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“‘Any individuals involved in this are armed and extremely dangerous,’ Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader said. Seven adults and one 16-year-old boy were shot in the head, the sheriff said. Each was a member of the Rhoden family.” The bodies were found in four different locations outside of Peebles, Ohio. The victims were described as having been shot “execution style.” The bad news: “During a news conference Friday afternoon, both (Pike County Sheriff Charles) Reader and (Attorney General Mike) DeWine emphasized that the shooter or shooters are not in custody.” If you’re in the area, keep your powder dry.

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    • If they are Hispanic, it is most likely Cartel related. This is a side effect of open borders.

      • Oh yeah because all that cartel violence in the middle of Ohio. I guess all of those colored folk in Chicago are proving us wrong for ending slavery. What’s your shtick if it’s a bunch of white people dead?

        • Matt, a majority of US gun homicide is drug related. There is no evidence so far this was or was not, but Ohio is no different than anywhere else. We don’t know yet. And why are you bringing up slavery? The poster did not. Your race baiting is atrocious.

        • As I recall from my brief, regrettable stint living in Ohio this is down just eat of Cincinnati. That southern portion of Ohio has some of the most fertile farmland in the country, plus it’s getting close the hills of Kentucky. It’s not much of a stretch to imagine some good ole boy and his family taking the initiative and growing a little weed.

        • Cartels are in Ohio. Actually I64 is a major drug route, they are all over Kentucky, even small towns. There was a major drug bust on I75 close to Dayton not long ago. you need to do some research if you think they are not in a small town in rural Ohio. Drug Cartel execution was my very first thought.

        • I live in a tiny, rural town southeast of Findlay, Ohio. Even here, you can get almost any narcotic you wish. We recently had a handful of arrests for heroin. I can throw a football and hit a heroin house from my front yard. We’re about the halfway point between Columbus & Toledo. So, drugs travel up US23 within 2 miles of my home.

          In short, yes even seemingly quiet, little, rural towns have drug problems.

        • You’re right JJ, Henry’s race baiting about cartels just because the family might’ve been Hispanic is agrocious! Well said! But one thing, according to, most gun related homicides are not drug related

        • Georgie, that just shows how out of touch the FBI is. I’d bet the only way they can claim that is to count suicide by firearm as gun homicides, which makes most gun homicides (2/3) suicide, not drug related. Even then, to disguise the actual cause, they may well use “gang activity” or such as if it was not related to drugs.

          OTOH, if this is not a family squabble, I’ll be shocked. And the shooter is going to be another family member.

        • The Ohio Attorney General stated that the three houses had significant marijuana grow ops. It might not be cartel linked but, someone seems to be getting rid of their competition.

        • Even if they aren’t Hispanic, There is a lot of meth and heroin that moves around in that part of the state. It could very well could still be related to drug trafficking.

        • If you don’t think the Mexican drug cartels operate in the United States I suggest you do some reading because you are dead wrong.

    • Anybody consider the fact that they lived right by an old war-era uranium plant? And everyone old enough to “talk” was killed. Maybe theystumbled onto something they shouldn’t have

  1. Que the gnashing of teeth, the systematic denial of defensive uses, and a call for more murders as long as they are less sensational.

    Why does something so tragic have to be political fodder for immoral policies?

  2. Geez. Someone wanted that entire family erased.
    They may find the bad guy(s) at the local cemetery digging up relatives and shooting them in the face too.

    • Just from reading this, I’m gonna say there is quite a back story that goes along with this. Drugs, money, child custody, something was going on here. Terrible story. The perp/perps sound like the definition of bad actor. Exactly the type of people one needs to be armed against.

    • “Geez. Someone wanted that entire family erased.”

      Sunday, PM update:

      Heard on the news that a Marianna grow operation was found at two of the locations.

      Possible ‘business’ dispute…

  3. What kind of monsters leave a 4 day old infant, 6 month old baby, and 3 year old toddler to fend for themselves after executing the parents?!?!?

    • 18 years later, after all the ass raping the community care gave them, they’d wish they had died that day too

      So much for “the kids dont belong to the parents or themselves, they belong to the ‘community'”

  4. This happened last year in Missouri, it was meth related drug violence, it blew over in a few hours. Sorry for the loss of this family. I hope they find peace in the afterlife.

  5. This has all the earmarks of a classic mexican drug cartel hit. I think we should allow more illegal immigration, more drugs transported accross the border, the legalization of drugs and all this might have avoided.

  6. And why will this get more traction than the 6 family members found dead in Chicago….well most of them were bludgeoned and stabbed, so……nada.

  7. Just watch the “news” and the narrative will turn to blaming a category of inanimate objects as the cause, and equate law abiding American citizens constitutionally protected rights with this heinous assassination.

