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You’re probably familiar with what appears to have been an Antifa member shooting and killing a man at a Trump rally in Portland, Oregon — something that hasn’t really been covered fervently by the mainstream media…surprise, surprise. But that wasn’t the only round fired at a protest yesterday.

At a BLM protest in Carson City, Nevada a protestor “accidentally” fired his rifle and has, thus far, gotten away with it. reports:

According to Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong, an accidental misfire of a rifle occurred today at around 5 p.m. in front of the Nevada State Legislature in Carson City following a Black Lives Matter rally.

The rally had ended previously and there was a small group of Black Lives Matter protesters left in the area, according to Furlong. One BLM protestor had an AK-47 style weapon on his shoulder, and when he removed it from his shoulder, one shot went off into the air.

Deputies went to the area and immediately recognized it had been an accident and took the gun from the protestor, who also concurred it had been an accident. The protestor was not cited or arrested, but charges may follow from the DA after an investigative report is made.

What goes up must come down. Gravity is funny that way.

Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong had something to say about how guns are fired:

The sheriff wants to remind everyone that bringing loaded weapons to a protest is dangerous, and people should use caution while open carrying and always make sure their safety is on, or leave their weapons…unloaded.

“Please, guns have accidents,” said Furlong. “An accident can turn into a tragedy in two seconds. We were very fortunate today.”

“Guns have accidents”? Is Furlong is saying the AK-47 pulled its own trigger?

What do you think the odds are this will end with charges being filed by the DA? More importantly, do you think it would have been brushed off if the shot fired had come not from a BLM protestor but, say, from someone guarding a business from rioters and looters?

Questions abound.

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    • Everyone knows that guns can “misfire” and “just go off”. That’s what makes them so dangerous. Just handling a gun or having one in your house means that it might go off and hurt someone. Guns are just accidents waiting to happen. Guns are meant to kill and this is why civil people shouldn’t have access to guns. //sarc//

      • “Just handling a gun or having one in your house means that it might go off and hurt someone.”

        That’s why you keep them locked up in safes; so they can’t sneak out at night and party hardy.

      • Yes. That’s why gun museums, gun stores, and shooting facilities have the highest rate of guns “accidentally” going off. All those guns just lying around waiting to go off. Scary. Don’t forget the danger of guns in bedside tables, glove boxes, gun safes, closet shelves, tool boxes, backpacks, encased in holsters. Yup, going off all the time.

        • And despite the Sheriff’s advice, I have it on good authority they can sometimes load themselves, too! The only safe way to deal with them is to remain at the range at all times, shooting up box after box of ammo until the barrel melts.

  1. “More importantly, do you think it would have been brushed off if the shot fired had come not from a BLM protestor..?”

    Not even if the bullet had killed someone. “Accidents just happen. Too bad, so sad.”

    • Negligent discharges occur often, usually with no charges whatsoever.

      No charges in 2006 for Virginia Del. John Reid, R-Henrico, who accidentally fired a gun he was unloading in his office. The bullet struck a bullet-resistant vest hanging on his office door.

      • No need to speculate – There have been negligent discharges at both right-wing rallies (like one to supposedly protect confederate monuments, where a guy shot himself in the leg) and armed BLM marches (there was a fairly recent and similar one, but it was black protester with an AR). I haven’t heard of anyone being charged yet in either case.

  2. BLM right now is untouchable. It is sad but there are two judicial systems running concurrently. One for BLM and one for the rest of us. Soros has done well inserting do nothing DA’s into America’s criminal justice system. Or should I say do nothing if a preferred party commits a crime.

    This weekend a BLM president in WI said that they need to start killing a white person when a black person is killed. That would be the start of a conflagration. It yet may occur since some of the BLM supporters are not the sharpest knives in the drawer and they might take him seriously.

    • “This weekend a BLM president in WI said that they need to start killing a white person when a black person is killed.”

      Whoa there Jeff! Easy buddy. You must be mistaken. I’ve been told, in good faith, that BLM is 100% peaceful. Surely you’re referring to antifa or right wing agitators?

          • “It’s like calling the battle of Stalingrad as a “minor border dispute”.”

            Stalingrad was mostly an urban renewal program.

        • People with African ancestry as a majority are faster runners then people with Caucasian ancestors. I figure they’ve already won the race war.

        • How dat possum do it, he run so fast?
          He run like the devil, his little legs just last and last.
          But ol possum he got a secret he don’t want you to know.
          He got a secret, place, a nice warm hidey hole.
          Possum in the grill , yes possum in the grill.
          Open up the lid and give old possum a thrill.

      • We just had 2 white people killed, is he planning to whack a couple of black guys? Or is he maybe an idiot?

    • If you want the history of BLM, according to CNN, BLM was started in response to the Treyvon Martin killing. so the primary blame falls squarely on Obama and Biden.

