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“For the longest time it’s always been assumed that it’s the men who are the protectors. But when you really start to ask, ‘Who is the most responsible person in the household?’… It’s the mom! It’s my job to protect my family with whatever tools are available, and a firearm is just another one of those tools.” – Amanda Suffecool in I Took A Ladies Handgun Fundamentals Course — Here’s Why [via]

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  1. This is EXACTLY why Mrs. ATFAgentBob is taught how to use each of the guns I buy, trained in CQB (no not super operator levels but decent enough for Infantry work), and goes armed in the house. She’s home more often than me so more than likely she’s going to be the one dispatching a threat.

  2. Mrs Docduracoat knows her way around a gun
    We keep 2 loaded pistols downstairs and a rifle and a pistol upstairs
    We draw the line on home carry as these are nearby and always ready
    The kids all knew where those guns were and what awful punishment would be given if they ever touched one without permission
    At age 10 each kid comes to the range and learns how to use them
    Now everyone knows that anyone who needs shooting should be shot twice
    No formal training for the kids, but plenty of paintball games in the abandoned apartment building gave a lotsof force on force practice

    • My wife knows her way around a firearm, no formal training (because she won’t let me train her, an NRA Instructor) and I get that, but her formal training is planned for the spring with a fellow Instructor. My daughter (13) has been shooting since she was 6, has formal training in pistol defense 1 course and some rifle cqb. I keep a loaded AR15-22 in the safe and my wife has access to it, I’ve timed her on retrieval and it was less than 30seconds under stress. Not bad, but room for improvement.

      • A AR15-22? I like mine and is a good training aid. A TRAINING weapon. In no way is the .22LR an appropriate defensive round. Put an actual AR at hand.

        • neiowa,

          “In no way is the .22LR an appropriate defensive round.”

          I don’t think I would go that far, especially if we are talking about a semi-automatic rifle which boosts the velocity and enables multiple RAPID shots.

          The down side, of course, is that .22LR frequently fails to quickly stop determined attackers. And .22LR has a fairly high rate of dud rounds compared to centerfire cartridges.

          On the up side, well over 90% of attackers immediately extricate themselves when their victim merely produces a self-defense firearm — without even firing a shot. And of the remaining few percent of attackers who did not immediately skiddadle at the sight of a firearm, many of them immediately vacate as soon as the victim starts shooting.

          So, something like 95% of attackers will leave their victim without physical injury if the victim produces a firearm and starts shooting — even if that firearm is chambered in .22LR. That sounds like a pretty solid self-defense choice to me.

        • I’m just the opposite. My wife is a small woman; I got her a .22LR; she is is confident and capable in that caliber. I’ve drilled her into a great shooter. BUT, the caveat for her is we’ve drilled extensively: repeated shots to the head and center mass, reloading under stress, and to not stop shooting until the assailant is dead. We also keep her pistol loaded with Velocitors or Stingers.

          Crime stats for the amount of people killed by .22LR also help ease my mind.

        • Evan,

          I believe that you mis-typed your response. I think you meant to say that you and your wife have drilled extensively to stop shooting your attacker once your attacker no longer presents a credible imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm — which is the legal standard.

  3. While I’m not a fan if the femenist proclamation that the mom is the most responsible person in the household… I do agree that those who spend most time alone with kids should be equally ready to protect them. Women are a big reason to want the freedom to own a gun in the most pedestrian sense. From day to day they are some of the most targeted and often disadvantaged so yeah arm up ladies!

    • Pffft. I am not even going to try. Momma pays the bills, sorts the pills, does the laundry, cooks, cleans, builds decks, builds furniture, rehabs bathrooms, and makes me feel like a man. I buy firearms and shoot lead like others play golf. I have my specialties, but I know who the responsible one is in our family.

