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Pity Poor Ralph Shearer Northam, Virginia’s Democrat governor. Back in his medical school days, he appeared either in blackface or dressed as a Klansman (it’s not clear which) in a photo he selected for his yearbook page. And now that the photo has gone public, even Democrats are calling for him to resign.

Governor Northam — the same man who tarred his opponent in the general election as a racist — initially apologized.

And he said just hours ago that he has no plans to resign. However, increasing calls from all quarters, both left and right, are demanding he step down. Like yesterday. Especially since he has now changed his story about who posed in blackface and Klansman’s robes.

If (when) he calls it quits, it will bring a decisive end to his near-crazed obsession with imposing strict gun control laws upon the Old Dominion’s residents. In fact, he called gun control his “top priority” even before his swearing-in last year.

Just weeks ago, he unveiled his plans for still more gun control measures. Dan covered it here at TTAG:

What exactly is Northam proposing? Hold onto your hat.

– The “Extreme Risk Protective Order,” sponsored by Del. Rip Sullivan and Sen. George Barker, which would allow a court to temporarily prohibit someone from access to their firearms if the person has been found to pose a danger to themselves or others. In response to concerns raised by Republicans last year that such power could be misused, the proposal specifies that any removal order would have to be brought by law enforcement and approved by a judge or magistrate.

– A bill requiring background checks on all gun sales, including private sales at gun shows or online. The measure is sponsored by Del. Ken Plum and Sen. Louise Lucas.

– A revival of Virginia’s one-handgun-a-month law, which had been in effect for nearly 20 years when it was repealed in 2012. Sponsored by Del. Jeion Ward and Sen. Mamie Locke, the measure would “prevent people from stockpiling firearms and transporting them for sale in other states,” Northam’s office said.

Yes, “Coonman” Northam made some poor choices in his younger days in medical school. And now even the left wants his scalp.

Courtesy AP

If Northam does throw in the towel, Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, also a Democrat, would assume the top job. And as our friends at Ammoland pointed out, he’s no more restrained when it comes to restricting Second Amendment rights than Grand Wizard Governor Northam.

Still, Northam has proven himself an enemy to the right to keep and bear arms, and his departure can’t come soon enough.

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  1. Showing their colors more and more openly, aren’t they?

    At least they’re eating their own, now, as well.

    • Not really. The DNC has known about this for years. He was a trusted Democrat politician because they could dangle the sword of Damocles over his head with this picture. He said those things about killing babies the other day, and within 24 hours the powers that be pulled this out to change the narrative…. Now, instead of a Domocrat baby murdering psychopath, he’s a lying racist who’s probably a *gasp* closet conservative KKK grand wizard.

      • You have to wonder if former Governor McAuliffe knew about this history while Northam was his Lt. Governor. My guess would be that he did. Politicians generally have lots of dirt on their competitors, even from the same party.

        • Oh, I’m willing to bet the press knew about it too but didn’t report it because then a Republican might win.

      • LOL, more like a pissed off student at his alma mater wanted to see if he could Roy Moore this guy by looking him up in the yearbook, and nearly crapped himself with delight when the photo appeared.

      • Dan Bongino told Tucker Carlson he got the photo in October but couldn’t verify it was Northam, so he didn’t run with it.

        Northam says its not him and he never ordered the yearbook. So not once since 1984—not during a visit with an old classmate, not at a reunion, NEVER, did anyone show him the page? Nobody blew it up on a slide sometime at the 1994, 2004, or 2014 reunion? NEVER?

        He’s a bald-faced liar. It was pretty impressive to watch.

        • Spoken like somebody who never went to college. I did not buy, and have never seen, my college yearbook, and I graduated in 1969. And his was still farther removed, not college but med school. Also never been to a reunion, in fact I visit with a roommate regularly, haven’t seen any other classmate for 30-40 years.

      • Isn’t it a tradition for Democrats to be members of the KKK?

        They just don’t tell the modern minority and LBGT(etc) members and voters.

