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Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, Mr. Harrison, an insurance producer keeps things simple and organized for his everyday pocket gear.  Brought to us by Everyday Carry.

He shares this, summing things up better than I could ever hope to do:

I’ve worked over the last year or two to find things to pair up that can help in limiting pocket clutter. This EDC is the product of all that work. The Bolder Pocket organizer holds all of my smaller gear PLUS acts as my wallet. That and the One Plus are the only two things actually in my pocket. Everything else is worn which helps to keep the clutter to a minimum.

He carries his GLOCK 43 in a Priority One Appendix Carry rig.   He has a Streamlight light, a Kizer Mini-Sheepdog blade to hit the big three things to carry.  Bravo to him.



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  1. What?!? No spare mag? No TQ? Appendix carry? Oh MY God! The horror, The Fool, the Madman! /sarc off
    Nice load out, and if it works for him, great.

  2. I had a pocket organizer (Yellow birch outfitters PocKit Pro) but it just seemed so bulky and hated having to take out the whole kit for one item. Instead, I chose to keep certain items in certain pockets. Especially when it comes to my knife and flashlight. Thought I would love it, ended up hating it. Was like having a brick in one pocket, and the only thing I had was a small top bound notebook (3×5), microstream, fisher space pen, and gerber mini covert auto. I tried keeping my cards and money in the rear portion but that made it even worse.

    Then I tried a small one, that only held my wallet stuff, a teeny tiny borderline useless notebook, and my FSP. That was okay, but hated having my cash strapped the back of it and cards/ID’s viewable when I needed to jot something down in public.

    So yea, doesn’t work that well for me. Plus, this guy has his keys inside it too. That thing is easily a couple inches thick. Is that a pocket organizer, or are you just happy to see me?

    • Pocket organizers work really, really well when they work for what you carry and the pockets you have. Other than that they just take up more space IMHO.

      I have one of the Runt 2.0 things from Hitch+Timber. In two pairs of my pants and one pair of shorts it’s the best thing ever. In every other pair of pants and shorts that I own it’s more annoying than anything else.

  3. Cool setup for the photo….kudos.

    No,good luck with pocket organizers in my jeans.

    I’m on the hunt for cargo pants with pockets higher on the thigh.

    Would like to have a top opening (velcro) pocket behind the bellows pocket so I could draw a gun without having to lift a flap.

    Anybody seen pants like that?

    • So do you just want the cargo pocket at mid thigh or do you want that plus another pocket behind the cargo pocket, closer to the back of the leg? Also, what size gun?

      • A bellows pocket with a slash pocket directly underneath with top access without a flap.

        Mid thought would be ideal. Most cargo pockets bang my knee if carry a gun in them.

        Doesnt seem like a big deal until you walk a little ways and realize it’s a major PITA.

        I had a pair where the bellows pocket was just underneath the regular slash pocket.

        I was able to carry an LC9 in the slash pocket and the bellows pocket prevented printing.

        Ultimately, I’d carry an LCR or Glock 43 in said pocket.

        There are more cargo pant than you can shake a stick at, and most all have button or velcro flaps on bellows pockets. Not the quickest access.

        First world problems…..

        • I can think of a few places to start looking in terms of brands but obviously I don’t know you personally so I can’t tell you the cut on them or exactly how the pockets would ride for you. Nor do I know what “style” you want like “normal” or “tactical” or if you care about that… and I don’t know your price range either… so I’ll give you some options that come to my mind.

          The list gets pretty long since I’m not exactly certain what would work for you… so I’d look at North Face, they used to make stuff that would work I dunno if their new line does. Vertx, Arc’Teryx, PrAna, REI Co-Op, the fly fishing line from Pategonia had some stuff in it like this… Kuhl is a brand I like to look at for CCW sometimes they have really odd sets of pockets that would work for what you’re looking for.

          Really, hiking/outdoor companies are where I would look if you’re trying to stay away from the “tacticool” look. Price varies enormously. Arc’Teryx L.E.A.F. collection would have some stuff most likely but that’s hellishly expensive and is even more obvious than the most ostentatious 5.11’s.

          Honestly, the problem IMHO is that “men’s fashion” changes year to year. I have an old pair of North Face pants that are nearly exactly what you’re looking for but I don’t remember what they’re called and I know they don’t make them any more since I’ve been searching for another pair for a number of years.

        • Thanks Strych.

          You’re right. Styles change so quickly it is hard to find the same style in 6 mos.

          You have given me several to add to my list of looking.

          Bass Pro used to have several that worked pretty well but discontinued them over the years.

          Banana republic had some pretty useful stuff back in the day….the current brand is mostly worthless.

          Thanks again….

        • Shorts are a bitch for me as well. Currently I buy shorts an inch big and stuff a lcp in a wallet style holster in the upper “primary” pocket. Unless someone knows you’re carrying it looks like either a wallet or a cell phone. Honestly I’ve never had anyone ask me why I had 2 wallets or 2 cell phones even in tight shorts that print hard.
          Carrying in the “cargo” pocket is fine with an lcp. An rm380 is aluminum framed and kind of annoying tho. Also stainless is your friend if you sweat in the summer. Otherwise you get brown stuff on your clothes

        • I like the K Mart cargo pants, but I do have a problem with stuff in the right one banging on my knee unless I arrange it correctly in the pocket. Sometimes I have to rearrange it several times a day. It can be a real pain in the knee.

          If you find ones with higher pockets please let us know,

    • RIGGS by Wrangler. They are called Ranger pants. By far the most comfortable non tactical looking and most durable cargo’s I have ever worn. They are all I wear outside of 550’s. They do have a carpenter style hammer loop, but I cut mine off. I also cut off the label on the back pocket. Don’t knock em until you try em.

      The only other kind I can think of that would not hit your knee and have mag pockets inside the cargo pockets that ride mid thigh, are 5.11 Styke’s. They are also awesome. They do have the thigh pockets though. I have a couple pairs, but mostly use them for cooler temperature hikes out of wading water areas and mechanic stuff. Replaced my old dickies. I used to wear them all the time. A bit on the tactical side, obviously, being 5.11, but they will definitely keep that gun off your knees in the spot you are looking for. Pricey too, but worth it. Very durable. 5.11 gear is hit or miss, but the Stryke pants are the biggest hit.

    • sorry, forgot to mention Vert-X style ones. Not sure the names of them, but they have the more discreet cargo pockets probably in your market. 5.11 also has the same kind of cargo’s that are a bit more discreet, but again, not sure what they are called. Just hit Amazon and search for 5.11 cargo, and vert-x cargo. RIGGS are a bit baggy and very thick and durable, but by far the best cargo’s I have ever worn. Hope ya find something.

  4. Wear open top boots. I was going to send my EDC Pocket Dump but woest me my pocket had a hole in it.

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