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The rugged individualism portrayed by a statue of a Pioneer on the University of Oregon campus has made the news.  The 100-year-old statue, featuring a man carrying a whip in one hand with a rifle slung over his shoulder supposedly makes some students and faculty feel “very inferior.”  And they want it gone.

One member of the Native American Student Union specifically mentioned the rifle as making him feel uncomfortable.

The University of Oregon’s student newspaper The Daily Emerald covered the story:

Every day, thousands of University of Oregon students pass the Pioneer statue on their way to class.

The pioneer stands among the students between Fenton and Friendly halls, carrying a whip in one hand and a rifle slung over its shoulder.

As the statue’s 100-year anniversary approaches, the history surrounding the statue has sparked conversations — and a possible protest — on campus and in the community.

The statue was vandalized last month with red paint sprayed onto its crotch and whip in its right hand and googly eyes were placed over the statue’s eyes. Following this vandalism, members of the community reached out to the Emerald with information about its history and a rumoured protest. Members of the Native American Student Union and the UO history department said a protest was in the works but could not offer any other information at this time.

Ryan Reed, a member of NASU, said the statue has made him uncomfortable since his first weeks on campus.

“A lot of people think a pioneer is a frontiersman — an explorer. For us, it’s a totally different definition,” Reed said. “That feeling comes from what he’s carrying on his shoulder and what he’s carrying on his belt.”

Later in the story, Ryan Reed compares the statue to Ted Bundy, the notorious serial killer.

Reed said the Pioneer statue might not bother every student at UO, but it negatively impacts the way Native students feel on campus.

“It’s like a murderer being praised for what they did. I guarantee that if you got [Ted] Bundy’s statue up on campus, people are going to go hectic,” Reed said. “But they don’t think of that with the pioneer statue. It’s been so romanticized and white-washed that a pioneer is a thing that is supposed to be positive.”

Triggered over the mere sight of a 100-year-old statue depicting rugged individualism?  What has this country come to for some of these bed-wetting children attending college?   And the fact Reed equates the pioneer with Ted Bundy diminishes the loss to the families of Ted Bundy’s victims.  To say nothing of airbrushing away the great achievements of the pioneers which made the University of Oregon possible.

If Mr. Reed genuinely feels so oppressed by the statue, perhaps he should attend another school.

That probably won’t happen.  Instead, Mr. Reed and the NASU will find something else to protest.  Maybe even the fact that campus cops carry guns.  After all, for some, the mere sight of a real firearm leads to incontinence, fear, trembling, anxiety attacks and even unintended bowel movements.

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    • Probably pretty obvious, but they aren’t really scared or “uncomfortable.” That’s just a cover to claim victim status, the currency of the leftist realm.

      This is an act of aggression by collectivist authoritarians against a culture they want to destroy. Crybullies don’t need the protection of safe spaces. Others need legal protection from the aggression of crybullies.

    • ^ +100

      “fake outrage” is the key concept. They do it because it works for them. And it works for them because leftist university admins want it to.

      It’s a similar con game as the EPA getting RevComm types posing as environmentalist groups to sue the government, then choosing not to fight the case because they want the same thing anyway.

  1. The only thing that can make you feel inferior is yourself. I suppose trying to explain this to professional victims is a fools errand.

  2. No mention of all the settlers raped and murdered by redskins, of course. No mention of precolumbian redskin mass graves with hundreds of tortured and executed men, women, and children dating back millennia before the white man arrived either.

    • Yes, sir! These “professional victims” will wet themselves at a finger snap. (God help them in the real world).

      • Some might, but I wouldn’t count on it. If they don’t get their way by crybullying anymore, some of them will resort to domestic terrorism. The Weather Underground and similar groups were real, unapologetic, and the animus behind them hasn’t gone anywhere.

    • Doofus should request Fauxahontas drop her silly quest for leadership of the white man, and come home to protect her people. If he’s still around, of course, the way he tosses around “we” makes me assume he’s over 200 years od as we speak. What a loser.

  3. Leftists are just like the mad dog mudslimes of ISIS… they want to tear down all the statues and all cultural icons that offend them, which is pretty much everything that’s not communist. Replace this statue with one of Vladimir Lenin and these idiots would approve!!!

    • Seattle has one . It was torn down in the Czechoslovakia in the 1989 Velvet Revolution breaking out of the Soviet Block.
      And like the good little commies they are out in Seattle they proudly put it up in their city.

      • “Just tell them it *is* a statue of Lenin, they are too stupid to know the difference.”

        Statue of Lenin holding the whip of Marxism, while leading the armed revolution of Communism.

        That should preserve the statue forever.

  4. Can you imagine a Higgins boat filled with these special snowflakes heading towards the beaches of Normandy 75 years ago? The Germans would have slaughtered them to the man. Child.

    • “Can you imagine a Higgins boat filled with these special snowflakes heading towards the beaches of Normandy 75 years ago? ”

      Which is precisely why I use the following as the “signature” line on my private emails.
      – In 1944 18 year-olds stormed the beach at Normandy into almost certain death.

      – In 2019 18-year-olds feel unsafe because words hurt their feelings.

        • “I’m going to appropriate that for…purposes, if you don’t mind.”

          Just be sure to change the year when the calendar rolls over.

          Oh….haven’t had an original thought in about a decade; borrowed the meme myself.

        • Hey Mike Audie Murphy was not at Normandy but fought in North Africa Sicily Italy and southern France when the war ended He had just turned 19 the most decorated man in history many 15 16 yo managed to get in parents lied about their age etc

      • The Germans are In no better shape today….they too have been cucked and feminized by the same global power attacking our rights.

