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There’s a growing trend within the firearms industry: women posing with firearms tucked into their panties or a barrel strategically placed across their chest, barely covering their nipples.

Many gun guys and gals are bothered by this aesthetic atrocity (about the most awful sight you’ll ever see, don’t you dare Google it). They label these women “gun bunnies,” hoping to shame them into putting some clothes on. Or something . . .

These women don’t have to pose in bikinis (with guns) to earn critics’ ire. They just have to look sexy (with guns). I was called a gun bunny for posing with a gun wearing a tank top in the Texas summer heat. That’s ridiculous.

Maybe I’m over-reacting. Perhaps these keyboard commandos are concerned I’ll damage my assets with hot brass on the range. Which is complete crap, BTW. I don’t think I’ve ever flinched at hot brass, and if you do you’re a pussy.

Those who use the term gun bunny believe that a woman who flaunts her physical assets along with firearms can’t be a serious shooter. In other words, having boobs larger than an A-cup automatically classifies you as a bimbo with no idea how to handle a weapon.

The real question is, can these women shoot?

Yes. Yes they can. In fact, underestimating a beautiful woman with a gun can be a deadly mistake. My recent experience at the Bullets and Bombshells shoot-out in Las Vegas proves the point. 

The event was hosted by Walkers GSM (protect it or lose it) Allegiant Rifleworks, Decisive Action (High Threat Protective Solutions) and Tactical Shit (Civilian Patriots and Shooting Enthusiasts). The course of fire included explosions, Ferraris and dirt bike stunts.

Beautiful, like-minded, hot-blooded American women — law enforcement officers, veterans, hunters, 3-Gun competitors, writers, TV show hosts and general XX chromosome bad asses — set the record straight. No matter what you look like you can KICK ASS and outshoot the haters. Male haters. Which we did. 

I recently interviewed a group of gun bunny-haters at Just The Tip of the Spear. I set out to make peace with these trash-talking vets. To show them how “we can all just get along,” gun bunnies and haters alike. 

Like so many haters, Tip Of The Spear’s hosts think “gun bunnies” get undeserved job opportunities that more serious shooters deserve. From what I gathered they think it’s okay to be a woman in the firearms industry — so long as you wear loose-fitting, unattractive clothing.

I tried to turn them from the hysterical to the historical. WW2 created gun bunnies. Women posed for photos in skimpy outfits holding the guns they were making back home, to encourage the troops deployed overseas. What’s wrong with that?

You could say women and guns are quintessentially American. And I’ll say I’d rather be known for holding guns in photos than for holding designer bags or shoes.  

Yes, there are women who merely pose with guns to gain the attention of their male counterparts and, thus, earn money, travel and free product. But there are many of us who can both pose and shoot. I’m proud to be one of them, no matter what you call me. 

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    • The problem is that there are vastly more comments pouring in about this topic than the suggested first aid gear a gun owner should have on hand.

      Speaking of gunbunnies, what the hell is up with EAA ads? True Gun-Bunnies. Or Gun-Androids?

      If there was a way to install breasts on a picatinny rail, well, just imagine the sales.

      Hey Magpul, where are you when we really need you?

        • Ah yes, the old social media attention whore posing as the victim meme. Whore for attention and then amplify the small percentage of negative feedback. I’ve seen this around here before. Tipton and her purple hair and children pictures. Now the boobs angle from this writer. Whatever.

        • Ah, now I get it. Your whole “gray” thing is a cover for being “gay”. Just admit your mad seeing sexy women with guns because you’d rather see men.

    • Gun bunnies get free guns and travel expenses?
      Um… if I take off my clothes and show all y’all where my Ruger phoenix logo is tattooed, can I get a free SR9c?

    • Nigel Tufnel said: “What’s wrong with being sexy?”

      Well, she SHOULD smell the glove. Just not… over and over.

    • Nothing wrong with being sexy but then it becomes unfair due to women tending to get free range time and complementary training or accessories just because they’re women and are somehow ‘under represented” in shooting/ gun ownership as if it’s the fault of men holding them back. Too many models come into the industry with no background only to be trained for free, get exposure, get stuff for free or reduced price and then they either act like they’re badasses that are the best with guns compared to men or complain about sexism in shooting just because they get called out. Taran Tactical is known for giving all sorts of things to women without having to earn it while the men are the ones really paying for the range time and ammo.

