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Illinois state Senator Julie Morrison is the sponsor of Senate Bill 107. The bill would ban most semi-automatic firearm and accessory sales. Current owners of the banned guns would be required to pay a fee and register their so-called assault weapons. The fee would be $25 per firearm and failure to register them would be a felony.

In a recent town hall meeting with Morrison, Mike Weisman, vice president of the Illinois State Rifle Association was in the audience. When Weisman asked Morrison why paying a “fine” to register a firearm is necessary, she allowed as how maybe it would just be simpler if the state just grabs all of the scary guns her bill would outlaw.

Constituent: You have a SB107 to take away my semi-automatic firearms.

State Senator Julie Morrison: To clarify, I’m not taking your gun away from you. You just can’t buy any new ones.

Constituent: You want me to turn it over to the state police.

Sen. Morrison: You can’t buy new ones.

Constituent: Unless I give you a fine. Unless I pay a fine for each firearm and register them, then I get to keep them. So, if I get to keep it, if I pay a fine and register it, how dangerous is it in the first place? Why do you need to pay it at all?

Sen. Morrison: Well, you’ve just maybe changed my mind. Maybe we won’t have a fine at all. Maybe we’ll just be a confiscation and we won’t have to worry about you paying the fine.

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  1. I love it when the mask slips … clarity is a breath of sunshine.

    And, have you noticed, nobody likes to be called on their bad ideas, but politicians usually react worse than most people when it happens to them.

    • For anybody who lives in the area (I’m in the adjoining district to her north) she lives in an extremely purple area.

      PS – Her area includes Deerfield that just lost the attempted ban in court.

      This will not help her reelection chances

      • How did someone that nasty ever get elected in the first place? She really thinks she’s the shits, doesn’t she?

      • Im in Skokie. Just like you said, the North Shore Democrats dont suprise me any more. Her and jan schakowsky need to go but never will.

        • Well if she goes through with her threats, forcibly remove her from office, this after all is the intent and purpose of the second amendment.

    • “I love it when the mask slips … ”

      That wasn’t a mask slip, rather she just admitted that confiscation is the end goal of registration.

      You can hear Cruella de Vil now….Don’t like phase 1 you unworthy wretch of a citizen, fine… we will just move right into phase 2….CONFISCATION! (insert shrill maniacal laugh here). We were going there anyways, I was just trying to be nice and ease you into it.

      • Yeah, Illinois state Senator Julie Morrison is basically saying, “We were planning to rape you all along, and we thought it might go easier on you if we apply lubricant first.”

        • Duke 357,

          Of course!

          Excellent follow-up. You, sir, win the Intertubez award for best comment of the afternoon.

      • And look at your receipt, that bottle of lube was taxed.

        Julie “de Vil” Morrison above also voted to double(!), a 100% increase, on Illinois’s gas tax coming this July 1st.

      • It’s hardly the first time liberals have blatantly said that confiscation is the end game. Here was Dianne Feinstein said when the assault rifle ban was passed in’94. ~ CBS’s 60 Minutes, Feinstein said, “If I could’ve gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them — Mr. and Mrs. America turn ’em all in — I would have done it. I could not do that. The votes weren’t here.” So we all knew back then that Feinstein’s and the Communist Left’s ultimate goal

    • You are so right on their behavior. They get awfully defensive when questioned. Instead of giving a good argument/response, they fight back saying stupid stuff. Joe Biden quote: “Just buy a shotgun”.

    • These anti-constitution politicians do better in the dark. Shining a light on them will cause them to scurry off into the dark.

    • Get the enforcers (cops) on your side. Then when it comes time to “enforce” the draconian laws of the left, the leftist lawmakers won’t have anyone to fall back on. Get the police and the sheriffs and the constables and the national guard to side with the gun owners and refuse to enforce unconstitutional laws, like the sheriffs in Virginia, who are elected officials and who do not answer to the lawmakers, but to the public. Get them in your corner. Enlist them. Speak to them, approach them with your grievances, convince them of the folly of unconstitutional laws. Sound too idealistic? Maybe…maybe not. Think about it.

  2. au·thor·i·tar·i·an·ism


    the enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom.

    lack of concern for the wishes or opinions of others.

    • Or, for a textbook, concrete example:

      “I don’t believe you change hearts. I believe you change laws, you change allocation of resources, you change the way systems operate.”

      -HR Clinton

      Distilled essence of authoritarianism.

        • Preach my friends the demo rats have moved so far to the left theyre leaving a stain on the legacies left by the likes of J.F.K and MLK who were democrats who had a clear understanding that the wirking class was disenfranchised and forgotten they resonated with people because they empathised with real people today’s dems are about more dem power and controll and firearms pose a very real risk to there ideals. They are all traitors to the constitution and by extension America and her people. They deserve a tyrants death.

    • So does that mean that after the time allowed for paying the tax to exercise your Constitutionally protected right and then registering your “assault weapon” expires and you become an automatic felon they can no longer prosecute you because as a felon you are not required to register your prohibited “assault weapon”?

      • You wish. Only a *convicted* felon is exempt, otherwise we would all be exempt, since everybody is a felon these days, there are so many laws you cannot avoid it.

        • And it’s not that much of a bonus since the only reason you’re immune from the one law is because you are already breaking another one with more serious penalties anyway.

  3. “Maybe we’ll just be a confiscation and we won’t have to worry about you paying the fine.” Ok. Confiscate. You get to lead the entry team Senator.

      • Just like the Mafia. The boss never gets his hands dirty. The politicians have “people” for that sort of thing. And Martha Stewart never does her own dishes. She has “people” too. I want “people”, too.

        • When (finally) going on the offensive, target the leaders first. Once taken out, the followers may just scatter like the cockroaches they are.

  4. Authoritarianism is a form of government characterized by strong central power and limited political freedoms. Under an authoritarian regime, individual freedoms are subordinate to the state, and there is no constitutional accountability and no rule of law.

  5. Is she going to personally volunteer to go house to house and collect them herself or does she plan on sending the jack-booted thugs out to do her dirty work?

    • Duh, why do you think she had the tax payers buy them those expensive jack-boots?

      Numbnut: “Hurr durr, she gonna lead the entry team? LOL”
      Real life cop on her payroll: “Bring it on! Hell, I joined up for this shit!”