  5. Is there conclusive historical evidence that many/most pioneers raped, beat, and/or murdered Native Americans?

    If the answer is, “no”, then there is no righteous justification to take-down the pioneer statue.

    • Actually yes. The gold miners hated Indians, and regularly attacked them (or sexually assaulted their women), and engaged in a masacree or three. Some tribes had to be moved elsewhere for their protection, exchanging their land for their lives. It was the same in Northern California during the gold rush. Now the settlers were likely something different–and this statue looks like a wagon trail leader.

      • Yeah, because the savages didndu nutin… Here’s an idea… you don’t get to bitch about the results of losing a war you started.

        • That’s right, the war the Indians started by invading the Americas after Europeans were established…

        • Right… because they didn’t raid caravans. Rape villages. Plunder everything that wasn’t nailed down… Oh… wait…

        • AAAnd you overgeneralize. There were not a whole lotta wimmins in the gold fields in California and Oregon back in the 1850s and 60s, which is why the Indian women were subject to sexual assault. To say nothing of the fact that we were invading Indian territories, killing them off by the millions with our European diseases, slaughtering them wholesale when we wanted their lands, and violating our written treaties guaranteeing their sovereign territories when it suited our expansionist purposes. Ever heard of the Cherokee and the Trail of Tears? The Cherokee were not raping and killing, but were a prosperous and peaceful people who were inconveniently in the way of White Men–so we marched them off a thousand miles to Oklahoma, wearing blankets taken from the bodies of small pox victims. Wounded Knee was one of the largest mass killings in US history. If you were an Indian, you might view the lying White Man much as you do the Demoncrats.

        • Yeah… let’s ignore the fact that the Cherokee slave owners were more than happy to march thousands of PEOPLE who they claimed to OWN down the “Train of Tears”…

        • pwrserge,

          Fact: Native Americans had been living in North America for several hundreds/thousands of years before Europeans began immigrating to North America.

          Question: were Europeans invaders or did Native Americans welcome Europeans?

          If Europeans were invaders and therefore stealing resources from Native Americans, then Europeans started the war. If Native Americans initially welcomed and lived at peace with European immigration and then initiated hostilities, then Native Americans started the war. Which is it?

          Note: I do not have any ancestors that were parties to European and Native American hostilities. My ancestors on my mom’s side immigrated to the U.S. in the 1950s and my ancestors on my dad’s side immigrated to the U.S. in the 1890s.

        • The reality is that treating the natives as some sort of monolithic entity is absurd. Some tribes welcomed the new arrivals and integrated successfully with the new society formed after the Revolution. Some refused to integrate and were left behind as their way of life became obsolete. (Or invented completely new ways of life due to the things the new arrivals brought, such as horses and gunpowder.) The reality is that their societies were backwards and ill prepared to deal with living alongside more advanced peoples. Some tribes were mostly peaceful and got along great with their new neighbors until they integrated into the society others, like the Comanche made a habit of horse thievery and cattle rustling.

          The reality is that a pre-industrial hunter/gatherer society is not the same thing as a 19th century nation state. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I would point out that my own people were smart enough not to live in the past and instead integrated into the wider society around them. This endless glorification of “the noble savage” is just plain racist paternalism. Some of the native tribes made a bad decision in the face of the inevitable. That’s how the sausage of human advancement is made. You didn’t see the Gauls spending generations sitting around sulking after Cesar conquered southern Gaul. Instead, they adopted the new culture and became a part of it. During the imperial period, there were plenty of Gaulish citizens of Rome and quite a few Senators.

          Instead the US has the most hilarious absurdity in modern history. Alleged “nations” within our borders that rely almost entirely on handouts from the federal government to survive and refuse to acknowledge that they were beaten and remain in their current position simply because of their own shitty decisions.

        • Hey, Mark, dafook you mean, “we”? I did not even approve of any such shit, much less participate, and I doubt you did. This is HISTORY, and not a thing we do will change a bit of it. That protesting asshat is just as guilty of the things he is protesting as I am, ie not at all. The sins of his parents are just as much his, as the sins of mine are mine.

      • The native Americans butchered their own kind as bad or worse than the Europeans ever did. In the space of a hundred years, they wipe out every horse in the Hemisphere. So much for their supposed eco-friendly existence. The horses we have today were brought bt the Europeans.

        • @ Bob Jones: True… maybe. However, according to Wikipedia, “The horse evolved in the Americas, but became extinct between 8,000 and 12,000 years ago. When the Spanish arrived on the American mainland in the 16th century, they brought horses with them and re-established the animals on the continent.” So… if indigenous people in the Americas killed off the horse, it happened before recorded history, not in the last millennium.

  6. Well with stories of success about other statues being removed because people in power gave into demands from “victims” this shit will continue. They renamed Robert E. Lee parkway to Martin Luther King Pkwy. They pet there heads and apologize while slowly destroying our/there culture it’s sickening

    • A statue of a Man makes them “feel inferior” because inside they know they are unworthy of that title.

    • Technically speaking, you *should* feel inferior to a statue like this because you likely *are* inferior to who or what the statue represents. Not inferior like you’re not a fellow human being, but inferior in your accomplishments, deeds, and character. This is the equivalent of a huge First Place trophy to these kids, and the participation trophies stopped getting handed out after they passed the 8th grade.

    • You could probably pull it off with a PopTart.
      Then I realized “Wait, these useless turds don’t have jobs, what’re you gonna take? Their hackysack?”

