun dealer?

      • One of the most poignant things I’ve ever read was on the stark contrasts between the Jewish and Muslim cultures. Specifically that Muslims are very easy to like individually but difficult to respect as a group, while Jews are often very difficult to like individually but almost impossible not to respect as a group.

        • My wife finds it hard to like the individual Muslim immigrant boys that have no respect for female authority figures and their Muslim dads who defend that behavior.

        • ” but almost impossible not to respect as a group.

          yeah, because all of dem Jooz and their Talmuds have been running the world like puppets for millennia!

          /sarcasm off for the short bus crowd.

        • Sounds reasonible to me. I have wondered why they always seemed to vote for the ones that tend to opress them the most, but then so do blacks and hispanics.

      • Really? You think it has more to do with his DNA than his environment? You think a Russian Jew is the same as an Israeli Jew is the same as a N.Y. Jew is the same as a Hollywood Jew? You think Woody Allen has a lot in common with Benjamin Netanyahoo? If you’re trolling Robert Fargo, then at least maybe you have some situational awareness and aren’t totally retarded and just get off being an asshole online. But if you’re not trolling and just spitting out ridiculous shit, I pity you.

        • Of course I’m talking about American Jews and their environment. If I was talking about DNA then that would make me a racist and that’s not who I am.
          Fact is, there are disproportionate number of Jewish people in America promoting Liberal garbage.
          Michael Medved has addressed this very issue on his show. The anomaly exists whether you acknowledge it or not. One source reinforcing my opinion is this very site. Farrago could run this edition for years and not run out of Jewish sources for anti gun quotes.

        • Of course you were talking about American Jews, that was sooo obvious. Anyone could run this sight for years without running out of anti-gun quotes from any group of people, especially Americans, except for maybe far right republicans, and even then all you would have to do is dig into history a little bit. And the handful of billionaires that own the mainstream media in America are hardly true liberals, they allow some faux liberal type shit on their networks, because it sells to the American public at large, but they aren’t true liberals. Think Rupert Murdoch is a liberal? Don’t like the liberal programming? Change the channel or have a word with the people watching and buying ad time, because the people at the top will vote for whoever fattens their checkbook the most, which means Hillary, although they would never vote Sanders, cause they aren’t true democrats or liberals, they’re just greedy and rich, Jew or otherwise.

  2. So according to his logic, fear sells guns and that means more people will die, but that’s OK because at least people are complying with an unconstitutional infringement and keeping background check bureaucrats busy? Well.

    So how about we shear the fear and increase the peace by removing all unconstitutional infringements upon firearms freedom? If there’s no anxiety over restrictions, then there’s no urgency to ownership. According to his logic, that would save lives.

    Who would’ve thought we’d find common ground?

  3. Another piece of garbage from the NYDN and this Rosenthal liar. His first statement, referencing the ‘unregulated gun industry’ is complete BS as everyone on this site knows. Followed by the myths of increasing gun violence and the proliferation of ‘private gun dealers,’ both of which are anti-2A fabrications, at best. This opinion piece, and the fact that a so-called news-journal would waste ink and publish it is yet another clear illustration of what we are up against. The anti-2A crowd is happy to ignore facts when making their assertions. And they say the NRA engages if fear tactics…give me a break.

    • For years, Rosenthal’s “work” consisted of huge anti-gun mesages plastered on the biggest billboard in Massachusetts, by Fenway Park, visible to millions of motorists traveling the Mass Pike every day. And when he says that fear sells, you can take it as gospel — he’s the biggest salesman of fear in the state.

  4. Thanks for the update. Obama is soooo wonderful, his policies make innocent Americans safe. Praise be to Obama, all hail our kind and generous King who has our best interests in mind and we should all worship and praise him. Oh that background check, best thing ever. Stops criminals in their tracks and turns them into law abiding citizen. Obama’s blessings on this great nation cannot be infringed.

  5. “Nothing sells better than fear, and more people are buying guns. Unfortunately, this means more people will die.”

    You can tell he knows what he’s talking about because he leads off his argument with a statement that can be decisively proven to be wrong with 30 seconds of research.

    • You’re not supposed to use Google, you’re supposed to take his word on that. Besides, don’t mock a man for his faith.

  6. “Nothing sells better than fear” So he goes on to tell more lies to sell better fear.

    “We’ve finally reached a critical mass of gun violence, such that we have almost every day is another mass shooting”.

    How can you tell an anti-freedom zealot Is lying? His lips are moving.

  7. Nothing short of Slander.

    For something carrying such a high federal criminal penalty, and the overall bad-mouthing of the firearms sales industry in general, I’d say that’s actionable.

  8. “Nothing sells better than fear.” Why do they keep acting like reacting to danger is a bad thing? You can hear the condescension in his text when he says that.

  9. Fear is actually a great motivator – one of the strongest, in fact.

    As evident by these dying “news” outlets going full tilt on gun rights.

    They are drowned, so they grasp at anything that could keep them alive.

  10. “Thanks to Obama’s executive orders, more private gun dealers are complying with the new background check policy, and that’s a good thing.” – John Rosenthal

    Allow me to correct that statement for Mr. Rosenthal:

    Thanks to Obama’s executive orders, more private gun dealers are complying with the new background check policy, and that feels good.

    • Actually, Mr. Rosenthal provides the correct explanation for the increase in background checks in his first sentence: “…and more people are buying guns.”