    Hillary will comment on it and say the usual, Trump will be asked, Cruz, Sanders, and all those dead family members will be tossed back and forth as a political football, and yet nothing will be done to stop criminals from committing crimes, because you can’t stop them by going after everyone EXCEPT those individuals responsible for these atrocities.

  8. The shooter was definitely known to the victims. This wasn’t just a media-darling white supremacist or whatever. This has links to some sort of crime.

    • Yeah, sounds like middle of the night, shot in their sleep, this was not stranger on stranger. But I still predict pissed off family member, nothing to do with drugs except possibly where the money came from, and I doubt that.

  9. Quoted without comment:

    “Officials at Peebles High School said they placed the school on lockdown Friday morning as a precaution but lifted that lockdown by about 10:30 a.m.”

  10. Probably drugs. No consolation, but when you walk on the wild side, ou’re inviting bad things…

  11. Well, here’s the good news: Virginia’s governor just followed Maryland’s legislature and restored voting rights to felons. All felons, without exception. Non “non-violent” felons. Not “victimless” felons. Murderers, rapists, child molesters, all of them.

    So, no matter how bad this shooter was, when they get out of jail, they’ll be able to vote for Democrats like McAuliffe.

    • Come on, voting is a fundamental human right, the same as the right to self-defense or to free speech. A criminal record doesn’t change that, and if you advocate for the stripping of others’ rights, you lose the moral high ground that entitles you to complain when your own are stripped.

      • I tell you what – I’ll support the rights of violent felons to vote – with legit ID – once my 2nd Amendment rights are completely restored.

      • No. Just like violent felons lose their liberty of free movement, they also lose their liberty to vote. The problem is that many non violent criminals have lost their vote for relatively light offenses.

        • ” Just like violent felons lose their liberty of free movement,”

          While they are actually in prison, that analogy holds.

          After release, after all “parole” has been completed, they have freedom of movement. No?

          So, in your mind, is there ever a point that voting and other Natural Rights are “restored”? (*)

          (*) I would argue such rights are never truly taken away…they might carry a punishment for exercising them, for example, but the “right” to carry a firearm always exists no matter what .gov says.

          Rights are not subject to regulation but the choice of whether to exercise them can be influenced.

      • States have their rule for felons. If a felon doesn’t like it he can change states, if possible. Best plan is to not be a felon.

  12. Another Day, Another Mass Shooting…

    So please tell me”gun reich” supporters, how’s that deluded polict more guns less crime thing is working out for ya,

    This does’nt happen on a daily basis in europe, australia, canada or japan.

      • I really do believe it is going to be drug related. Sounds like a planned execution. I believe the Drug Cartels have been know to execute whole families. It does seem like the majority of killings in this country are drug related.

    • know, I should not feed the troll….but I must add this. I spent 7 years in Europe working military law enforcement working with local, host country police agencies. The assertion that this kind of stuff does not happen in Europe is absolute BS.

    • Funny how it happens every day in Mexico and thanks to you liberal scumbags Mexico is exporting their atrocities to the US. The whole lot of you need to be stood up against a wall and shot for your treason.

    • Doesn’t happen on a daily basis anywhere… except perhaps the Mid East..

      And none of these victims apparently made any effort at all to prepare or to defend themselves. I’m wondering if they even bothered to lock the doors. That’s a personal responsibility problem, not a “gun” problem. Would you be happier if they’d all been stabbed to death?

    • “how’s that deluded polict more guns less crime thing”

      Willy, that would jeopardize your standing as a moron, if you could show any of the clearly executed family members had access to a firearm. Without that, nobody ever claimed that if there was only one gun, there would be less crime. With everyone shot in the head, there was clearly not even a scuffle, they died like sheep, just as you would wish for us all.

  13. Shooter(s) known to victims. Sad. No- I don’t see any gun control traction here-quite the opposite. Condolences…hey willy’s back!

  14. Ohio is a relatively liberty-ful and ornery state, I would not expect a lunatic murderer to roam around for long there successfully.

  15. I hate to say it, but, with prince dying this never hit the national news that i have seen

  16. If that had been the Clinton’s or Bush’s, or some political family… What would the narrative be?

  17. another result of fast and furious supplying arms to the Cartel, either cartel and Drug related or a black Flag operation by the ATF for the Democratic party for visible reason for Gun Control!
    Media in this doesn’t understand the English Language! if this happened in multi places it is not a Massacre as that Notates lots of bodies in one Place! reporter must be an Illegal

  18. I haven’t seen this story at either the Yahoo or MSN portals today or yesterday. What’s up with that? I mean, it’s not like Haruka Weiser (who has also disappeared from the news), these murders were actually done with guns.

  19. You’re all missing the obvious. This was the work of a time traveler. At some point in the next 100 years, a Rhoden will cause the destruction of humanity. Unfortunately, the records of his exact lineage couldn’t be found so they had to wipe out the entire bloodline. This is the only explanation, and crazy stories about drug cartels or mob hits are just nutty conspiracy theories.

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