Afghan girl kills taliban
Courtesy Qamar Gul
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We’re guessing there isn’t a Moms Demand Action chapter in Ghanzi, Afghanistan.

An Afghan girl shot dead two Taliban fighters and wounded several more after they dragged her parents from their home and killed them for supporting the government.

The fighters were looking for her father — the village chief and a supporter of the government, local police head Habiburahman Malekzada said. When his wife resisted, the aliban fighters killed the couple outside their home, Malekzada said. When his wife resisted, the Taliban fighters killed the couple outside their home, Malekzada said. “Qamar Gul, who was inside the house, took an AK-47 gun the family had and first shot dead the two Taliban fighters who killed her parents, and then injured a few others.”

AFP in Afghan teen kills 2 Taliban men, wounds several more after parents murdered

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      • Really insensitive of you. So easy to be a keyboard kommando from halfway across the world and dictate what a teenage girl *should* have done in the midst of a emotionally traumatic event, yes? Did she have access to any weaponry at the moment her parents were being dragged out? Do you know anything about her state of mind as her household was stormed by Taliban thugs who outnumbered her?

        You should change your username to “Nobody”.

      • Someone,
        She had to wait until they invaded her home first, because she was worried the local circuit attorney would charge her with brandishing. 😉

      • frank speak,

        Taliban might very well target her in the future. Meanwhile, she killed two Taliban and wounded others who may very well have died later of their wounds. If innocent victims can keep taking out multiple terrorist attackers before dying, the terrorist attackers will thin out quickly and hopefully reach total extinction in short order.

        • Doubt that, she probably just made a new blood feud that will last a 100 years. They maybe preindustrial cult worshipping savages but they do have a heck of a long term transgenerational memory for wrongs committed against them.

        • Not Larry from Teax-
          If there is a blood feud, she didn’t “start it'”.
          The murderous criminals who slaughtered her parent started it.

          I feel so sorry for her to lose both of her parents. At least justice was swift. I’m glad the family had an AK, and that she knew how to use it.

      • Maybe not a natural lefty. There is only one proper use for her left hand. Perhaps the left handed grip is a not-too-subtle message about her opinion of the Taliban!

        • Agreed.
          Being a left-handed female gun owner in a culture that devalues women makes her an interesting anomaly.
          I like this girl. A lot. There is much cultural taboo with her.
          She did a hell of lot more than simply throwing a shoe, she humiliated the Taliban by acting on her impulse and revenging herself on MEN. This is a significant thing in her culture and I suspect a lot of women quietly respect her display of righteous anger.

        • This is a generalization, but not too surprising that a female Afghan would take revenge (badal) against the murderous Taliban. It’s a huge part of the Pashtunwali (way of the Pashtun) culture over there. It’s deeply rooted in their past (centuries) and carries through to today. The men may devalue women and treat them like property (or from their perspective—overly protect them due to a familial and tribal honor system), but the women are still people with feelings and a passionate desire to survive. Islam tends to be fatalistic about personal choice—but cultural mores can overcome those tendencies.

  1. Imagine in the years following Trump’s re-election:

    “An American girl shot dead two ANTIFA fighters and wounded several more after they dragged her parents from their home and killed them for supporting the government.”

      • We really aren’t that far off from such a scenario.

        The fact that you can only respond by hurling childish insults also proves you are probably an immature troll, who has no understanding of reality.

      • Why is he a moron? It would probably be more like 20 antifa though. Less than 5 and they won’t even act aggressive unless they are behind you or if you are in a wheel chair or a walker.

        • Just like a lot of bullets over here in the state’s. If you are doing something to me that I am not able to take, I don’t need 10 to 1 odds on my side.

        • I do not know “enuf” personally, but the situation you poorly attempted to poo poo could be happening at this moment considering the organized lawless rioting and murder rates in the US at the moment. After reading more of “enuf’s” comments, I have had read enough of childish behavior for today.