    • Customer: I don’t want a loaded gun in the house.
      Me: Why not?
      Customer: I have kids.
      Me: I can’t think of a better reason to always have a loaded firearm not just in my home, but attached to be at all times.
      The customer slowly blinks at me, wondering if I’m being sarcastic… I continue.
      Me: Tell me, does a lioness go and file down her claws to blunt points when she realises she’ll be having a cub soon?
      Customer: Well, no…
      Me: So why then, if you are considering yourself to be the primary caretaker and defender of those children in your home, have you deliberately made yourself unable to perform that duty?

  4. I enjoy the sentiment but, geez, this “a man should protect me” and “women are the most responsible” nonsense baffles me. Maybe my progressiveness is showing but what’s with folks living roles?
    You’re the only one who’s going to protect you. Sure, it’d be nice if somebody was around to help but the only person that will always be there when you need help is you.

    • Amen, brother. 🙂

      Freely chosen “roles” are dandy, but each individual is ultimately responsible for their own safety… and that of their dependents.

      Ladies. Don’t be dependents. Or quit bitching about it.

    • The “news” of recent weeks indicates that the liberated new age fems apparently ARE unable to handle their POS progtard associates. When did women become such wimps? After the rise of their lib? Apparently hanging out in NYC/DC/Hollywierd with silly goals of becoming an actress/tv start/political mover is all that is important. Airheads.

      • Not much of a cure for stupid with these folks…

        My mother taught me the rules when I was young:

        Don’t go stupid places, with stupid people, and do stupid things like get drunk/high and naked with strangers. And if you do, take your lumps and learn from it.

  5. When a parent is not with the children the other parent should/must be ready to protect them from a threat. The at home parent must have the proper tools and be proficient in their use. That means training and practice. Training on different scenarios at home and potential responses….and they should have those tools on their person.

    Is that extreme? Maybe in some places but now days attacks are occurring during the day in locations that were previously considered safe.

    Be Prepared !

  6. My wife is a badazz-armed or not. Taught self-defense years ago. Getting her own personal gun for Christmas. Her choice. Yeah she’s more responsible than me😄

  7. Where can I get a .22mm revolver? I’m thinking I can use that for deep cover, when my .9mm is too much to carry.

    Also, that article seems to primarily be a shill for Carry Guard, and it’s not exactly gun friendly, even then.

    • Ruger LCR 22lr 8 rounds,revolver. Use dummy ammunition to dry fire to the heck out of it. Trigger pull is heavy but with enough dry fire with caps it is a nice pocket carry handgun.
      Not typical SD caliber but better than a stick

    • NRA Carry Guard, I’m thinking, NRA is going to push hard for mandatory gun accident insurance. True colors, and if TTAG keeps on pushing it also, well, well, harrumph, I will unbook mark TTAG so there.( like they give a shit,lol

  8. My favorite gun rights slogan is “Guns Protect Moms and Kids”

    I’ve had it printed on T-shirts and bumper stickers that I hand out for free. Too bad it hasn’t caught on with the wider 2A community.

    • “Moms with guns – Because a lioness WILL protect her cub”
      Maybe substitute WILL with SHOULD… eh, you can have them both. You’re welcome.

  9. I did read the article (although my eyes started to glaze over half way through) & it drips with condescension. I get the feeling that the writer (from Brooklyn) drew some kind of office short straw competition to fly to deplorable country and take the handgun awareness course. It ends with various out of context statements about domestic violence (women! murdered! guns! but no mention of the ones stabbed, beaten or strangled) and that 84% of Milwaukee homicides involved guns (no mention of the perps though!).

    However, bearing in mind the website focus (Makeup! Fashion! Shoes! Models! Kardashians!), it was more balanced than I would have expected.

  10. WHEN the Himalayan peasant meets the he-bear in his pride,
    He shouts to scare the monster, who will often turn aside.
    But the she-bear thus accosted rends the peasant tooth and nail.
    For the female of the species is more deadly than the male.

  11. Why does “Mothers Against Only Some Violence” want to disarm other mothers protecting their kids?

    That’s a hell of a way to raise a little valedictorian; winning by clearing the competition.

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