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This past week, I was having dinner with a couple of friends. As we were discussing the current situation, one, who is a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon, mentioned that he had just bought his first gun — he is 86 years old. Another friend at the dinner, who is a well-regarded attorney and former senior government official, allowed that he also had just purchased his first gun — but he is only 79 years old. (They both gave me permission to write about it.)

A couple of weeks back, a journalist friend told me that his wife was pressuring him to buy a gun (they have two young children and live in the D.C. suburbs). He asked for my recommendation — which he immediately followed — since neither he nor his wife knows anything about guns. There are news reports that gun sales are at record highs. I expect that many, if not most, of these sales are to people who are not “gun people” and actually dislike them — but like my three friends suddenly feel a need for them.

When you have some political activists, elected politicians and members of the news media who advocate defunding the police and at the same time claim that guns are the problem rather than criminals, most thinking people understand the real problem is with those who wish to defund the police. Almost all people — even those who have never read the U.S. Constitution — understand that there is no more basic human right than that of self-defense and will do whatever is necessary to protect their family and themselves.

Some idiot politicians and others advocate seizing guns or draconian gun control measures. No one knows for sure, but most of the estimates indicate there are many more guns than people in the United States. Fewer, law-abiding citizens are going to give up their guns or comply with the restrictions — because they, unlike their political leaders, understand that criminals do not pay attention to gun or other laws, they can no longer depend on the government to protect them and that it is very easy to acquire a gun illegally or even make a simple one. The technology has been around for a very long time and the needed tools are available anywhere, even without a 3D printer.

– Richard W. Rahn in Supporters of Black Lives Matter in denial of real-world consequences

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  1. There are two types of people in this world those with guns and those who dig. Dig Bitch.

    • “Those who turn their swords into plowshares will (be forced to) plow for those who do not”.

      • There is a time for beating your swords into plowshares. It is after the King of King’s returns and rules Earth with a rod of iron, and every knee bows.

        That day has not come yet, though it seems to be on its way. There will be spicy times between now and then. I think I’ll keep my guns for now. 😀

    • There are also two kinds of spurs;
      Those who come up the stairs,
      And those who come in through the window.

      • Living under circumstances in which you have the luxury to choose not to possess a weapon for self-defense is the ultimate manifestation of class/race/cultural privilege.

    • There are two kinds of people in this world: them that knows there’s two kinds of people, and them that don’t.

  2. Well, what did they expect would happen when not only the mob was screeching “defund the police”, but a bunch of Blue areas were actually giving the mob what they wanted, and a lot of people got bitch slapped with the reality that they’re now on their own?

  3. Somehow I don’t find this a surprise. My advice is get a permit to carry and then get carry insurance of some sort.

    • Or skip the government permission slip entirely and exercise your right to safety and self defense without waiting for an okay from some bureaucrat. Just saying.

      • Precisely. And if more people followed that advice there would be many more permitless carry States than the current 16 which have done away with mandatory permits.

      • Look, you either have an inalienable Right to bear arms or you have a government granted privilege that can be regulated and also completely denied to you… which is it?

        The Founding Fathers did NOT invent any Rights; they merely acknowledged that all men are born with certain inalienable Rights that are God given and sacrosanct. And because the Constitution is a document that not only established the newly created government but also enumerated the limited powers of government, they set forth in the first ten amendments to this Constitution the acknowledgement of some of these basic Rights together with “command directives” such as in the case of the Second Amendment of “shall Not be infringed” to make clear that the role and the duty of this new government was to protect these individual Rights and to not infringe upon them.

        To accept the notion that our founding documents and/or the government created and grants these Rights to us is to also accept that these in fact are NOT Rights but merely government granted privileges. Because while a Right is inalienable, a government granted privilege can be restricted and even taken away permanently. Whatever the government gives it can also take away. Can you understand why they want everyone to accept the notion that it is the government that is responsible for “granting us these Rights” when the truth is that government does NOT grant Rights and can only grant privileges?