          If your beliefs are so weak that you have to attack others for their beliefs, then you are a coward, insecure, and a fool. Reality check for the damn social media generation: no one cares who you are or what you think. Enough, “”enuf!”

        • Apologies for the poor grammar. That is what I get for typing with one hand and working with the other.

        • Yep. esnuf is prime reason this forum needs a block/ignore the moron feature. Life is too short.

        • enuf is not a moron. Many times he has proven himself to be a democRat Party lint licking, POTUS slandering self serving pos who thinks the world revolves around him. The politically inept enuf is to your Gun Rights what a drunk farting gasbag is to fine dining.

      • You could just change your name to “moron” and then you wouldn’t have to post to warn everyone.

      • My wife and I were just talking about the same thing. They ( liberals and leftist and socialist) are gaining every day with the education that they receive in the schools. Someday we the people are going to be badly outnumbered by the social sheep.
        Dragging you out in the street will probably happen in our children’s lifetime. Hopefully I’m dead and in my urn before this happens because I don’t think I could live through the heartbreak. Also enuf your very stupid!!

      • Moron alert? HP’s statement is realistic considering the current state of affairs and what behavior we can expect from leftists following a Trump victory in the upcoming election.

    • Why wait till after TRUMP is reelected. They are an organized terror group. I am not to the point of engaging them on sight, yet. However, if they commit and act of violence against someone oe something, then I would feel free to return the favor.

      • 4 Nov will see a national breakdown amid screeching and hysteria which will make 2016 look like a mere shadow. I already have the shottie out and loaded, will probably exhume a couple more calibers so all floors can benefit. And I’m a mile down a dead-end street! You city dwellers need to make some plans!

        • 100% agree.

          The Left and all of their fellow travelers are going to lose their bloody minds during this election if 2016 was any indication. They are already planning on it. Witness the talking heads asking questions about ‘What to do if President Trump refuses to leave’. Even that old hag Hillary and Mr. Fast and Furious has been banging on about it. They are looking for massive confrontation if the President is reelected.

          I just hope the election results in a landslide for President Trump and not a close win.

        • I fully expect riots to break out the night Trump is declared the winner. And don’t ever call these people protectors.

      • That’s a big IF.

        The way things are going right now, DJT has done so much shooting himself in the foot, I might call his probable defeat the ND election outcome.

        And this is coming from someone who actually wants him to win, sends his campaign significant $’s, and votes.

  2. Good trigger discipline in the photo,and a milled receiver for that additional touch of class.
    Sad about her parents,love the fact that she got it done. You Go Girl!

      • That was something that surprised me, and educated me over there. In previous conflicts I had been in, weapons were not particularly well maintained. That was not my experience in Afghanistan. Quality weapons, well maintained over long periods of time. It was an early insight that a martial culture was well instilled.

        • They’ve been maintaining captured weapons since Alexander invaded. That’s a lot of practice.

        • It makes me angry how advanced the people in Afghanistan are compared to Americans, when it comes to weapons education for the children. Great for them. Really bad for our future generations.

          I’m glad she got these SOB’s.

    • Gregory Peter DuPont,

      You can tell that her AK-47 has a milled (rather than stamped) receiver in that photo? I am duly impressed.

    • I spent a couple of years teaching cops over there. It’s more like…”when seconds matter, ANP are hours, a bribe, and a negotiation away.”

      • While overseas I worked with police officers on a Dept. of State contract training Iraqi police.
        It was a tough job in many cases because the ethics and motivation of the locals to do their jobs simply didn’t exist. We also worked with the military and it wasn’t odd to find recruits who’d “lost” …. errr, SOLD uniforms, weapons, and ammo in the black market of the local bazaars. The military would do “sweeps”, sometimes finding stolen archaeological artifacts and pawned US equipment, especially in the areas near Hillah and Babylon where I’d worked.
        During a personal interview with a guy who was going on his first deployment to Afghanistan I warned him to be very wary of his Afghan Muslim counterparts. A lot of insider attacks. I hope he listened.