    • @Gov,

      In chess, there are two major strategies, the “European king” and the “Celtic king”. The Celts of old followed their leader into battle, who was at the front of the charge. However, as the centuries rolled by and European royalty evolved into pansies, their kings stayed behind in the safety of their castles/forts and ruled by military diktat instead of example.

      Not a single one of our Dear Leaders here in CA (Sacramento) would ever be part of the actual enforcement of gun laws they foist upon us. They pass their laws, high five each other for a job well done, and retire to their fundraising parties as they require others to endure the life-endangering step of enforcement. Politicians don’t bother themselves with the names of all the people who have died (victims as well as LEOs) as a result of their political jockeying.

      • They are the modern day Aristocrats,

        the privileged ruling class,

        the Marie-Antoinette’s,

        that haven’t had as much disdain for the common middle class since the French “let them eat cake” Revolution.

    • Right now this looks like she’s the aggressor, which she is. Don’t give them fodder to flip the script; you know what’ll get reported.

      Or is this false flag chum, you’re an agent provocateur, and flipping the script is the point?

      • I think you’ve got that backwards. Flipping the script would mean the leftist progbots take the blame for what they’ve done — or at least start paying for it.

        It’s far, far past time for them to feel the sting of their own dirty tactics.

  6. Notice all these public servants so concerned with our safety, never volunteer to be the ones who’re gonna be knockin on our door! (Or breakin it down)!

  7. Merriam-Webster

    tyranny noun
    tyr·​an·​ny | \ ˈtir-ə-nē \
    plural tyrannies
    Definition of tyranny
    1 : oppressive power
    every form of tyranny over the mind of man
    — Thomas Jefferson
    especially : oppressive power exerted by government
    the tyranny of a police state
    2a : a government in which absolute power is vested in a single ruler
    especially : one characteristic of an ancient Greek city-state
    b : the office, authority, and administration of a tyrant
    3 : a rigorous condition imposed by some outside agency or force
    living under the tyranny of the clock
    — Dixon Wecter
    4 : an oppressive, harsh, or unjust act : a tyrannical act
    workers who had suffered tyrannies

  8. The bitch needs to re-read the Constitution and a dictionary! Shall not and infringed and Article 1, section 9, clause 3, the no ex post facto clause!!!

    • “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined…. The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able might have a gun.”

      – Patrick Henry, Speech to the Virginia Ratifying Convention, June 5, 1778

    • “As civil rulers, not having their duty to the people before them, may attempt to tyrannize, and as the military forces which must be occasionally raised to defend our country, might pervert their power to the injury of their fellow citizens, the people are confirmed by the article in their right to keep and bear their private arms.”

      – Tench Coxe, Philadelphia Federal Gazette, June 18, 1789

    • Folks, she knows what the constitution says. She doesn’t care. She doesn’t like the constitution. She wants to do away with it and make her own globalist laws to destroy the USA as we know it. Time to face the truth: the Dems want to do away with the Constitution.

  9. in·fringe·ment
    Learn to pronounce
    the action of breaking the terms of a law, agreement, etc.; violation.
    “copyright infringement”
    synonyms: contravention, violation, transgression, breach, breaking, nonobservance, noncompliance, neglect, dereliction, failure to observe; More
    the action of limiting or undermining something.
    “the infringement of the right to privacy

        • Freedom to me is to live. Take away that freedom and I’d just as soon be dead.. And it’s more then just gunms, “They’ve been chipping away at the first amendment as well, “they’re” just a little more subtle about it and We The People haven’t caught on to that yet.

  10. As long as people vote over ” perceived identity/gender/ethnic/racial/tribal affiliation” over thinking things through to their logical conclusion this shit will continue.
    There is always a history of otherwise intelligent people not paying attention but thinking” Candidate A is a woman/man/ethnic member like me” and not taking note of how they are on other issues…and those are often the people who may be paying attention to the issues. And we’ll this happens,fewer people educate themselves on those issues (guns,taxes, school curriculum etc)and eventually there’s insufficient numbers to tip things back towards a saner balance.
    Make no mistake-its all deliberate. Keep people otherwise distracted (notice all the Reparations refrain back in the charts?)and key discussions,debates, details and votes get blurred. And then there’s a Reichstag Event-A Las Vegas shooting when Nationwide Reciprocity/NFA reform was moving. A Parkland or a Virginia Beach to push further expansion of prohibited persons tripwires or to chill the hearing protection act, much like ” bump stocks” post Las Vegas.
    There’s no accidents. No coincidences. And never a shortage of RINO/Establishmentarian tools trying to” be reasonable and compromise”-Right On Time.

  11. It’s always been their dream. Confiscation. It’s what they want, it’s what they crave. They always push for registration. Why? The ONLY use registration has is for confiscation.

    They don’t want to communicate. Some leaders, you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here in the revolution. This is the way they want it, so, they’ll get it.

    • Except the ones screeching so loud will be nowhere to be found when the guns start using up all that useless ammunition prior to confiscation. They’ll be hiding in the basement.

    • She seems to think punitive legislation can compel people to obey, but it only steels resolve. A corrupt government’s theft of private property backed by ex post facto law and threats of punitive force is an endemic problem and a cornerstone of Progressive politics.
      In the past it happened to gold. With guns, it’s different. It’s not just about economics.
      At some point a corrupt government overstepping its legal authority to the property of American citizens will provoke a confrontation the hypocrites will sorely regret.

  12. pa·ter·nal·ism

    the policy or practice on the part of people in positions of authority of restricting the freedom and responsibilities of those subordinate to them in the subordinates’ supposed best interest.
    “the arrogance and paternalism that underlies cradle-to-grave employment contracts”

  13. Intellectually she is under water, and can not articulate her position. Because of this she lashed out at a group OF HER CONSTITUENTS treating them like pernicious children.

    Her contemptuous arrogance toward the citizens of Illinois, and the rights they hold, is why we have a Second Amendment.

    She does not deserve her position and should immediately step down. Which is unlikely, as dictators types rarely, if ever, freely remove themselves of the power they so crave.

    • Someone in the audience should have informed her that the reason there is a 2 nd. amendment is because of would be petty tyrants like her.
      The 2 nd. isn’t about target shooting,sport or hunting but rather tyrant control.

  14. Paternalism is action that limits a person’s or group’s liberty or autonomy and is intended to promote their own good. Paternalism can also imply that the behavior is against or regardless of the will of a person, or also that the behavior expresses an attitude of superiority.