      • BLM was started with blacks and “small hat” types, not unlike the troublemakers who egged on violence during the so-called “civil-rights” demonstrations of the 1950s and 60s.
        Even the NAACP was started and run by the “small hats” until blacks within the organization finally “got smart” and booted the “small hats” out.
        The “small hats” are of a bolshevik communist persuasion as well as being of the “chosen” tribe and have been behind every instance of politicized violence for a long time.

        • And there you go spouting your anti Jew crap.
          I wish we were as powerful and influential behind the scenes like you seem to think we are.
          You should be glad I’m not. I’d send you to ISIL they surely would appreciate someone like you.

        • So, Ken, are you saying you know what that fool is talking about? I thought he was speaking a foreign language. Is it just some kind of code? Is he in a secret society or some shit? Dafook is a small hat?

      • I would also add that the Obama administration padded in so many Fortune 500 executive positions with Leftists at such an alarming rate that people dryly joked that one only need to stay as an analyst/intern in the West Wing for a month to become a Silicon Valley executive. In case anyone is wondering how American companies turned into dysfunctional woke trash from inside…

    • “This weekend a BLM president in WI said that they need to start killing a white person when a black person is killed.“

      That’s no big deal, posters on this list often call for the hanging of Democrats, or lining up the liberals against the wall and shooting them.

      What is so different about a black person suggesting something similar?

    • “This weekend a BLM president in WI said that they need to start killing a white person when a black person is killed.”

      I completely support this- PROVIDED I get to pick the ‘white person’. Two birds, one stone and all that 😉

      • Bearing in mind that Antifa is mostly privileged white dudes, they won’t have to look far for targets.

        • Methhead, soyboy, pedophile cucks. Virtually every one of them that has been doxxed even lightly.
          You couldn’t build a better caricature of the “movement” if you tried.

          They could proactively prevent 90% of the rioting just by locking up anyone on the sex offender registry for the weekend.

        • Privileged white boys who have been made to feel shame for their ethnicity and are full of self hatred and loathing. They project this self hatred on to others which provokes them into violence.

  3. “Guns have accidents”?

    That’s weird. Do they pee on themselves?

    Now imagine those armed peaceful protesters in Virginia and Michigan (that the media keeps calling terrorists for some reason) having a negligent discharge. What would the reporting be like?

  4. Let’s just quit the Mexican hat dancing, they have been videotaped and we have heard them say, they will kill white people and Trump supporters and nothing is being done about it except letting them go or all out denying any laws have been broken by police departments and their supervisors. Good luck everybody. And just scream, we were peaceful protesting and it was Trump’s fault and throw racism in there every once in awhile

  5. What should you expect? Wasn’t it Grand Master B or something like that with the NFAC that aid every time you close the bolt on an AZ-15 the firearm discharges? It happens every FN day in the US Army, so it was no big deal when it happened to one of his people in Louisville.

    Reminded me of a show called Bozo’s Circus. But I don’t have an AZ-15, I do know that my AR-15 has never gone off by accident….

    • did they pass a red flag law whete he’s at? it would be so ironic if he were to get popped for being completely inept, unsafe and dangerous with a gun…

  6. Can this get any dumber or more dangerous? Never mind, rhetorical question. So they’re not even gonna charge the idiot with endangering? And on a similar note, have they found the a**hole who assassinated the Trumper, and if they do, will they charge him!? Can you say, civil war 2.0?

    • 4Chan identified the guy in a matter of hours. It wasn’t hard, given he was stupid enough to get inked up with a large BLM tat on the side of his neck facing the camera. Media sources are claiming the Portland PD deserves the credit.

      The real question is, since being outed as Marquise Love a.k.a. ‘Keese Love’, has he been apprehended or not.

  7. It certainly isn’t going to get any better for law abiding citizens. 244 years, we had a good run. It’s a shame that there are so many brain dead POS that are going to vote for socialism.

  8. Only Glocks have “accidents”. All other guns are subject to “Unintended Discharge” by who holds it failing the four basic rules of gun safety.

    No one knows yet who shot the guy in Portland. So far it’s clear as crystal his bunch was driving around shooting protesters with paint ball and spraying them with bear mace. So, fuck that idiot.

    There are two groups out there wanting to fight each other. They will continue to do so, blaming the other for starting what they both wanted, until this episode of STUPID burns itself out.
    During which what gets drowned out in all this idiotic noise is the clear facts that yes, police brutality and excessive force is a thing, that black people (especially those doing nothing wrong at the time) pay the price of it, that more money needs to go into violence prevention, that cops are over-militarized and yet, even on top of all that, we still need strong and well funded police agencies.

    It’s all out of balance, outta’ whack. But so long as people are shouting each other and the stupidity continues to feed itself from both sides, it continues.