        • The KKK was a direct product of the Democratic Party. The whole reason the Republican Party was created was to fight the Democratic Party in order to end slavery. The Democratic Party was the party of the Confederate. It wasn’t until the Democratic Party embraced hardcore Progressivism in 1934 with the offer of free stuff did the blacks start expressing interest in the party despite the rampant racism in the party. Btw, this was the time when Profressives praised fascism and tried to push for the US to convert, but I distress. It was also the Republicans who fought the Democratic Party to end laws in states that discriminated against people for their skin color. MLK was also a Republican, and he was a Republican for a very specific reason…the Democratic Party hated him. I could go on. The truth of history is that the Democratic Party is evil. It has the stains of real racism all over its bed sheets, and there is nothing that they can do to atone for their past. Even though they accuse everyone else of their past sins, they cannot escape the facts.

      • The Democrat’s started the kkk no surprise to see any of them promoting it bfd move on its old news

      • So. What’s the big deal? Have Americans become so uneducated about our past to know that the KKK was founded by Democrats??

    • Yes they are now showing the world who really are the nazi party. I encourage all to do their research as to who the kkk belonged to. What party was really affiliated with the kkk. You will find it was in fact the demoncrats. They have an evil plan that they are trying to fulfill with the UN. It has to do with NWO one government ruler of the whole world and we the people will be their slaves. If you don’t go along they will probably kill us off just like hitler did to the Jews. I say wake up America don’t you see all this happening right now. Why do you think they want to disarm the good people of this country, I will tell you why they have guns stored along with ammo so once they take our guns it will begin. Population control will happen if we the people don’t stand together as one we are all equal doesn’t matter the color of our skin we all come from ALMIGHTY GOD we are brothers and sisters we need to put aside the hate and stand together as a Nation once and for all. This Democrat needs to be hung for his hate crimes.get that piece of sh:t out of office. May GOD have mercy on America

      • If it wasn’t for Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson (“LBJ”) signing the 1964/1965 Civil Rights laws passed by the Republicans ONLY, the Democrats would have blocked any and all Civil Rights legislation for decades to come.

  2. Democrats = racism = discrimination = infringing on the right of citizens to keep and bear arms

    Democrats, like Northam, don’t want minorities to have the right to firearm ownership

    Democrats increase the cost to own firearms, put in place infringements like required training times, waiting times, weapon types, and limitations of all types, all of which make it more difficult for law abiding minorities, lower income, and women to acquire, keep and use firearms for self defense.

    Democrats suppress freedom

  3. We need to attack him for promoting infanticide/ after-birth abortion, not for a joke photograph from decades ago.

    I thought it was funny. This DemsRdaRealRacists thing needs to stop.

    • We all know democrats are the real racists! As a libertarian, I support a free-market solution to racism. Imagine your Amazon Alexa Smart Refrigerator saying, “Access Denied! You made a racist comment at dinner last night.”

      I love allowing the left to set the moral standard, applying it ex post facto, yay!

      Just wait until we can say Democrats are the real gay marriage opposers!

      • Democrats have opposed straight marriage for a very long time now. They put black people in jail if they want to get married when they are on welfare. In fact white homosexual democrats are really big supporters of the Welfare Industrial Complex. It was the Log Cabin Republicans who said Welfare was very destructive to the black family. And they were attacked by rock throwers at gay pride parades.
        The Homosexual Left has always been very racist.

      • Well “As a Libertarian” you are in good company with a Klansman Governor. Both Libertarians and the Democrats nominated for vice president anti civil rights candidates. William Weld and Jim Davis, an open Klansman, in 1924.

  4. My Daddy, rest his soul, taught me many things, not the least of which was/is “Be careful what you wish for.”
    In this case we could get someone much worse than Northam. And, if they can come for him and ruin his career for something from many years ago they can come for you. And me.
    And calling him names (Grand Wizard) is in poor taste and makes you as bad as those that call us racist, homophobic, redneck gun lovers.
    I expect more from your site. You are hurting us, the gun people
    Knock it off show some class and real debate skills.