    • As the husband of a mother of six who, to this day turns heads everywhere….if a woman in a world that tells women they shouldn’t be sexy wants to go against the grain and be sexy…its empowering, its phenomenal, its natural. My wife is a 5’11” tall, amazing body with a DDD cup raven black haired green eyed wonder of nature, and get this……130 IQ. She welds, she does woodwork, she does plumbing…and she shoots pictures of UBL in the face every chance she gets. She is the wife of a veteran, the daughter of a veteran, she flies the Colors of Freedom high and proud….and she never loses sight of what she is….a woman. She is graceful, she is powerful….she is beautiful. She believes it is her right not responsibly to dress alluring. In an age of capitulating to the Islam loving left she is unabashedly woman, a warrior in the likeness of Boudica herself. Stop trashing the woman you know you aren’t man enough to handle. Come down off your antiquated pedestals and just admire that God made woman at all. Let them shoot…..and let them shoot like a girl!!

      And for the record….men have been picking up the tab for drinks, food, dates, etc for centuries….why not the tab at the range as well. If you don’t like it, get a better job, show that lady you are man enough to pick up the tab and do it.

      Man up and let women embrace a sport they are made for….fighting. And sit back and enjoy the show.

        • I’m sorry that your experiences with women have left you feeling inadequately superior. Women have proven themselves over and over again to be physically able to do all that is necessary. One of the most disheartening situations is when men are incapable of acknowledging women’s abilities. Hit the weights…..get stronger, read a book…get smarter. Because women already are, and very capable, and looking good doing it.

    • Are we seriously supposed to believe that there exists a subset of the human species that is bothered by the notion of sexy women with firearms?

      • It’s fine if they are just posing and paid to just be pretty and not given complementary range time with ammo and eventually free stuff from tactical companies. Otherwise they should pay their own way if they’re going to whine about the misconceptions of female shooters. Men that BS in the industry get called out all the time even if they’ve been established and very few would come to their defense while the women get all sorts of white knights both male and female. The men also don’t get free range time or tac gear.

        Shut up and pose (with proper handling of the weapon and trigger discipline, another thing women can get away with if not followed) as they’re being paid very well and pay your own way like everyone else, then there would be no problem.

  1. Yes, of all the issues facing the POTG, beautiful and/or scantily-clad women is the most pressing and dangerous.

  2. Maybe because I’m single my perspective is a bit skewed, but I don’t understand why any red blooded American man would be upset by a beautiful woman posing with a gun.
    A beautiful woman holding a gun is a beautiful woman holding a gun, and I couldn’t give a tinker’s damn whether or not she can shoot the thing.

  3. Good for you! The haters are just mad that you’ve chosen the way of personal responsibility and strength instead of carrying untruthful picket signs and using tumblr.

  4. Bad trigger discipline is a real turnoff, no matter what that finger is attached to.

    On another note … “I don’t think I’ve ever flinched at hot brass, and if you do you’re a pussy.” I had someone’s brass bounce off the underside of my ballcap and got deflected down behind my safety glasses – a real “golden BB” moment. Yeah, that made me flinch.

    • Like Active Self Protection says, at some point you WILL do the hot brass dance.

      The question is how you will react.

      Actually her comment about that is a bit too macho BS for me, and that statement, not anything about her wanting to wear skimpy clothing with guns, made me discount her. Same reason I discount many of the male writers- too much machismo that is plain wrong.

      • Nonsense!! I shoot at a public range in nothing but a jock strap and combat boots, winter and summer! Yes I have been burned by hot brass (sometimes severely) and arrested for public indecency (misdemeanor). It has nothing to do with machismo, it has to do with being American!! Much like the young lady says, if you don’t do exactly like someone else does (like a good sheep) your a pussy and un-American!!

  5. I think that most that are put off by “gun bunnies” feel it paints us all (people of the gun) with a rather narrow (insert negative stereotype) brush by other folks.