  3. If only the citizens could find this kind of courage. In the face of all the violence, murder and terrorism. Happening in their communities. Right here in Our Nation.

  4. Glad she survived and good people got her and her younger brother the hell out of there. The Taliban do not forget these things, they will scheme and plan and attack that village in force at some later date.

    Fucking animals.

    • Her neighborhood is just like some neighborhoods in Baltimore, Chiraq, DC, Detroit, etc. But in her society children are trained, and equipped, to save themselves when the time comes. At least kids over there have a fighting chance.

    • enuf…stfu. You are nothing but a back stabbing runt who boasts about buying hundreds of rounds of ammo off the backs of those who got DJT elected POTUS. If left up to your self serving worthless ignorant behind you would have elected hilliary rotten clintoon. Your own words and actions makes you a democRat lint licker who stabbed Gun Rights in the back and you continue to do so…now gfy.

      • I pity the poor geezer who lies down with this miserable, foul mouthed ‘woman’.

  5. Good story.

    Also judging from the side cut out on the AK receiver, that’s an actual original generation AK47, not the far more common AKM, I believe.

  6. The hardest thing on this planet is an Afghan girl.
    They are brutalized from day one, and the ones that make it into their teens have had to fight every day of their lives, for everything in their lives.
    I lived where this happened for about 9 months. I helped teach the police force there. If you wanted to give the girls something; food, crayons, medical supplies, whatever, you had to make sure that all of the boys and adults got more than they could carry first. Otherwise, they’d just beat her senseless and take whatever she had. I saw girls as young as 7 or 8 completely caring for younger siblings, doing all the work of an adult mother, while they starved and froze to death.
    They’re smart, and man, they can run.
    I’d put 6 Afghan teenage girls against any squad of soldiers or marines in our military. If the girls got rocks, any 2 squads.

      • I’ve been to Vietnam (the country not the war) and I don’t think they’ve softened much.

        • I’ve never been to Astan. But one thing I will concede to those girls that I did not consider when making my first comment was the weather.

          Brutal weather tends to harden folks up. I know I was a lot tougher when I lived with snow and ice than I am now in sunny CA.

    • jwtaylor,

      What you describe is horrific for Afghanistan girls.

      How come Alyssa Milano and Ashley Judd are not in Afghanistan scolding and lecturing the people over there on their treatment of girls and women? On the plus side, Alyssa and Ashley can expect smooth sailing over there: when the locals demand a head covering, those two “ladies” will be ready with their big vaagina hats.

      • Because Muslims are higher up on the oppression ladder than white women, even Muslim men who are actively abusing Muslim women. Therefore, white women aren’t allowed to criticize them, because that would be racist and imperialist.

        So they feel free to slam this country, and the West generally, where women are freer and safer than anywhere in the world, while ignoring real violence and suffering in place such as Afghanistan.

  7. I suspect Qamar Gul was taught to protect herself. Her father obviously valued her highly.
    How unfortunate for her and her family because the Taliban will focus on her as the cycle of retribution continues. In the eyes of the Taliban she’s become a woman with a gun, commanding respect. That’s no small thing and I wish her well.

    • “Her father obviously valued her highly.”
      Although that is possible, it’s unlikely. What makes you think that?

      • Just a sneaking suspicion, jw.
        AK rifles are pretty simple puzzles and sometimes people get lucky, but I want to give Qamar Gul and her father the benefit of the doubt. I’m just like that.
        I doubt she will give the AK up easily … then again, that’s another sneaky suspicion. 🙂

    • Women have very little value in Afghanistan or in any of these tribalist extreme Muslim regions.

      She’s lucky to have escaped this attack, but do not doubt there will be other opportunities for that culture to show just how little value she has as a person.

  8. There are those that understand and those that don’t. Some actually care and others don’t.

    Women with guns fighting against the Taliban makes me proud. I’d like to send her a box of ammo.