    • Democommies aren’t worthy of “debate”. You can’t “debate” with a genocidal lunatic. You can only mock him, beat the shit out of him, and shoot him, as necessary.

    • I am becoming a grumpy old man myself. My lovely bride tells me so, too. But I think Mr. Northam really does have some anti-black bigotry going on deep down inside. He doesn’t seem to look at blacks as partners, equals or leaders, but as ignorant servants.

      Shame on him. And yes, he needs to resign.

    • politically, northam staying is better for the GOP and 2A. He’s a joke and would be neutered.

      northam is a racist and a vile person. He literally supports infanticide and he’s a pos who smeared a very good man, Ed Gillespie, as a racist when northam was one all along.

      In the 2013 Lt governor debate, northam wouldn’t even shake the hand of the GOP candidate Jackson who was black. This doesn’t seem to be a old picture problem, it seems to be who northam is.

    • Grand Wizard because he DID dress up in those clothes. We are not racist etc… why?because there’s no proof that we did anything like that. If someone on the right does any thing/ says anything, the left is there to destroy us. It’s the hypocrisy that irks me! Remember the tv guy that said “natty hair” athletes?

    • The democrat AG of Virginia already announced his candidacy for Governor quite a while back. If Lt. Governor Fairfax takes over shortly, there may well be a democrat catfight in 2012. We can always hope for a meltdown.

    • When someone is photographed in a KKK robe or as the blackfaced guy next to the KKK robe, I think calling him names like wizard may be more accurate than pejorative.

  5. It seems that it makes no difference what state a governor is from if it is a Democrat gun control is a TOP priority!!! and they are people who supposedly attended college and can “think”. Now, if a Republican governor’s med school photo was of blackface and KKK hoods there would be calls for castrations from the left. Every person of color in Virginia should be picketing the Governor’s Mansion. Carrying signs suggesting he get out.

  6. Your gone,,,I don’t think criticizing someone for what they did so long ago, (attitudes were different then), probably not done to hurt or embarrass anyone,,, just the way it was then, but since you’re a dem & want my guns, I say By BY,,, you just screwed your political career up big time…

      • And people need to remember, that wasn’t a high school picture when he was 17, that was a medical school picture when he was 25.

        The picture isn’t remotely as bad as his infanticide views but it certainly wasn’t ok

  7. Good thing he’s a Democrat, otherwise this would be racist, offensive and riot-worthy.
    America dodged a bullet.

  8. This is what happens when they hold others to certain ” standards of conduct ” or political correctness. The old saying that people that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones rings true here. If this guy relishes the murders of babies, there is no limit to the evil he will propose and join in with. This same evil trash will criticize NAZI’s and then turn around and try to out do their evil, amazing.

  9. I know of at least 3 presidents who were klansmen, all democrats of course. Truman, Wilson, and another but I can’t remember who the other was.

  10. Golly the govner is just being a good dumbocrat…the party of the confederacy, jim crow and George Wallace. And infanticide/genocide /and/or eugenics. I’m happy the leftards give the same “understanding” they gave Supreme court justice Kavanaugh. AND as I type VA gov Northram is doing a mea culpa. No the black Lieutenant gov is NOT worse…

  11. Northam a racist,from the party of racism,have instituted Jim Crow laws and founding the KKK,still the party of racism.

  12. I don’t agree with this guy politically, or about much else probably, but destroying him for an offensive joke from 35 years ago seems a bit OTT to me.

    • I would rather see him destroyed for being willing to commit the act of state sanctioned murder,Infanticide,as that is a crime against humanity.

    • They viciously attacked Justice Kavanaugh on the basis of false allegations of something he didn’t do over 30 years earlier while he was in high school and college. What’s different now????????

  13. It almost seems like the left is out to LYNCH him. I thought lynching was a trigger for the left. Shocked that the pic didn’t turn up in the election. There goes his hopes to be the next VA senator.

