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As we’ve written here countless times in the run-up to the election, Slow Joe’s Everytown/Giffords-produced gun control platform was the most radical anti-gun rights agenda in the history of American politics. One of its primary features was a combination of a ban on the manufacture and sale of new civilian “assault weapons,” a buyback of currently owned guns, and NFA regulation and taxation of scary black rifles and “high capacity” magazines for those who elect to keep their property.

As the Washington Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski wrote earlier this week, that kind of crushing regulatory burden would cost gun owners about $34 billion…if Americans decided to comply with it.

But that wouldn’t happen. The federal government would get neither the guns nor the money nor the personal information of every assault-weapon owner. It would only get to choose between ignoring widespread resistance and going out hunting for civilians who’d kept unregistered guns, hoping not to end up with another Waco or Ruby Ridge.

Think I’m being melodramatic? Take a quick tour through some recent gun-control efforts that required enforcing the law against everyday civilians, and not just businesses that traffic in firearms.

In 2013, Connecticut tried to force the registration of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. The government estimated there were almost 400,000 of the former and 2 million of the latter in the state, but the following year, the number of registrations totaled only about 50,000 and 40,000 respectively.

Laws requiring background checks on private sales of used guns have fared little better. One study looked at laws in Washington State, Colorado, and Delaware, and found that in the first two of those states, the background-check law didn’t even increase background checks.

In Washington, there was a well-documented public “I will not comply” rally at the state capital, at which firearms were openly transferred between private parties without background checks. There were also gun shows where non-compliance was encouraged and public calls from profirearm organisations to not comply with the state’s new CBC [comprehensive-background-check] policy. . . .

Many county law enforcement officials in Colorado reportedly stated they would not enforce its CBC law, and some retailers were declining to process background checks for private party transfers. Washington law enforcement agencies announced there would be no arrests for selling guns at the non-compliance rally and gun show. Preliminary data from a study of two Eastern states suggest that willingness to prosecute violations of such laws can vary substantially.

Meanwhile, in my own state of Virginia, the threat of a Democrat-controlled state government recently prompted many counties and localities to declare themselves “Second Amendment sanctuaries” where local authorities would not take part in enforcing any unconstitutional gun laws.

– Robert Verbruggen in Biden’s Gun-Registration Scheme Would Cost Firearm Owners Billions — If It Passed Congress and Americans Complied

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  1. Amerikans are nothing if not compliant slaves of the ruling class and branch Covidians. There would be massive compliance. Secret non-compliance is worthless and is almost as bad as compliance.

    • Exactly. I went to Bass Pro yesterday. Right next to the mugs that said “Don’t Tread on Me” were people walking around ALL wearing masks.
      The churches that sang “Onward Christian Soldier” closed with no resistance.
      The “cold dead hands” mantra is nowhere to be heard anymore.
      I know I’m a wimp, but I thought my leaders were a little stronger.

      • Well I guess y’all can just give up then. I’ll take all your guns and ammo of your hands since you don’t want them anymore.

      • Regardless of any new laws or regulations I am keeping my pistol brace, my 80%, all of my mags, and all of my MSRs. If I can get a solvent trap before the inauguration I will, and I will keep it. I will not drill it unless/until I am able to file a form 1

        Tomorrow we are going down to Philly in violation of Mayor Kenney’s Stalinist regulations.

        I wear a mask when around groups of people not from my household by my choice, not because I was told to. I work in healthcare and have used masks correctly for more than 25 years. I am around people all of the time who are covid positive, and I am around people all the time who are compromised. Me wearing a mask protects everyone I encounter, in or out of work. It is a small thing to do that does a lot of good.

        Plus I paid $5 each for all of these Star Trek, Star Wars, and Fish themed masks, and the Snoopy WWI flying Ace mask, and dammit I am going to wear them for the next 20 years! 😉

        Defiance is an old and honored American tradition

        • Similar, Crimson. I’m keeping everything (braces, 80%, mags, et al) and will register nothing. I enjoy wearing a mask to the stores only because I prefer to shop in privacy (foiling facial rec cameras), not because of any fear of COVID.

        • I call B.S.
          You wear a mask because your handlers have ordered you too…
          Plain and simple…
          You’re just to chicken-sheet to admit it…

        • You all seemingly assume that Biden will ever enter the oval office as President. Not going to happen. Justice will prevail. The dems can use the 5-mil ‘transition’ dollars allocated by the GAO for first-aid of their self-inflicted gaping butt wounds.

        • Your a sheeple if you buy into the hysteria around the media’s CCP virus.


          My wife who is an NP has been seeing this since March Also every CLOSED population study shows this is a nothing burger single low digit multiple of the measly flu. Stop reading into OPEN population mortality rates where we only capture less than a tenth of the real infections.