    • Within 2 miles of her home she can likely pick up at least 4lbs of RDX, literally, off the road. She’s all stocked up.

  9. Good shoot. Too bad she didn’t get the entire batch. I’m glad the village stepped up, but the vermin will be back.

  10. Object lesson for Mob dynamics here in the US. This IS where we are currently heading with the onslaught of violent Marxist insurgent groups (BLM, Antifa, and others) rioting in our streets, and murdering our citizens.

    Sadly, it won’t be long before we’re hearing stories exactly like this one out of every major Marxist controlled city and state in the US.

    • Nonsense. There is nothing of Karl Marx in any of what is going on now. That utopian nightmare is not at play in our current troubles.

      • You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, although it seems you don’t believe I’m entitled to mine. Thank you though for telling us exactly who you are.

        • The reply that Marxism isn’t associated with BLM is either unrealistic or intentional FUD.

          First off, one of the faces associated with the founders is Patrisse Cullors who has openly admitted being a “trained Marxist”.
          Point Number Two … “Act Blue”, the DNC, BLM, and non-profit “Thousand Currents” which is a online financial management front and distribution arm of BLM are all linked. One of the board members of “Thousand Currents” (Susan Rosenberg) is/was a member of the old “Weather Underground” responsible for a Brink’s robbery and the jailbreak of Joanne Chesimard who exiled herself to Cuba. Chesimard is a convicted NJ cop killer.

          Maybe I’m just being suspicious again, then again, maybe not.

        • I agree. Please see my comment (and please ignore the horrific grammar) above addressing mr/ms/? Enuf.

      • Of course not… He never mentioned creating chaos and class warfare to bring about a workers (marxist/socialist) revolution/sarc. Do you libs read books anymore?

      • If there’s nothing Marxist going on right now with BLM and the Democrats, then what IS going on? I’m serious about this one, by the way; if you can explain how there’s no shade of Karl Marx to see here, I’d love to hear it.

      • fyi
        From a conservative gay black woman, Four years ago. And yes, I posted this on TTAG 4 years ago. Part 1 video 18 minutes long.

        • fyi
          The racist history (her words) of BLM from the point of view of a conservative gay black woman. She also was a cop for 10 years in the LA California area. video 49 minutes long.

      • BLM is led by people who are self-identified “trained Marxists”. The tactics are clearly Maoist. Marxism and it’s lineage is heavily involved in our current situation.

        • Hell, even privilege theory is just a reskin of Marxism. The only difference is that instead of forcible redistribution of wealth, they want to forcibly redistribute “privilege” (air quotes because even under the most charitable interpretation it’s still quite a nebulous concept). For the time being, the left has more or less dropped their pursuit of economic Marxism, and swapped it out for a far more insidious form based on identity politics, privilege theory, and intersectionality. Frankly, that’s the more dangerous of the two

      • nuf is just consistently and astoundingly clueless. Or just full of it. Is assume the latter.

      • This is exactly the type of circlejerkery that cheapens any discourse.

        Whether or not they follow “the one true Marx” or not, which “Marxists” constantly debate amongst themselves is immaterial.

        Yeah, there’s a place for being technically correct, and it’s my personal favorite among the types of correct. But matters not a fucking whit when half the people burning, looting, killing and driving the country towards an open civil war are paying lip service to Marxism in one form or another. Which of them is “right” doesn’t matter when a Molotov hits your house or you get bikelocked into a coma.

        It’s like arguing who the “real Christians” are between the Knights Templar and the Teutonic Knights. It doesn’t fucking matter when both they’re following dogma to the point of burning your people at the stake.

        What flavor of totalitarianism these modern fucktards subscribe to is nugatory at best.

        Grow the fuck up here people.

    • I think once enough attacks occur people will get fed up and go looking for the attackers to exterminate them. There won’t be any waiting until the next attack. If the government diesnt do their job.

      • Texican,

        If the government diesnt do their job.


        Democrat strongholds have amply demonstrated that they are unwilling to oppose destructive/violent mobs.