  14. My biggest problem, and I’m a Virginian who didn’t vote for him, is that had this come out 6 months ago, we’d likely have had a very different governor and lt. governor. That is the true crime – he had proven to be a racist and only NOW it comes out, after the fact. Don’t believe va has a recall election….

    • Either the GOP failed in the opp research there, or the other side and their media allies did an amazing job keeping the lid on this. Or both.

  15. Wait… Isn’t that the same white man who wants babies to be murdered after birth? Aren’t black and brown females the predominate receivers of abortions? This man is also against gun ownership. We know historically gun control was mostly to restrict non whites from keeping and bearing arms so they couldn’t stop white men from oppressing and murdering them.

    Wasn’t Planned Parenthood created by a white woman who didn’t want blacks reproducing? Didn’t America influence Nazi doctors like Josef Mengele to do eugenics in Germany to produce a better country and race?

    Is that picture of the governor, from a yearbook, while he was in medical school? Of course it is! Doesn’t look good for good old boy Northam. I wonder what he thinks of non whites and eugenics.

    Yeah, let’s give this man control of all the guns. Go ahead non white people, turn in your guns for your children’s sake. No worries, the government will protect you.

    • “Wasn’t Planned Parenthood created by a white woman who didn’t want blacks reproducing? Didn’t America influence Nazi doctors like Josef Mengele to do eugenics in Germany to produce a better country and race?”

      Yes to the first question, no to the second.

      The Germans had been engaging in racist policies based on eugenics since before Margaret Sanger (founder of PP) started writing. The Herero and Namaqua genocides were in like 1908 and the roots of that thought process went back to the 1860’s and the corruption of The Origin of Species as a psuedoscientific excuse for racism, eugenics and mass murder.

      It was European Socialists who had been calling for mass murder since at least the 1880’s who probably influenced Hitler. George Bernard Shaw, play write, Fabian and outspoken asshole is the first person known to publicly call for a “humane gas” to “liquidate the undesirables in society”. I think he made that public statement in 1928 but it might have been 1931.

      At that point self-proclaimed “Progressives”, including Shaw were also publicly calling for the government to create a board before which every person would go “every year or two to justify your existence” and if you couldn’t justify your existence by proving that you “produce more than you consume” (according to their rules) then “your life is of no value to us and probably isn’t of much value to you” so you’d be declared ab “undesirable” and sent to the hearafter via that “humane gas”.

      • I wasn’t saying that Margaret was the one to give such an idea to the Nazis of that time. I was saying the eugenics movement in the U.S. against Indians and blacks was of great influence on the college age kids that went on to become Hitler’s eugenicists. It appears eugenics was practiced in America before the 1900s and well before Hitler to stop Indians from breeding and to keep blacks slaves. The Nazis picked up what the Americans were putting down.

        Margaret was just another white person who didn’t want anything to do with religious structure and useless eaters. She thought the population most be controlled and dumb people needed to be weeded out prior to birth.

        • Actually, there is documented evidence that the Nazis did in fact borrow their eugenics ideas from the American Democratic Party. Verbatim.

        • “It appears eugenics was practiced in America before the 1900s and well before Hitler to stop Indians from breeding and to keep blacks slaves.”

          This is true, eugenics as a serious way of thinking came into being almost immediately after Darwin published his book in 1859 but the concept of selective breeding of people, especially those in slavery, was known and practiced going back to Hellenistic Greece. The ethics of doing so were discussed by Plato somewhere around 400BC.

          There really isn’t much doubt that Hitler looked at our treatment of Indians under the concept of Manifest Destiny when organizing the thought process behind his lebensraum program. He also said in his written works that he thought the idea of denying citizenship to people of the “wrong” race was a good idea and lauded it’s practice in certain US states at the time.

          I’m not saying that Hitler’s Germany took zero inspiration from people and policies that they found in the United States. They certainly did and, in some ways, used them as an excuse for German behavior. If you actually look at what some high ranking Germans said at the time they thought the United States would allow what German was doing (and we did for a long time) because we couldn’t possibly go to war against a country that was simply practicing the same policies as we had practiced and to some extent still did. How much of that was simply wishful thinking is open to debate.