  6. My problem isn’t with women shooting, my problem is with attention whores attention whoring. I couldn’t care less how you dress to the range, that’s on you. It’s just annoying seeing attention whores everywhere, and it’s a trend that has yet to peak.

  7. “underserved job opportunities”
    I think you meant to write “undeserved?”
    Sorry to seem nit-picky, but it threw me until I figured it out.

  8. “Maybe I’m over-reacting.”
    Maybe I agree.

    Fit, shapely women are often accused of trying to attract attention with their bodies. Such accusations generally come from other women who are neither fit nor shapely.

    Anyone who can handle a gun safely can shoot with me anytime. Anyone who can’t handle a gun safely is not going to be welcome, even with a tank top and tactical yoga pants.

      • ^ you get my nomination for interwebz winner of the day!

        “A very excellent catch Ted !”
        “You’re welcome Bill.”

  9. Who buys most guns? Who hunts the most? Who goes to the range the most? Men…attractive women sell guns. As an old guy with an extremely good looking wife(after 30 years too) I see nothing wrong with looking good. And you look good in that tank top!

  10. I have no problem with women looking sexy while holding and/or shooting guns. In fact, shooting guns helps *make* a woman sexy in my view, regardless of clothing or assets.

    What I do have a problem with are, as Liberte puts it, “women posing with firearms tucked into their panties or a barrel strategically placed across their chest, barely covering their nipples.” Both the guns and the women might as well be plastic props. Women with bolt-on boobs and tacticrap guns-as-accessories are a turnoff on every level. Same with all those photos you see of models posing with sweet guitars that they have no idea how to handle.

    Obviously somebody likes that stuff, or nobody would be doing it. Do whatever you want, I say. I can’t stop you and I won’t even try. But I still might scoff at you. You’re free to scoff back.

  11. I’m certainly no femenist, and I truly appreciate form AND function, both vis-a-vis guns and the female form. I DO also appreciate the booger hook being straight and off of the go switch. but…..
    One issue:
    You’re lookin pretty good in the American flag swimsuit… But WHY THE COMMIE WEAPON??? That some kind of statement on the “duality of man”???? WTF?? OVER!

  12. I can cook for myself, so I have little desire for a woman in my kitchen. My bedroom, on the other hand… well let’s just say I have many positions available in that department.

    • You may call that effective multitasking, I call it misallocation of resources.

      Course you could always have 2 but I still argue I can cook for myself ;).

  13. I think the issue taken is two-fold:

    1) the gun bunnies being targeted are those who are nothing more than a prop – the are as much an object as the weapon. We’ve had similar issues in our industry, where conferences and conventions will have booth babes, inevitably leading to an atmosphere where the men are working and quiet honey, get me a cup of coffee. The babes are leaving as women are seen as colleagues and not objects.

    2) while there is nothing wrong with the female form, the world around us is (hypocritically) shunning the objectification of women while embracing the sexuality of the feminine. I don’t get it, but what it ends up meaning is overtly sexual poses are frowned upon while women engaged in strong work (including many of the pictures in the post) are applauded. Whatever we may think, if we want to capture hearts and minds, we need to consider PR and perception.

    • “We’ve had similar issues in our industry,…”

      In your industry, Katy, they dealt with it by having required notices on the advertisements such as: “Paid spokesperson who is not an attorney”.

      One very sharp and attractive young lawyer down here closed her ads with her staring right into the camera and saying: ‘I am the lawyer you’re hiring”…

      • Not anymore. I’ve gone corporate, where the pay may not be as extravagant, but the hours are a lot better.

        I work for a company involved in oil and gas (pretty obvious, being in Houston). We’re recent here, but stories of the past, as recently as 5, 10, and even 15 years ago are astounding.

  14. Really, I don’t care. It doesn’t offend me, nor do I really find it all that tittilating. Women and men should dress how they want. There’s also a “trying too hard” aspect, it’s sort of a grey area. But, honestly, there are a lot of cases where dial it down a little applies. Where’s the thrill if it’s all hanging out? And I say this as a single, red blooded, early 30’s American male.

    When Googling the “forbidden term” 😉 I can 100% say this is literally the only person I was interested in out of the first 100 or so. Less (or more?) can definitely be more.