    Paternalism refers to the practice of interfering with a person’s freedom and personal autonomy for his or her own good. The term evokes the idea of a family led by a benevolent father who looks after his wife and children, even if that should involve sometimes defying their desires and forcing them to do what he knows will best secure their welfare. Although individuals may treat one another paternalistically, such as a doctor who lies to a patient about a life-threatening illness to save her from grief, the term is typically applied to government legislation aimed at forcing people to make certain choices for their own good. Laws against drug use, mandating the use of seat belts, and the prohibition against voluntary euthanasia are generally intended to keep individuals from harming themselves, whether they like it or not. The view that such laws are legitimate is called legal paternalism or narrow paternalism to distinguish it from broad paternalism, which includes the private application of paternalistic coercion.


    Legal or narrow paternalism comes in a number of varieties; soft paternalism is often distinguished from what has been called hard paternalism. The hard paternalist supports laws that prohibit or mandate that individuals make certain choices. The soft paternalist leaves open some space for choice, but deploys coercion more subtly, manipulating behavior through propaganda, by encouraging and discouraging choices through subsidies and taxes, and by throwing up impediments to voluntary action, such as the requirement to acquire a license or undergo a waiting period before undertaking a certain activity.

  17. I wonder if State Senator Morrison has considered that there might be just a “little” resistance and non-compliance should she get her bill enacted, or attempt confiscation? And I also wonder how many of Illinois’ sheriffs and other LEOs would enforce her new wonder law.

    Which brings up my belief that most members of legislative assemblies (up to and including the U.S. Congress) keep deluging us with proposed and enacted laws simply to justify their own existence, as they are professional politicians, one and all. I think Texas, in which the state legislature meets every two years, has the right idea. I’d also support limiting the emoluments of any legislators to allowances for travel, lodging and food, and that’s it. Otherwise, go out and get a real job and quit pestering citizens with all your brilliant ideas. The citizens are quite capable of handling their own public affairs and don’t need nanny’s in various levels of government telling them what to do. Also, people don’t obey the law because it’s the law, but because it makes sense. When legislatures pass laws that are in practise unenforceable or useless, they won’t obey them, and they disrespect the legislature for passing them. Remember the 55 mph speed limit that Congress enacted years ago, and pressured states to enact by threatening to cut off transportation money? How well did that work? ‘Nuff said.

    • Her smug demeanor and smart ass “well, then we’ll just confiscate them” reply tells me she doesn’t really care if there is resistance and is more than prepared to order OTHERS to “come and take it,” and would have some support for that from the fearful and virtue signaling left. She’s evil-minded and thinks she’s better than the people she would govern, her subjects. Hillary-ish attitude.
      I’m not familiar with this political landscape up there, but I do know how that would go over down here in Tennessee, she’d never have a chance in hell of being elected dog catcher. They have to be a little quieter and sneaky about their intentions down here, and even then people sniff it out.

    • When we consider intelligence of our leaders, you have to consider that this particular moron was talking to her own constituents, and is a STATE player, meaning there are people in that room who can find her home address without a map, and it’s possibly within walking distance of their own homes. That kind of arrogant attitude is extraordinarily stupid, bordering on suicidal!

  18. I still have my copy of The Chicago Murder Analysis that documented how only a trivial number of homicides had been committed with military caliber firearms.

    If this evil bitch would peruse the HeyJackass website, she might realize that the real problem is that police make an arrest in less than ten percent of Chicago homicides.
    “If you will not do the time, why not do the crime?”

    • Trivial? TRIVIAL? i just did a quick search through the document and found only 1 of 362 gun murders and of 433 total were confirmed done with a rifle/assualt gun.
      Trivial? Get your numbers in better order pal.
      trivial would mean like 20 or 40 were done with a rifle.
      %.002 of all gun deaths are with a rifle/assault gun? thats nothing……

      Hell, 13 people were beat to death with just fists….

  19. Unfortunately, politicians like this view themselves as dictators. They don’t view themselves as our representatives, we’re serfs and they’re our rulers. They don’t believe there are any limits to what they can do.

    State senator Morrison is the reason there is a 2nd amendment.

  20. … wow talk about a condescending see you next Tuesday.

    Also never going to be any jack-booted thugs. Just another line item for their favorite game of “tack on so many crimes that you accept a plea” style of law enforcement and prosecution.

  21. 😂🤣😅😅😅🤣😂🤣🤣 She’s going to have a rough time picking up firearms…her and what army?!?!?!?!!?

    • That reminds me of the SNL skit where Tim Kazurinsky played Hitler in a malt shop (or similar location) as a kid. Some other kids were picking on him and he said “I’ll get you all back for this!” and of course they replied, “yeah, you and what army?”

  22. Maybe it’s best to destroy the Bill of Rights, hell suspend the entire Constitution. CONTROL OF THE SERFS is the real goal. Freedom and Liberty in the hands of government serfs/cash cows is DANGEROUS, RIGHT YOU STINKING HACK?

    • Every one of these bills in the Illinois legislature exempts police and retired police. Mike Weisman from ISRA, the NRA state affiliate, will never mention that, because ISRA, like NRA, is full of traitors that sell out their members to the police unions. The first time I ever laid eyes on Mike Weisman almost twenty years ago, ISRA executive director-for-life Richard Pearson introduced him to the room as their new photographer. Pearson also stated that Weisman “had experience infiltrating radical groups on campus.”

      If you attend the Gun Rights Policy Conference sponsored by Alan Gottlieb and SAF, you will see Weisman glued at the hip with Valinda & Mike Rowe. He appears to be their handler, and the de facto intelligence chief/eyes and ears for Richard Pearson. Weisman’s function is to attend every single possible political event/town hall meeting in northern Illinois to see if NRA & ISRA rubes have woken up to the fact that NRA & ISRA are the traitors who placed Duty to Inform in state Rep. Brandon Phelps “NRA backed” concealed carry bill in 2011-2013. Weisman many times has professional grade tripod mounted video cameras recording meetings. He appears to be recording ISRA & NRA members and 2nd Amendment activists, not the opposition.

      Weisman never made a peep about Duty to Inform in Phelps’ concealed carry bill, because Richard Pearson and ISRA negotiated the DTI behind the backs of their membership. The Duty to Inform language was supplied by Phelps’ pet rat Donald Todd Vandermyde, without a doubt one of the lowest forms of scum to ever foul this planet.