  7. Those who forget their history….
    So let’s start erasing it so we can start all over again!!!
    Or something. Not that a new history will be any better than the last one(s).

    • The Khmer Rouge tried to return to year 0 to start again. They found out that Marxist Leninist and Maoist rhetoric did not overrule the laws on physics and the environment.

  8. Revisionist history. Why not? These idiots think that if they don’t want it to be so, it isn’t. But that not true. Native Americans killed each other for centuries before Anglos arrived. They also enslaved each other. Same with Africans. Before there was a market for slaves with the Europeans the winner of a battle simply killed all males of military age. Women and children were enslaved. I have ancestors who owned slaves. Not something I’m proud of, but it is true history. Trying to pretend otherwise is a disservice to both sides.

    • The way you say it sounds like you are dismissing the Europeans’ sins because other people committed the same acts.

      People are people. Doesn’t matter where or when… Humans did bad things and good things. No group is without sin. The truth is unforgiving. In the future humans will do what they always have done, which is why we must exercise our human rights of self determination, self autonomy and self preservation.

      It’s dangerous to wholly trust man.

      • Retroactive moral posturing is absurd. You can’t apply modern moral standards to situations that occurred centuries before those standards existed. I’d love to hear your modern moral posturing vis-a-vi Sparta and Athens. Better yet, let’s apply those standards to the Roman Empire or Sengoku period Japan. The reality is that you can only judge a person’s actions by the standards of the time they lived in. Anything else would require that person to magically know the centuries of philosophical development that occurred after their own deaths. No historical figure can survive such scrutiny.

        • And that are assumes that today’s moral framework is moral… it’s not. What we have today is selective and decadent, and almost exclusively used to bludgeon your enemies on Twitter.

        • Christianity existed when Europeans committed many sins. They had a moral standard to follow, it’s the same moral standard they claim to follow today and want to keep alive. In reality, they do not live by their religion nor are they educated in it. They don’t marry and have many children to pass down the culture. They simply complain that brown people are committing genocide on them and are replacing them. Then they call for fascist government to deal with the problem they created themselves instead of giving people liberty to live as they see fit for their family. Instead of voluntary peaceful separation they want forced assimilation and cultural genocide of the other.

          I won’t ever call for the government to stop a white man from living like a Christian and speaking his ancestors’ language. I won’t seek to erase the good in that. I hope they do live a righteous life and keep their ancestors language alive (not just for themselves but for the rest of us).

          I am fine with Polish-Americans retaining their culture and speaking their language along side being an American. I don’t get angry when I see s small community full of Polish people and Polish food. I don’t get upset when I hear them speak their language. I am happy to see them stay connected to their beginnings whilst also being proud Americans. The culture may not be for me, but I will not stomp it out and I don’t mind learning some of it.

          Europeans are white. However, all white people are not the same ethnicity, they don’t speak the same language and they don’t have a single culture. I wouldn’t want to force one language, one religion, one culture, on them to create a one world order. As long as we all agree that humans have rights and we can’t infringe on them… You do your thing, I will do mine. Respect the boundaries (I don’t mean borders) and live happily. When someone tries to impose on others they should be exposed of morally.

          In the end, as long as there is peace, most people will “take the good and leave the bad.” They eventually will become similar to each other over time. Look how European-Americans think they’re all just white/Americans and they only speak one language [English] although their family wasn’t from England. You could force that or let it happen naturally. The most important thing is keeping the American ideals alive through education. Otherwise, fighting leads to one group having to be the victor, which destroys the concept of liberty.

          China forces all the different ethnicities and cultures to be unified under communism. They use ultimate nationalism to protect that European concept, which allows the ruling party to remain in power. Any non Chinese nationalist is considered the enemy and anything they say or do is an attack against the state/party/communism. An attack on the state is an attack on the people. Everyone must follow what the party/government says is okay. Anyone that resists is punished socially or through law. You can’t live the way you want, you will live the way they tell you to. They destroy Mosques and execute Muslims that don’t live the “Chinese” way. Even the original Chinese culture that Chinese-Americans keep alive is forbidden and being erased by statism.

        • Well that has fuck all to do with anything. Though thanks for outing yourself as a racist piece of shit.

  9. The plaque on Donner’s pass sums this up very nicely.


    The people who are “triggered” by displays of manhood, womanhood, patriotism, and the drive for Freedom only Liberty can provoke aren’t worthy of what has been given to them in this Country. They like living on their knees, so as they run into our backsides they may kindly kiss our asses.

  10. These seeds planted by Obama and Clintons and the PRE-K-PHD liberal school brainwashing can never be erased…its bred in their DNA to remain stupid and afraid to read true history of the founding of this republic. There is only one solution that many cannot accept.

    U better get a hold on ur kids and yank them from public reeducation and yank their phones and nasty lies of Social Media and the 3 letter Communist news outlets.

    People are just lost and only care about the new deal @ McDonald’s are likes on Socialist Media and the empty promises in role playing LALA Land of FREE STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREE!! FREE!!!!!!! Everything is FREE!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And most will never WAKE-UP!

  11. I happen to live within a few miles of the real Oregon Trail. I would love to see some of these butthurt yootz try just a day hike here. Would be laugh out loud funny.
    Can we just please cut off my tax dollars to the coastal states? Let them die of fire, famine and pestilence, which seems to be the new normal. Wait, did I just name a few of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

  12. Yeah… this is clickbait to agitate the savages… but it is nonetheless actually happening. If the neo-Stalinist Democrat party achieves national power, and more Californian “social justice” ignoramuses are encouraged by “the people” ….this obnoxious shit is only going to get worse. And I’d wager significantly worse, because their ascendency to the Executive will be gleefully interpreted as a mandate to encourage federal legislation to appease mob-“justice”-morons like these woke dipshits who feel oppressed by an historical statue. And, “…what’s on his hip.”