        Even if some Democrat strongholds eventually decide to oppose said mobs, you cannot count on police responding in time to save your bacon if a violent mob comes to your home for you. And I am referring to police acting in good faith: it could easily take them 10 minutes to arrive at your home which is about 8 minutes too late. (A violent mob that is intent on beating, maiming, and/or murdering you can easily accomplish that goal in 2 minutes if you are unarmed.)

        • But the local police in these areas are obeying the mayor and not obeying the oath that they took. I have a real problem with that. I am not anti police, just making an observation.

    • Well…I would consider her the enemy of my enemy. She doesn’t need to be a friend as long as she knows who the enemy actually is.

      Keep your friends close…

  11. “When his wife resisted, the Taliban fighters killed the couple outside their home, Malekzada said. When his wife resisted, the Taliban fighters killed the couple outside their home, Malekzada said.”

    was that a hint?

  12. This story inspires me. Sort of like history repeating itself down through the ages. Let me provide another historical scenario where the daughter utilizes the family firearm to defend the farmhouse, homestead, hacienda. mining claim, shanty, shack etc. on the 19th century Western Frontier (1850-1890), or even past the turn of the 19th/20th century. Oh yes……you can see where I’m headed with this. A band of saddle tramps ride in on their horses and are up to no good. The girl or young woman’s parents have driven their horse drawn buckboard into town to gather provisions at the general store:
    nails, fencing material, barbed wire, flour, salt, or whatever, leaving the daughter behind to take care of the farm or homestead. Anyway these saddle tramps ride in unwelcome uninvited and with criminal intent. These saddle bums watch from the ridge as the parents drive their buckboard along the dirt road towards town. The predatory saddle tramps figure the farm or home-stead is open for the taking: “Lets steal something from the barn and make off with it.” Or perhaps there is a lone female left behind which they correctly guessed. Yes…the daughter is there alone by herself with the family dog who instantly barks alerting her to the intruders. And yes…..behind the door, inside the closet, or hanging on the wooden pegs above the fire-place is a 10 gauge Parker, L.C. Smith, or Remington “outside hammer” double-barrel shotgun. The wise daughter instantly
    grabs up the shotgun, breaks it open, and loads two 10 gauge brass shells into the chambers and closes the breech. She then walks outside with the dog accompanying her and confronts the saddle tramps who have intruded and trespassed. Shouldering the big 10 gauge and cocking back both rabbit ear outside hammers she levels the shotgun at the saddle tramps and bluntly asks, “What the Hell are you doing here, and what do you want?” The saddle tramps turn tail and ride out. End of story.

    Sentiments of James A. “Jim” Farmer
    Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)
    Long Live The State of Jefferson!

    • A friend sent me an article today saying that there may be a petition on the Oregon ballot to split off fifteen rural counties and add them to Idaho…and later to include a few Northern California counties in Greater Idaho. I’d go for that. It would seem to have a greater chance of success than creating a new state.
      (Since democratic controlled state legislatures in California and Oregon will never approve a bill to create a new (Republican controlled) state, and the US congress is unlikely to either (since the dems do not want to see two new Republican Senators), the odds of the State of Jefferson coming into creating is essentially nil.)

      • I think Eastern Washington would love to join them. If that happened, I wonder where that would put the new super Idaho in terms of size.

        • Noice! I’m 100% on board with the Liberty State movement here in WA and have even donated my time to it, but I’ve been thinking Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington together would make a heck of a new state.

          With the rumblings about making DC a state, it would make perfect political sense to make a 52nd state out here to balance the new progressive cesspit state they’d be creating with a similarly sized conservative one. Liberty State is ready to roll right now, if only we had the votes in the state house and in Congress.

