Bloomberg realizes the Second Amendment could soon apply in New York City
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“Imagine walking through Times Square — or Las Vegas — and wondering if the stranger next to you, perhaps acting oddly, might be carrying a gun. There are reasons why New York, Nevada, and other states vet permit applicants and require them to meet certain standards. States should not lose the right to set their own concealed-carry standards, nor should they gain the right to impose their standard on others.” – Congress Moves Backward on Gun Safety [via]

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    • Open carry on the Strip, while not illegal, will tend to get you some annoying attention from local LEOs, especially after last October.

      That said, anyone who thinks they are walking around Las Vegas Downtown Fremont Street or on the Strip and there are no guns around them is living in a fantasy world even more fantastic than what actually exists in those areas. And apparently does not know what I look like.

      It is also NOT ILLEGAL to carry concealed inside the casinos, even if they have posted signs at the doors, which most of them have not. You can be requested to leave if found out, but there is no crime unless you refuse and even then the crime is trespass, not anything gun related.

  1. Yes… yes… cower in fear liberals. You reap what you sow. You spent the past century coming to our turf and trying to dictate the rules to us. You wanted to come to our homes and murder us. Now we’re on offense. Now you’re the ones crying about states rights and to be just left alone. Scream, run, hide. But whatever you do, don’t fall asleep. One, two, Trump is coming for you…

    • Pay no attention to the pale, redhaired little girl in that dark corner who seems to be staring THROUGH you… she will fade immediately if you turn to look at her but she will unmistakably be wearing a MAGA cap before she disappears.

  2. Nanny Loonberg is scared?

    Good. Mealy-mouthed KKKleptocrats like him need to be left pissing in their little booties.

  3. What I can’t figure out is why these folks can’t see (or admit) that they have no idea whatsoever who or how many people are already carrying concealed, wherever they are. The fact that some places “allow” this or not has never made any particle of difference to the people who actually intend to do harm to others. And that’s very easy to prove.

    No, this “fear” is merely the excuse. Control is the only issue, and they already know they can only control the honest “good guys.”

    How long are you willing to be controlled, manipulated and criminalized?

    • When you live in a hive very very few of the busy little bees scurrying around can even see the walls of their box. All they have for a world view is butt in front of them.

    • The “fear” is real, for the elites. They do not fear criminals and drug gangs, because the elites only go places where “the right sorts of people go”. They fear that people who look like “the right sorts of people”, in the places where “the right sorts of people go” will be carrying guns, and while those people might look like “the right sorts of people”, because they have a gun, they might snap an any moment and start shooting all those “right sorts of people”.

    • Correct.
      To put it plainer, these people aren’t going to admit that they have no idea of how many people are already carrying guns that they can’t see, because admitting it would mean their laws won’t stop crime. Can’t stop crime.
      I’ve tried to “have a conversation with” people who are afraid of concealed carry, pointing out that they have no idea of just how many people around them are carrying concealed guns, including those who are carrying illegally. They remain unconvinced that bad guys carry at all, much less concealed, because they don’t hear about it on the news, so it doesn’t happen. They are, though, convinced that if law abiding folks carry concealed, blood will run in the streets, because they do hear that on the news.

    • I thought the same thing. If you’re worried about the guy next to you being armed, do you really care whether he is armed legally or illegally?

  4. ‘Imagine walking through Times Square and wondering if the stranger next to you, perhaps acting oddly, might be carrying a gun.’

    How does reciprocity change anything here? How do you know that a stranger acting oddly in your disarmament utopia isn’t packing now? Especially now that they gave up that affront to the 4th Amendment the euphemized ‘Stop and Frisk’?

      • Well, I guess it’s moot for the naked cowboys and pastied skanks beggin’ for scraps. Yeah, ‘acting oddly’ is almost comically self-censored language; they really really really don’t want to say ‘acting ghetto’ or ‘acting white-trashy’ or ‘acting ethnic’ –the Berg’s made it clear previously he thinks no young black guy with a gun could be up to anything but trouble, and they should all be disarmed.

  5. I thought we settled this entire “states can set their own standards on enumerated rights” thing back in 1787… and again in 1865. Silly me.