      Vandermyde personally negotiated the DTI with the anti-gun IL Chiefs of Police, along with Valinda Rowe from (southern) Illinois Carry and John Boch. Vandermyde, Rowe, and Boch were all personally in the room with the IL Chiefs lobbyist and signed off on the Duty to Inform in 2010-2011. Weisman is part of the problem in Illinois. Like NRA, ISRA has been selling out to police unions for twenty years. The problem in Illinois is not politicians like Julie Morrison, it’s the rats and traitors in the “pro-gun” ranks.

  23. Like that Oregon State Senator told the governor a couple days ago: “Send bachelor’s and come heavily armed.”

  24. Man, it’s getting so you can’t tell parody from reality with these folks. She could have come straight out of central casting: the arrogant expression, the condescending language, the vapid “well, cars are regulated” justification.


      • That’s one concept often lost while people are arguing about “safe” and/or “effective” regarding vaccines. If a government can compel a medical procedure, what medical procedure _can’t_ it compel?

    • There shouldn’t be regulations on cars. I should be able to buy a cheap new foreign car, import it without penalty and drive it on roads I paid for. I shouldn’t be required to give it to the government for a serial number, pay a fine for using it, forced to pay a corporation to drive it on socialist roads and get a permission slip that is used to track/identify me.

      Your right to travel unmolested is being infringed upon. There is no resistance because the government was successful at indoctrinating people into thinking you don’t have a right to own property and to travel. Now you will need a Real ID or passport to get on a plane, you need to be facial scanned for international flights and you must be searched by government/TSA.

      Of course the government wants to extend such tyranny to gun ownership. It’s a natural progression in enslaving the people.

      They are making it difficult to even say that on the corporate internet. They want to extend hate and dangerous speech laws so they can stifle education.

  25. Not that I’m advocating violence, but there was a time when a statement like that in such an intimate setting would have seen a portion of the crowd take that politician outside for some education. We’ve become quite cowled, unable or unwilling to even speak out against this sort of thing effectively. One can only hope this turns out to be the end of her career in politics.

  26. My response would be:

    Excuse me, are you THREATENING me?! Because it sounds like you just threatened to steal my property…. And not break-into-my-house-while-I’m-at-work steal it, but point-guns-at-me-and-murder-me-if-I-don’t-comply steal it. That is what you’re proposing, isn’t it? Forcefully take property from people who have shown no hostile intent whatsoever, and murder by them if they resist. Take a good long look at yourself, Julie, because whatever your intentions, YOU are a violent sociopath (and to any cops in the room, so are you if you don’t arrest her right here right now). Anyway, I dare you to come knocking on my door with a confiscation order, because if you do, I guarantee that one of us is going to die.

  27. What’s her rationale?

    What problem will it solve? How does she know it’ll work? How will we know it worked?

    • When people consider modern weaponry as sporting rifles or hunting rifles. When licenses are required to exercise human rights. When gun owners view their tools as toys. When Americans dare not even think of using firearms against the government. When people spend more time looking at gun than using guns.

      They don’t need to take all the guns. They just have to make all the gun owners docile and passive. What is a tool if the operator is unwilling or mentally unable to put it into service?

      There’s a philosophy that states: the weapon isn’t the thing in our hands, it’s the thing in our heads. A man is as dangerous as his mind allows him to be.

    • It will help to disarm us, the people, so she and her ilk can do to us something for what we would not stand still, if we were armed.
      That also answers the question of how will we know if it worked. You will know when it comes!

  28. i’m so confused. I thought it was so clear that they “weren’t coming after our guns”.

    We’re they……..lying???

  29. Geez “senator” moronson we KNOW WHERE you live. As mentioned Deerfield already lost. Is a roadtrip in order?!? Be careful what you blather on about Moronson…

    • Who is going to punish her for sinning? Who is going to arrest her for breaking the law?

      In her world lies are actions not sins nor crimes. It’s a method of campaigning. She can lie all she wants just like the rest of them (Trump is a master at it). Her lies can have no consequence for her if she lives in an area without resistance to tyranny.

      Crime does pay well and crime requires lying. Politicians are professional criminals, they’re expert liars, they’ve mastered the art of bullshitting/politicking.

  30. ummmmm…….
    51 seconds into the video…..look at that smug face she makes where she sticks her toung into the side of her cheek, just as she knows what she is going to respond to him before she says it.

    I fking HATE the “good” state of Illinois……
    What a heaping pile of garbage this place has become.

    I just looked her up. she is district jjjjuuuuusssstttt both of me in skokie. If you knew the area you’d completey understand this. its basically the same area that jan schakowsky has as Rep of the 9th US District.
    Both are not great……

  31. This is the kind of thing that makes me think gun owners really should start looking elsewhere for employment/living accommodations and then move.

    If every single one of them did that and wrote a letter that basically said “I’m leaving with my guns AND MY TAX MONEY” state governments would start to get the picture.

    • Well that has happened in CA, but more over taxes and cost of living. Instead of changing, they accelerated in the same direction since there were less people there to oppose it. Of course there aren’t as many millionaires and billionaires in other states like in CA to pick up the slack.

      • If one is warned of rocks in the path of their ship but fails to change course and instead merely accelerates on the original course they still hit the rocks do they not? Ultimately they are forced to deal with the problem of those rocks, one way or another. [Perhaps that’s not the best analogy since it’s possible to sink the ship and lose all hands but historically that doesn’t happen in politics.]

        California is headed for disaster and there are two possible outcomes of that course. Either as they near the rocks they decide the officers on the ship are incompetent and select new officers that change course, or they hit the rocks, decide that it didn’t work and then change things.

        The question isn’t the outcome IMHO. It’s how much pain has to be felt before the outcome occurs. Dumb kids might touch the hot stove more than once but eventually they’ll figure out not to keep touching it.

        People often say that the arc of history bends towards tyranny and dictatorship. That is entirely based on the myopic view of history that they’re taking. My analogy would be that they’re “day trading” rather than investing over the long term because over the longer course of history things bend towards getting better and more free and the interwebz have only accelerated that trend. That’s not to say that there are no failures or steps backwards. Surely the direction doesn’t always point towards more freedom but, like daily stock fluctuations, but the overall trend of the line does head in the preferred direction.