      • Wearing a mask and being a sheeple are two different issues. I wear a mask to decrease spread of the Chinese virus. I voted for Trump and I think the election was stolen. I have lots of guns and I have no intention of ever registering any of my guns, magazines, etc.. I am a bit of a red neck, with a small farm and herd of cattle. But I’m also trained in medicine and know how to read scientific articles. Closing down society does little, but mask wearing, hand washing, and social distancing does make a difference. I always wear either my Trump MAG hat or a camouflage hat when I go into a store with my mask on just to show you can be conservative, pro-Trump, freedom loving, and still take precautions to minimize the spread of this “gift” from China. (interesting note: China’s own scientist published a study in Feb which showed the virus most likely escaped from a research lab. First the paper disappeared and then the scientist who wrote it disappeared.)

      • I wish people would stop equating gun control with slowing the spread of COVID-19. They have nothing to do with each other.

        Gun control is an example of government’s lack of respect for the American people. It’s the same as automatic braking and lane keeping in your car because, supposedly, you are such a poor driver that you are safer with these systems despite their well known flaws that will run you into a stopped truck or into a guard rail.

        COVID-19 isn’t a sinister plot. It’s a serious, highly contagious disease that, because it’s new, the medical establishment is only beginning to learn how to handle. Public health measures (distancing and masks) to slow the spread aren’t much different from those of 150 years ago. Hospital treatment amounts to treating the symptoms and hoping that the patient’s immune system kills the virus before the symptoms kill the patient. Fortunately, there is good news. Highly effective vaccines will be available within weeks and there are new drugs that give patients a better chance for recovery.

        We all know the anti-gunners have their heads up their asses. It disappoints me how many gun people have their heads equally far up their asses about COVID-19.

        • It isn’t about wearing the masks or equating WuFlu to gun control. It’s about the unconstitutional mandate for masks. For someone who seems reasonably intelligent it surprises me that you can’t fathom that.

          The government’s responsibility during a pandemic is to provide us with the information we need to make an educated decision about the steps to take to protect ourselves and others. It is OK for the government to make recommendations but it is not OK to mandate anything. Not masks, not lockdowns, not travel restrictions within our borders, or anything else they have done! That isn’t the way this country was meant to operate.

          In this case the government should be providing vitamin D3, zinc, & masks and recommending that we take the supplements and wear the masks. Simple enough to do and a lot better economically than shutting down and have to shell out $3-5 Trillion for recovery. Anyone concerned about going somewhere where they might have to mix with the unwashed and unmasked should just stay home.

          I wore a mask everywhere until the governor mandated it. Now I’d rather be arrested or get the WuFlu than comply with an unconstitutional directive and abuse of authority by a would-be dictator.

        • Kendahl… So you believe this virus is soooo dangerous that it’s highly contagious and deadly??? Well, I beg to differ dimwit. They got you snowed pretty good and that fake news and fake medical articles you’re reading, have you shaking and wimpering in your ballerina slippers. I’m guessing you think that OVER 35,000 FRONT LINE (HANDS-ON) doctors that have treated OVER 100’s of thousands of cases and have not one damn death from this so-called “deadly” disease is just a conspiracy or flat-out lie??? I personally have been told by 2 of my own docs this is already curable as well as my relative’s docs saying the same thing. So, yes, this is a conspiracy, a flat-out lie and the vaccine is just another money making hoax. Your muzzle is just another symbol telling them you are a sheeple and will comply, bow down, smooch arse and whatever else they tell you. You are exactly what is wrong with this country. You get false, fake info and you’re so damn gullible you eat up all this puke without doing any research or obtaining any knowledge and then come out here and vomit these lies.
          As for the gun control crap they keep trying to shove down our throats, I WILL stand by my bros in complete defiance and rebellion!!!

      • It takes time. And the orders have to start getting egregious and costing money or freedom (actually liberty by being put in jail).

        The Revolution did not start overnight it took years and it took place after continued efforts to obey the King/Parliament but they refused to compromised and kept getting worse.

        Then when it was realized there was no hope and that the continued actions would soon become unbearable or already were. Then and only then did a SMALL contingent of people decide to declare themselves free to see what would happen.

      • Well if you want to hear it you will! FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS! Im too old to allow them to force me to change and become a slave! and still young enough to now allow them too! I will never abide by any laws/policies/restrictions that a Biden (mostly) Harris Admin would impose or force on the people! I know i own firearms on the lists of Taxation,or theft or confiscation list! I have already made plans to loose them all in a freak boating accident! Meanwhile im quietly buying all the ammo i can while i still can! You better too as well as everyone else! The shits going to hit the fan no matter who walks into the White House! War is coming!!! be prepared to protect your self and family!!! BUY AMMO!!!! Good Luck and May Forever And Always Only GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

    • I Haz A Question reply has been the best yet…Hand him lemons and he makes lemon-aide.

      On the other hand if Jim Crow Gun Control joe and the ho think Americans exercising a their Constitutional Rights are going to bow down and sit at the back of the bus they has another thing coming. Unlike unarmed Black Americans beat down from slavery to Jim Crow to Eugenics to Gun Control by the democRat Party today’s Americans are armed with everything from matches to firearms and WILL NOT COMPLY. You want ’em Jim Crow Gun Control joe…COME AND GET ‘EM.