    • Patriot Prayer has shot at protesters after they assaulted them with paintball guns and bear mace almost 2 weeks ago. One of their members told people they have guns and they will use them before they went to their cars. They were committing what appears to be felony assault to anyone that approached them or were questing them aggressively. These guys came down to the city in a convoy with intent to harm BLM and Antifa.

      Patriot Prayer member Skylor Noel Jernigan (they claim to be Christian), who fired his handgun twice at the crowd, was arrested and charged with numerous felonies.

      So called (peaceful and big heart) “Jay Bishop,” the now dead Patriot Prayer member, may have been at the little get together when Skylor Jernigan shot at people as he left the parking structure. Also the other Patriot Prayer member who was with Jay when he was shot dead, may have also been there when Skylor committed his violent crimes.

      It look like the Jay Bishop shooting could be successfully argue as self defense in a court of law. Because it sounds and looks like Jay and his fellow member approached the shooter aggressively and Jay was reaching into a holster to get something to attack the shooter with. The audio in the videos sounds as if Jay was saying “right here” (as he reached into a drop leg holster) and the shooter was saying “pull it out.” Jay then pulled out a black object and pointed it at the face of the shooter. The shooter fired two rounds at Jay, striking him in the heart as he was being maced.

      Jay has no right to spray people with bear mace who shout, “we got Trump supporters over here.” That may even be a felony offense. Now people will say bear mace is not a lethal weapon, thus it was murder. However, the shooter can argue Patriot Prayer have said they have guns, they would use them against Antifa and right after saying they had guns they used them on protesters.

      What would gun owners do if a man shouted “right here” as he reached into a drop leg holster to grab an item? Or what if he simply said nothing and reached into a drop leg holster to pull out a dark item and point it at you as he approaches you aggressively? Would you have shot him? Would a cop shot him?

      Keep in mind there has been two Patriot Prayer members that have shot at people in Portland (they were arrested for those shootings) and other gun pulls by members. And they were caught at a the parking structure by police with ARs in cases, they claimed they were not going to commit a terror attack they were simply a quick reaction force if Antifa started shooting at their members.

  9. I remember reading when white Democrats were accidentally hanging black people all the time. They weren’t arrested either. Those same white democrats made it against the law for a black person to have guns.

    I watched the facebook live video. The gun owner is a young masked white guy. It appears he had an SKS. It seems having an Negligent Discharge is a thing in NFAC and white BLM members.

    • I’m starting to believe that if the democrats ran George Wallace, Orville Faubus, or Lestor Maddox against Trump he’d get as many votes from them as Biden will.

  10. Not hard to imagine a circumstance where an ANTIFA firearm discharges ‘accidentally’, and fire directed at the source of the discharge is returned immediately, eliminating the threat permanently.

    I’d say this clown is lucky not to be on ice today pending an autopsy, but given the complete stupidity of his actions, that circumstance isn’t likely to continue much longer.

  11. I’d say this boy’s pop had an “accidental discharge”…or did he just go off?!? Yeah get ready for an un- civil war. Whether Donnie wins or not😕😕😕😕

  12. ‘…people should… leave their weapons…unloaded.

    “Please, guns have accidents,”’

    This is why I always keep the liquor cabinet locked. Whenever my AK gets loaded he starts going off on people and usually ends up falling down. Some guns just can’t handle their liquor.

    • “Some guns just can’t handle their liquor.”

      I think that would be the SBRs. They don’t have the volume capacity to handle as much booze as the .50 cal fraternity boys.

  13. Yes, it looks like gun carrying militia members on both sides are ill prepared to handle lethal weapons.

    Incidents like this are exactly why I believe a basic skills test should be necessary for both automobiles and firearms.

    And regarding the false notion that BLM protesters somehow get special treatment, here’s a so-called ‘patriot‘ who also was not charged for his negligent discharge.

    “According to the Hanover Evening Sun, a 23-year-old man accidentally shot himself in the thigh near one of the protests, and park rangers accidentally fired the gun again when attempting to take ammunition out of it.

    The man, Benjamin Hornberger of Shippenburg, Pennsylvania, described himself as a “patriot,” according to PennLive. Nearby protesters told the outlet that Hornberger had come to the park to rally against Antifa but was not associated with any particular group.

    According to the Evening Sun, Park officials say he was not inside one of the fenced areas where permitted protesters were stationed, but was taking part in the “First Amendment Protest.”

    According to WPMT, a National Park Service Officer applied a tourniquet that stopped the bleeding and possibly saved Hornberger’s life. An ambulance was called, and he was transported to a local hospital. No charges are expected to be filed, as federal law permits handguns in National Parks.“

    And the last line is especially interesting, it was Barack Hussein Obama who removed Reagan’s restrictions on carrying firearms in national parks and forests.

    Thanks Democrat Obama, for expanding our gun rights!