        The Dark Ages are a historical example of this. Five centuries of stagnation and even regression but, ultimately, things in 1800AD were a hell of a lot better than they were in 200BC and things now are better than they were in 1800. Clearly things would have been better if the trend continued without the losses the Dark Ages represent but that doesn’t change the fact that the Dark Ages were, ultimately, a temporary setback for humanity.

        • I disagree that things are better today, that history tends to improvements. The truth is that history bends towards tyranny and dictators. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. It is only better in the USA, and the USA is losing the morality to keep things better. The truth is that a Republic can only stand when its citizens are moral. But the USA has rejected God, and in doing so, has lost the ability to think. “Professing to be wise, they became fools.” (Ro. 1:21). These globalists, like her, who think that dumping God and the constitution will usher in utopia are all fools. If they get any more power, all of the USA will feel the effects of their foolishness. It won’t be pretty. Mao killed 100 million of his own. Stalin killed perhaps 27 million of his own. Hitler, Pol Pot, and all of the other commie dictators killed millions of their own people. It is what foolishness does. And the people do not have a gun to stop it. The government first confiscated all of the guns to ensure that it could not be stopped.

      • They will when they have no other choice.

        Reality is a harsh mistress. We can ignore it for awhile but eventually the piper gets paid.

    • Just like how the North Korean dictator changed his mind… Venezuela is turning their banana boat around after witnessing many of their citizens running away to other countries.

      Even if you leave the state, the system is setup for the federal government to give them other states’ money and the Federal Reserve can print as much as they need (which is simply stealing from your pocket without you knowing via currency devaluation). You can run but you can’t hide.

      The only thing they fear is death. They control everything else.

      • I don’t see this as correct at all. Venezuela will, if it continues it’s current course, completely collapse and a new nation will emerge.

        It’s not a question of if things will get better, they almost certainly will. The question is how many people have to suffer and die before that happens.

        Were a state within the federal system to fail, such as Illinois or Cali which seem to be racing each other towards oblivion, yes, they’d likely get bailed out (assuming that’s legally possible which I tend to think it probably is) but while that sucks in many ways it’s also an opportunity because that bailout can and should come with strings attached (assuming the rest of us aren’t stupid).

        Those ponying up the bailout can set the standards under which the failed state gets bailed out. The rest of the nation gets to act like a bankruptcy judge and approve or disapprove their plans before they get out of Chapter 11. So, if this happens the states to which it happen cause a headache for the rest of us but ultimately they lose the control they currently have and (assuming the rest of us are remotely intelligent about this) cannot repeat what they’ve done since they lose the authority to do those things in exchange for the bailout. Economically they will have beat their swords to plowshares and then they will plow for us.

        • The entire country can collapse but that won’t stop the politicians. They will continue to behave like they always have. They will not be personally affected unless attempts are made on their life. They will live fat and happy while the people starve in the streets and become constant victims of violence. This is how kingdoms existed for centuries. They only need to feed a few mouths that will follow their orders, as long as those people are happy they will enforce the law. For those enforcers all that matters is the money and privilege given to them by their masters.

        • “This is how kingdoms existed for centuries.”

          And where are those kingdoms now? With Robert Mugabe and the USSR, in the dustbin of history.

        • When one kingdom falls another rises. The people are treated the same. America will fall then something worse will arise in its place.

          They [Democrats and Republicans] do not feel remorse as they plunge America into debt, a debt the people cannot pay. When this socialist country collapses the constitution is be burnt by the ignorant and angry. This is how communism rises.

          You can’t really vote with your dollar or feet anymore because they made sure that doesn’t have the effect it once had. Now they are moving to take the guns because that is the only power the people still have control of. Voting still matters but mostly locally, that is an uphill struggle because they control the socialist educational system and the corporate internet.

          If you ever attack them where it hurts, they will shoot you in the face like they did JFK.

  32. Looking at reality if you have a huge collection of military style weapons especially assault rifles it might be a good idea to dump them now and get something for them rather than wait for the ax to fall after the 2020 elections. The Republicans have so outraged the average citizens with their tax rape law and Trumps tariffs that are driving up prices that it just might result in the Dems taking over both houses of Congress and capturing the Presidency as well. If that happens look out the big confiscations will happen over night and if you have followed the history of the power mad Supreme Court and their sanctioning of most gun laws they will not do a damn thing to overturn any new gun ban laws. The Corrupt Supreme Court follows public opinion and which way the stench of political wind takes them which means every gun owner will take a huge financial hit and no, there is not a damn thing you can do about it if you want to go on living and breathing. Look how easy it was for the Aussies to melt down millions of guns and do it in record time. So you think the U.S. has too many guns to ban certain types. Guess again, it takes less than a few minutes to melt down tons of them and they will do it one category at a time as to not cause too much panic and outrage and gradually pit gun owners against themselves telling them “if you do not own this type of weapon do not support those who do”. Its divide and conquer and it works every time because the naked ape looks out for his own self-interests not the other guys.

    The smiling jack booted robotic storm troopers will soon be visiting your neighborhood with loud speakers giving you 5 minutes to throw your weapons out the window and onto the street as front end loaders and dump trucks stand by to load up and cart them away to the nearest smelter complete with news camera crews filming and crowds of people cheering. Those few fanatics that resist will be made an example of as helicopter gun ships burn down a persons house with the people in it and then Waco style gun down the screaming people on fire that come running out of the house. Remember too that the Waco people did not have a church that was BATF approved. The haunting specter of Janet Reno lives. History is not on your side.

    Time grows short and the end of an era is upon the condemned gun owners who will soon be only a dim historical memory written about in some old dusty book forgotten on a Library shelf in a dim and dark section of the Library and soon to be tagged in a dollar book sale. A young man of the future will stumble upon this ancient book at a yard sale and wonder how these strange people called gun owners could have been so barbaric as to want to own weapons. He will think “Thank God that now when people are born they have mind control chips embedded into their heads to suppress the ancient Neanderthal urges for greed, violence, aggression, and the lust for rape, pillage and conquest”.

    The current self-imploding of the NRA due to graft , blind greed, and corruption could not have come at a worse time in history for gun owners. The gun owners last chance of survival is being flushed down the drain as the NRA will soon become extinct leaving the gate to the medieval city wide open for the hordes of the gun grabbing army ready to rape, pillage and destroy all the guns they can find. Remember “Follow the Money” and there will be no NRA money to pay off the Republican Congressional Prostitutes who will then “go where the money is”. i.e. with Michael Bloomberg.