    • So, does that mean that States can bring back poll taxes, polygamy, and slavery? The 14th Amendment was _supposed_ to apply the protections of the US Constitution to the States.

      • “Off-the-books” polygamy has been and continues to be practiced to this day, by those with the means to afford it…

        • Trust me on this. It ain’t all it’s made out to be. When you got 2 or more wives they tend to group together against you. When one is pissed at you it starts a cascade effect. They’re all pissed at you.

          And you would think they’d be comfortable seeing you with another woman. After all they’re all the other woman. But it don’t work like that. Jealous women is worse than jealous woman.

      • The 14th was rather poorly written if you look at how far people have been able to run with it, considering it had a very specific stated purpose and intended application. Turns out when you guarantee equality (of anything, even the application of law) you open a host of Pandora’s boxes, because the only way to uphold that impossible guarantee is with unlimited power. Toss in some Orwellian ‘Freedom is Slavery’ hogwash and the government has the power to pursue any policy so long as it is claimed to be pursuing equality. The original system that simply forbade them from doing anything beyond a short list of tasks and following very strict procedures worked a lot better at protecting individual liberty.

  6. “Imagine walking through Times Square and wondering if the stranger next to you, perhaps acting oddly…”

    That’s condition normal for NYC. So? You can easily tell who the out-of-towners are because they’re the ones who try not to run into people and occasionally say “pardon me” when they bump you.

  7. You already don’t know you ninny! Concealed means concealed and matter of fact that person has no responsibility to notify your nosy a$$ if they are carrying or not even after you ask just before you start freaking out, blubbering, and pissing your pants because there may be a gun within 5 feet of you.

  8. Check out the comments, it’s running about 90 percent “it’s about damn time”…

    “NY and NJ have only themselves to blame. They insisted on prosecuting people traveling through their states to the point where people who missed connecting flights through a canceled flight and were handed their checked bags were arrested when they went to check back in the next day. FOPA should have prevented such prosecutions, but the non-free states persisted in destroying the lives of the law-abiding.”

    • Another comment –

      “Are we ignoring the fact that states with no training requirements have some of the lowest gun crime stats? IL has some of the strictest requirements yet Chicago is a war zone. States that have enacted permitless carry did not suddenly see a rise in gun deaths. Just the opposite in fact.

      Newmind the fact that law abiding gun owners are NOT the ones committing the crimes. Criminals are and these laws do not apply to them.

      Libtard logic at its finest.”

  9. “States should not lose the right to set their own concealed-carry standards, nor should they gain the right to impose their standard on others.” ”

    The important part of the message is not fear of random events, but unsubstantiated and intentional falsehood regarding the rights of states to set and enforce concealed carry laws. Liberals hate the very notion of “States’ rights”, until it is convenient and moves their agenda forward. A very important part of the message is that all the laws of every state regarding concealed carry are overturned by national reciprocity. The intention is to sell the idea that if one can carry a concealed weapon on school grounds in Upper Slobovia, Utah, a Utah CCW holder can carry a concealed weapon on school grounds in each and every state and city the Utah CCW holder want to visit.
    (Question for the choir: under national reciprocity, how does a non-resident of California bring ammunition for the concealed weapon into California?)

      • Californication prohibits individuals bringing ammunition into the state. Just thinking about the complications of multi-state travel that includes Calif in the itinerary. I don’t see national recip overturning every weapons law in every state, or coercing states to allow non-residents to operate according to the laws of the resident state. Thus, Californication laws regarding ammunition will apply. As will the Massachusetts law that considers ammunition part of a weapon, and an empty cartridge casing as a component of ammunition.

        • You know, that makes it a *very* interesting question!

          You just know Cali would *love* to fuck someone over that way, after all, travelers won’t have and can’t get a Cali ammo purchase permit.

          I think legally, SCOTUS will rule the prohibition to transport ammo with an otherwise legally possessed firearm will be considered unconstitutional, as a gun without ammo is useless…

        • Waiting on SC is a futile hope. To reiterate from another string here, SC is reviewing, for the third time in four years, the question of whether or not a person can be forced to pay union dues. SC has not ruled on 2A since 2010 (?). The questions to be answered are more serious than transport of ammunition. Not feeling the hope, here.