        Our Constitution establishes a contract between the government and its people and makes itself and the laws “made in pursuance thereof” the Supreme Law of the Land. And no act of the Congress or presidential executive order can override the Constitution. It takes a constitutional amendment to change any provision of the Constitution and/or its amendments. Also, the rules of contract law make clear that an amendment to a document permanently alters and modifies the original document as the amendment overrides and “supersedes” everything that came before it. So regardless of what authority might be claimed under the original document, it is the terms and the provisions of the amendment that should always prevail. To this day there has been no such change to the provisions of the Second Amendment and so it stands today as originally written and therefore “the Right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” remains as the Supreme Law of the Land. With this understanding, one can make the argument that the government completely lacks the authority to regulate the firearms industry or any part of individual gun ownership.

        Remember, it took the passage of the 21st Amendment to override the provisions of the 18th Amendment in order to finally put an end to the era of Prohibition in America… But no such change has ever taken place to amend or change or to even reinterpret the meaning of individual gun Rights in America as protected and guaranteed to each and every one of us under the Second Amendment.

        “Every single treaty the Indians made with the U.S. Government was broken by Washington; The U.S. Constitution is the treaty that the American people have with the Federal Government, and it too is now also being broken”. — Russell Means, Indian activist.

  4. The problem is, many of these people may no longer vote ‘for’ the democratic party because what has happened, they’ll just switch to voting ‘against’ the Republicans; which still yields the same results.

    • If 10 people were going to vote for Biden and 10 were going to vote for Trump there would be a tie. If 2 of the Biden voters decided to vote third party, Trump would win 10-8-2.

      • Unless they vote against Trump by filling in the Oval next to Biden.
        There’s the TDS factor to consider.

    • I will say, as far as the presidential race is concerned, almost no one (other than political insiders that stand to gain money and power) will be voting for Joe Biden. A blind man can see that Joe Biden doesn’t stand for anything other than what he’s told to stand for. They’re voting against Trump.

      • ems always vote as they’ve been trained to vote. They lack critical thing skills. If they were voting against Trump its because they fear:
        -draining the swamp
        -ending needless wars
        -ending the concentration of power in Washington
        -ending the endless welfare programs
        -resisting government subsidies to questionable industries
        -the end of antif and blm.

        Yeah Trump man bad.

    • That’s why I voted for Trump, it was a vote against Clinton. Didn’t really like him then and don’t really like him now.

  5. Gee with the un Constitutional COVID 19 lockdowns,Burn,Loot,Murder the civilian disarmament crowds line of Bravo Sierra,you don’t need a gun just call the police, just went out the window even for some Leftards.

  6. Cops stood by and watched anti-cop thugs beat pro-cop rally attendees in Denver the other day. Everyone who says “When the SHTF the cops will be with *us*” better think again.

    • The cops can’t do anything. They are not doing their normal job of reporting crime.

      This chaos will get bad

      Unfortunately, future tense.

    • The cops are too concerned about their platinum pensions. Funny, really; they’re going to lose that money, anyway.

      • And I thought that the police took an oath to defend also, was only obey the mayor substituted for this part of the oath ?

    • This is the price of not standing up and spreading the truth after Charlottesville. The communists saw they could set up anti communist demonstrators, ambush them, physically assault them, drive them off, pursue them as they returned to their vehicles, assault them in their vehicles as they were leaving, successfully cancel their speech, deplatform them, and then come back later and charge and prosecute any anti communist who had dared to defend themselves.

      All of Team R, and all of the conservative commentators, youtubers, writers and journalists went along with and spouted the communist narrative. Trump only drooled out a lukewarm “There were good people on both sides”.

      Everyone should have been spreading the truth and standing up for the anti communists who were ambushed in Charlottesville. everyone should ahve been fighting for them, and funding their legal defense. Everyone should have spoken out against what happened. But you pussies didn’t so you now you get to reap the spread of this mental illness throughout the country.

  7. Look, what we are experience right now is a desperate national tantrum by the violent marxist insurgent left attempting to tear down and overthrow the US Constitutional Republic, with blue state governments and the bolshevik media in lockstep in a full court nationwide ‘putsch.