    100% totally SFW (not even being sarcastic, it totally is)×768.jpg

  15. If anyone would like to listen to the full interview, in all its garbled glory, go to the Spreaker website and search JTTOTS Radio, it’s the 2/4/2017 episode.

  16. Meh. No real objection to the argument here.

    Too much “I am woman badass, hear me roar!”, though, when all it takes is just “Hey, I’m doing my thing. Don’t like it? Bite me.”


  17. Gun bunnies are far less cute when hot brass drops between their exposed jubblies and they sweep everyone around them with a Mini-14. It gets un-cute very fast.

  18. Sorry – not buying it. She’s using her body for attention too, just at a lesser level than those she criticizes. Don’t get me wrong – it looks pretty good, but her argument is hollow.

      • Yes, he did ….he trained his body to become a tool for carrying out orders and I feel pretty certain no one in Delta cared what he looked like.

        And the kind of “attention” he could draw to himself probably centered on conveying potential lethality, not being a fitness model.

        • Obviously. And obviously it’s not the exact same thing. But surely you see what I’m saying? Look at Pat Mac versus Larry Vickers. I’m not insulting either one of those incredible gentlemen, by the way, but think about it. Pat Mac’s build may be more directly related to tactical proficiency than Liberte Austin’s, but she’s clearly done a lot of work to stay in the shape she’s in, and they both inherited great genes to get the building blocks for the bodies they have.

          My point is, we focus so much on whether a woman’s is taking unfair advantage of her body, or being an attention whore, or whatever, but we don’t accuse Pat Mac of being an attention whore because he’s built like a brick shithouse, versus Vickers who has well earned the ability to relax and go to seed. We don’t even think about it. It just is what it is: McNamara is a beast, Vickers is a half-retired old soldier who can look however he wants and nobody questions him.

  19. I for one, demand more articles from you, and make sure you take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Any dude who has a problem with that is gay. Not that being gay is bad, but let’s be real here. If you get mad seeing a sexy woman shooting a gun, you’d probably also be mad if it started raining naked ladies.

  20. I love how the right and gun guys always complain about ‘snowflakes’, yet a few act like snowflakes in here over ‘attention-whoring’. Let me let you guys in on a little secret: Everybody in the world is an attention-whore to one degree or another. Comb your hair…attention-whore, put on nice clothes…attention whores, tell someone about something cool you saw…you guess it, attention whore. This is why humans can’t have nice things because we are all assholes to some degree. Enjoy the breeze, enjoy life, dial down the assholeometer and stop complaining by avoiding thing you don’t like.

    P.S. – This is less of a complaint and more of a general statement about life.

    • “assholeometer”

      Consider that stolen!
      And I can assure you, it will be used frequently.

  21. My big problem is not that the lady above is wearing a tank top.

    Its that she appears to be posing with a Century RAS 47.


  22. “Like so many haters, Tip Of The Spear’s hosts think “gun bunnies” get undeserved job opportunities that more serious shooters deserve.”

    Well stated.
    The gun and accessory companies get to write the checks. They are responsible for budgets, profits, and losses. So, they get to decide who is on the poster or the SHOT show floor. That’s pretty much the American way. Taran Butler gets to decide who he pays and puts at his booth.

  23. Interesting. Gun bunnies pissing off gunners is kind’a like a man pissing a woman off by holding a door for her. Sheesh!

    My ex could shoot circles around most of the guys I know, and she had (and still has) great hair and a nice tail set. So look out!


  24. As a married man, the concept of gun bunnies does not appeal to me. I do however support people’s right to do whatever they want within the bounds of the law. That being said, I feel no guilt whatsoever in calling gun bunnies what they are, soft porn. If they are offended by that, then they should reconsider their wardrobe before posing with guns.

    • Women wearing tight fitting clothes and not as much clothing as you are is not inherently soft porn. If she is poising with a gun, she is a picture op. Soft porn comes in when she is “vamping” the camera or trying to imply sexual conduct. Shooting is not sexual conduct.

  25. When it comes to professional advice and instruction, nobody cares if you’re attractive. What they ultimately care about is how well you improved their skills, the advice you gave them on equipment, or the effectiveness of your techniques.

    Read that again. It’s not about you, it’s about them.