    • They’ll do a few “shock and awe” (patented) operations to scare the rest into compliance.

      Ruby Ridge and Waco will look like Sunday afternoon picnics in comparison. Lon Horiuchi might even increase his score.

      • Nope, they’ll freeze your assets, stop your credit, and get you fired from your job. You will comply in the end and no shots will be fired. Why in the world would they come to your home when they have access to everything about you? You won’t die in the proverbial “pile of hot brass”, you’ll turn in your guns with a whimper.

        Nothing you can do about it and no way to prepare for it long term.

        • Nope. The ATF would have the burden of proof that you, in fact, still have the forbidden items before they can freeze your assets. You do not, and should not, run your pie hole with any branch of law enforcement. There is a very informative, and humorous, law school lecture by a former cop who is a criminal defense attorney who explains exactly who you just do not talk to the cops.

  2. Obviously people wouldn’t comply, but many would switch out their home defense and truck gun rifles for shotguns. Oh, and why do you hate irons?

    • Or cowboy ARs. One big winner here could be Ruger with their recent acquisition of Marlin.

      • Those will be next. Or handguns. They don’t care if it works or not, they just want to criminalize the population so they have more power.

        Remember earlier this year, when there were all these articles about the “end of gun control?” I didn’t believe it.

        • Criminalizing the population is what this is about. I don’t think the leftists actually believe people will comply (at least not the leaders, the dupes might), and I doubt most of them are really interested in pressing door-to-door confiscation. They want the laws on the books for selective prosecution of dissidents.

        • Phil Wilson,

          They want the laws on the books for selective prosecution of dissidents.


          I would also add that Democrats want those laws on the books to fire-up their base and enable them to claim the moral (virtue) high ground.

          Remember, Democrats and their supporters do not care about effectiveness by-and-large. Rather, their two overriding motivations are assuaging their feelings and promoting group/tribal cohesion. To that end, passing laws requiring taxation, background checks, registration, buy-backs, surrender, and even confiscation are all good — regardless of compliance rates.

        • you could have believed it. people DON’T want gun control, it is a losing proposition, people were seeing the necessity of self-defense and how they can’t rely on the cops to save their lives. vote fraud aside, if we are to believe the votes, the Democrats lost seats and the Republicans gained seats, because people voted for law and order instead of anarchy and destruction. gun rights could only have been a big part of that.

          the only thing right now that might make you say “people want gun control” is because one Big Schmuck supposedly got elected President and he has an agenda against our 2nd Amendment rights that he wants to shove down our throats, which you now assume is the will of the people.

          and he has a horde of cowardly democrats to back him up that know this is not what people want, but now they can push it because that’s what THEY want. it’s always been like that with the democrats.

          no, people don’t want gun control. our arms are being twisted by the puppeteers in the communist/democrat party… who stole the election, by the way.

        • The problem is Creepy Joe and Kameltoe will see votes made against Trump as a mandate to do what they promised.

        • gus,

          … the only thing right now that might make you say “people want gun control” …

          I know where you are coming from and I respectfully disagree. Many (dare I say most?) firearm owners — including people who fancy themselves as advocates for our right to keep and bear arms — support one or more of the following:

          1) background checks

          2) criminal empowerment “gun-free” zones

          3) mandatory licensing for legal open and/or concealed carry

          4) 10 month delay and tax stamp before owning “short-barreled” firearms

          5) 10 month delay and tax stamp before owning suppressors

          6) 10 month delay and tax stamp before owning full-auto firearms

          7) no option whatsoever for civilian ownership of full-auto firearms

          8) no guns for convicted criminals after release and completing probation

          9) no guns for “mentally unstable” people

          All of those items are elements of “gun control”. If a person supports even one of those items, that person supports “gun control”. In my own personal experience with myriad people of all types, shapes, colors, varieties, and political persuasions, most of them support one or more items on that list.

  3. Even if we emptied all the prisons in the United States to make room for those who would refuse to comply with this tax and registration scheme, there STILL wouldn’t be enough room for all of us. Were Biden to increase the prison capacity accordingly, it would cost the U.S. taxpayers far more than any tax revenue he might hope to collect, not to mention imprison 2-3 times our current capacity.

    So in sort, this isn’t going anywhere.

    • “it would cost the U.S. taxpayers far more than any tax revenue he might hope to collect”

      Since when has that been an issue?

    • The ironic part is that if they filled the prisons with “Non-compliers”, those ARE the taxpayers that they need to find the whole fiasco…

      • They don’t need taxpayers to fund anything. The private for-profit bank known as the Federal Reserve declares that some money exists, and then loans it to the Federal Government (charging interest, of course.) Federal taxes just reduce the amount of inflation that causes.