    Make no mistake, as far as the voilent Marxist left is concerned (and this absolutely includes all of the above), the ‘revolution’ is underway, and they intend to marginalize, crush, and ultimately destroy anyone and anything who opposes them.

    As the lawful inheritors of the American Revolution of 1776, to protect, preserve, and defend the Republic, our Constitution, and ultimately our own families, communities and lives, self defense and the defense of the Republic is not only a constitutional mandated civic duty, it is our personal individual and personal responsibility.

    In case anyone has missed it, the shooting from the other side has already started –

    • Joe Biden just said we’re experiencing a race relations CRISIS. The climate ¡CRISIS! wasn’t having the impact the Left needed so they manufactured a racial crisis. The Left has gone from one manufactured crisis to another since Trump has been in office. They finally found one that is working. They’re perfectly fine with getting people to hate each other. Actually, they’re counting on it. They’re planning on riding a wave of self-inflicted chaos and misery into power. Then things will be okay. They’ll do it right this time.

      • What is happening in our streets is not “organic”, it is a well planned operation with a command and control structure. Sadly, a portion of that structure resides within the deep state and the marxist demo-commies pulling strings in a highly coordinated effort to obtain power through literally any and every means with no holds barred.

        Biden is even less than an empty suit, and the fact that the bolshevik apparatchiks at DNC would install him regardless of his serious, absolutely transparent and all too real senile dementia should be absolutely chilling to anyone who understands that this means a rapid and complete totalitarian Marxist takeover of ever lever of power that exists within the US from the day the election is over.

        Whether or not Biden wins or loses, this process is already underway, and we are in the fight of and for our lives, and for our Nation, whether or not we are willing to recognize, acknowledge, and take appropriate action.

        • Creepy Joe will either have a “medical incident” that will either kill him or incapacitate him enough to step down for the VP. This will happen either late in the first year or early in the second year to avoid too much suspicion.

  8. Of course Black Lives Matter however the organization that calls itself Black Lives Matter matters as much as the KKK and any other nitwit group that by all accounts could not run a hot dog stand, etc. Any jackwipe can light a match and burn down a business but building a business and making a payroll is another story. is riding on knee jerk popularity and as the dust settles so will their popularity and support. To survive the must show America more than their loud mouth marching, bullying, looting, burning cowardly behinds…Good luck with that.

      • BLM is a self professed, and self described totalitarian Marxist insurgency, with the stated goal of overthrowing and replacing our Republic and institutions.

        Go to their website, and see for yourself, Debbie.

        They (BLM globaistl Marxists) have financial support in the billions from multi-national corporations with no allegiance to anything but their own survival and (unshared) prosperity. Remember that Communist China relies on exactly these types of entities for financing, to stay in power, and to expand their openly stated goal of global hegemony. Understand this and the BLM/Corporate model is completely transparent.

        • If the Bolsheviks couldn’t get socialism/communism working with 70 years and the resources of the Soviet Union, I hardly think a bunch of latte drinking soy boys is going to do better.

          Of course they will follow “the plan” and round up and execute “class enemies”, “counterrevolutionaries”, and “wreckers”. Few real and mostly imagined.

  9. The race baiter Jim Crow Gun Control Joe Biden told a group of Blacks that Republicans are going to put y’all back in chains. News for the race baiting scumbag Joe Biden. Joe’s very own democRat Party put chains on Blacks centuries ago and those chains are still around the necks of today’s gullible Black Americans who belong to the democRat Party.
    Instead of yesterday’s democRat Party slave masters using Blacks to pick cotton today’s democRat Party slave masters use Black Americans to harvest votes.

  10. The sad thing about all of this is that there are still a lot of people who think voting is going to matter. It’s likely not going to.

    Serious people on the Left have long had high regard for The Primary Model. As well they should, it’s surprisingly accurate. It also has the chance of Trump winning at over 90%. They know this.

    As such, based on my dealing with Lefties I highly suspect that they’rebgoing for a “heads we win, tails you lose” situation here. Joe’s an outside shot but they’ll take it. If he fails, whichbis quite likely and serious people know it, the knives come out.