    When people pay their hard earned cash to an instructor, or take their time to listen or read someone’s advice, it’s important to remember that they have lots of other options. For instance, they can learn long range shooting from Todd Hodnett, who still is one of the premier go-to civilians for sniper instruction to the US Special Forces snipers. Or you could learn from Bryan Litz, ballistician supreme, author and national champion shooter, or Ryan Cleckner, Special Operations Sniper, graduate of SOTIC, author and TTAG commenter. Or you can read a gear review from some gun bunny who has no combat experience, no competition credentials, rests her barrel on a hard object while shooting groups, but arches her back like a pro (and I don’t mean pro shooter) and looks great in yoga pants.

    The same can be said for any tactical course. Kyle Lamb teaches to the public. So does Travis Haley. So does Pat MacNamara. So do literally dozens of great instructors with actual combat experience. Note that I didn’t say they were police officers, or even veterans. My Medical Service Officer in Afghanistan is a veteran, but outside of training he never so much as chambered his weapon. Just putting “veteran” on your resume doesn’t mean much when it comes to tactical advice. So ask yourself, if all these instructors are available, truly world class shooters with decades of actual combat experience, why on earth would anyone take a tactical course, or so much as bother to read an article from someone without it, man or woman?

    Wen it comes to hunting, there are true experts out there. People who have hunted 6 continents, for 50 years. They still write. There are men who have been hunting literally longer than any of the popular female hunters have been alive, guided and unguided, around the world, who are eclipsed by the latest eye candy who can’t seem to hunt without lip gloss and eye shadow. She’s a hunter that regurgitates whatever the last guide told her, the sure sign of an amateur. I see a few of them approach the hunt with joy and reverence and humility, as any hunter should. But more often than not, when those old guides are working on their shotgun loads for the perfect quail pattern, learning from their land and whatever history they can find, the gun bunnies are mastering new filters for their Instagram posts. And she’s giving advice.

    There are extremely talented, attractive, knowledgeable female writers, instructors and hunters. They are professionals. The first that came to my mind was Il Ling New, who teaches at Gunsite. For her courses, for her photos, for her videos, she conducts herself like the professional that she is. I’ve seen here wear cargo shorts in the Arizona heat, that’s about as risqué as it gets. That’s because, like the men she works with, she is professional, and conducts herself on the range as such.

    Again, no one seeking advice or instruction cares if you are attractive. They care if you help them improve. So if you don’t offer the same level of expertise and experience as those like the ones listed above, why would anyone bother listening to you?

    The simple answer is, they don’t. If you look around and you are the least knowledgeable person on the range, and yet the eyes, or the cameras are on you, it’s not because anyone cares about what you have to say. It’s about what you are showing off.

    If you are man wearing a super tight tucked in tank top and ranger panties, you had better be there for comic relief, because you’re getting laughed off the range. If you are a grown woman that goes to the range in a shirt that’s the same size as my toddler would wear, or you advertise your skills with a rifle while wearing shorts so small that your pockets are hanging out, you aren’t there to give professional advice or instruction, and you certainly aren’t there to learn. You are there to get attention, maybe a sponsorship, maybe some add money. No one takes you seriously, nor should they.

    If a your goal is to look good holding a gun, get some attention, and maybe make a living for a while looking pretty, that’s awesome. Go for it. I say use what you’ve been given or what you’ve got. That’s a gun bunny, and that’s not a bad thing. But don’t stretch that into thinking you are worth listening to unless you have the expertise to back it up. Go get a combat deployment or two in a combat arms unit. Get assigned to a beat in body armor for a couple of decades. Guide a hunt for the Big 5, score a Rocky Mountain Elk, unguided. Go win something big. At the very least, show me the students you’ve taught that have done those things.

    Until then, how hot you are, or aren’t, doesn’t make you worth listening to.

    • Does Larry Vickers have more street cred than Pat McNamara because he’s out of shape and wears loose-fitting tactical clothes, and Pat is still jacked as hell and wears tight t-shirts?

      It’s a genuine question.