  4. Un Constitutional laws or edicts are not laws/edicts that have any constitutional force, it’s coming.

  5. Comply? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck.

  6. There’s no incentive to comply.
    Locking people up is easy when it’s a few here and there. With this nonsense were looking at a scale on par with downloading copyrighted material. There will no doubt be a handful of high profile prosecutions or attempts to prosecute in an effort to encourage compliance but it won’t work because it can’t work. The system can’t be bogged down with that many offenders so much like the chase of the downloader any enforcement will be largely dropped not out of some great affinity for liberty but simply because it isn’t practical or feasible. Charging some kid three million dollars for downloading a Metallica album is as worthless as it is to fine some guy with 20 mags half a million dollars. Sure some die hard zealot prosecutor in a blue state will go for it but it’ll just make everyone double down on not complying and reinforce what utter retardation these proposals are.

    There is no incentive to comply just as there is no incentive to enforce. Certainly not on the scale that would be required. Therefore it cannot work.

    • The few who they do prosecute would be those who are caught breaking other firearms laws or extreme cases like having a thousand ARs stashed in your basement.

    • Shire-man,

      I agree with the basic operating principle of your comment.

      Having said that, you have not considered a much easier and much more insidious way for fedzilla to enforce registration requirements, buy-backs, bans, etc. That simple way: fedzilla codifies “compelled” cancel-culture to all the private and public entities who serve us.

      Allow me to explain. Fedzilla learns that John Q. Public failed to register, sell-back, surrender, etc. his “contraband” firearms in violation of state and/or federal law. No worries: fedzilla sends a court order to John Q. Public’s bank, 401k administrator, energy utilities, telecommunication providers, and credit card companies telling them to immediately seize any assets in their possession and to immediately stop serving John Q. Public. And for grins and giggles, fedzilla also contacts John Q. Public’s employer and orders his employer to immediately terminate John and surrender any remaining payroll that John earned to fedzilla. And just to be downright nasty, fedzilla also notifies local government that John Q. Public also forfeited his home, buildings, and land along with any assets in/on those buildings and land.

      That nightmare scenario is so easy to implement that it is silly. There isn’t a bank, 401k administator, energy utility, telecommunications provider, credit card company, or employer in the United States that will risk losing their business for refusing to enforce such an order. As for the subject of those compelled “cancel-culture” orders: good luck trying to function in modern society without any of those entities, without your retirement plan/income, without a job, and without your home, buildings, and land.

      • That’s right fedzilla trashes the Constitution, creates mass unemployment, homelessness and strips away the pursuit of happiness and fedzilla assumes things are going to remain rosy for them? They need to think again. When people have nothing left to lose then what is sauce for the goose becomes sauce for the gander. Obviously fedzilla has no clue about how destructive ordinary Americans can become when the choice for America is between freedom and tyranny..

        Some nervous people think this will be a race war. Wrong. The filth behind the curtains are mostly lily white democRats who have for years filled the heads of Gullible Blacks with slander and libel. Whenever the day comes that Black Americans figure out belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party it’s the end for lily white democRats who assume they have a Black Army waiting to defend them.

        On one hand it’s all the drama from marching disgruntled mobs angry over a few cops doing something stupid and on the other hand it’s total silence about the centuries of despicable race based atrocities attributed to their own democRat Party…What’s wrong with this picture?

        • This would begin the American Revolution 2.0 . We would wind up with the Red states and the Blue states.

      • Nope. There is this little pesky constitutional provision prohibiting taking peoples property without due process of law. Getting any kind of assault weapons ban through Congress will be extremely hard. If the republicans control the senate, not going to happen. Even in the house, the Dems only have 5 vote margin, and there are Dems from purple states that will not want to vote for an AWB if they want to be reelected.

        • ” There is this little pesky constitutional provision prohibiting taking peoples property without due process of law. ”

          I see. Well that explains why we don’t have things like asset forfeiture, eminent domain, and Red Flag laws. It’s all very clear to me now.

  7. It’s not the money Shotgun Joe wants, it’s the registration. Which should be enough for every single gun owner in this country to opt for non-compliance.

  8. If they can “buyback” firearms, then they can “buyback” fossil fuel powered vehicles and force you to buy an electric, or they can “buyback” your suburban home, giving you only enough money to buy a small s*hole in a city, or they can “buyback” your farmland for redistribution. Cory Booker has introduced legislation to do just that; force farmers to sell their land so it can be redistribute to “people of color.”

    But, it seems this is what enuf voted for.

      • Land redistribution has worked really well. Look at Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. Handing over farmland to people who have not farmed in 4 or 5 generations turned Zimbabwe from a country that was food sufficient and exporter into a country that had food shortages and needed International food aid.

        In Miner’s hard-on, the former Soviet Union, the farmer’s private lots which were less than 5% of arable land provided half the food for the country. The collective farms were very inefficient and there were losses through the whole system in production, transport, storage, and processing that resulted in more than a third of the food spoiling.

    • The end of IC cars is within view…2030 is one of the milestone years to force everyone into electric cars..as a service. You never actually own the electric car. You pay a monthly service charge for the base and any features you want.

      Hear me now, believe me later. Forced compliance is coming. “Oh you want to keep your old planet-killing IC?” ” Sure that will be $10,000 a year tax”. Or whatever the cost is called…and add on $9.00 a gallon gas..if you can find it.

      Thank you Progressive/Socialist/Democrat Voters!

