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“The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) does not have a record for the name Todd Christopher Kohlhepp in relation to a purchase of a firearm. That is to say, it does not appear his name was presented to NICS for a background check by a federal firearms licensee.” – FBI spokesman Don Wood in How did Todd Kohlhepp Acquire Guns? ‘Good question’ [via]


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    • Easy enough. Comply? Registratio? Database? Illegal records?
      Since when has the “government” ever actually paid attention/played-by-the-rules?

      The paper-trail is out there already, and the BATF has the power to view/collect these records at any time.

      I wonder why there is not a national effort to “fingerprint” weapons issued or used by law enforcement agencies?

      I would think that every issued or back-up weapon used by police/sheriff/federal or state agency should be “test-fired” on an annual basis (or whenever re-qualification is required); the bullets and a shell casing should be retained and a digital image of each should be entered into a national database. Every gun issued or used by every officer or deputy should be on-record and cataloged, so individual weapons used in any shooting could be identified.

      This would help identify whether “appropriate action” was employed, and help identify exactly who fired which shot.

  1. Do you mean to tell me that our benevolent government overlords were not 100% correct?? The NICS didn’t stop this violent man????? This has got to be a Trumpspiracy of some kind!!!! RECOUNT!!!! Hand me that molotov coctail! The only way to get democracy is by burning stuff!!! Wah Wah!! I am going to literally kill myself!! TAKE THAT HATEFUL AMERICA!!!!!

    obviously I am being sarcastic, but really, the funk are they teaching these stupid college kids?

    • I find that question fascinating. Kid (or parents) pays $20,000 for a semester and then celebrates not having to go to class, cancelling tests, etc? Tell ya what, come to my university, funnel me that money, and you won’t have to come to class ever, and there will be no exams at all. You’ll finish up 4 years with me $200,000+ richer and with you having learned nothing. Then you can bitch about not being able to get a job, not being able to pay back your loans. What is up with that?

    • So has anyone else noted that there are particular ethnic gropups that tend to riot in the streets—and taht they burn down their own neighborhoods?

      What kind of demented idiots burn down the place where they live?

      Detroit 1967
      Watts 1965
      Newark -NJ 1967
      Washington, DC, Chicago, and Baltimore 1868
      Brooklyn, New York 1991
      L.A. 1992
      Ferguson and St. Louis, -MO 2014
      Baltimore, -MD 2015
      …and the list goes on….

      To be fair, there were other riots that damaged properties where residents lived, see: for an accounting of other riots where residences were destroyed—and by whom.

    • We are all on a list somewhere, in a database somewhere.
      and soon, in Kalifornistan they will know what firearms you own, by the ammo you purchase.
      I am sure that will end up in a database somewhere…

      “Why would you need .308 ammo Mr. Gun Owner, the NICS system does not show you ever purchased a .308?
      Do you have an unregistered weapon? Are you purchasing this ammunition for someone else in violation of the law?”

      Baby Steps

    • I wonder how many people have *ever* believed that. Only good part is, those records cannot be used against you, because they are illegal.

    • Actually, you’re talking about 4473s, this is talking about the NICS system, and if it did not keep records, background checks through it would be kinda meaningless.

    • He is a serial killer and convicted rapist. Of specific relevance to this story, police captured him about a week ago involved in a kidnapping and murder:

      “… a convicted felon who was on the sex offender registry, Kohlhepp should not own a gun. But authorities said they have found numerous weapons, including 9mm handguns with silencers, assault rifles, and an ‘unbelievable’ amount of ammunition on his property.” — USA Today

  2. Which is why they want to double down on the stupidity and get universal background checks on a national level. Still won’t stop criminals, but that’s not exactly the point.

    • It isn’t the point, but it gives them something to latch into as an, “of course it will work” solution.

      You’d think that 11/8 would have been eye-opening, noting that a large segment of the population is tired of being lectured at and wants someone who will just listen and consider their perspective. But, they’ve been too busy protesting to notice, I suppose.

    • Of course. They will latch onto this as demonstrating the need to close the “private party” sale loophole that “allows felons to avoid background checks.” For this guy, that might have worked, since he had all the appearances of a quiet, mild-mannered real estate salesman, and therefore someone not too likely to be hooked into the sales of stolen firearms.Undoubtedly these firearms will be traced.

      • “Undoubtedly these firearms will be traced.”

