Portland shooting antifa trump rally
(AP Photo/Paula Bronstein)
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By Gillian Flaccus, AP

Oregon State Police will return to Portland to help local authorities after the fatal shooting of a man following clashes between President Donald Trump supporters and counter-protesters that led to an argument between the president and the city’s mayor over who was to blame for the violence.

Protesters were back on the streets for a demonstration Sunday night outside a public safety building. Police declared an unlawful assembly and detained several people after saying protesters were seen throwing projectiles.

After Trump called Ted Wheeler, a Democrat, a “fool” and faulted him for allowing mayhem to proliferate in the liberal city, the visibly angry mayor lashed out at the president during a Sunday news conference, addressing him in the first person through the TV cameras.

“That’s classic Trump. Mr. President, how can you think that a comment like that, if you’re watching this, is in any way helpful? It’s an aggressive stance, it is not collaborative. I certainly reached out, I believe in a collaborative manner, by saying earlier that you need to do your part and I need to do my part and then we both need to be held accountable,” Wheeler said.

“Let’s work together…Why don’t we try that for a change?”

The testy news conference followed a chaotic 24 hours in Portland that began when Saturday evening when a caravan of about 600 vehicles packed with Trump supporters drove through the liberal city and was met with counterprotesters. Skirmishes broke out between the groups and, about 15 minutes after the caravan left the city, a supporter of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer was fatally shot.

Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson identified the victim as Aaron “Jay” Danielson. He called the victim a “good friend,” but provided no further details. Danielson apparently also went by the name Jay Bishop, according to Patriot Prayer’s Facebook page.

“We love Jay and he had such a huge heart. God bless him and the life he lived,” Gibson said in a Facebook post.

Trump retweeted the victim’s name and wrote, “Rest in peace Jay!”

It wasn’t clear if the shooting was related to the clashes in Portland, which has become a flashpoint in the national Black Lives Matter protests since George Floyd was killed in May and an increasing centerpiece in Trump’s law-and-order re-election campaign theme.

Late Sunday Oregon Gov. Kate Brown released details of a plan to address the violence in Portland while protecting free speech. She said the district attorney’s office in Multnomah County, which includes Portland, will prosecute serious criminal offenses and the sheriff’s office will work with other agencies to hold people arrested for violent behavior and ensure there is adequate jail space.

Also, Brown said Oregon State Police will return to Portland to help local police, and nearby law enforcement agencies will also be asked to assist.

“We all must come together—elected officials, community leaders, all of us—to stop the cycle of violence,” the Democrat said in a statement.

Trump and other speakers at last week’s Republican National Convention evoked a violent, dystopian future if Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden wins in November and pointed to Portland as a cautionary tale for what would be in store for Americans.

Police have released little information about the fatal shooting and Chief Chuck Lovell said Sunday that investigators are still gathering evidence, including surveillance video from area businesses. Earlier, the agency released a plea for any information related to the killing, including videos, photos or eyewitness accounts.

Patriot Prayer is based in Washington state and was founded in 2016. Since early 2017, its supporters have been periodically coming to Portland to hold rallies for Trump, ratcheting up tensions long before the national outrage over Floyd’s death sparked more than three months of protests here.

Portland has seen nearly 100 consecutive nights of Black Lives Matter protests and many have ended with vandalism to federal and city property, including police precincts, a county jail, the federal courthouse and City Hall. In July, Trump sent more than 100 federal agents from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to safeguard federal property — a move that instead reinvigorated the protests.

Thousands of people clashed with the federal agents each night for two weeks, as agents lobbed tear gas canisters and pepper spray at the crowds and some protesters tossed fireworks at the agents and shined lasers in their eyes.

Those agents withdrew July 31 but smaller nightly protests have continued in pockets of the city. More than 600 people have been arrested since late May.

On Sunday, Portland authorities urged people to stay away from the downtown as they try to de-escalate tensions.

Trump earlier Sunday appeared to be encouraging his supporters to move into Portland in the wake of the shooting. After the shooting, the president shared a video of his supporters driving into Portland and called those in Saturday’s caravan “GREAT PATRIOTS!”

Wheeler begged those who wanted to come to Portland to “seek retribution” to stay away.

“If you’re from out of town and you’re reading something on social media — if you’re reading any facts on social media — they’re probably wrong because we don’t have all the facts yet,” Wheeler said. “This is not the time to get hotheaded because you read something on Twitter that some guy made up in his mother’s basement.”

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    • Oregon State Police will return to Portland to help local authorities after the fatal shooting of a man following clashes between President Donald Trump supporters and counter-protesters that led to an argument between the president and the city’s mayor over who was to blame for the violence.

      82 days of riots in portland, from far leftists, attacking everyone, including the leftist police, the leftist mayor, the leftist residents, in a leftist city, governed by leftist policy, by far left leftist police chief, leftist mayor, and leftist governor.

      Who to blame for the violence. Phhhhhhhhhhht!