      • This is in fact the proposal floated by the Davos group, envisioning a world where there is no private property and you “rent” whatever you need. The missing logical link is that if you are “renting,” then someone is owning. Government ownership of everything? Why do I not see that as a practical solution to the problem? Another logical lapse is that people who own are more likely to take care of those things as compared to people who merely rent. And pretty soon, everything will fall apart. Or maybe that is the plan, as it keeps people employed building replacements. Who knows. It is a billionaire’s wet dream that will fail as have all social communist systems to date as such systems lack the necessary ingredient of incentive.

  9. If the demented-retard-in-chief really wants to pursue ‘gun control’, I say “more power to him”.
    He will fail utterly. Just one more example of how disconnected from reality these bolsheviks are.

    • It’s not so much the demented-retard-in-chief ,it’s the demented-Hoe-in-chief Americans should fear,as braindead Joe won’t last 6 months before they replace him with the Hoe.

  10. Historically, the statists and fascists have been quite patient. (but if you listen to them in 2020, it sounds like they think it’s time to go full Stalin and we’ll let them do it)

    Before 1960, the National Firearms Act was largely unenforced. Part of the reason why the Gun Control Act included a NFA amnesty before they started enforcing NFA for real.

    The only reason they arrested Miller on NFA charges was that they tried to bust his still and missed.

    But after a few decades, you can arrest a David Olofson for a gun somebody else was trying to make malfunction and get away with it.

    • Miller was a bank robber. Part of a gang that ended up killing him after his “trial” to keep him from blabbing their identities.

  11. If Biden actually becomes President and the Senate goes to “Democrat” control, half the American Voting Public will need to learn that non-compliance is their “new normal” for more than just guns. That amounts to about 70 million people (of which an indeterminate number will become compliance slaves). The long term result will depend on what non-compliant Americans do. [BTW-Don’t forget the other 70 million voted for Biden. He may get about 30-40 million guns from them and think he “won” while several hundred million guns are still out there. Ha-HAW!]

  12. Compliance???

    They can’t enforce the border.

    They can’t enforce the drug war.

    They can’t enforce the mask.

    They haven’t been able to enforce gun registration or gun bans.

    Marxist fantasy!

  13. You Trumpgoobers will meekly comply with your Democrat Party masters’ commands.

    And then you’ll waddle back into your double wide and explosively shit your pants.💩

    • I walk my dog past a trailer park on occasion. Lots of Biden signs without a Trump sign to be seen. When I get back to my neighborhood with large, expensive homes there were way more Trump than Biden signs.

      Trump voters and gun owners in general have more money and better jobs than you. If you haven’t figured out by now guns are expensive.

  14. The date of Biden’s gun control plan is in the hands of the people of Georgia and Joe Manchin. If Georgia voters pick at least 1 Republican the filibuster will remain intact and gun control and the entire radical agenda will be dead in the water for the next two years. Manchin did not support Reid on the nuclear option so I am inclined to think he would keep his promise on the filibuster and packing the Court but I would have a plan in place if he doesn’t.

    There is a clear false flag operation going on to discourage Republicans from voting in Georgia. I think it has a good chance to work.

    • “There is a clear false flag operation going on to discourage Republicans from voting in Georgia.”

      OK, you can’t drop a bomb like that and not expand on it! What the heck it this “false flag operation” and how is it supposed to work?

      • There are Democrat PACs that are running adds that basically pretend to be Republican PACs.

        They’re trying to sow division in the Republican voting base by running ads against the GOP candidates saying things like “They didn’t back Trump so why would we back them?”.

        • @strict
          If republican voters are stupid enough to fall for that, they deserve the government they’ll get. The only problem there is the we also get that government! I just hope to live long enough to see the idiots reap what they’ve sown with this election esp. if the Senate goes blue…

  15. How did compliance work out in NY? Commiefornia? He!! anywhere…every state is up to their eyeball’s in red tape. Lock n load!

    • Registration of “assault weapons” in California failed for a number of reasons. First, many owners of what were once legal rifles but were newly defined as assault weapons (because they were equipped with the outlawed bullet button) were and are blissfully unaware of the registration requirement (or the opportunity to convert the gun to one of two different forms of “non-AWs.” (I.e. unknowing noncompliance.) Second, the computer system built specifically for the task failed repeatedly, overburdened by the requirement of submitting multiple photographs of the rifle as then configured (suggesting that the DOJ was blissfully unaware that people change their guns with new accessories all the time). Third was intentional noncompliance, and fourth was the number of 80% firearms that do not appear in the state database that were not reported. Add to that the usual incompetence of the people processing all the registration applications, the system was over six months behind on the last day for registration and may late filers were blocked from completing their applications. I never heard the final figures, but I have to assume it was less than 20% of the AR/AK style rifles (and now illegal pistols) in the state, similar to the compliance rate in NY.

      • Well Mark when I bought my AR from the state next to mine I specifically asked my favorite pawnbroker if he told NICS it was an AR15. Nope he didn’t. “A rifle”. Could’ve been a 22 bolt gun! And no transfer either. So there’s that…I see massive non-compliance.