    I beg you all… please, please don’t be apathetic, swing state or not, and vote to ensure the Democrat party does not seize the Executive and attain further power. In my view, this is a far more important election than 2016… I am sure many will debate that… but 2016 really seemed to get this crowd flying true colors, and they only seem terminally emboldened and validated by the woke Democrat party embrace. A noxious combination of “social justice,” woke identity politics, and hierarchical intersectional victimhood makes for an ideological suffocation of America and American ideals of a republic and free society. A Democrat presidency right now would be a painful, embarrassing disaster for the nation… on way too many levels to describe in this two-bit comment.

    We are a nation at a crossroads, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. But it could be, if we allow people like the folks being groomed at the University of Oregon (…and on campuses all across the country, sadly…) to dictate the direction of the United States. In my view, this is significantly more dangerous than the “Red scare” of the ’50s-’60s.

    Atop it all, these people think of the Bill of Rights as arbitrary, and certainly do not consider the 2A a legitimate Constitutionally-protected guaranteed civil right. If for nothing else than your devotion to all things with a trigger, please just check the little boxes that block these crazy people from running our country. DJT has been fairly infuriating and unreliable on the 2A, but at least the administration cranks out judicial appointments that can benefit us, rather than further harm us as POTG.

    God save America… but only if we do.

    Be safe (actual Mort…Arizona)

    • Yeah… this is clickbait to agitate the savages… but it is nonetheless actually happening.

      That is a harmful use of words. It completely puts you in a bad light and discredits anything you say after that. It’s a racist comment regardless if you are racist or not.

      You can do better next time.

      • Actual savages ran around scalping people, raping women and taking them as slaves, murdering children. They burned and plundered eachother, then the burned and plundered Americans.

        Totally savage isn’t it?

        • Are you talking about the original Americans or the Europeans that took their identity? Who, even today, refuse to call them native or indigenous. Can’t call them native because anyone born in America is native American. Can’t call the indigenous because they came from Asia a very long time ago. Can’t call them Indian because they are not from India. For a long time you couldn’t call them American because they weren’t allowed United States citizenship until they pretended to be white as ordered.

          I didn’t know current day United States citizens who are descended from the original Americans are still “savages.” Are black American citizens still “n*****s?”

          What were the Vikings?

          Didn’t the Europeans start the whole scalping thing and mocked their victims by calling them red skins afterwards? Didn’t they mutilate “savages” to intimidate the rest into submission? Then they made mascots with red Indian logos and called teams the red skins. “Indians” don’t have a red skin tone; they are a light yellowish tone or dark brown depending on how much sun they get. If anyone is redish in tone it’s Europeans that stay out in the sun for too long for their genetics.

          Eye for an eye is how the Europeans and Americans behaved. The Europeans never had peace in mind when they “found” the Americas, from day one (so to speak) they wrote back to Europe that they will need some more men and weapons to start the enslavement of the natives and to take all their stuff. Of course people would fight back anyway necessary, even animals would do the same, Americans today would be no different.

          Remember how the Germans dealt with the Jewish people and the rest of Europe? Do you also refer to them as savages or just those pesky Indians? The way you think leads me to think that you would use that word for one other group…

        • This issue isn’t so complicated. Humans are savage. Some percentage of all sub-groups are particularly good at it and predate on others. Some follow Sesame Street rules (one of these things is not like the others) and gang up on them just because.

          All the peoples of the earth have in their history (and some still do) dealt in slaves. They enslave the “others” and each other, whoever is weaker.

          Y’all done playing “who can type the longer post” yet?

      • I’m sorry it hurts your feefees, but any society that hasn’t bothered to domesticate animals or invent the wheel by the 15th century is made up of savages. Please quit glorifying the lifestyles of pre-industrial hunter/gatherers and subsistence level farmers. This edification of the “noble savage” is just plain old historical revisionism and racist paternalism. The native tribes fucked up. They got dealt a bad hand and then quite a few of them made shitty decisions. The worst part is the few that refuse to acknowledge the shiftiness of those decisions to this day and continue to double down on stupid.

        • Some tribes made the bad decision of supporting the British in the war of independence. That came back to haunt them afterwards.

        • The abject stupidity here is the deluded belief that nation states are moral actors. Those cases, historically, can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The reality is that once the Europeans arrived, the natives had two choices.

          1. Adapt and assimilate.
          2. Be driven to extinction.

          This is historically what always happens when two cultures clash and one has an immense technological and structural advantage. The weaker party is assimilated or destroyed. It happened with the Gauls and Rome, it happened with the Mongols and most of Asia, it happened with the Saxons and the Danes, again with the Norman conquests, and it happened with the Scotts and the English. Those are five examples spanning two millennia that I can recall off of the top of my head. Equating a process that has happened over and over for the entirety of human history to deliberate act of genocide is absurd and insulting to the people’s actually subjected to real genocide.

          The end result does not negate the value of the actions of the great men of each such event. It does not make the winner evil. It is simply the process in which the sausage of human achievement is made. If not for Cesar, we would not have Augustus. If not for William the Conqueror we would not have Churchill. If not for the frontiersmen of the 19th century, we would not have the modern America and all the good it has accomplished. Pretending that cultures on the losing side of a historical struggle were somehow wronged is applying morality to a natural process. It’s absurd and it negates the choices the people on that losing side made. It takes away their agency and their right to make their own decisions, no matter how shitty those decisions were.