    Now, can anybody tell me when Republican Trump expanded our gun rights?

    Bump stocks, anyone?

      • No, I am celebrating the fact that Democratic president Barack Hussein Obama expanded our gun rights by signing into law a bill that rescinded Ronald Reagan’s regulations against carrying firearms in national forests and parks.

        And I am asking in what material way has Republican Donald Trump expanded our gun rights? Besides banning bump stocks and advocating taking guns away from cutizens and worrying about the courts later.

    • As soon as you tell everybody which 2A rights expanding bill landed on Trump’s desk and remained unsigned.
      In USA President is not an imperator. He doesn’t make laws. But you already know that and just twist the truth into pretzels as usual.

      • “As soon as you tell everybody which 2A rights expanding bill landed on Trump’s desk and remained unsigned.”

        As a courtesy to refresh your memory, I would point out that the Republicans held a majority in both houses of Congress and the presidency from January, 2017 until January 2019. And in that time they did zero to expand your gun rights.

        On the other hand, the Democrats took control of both houses of Congress and the presidency in January 2009 and in the first six months they expanded your gun rights to hundreds of thousands of acres of federal lands, repealing a Ronald Reagan regulation banning guns in National Parks and Forests:

        The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009 is a federal statute passed by the United States Congress and signed by U.S. President Barack Obama on May 22, 2009. It is comprehensive credit card reform legislation that aims “…to establish fair and transparent practices relating to the extension of credit under an open end consumer credit plan, and for other purposes.”[1] The bill was passed with bipartisan support by both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

        Introduced in the House of Representatives as H.R. 627 by Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney D-NY-14 on January 22, 2009

        The bill is introduced into Congress by a Democrat, and signed into law by Democratic president Barack Hussein Obama.

        The relevant portion is Section 512, titled “Protecting Americans From Violent Crime,” was inserted to override a previous federal court decision that held national parks, as federal land, were more or less “gun-free zones” outside of hunting activities in those national parks allowing hunting. To abrogate this prohibition, concerned lawmakers got the provision into the Credit CARD Act. Once it passed, Section 512 established the new law regarding carrying in parks.
        The law establishes primacy of state law in national parks, since they are a different type of federal installation than say, prisons, military bases, courthouses and office buildings.

        Doesn’t it make your tummy feel funny to know that you’ve been jacked by Trump and the GOP for years?

  14. 2 white sjws we’re walking back and forth on a sidewalk in a downtown park holding a BLM sign. I watched them get coal rolled multiple times. I was the first at a light. I took the opportunity to roll coal as well. Hilarious. Def delete pays for itself.

    • You’re getting in territory that can lead to a shooting where you can’t claim self defense.

      • Lol. Ok. I press the gas, smoke happens. Because it does happen and a def delete is legal in my state. Someone rushes me and pulls a gun and you act like they are not the aggressor? Shut the fuck up neck beard lawyer.

  15. In Nevada a protester didn’t fire his gun yet was shot down because police saw him with it and there was a shooting that happened earlier separate from the protests. So, I bet the police are much more careful to not murder open carriers again and assume open carriers are criminals.

  16. While it is a rare occurrence, there are circumstances under which firearms can discharge unintentionally without someone pulling the trigger. Just ask the executives at Remington who have had to cope with lawsuits resulting from the safety on their Remington 700 rifles failing to restrain the striker. This is why we have the SECOND LAW OF GUN SAFETY. Don’t point a gun at anyone or anything that you don’t want to shoot, even if you believe that it is unloaded, the safety is on, or it’s only “harmless” birdshot.

    My guess is that this protestor has his AK loaded with a round in the chamber and either left the safety off or the safety was pulled against something that moved it to the fire position. It happens. Then an inadvertent pressure on the trigger caused the gun to fire.

  17. Guess the clown in St. Louis that killed one cop and wounded another has his defense strategy laid out for him.. But your honor, the gun went off by itself striking the officer in the head and then went off again hitting the other officer in the leg as I tried to unload it… OBTW, yes I’m aware shooter is white, for all you race baiting trolls…

  18. Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong had something to say about how guns are fired:

    The sheriff wants to remind everyone that bringing loaded weapons to a protest is dangerous, and people should use caution while open carrying and always make sure their safety is on, or leave their weapons…unloaded.

    “Please, guns have accidents,” said Furlong. “An accident can turn into a tragedy in two seconds. We were very fortunate today.”
    That Sheriff must be feeding at the Democratic Trough. Guns do not have accidents -The person handling the weapon has and causes the accident.

    • “Guns do not have accidents -The person handling the weapon has and causes the accident.”

      Ha. Shows how little you know about guns. Guns are devious, sly, cunning, and bear considerable watching. Never underestimate the sneakiness of inanimate objects.

  19. Immediately after the ND occurred he said “It’s just a prank Bro”. So it’s all good in the hood

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