      • I dunno. I’m the guy who stopped caring to the point that I went to a meeting today rocking a legit punk rock style mohawk.

        And hilariously, no one found this to be strange. So IMHO there’s an obvious upside to 2020.

        • i can still see mohawk willy dancing on the roof of his windowless dart, hardcore oi! blasting from the sparkomatic, the old slant six idling in drive towards whatever part a customer needed him to torch off of a hulk in a stack of wrecks.
          victory auto, bensenville during the day, o’banion’s, dreamerz, exit at night.

        • In normal times I’d expect to have this hairstyle called unprofessional. Instead I got compliments.

          If things get weirder I’ll dye it some outrageous color(s) like I’m back in high school.

  11. When I saw my local 5-O do essentially NOTHING while BLM rioted & looted on May 31(coincidentally my birthday!)I realized SHTF was real. No big surprise. My local keystone cop’s didn’t believe me on Halloween night last year either. Several very loud gunshots across the street 3 black teen’s running towards me. My wife & son were returning home and also witnessed the punks. Happy I had my AR locked & loaded. YES trick or treaters were on the street!

    • The knives come out? Well come on with it.
      Just remember one thing. When they made yours, they didn’t shut the factory down. They made mine and a few others too.
      There are quite a few people in this world, that you don’t pull a weapon on, unless you are very highly trained infighting, or you are suicidal.

  12. Joe who never ever even heard from him on anything but gun control…. terrible choice for president. Those folks are scared 😟 to death of the black lives matter about time everyone woke the fuck up…. the defund the police 🚔 is laughable who’s you gonna call ghost busters? This country is in a world 🌍 of shit!!!! Silly hilly dilly is garbage 🗑 and that shit 💼 she’s married to is a 🤥 liar and a punk anyone interested should see the movie 🎥 Anarchy USA

  13. I did not Vote for Trump in 2016 because I was a “Trump-lover”, I Voted for Trump in 2016 because I was a “HiLIARy-hater”. I won’t Vote for Trump in 2020 because I am a “Trump-lover”, I will Vote for Trump in 2020 because I am a “Democrat-hater” and their agenda(s) concern the crap out of me. I will Vote for Trump in 2020 to try to give the American Constitutional Republic four more years to save itself. Probably, inevitably, in 2024 a “Democrat” will be elected to POTUS and the Republic will be destroyed anyway, but if we can stave that off for another four years, THAT might be the best we can do. A lot can happen in four years, so we might be able to do better than I expect. One can only hope…

    • Voted against both Trump and Shrillery in 2016 and will do so again.

      No way in hell will I support any anti-American candidate. No quantity of lies and Party Member Bullshit can change that.

      • When the mob breaks down your door to murder you, rape your wife and children, and burn your house down, it’ll be too late to change your mind.

      • It’s not about Party Member BS. Do the math. Voting for a Candidate other than Dem or Repub is the same as not voting at all. Either the Dem or Repub will win POTUS. Period.

        Do as you see fit, but pragmatically consider the outcome and how it will affect you. Under present circumstances Vote (act) in your own self-interest, which might be better served by a Trump re-election rather than letting other people decide for you.

        • When I lived in Connecticut I often voted for third party candidates……Ct was assurred to go democrat years before any election. Republicans knew this and put up loosers every time.

          • I wish there was a viable Third Party! Where I live voting not-Democrat is also futile, but I vote Republican anyway. I urge people to vote Republican in this next Election because I firmly believe this is the most critical Election since 1860, and it, too, may be the forerunner to violence on a nationwide scope. However, I accept that many people must vote their conscience and I only have to look at myself in the mirror each morning and so it is with each of us and so be it. All best to you and yours!

      • Translation: I threw my vote away and let others decide the fate of the nation and myself.

        • Unless you’re in a closely contested swing state, that’s not how it works at all.