          As a member of the European equivalent of a native tribe. (The Kuban Cossack host, in my particular example.) I find the myth of the wronged “noble savage” insulting. It reduces the struggle of thousands of people trying to make the best choices they can to a “victim” and “oppressor” binary. It’s ahistorical moral posturing for idiots.

        • You are a simpleton. I hope that didn’t hurt your feelings because truth does hurt sometimes.

          He referred to young kids, who are now Americans, as savages because of their genetic makeup. That is a stupid move and racist. This is not helpful for his cause, for protecting American ideals and for the reputation of white people.

          I was giving him advice on how to behave in modern society. There is a thing called manners and respect. I know the average American is no longer taught that by their parents. So, someone has to remind them of human decency in a time where that is being thrown in the trash for politics. You guys are not putting your elbows on the table too are you?

          You want to divide when I am trying to help you guys. I don’t want a certain religion that breeds communism to win. On the other hand, you are helping them score, you seem to always come out at the right time to do that. Like some kind of agent provocateur.

        • Ah… didn’t take long to start blaming the Jooos… Aren’t you late for a bund meeting you racist piece of shit?

        • Jewish people are white. Judaism is a religion. Not every ethnically Jewish person follows the religion.

          Do you consider “Muslim” to be a race like the American commies do? Do you consider Arabs to not be semitic people?

          I have listened to liberty minded ethnically Jewish people growing up. The Mises Institute has been heavily influenced by them. I have watched many videos of Walter Block’s teachings, not some white nationalist channel like Red Ice TV. I rather watch Luke’s [he is ethnically Jewish] We Are Change channel over Alex Jones. I criticize channels like Red Elephants for playing into the hands of people trying to create a race war.

          I have followed Adam Kokesh [he is ethnically Jewish] for a very long time, before he got arrested for open carrying in Washington D.C. I watched him talk to that French-Canadian ethno state guy the other day. He is running for the libertarian nomination in 2020. Dare I say Adam would be a better than Trump. I will probably vote for him over Trump, I won’t vote Trump in 2020 regardless.

          I don’t want a race/ethno war. I don’t want war with Iran or to start WWIII like Trump’s administration is trying to create. I don’t want to partake in creating these birth pains to bring on the end times. I don’t want to rule nor reign over anyone.

      • Racism is a natural normal human behavior. There is nothing wrong with it. All humans are racists, especially those who deny they are.

    • What we see here is the result of having failed to effectively remove the reds we were scared of in the 40s, 50s and 60s. Now they are professors, judges and politicians or the intellectual offspring of same.

      Jefferson said that we would likely need a revolution every generation to maintain our liberty. By his reckoning we are something like 200 years past due.

    • Generally speaking (and quite specifically in several parts…), I agree with the tidy replies that followed my comment. Though I feel it took a strange tack because… well, the “User1” slapping my wrist for “a harmful use of words” couldn’t possibly have been a real admonishment… was it? Surely it was just User1 being a sarcastic heckler hamming it up for the islanders (…the savage natives, cannibals all, what with their circular firing squads…). (Was he serious? She? Zhe? Did I just get fined?)

      Hmm. Touche. I *can* do better next time… because if that person thought I was referring to the Indians (…not the bathe-in-filthy-Ganges dot-head Indians, but the hboo-hboo-hboo peace pipe Indians… ya know, proper fry bread Injuns, like that feller Hillerman always scribbles about, so nobly…), I really wasn’t. By “savages,” I meant to say I was thinking of all the frothing-at-the-mouth Muricans who’d love to get revved up to canvass and scour the country, rounding up whole neighborhoods of pinko commies, using the inert collective bulk of their cadavers to bolster socialist public works projects like levees and speedbumps (read: Guys like pwrserge, when he isn’t moonlighting as an articulate and civilized intellectual, and a card-carrying member of the last nationalist hope for us all… !! quick, User1, I said “articulate,” undoubtedly a harmful and especially racist choice of words; there is ample space below to type and whine…). You know, people who once were dominant in their land, but now are systematically being removed from relevancy by “progress” and “technology…,” these savage Muricans, futiley unable to stem the viral sepsis of the Messicans, wall or no wall…. Sure, yes I was conscious of the further ironicalnessositude of these diametric-but-mirrored comparisons by using the term “savages,” yes in light of the statue-hating terminal moaners cited within the article (and now also in light of all societal identitarian tribes– including those feral retarded “social justice” monkeys– doing what toils they must to survive, thrive, and conquer-or-relinquish their own vast plains of dominance or submission; pwrserge covered it purty good, above…). And so, I surmise… User1 explained the joke for me, that’s all.

      No way he was being serious…. Were you? …naaaah, c’mon on….

      Then again, I type this without bothering to see what else User1 wrote… which is good, I suppose, lest I resort to an even more “harmful choice of words” in retort. Well, the Bottom Line is: if you were serious, User1, the important thing to know is that I will be shooting from whatever side pwrserge and the Muricans are on… so, duck and cover.

      Be safe, be savage… but be NOT COMMUNIST!

      Mort (actual Mort… Arizona)

      • pwrserge is from commie land.

