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Will the last firearms-related company to leave the Golden State please turn out the lights? The latest firm to head for greener — translation: less taxing, less regulating, gun-freindlier — pastures is Shield Tactical. The firearms accessories and training provider announced the move to Shiner, Texas on their Facebook page yesterday . . .

Who didn’t see THIS coming, honestly? 🙂

Shield Tactical is pleased to announce that we are moving our retail division to Shiner, Texas. We are pleased to have neighbors such as TBRC and the Spoetzl Brewery (home of Shiner Beer). Shipping etc will not be substantially affected.

Out training division will remain in CA until the legislature outlaws everything.


And one Texan was only too happy to welcome them to the Lone Star State.

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    • Their Christmas recipe is delicious. So peachy and good.

      A ton of tactical oriented companies seem to start in Cali due to all the military bases, and move pretty quickly away. It’s too bad they have to spend any time there at all.

  1. Cali can just grow a few more cumquates, that should make up for the good paying jobs lost. Like Arrnold said, haste la bye bye, Randy

  2. “Our training division will remain in CA until the legislature outlaws everything.”


    How do you train with a bullet button?
    Is it one of those “illegal only if you get caught” kind of deals? I want to take REAL training courses, but I’m not about to waste my time dealing with bullet buttons.

  3. For the love of god! Help us in California! We need all the support tpossible. Don’t forget us please. We are barely keeping afloat!

    • Texas welcomes any Firearm Manufacturing Companies, Ammunition Manufacturing Companies and any Self Defense originations. Yes we do offer great tax incentives to constitutional companies here in the lone Star State.

      If your company feels like the state you are operating in is too restrictive, come on down to Texas where we will welcome you with open arms.

      We do LOVE our guns here in Texas and we ALL know how to use them quiet well. We have to to have a state motto of “Don’t Mess With Texas”.

      Actually it is more than a motto, it is our way of life. The only thing we ask is that you leave any Liberal ways of thinking behind and don’t bring them to Texas. We love our state just the way it is. If you think you can learn the Texan ways and become a Texan then come on down. If not, stay the heck out of Texas. We frown very heavily on Liberals her in Texas.

      Remember this use to be The REPUBLIC of TEXAS. Don’t make us mad or we will return to the REPUBLIC of TEXAS and leave the rest of you to fight for yourself.

  4. Reminds me of one of my favorite moments from Shanghai Noon — right after the new guy in the O’Bannon gang breaks the train-robbery plan and shoots a couple of random passengers…

    Roy O’Bannon: No! What are you doing?
    Wallace: I was just winging it.
    Roy O’Bannon: What? No! That’s not how we wing it! You’ve lost your “winging it” privileges!
    [Roy turns to Biggett]
    Roy O’Bannon: [sotto voce] Where’d you get this guy!?
    Biggett: Texas.
    Roy O’Bannon: Texas! [slaps Biggett] Are you crazy?
    [Chon Wang bursts into the train car and points his finger at Roy.]
    Chon Wang: You! You killed my father!
    [Roy tries to protest, but has to backpedal away from Chon Wang’s furious rush. Much mayhem ensues. Roy escapes Chon Wang and ends up facing Wallace on a platform car.]
    Wallace: [Draws pistol, points it at Roy] Reach for the sky, O’Bannon, it’s my gang now!”
    Roy O’Bannon: That’s my line! He stole my gang, he’s stealing my lines. It’s unbelievable!

    Okay…so Texas isn’t the crazy place, and California is the one taking away things that other people built. But at least there’s someplace friendly for O’Bannon…er…Shield Tactical to go. And it gave me a flimsy excuse to quote a funny movie. So there you go.

    • It makes me sad I can’t support Jackie Chan’s movies anymore after his racsist remarks about the Chinese people. Something along the lines that they need to be ruled because they lack self determination. Just another Hollywood/Taiwan actor reduced to being a government propaganda mouthpiece. And don’t get me started on Forbidden Kingdom.

  5. “Will the last firearms-related company to leave the Golden State please turn out the lights?”

    Shouldn’t that read, “Will the last company to leave the Golden State please turn out the lights?”

    • It is interesting to note there are a lot of companies still here. FMK, Franklin, the list goes on and on..
      I think many will vote with their feet.

  6. Location, location, location. When your new neighbors are brewing good beer, you chose well.

  7. I can’t say I blame them, leaving the tactical nanny state. Feinstein and tactical don’t exactly go together.

  8. Just one request to all the Californians moving here to Texas. When you step into the voting booth in November, please remember why you left California, and vote like a Texan.

  9. Texas was already pretty good, but every day it gets even better. Other states are raising taxes, in bottomless debt, disarming their citizens, losing jobs, and Texas is on the way to open carry, has no income tax, the smallest per capita spending in the country (last I checked,) businesses swarming in from the slave states, protection for its people against federal intrusion on gun rights, and a Senator that is out for progressive metaphorical blood.

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