          For most of us, unless we can bring 100,000+ other voters along for the ride, our vote really doesn’t matter in any but a symbolic sense. Here in the blue state of WA, a few hundred or even several thousand Trump votes aren’t going to change the outcome. Similarly, if I were a Democrat (blech!) I could conclude — in any given year, mind you — that with the overflowing surplus of blue voters in this state, whatever woke zombie they’ve nominated this time around doesn’t need my help.

          Look around and do some basic math. The fate of the nation probably doesn’t rest on your vote for president. For most of us, it’s a purely symbolic act. So why not think outside the box and make your symbolic act really say something?

        • Trump winning the popular vote would be symbolic, and it would give the democrats one less thing to complain about.

        • In California, any vote for a Republican candidate for president or senator is only symbolic. Oregon is swiftly going in that direction, and Washington already has. The urbanite democrats outnumber everyone else.

      • Buckley Principle (or something like that). Vote for the most conservative person who is most likely to win. Even if you have to put a clothespin on your nose.

    • “A lot can happen in four years, so we might be able to do better than I expect. One can only hope…”

      RBG won’t be living in 4 years.

      Her being gone gets Trump to pick a SCOTUS justice to counter Robert’s Leftist leanings.

      We can make *massive* gains in 2A rights if we remove an avowed Leftist vote from the 9 on the SCOTUS bench…

  14. We’ll see how long they keep law enforcement around to suppress opposition to BLM and Antifa goons. They are running buck wild because LEO will come down hard on anyone who confronts them. Plenty of examples abound.
    When it’s a free for all with no cops and the media runs for cover is when they think they’ve got a straight shot ahead of them. That’s when they will be surprised at what happens next. A lot of people are going to get hurt, I hope I can protect my family and property when it happens.

    We’ve seen this countless times in other countries. It’s about our turn.

    • In other countries, starting with Russia, it ended up in a shooting war. Marx laid out the playbook, Lenin followed it. Divide the proletariat from the elite, and let nature take its course. In the ensuing anarchy, seize control. Kill anyone who stands in your way. BLM is asking “the people” to throw off the “chains” of their government, of “white privilege”, and to wipe the slate clean to allow a socialist government to replace it. Socialism is just the first stage of communism and the end of freedom.The BLM leadership is comprised of trained Marxists. This is all very intentional.

      • BLM has been subverted by the anarchist (international) antifa and they’re too blind or too dumb to see it. It isn’t about anything other than destroying the U.S. The E.U. (antifa) needs America under their control to take on CCP for world domination, guess where all of the casualties will be.

  15. A co-worker asked some of us “gun guys” about what to buy for a home protection gun, a first gun at that. A shotgun was suggested, after a conversation. One of us offered the loan of one until stores had stocks again.

    I have all I need but my now 21 year old daughter wants her first handgun. I’ve offered to use my Cabela’s/Bass Pro Club Card points on that, plus throw in a training with a group run by a lady competitive pistol shooter. The class is only for women, that’s fine by me.

    Probably any purchase will wait on the summer heat to go away, and we won’t worry much about the store shelves being empty. Guns can be rented until she settles on what she wants. Then an order can be placed and waited on to come in.

    When you have a bunch on hand already, buying another is nothing much to worry about.

    For them’s who don’t, I sympathize but let’s just face facts, you waited too long and now you are paying the price. Next time, be prepared ……. sooner.

    • If you are going to panic, panic early.

      I’m ok. Here in Cali, you may only loan guns to a parent or (adult, unless supervised) child.

      The neighbors who didn’t buy… Sorry, I cannot help you.

  16. Instead of “ban guns” we now know the two words that sell more guns, “defund police”

  17. “Big Surprise: American Continue to Arm Themselves as Black Lives Matter Agenda Takes Hold”

    And this is exactly what dems/leftists/liberals want, all out anarchy and an all out race war…

  18. Im more concerned about being beaten severely or snatched off the street by federal police for zero crimes other than exercising their first amendment rights than I am by some protestors.

    Where are these boog bois at who were talking about the reason we need our 2nd amendment is to prevent government overreach but yet are licking the boots of the people stepping not their very neck and exposing them as nothing more than hot air.