          I’m simply saying it’s more complicated than saying “Hitler got his ideas from American Progressives and Democrats” since American Progressives and Democrats got their ideas from European Socialists who talked openly of eugenics as early as at least 1880 and got their ideas on this particular topic, ultimately, from Ancient Greece. Socialism itself can be traced back to the late 1780’s, about the time of our Constitution, and the ideas of *cough* “population control” within socialism existed before Marx published his little book in 1848. The ideas really accelerated, within the context of socialism after his book was published and took on a “scientific” mantle in the 1860’s. Also, it’s demonstrable that these ideas were known within Germany prior to the United States breaking away from Great Britain, possibly as early as the 1650’s when the modern German state started to take shape.

        • strych9
          The socialist progressives who control the printing of history books have been working over time for decades to prevent the public from learning about the racist population control views of Margret Sanger, Marx and the rest of these racist socialists. And they don’t want the American public to know that the German Nazis were in fact reading the views of the progressives in this country. And implementing those views in German.

          The progressives love to document history when it serves their interest. It does not serve their interest to talk about the Nazi connection they have from the 1920s.

          Dinesh D’Souza, his books and films makes them very nervous. I have noticed they will not debate him on this issue. And he has challenged them.

        • “And they don’t want the American public to know that the German Nazis were in fact reading the views of the progressives in this country. And implementing those views in German.”

          The Germans didn’t get the idea from us. That’s all I’m saying. They used the fact that the ideas existed in our country as a justification for the continuation of a practice that had existed in the Western world since at least 500 years before the birth of Christ.

          Plato didn’t talk about this as a theory. He discussed the ethics of it because it had already been practiced on slave populations in Greece (and other places) for centuries at the time he was alive and his discussion was on the ethical and moral issues surrounding continuing to practice it. He came down on the side of saying it was a good idea and morally and ethically acceptable and even suggested it was a good idea to practice outside of slave populations.

          Plato, being one of the most important people in the early development of Western philosophy (though he couldn’t know that at the time he was alive) cemented these ideas in Western thought until the concept of “natural rights” became a thing in the mid to late 1600’s. After that the concepts of slavery and of selective breeding within human populations started to fall out of favor until they were revived in the 1860’s after the folks who still liked these ideas latched on to The Origin of Species as a scientific excuse to ignore the arguments put forth by people like Locke on the grounds that certain groups of people really were sub-human and could be “scientifically” shown to be so. Therefore being sub-human they were not endowed with “natural rights” because those rights only belonged/applied to fully human people. There was all sorts of shit going on in attempts to prove this. As late as 1909 the Germans sent severed heads of Africans they worked to death at Shark Island back to Germany for study. That study was attempting to prove the sub-human nature of blacks.

          Again, there is no doubt that Hitler and other Nazis used US thinkers, US policy and US law as a justification for their own actions in the 1930’s. But they can be shown not to have gotten the ideas from us. They already had them and used us as part of their justification for acting on those ideas.

      • American citizens at the time were Europeans recently settled. Most of their ideas were straight from Europe. Europeans getting ideas from Europeans.

        I am not claiming Democrats/Socialists/Communists/Fascists created the idea. I am saying European-Americans actually did what other Europeans thought about doing. White Americans actually put into practice the things that Hitler later used to cleanse his Aryan ethno state of the undesirables like the European-Americans did before him in the Americas. It’s one thing to conceptualize eugenics, it’s another thing to actually do it and create a framework for your people to follow.

        I can think about humans flying through the air like a bird. Things change immensely when I actually create a flying machine and get off the ground.

        • “It’s one thing to conceptualize eugenics, it’s another thing to actually do it and create a framework for your people to follow.”

          The point CZ is that eugenics wasn’t just conceptualized, it was practiced rather widely 2500 (or more) years ago. It’s not new at all. It just got the name “eugenics” in the second half of the 1800’s but the idea and the practice had existed for a very, very long time. The practice, irregardless of name, enjoyed a resurgence after 1859 because while it had been practiced all this time it was becoming less and less respected, and in fact becoming somewhat abhorrent to civilized society, until they could rename it and provide a “scientific justification” for it by bastardizing what Darwin said about evolution.