        I would be careful of subverters that fully back Trump and his son in law’s agenda. For instance, Alex Jones is an agent of a foreign state that is actively causing demoralization and pushing for “1776 to commence” between the American people. Their religion is not Christianity, it’s a religion that uses communism to enslave gentiles. Communism/socialism is part of their religious text, it’s a tactic to achieve their new world order goal. They are ones causing the birth pains…

        I definitely won’t be letting pwrserge anywhere near me if there is a fight for liberty.

        • User1 you are an imbecil if you think Alex Jones
          is deep state if he was they wouldn’t be trying to destroy him

        • @Mad

          Alex said certain people approached him and asked him to stop talking about the truth or else. He made a deal and took a bunch of money to create the Infowars you see today. He got millions. I think he is so rich now he buys machine guns for tens of thousands of dollars. He admitted he can’t talk about the truth anymore because it hurts his pocketbook. He admitted on air who he is. He isn’t hiding the fact he will only talk about the Chinese and Muslims instead of the truth. He said he tried to make a deal with Trump to get on TV if he helps get him elected.

          Alex is in it for the money. He isn’t the same person from the Bush days. He did a 180 once Obama got into office. He fired everyone that used to work with him and made them sign a NDA. He even got divorced from his wife. Everyone that used to be around him is gone. Even Paul Watson quit. That is how bad Alex has become.

          Alex has been hired to act a fool to give the right a bad reputation and give the left the opportunities they need to censor the right. He goes on air and says things like Sandy Hook was 100% fake and the Mandalay Bay shooting was done by Muslims after a gun deal gone wrong. Alex screams, says ridiculous stuff, asks people to choke him for views, tries to instigate fights by getting in people’s face, etc. He does all of that so the leftists can pass new rules and take away monetization. He intentionally causes the problem, the SJWs react and the leftists swoop in to save the day.

          Same goes for Steven Crowder. He goes around intentionally causing problems. When the left react he doubles down knowing the outcome. Then the left takes away everyone’s monetization if they are on the right and they start removing channels that don’t put out leftist content. Crowder doesn’t lose anything because he gets paid either way and he won’t be pulled down forever. He has protections like Ben Shapiro does.

          Alex doesn’t even market his old videos anymore. He doesn’t want people to see how he used to be and he doesn’t want people to see the information he used to put out. Alex used to say Israel created Hamas and that there was dancing Israelis after the planes flew into the twin towers. Alex is a gatekeeper, a professional one.

  13. “Higher education” has become a total failure. I live in a university town. I sometimes spend an hour or two eavesdropping in Panera or Starbucks where the “students” congregate (my bad, I know). If higher education was doing its job I would be hearing conversations that cover the entire spectrum of ideas and thought. But I don’t hear that. Bend an ear in any direction at any time, and it’s the same old left-liberal (progressive?) drivel coming from every table. The level of homogeneity is frightening.

    Higher education is not education at all. It’s total indoctrination.

    • When they’re all thinking the same thing, nobody is thinking.
      Hey, let’s find an Administrator and blame him.

    • I had a prof in college. On his door was a cartoon of pigs in suits standing on a crowd of people. The caption said CAPITALISM AT WORK. It is not really an environment that fosters free thinking in the first place.

      • “The caption said CAPITALISM AT WORK.”

        “Winners look for pleasing results; losers look for pleasant methods”
        (public domain)

  14. So, I guess we’re to expect multiple articles that have little to nothing to do with firearms or even their politics, but everything to do with stirring the “conservative” pot by pointing a finger at leftist identity politics monkeyshines? It’s fun & all, but a pointless distraction which I assume takes the place of actual gun news. But it gets clicks, and for TTAG’s All Outdoor owners, clicks is king, ergo the site gets polluted with irrelevant crap like all their other properties.

    For example, I believe TTAG has yet to report on the hilarious Hi Point pistol naming contest. Instead we get a rage-bait story about some racist dumbasses who hate something no one (including us before reading the article) actually cares about. It seems we’re averaging a good 2-3 stories about racist dumbasses, lately…

    • “So, I guess we’re to expect multiple articles that have little to nothing to do with firearms or even their politics…”

      Discussing the future demographic we will need to defeat in order to defend our rights, our “gun rights”, is entirely proper. The idiots were triggered by just a bronze depiction of a firearm. Mothers Against Images of Guns is just now forming (I’m sure), and the people from Oregon will be among them.

      With leftists, everything….everything is political. Expect soon to find them objecting to the depiction of firearms on signs announcing “Gun Free Zones”

      • By your logic (admission?) TTAG should just parrot right wing news sites entirely, in the name of “defeating the leftist demographic” or whatever.

        You’d think people would learn from past mistakes regarding crippling mission creep (like in the NRA, literally unfolding before our eyes this instant), but hey, if it’s just about entertainment for the readership, then why not toss in celebrity gossip while we’re at it? Why bother reporting about guns at all, it’s not like an informative gun review will defeat the enemy, after all –it’s just wasted space that could be used to advertise for the Republican Party!

        • “By your logic (admission?) TTAG should just parrot right wing news sites entirely,…”

          Nope. Pointing out that guns are politics. Politics affect guns. Ignoring politics at large is foolish. Articles such as the current one place guns in context of the larger issues of politics.

          Mission creep is quite different. Salting the blog with a few forays into the larger political spectrum is not mission creep. The truth about guns is much larger than technical specifications and ballistic gel.

  15. IN THAT CASE I GUESS THEY ARE INFERIOR!!!! What else can it be?Did they ever take on a bear with a muzzleloader? Or fight one off with a big knife? The administration should suggest they see a doctor for testosterone shots backbone. I still these people will get eaten alive if they come up against somebody like Putin and run if Rocketman says BOO!