    • Um … so burning down federal buildings is exercising your First Amendment rights. Gotchya.

    • The feds are arresting people who have spent the past 6 weeks repeatedly attacking police and trying to firebomb federal buildings. Those people NEED to be arrested. Even if your cause is righteous, you’d better expect to get rolled up if that’s what you’re doing.

      It’s not clear if they’ve been given due civil process, which is worrisome — but anybody who believes what the people in those videos are saying about their “innocent” friends needs to contact me right away about a hot deal on some oceanfront property in Arizona.

    • If you’re out there “protesting” you should be catching lead instead of worrying about some “secret” police. Ask for trouble and it will soon find you.

  19. If your just arming up your wayyyy behind. By now you should have comms, a team, food n water and night vision along with a kit and training

  20. White people will give BLM the rope they use to hang them.

    I used to think that only black people could be conned so easily, judging by the grifters and thieves they constantly elect to represent them. Kwame Kilpatrick. Lori Lightfoot. Marion “B!tch Set Me Up” Barry. The list is endless.

    But no. I was wrong. The fact is that I have never seen a bigger bunch of white dolts ashamed of things they didn’t do and willingly prepared to take it in the shorts because of it.

    I’m not suggesting the people of every color shouldn’t arm up. I am stating that the BLM thug you might have to shoot will probably be white. The grift is colorblind.

    • Reminds me of a photo I saw yesterday of all these protesters in Portland carrying anti-police and BLM signs. Strangely (to me anyway), not one of them was black. Instead we have a class of white, college brainwashed leftists who actually believe the Marxist garbage their professors taught them.

      • I won’t be shooting a person because of their color or religion. I will be shooting them because they are a threat to me, mine and my country.

        Simple, really. A threat has no color.

    • BLM uses black communists as fronts. The group is funded by white communists and self hating white liberals.
      They are anti-family and anti-civil rights. The normal combination for tyrants.

      Black Lives Matter does not care about the lives of black people. It’s just a slogan.

  21. This is good. Anything that sticks a finger in the eye of gun-grabbers and anti-Americans. Doesn’t matter if almost all new gun owners sell their guns when they feel safe again (and I think they will). The initial purchase is what counts.

    More guns in the hands of the people means more guns in the hands of the people.

  22. Personal responsibility of safety for yourself and family is your #1 priority! Learn or burn! It is your right to be armed! Do you want to have a permit for your 1st amendment? Background check to speak? No speech zones?

  23. The gun buying surge is good news. The ammo buying surge…not so much. At least for those of us whose supplies are low.

    I just bought 100 rounds of PMC SFX 124 grain hollow point from because it’s the only available 9mm defensive ammo I’ve come across in awhile. It’s a fairly new round, I think announced at SHOT 2018, and is supposedly an improved version of the earlier PMC Starfire. Made in South Korea.

    Not sure how good it is, but HST it ain’t, and that’s my preferred carry ammo for the SR9c. I’m down to a couple mags worth of the good stuff.

    For anyone else desperate enough to buy this $1 per round ammo which hasn’t really been around long enough to be reviewed, tested, or proven, I’m posting a link below. As of this moment, they still have about 48 boxes left in stock.

    • I forgot to mention that I have purchased ammo from several times before and have never had a bad experience. I found them looking for .44 special ammo. Pre-COVID, they had a pretty good selection of that.

  24. I learned as a new gun person after the 2012-2013 ammo shortage. Since then I buy at least 100 to 300 rounds each month. The calibers vary.
    I’m not hurting for ammo.

    • Same here, whenever I catch a good sale, or if I need to bump an order up a bit to qualify for free shipping.

  25. Do these first time purchasers actually have choices? Seems like pretty slim pickings out there, right now. Seen any online retailers with a 18.5″ or 20″ Maverick 88 in stock? If no online retailers have them, what are the chances your local gun store has any?

  26. Fact one: Hell is eternal with no escape.
    Fact two: Jesus Christ said I am the way the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but by me.
    Fact three: We all gotta die someday.
    Choose wisely dont be a fool with your soul.

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