  16. If Georgia falls and the senate goes to the Dems, Biden will surely re-sign the UN Arms Trade Treaty that Trump un-signed in 2019 which Obama originally signed in 2013. The Democrat global socialists in the senate will ratify it by 51-49 no doubt. Then it won’t just be your scary black rifles and “high cap” magazines they want to register. It will be every “small arm” and every purchase of ammo. Oh, and you won’t just be registering those things with federal authorities, you’ll be registering them with the UN and the country of origin (Germany, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia) as it requires documentation of possession beginning with production and going all the way to the “end user.”

    • I think a treaty is 2/3. That’s not a Senate rule. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. Not that they would mind flaunting the Constitution of course if they could get away with it. But I don’t think we are quite there yet. Of course, if they take the Senate, they have already said they’d pack the SCOTUS with lawless justices.

        • Doh! Well I guess I should remove my proverbial foot from my proverbial mouth. You guys are absolutely right – it is 2/3, not majority. My public education strikes again! This time I’m happy to be wrong.

    • It was never even submitted for ratification in 2013, Osama knew it would never be ratified and did not care, he thinks still that he is a dictator. Same thing with Paris climate accords, never dreamed of ratification and yet are referred to as if we were somehow obligated by the actions of one single fool. We are not.

    • Or impeached for bribery via Hunter or his fake charity that didn’t spend a cent on cancer. If the Dems want Kami in charge, there will be enough votes.

      • Remember Pelosi talking about the 25th amendment? Saying flatly this isn’t about Trump, rather it’s about future presidents. If Joe wasn’t so senile he might have noticed.

        Then yesterday Biden told her “Me casa su casa” She chuckled.

        • ” Remember Pelosi talking about the 25th amendment? ”

          And talk is all it is. The hurdles to removing an unwilling President are pretty formidable, so unless Sleepy Joe is willing play along and remove himself, the Ho doesn’t get the job. And I’m betting that, even if everyone made a deal, Sleepy Joe is going to like being in Oval Office a bit to much and won’t walk away.

          That means the Dems would have to pull a palace coup. The Ho and a majority of the cabinet would have to declare Joe unfit.* If Sleepy Joe can’t convince anyone he’s fit and competent (not that anyone ever thought he is), then it goes to the Congress. Once in the Congress, it takes a 2/3 vote from both houses to remove the President. Even if every Dem votes yes, I can’t see the Reps getting on board to hand the Presidency to the Ho. So I’m not putting any stock into this idea of “25th him out.”
          * The fly in this ointment is “such other body as Congress may by law provide” instead of a majority of the cabinet. To date, there is no “such other body”, but there has been some talk of creating one — from the Dems (Pelosi, mostly), of course.

  17. Remember, some pigs are more equal than others. This law will be selectively enforced. Are you the “person of color” warlord of the latest “summer of love” autonomous zone handing out semi-automatic rifles from the trunk of your car? We’ll turn a blind eye. Purple-haired sexually-confused “protestor?” We’ll confiscate the firearms but not press charges.

    White, heterosexual male brandishing a firearm to protect your suburban home from “protestors?” We’re gonna throw the book at you: fines, federal prison, the works.

  18. Hide’n Biden will be replaced by horizontal Harris withing the first year. She will get her knee pads a good work out trying to get her agenda pass Congress, but in the end, there will be Civil war 2.0. One side has 95% of all the guns and ammo, the other side will be using bricks. Wonder how long the war will last….

    • MB,

      Even if “our” side has 95% of the firearms and ammunition (which I doubt), the other side has a LOT more money. Perhaps more importantly, the other side has thousands of people worth at least $50 million. There have to be several people on the other side who would be all too happy to finance highly skilled and motivated “private contractors” (e.g. mercenaries) to carry out incredibly heinous objectives. And there are thousands of “private contractors” who would happily take handsome payouts to carry out those objectives.

        • Don’t need to do anything for free, go ahead and take the money the left offers. What are they gonna do, sue you?

  19. You’re already complying with a fraudulent election. You spent months wearing a mask for nothing. Tell me how you’re going to resist whatever the government stuffs down your throat, tough guy.

    • It always depends on how painful obedience is. For the masks and this election it’s not that painful or cost much money.

      When they say they demand money or they’ll take your stuff and threaten you with jail, I think a lot of folks will decide to not comply. Besides they will have some pushback when they claim they have a data base to come after those who aren’t and they’ll have to get tough or not.

      Look at how Ct and Ny have failed to enforce their similar schemes.

  20. No, I believe a large percentage of recent gun buyers WERE the “other side”, will still be a lopsided war, but they have the aid of numerous bazillionaires backing them. Kyle wasn’t the only one spending his handout check at the gun store.

  21. Due to the prospect of such idiocy being implemented and the current (and related shortages of guns and ammo) a old rule has been restored in my home by me:

    One shot, one kill. No live fire practice, and absolutely NO foolishness with shooting just to make noise.