        • How about we carve out portions of 3-5 WA counties (western King and Pierce, northern Thurston, plus…?) into a territory with no Senators nor Electors…

      • great idea. at first I was thinking “what’s to keep the same crap from happening in Idaho eventually? are they going to make it actually illegal to be a Kalifornia/Oregon/Washington urban lib/dem/prog/leftist/hippie?”

        but in every state, the rural areas get the laws from the big cities shoved down their throats. for now, the areas annexed into Idaho would get the laws from the capital, which is nothing like Kalifornia/Oregon/Washington. that would be regional polarization and restructuring.

        TL:DR great idea as long as Boise doesn’t fall

        bad thing is, you can’t keep running away forever. if that’s the strategy you are GOING to lose.

  13. It needs to be reviewed by some DB prosecutor so that every aspect can be examined. Maybe the Taliban guys were actually retreating (after killing the mom and dad) and shooting them wasn’t justified.

    This is satirical by the way guys.

    • You have a point. OBviously, until the Taliban actually KILLED her parents, she could not justifiably use deadly force against them, because they weren’t technically a threat, yet.

      It’s like if 300 screaming ‘protestors’ storm your neighborhood, come up on your lawn, and scream that they’re going to kill you, your spousal unit, and your dog, then burn down your house after occupying it for awhile. You see, that’s just ‘words,’ and doesn’t present any sort of ‘threat.’

      Same thing, right? I’m asking for my friend ChiefEnufMinerCensor49er, of course.

  14. Vintage Kalashnikov, Milled receiver and all. AK’s never die and never wear out. The tool of freedom!

  15. We send out scouts, part of the US recruiting combine for our team, right? Let’s waive the try-out: what more do we need to see?

  16. I know one woman, call her “S”, who’s story that reads like a movie. Her family fled from one place; through another, she and sister launching to the US with next to nothing. Steps ahead of ethnic cleansings, annexations, purges n pogroms. Her story sounds very early 20th century, except it’s early 21st.

    S and I met at one of the regional incu / accel / launchpad things, as she tried a few variations on starting her own business. She was taking care of herself just fine, so trying the next thing. About a year ago she hit a semi-accidental sweet spot of curated and crafted stuff offered to the whole world via an online popup shop. I’m being cagey about the details on purpose.

    S is doing quite nicely w/ business and income now: better than I am, actually. I did break my brain a while back – recovery is forever, so I have an excuse for progress I’m not making, but not for what I’m willing to try. You take your shot, whatever stake you have.

    I may not be the execution machine I once was. BUT, I did have the presence of mind, “back in the day” to thank S for coming here. I got lucky. I didn’t have to work so hard to get to a place where I could mostly make my own choices, and make my own way. I didn’t have to work so hard to get clear of purges n pogroms: murder en masse for what you believe and look like as just the normal state of things.

    I suspect our Taliban-plugging colleague in today’s story, like my friend S is more the icon of what it means to be “American” than I am. I’d be proud to be part of their club, if they’ll have me.

  17. “When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,
    And the women come out to cut up what remains,
    Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
    An’ go to your Gawd like a soldier.”

    From: The Young British Soldier
    By Rudyard Kipling

    Tough cookies indeed.

  18. Try that over here and you’d be accused of murder….
    It’s a good thing she’s in AFGHANISTAN!!!….????

    • those Taliban weren’t throwing trash and water bottles at police a few miles away. they went to her house and killed her parents. now put down the bong and step away from the keyboard.

  19. “We’re guessing there isn’t a Moms Demand Action chapter in Ghanzi, Afghanistan.” — they don’t need one, they have all the gun control they want. Karzai banned civilian gun ownership in 2013, and the US military has been helping enforce this ever since. This girl is lucky that soldiers hadn’t already confiscated her family rifle.

  20. St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner would be bringing charges against her if she could.

  21. Maybe it’s time to remind everyone the undeniable historical fact the KKK was the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party back in the day. Amazing as it may seem Marxists, Democrats, Progressives, Etc., are so practiced at deception they’ve actually duped most of the country, media and black people into believing the BLM movement isn’t really the twisted new version of the Klan to fit into what the Marxist “party” has morphed into.

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