    Freedom is a fleeting thing. The Greeks once had it with true democracy while the Americans were only duped into thinking they ever had it and when the truth finally dawned on them it was to late to ever get it.

    Looking forward to the 2020 elections, I assure you your election will be in good hands, our Socialist hands and we will guarantee it and our ultimate victory my fellow comrades. For a Socialist tomorrow vote Bernie.

    My name is Vladimir Putin and I approve this message.

        • I see the name Vlad and I just skip right on by,perhaps he was a DU poster in the past.

        • You can read the first couple of lines and get the gist of the rest of it’s drivel, then just post something to set it off (the fool can go on and on without ever saying anything) It’s good for grins if you are bored…

      • You got the TROLL part right, but the rest is written by a handler, this idiot can’t put together a coherent sentence never mind a shot story like that…

    • “Smiling jack booted robotic storm troopers”.

      Now that was just funny. Honestly, I HOPE it goes down that way. I cannot think of a better way to get public opinion to turn in favor of gun owners then for the government/skynet to send armies of terminators into neighborhoods to slaughter people by the thousands. They’d inadvertently make it look like a literal apocalyptic human war against the machines. That move on their part would be just as stupid as napalming a suburb in terms of public opinion.

      • “That move on their part would be just as stupid as napalming a suburb in terms of public opinion.”

        The reality is that 67 per cent of the U.S. does not own guns and they would all be cheering. It would make for great entertainment on the 6 pm news when people where eating supper. I now you think I am joking but the public is so fed up with mass shootings that they would be relieved to see t his.

        • Of your 67% about 80% are children oooppps those pesky fucking numbers… Your stuff says the majority of Americans want to be ruled my stuff says the majority of “responsible” hard working, hard playing Americans want to be left the hell alone.. There will be no warning shots, it’s simple enough don’t start no shit there won’t be any shit…

        • Not really. People, especially liberals, get outraged even when “innocent” Taliban are killed. Granted they may hate us more then the Taliban, but the optics of machines marching through neighborhoods and slaughtering people would not sit well with even Antifa. Not to mention such a bizarre scene would lead to enormous collateral damage. Now this entire discussion may seem silly, but I do think in the not too distant future, robotic military beings like terminators will be reality. Especially if they are self aware. So it is something to consider.

        • SKYNET is already in play (Google, Amazon and Zuckerberg just need to finalize consolidation) and the Chinese are working on AI that is already far ahead of anything anyone wants to admit….

  33. I support politicians doing that with the caveat that they are the first one thru the door on the first SWAT team that tries this…. Watch how quickly they change their minds, they don’t mind sending brave or foolish police officers to die, but they won’t do it. If cops did nothing else 24 hours a day, it would take 150 years to collect all the guns….These idiots never think anything thru.

  34. One thing politicians don’t realize is how this makes their state a no go zone for gun owners who are looking to follow job opportunities in their state. I might be the best qualified person for a job in Illinois, but if this passes, I’m not going to move there and become an instant felon.

    Such short sided idiocy on the politicians part, especially in a state that is struggling so hard to attract and keep talent…

    • The nanny state does not want you to work a nice job in their territory. That’s reserved for their family or friends. You will be just a wage worker for the government/corporation. They want two classes of people: master and slave.

  35. This and a whole host of other reasons is why I am moving to Missouri. Born and raised in the Illinois Suburbs of St. Louis. I am more Missourian than Illinoisian at this point. I agree more with the State of Missouri Policies than Illinois.

  36. She looked very angry that the people would dare question the government and want to retain their human rights instead of have a militarized police state.

    The other guy states the U.S. governments disincentivizes behavior by fines, penalties and imprisonment. That behavior includes exercising your human rights, which are supposed to be protected as a matter of law.

    America is now at the point where the servants have decided to break their promise and rule their masters through a police state. The police are now order followers rather than oath keepers. The elected consider your human rights nullified by their tyranny. There is no more conservation to be had, you will comply or die, by order of the executive/legislative/judicial branch.

    The U.S. is gone. The Constitution is not a living document, it’s been dead for some time. The average cop can’t even recite one of the amendments.

    A baker can’t make a cake when he doesn’t know the recipe nor the techniques. Can we even call such a person a baker?

    • The government will fine, penalize and imprison the people for behavior the government considers unacceptable. However, when government breaks their oath and the law (that defines the country) they do not fine, penalize nor imprison themselves/government.


      1. a king or other ruler with absolute, unlimited power; autocrat.
      2. any tyrant or oppressor.

  37. These politicians are so decieved they act like they won’t be hurt when this goes hot they’re stupidity knows no bounds

  38. I don’t know what finally caused these assholes balls to drop but I’m glad they did.. Everything we’ve known for years, all the shit that “THEY” labeled baseless conspiracy theories, all the times I was told to sit down, shut up, don’t make waves… Well Sports Fans there it is straight from their own mouths.. The Communists, the Socialists, the Fascists, the gun grabbers, the Constitution haters and all the other low life “control freaks” that want me and those like me disarmed or just fucking disappeared have become emboldened by this new wave of radical progressive leftist leadership in what used to be the Democratic party and they have shown the world what they really want (what they’ve wanted since the 30s) and instead of just packing their shit and moving to one of dozens of countries that already support their ideal utopia they would prefer to go to war with 100 million or so freedom minded, well armed, trained individuals to take over this one.. They will not prevail, and if they do all that will be left is a pile of rubble, a massive clean up and noone to take control of… Anyone who thinks a significant number of cops, national guard, military and other armed government agencies will disregard their years of brainwashing in the liberal school systems and turn on their “masters” is sadly mistaken…..

    • “I don’t know what finally caused these assholes balls to drop…”

      First, obama emboldened them, then Trump came along and said eff that. So they attacked.

      However, when Trump didn’t cower under their normal “you’re a racist” line they doubled down. Then tripled, then quadrupled, then….well… IDK, lost track of how many times they increased their gutter attacks.

        • You are likely referring to Bush Jr., and if you are, then you are ignoring Reagan(he’s going to start a nuclear war), and even Nixon (Watergate anyone? BTW where Hillary was a lawyer on the House Subcommittee on Impeachment).

          However, I was answering a specific question on when the leftest stopped paying lip-service to honest people. Under Bush Jr. they were bad, but they are nothing like they are today. Dan Rather was actually fired for fake-news (Other than the ABC correspondent who nearly crashed the market and likely the big bosses stocks) that doesn’t happen today. To say otherwise, well, maybe you don’t remember it as well as you thought.