  26. To me, a Gun Bunny is a Model who has no experience with guns other than knowing to pose with it with her finger off the trigger. In some cases gun bunnies put their meat hook into the trigger guard which just is not sexy at all. For Ex: When I was at SHOT show in 2012 in Vegas I went to a few of the booths where firearm manufacturers had models at their booths with their guns. I decided to test the knowledge of many of these girls, and surprisingly when I asked many of them what they carry or what their favorite gun to shoot was, they had no answer for me or were confused from being put on the spot like that. If the girls were true gun owners they would have had an immediate knowledgeable response for me, but most didn’t. That told me they were just a gun bunny hired to look sexy with guns and that they know absolutely nothing about guns. That is my definition of a gun bunny. I guess gun bunny means different things to different people.

  27. What’s the big deal? Sex is used to sell almost everything. Guys (and some women) like looking at attractive women. People tend to work out, diet, dress, etc., to gain positive attention. So to get a sponsor you either have to be a really good shooter, be really attractive and decent with a gun, or best of all, a really good shooter AND attractive.

    As far shooting itself goes, most women like to look good no matter what they are doing, more so than men. If they don’t care about the occasional hot brass going somewhere they don’t want, so long as they don’t do something unsafe, who is anyone else to comment on their attire?

  28. TTAG should hire female gun enthusiasts who look like Andrea Dworkin or Eleanor Roosevelt and sideline all the Betty Boop bullshit.

  29. Cant make critics happy, wear a burka and pose with some firearms, see what happens.

    One complaint, in the first picture for the life of me i cant see any firearms…lol

  30. I think she is straw manning the argument, no one is suggesting that sexy women are not capable of shooting. Some people have a problem with guns, or anything really, being markets by scantily clad women. It suggests the product cannot stand on its own merits and is degrading to men by assuming that a little T&A will shut down their brains and open their wallets. “Hooters,” has built a whole franchise empire on this assumption because low quality men do fall for it.

    I remember asking a “car bunny” at the Tokyo motor show if she would kindly move aside so that I could take a picture of the new Corvette. I was at the show to see cars, not T&A. Fun fact, models at that show have minders because pathetic zeta males will try to sneak up behind them to take up the skirt shots.

    I don’t blame the women for doing it though, they are using their assets earn a living and gain experience. Good on them. I just hope they invest in cultivating more than just their T&A. We will all hit the wall at some point. I think everyone has known a hot girl who had nothing to fall back on when time took its inevitable toll.

  31. I am all for the photo ops, but having a wife and daughters and granddaughter that shoot who tell me differently. The pics are fine, the shooting in a skimpy top is inviting a burn from hot brass. Some of the guys don’t mind having a scar or 2, but womens is different. They also don’t think belching and farting contests are funny – they just won’t make that scene.
    And I am glad they don’t like burn marks and act like ladies – I love the pics! I do! If the ladies don’t want to send hot lead downrange wearing next to nothing, that is fine with me, I don’t like burns either.

  32. There’s a difference between female shooters that are also hot, and hot girls that are handed a gun to model with that don’t have a clue what they’re doing. I don’t have a problem with either, but some people just have to gripe about something. The same thing happens in the fishing industry. Some girls are in bikinis in all their posts (I mean they live in FL where it’s 100 freakin degrees) and some ladies are modestly dressed. The ones in bikinis are usually criticized by the ones that aren’t. Who cares? Do what you’re comfortable with and makes you happy. If ya don’t like it, don’t follow them, don’t buy their calendars, get a freakin life and move on. Why don’t you spend your time fighting against those that are trying to take away our 2nd amendment rights instead of going after people on your own team!

    • I think she’s talking about people who look at a photo like the one at the top of the page and say “ugh, stupid attention whore gun bunny,” when a photo of a well-built dude in the male equivalent of the same outfit and pose might elicit a “MERICA!” I do agree that her article could have done a slightly better job of differentiating between the calendar girls and the actual female shooters like Liberte herself. However, that’s not to say there’s anything wrong with the calendar girls, either. I’m a capitalist, if there’s a market for it, nobody can tell you you’re not allowed to exploit said market.

  33. I Guess I’m a pussy; I flinched at hot brass once. It landed on the inside of my safety glasses, and wedged against my lower eyelid.