    • Boy is that some crazy shit. No one allocates abortions by race or anything else, the only way a woman gets an abortion is by requesting it. Sorry, your conspiracy theories are lunatic.

  16. This guy’s a peach…

    Kill the babies cause some constituents want that. (That’s a no-brainer: babies don’t vote, so expendable. Besides, some of the dead ones grow up to vote D.)

    Anti-black racism, disarmament laws, pseudo-govt enforcement let slide with a nod and a wink (But they have costumes!). I don’t see novel systematic disenfranchisement, yet.

    Do I remember right that The First Black President(tm)’s political operation bankrolled this guy?

  17. New democrats same as the old democrats.

    WWI: democrats
    Eugenics: democrats
    WWII: democrats
    Internment of Japanese Americans: democrats
    Dropped nuclear weapons on civilians twice in one week: democrats
    Korean War: democrats
    Vietnam War: democrats
    “Gun control”: democrats

    • You are so right Tim….and they have the gall to label the other party as ‘war hawks”.

  18. Many points can be gleaned from this. First, Planned Parenthood, Tom Steyer, and Michael Bloomberg contributed mightily to his campaign. Remember that. People like Michael Bloomberg pushed Northam over the finish line (ahead of Gillespie). Bloomberg gave Northam an awful lot of money to ensure that he would win the race.

    If you’re on social media, remind people of the ties between Bloomberg and Northam. Maybe Bloomberg will do some equivocating now, but he bears great responsibility for Northam being in the governor’s mansion. Go on the offensive. Everytown (Bloomberg), 1.4 million dollars.

    At a minimum, Bloomberg shoveled boatloads of cash without doing “background checks.”

  19. I’m saying they want to take yr guns (also movement, money, n skills)/to make you too dependent on them n powerless to push back.

  20. I am sorry up front if this question is not politically correct, but I am really just wondering: does not the picture show a klansman and a black person having beer together? Is that not ok? Can’t we promote talking to each other over a beer?

    I know blackface and hoods are offensive by themselves. I know Northam is a gun grabbing jerk. I am just asking about the total picture message if that is ok.

    • Of course it’s “OK”. It’s a stupid Halloween picture of stupid, drunk college kids making a dumb joke.
      That used to be OK.

      But for the last generation, democrats have criminalized, demonized, radicalized, and hyper-politicized absolutely very molecule on the planet. They’ve created an environment where absolutely *anything* and EVERYTHING will be leveraged for the sake of more power.

      But they’ve lost control of the monster they created. It’s coming after them now.

      • The basis of Marxism is dialectics – a perpetual war against someone. War of classes, ideas, individuals, races and sexes. War, as brilliantly shown in “1984.” It doesn’t matter whom we’re fighting today – the enemy of the Party is our enemy; or you are the enemy.

  21. Latest Drudge headline at 3:50 PM –


    Excellent. Hang in there, Northam. Stay in office, hopelessly crippled to damage the 2A.

    Hang in there, buddy! 😉

    • To Geoff: I hope Alexandria Cortez Ortez (whatever) keeps talking, and hanging in there. Every time she opens her mouth crazy stuff comes out. I’m looking forward to her debate with anybody.

    • This is from 2013 notice the arrogance and self sense of elitism among liberal Democrats is astounding. Liberal VA Lt Gov candidate Ralph Northam openly disses EW Jackson and the media doesn’t seem to care.

      • Rev Jackson was opposed by white homosexuals because he is against gay marriage. Of course gays are supporters of the Welfare Industrial complex, which is against straight marriage. And they supported Northam.

  22. Most of Notham’s gun control initiative has already failed. It didn’t even make it out of committee.

  23. Let’s apply the same standards to northam the left applied to countless.other republicans, conservatives and other enemies of the state.

    According to his presser he claims

    Never saw the picture or his yearbook
    Is not the one in the picture
    Isn’t going to resign.