  22. “Biden’s Gun Control Agenda Won’t Collect the Billions He Thinks Because Americans Will Not Comply”

    Most Americans are just like me. Tough talk but total limp noodle when authority figures come knocking. Most of us and most of you will do what I will do, hand over whatever the government says. We will grumble and talk shit about it but most will comply, because that is the easiest way to live and all we really care about.

    • The real Debbie has you cucked pretty well huh? Stealing her name, she must say a bunch of stuff that describes you to a T.

      • Isn’t it great?

        Only one problem – It’s obvious as hell. Lazy-ass nick stealers… 😉

    • You just made yourself a target and a volunteer slave. Congratulations.

      “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
      ― Samuel Adams

  23. Really? They’re going to come and seize my personal property. Never going to happen! Recently I looked at my firearm collection and decided to make some changes based on possible defensive needs should something like this or general mass rioting occur, I mean “mostly peaceful demonstrations”. I may have five fewer guns now but I am better suited for defending my rights, family, and home. We need to stand our ground because they are currently working on 2A, 4A is next and once those two amendments are abolished they will try anything and everything to get the masses to comply.

  24. Perhaps it is time to resurrect the practice of using tar and feathers on badly behaving bureaucrats. The top management of the ATF looks like a great place to start!

  25. I don’t know where in the hell this goddamn idiot gets the idea he can make an unconstitutional law like that, but if there are enough communist democrat puppets to get this illegal piece of shit passed, there are going to be problems.

    • Alternator, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, indeed all the signers of the Declaration of Independence, were considered felons and would have been hung by the crown if captured. If being a felon is a shitty plan I guess they had one too. If me having a shitty plan puts me in their company I’m honored to be there. Now, troll, go back to your mother’s basement and leave men alone.

  26. I was wondering about Connecticut and don’t forget New York. Both put forth registration requirements and last I heard they didn’t do so well.

    And that’s another thing; we don’t hear about the continuing failure of the States to enforce those registration requirements and for some reason they haven’t gone all banana republic on them for not registering. Hmm.

    So I would guess that along with it costing big money for registration they’re going to get only those who get ratted on or those who’s jobs would somehow be forfeit. Everyone else will just ignore it. The question will be with it going national, will they be able to ignore it? Or will their cheerleaders in Hollywood demand action? Especially since they won’t be the ones knocking on any doors.

    I suspect we’ll find out how many illegal data bases exist or how well the ATF can put together one by forcing the info from the FFl holders.

    That’s when things will get interesting.

    The left/tyrants always do something stupid. And overreach of some sort to get themselves deposed. But it still gets bloody. I’m very sad these days.

  27. Wearing a mask and being a sheeple are two different issues. I wear a mask to decrease spread of the Chinese virus. I voted for Trump and I think the election was stolen. I have lots of guns and I have no intention of ever registering any of my guns, magazines, etc.. I am a bit of a red neck, with a small farm and herd of cattle. But I’m also trained in medicine and know how to read scientific articles. Closing down society does little, but mask wearing, hand washing, and social distancing does make a difference. I always wear either my Trump MAG hat or a camouflage hat when I go into a store with my mask on just to show you can be conservative, pro-Trump, freedom loving, and still take precautions to minimize the spread of this “gift” from China. (interesting note: China’s own scientist published a study in Feb which showed the virus most likely escaped from a research lab. First the paper disappeared and then the scientist who wrote it disappeared.)

  28. Amazing isn’t it how supposedly intelligent people have learned so little from American History, for example the fiasco of Prohibition.

    Passing a law or issuing regulations is relatively simple. Obtaining compliance can be an entirely different story.

  29. This nation started on the slippery slope of taking the citizens’ GOD given rights under the Bill of Rights with the first regulation on guns. All of the Founders stated numerous times in speeches and print that the Bill of Rights is a documentation of GOD given rights no person shall amend or violate. That means no person whether individual, elected official or black robed tyrant murmuring from the bench. Our 2nd Amend has been under continual assault for over 100 years. Now with the Democrat/Chinese assault with the Wuhan Virus since they have gotten away with violating the 2nd Amendment so blatantly they figure they can just throw the Bill of Rights away. As long as a majority of citizens have cold drinks and beer in the fridge 500 channels of idiocy on the television and their bellies are full they figure all is right with the world. With the Biden/Harris Democrat Crime Organization tyranny on the horizon maybe people should look back on Cambodia under Pol Pot and see what is looming before them.

    • Well, they did have a head start in that Cambodians were too poor to own many guns, a decided contrast with the US.

  30. If there is any justice (I’m not holding my breath), one or more of crazy joes attempts at gun control/confiscation will reach the supreme court where this can finally be resolved once and for all.

  31. Hi Folks, just a quick question. If the riots started after the election, regardless of who wins. What would you do if you are setting in your home and you hear a loud commotion outside? You look out your window and someone yells, someone is looking, let’s get them. It’s Antifa and BLM. What would you do? You don’t have a plan, no, start now! If I would have asked you 10 years ago, that our country would be like it is today. How would you have answered???