      • Kinda like “she told two friends and they told two friends and they told two two friends (except when they send out their talking points it starts with hundreds or thousands… Obama emboldened them but the nearly 100% support of the media, hollywood, the RINOS and the deep state has fed their flame and created a false sense of security that there are more of them than there actually are and that their convictions are at least as resolute as mine (they are not) Yes Virginia “there will be blood”….. The “Silent Majority” has been too silent for too long..

    • “Well Sports Fans there it is straight from their own mouths.. ”

      What!? Julie didn’t say nutting!

      MaddMaxx…sit down, shut up, don’t make waves…

    • They have always been that way. They just fooled you for years. You couldn’t understand their language. Now they speak your tongue. They no longer have to hide because they know majority of four generations support them.

      There are departments out there that have gun task forces who are responsible for finding guns. They happily patrol America to find people they can arrest for carrying guns. It starts out with gangsters being targeted and moves on to others as the laws increase.

      “I’m gonna say this last thing. There’s two types of people that don’t give us our 45 seconds: people who are just assholes or people who got something to hide.” –LEO

  39. Therein lies the authoritarian state. Whim and power. No concern for individual rights.
    “Maybe we will just do this to you.”
    Did monarchs behave in a fundamentally different way?

    • Just imagine if she was (how she actually views herself) an actual monarch, a queen. 101

      That’s some messed up shitz.

  40. Drumph opened this door by declaring a piece of plastic a full auto weapon.

    Julie, honey… They did that in 1934, and it was against the Constitution (You know, that ‘lil thingy you SWORE AN OATH TO).

    • T.D.S. must be a terrible disease to be afflicted with…first you say Trump “..opened this door..”, then you invalidate YOUR OWN argument by mentioning 1934, a time when Trump wasn’t even born.

      If you’re going to let Trump live in your head, you should at least charge him rent.

  41. SB 107 is also an attachments ban for all semi auto rifles. You just have to read the SB 107 and find the clause for this. But, SB 107 makes it a felony to own any attachment for a semi auto rifles. The other parts limit magazine capacity to 10 rounds for pistols and rifles. There are also other Senate Bills that would make parts and parts kits, and accessories felonies if you own them if these Senate Bills pass in Illinois.
    10 (2) A person who knowingly delivers, sells, purchases,
    11 or possesses or causes to be delivered, sold, purchased, or
    12 possessed in violation of this Section an assault weapon
    13 attachment commits a Class 4 felony for a first violation
    14 and a Class 3 felony for a second or subsequent violation.

    • When will Republicans figure out it’s a bad idea to stop felons from owning guns once they finish their sentence?

      In the future there is going to be a lot of Republicans convicted of felonies. They won’t be able to vote nor exercise their right to own firearms.

      Republicans better plan ahead, they need to be proactive, that is if they are not complicit. Red flag laws show which ones are complicit. Whom do you think they are going to raid using those red flag laws?

  42. If you think about it, the left wing liberal socialistic DEMOCRAPS are just trying to gain total control of the people just like many other socialistic countries just look down south,, which is what will happen if we don’t watch out. To ‘Disarm’ the public is their aim which is a way to control the peoples. To hell with the bill of rights!! What second amendment??? If we don’t watch it , it’ll be gone if they have their way. Instead of fixing the problem, which is the CRIMINALS which do not obey the LAWS in the first place, you know that is why they are called criminals!! Oh by the way, who is going to protect the peoples, not the politicos, they are to busy gaining power and money to look out for us little people…

  43. The Second Amendment is every Americans Gun Permit

    Issued: 12/15/1791

    Expires: ummm NEVER….
    AND I THINK THEY NEED TO BE REMINDED THAT IF THEY TAKE OUR GUNS AND THIER GUNS THEY WOULD ALL STAY BEHIND THE WALLS WE ALL PAID FOR CAUSE THIER COWARDS , not to mention cant do anything except bad ideas and we pay them for that? Holy shit time to fire them.

  44. This twit was overheard speaking with a colleague after the meeting stating, “After we confiscate “Assault weapons” we can go after “A-pepper weapons” next.

  45. By her showing her true colors, she actually polarized Illinois gun owners. She doesn’t just want to take black scary rifles but every gun in the State. That doesn’t sit very well with people in Illinois. The word is out and spreading like wildfire. I imagine that her boss Mike Madigan is not very happy with her, she let the cat out of the bag. She will need his approval to get her bill passed and his money to get re elected. She will likely get neither.

    Its the same with Kathleen Willis. She attached a bunch of trailer bills to a Senate bill that had already passed. Madigan put her into office giving her $600,000 to get elected. The problem is Madigan and Pritzker know what they can get away with when they sneak BS under the radar. When it becomes exposed then they have problems.
    The IL senate would not even bring Willis’s bill up for a vote, there are too many Dems that barely got elected. They do not want to be voted out of office.

    Fortunately for Illinois citizens these two stupid bitches spoke of their secret Nazi agenda. That doesn’t bode well for them. The fact that Pritzker got a whole bunch of taxes passed that will effect the average Illinois citizen and not the rich means he will be a one term Governor. He ran on the platform that the rich would be taxed but that got tabled so that the rich could move or get their money out of the state. That doesn’t sit well with Joe Average and in a week gas is going to shoot up 19 cents, effectively doubling. Come January 1st a bunch of other taxes go into effect that affect the poor and middle class. The Dems screwed the pooch, they over reached.

    If Madigan manages to live long enough, he will see the State of Illinois turn solid red. As it stands now more then 95% of the counties are red but Chicago is the third largest city in the nation and is solidly blue. Why do think that Chicagos mayor Lightfoot and Pritzker immediately were outraged about Trumps ICE agenda and basically said they wouldn’t comply with it? To garner the illegal alien vote. For those who don’t know illegals vote in Illinois even though they shouldn’t. Years ago it was the dead and now it’s illegal aliens voting in Illinois elections.

    J.B., Lightfoot and most of the Dems will need it come election time. Madigan will make sure Morrison and Willis don’t get any money for their re elections so all in all by them opening their mouths the effectively screwed themselves.
    Bye bye Kathleen. Bye bye Julie, you two exposed the TRUE agenda.