        • “Waiting on SC is a futile hope.”

          I’ll feel hopeless on SCOTUS on the 2A if the court goes heavier conservative and still elects not to grant cert. on a righteous challenge.

          I’m convinced they are in a ‘holding pattern’, 2A wise, until Kennedy retires or a Leftist expires…

        • I thought the “interstate commerce” clause was an open invitation for the feds to take control of the whole “you can’t bring that into OUR state” thing. Perhaps, when the law goes into effect, they will.
          Oh, who am I kidding?

    • ‘…under national reciprocity, how does a non-resident of California bring amm unition for the concealed weapon into California?’

      Like Sam pointed out, don’t think for a minute that this would be a panacea. The fascists that run these fascist states will find any excuse to put us peasants from flyover country in our place.

      • “The fascists that run these fascist states will find any excuse to put us peasants from flyover country in our place.”

        Damn straight. The courts are gonna be clogged for *years* getting that crap straightened out.

        *Why* we need Kennedy retired or Leftists to expire.

        (I’m kinda partial to Judge Diane Sykes of Wisconsin as a replacement, personally…)

        • Most of their abuses will never see a court room. Just because they can’t prosecute you (without losing on appeal) doesn’t mean they can’t take you into custody, give you a full body cavity search, hold you for 72 hours without counsel and refuse to let you have your gat back. Of course, if you want to come back you can sue the state for your g un back… Just might want to double check that your taillights are all in working order first.

    • Couple mags is all I need, not planning to start a war. If reciprocity passes SCOTUS muster, I’d bet the big bucks that a stupid law saying I cannot carry a *loaded* gun would be laughed out of court.

    • @ sam I am You are allowed to bring 50 rounds with no penalty, covers you for your carry gun but if you’re here for shooting you will have to go through background check for ammo purchase. California politicians should be hung by the neck until dead chopped into small pieces and feed to hungry sea creatures!!!

    • “The term ‘handgun’ includes any magazine for use in a handgun and any ammunition loaded into the handgun or its magazine.” – from the bill. So you can take as much ammo in as many magazines as you can conceal and maybe as many as you can possess.

      • Buying popcorn to watch the first episode of Colleyfornkneeah challenging that provision by arresting someone for importing ammunition. There is zero penalty for trying to shove the middle finger into the eye of a hated law. The citizen, not Caliphate, not congress, will pay the price.

        • I’m not in the business of suing government employees under a federal statute that says I can, so I’m not sure whether or not they would have immunity when a federal statute specifically says I can sue them. The language “any other person” is broad. Popcorn indeed.

  10. Since the libtwits are always suggesting that we treat guns like cars; I recently had to renew my driver’s license. This one’s good for 8 years now and all I had to do was look into a box and read off two sets of letters (and hand over the $$$ of course). Way back in the 1980s I had to take a class and then again in the 1990s so I could ride a motorcycle (legally), but no retraining in 25 years and I can drive wherever I want across the country. Aside from the fact that the whole weapons permitting thing is a blatant infringement of that that shall not be infringed, I’d say that would be a pretty fair way to treat reciprocity.

      • Until some government bureaucrat forgets to do his job (imagine that), then all hell breaks loose and they blame people who have never committed a crime and live 1500 miles away.

  11. Keep in mind that an officer running your license plate will be notified that the owner has a concealed carry license. Officers in the communist states will probably pull you over, manufacture an excuse to search your car and put you in jail in spite of what the law may say. I will still NOT go to those cities and states which infringe.

  12. Nothing stops you from going to a gun store in California and buying a box of ammo
    You just have to get a background check
    I think it is a state run background check and there is a fee
    So it is available, just more expensive
    You can also buy ammo at a shooting range without a background check or fee, but you are not allowed to take it away
    A shooting partner is also allowed to freely share ammunition with a shooting partner just can’t sell it

    • If I were traveling between my local airport and Californication, without intermediate stops for visits, I can leave my bullets in the car at the airport, and, travel with a useless pistol, visit Califonication, return to my home airport, recharge my pistol and go home. While in Calif, my gun is useless for concealed carry because non-residents cannot buy ammunition in Commiefornica. Things are no less complicated if Calif is only one stop on my trip.

