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LNJK took the prize in the first Black Arch Weekend Photo Caption Contest last week. Enter the best caption for this photo in the comments by midnight Sunday this week and you too will win a Black Arch Protos or Ace-1 Gen 2 holster. Good luck.


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  1. Earl, being hard of hearing, realized with horror that the salesman had not warned that the new rifle would be a “chick magnet”.

  2. Look, she’s too far away and really not worth the cost of the ammo!!! Just because she said you weren’t that good.

  3. “Well, dammit if Freedom Group didn’t get a hold of this here rifle–the sights are put on crooked”

  4. What’s the twist rate on that barrel, 1 in 9? I’d have gotten 1 in 7 so I can shoot the heavier grain.

  5. Jeb, I can’t get it to shoot straight, I think the barrel might be bent.
    Nah cleatus, you just suck, I know this guy, James yeager, he’ll fix ya up.

  6. In my day we didn’t have video games and computers. We all gathered on mainstreet and took turns shooting the red rider after church.

    Nobody shot their eye out.

  7. OH, Damn. Bobby Jim you shoulda’ got the model with the hIgh power scope. Your cousin Bobbi Joe is getting changed, and I can’t see.

  8. The local medicine man couldn’t understand why there was a sudden influx of patients presenting with rapid hearing loss…

  9. The day bush senior just had it with junior…..sent him down range to collect a prize….wink wink ?!
    Keep going george! Yer doing great boy!
    Made the boys in congress happy.

  10. “LNJK took the prize in the first Black Arch Weekend Photo Caption Contest last week.”
    I realize TTAG is your website & you can run your caption contests however the hell you like, but would it kill you guys to also provide the actual winning caption when you announce the winner?
    By my count LNJK submitted five captions last week- which one tickled y’all’s funny bone? Or did he win on points, like in a boxing match, by submitting a bunch of moderately amusing captions that gave him the win when aggregated together?
    PS- While I’m kvetching, it would also be preferable to announce the winner in an update to the original blog post, in addition to this week’s contest blurb.

  11. Well now, I, I, I think I’d like it a might better if it was a bullpup. Then I could keep it in the buckboard’s glovebox.

  12. “Uh, fellows, if you want me to shoot Liberty Valance you’re going to have to give me some breathing room…. AND STOP STARING!”

  13. “Now.. this lever gun is all well and good… but how about something in a smaller caliber, lightweight and semiautomatic?”

  14. Stewart- “The jackass behind me who keeps whispering- “Say Hello to my little friend” had better shut up & take a step back!”


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