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“I am using the traditionally feminine craft of sewing and quilting to emasculate these objects of power and destruction into droopy, impotent, soft sculptures.” Natalie Baxter in The Soft, ‘Impotent’ Gun Sculptures Taking On Toxic Masculinity [via]


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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how these libtards think conflating firearms with sex is somehow insulting. As long as they are wasting their time with this kind of idiocy, they aren’t infringing RKBA and they are making themselves look as ridiculous and ineffectual as they actually are.

    • You guys are crackin’ me up! So, when I change my SIG P-226 from .40 S&W to .357 Sig, does that make me trans-caliber?

    • If they want to sell the idea, they should use a pool noodle to make it more lifelike for their pleasure, since they seem to get off on equating guns to sex. They could even glue ribs or bumps to it before pulling the cover over the barrel!

      They do seem to be rather confused if you get my drift.

      • Hmmm…I had not thought of these comments as being microaggressive, but no doubt Ms. Baxter would regard them as such. It’s been pretty amusing, so by all means join the fun!

  2. Why is masculinity toxic? As far as I understand, males & females (& therefore masculinity and femininity) are necessary to the continuation of the human race.

    The attitude displayed here is part of the reason HRC lost the election, the vast majority of normal folks are sick and tired of the media telling them that they should be ashamed of being male, white, middle class etc etc.

    But, it is the right of Natalie Baxter and her ilk to make, market & sell things like big soft fluffy rifles so good luck to her.

    • Masculinity is only toxic when it’s men being masculine. If it’s a FTM transexual or a “butch” lesbian acting masculine, they’re “expressing their true selves”, and we must accept and celebrate it.

    • I wish I could remember the source of this quote:

      “A woman who kills her cheating husband may be suffering from PMS. A man who kills his cheating wife has testosterone poisoning.”

    • This is a vast improvement over the dark days of the 90’s, when gun shows were bereft of gun selection, attended by long-faced folks just waiting for the hammer to drop on our rights, and full of vendors selling (shudder) Beanie Babies!

  3. Sewing. Yep, that’ll get it done.

    Must be part of that “revolution” I keep hearing the libbies whining about now that DJT is next in line for POTUS…

    That’s right. Keep sewing, SJW tweeting, burning the American flag while flying the Mexican flag, screaming at people, name calling, and rioting… that’ll show us.

    Nope, no way that’ll backfire.

  4. I looked at some of these stuffed ammo-mals (hah! made something up!) and thought they’d be great toys for my girls. Kinda gun-ish, but different enough looking than it wouldn’t make the real thing look like a toy. I saw the price and thought “wow, if people are paying that then good for her.” Maybe an idea for the sewers out there to make some stuffed ammo-mals and sell them at craft fairs, I’m sure there are people out there that would buy them for the littles.

    • While I would hate to give her the sales, it would be wonderful to buy a bunch of these, slip a curtain-rod down the barrel-end and sew it up again, then sell them on Craig’s List.

      If you could get the pattern they would look great in digital camo or Realtree.

    • +1…. the first thing i thought of was that my kids would love those if they didnt look so shitty. I think i know what im going to do with my camo fabric and sewing machine this weekend. Thanks for the post!

  5. Taking on the feminine craft of sewing to take on masculinity….
    Hmmm. After I finished laughing at this oxymoron, I realized I got nothing.
    Well, nothing that should be in print anyway.

  6. What in the actual fvck?

    Another good reminder that SJWs just don’t “get it”. Keep claiming that everything you don’t like/understand is the result of racism/sexism/homophobia/bigotry/etc. and see where that gets you. And they wonder why their candidate lost.

    But, it’s good for women, like men, to have a hobby…

  7. It’s great she’s found something to do with her time. However her naive and inane reasons for doing so made me snort derisively.

  8. Emasculate an object? It’s … an …. object …

    These would be great in a daughter’s room. Start them young!


  9. First off, it looks more like a dinosaur. I’m thinking brontosaurus, possibly diplodocus.

    Second, my wife likes to knit and sew, and shoot. In fact, she made the cutest little muzzle booties for our shotguns, to keep dust or whatever out as they lean against the wall behind our bed. (Previously, I’d just used a pair of gardening gloves with the middle finger raised and facing D.C.)

    There’s nothing exclusively masculine about the right to keep and bear arms, any more than there is so about driving a car, holding a job, or getting an education. This fabricated battle of the sexes is yet another phony front in the mythical “war on women” liberals keep imagining.