        Undoubtedly. Resulting in absolutely nothing. Not even returning the ones which were stolen.

    • Yep. No matter who he got his guns from, they’re going to blame you and me. We cannot be allowed to have any freedom that (nongovernment) criminals could possibly exploit.

    • Why, yes. Yes, they did.

      The government has a database that includes every new gun purchased since NICS went into effect. It’s mostly on paper and not very easily collated (being held by 150,000 different licensees), but it sure as heck does exist. And I’d be pretty surprised if the bound-book data from defunct FFLs isn’t at the very least catalogued, if not computer-searchable, somewhere behind the scenes.

      • I’m pretty certain you’re correct, though not real worried about it. When you think about it, those records are good for exactly nothing. If somebody is shot, those records will not tell you what gun fired the bullet, much less who pulled the trigger. A registry is completely useless except for a quick start to universal confiscation. So it is a huge waste of money and time, making it wonderful to a Lib government, while not much of a threat to freedom. Still, I hope Trump will cut the funding of ATF, etc, by half for a start, see if we can get some of these record keepers working on a job at a fast food joint.

  3. A universal background check for stupidity would be a better solution, but it is simply a “vaste program”, as Charles De Gaulle would put it.
    And too many influent people and politicians would risk their jobs if the results were made public;-D

  4. Even if government could somehow virtually eliminate the current firearm supply and somehow force all sales (even black market sales in some back alley) to pass background checks, that does absolutely nothing to stop criminals from making their own firearms or using alternate weapons and techniques. Effectively eliminating firearms only ensures that law-abiding people are defenseless. It will do NOTHING to stop violent criminals from harming their victims.

  5. Where in the Hell do the Libtards think all the firearms in Chicago, New York City, and dozens of other Democrat ruled metropolitan areas come from? Unruly Unicorns?

    There is a thriving Black Market in firearms in this country and NO level or saturation of mandatory “Background Checks” will ever touch it.

    Furthermore, any attempt to forcibly disarm the law-abiding gun owners in America will only feed that Black Market as never imagined.

    The Libtards clutch the legal principle, “Innocent until proven guilty.” to their bosoms fervently. That means the legal system operates only in the aftermath of crime, not on the “possibility” of crime. Even the exisitng NICs System operates on what has been proven to have happened, not on what “might” happen. I wouldn’t have it any other way. History illustrates time and again, the most oppressive, tyrannical States place the burden of proof of innocence upon the accused and use that system to arbitrarily oppress and victimize anyone they wish.

    You cannot switch hit the burden of proof in the United States of America to suit your Political/Social Agenda. The “Background Check” system is ineffectual and cannot be made otherwise, just as every other “Gun Control” law ever passed or proposed affects only those choosing to obey it and has no preventive effect on those choosing to violate it.

    This “discovery” the NICs System doesn’t “work” is not so much proof of its transparently apparent ineffectiveness as it is proof American Liberalism is intellectually barren totalitarianism falsely claiming “legitimacy”.

    • “exisitng NICs System operates on what has been proven to have happened, not on what “might” happen”

      Except for domestic disturbances or disputes, where you most certainly *can* be punished for what you *might* do.

      And don’t forget that the libnuts are now disseminating the idea that there is no background check system. It’s been around more than 30 years, and has done absolutely nothing. Yet the call is to adopt MORE of it, which will also accomplish nothing, rather than the obvious, eliminate it and save the money and aggravation.

  6. This doesn’t surprise me. NICS depends on data furnished to it by federal, state and local governments. If the jurisdiction that convicted Kohlhepp never got around to reporting him, he wouldn’t appear in the database.

  7. It’s not difficult for the cops to back-trace a gun until the paper trail runs out, as long as there is a serial number. A registry isn’t needed for that purpose. The manufacturer recorded the first sale to an FFL. The FFL recorded the sale to the first retail purchaser. If the gun was sold privately at any time after that, the trail runs cold.

    The cops would need a registry when they don’t have a gun to trace. In other word, when there has been no crime, a registry would pinpoint all the people who are lawfully armed so that the guns could be confiscated.

  8. This reminds me of one aspect of the California Prop 63 stupidity. Under current law, all felons are prohibited from owning firearms. One new law will require felons to turn in their firearms. So now a felon possessing a firearm will be even illegaler. And this is supposed to protect people from illegal guns. Suuure. Makes me certain that “some people” are definitely lacking in common sense or logical thinking skills.


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