    Which means he thinks he can get away with it and lie enough to win. What a douchbag.

    • Sadly, it’s worked for other Dems. If I smashed my computer, used bleach-bit, lied to congress, sold uranium to Russia, I’d be long gone.

  24. I wonder what Antifa is going to do about their boy Northam. They marched and brought out their guns today to burn an effigy of a Ku Klux Klan member in Georgia because there was going to be an alt right gathering.

  25. Why did ANYONE down south even vote for a DemoCRAP in the 1st place!? Know that the DemoCommie party is mostly Anti-2nd Amendment !?!? And that’s coming from someone stuck behind the iron curtain in the Militant Socialist Utopian Aut7 Police-State of the People’s Republic of M Assachusetts……

  26. I would like to know if the “distinguished” Governor ever attended a cross burning? Did he ever burn a cross on the lawn of a black home? And I’d like to know if black people shot at him when he did?

  27. . he’s wearing a big white cowboy hat, that should count as somthinG . democrat party, republican party, 1+1= 1

  28. Northam is a grabber, Fairfax is a confiscationist. Devil ya know vs devil we don’t I suppose, but both of them suck.

  29. I agree with Governor Northam regarding birth control. If a fetus develops without a brain, it should be terminated before birth. My reason is based on the fact that I know of one instance where such a baby was born and she grew up to become Speaker of the House.

  30. Obviously some people knew about this before hand. You have to wonder if his endorsement of infanticide was a straw for some. But then again, Democrats are quite evil all around and this sort of thing shouldn’t have bothered them too much. So called “conservatives” were really riled up though.

  31. You have to question the timing and sequence of all these events. It’s common knowledge
    that these kkk pics where know well in advance.

    The bottom line is Northam is an old white southern democrat and a party “throw away.” Keep in mind the lieutenant governor is an extreme leftist that just happens to be younger and black.

    Regardless if Northam resigns or is removed by the state legislature nothing really changes.
    You’ll just end up with a new governor pushing the same policies as Northam. They just won’t be white……

    • Removing Northam forces the Democrats to have standards. Leftists apply rules for non Democrats to live by while they do the opposite. If you let them be racist yet get into the most powerful positions, they will win every time.

      Most people believe the Republicans are the racists. Down playing the racist things the Democrats do plays into that. Why else does the younger generations think black people can’t be racist?

      If they want to call Trump a racist because he said some people that cross the border illegally are murderers or rapists, they will also have to call fellow Democrats out for being racist when they have a nickname “coonman” and dress up in black face multiple times. They could end up calling out a lot of Democrats for racism, which will defeat their propaganda that Republicans are and always have been the racists.

      Democrats win elections because the American people are ignorant to American history. If they were educated they would not be so quick to support abortion, repealing the 2nd Amendment, welfare, open borders and the Democrat party. Not informing fellow Americans and not forcing everyone to live up to a standard allows the Democrats to take over the country with ease.

      America needs to stop allowing bad people to get away with things. There are a few reasons to remove Northam, therefore he should be removed. When we start removing bad people from office it becomes easier and easier to not have to use physical force. If you think playing 4D chess will make America great you will allow bad people to stay in power regardless of their actions and push us closer to civil war.

      • You’re barking up the wrong tree… I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass if they tar and feather Northam in the public square. You’re completely missing my point that nothing is gonna change.

        Thanks for the idealistic drivel, lecture on 4D Chess and wake me up when the civil war starts….. 🤣

        • You ignore my point. I saw your point and raise another.

          Getting rid of bad people like Northam improves the culture ever so slightly by holding politicians accountable. It does not matter if the person that replaces him has similar political views. What matters is that our society starts holding bad politicians accountable for their actions and summarily removes them from office instead of playing stupid 4D chess by voting for the lesser of two evils and living with it… When someone does something anti American they should be removed from office immediately.

          Our society should be about leading by example, not do as I say but not as I do.