  10. TTAG’s Excerpt

    “I am using the traditionally feminine craft of sewing and quilting to emasculate these objects of power and destruction into droopy, impotent, soft sculptures.” Natalie Baxter in The Soft, ‘Impotent’ Gun Sculptures Taking On Toxic Masculinity [via
    “W. T. F. Over !!!! ” As soon as President Trump, and The Republican congress get set up in office…I believe its time to send some drafts to them pronto!!! Because this Libtard-ation is a Nationwide healthcare crisis !!! We need to make sure people this mentally ill are never put into positions of power, allowed access to dangerous tools /devices /machines/or materials, or allowed a platform, or soapbox in which to assail others that are NOT like minded, or to influence others with similar mental disorders that have not been identified !!! This mental healthcare crisis needs to be immediately dealt with !!! Since, the right representation are now in place to provide relief through laws, re-enforcing constitutional amendments, and Federal criminal investigations of one of these diseased organizations…The DNC !!!

  11. OMG! Are you kidding me? I read this morning that Progressives are talking about staging some sort of Bolshevik Revolution to overturn the election. Is this what they had in mind? I wonder if their uniform will be a Teletubby costume.

    • That brought tears to my eyes I was laughing so hard!!

      Yep, tele tubby costumes and the full body pajama onesies.

    • LOL

      I’m just imagining a gaggle of numales, rainbow haired she-twinks and childless spinsters standing around an AR, trying to figure out how to work the high clipacity spooky ‘salt gun.

  12. These people are nuts. Open carry dildos, impotent pillow guns, slut walks, demands for free contraception. And they think we’re obsessed with sex?

  13. Soooo,
    First cocks against Glocks.
    Now socks against Glocks.

    I am actually looking forward to the next brain fart from antis,

    Molon labe…….

  14. She sounds like this woman I work with. She actually told me and I quote” it doesn’t matter what hillary did. Trump said hurtful things.” She also said I have no right to a gun. That I should be able to defend myself in other ways. I told her I can defend my self in many ways. I’m quite resourceful.
    20 min later I heard her say she’s taking a ccw class because she feels threatened my men.

  15. This woman should write for Portlandia. Seriously, this is ridiculous enough that I can see Candace and Toni making and selling these limp stuffed guns at their bookstore.

  16. So she is saying that sewing is not masculine? I think sewing plate carriers, tac vests, and other assorted gear seems pretty manly to me. Seems like she is being rather sexist.

    • I agree; how is sewing inherently feminine? I know plenty of guys who know at least a little sewing simply because repairing your own clothing can save you considerable money compared to buying a replacement.

      Furthermore, I know many guys enjoy making things with their hands, and needles, threads, and fabric are cheaper and less messy than a table saw and wood (not to mention quieter and less space-intensive, which would both be plusses for apartment-dwellers).

  17. Geez, if a man said, “traditionally feminine craft of sewing and quilting” he’d be accused of sexism.

    But it’s OK if a libtard feminist says it??

  18. Just point and laugh, brothers. Point and laugh.

    They’ve lost so hard, smashed so utterly, shaken to the core(one might say they’re literally shaking rn) to the point that they’re sewing plushy guns to calm themselves down.

  19. So what does sewing some elastic ammo loops into top pocket of my hunting shirt count as? Come in handy yesterday

    I have been adapting gear since I was a teenage army recruit

  20. If you’re anti gun and buy one, you’re party of the movement.

    If you’re pro gun and buy one then you’ve fetishized firearms and just want cuddle with your guns.

  21. Is this supposed to bother me? It doesn’t bother me. I think it might bother me that it’s made with the intent to bother me, I mean that would definitely bother me… a little. Then I’d forget about it.

    Oh, bother.

  22. She respects, nay, venerates her rural grandmother who taught her to sew and also kept a gun in the house, yet creates these big city “artworks” that mock her grandmother. Cannot comprehend the hypocrisy. And is obsessed with emasculating males. Just like Hildie. As a male who knows how to sew (not as well as my wife, but well enough) and also is a gun owner, the next 4 or more years are going to be fun.

  23. It’s sad when somebody is so trivial and irrelevant that they don’t know just HOW trivial and irrelevant they are…

  24. Those are cute. I definitely agree they could send the wrong message to kids though. I’m working hard to get my friends and family to not use the oxymoron “toy gun”. What do you think the chances of her donating a portion of any sales proceeds to the NRA?

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