      Calif’s requirement for a resident ammunition permission card castrates national reciprocity.

      • Nonsense. You can bring your ammo with you, and the new laws effective 2018 do not change that. As long as you do not appear on California’s Armed Prohibited Persons list (which for nonresidents is pretty unlikely), and you have valid picture ID, you are good to go. Further, at least until the ammo purchase license portion goes into effect (supposed to be July 2019), there is nothing in the law that says nonresidents cannot purchase or possess ammo.

  13. So, after decades interfering in places he does not live or rule govern with advocacy, agitprop, astroturf, direct campaign contributions, “cooperative” remote enforcement & national imposition programs, Bloomie is bugged that people he’s tried to coerce are pushing back. (Popcorn. I need popcorn.)

    If he’d left people outside his jurisdiction alone, maybe they wouldn’t have slapped him down in his own playpen quite so hard. (Naaah. He can’t help himself. It won’t stop. More popcorn!)

    Maybe now he’ll realize that buying the title Duke of New York does not make him supreme galactic overlord. Although, still “A #1.” (Naaah. Another tub of popcorn!)

    Some people just shouldn’t ever come into money. Really, in cash-fueled boorish overreach Bloomie n company make The Orange Crush look dainty. Proconsul Cuomo has a different burden – born into the family business; it’s all he knows. (Gold-plated popcorn! Tremendous popcorn. Really, really great; the best popcorn!)

    Now that I think about it, this smug, overbearing downstate Satrap act extends to Herself, too. Here’s hoping the remaining two also flame out from over-reach. Maybe they can take long, consoling walks in the woods together. Without armed guards, of course, because nobody needs guns.(*)

    (*) And that’s the point. This “Armed guards for me, but not for thee.” is crap. The three amigos there aren’t at risk from us. We’re all at risk from occasional whack-jobs n crazies. The difference is *we* are fine with the anti-gun warriors-three protecting themselves, while they won’t allow us the same. If they want to go disarmed, we’re O K with that. We don’t want to impose our way on them, while they are about nothing but imposing on us. Indeed, they want us disarmed against our preference, while they walk the woods behind “security” with guns.

    Eventually, if we have to get a bit into their business to be left to ours, that’s what will happen. “National Reciptocity” is a beast of their own making, which they must realize. That’s got to burn them even more. (Bring me all the popcorn you have.)

  14. I for one hope the person next to me is carrying along with me. The great part of this law is people from free states who do not need a permit to conceal carry can conceal carry in socialist states like California, NY and NJ. I love it… Now thats a stick in the eye.
    Any way we can get national open carry? 🙂

  15. Funny how the totalitarian, statist left discovers states’ rights when it’s convenient (though not valid) to their argument…..

  16. I would worry more about New Yorkers who go to other states having gotten their carry permits by bribing NYC police and politicians. 300 recently caught. Tell that to Di Blasio when he goes to Iowa seeking your presidential endorsement.

  17. What it will changes is that instead of being surrounded by only criminals having concealed firearms, you will be surrounded buy good and bad people with concealed firearms.

    Seems to me that more even ups the odds.

  18. “Imagine walking through . . . Las Vegas — and wondering if the stranger next to you, perhaps acting oddly, might be carrying a gun.”

    I don’t have to imagine. I always carry in Las Vegas, and now Nevada recognizes my Massachusetts LTC (thank you Gov. Sandoval). Oh, and everybody acts oddly on The Strip. That’s what The Strip is for. Times Square, on the other hand, is mostly for pickpockets.

    • “Times Square, on the other hand, is mostly for pickpockets.”

      Times Square lost most of its ‘character’ when Giuliani cleaned out the porn theaters…

    • Nevada currently recognizes permits from the following states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and the Idaho enhanced permit. That’s 29 states, so the odds of people carrying on the Strip is reasonably high without national reciprocity.

  19. “States should not lose the right to set their own concealed-carry standards, nor should they gain the right to impose their standard on others.”

    Actually, a little bit they should. Many states have been violating people’s rights for decades and that should cease. New York’s basic quarrel is just that theyll lose their de facto right to violate through their May Issue policy. This bill may help them with becoming more constitutionally compliant.