    • And Wheeler is a retard. His solution, is deescalation, for everything. He is like one of those parents where upon seeing little Tommy repeatedly punching grandma in the face, tells grandma to leave, and puts little Tommy in his room with his toys to settle down. He’s one of those parents that smile and shrug when their kid is on the grocery store floor screaming at the top of their lungs and kicking their arms and feet.

      Thus too are antifa in Portland. They have convinced themselves (and rightly so) that there will be zero repercussions to terrorizing the residents of Portland, forming blockades and vandalizing vehicles that stop at them. And that is on the residents of Portland. Zero discipline. Only deescalation. Do that and portland is what you get.

    • It’s always somebody else’s fault and they also like to run governments and their agencies with other people money.

  1. President Trump to Portland Mayor Wheeler: “…wacky Radical Left Do Nothing Democrat […] Portland will never recover with a fool for a Mayor.”

    Wheeler back to Trump: “…stay the hell out of the way…”

    Oregon Governor: “We all must come together.”

    Somehow, methinks at this point that there is a political impasse that won’t be healed until the leaders of one party or the other are removed from the equation. I’d like to think that Nov 4 will help with this, but the Biden campaign’s recent declaration that they’ve lined up 600+ attorneys to challenge vote tallies across the nation tells me that we’re just going to see a lot more of this “mostly peaceful protesting” thru the end of 2020.

    And if/when Trump wins his second term, at least the first half of 2021 will more of the same. Plan your vacation trips accordingly, and stay out of Portland.

      • Yes, that exactly. How long does it take to assemble a flash mob? 60 seconds? 2 minutes? You could drive into downtown anywhere, with everything perfectly normal. Stop at a stoplight, and the mob just coalesces out of the air around you. You’ve got a MAGA hat, or a Trump sticker, or anything that sets you apart, you’re screwed.

        • How bout a fast cycling shotgun with plenty of 00′ buck, lots of reloads, and the ability and will to apply said assets? Still screwed or do the tables turn as the mob (those still standing) scatter like rats?

        • @MDH

          Might recommend a ducks bill in that specific situ. That said, range is going to be shit. 10m is max effective, 5 is more realistic. Additionally, you’re going to be limited to #4 Buck at best. If you can find one. Or, if you’re handy, engineering sketches can still be found. Collateral is a major concern with them though. However, if you positively have to clear a room fast…

          Bit the bullet and invested in some 4 ceramic for myself.

        • MDH still screwed just by the kangaroo court. Stupid people places and times try not to be around more than 2.

      • just watched a black female protester(?) walk up to sidewalk diner, pick up his beer and drink it…that’s the sort of arrogance we’re expected to tolerate….

  2. Boy, that guy’s spray can sure messed up the fun, huh? Gotta get me some of that. What, about 5 guys suddenly discovered Jesus?

    • The funniest part is as soon as he took it to the face, he stopped turned away and then held up his fist, like he was winning… Walk of shame. Hilarious.

    • Not confirmed but yeah more likely than not a politically motivated murder of opportunity.

      • Dude was a punk thug. A corny looking mfer too. Straight up wanna be. They all are. Every wigger. Ask me how I know… used to be one. Not proud, but I am not ashamed to admit the lessons learned because they gave me clarity in later life and some serious insight into this current bullshit movement. All these white people chanting BLM are sad pathetic crowd pleasers, and more times than we can count their beloved mobs have already turned on them and they try to use the “b..b…but I am with you” tactic only to catch a fist to the face. Simple minded fucks.

        This dude better hope police catch him before patriots. Right now, these everyday people finally standing up against these mobs are calling for carte blanche. Not a joke. We are fed up. It’s going to backfire on the government eventually, no matter who is in office – but it’s won’t be the dems so no worries lol. People will eventually lose faith in trump and start demanding he force his hand and when he does not, people will feel like not only has the left gone mad, but the right has failed and freedom is much too limited. It’s already at the doorsteps of these “every day people”s houses. How much longer before they totally disregard the law and fight those who try to use it against them for defending themselves… war is hell. Gonna get uglier.

    • the evidence..especially the video…would seem to indicate that…this guy acted with a purpose…

  3. If you are going to volunteer and step into the Arena you need to stay off the “X”. Keep moving. This is not for the OFWG group. You guys can be on the sidelines for support only. And carry and learn how to use a Tourniquet. Kyle Rittenhouse carried a medical kit as part of his EDC.

    Seattle, Portland, etc are low level War Zones. If you go you need to be prepared. And get right with your god and family before you go. It’s what John Correia tells his viewers on his Active Self Protection youtube channel.

    The local government is not supporting you. Perhaps not even the state government

  4. Mayor Ted Wheeler’s (D) core constituents have been working overtime keeping Portland in the news and highlighting his inadequacy as a “leader”.

  5. Democrats should replace the donkey logo with a teen girl cutting herself shouting “I hate you mom!”

    Sums up every leftist I’ve ever had the misfortune of conversing with.

    • How about a logo representing Kathy Griffin sucking a black c*ck, while mumbling “F my white privilege punish me for being white”

  6. Trump gets blamed for wanting to put a lid on the violence. You can bet that whoever wins this year will take a hard line against this type of violence. Trump doesn’t want the bad press and the Dems are allowing it to make Trump look worse.