  34. Any PoTG who don’t appreciate female gun enthusiasts are likely a tiny minority. That said, I don’t care for pictures of models posing with guns when they obviously aren’t PoTG themselves. The lack of trigger discipline gives them away. Women who are genuinely interested in guns and shooting sports are sexy, full stop.

  35. Lol. Bees againt honey! =)

    I think we need to start with some facts;
    1. Women have subliminal (i.e. preprogammed and sometimes not
    consciously understanded) tendency to “sell” their sexual appealance and to “sell” some products, usually infotaiment and “sciencetaiment” via it. Men have subliminal tendency to buy it.
    2. Women, and businesses, now have tendency to move directly to male buyers in their special-interests fields from more general and more women-oriented fields (i.e. fashion, movies, music, news and media, etc) where competition (even between hot women) is extremely high and attention and trust from male buyers is very limited. So in results we have various ring-bunnies, gun-bunnies, sports-car bunnies, outdoor-bunnies, conservative commentator-bunnies, church-bunnies (rofl) and even mechanic- and CNCmachines-bunnies (yeah, really!), etc.
    3. In fact male customers in this “male-only” fields is not so interested in professional skills and experience of this xxx-bunnies, if they doesnt have very good sexual appealance. So even if this “bunnies” have world-class abilities (as sportswomen in Olympics), no one cares if they are not “hot”. And even they have abilities that overhelm abilities of average man (women competition at Olympic-level it is something about regional-level competition between men), no one cares too… It is considered as “eye-pleasing” entertaiment and nothing more. We can trace roots of this things in basic etology of mammals, where males and females are forming two different hierachies – males are competing in skills, experience and primative agression forming one and females are competes in sexual appealance (which is linked with birth abilities) and their “female” skills forming second. Yepp, someone can say that it is very “sexist” and that is not true especially in corporate culture of some countries in modern western world. But listen, modern western “gender equality” is nothing more that artificial construct, with some ideological, economical and global tasks, which requires very special “education” system, heavy brainwashing from early childhood and strictly enforcement from law and medias. And we are talking about natural basic things.

    So i think this article is nothing more than nice and mild joke. Yes, it is true that woman cant get serious publicity in this “male-oriented” fields without very serious level of sexual appealment. And yes, this is true that “water is raising”, competition is tightening and attention market requires more and more level of professional experience from this “bunnies” to stay afloat. But listen, this required level of experience are marginal and rudimentary, and will be so in many next years, comparing to level which is required from male publicists to gain serious attention. Why? Cause “boobs sales”! Period. Rofl. =) You can call it “reverse sexism”. =)

    And let be honest, i think you dont understand, or just dont want to talk at public, about causes of your popularity and attention. So i try… 70% – extraordinary sexual appealance (yeah, let be honest), 20% – conservative\christian\texan\hunting wanna be mother (even as part of image), 10% – professional skills. Sometimes it leans to 75\20\5 or 70\25\5. So male customers, even picky as TFB, in fact almost doesnt care what are you saying and at which issue, as long as you fit is point 1 and point 2 (i.e. you “market identity”). This happens also because “market demand” is hign and “market supply” (esp. at TFB) is very low at this point. But this market is rapidly growing and more women will be attracted and forced to move to it by various reasons.

    • So lets be honest at max… Now it sounds like “Hey, we are hot sexy babes, but we can shoot too!” Lol… That is nice, but it is no-so-good try to hide two facts: 1) your articles and experience cant compete with serious male writers at this point (may be also because TFB’s gun-infotaiment light format) and your popularity now is largely based on your “market identity” 2) Female gun-writers market will be expanding very fast in next years and competition between women on it will be very high because more and more women literally will be forced to move to it because next recession is coming and other media (and sexual) markets will be shrinking very fast.

      Anyway, you are doing nice job. So best wishes, etc.

  36. I feel like the trained men or women don’t need glitter and glam or fake titties to get attention. They just do what they are good at. Being proficient is different from being a professional, and a gun 🐇 is just another example of a way to get attention. It’s a societal problem. Social media ie;.. Instabook, Facegram, tweets, and snap talk. Just vehicles for bullshit we all look at and continue to perpetuate in the name of guns and titties!!!!!! Women are just a victim of the system. We keep it going….lol.

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