      Let me attempt to translate his statement here. “Background checks are increasing because more people are buying guns, but we can’t SAY that and admit that we are losing, so we will just say that the increase is due to Mr. O having given a speech.”

  11. So background checks have been at record and near record level, long before President Zero’s executive order, but now that he issued them and the prior trend of record levels of background checks continues unabated, it’s Zero’s actions that caused it?

    Man, Zero has some wicked magical voodoo if he can issue executive orders in January 2016 and retroactively cause background checks to hit record levels in November 2015, especially on Black (microagression) Friday.

    Desperation, thy name is John Rosenthal.

  12. “Nothing sells better than fear” is precise description of prohibitionist’s media strategy.


    I’d give him credit for inventing “private gun dealer”, which should sound as “private drug lab owner” to a properly conditioned reader.

    • ^^ This. The media’s ignorance and fear mongering has made Americans more afraid of dying in a mass shooting or terrorist attack than a wide range of more statistical likelihoods, such as falling in the shower, being hit by lightning, and drowning (among many others). But that is what gets them their ratings.

  13. This makes no sense.
    Private sales are still private sales unless the state passed a law like California.
    New gun sales have always required a background check. So his entire argument is invalid.
    Sales over the internet also have always required a background check, again argument is invalid.
    His entire existence seems to be invalid.

    • In 1968 the politicians knew that they could never justify regulating intrastate private sales under the commerce clause of the Constitution which grants the federal government the authority to regulate interstate commerce. If they want to change that they have to do it state by state. Leftists hate not being able to impose their will on others.

  14. He really doesn’t understand the market. It’s not fear that’s selling guns, it’s Democrats with microphones that are selling guns.

  15. more private gun dealers are complying with the new background check policy

    What new policy? There is no new policy. Obama p*ssed on your head and told you it was raining, and two months later you’re still tilting your head back to catch the drops on your tongue.

  16. I think it is encouraging that record numbers of Americans are so fearful of being permanently denied their right to keep and bear Arms that gun sales during the Obama Administration have risen to unprecedented numbers. It goes to show that Americans recognize the value of the Second Amendment as a key to retaining our other “unalienable rights” and to protecting ourselves and our loved ones from criminal predators, as well. It is not “fear” as Rosenthal and his like define it…a base animal instinct. It is fear born of the recognition that if our rights are surrendered, or, more likely, taken against our will by an ever more intrusive and controlling Government, then our time as the freest most independent and innovative people the world has ever seen is over and tyranny, such as Rosenthal supports, has won.

    If we were the base animals Rosenthal and his like think we are, then he and many others would have been hunted down and exterminated long ago. Rosenthal should be grateful the many of us who own firearms are civilized, thinking people who value and understand that the embrace of Liberty makes it imperative to our minds that we tolerate his lunatic, tyrannical drivel. There is a huge gulf between those who truly understand Liberty and those who do not.

  17. Rosenthal is a gun banner masquerading as a Fudd. He goes on about only owning long guns and started a faux gun owners who want gun control group. he’s full of excrement.

    • I think it depends on how many firearms you sell. E 1 if you just sell a few, once you advance E 3 and on and on, until you get to be a general firearms dealer

  18. There’s irony on that page with the advertisements…

    Just after he pretends we’re making up the reason to fear Democrats is THIS linked story:
    “New York Lawmaker wants to bring lawsuit against Walmart for selling ammo used to kill 3 people.”

    Oh yes, we shouldn’t fear Leftist lawmakers and candidates…

  19. “Nothing sells better than fear.”

    I’m certain that irony of an anti-gunner making that statement is lost on Mr. Rosenthal.

  20. Then there’s this idiot’ s assertion that “more” people will die.
    If he could wave his magic wand and make all guns cease to exist, the fact remains: All people will die.

  21. I hate to break it to you guys but haven’t background checks been around For many years now what is all this bull crap about Obama making background checks? He didn’t design the next program This guy thinks that he’s God’s gift of gun control I swear to God! The crap these guys are out of their mouth Diarrhea of the mouth!

  22. Should be careful of racist remarks on a professional forum guys.
    Based in fact or not it still sounds like a beat up the other guy to make yourself look better debate.
    I neither love nor hate the above mentioned beyond their actions.
    .02 worth done.

    • You must be very new here. How else could you possibly have gotten the impression that this was a “professional” place?

  23. Fear sells EVERYTHING. I’ve sold insurance, home security alarms,medical alarms(I’ve fallen!) and lots other stuff(including guns). Fear of loss,gubmint, dying on the floor, losing a “great” deal and fear of bad guys. Fear makes the world go ’round…deal with it dead tree loser.

  24. IF ‘Private Gun Dealers’ existed (big if I know) how do they make money? Buying guns at retail to…..resell at retail? Is there someplace ‘private’ dealers can acquire guns at wholesale? Are they buying from other ‘private dealers’ (gun show loophole!) and then reselling for a mark-up? Genuinely curious how this could even work without A) a tremendous amount of time invested for minimal gain or B) Theft. Any ideas? I don’t expect so since it’s an imaginary problem.

    • Given the ridiculous prices I see people asking on the local gun trading site and Armslist, I think that’s exactly the business model people are trying to use. I can’t count how many used guns I’ve seen posted for sale that are at or above the going retail price.

  25. just one more freedom that the Anti-American, treasonous and seditious Democratic Party along with the Rino brothers, who are perpetuating no freedom for the masses!


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