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“A 49-year-old man heard a loud disturbance at his front door just after 11 p.m. in the 9500-block of South Calhoun Avenue in the Jeffrey Manor neighborhood, Chicago police said. When he went to investigate, two masked, armed individuals forced their way inside, according to CPD.” That’s the story from

The homeowner was unarmed, so he called for help from a couple of other men who were in the basement and the three foought back against the two home invaders. That’s when one of the armed intruders fired a couple of shots, hitting his accomplice.

One of the suspects was shot in the chest and died at the scene, according to CPD.

One of the three men in the home was wounded, but will recover. The shooter made his escape and is still being sought by the CPD (which means he has a good chance of getting off scot-free).

It’s far easier to defend yourself and your family of you can count on burglars and home invaders to shoot each other. Unfortunately, you can’t really rely on that. That’s why owning a firearm and knowing how to use it effectively is probably your best bet.


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  1. “The homeowner was unarmed …”

    This guy was lucky. And it boggles the mind he’s still unarmed. When will people learn?

  2. Note: Avoid the Southside of Chiraq. And the Westside. And expressways or Lakeshore Drive. I’ve been to this neighborhood quite awhile ago…

    • just slid lsd to hyde park and back (woodlawn tap) last weekend. until the speeding mercedes kosher blessing rabbi complains it will remain intolerably frost heaved. bad enough in a car, a firmly suspended bikey was a torture rack.
      i felt like rollie free a couple of times.

  3. I was born in Chi. Family moved out in 1977. We lived in the City limits 4 miles from Wrigley. Man that city has changed. At 11 my friends and I biked everywhere. Took the bus downtown. Rode the El. Never any problems.


  4. That’s why owning a firearm and knowing how to use it effectively is probably your best bet.

    No, the best option is to not open your front door when you hear a loud noise in the middle of the night. Look out a window, check a security camera feed, or use the peep hole in the door, but don’t open it.
    Guns are a backup for when the physical barriers fail to stop the intruder. Don’t make it easier for the intruder by removing the barriers.

  5. Uh yeah, the crook that shot the crook, and he got away.
    I think one of the fighting tres amigos did the shootzing and made up a story.
    Whatever works.

  6. “The homeowner was unarmed, so he called for help from a couple of other men who were in the basement…”

    Who keeps ‘extra men’ in their basement?

    (Besides my demented troll, that is. It would explain his obsession with “Servicing truck drivers”… 😉 )

  7. “I think one of the fighting tres amigos did the shootzing and made up a story.”

    not a good idea. powder residue persists on hands and can be chemically detected and identified, recovered bullets can be matched to guns, etc. plus police deal with liars all day long for years on end, they know how confrontations do and don’t go down and they can tell when someone is lying to them. just tell the truth.

    • Not, the cops are to busy packing up the dying or dead guys before somebody else gets to them to worry about fingerprints and residues.
      Food prices are getting high.

    • “…recovered bullets can be matched to guns…”

      Are you so certain about that? Have you ever recovered any of the bullets you’ve shot? JHP is unrecognizable, but even FMJ typically deforms at the very least when hitting dirt/sand/water. Striking anything at 1000+ fps (clothing, solid tissue, bone) tends to mess up a bullet.

      I’ll clarify your statement to say in some perfect instances a bullet may be successfully matched to a particular barrel. Straightforward ballistic forensics is the stuff of TV shows, as in real life anyone can swap out a barrel and stop a match cold in its tracks.

      “…police deal with liars all day long…”

      Police themselves lie all day long. I’ve had a few lie straight to my face, and I can tell you from experience they absolutely do not appreciate being caught in a lie. Pisses them off. But they lie.

      • “Have you ever recovered any of the bullets you’ve shot?”

        yep. usually it’s quite clear.

        “Police themselves lie all day long”

        and that makes them even better at recognizing anyone else’s.

        • Actually it doesn’t. In basically every study ever conducted on the matter (and it’s been studied A LOT), police *vastly* overestimate their own ability to detect when someone is lying, and broadly speaking they can typically detect a believable lie stated with skill at a rate not much above 50%. In other words, a coin toss will provide comparable levels of lie detecting accuracy when compared to a cop.

          That’s an idea that’s on par with the concept that police are skilled with, and knowledgeable of, firearms. A handful are fantastic, a handful are staggeringly incompetent, most are somewhere in the neighborhood of mediocre. The same is broadly true with police being able to tell when someone is lying

    • “oh, look. the perp i keep arresting that they keep releasing seems down. thanks for doing what they won’t allow me to do. the escaped guy shot him? sounds good.”

      ant and bee has never recovered a slug that he shot into a person.
      7little biscuits, 7 bits of plasticine.

  8. We have two refrigerators. Some family members are not good at removing aging items, so, periodically I conduct a search and destroy expedition. I have thrown out ‘things’ for which I would prefer never to know how it happened. It has taught me something.

    Whenever I open either refrigerator, I am armed, because…..well, you just never know.

  9. Obviously the homeowner does not need a gun or any means of self defense.

    All that is needed is a city ordinance requiring home invaders to work in pairs and to always aim at each other when firing their weapons.

    Additionally, home invaders should be required to take a minimum training course in aiming for center mass on their fellow evil doers.

    Guess that means Chicago will need two new city laws!

  10. Chi is where I was born. In 1977, the family left. We resided 4 miles from Wrigley Field in the city boundaries. That city has altered a lot. My buddies and I used to ride our bikes around when we were 11 years old. I took the bus to the city. I took the El. There were never any issues.


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