          You are showing yourself to be a hater of what America stands for when you consider my views to be “idealistic drivel.” Also, you expose your ignorance of history by dismissing the ongoing degradation of the U.S. Constitution as not big enough of a deal to worry about future violence being used to restore liberty in a country that already had two wars for such a thing.

          Does the person who would replace Northam think the same about murdering newborn babies? If that person does not advocate for allowing the murder of newborns it would be a significant change, though it is only that which is different.

          Apparently Republicans are not all that smart or they are straight up liars. The Democrats have been manipulating the public into thinking that Northam is a Republican and they are distracting from his comments about a Democrat bill to allow murdering new born babies. Right now Republicans should be tying everything together to expose the Democrats as eugenicists, racists, socialists, elitists, who have historically and currently want to disarm minorities. But most mainstream Republicans won’t because they actually are on the side of the Democrats at the end of the day.

        • @CZJay

          There’s no way Northam’s abortion and antigun nonsense would make it through VA’s state legislature. (They’d need a GOP governor for them to push that crap.) The media is dog whistling polarizing issues and you barked just as they planned.

          In reality, beyond the echo chambers of social media and the superficial partisan hacks the mass majority doesn’t care. Most folks are too busy with their daily grind, zombie gazing smartphones and vaping to worry about big government infringements.

          Even though I agree with your sentiment, worrying about big government infringing rights is akin to worrying if the sun is gonna rise tomorrow. They’re gonna pass whatever they want whenever they want but in the long run enforcement is where they hit the wall and they know it…

          If you wanta spend your days getting spun up about politics and develop an ulcer and hypertension over nonsense… Have at it. Just keep in mind it’s not gonna change a thing.

          You can also move out to the sticks and go “off grid” but the WiFi you’ll require to argue with anonymous strangers on TTAG won’t be as readily available…..

          So if I’m an “American hater” for pointing out the truth…. Oh well…. I can add “America hater” to the list of anonymous insults I’ve received.

  32. Time for everyone for force this white-trash out of office. Whether he goes quietly or not is up to him.
    Democrats must prove they aren’t the KKK-party we all know they are.

  33. Poor article. There is no doubt this was in some primary opposition research file . College year books have, for years, been something checked by any competent oppo research.

    The thing is Northam was a major McCullife ally and this was almost certainly suppressed.

    What happened was Northam fked up with his abortion comments, which were untenable, and would have harmed Demcorats EVERYWHERE in the US ( ) so this was deployed to remove him.

    And TTAG ought to look at the Lt. governor who will replace northam. He is even more hard core gun grabber, has received huge amounts from Bloomberg.

    of northam TTAG says:
    “What exactly is Northam proposing? Hold onto your hat,” and then lists measures that have been proposed over and over in the Virignia House.

    In fact of all the viable Dem candidates in that race northam was the least anti second Amendment. His replacement, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, will be adding assault rifle ban, magazine capacity and a half dozen other measures.

    Virginia demographic shifts are not just a huge growth in Latino (there are not 20% or 50% or 70% more Hispanics today there than 10 years ago, but near 100% more, a doubling). moreover the number of federal worker and federal economy dependent workers keeps going up and those are Democrats.

    The Virginia house of delegates was 68 GOP to 32 Dem just four years ago. It is 51:49 today.

    All indications are that 2020 will give Dems the majority in both chambers, and have a very popular Dem governor, and enact gun control that makes that “hold onto your hat” list look like nothing. Also the Dems will get control during redistricting and that will mean they will probably get 60 seats after that

    • Also, before any of this happened, his grand highly promoted gun control plan largely died in committee. I think that the Dems totally misjudged the 2018 election results in VA, forgetting that we still hold the state Assembly.

      Also, from things I’m seeing locally, no, the Dem ‘majority’ here isn’t likely to increase, it is likely to hover right where it is.

  34. Completely shits on Constitutional rights. CRICKETS
    Advocates for infanticide. TUMBLEWEEDS

    I fucking hate the American Left so much. That’s why I left a few years ago, these people and their priorities are completely backwards and disgusting.

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