    It is not really up to Trump, the states, counties and cities should have LE all over this, and when it gets out of hand(too late!), the national guard should be called in.

    Peaceful protest is fine, but when it gets violent, it should be shut down ASAP.

    • Trump isn’t afraid of bad press from the Fake news media. He’s been getting it since he came down the stairs at Trump Tower. At this point what the MSM says is irrelevant. People either support President Trump or they don’t. Those that do pay no attention to the MSM and those who don’t have been drinking Liberal koolade for so long they are addicted to it. People have begun to see past the Anti Trump MSM and the Deep Stater’s. Especially those whose lives have been turned upside down by all the Burn Loot and Menace and Antifa Anarchists. What for many of them was an easy vote for the Democrats has now become more clouded. As their cities, neighborhoods and businesses are destroyed and the Politicians who Promised them Utopia sit back and watch it all Burn. The Tree of the Liberal Ideological Agenda with all it’s broken promises has begun to bear fruit. And for many who spent years cultivating it have come to discover it leaves a bad taste in their mouths.

  7. There are places on the internet where you can find out photos, name, criminal record and (self-identified) military record of the alleged shooter based on his tats and clothing from that night. I sure hope they’ll move as fast to get him in jail as they did Rittenhouse.

    I’ll say this, anyone who thinks they can just walk away from assassinating someone during one of these ‘protests’ is nuts. Video EVERYWHERE.

    • Clothing? You figure he’/she’s still wearing the same clothes. ,,,,,,, I don’t think much effort is going to be put into finding that person.It was a clean getaway and he’/she is gone.

      • You underestimate the power of autism on the internet.

        People took the distinctive clothing from the shooting video (only thing they could see from the angle), cross-checked it against the hours and hours of video footage from elsewhere that night. From that, they found a better video that had the shooter’s face and a distinctive black power tattoo on his neck (dude in question is a white antifa type). From that they found him on social media including his linkedin resume (now deleted but still archived). On it, guy claims to be a ski instructor or something.

        It certainly could be wrong. That’s why I’m not posting his name or anything else here. But it’s a hell of a coincidence if it is.

  8. Everything this stupid assed Mayor has said is a big lie. He is a real piece of offal and filth. White Liberal are evil immoral people who are trixy foxes that make an agreement with their fingers crossed behinds their backs.

  9. Now which country am I living in? Seems you get shot for wanting to vote for who you want to vote for in this one.

  10. 1. Kamala urges people to bail out Minnesota rioters.
    2. Portland DA drops charges against sociopath who seems to have gone on to kill a Patriot Prayer member.
    3. Grandpa emerges from basement and proclaims Democrats the party of law and order.
    4. Governor Brown Mouse is unsure what the party script is.

  11. Nothing New… The left plays the blame game and when they’re called out and blamed in return they get mad and blame Trump! Then push the narrative that this is happening on Trump’s watch and in Trump’s country. ASSume zero accountability/responsibility for doing nothing to control the chaos in Dem controlled cities across the nation. Don Lemon called the stupidity out last Thursday which finally got a response from the Dems, Biden and Harris on Friday. Too little too late Dirty Joe your constituents should have heard from you MONTHS ago! The longer the Do Nothing Dems allow this to go on the more their constituents slide to the right, THANK YOU!

  12. So Mr. Wheeler, republicans are the one’s who live in their mother’s basement and make up stories? The stupid is strong in this democrat.

  13. I thought the Portland VA had decided he would not prosecute any riot related crimes.
    That is why the state police left, everyone they arrested was immediately released.
    Is this the same Multnomah county DA will now prosecute “serious crimes “?

  14. Don’t know why the investigation is taking so long. 4Chan outed the shooter in a matter of hours…

  15. Just FYI, the sheriffs of neighboring countries have started that they will not honor requests to send their deputies to assist the City of Portland with the riots. The officers of the Portland Police Bureau and the deputies of Multnomah county, and maybe the Oregon State Police, are on their own.

  16. Quote: “If you’re from out of town and you’re reading something on social media — if you’re reading any facts on social media — they’re probably wrong because we don’t have all the facts yet,” But when it came to George Floyd dying of a drug overdose there were no calls to wait for facts. When Brooks got shot after fighting with police and firing a deadly weapon there were no calls to wait for facts. When Jacob Blake got shot after fighting with the police, reaching for a weapon there were no calls to wait for the facts.

  17. Point to point communication, (speaking directly to a specific individual) is a violation of FCC regulations. Considering how the FCC has reacted in the past to perceived infractions like the infamous half time show featuring Janet Jackson, or broadcast of material that the original artist had no control over, (The banning of George Carlin from all broadcast media because a student at a college radio station played his 7 dirty words routine). Why are they not pursuing action against Ted Wheeler, and the Station that allowed this blatant violation of FCC Regulations?

  18. Every single person on both sides of this needs to get a fucking job and become a productive member of society.

    Too much time on their hands.

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