  16. stick these want to be men out in the woods with nothing more than that Pioneer had a flintlock powder lead balls and patch material a small ax and knife and let them survive 90 days they cannot do it anybody that has not shot a flintlock with blackpowder don,t know what it’s like especially those back then because a lot of them were smooth bore guns I have a rifled barreled one I take out and shoot once in a while to much clean up after words

    • I was considering moving to Oregon. I thought it might not be a good idea because of how white the state is and their culture. I was right and wrong at the same time. The white people there are a problem, but not exactly in the way I thought they would be. They teach people to be weak and scared. They use race to create divides. They pretend to like you to use you. They instigate racial conflict via agitation. Oregon appears to be a nice friendly place for everyone, but in reality it’s a bunch of European socialist/communists trying to create civil war amongst Americans and at the same time disarm them.

      Even Nevada has changed. They just passed a bunch of gun control. I think they are now the 17th state to pass red flag laws.

  17. Weenies. Plain ole weenies. When I was in my 50’s I outlifted the whole(Bally’s)gym. Drugfree too. They’re freaked out by an inanimate object. Losers. Poseurs. Soyboys.

  18. The Far Right could not care less about the feelings of Native Americans and to this day refuses to acknowledge the mass genocide carried out by the White Man against Native Americans and Black Slaves. Just because a monument is over 100 years old does not make it invulnerable to the truth or to have it taken down. That goes double for the racist Confederate monuments most of which were actually erected by White Supremacists in the 1960’s to intimidate blacks who were pushing for voting rights long denied them.

    Take it down or have a midnight attack on it with sledge hammers.

    The lies about the pioneer spirit went out decades ago when the Hollywood movie “Little Big Man” portrayed Custer and his men as they really were, drunken mass murders led by an egocentric sadistic racist Custer who got what he deserved at the Little Big Horn. I might add I saw this at a drive in and the entire drive in was cheering when Custer got his brains blown out by the Indians. Finally a truthful movie about “the real west”.

    • “The Far Right could not care less about the feelings of Native Americans…”

      I am not of the “far Right”, but….

      I do not give a spitball of interest in the feelings of Native Americans.

      Or anyone else.

      If feelings are important to your life, you forfeit any respect as a person. Feelings do not build anything, fix anything, defend anything. Intent, determination and perseverance make things happen.

      Feelings are the go-to excuse for life’s losers.

      Learn to deal with life as it is, because it is never, ever, going to be what you wish it to be.

    • I don’t appreciate you appropriating the culture of my ancestors by using the name of the greatest hero in Christendom as a sock puppet. So sorry your side was made up of mouth breathing morons who didn’t even bother to invent the wheel until some Europeans managed to cross an ocean in glorified wooden bathtubs. Getting your asses handed to you by a more advanced society because you refused to adapt is not genocide, it’s plain old natural selection.

    • @ VLAD

      “The lies about the pioneer spirit went out decades ago when the Hollywood movie “Little Big Man” portrayed Custer and his men as they really were, drunken mass murders led by an egocentric sadistic racist Custer who got what he deserved at the Little Big Horn. I might add I saw this at a drive in and the entire drive in was cheering when Custer got his brains blown out by the Indians. Finally a truthful movie about “the real west”.

      Hmmm… Little Big Man came out in 1970. The nation was rife with protests of ALL kinds. Remember the peace sign? Yeah that’s when radical student “bodies” began flashing not only their boobs but their fingers. The movie you are referring to was a crass exaggeration of historical events with Dustin “the graduate” Hoffman giving an Academy Award performance. It was complete bullshit. What I remember when I first saw it was half the audience walking out and booing. If you’re depending on Hollywood for the truth you’ve already lost the battle VLAD.

    • “The lies about the pioneer spirit went out decades ago when the Hollywood movie “Little Big Man” portrayed Custer and his men as they really were, drunken mass murders led by an egocentric sadistic racist Custer who got what he deserved at the Little Big Horn. I might add I saw this at a drive in and the entire drive in was cheering when Custer got his brains blown out by the Indians. Finally a truthful movie about “the real west”.”

      History is debunked by fiction…gotcha.

  19. Who the heck is the statue of? It’s just a dude with a whip and a gun? There is no historical story behind some frictional man unless you invent it. He could be a white man that lived with the Native Americans and proudly learned their ways of survival. He could be a proud farmer surviving on his own with his rifle.

    Kids are taught to be afraid of a man armed with firearms if that man isn’t wearing a uniform. Has nothing to do with race because a black man with a gun is just as feared as a white man with a gun until they put on a government uniform. The statist agenda is to make everyone feel powerless and fragile, which means they need a savior otherwise they will be victims, that savior will be the government.

    I’m not going to fear the past and attempt to erase it so I could live a in a delusional present. I am more worried about the future because of what I learned about the past.

    Where is my rifle? Maybe I will need a whip too. I will pass on the hat because I have natural sunscreen.

  20. Forget the “triggered snowflakes”.

    The real reason behind all this is the Stalinist program of rewriting history. Get rid of what happened in American history; tear down statues, rename streets, building and schools and write their own fake history. Remember the BO statement that Muslims helped build this country? Re-write history, there will be no end to it.

    • At least most Americans haven’t a read a book since high school. That might help. And today’s youth are of the TL;DR kind. We need to teach them verbally; the way early humans used to pass down knowledge. If their education is shit, it’s our fault.

      • Teach them to read and hand them books from your own collection. Just use a personalized book stamp, or sign them to try to get them back.