  20. I’ve carried since 1981 when I was able to buy my first pistol. I’ve carried in the 40 or so states I’ve been through as well as any place in those states. If they don’t have metal detectors I’ve carried in every building I’ve ever entered. I’m nobody special and I assume there are many others like me. The average snowflake’s head would explode if they had any idea how many guns are actually around them daily.

  21. Again it just goes to show you what hypocrites the Far Right are. They are willing to crush States rights when it suits their agenda but rant against the abolition of Constitutional States rights when it doesn’t. They stick their noses constantly in the air claiming they are the Moral Majority and for Family Values and then willingly endorse a dangerous Pedophile running for Congress just because he is a Republican. At least the Democrats are making their members of Congress resign in droves even though their indiscretions were with adult women not children

    Bloomberg is correct about States rights and doubly correct about the wide variations of training given in other states. What he did not mention was the myriad of state laws that give the right to either shoot or not shoot which again will create a legal nightmare in a shooting situation. In Nazi Brutal uncivilized states like the Texan 3rd Reich you can blow people away for pissing on your lawn (only a slight exaggeration) while in more civilized states like California or New York the laws are much more civilized and strict as when you can use people for target practice.

    Yes the whole idea of a reciprocity act is turning into a legal nightmare before the law is even passed. It must be realized that traveling to other states one often is really traveling to and in a foreign country with different cultures, races, religions and political outlook which all resulted in a myriad of thousands of different laws and regulations and attitudes in relation to firearms ownership and when you can use deadly force. I think it is so complex they would have to design a super computer program to give you pages and pages of readouts when you crossed state lines with a universal concealed carry permit.


    In order for the law to work we need a Federal mandatory safety test that you must pass with a certain grade and a new mandatory universal law in regards to when you can and cannot shoot according to Federal Guide lines which would trump all State Laws both in terms of carry and when and when you cannot shoot which of course takes away all of States Rights which the hypocrites of the Far Right would probably go along with if this was the only way the could get reciprocity and in reality its the only way such a law could work by giving immunity to ccw holders if they are involved in a shooting as well as immunity as to what type and caliber gun they could carry with California screaming from the tops of their Mountains about banned guns coming into the state. Just another example of how mandatory a Federal set of laws would be for any of this to even begin to work.

    And remember States rights according to the Constitution do not really exist. The Feds do what they want either by direct violation of the Constitution or by threats of withholding Federal Funds to States and some States are so poor they have been legally bankrupt for years and if it was not for government handouts which the hillbillies in those states hate with a passion all of the people there would soon live in a state with no useable highways, bridges, food or medical care. They are all too dumb to know how much the Feds do in just keeping them alive and giving them a state that is livable to exist in.

    • Absolute bull. The standard for valid use of a firearm–or for that matter any weapon–is a reasonable fear of imminent serious bodily injury or death to one’s self or others. Although some states allow for use of deadly force to protect property, most do not. Follow this guide and one is not too terribly likely to find oneself on the wrong side of the law.

      It is not a state’s right’s issue. It is an individual rights issue as enforced against the states under the 14th Amendment. Each state must accord all citizens the right to bear arms everywhere in the country. Although states currently have the right to maintain licensing standards for its own residents, that is pretty much an irrelevancy; it is just as true that states retain the right to set the licensing standards for dirver’s licenses, and that doesn’t seem to have been a problem despite national reciprocity for decades. (I once had a Louisiana DL; you could get a license even if you were functionally illiterate. Twenty questions, multiple choice, with pictures for those who can’t read. Drive around the block without hitting anything and you are good to go.) Moreover, individual states have concealed carry reciprocity with other states, in many cases a majority of the other states. That doesn’t seem to have become a problem either.

    • Again, it actually just goes to show what hypocrites the Far Left like you are, crisco skinhead. They are the ones who are actually willing to crush states’ rights when it suits their agenda, but rant against against the abolition of Constitutional States rights when it doesn’t. They constantly stick their noses in the air claiming they are the Moral Majority and for Family Values, and then willingly endorse a dangerous criminal running for President just because she is a woman. At least the Republicans abandon their own when one of theirs goes off the rails — and when it can actually be substantiated. Meanwhile, the DemoKKKrats and their equally-hypocritical celebrity allies defend to the end anyone on their side who does anything wrong.