  46. What a petulant little twit this lady is. A state senator with the mindset of a playground bully.

  47. Having read through page, there are a few worth while & intelligent comments but it seems it is necessary to educate the commentators-
    Soviet communism & socialism are not the same thing, in Soviet communism is gone now: we won.
    Socialism is not opposed to capitalism and the countries with current highest standard of living and the happiest people are all capitalist/socialist countries because they spend their taxes at home helping their citizens and this strengthens their societies.
    These are the kind of countries have mandatory armed services laws for all adults and, some even require households to own guns by law incase of a need to defend the country.
    This country has been moving strongly to the right for decades, there is only 1 political party at highest levels and it is the corporate party and, it is under that stewardship that we lost the highest highest standard of living in the world, millions of jobs, most of our manufacturing capicity……. while the populace has lost its wealth, seen it workload increased and, had their benefits whittled to nothing wages have been stagnant for 50 years but productivity & corporate profits are at all time highs.

    If you are still talking about the scary commies, the nursery state &, libtards you either a dinosaur or part of the problem-
    Mitch McConnell is not your friend, that man is the current star of the GOP and that has made his career robbing the people to give money to his corporate masters. The Clinton’s are his friend, think NAFTA & rolling back the Glass-Steagal act.
    Obama is his friend, sure was nice of him to not do anything when he had democratic supermajority in congress and he even let Mitch stuff his supreme Court nominee for 2 terms as president……. Divisive party politics keeps the people from uniting against the actual enemy.

    I am a progressive independent, a staunch supporter of the 2nd amendment and, a gun owner.
    I will be there to join you saying MOLON LABE and I don’t want to increase your taxes, I want to see the taxes collected spent helping Americans here in America rather than bombing other countries to make rich people richer.

    Robert N. Deskins

  48. Not taking away our guns, just our ability to buy another one, that makes zero sense lady, and equates to the same thing, just over a longer period of time. But then, you know that. Let us forget about that for the moment. How about, “…shall not be infringed?” Whatever scheme you plan infringes that constitutionally recognized right. No way around it.

  49. Alcohol control didn’t work and neither will firearms prohibition.
    If she cared about the people, state and nation, she’d focus on getting the illegals out =of here.

  50. She ought to be forced to resign for violating the Oath of Office. When oh when can we expect ANY AG to start taking these Oaths seriously and deliver repercussions for those that violate them?
    IL is a shithole.

  51. Yes Illinois is a shithole and unless the demons (democrats in office) are excised it always will be. She can start by disarming gang members, wannabe gang members, crooks and the ISIS style training groups in Illinois and let me know how that works out for you and until then and only then have you earned the right to ask me for mine. When I graduated in 1969 you had 4 choices for a immediate career path, 1. Having parents with enough money to buy a college deferment. 2. Run to Canada, 3. Join the military. 4. Wait to be drafted (for a war that wasn’t a war) I chose #3. 1 Month later they taught me how to clean, assemble, maintain and shoot a M1 Garand (automatic rifle) a Colt 1911 (45. automatic Pistol) followed 3 weeks later by a Browning automatic rifle and the “fun”dementals of caring for and firing a 50 cal machine gun. So now tell me just how qualified are you to tell me how to live and to protect myself. Keep in mind that the second Amendment was meant to protect us from assholes like you in government.

    • You forget, they’re so much smarter than us! And you don’t need to protect yourself from them, they’re going to protect you from yourself, remember?

  52. ……….what a smart ass Morrison is. A feckless public service that sees themselves as a god. If it were not so pathetic, she’d be funny.

  53. Treason..arrest her! Point blank simple..for every act they sign there sigature to is proof of treason. Citizen arrests…call the Sherriff’s and file charges. Time to elect people who are for the people nit against the people.

  54. Time to start a petition to remove Illinois state Senator Julie Morrison from office. Its time to say enough of the BS from the Democrats. Vote a Straight Republican ballot and lets get rid of these isiots from the left..

  55. By her own way of thinking and using her own logic (or lack thereof) then anyone who is afraid of what she MAY do should just shoot her. Now I don’t advocate it at all, but I’m just saying that if you use her own line of reasoning, that if we can’t get her to listen to reason. Can’t effectively vote her from office or bunt her ability to propose bills, then violently removing her would be ok. See this is the warped logic that people who are afraid of their own shadow uses. Instead of addressing the root causes they latch onto totally unrelated issues that are scary looking and say that is the problem. Why won’t they address the actual issues? Easy. If they address the actual issue then that means they have to admit that everything they believe and everything they advocate is actually the cause of the problems. God forbid if they have to do an honest assessment of the effect of their policies. It is unfortunate that the left for the most part, only believe that the only way that things can get better is if they deny the rights of a certain group within our country. They fail to realize that if they take away the rights of one group because they believe it is expedient, then they can have their rights curtailed and taken away by some other person if it seems expedient for their purposes. It is an extremely slippery slope that she treads. They never believe that what they do can never be done to them because they tend to believe that they are ordained by God to do what they are doing. So they don’t think they will ever either be held accountable nor will they think that they’ll also come under the same situation.

  56. Well senator, why don’t “We The People” just declare it open season on your personal property as well, you can have my assault weapon and I’ll take your car, your house and anything else you have bought that I happen to take a liking to, or is grand larceny to be a reserved right only politicians are allowed to commit?

    • Don’t know if it’s still the sting of being denied the White House or just a mental aberration, but we seem to have an overwhelming number of “elected” officials who have God complexes. We need to relieve them of all their stress in November!

  57. Assault rifle, military firearm that is chambered for ammunition of a reduced size or propellant charge (rifle caliber) and that has the capacity to switch between semiautomatic and fully automatic fire. This removes all of the weapons that they are calling an assault rifle. (Just because you think a weapon looks scary, or looks similar to a military style weapon. DOES NOT MAKE IT AN ASSAULT RIFLE). If we make that assumption about weapons, does that apply to everything else in life? Most of the weapons on their ban list are pistol caliber or shotguns. neither of which fit the category… Unless you want to just make shit up and then well we can make everything that is scary to someone illegal. You might want to go back and read the Constitution. They wrote it so this wouldn’t happen. So which amendment is next, 1st, 3rd, 4th?

  58. This is northern Illinois. The real people living in southern Illinois are sick of those liberal idiots trying to dictate the whole state. If the stupid gay, liberal, victim mentality people of northern Illinois would stop voting for dictators this shit would stop. People are getting tired of this shit. The whole country is on the edge of a major revolt.


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