        Not only does it mark the book as yours but if the book survives a decent period it’s a cool bit of history. Astley Paston Cooper Ashhursh signed my 1890 copy of The Works of Edgar Allan Poe on May 6th 1897. I have no idea who that person was but they had damn good penmanship.

  21. I’m curious to the lengths he goes to become indignant.

    For instance, I wonder what his opinion is of statues featuring Simon Bolivar or for that matter what his opinion is of the Venuzuelan currency. Is he made uncomfortable that there’s a nation on Earth with money named for such a man?

  22. The overreaction and out-sized indignation of students is matched perfectly by the overreaction and out-sized indignation of all the snowflake haters. The two camps deserve each other, and would do well to contemplate mutual social activities.

    • No one hates communists more than fascists, and no one hates fascists more than communists. In today’s world where everyone strives to be the most outraged (even here, in a very obvious ‘two minutes hate’ article) you end up in one of those two camps if you choose to play the game.

  23. I remember thinking how cool this statue was as a kid. I don’t remember at any time the statue was meant to demean or diminish natives. Pioneers were real, they happened. You can’t just erase everything from existence because you are triggered. This statue should be a reminder of what happened, both good and bad. These idiots need to grow up.

  24. Oh good gawd amighty. , , , , I’m voting for a statue of a Meat Cleaver wielding maniac wearing a thong with a midget on his back holding up a beheaded Beaver.

  25. The only reason these soyboys get away with this is because everyone panders to their bullshit. They just need to be told that if some statue, or anything else, offends or scares them to look at, then don’t look at it. In the mean time shut the fuck up about it. And get professional help, it’s desperately needed. Stop kissing their ass and deferring to their special “needs.”

    • if it wasn’t for people like the one depicted in that statue oregon wouldn’t exist…settlers were making their way there long before the gold rush…did the indians get a bum deal?…sure, it was regrettable but probably inevitable as they were displaced and replaced by something better….

  26. American Whites were too soft on the amerindians. That softness is now coming back to bite their modern day descendants (and statues).

    • I have always thought that as well. Since when does the vanquished foe deserve special status given to them by the victors.
      At best allowed to to assimilate in to the populous. At worst killed or run out. But giving preference in Gov’t contracts, in collage admissions, in job hiring, being allowed to have casinos, hunt fish out of season even commercially.
      Really? That is just plain BULL CRAP.

  27. The 100-year-old statue, featuring a man carrying a whip in one hand with a rifle slung over his shoulder supposedly makes some students and faculty feel “very inferior.” And they want it gone.

    They should feel inferior. In their current status they are. Their problem is that instead of striving to not be inferior. They just prefer to not be reminded of how inferior they are .

  28. Mock them all you want but they are deadly serious. They won’t stop once they’ve destroyed our history, they’ll keep going until they’ve destroyed us as well.

    Look at that guy in the photo, you’re his enemy whether you like it or not.

  29. if the very sight of a rifle makes these SJW’s feel uncomfortable, the next Civil War is going to be terribly one-sided.

    • Not so, remember all their combatants are streaming across the border as we speak. And if they they should ever win, first thing they’ll do is enslave the people who “empowered” them.

  30. I’m wondering how long it will be before the vegans protest the Hardee’s commercial to save a vegetable by buying Hardee’s 2 for $5 Roast Beef sandwich.

  31. “…has made him uncomfortable”

    Everyone repeat after me….

    So what.

    More people need to say that more often. Maybe a bit louder too.

  32. These snoflakes just express their emotional unsuitability to live in an adult world. They prefer “tantrum actions” for getting attention and want accountability from the normal for their self centered sheltered preferences. The cry baby generation with hypochondriac diaper rash caused by society.

  33. We came and took the land from tribes of stone age savages. Good. We created the greatest nation on Earth. The Indians need to be grateful that we showed enough mercy to put them on reservations instead of exterminating them.

  34. Y’all acting like the European colonists didn’t genocide the shit out of the peoples that lived in the Americas before they showed up. Remember the Trail of Tears? The natives that tried to play nice and build a unified society were repaid in blood. Native Americans were not allowed to hold U.S citizenship until 1924. They weren’t allowed to practice their own religions until 1978. There was absolutely a concerted attempt to eradicate their culture, and the U.S violated just about every single treaty they signed with them for over two hundred years.

    • “..There was absolutely a concerted attempt to eradicate their culture, ”

      I just checked and it seems that attempt failed. Not sure if that means the eradicators were doing a bad job, or if the intended eradicatees were just that much better.

      • Nah, it mostly worked. A shitload of tribes were completely wiped out. Those that are left have lost large chunks of this culture. A lot of their languages are encroaching on extinction.

    • “The natives that tried to play nice and build a unified society were repaid in blood.”

      Prove it. Links would help. How many times did you watch “Dances with Wolves”. 50 is to many. Kicking Bird, “How many?” Dances with Wolves, “like the stars…” Boo Hoo Hoo.

        • So is the statue. But it still stands for now. History is rife with tragedies and atrocities but people move on. Have you?

        • A lot of native americans haven’t moved on because they still live in miserable awful conditions on awful land and have living family that remembers the fucked up boarding schools.

    • “and the U.S violated just about every single treaty they signed with them for over two hundred years.”

      A very salient point. Why should we ever think the powers that be won’t break faith with the citizens whenever it suits them? Never trust the bastards.

  35. The statue “supposedly makes some students and faculty feel ‘very inferior’.”

    Good. They are inferior.


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