      Nanny Loonberg is actually incorrect about States’ rights and doubly incorrect about everything else. What he actually did not mention is that there is no wide variation between state statutes on how, when, and where lethal force is allowed to be used, which means no legal nightmares where none existed before. In actual Nazi Brutal uncivilized states, like the KKKommiefornia Third Reich you don’t even have a duty to retreat in your own home, as is the case in most every state in the Union. While in actually civilized states like Texas, you can use force to retrieve property that’s been stolen from you.

      Yes, the whole idea of a reciprocity act is only going to turn into a legal nightmare if some toolbag with a badge decides to continue or pick up unlawful habits barred by the bill. It must actually be realized that your analogy of different countries having different cultures, races, religions, and political outlooks also make what other countries do in terms of gun control laws irrelevant and inapplicable to the U.S.! What you “think,” and notice I put quotes around that word because you clearly don’t do it at all, is equally irrelevant and inapplicable, especially being that you don’t live here, do what you claim to do, own what you claim to own, or know what you claim to know.


      No, we don’t need a mandatory or universal federal anything for this law to work, period, which the hypocrites of the Far Left would probably go along with because it would crush all States’ rights now that they’re not in control anymore. Nor should they be. Civil and criminal immunity is already the law of the land in many states, not including the Nazi Brutal uncivilized Third Reich states of ZOO York, KKKommiefornia, and others. Just another example of a federal set of laws actually isn’t mandatory for any of this to even begin to work.

      And remember, State’s right according to the Constitution actually do exist. Regardless of whether the Feds do what they want, they’re there. Oh, and it’s actually the hippies in actually legally bankrupt states, not the hillbillies in states that are not bankrupt, that would live in a state with no useable highways, bridges, food, or medical care without government handouts. Those hippies are actually who’s all too dumb to know how much the Feds do just in keeping them alive and giving them a state that’s livable to exist in.

  22. “Imagine walking through Times Square — or Las Vegas” – I’d swear I’ve read that exact line before. It’s bad enough they’re recycling stupid, disproven arguments.

  23. “Imagine walking through Times Square — or Las Vegas — and wondering if the stranger next to you, perhaps acting oddly, might be carrying a gun. There are reasons why New York, Nevada, and other states vet permit applicants and require them to meet certain standards. States should not lose the right to set their own concealed-carry standards, nor should they gain the right to impose their standard on others.”

    I tried to fix this, but couldn’t get strikethrough to work. Here’s what it should say:

    States should not have the right to deny their citizens’ constitutionally-protected right to self defense, nor should they have the right to impose their unlawful standards on citizens from other states.

  24. The second amendment isn’t a state’s right. It’s an individual’s right. Just because there is a law saying that someone can’t carry doesn’t mean I can’t look around and wonder if a person has a gun on them. Reciprocal carry won’t change that.

  25. And it the person lies on the application and gets away with it (happens more than anyone thinks), they still get a carry permit! I would rather be armed and able to defend myself than to wait for the police to come put a chalk line around my body!!!!

  26. Dear Bloomberg,

    Guns are already in time square! The difference is that they might be in the hands of someone whos not intending to commit a crime for a change.

  27. Instead, in places like NY, we live under threats of government sanctioned criminal victimization by unconstitutionally laws that are illegally enforced under threats of Democide, Assault and Battery by government officials, kidnapping by government officials and extortion by the government “Just-us” system. We’re we live in fear that the “crazy” acting person or even the “normal” acting criminal might be already carrying arms…. leaving innocent Americans forcibly disarmed and unable to reasonably defend themselves.

    The absolute law of the land is the US Constitution and specifically in this case the 2nd Amendment takes away any legal method for the federal and state governments (along with the 10th Amendment, which qualifies why the state’s are also prevented from infringing on this civil liberty) ….

    Don’t like the laws, there is a legal method way to change this, ratify an amendment the abolishes either the 2nd or the 10th Amendments


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