    • ” What would you do if you are setting in your home and you hear a loud commotion outside? You look out your window and someone yells, someone is looking, let’s get them. It’s Antifa and BLM.”

      They would have been stopped *long* before they got to my place, ‘burt’.

      My neighbors don’t play around :

  32. Declare all owners of firearms criminals. There, done. No need to take the firearms, 2nd Amendment is still in place. Caught with firearm, 10 years in a rehab camp. Time is on their side. Happy Thanksgiving………….take this bird and stuff it.

  33. To everyone here who thinks that there’s no hope, that the end is nigh, that no matter what you do they’ll get you in the end, that they’re unstoppable, invincible and relentless…

    …remember to put the gun in your mouth, not up to your temple.

  34. I moved to Georgia 10 years ago to me the best state for guns after living in NYC. The race for the two senate seats is very tight and could go any way. I am thinking more Dem. than Rep. do hope the Republicans win to keep their seats both are very pro gun.

  35. $34 billion of projected revenue at a cost of $35 billion to enforce all the new regulations. That, my friends, is a net loss.

  36. The “independents” wouldn’t listen. The “never Trumpers” wouldn’t listen. Nobody would listen about how important it was to secure the election system and then get every single gun owner to vote for protecting their rights.

    Now you see what your cowardice has bought you. The bad orange man who hurt peoples’ feelings by saying mean things about them being stupid has (apparently) been defeated in a rigged election.

    Bad news: he was one of the only elected officials who actually cared about you and the success of the American system. You let the Democrats take down the NRA. You let them take down Trump. And you’re going to let them steal the Senate too.

    The Bee was correct: Democrats will demonstrate their respect for your contributions by reserving a special section of the Gulag for you. It won’t gain you any special treatment. It won’t protect your families, jobs, or accumulated assets from them. You’ve empowered people who want to do all of us harm.

    Nobody believes you when you say now that you intend to do something about it. The time for that is past. You don’t have the organization, you don’t have the leadership, you don’t have the legal legitimacy.

    Ben Franklin may or may not have said “We must all hang together or we will all hang separately.” The proper phrasing is “be hanged” but that is beside the point. If the Dems complete this power-grab they will be able to pick off people separately for two to four years. They have the BATF records. They have databases which they aren’t supposed to have but have anyway. They know who you are and where you are.

    So: what are you going to do? Be honest. Right now it looks like you’re going to do absolutely nothing. The elected officials you unwisely trusted have betrayed you. Just like warlords sold their own people into slavery to enrich themselves throughout history, so too has your government decided it has its own agenda which has nothing to do with your own well-being. You are no longer free. You are an asset to be taxed and drafted, incarcerated, worked and eventually killed as newer, fresher and more well-indoctrinated subjects arise.

    And you couldn’t even be bothered to vote. Or you voted against your own self-interest.

      • If the voting system had been secured and shown the actual vote and all of the people of the gun had voted, it would have prevented the Dems from seizing power through fraud. It would have allowed further draining of the swamp rather than letting the Dems repopulate the swamp.

        Now the single best hope, albeit a long shot, is that this mystery case being filed by Sidney Powell has a bunch of smoking guns that a judge cannot ignore. It is possible that this might further reveal the swamp creatures and let them be rooted out and maybe even prosecuted. But it is a long shot that gets longer every day.

        • It ain’t over.

          If we can convince the state legislatures a fraud did happen, they can order the electors to correct that by voting for Trump. Or, they can simply do nothing, by refusing to certify the vote.

          There are a number of options available, and I hope they choose to deny Biden the 270 votes he needs. That throws the election to Congress, and we hold a majority there by how they vote, 26 to 25 (I think it is).

          Wrenches can still be thrown in the gearbox of this election yet.

          Oh, yesterday’s Pennsylvania hearing went very well for us :


  37. Will Biden or Harris send their crotch-fruit to enforce the laws?
    Nawww…it will be the 18-22 year old rookies…until a few of them get shot up and refuse to do it.
    They need to take the Obama approach and tread lightly…make few waves…let things settle.
    Not condoning…but pointing out that it has been awhile since a president has been assassinated or an attempt made…kind of past due. Again…not condoning. Just sayin’….

    • I think you’d be surprised at how many infiltrations there are in the oh so sacred protectors of speed limits and rule books. Wanna bet antifa, BLM are already in there? Brown shirts gonna brown shirt. Red coats gonna red coat.

  38. A whole lot of triggered people here.

    “Masks and gun control aren’t the same”
    “Cops are just doing their job arresting those church goers”
    “I will not comply, but I want my family safe”

    You’ve been compliant your entire life. Shame on you. Cowards.

  39. Yeah sure “Will not comply” bullshit. Look at who the states that are all about “Gun Rights” voted in as President. Most will willingly hand over their guns to Uncle Joe.

  40. We have everything to lose and nothing to gain from complying with any firearm control measures.
    Look at Australia or England if you want to see what a disarmed society will become.

  41. KAMALA will follow the NY SAFE Act model: ban everything then over a long period of time confiscate guns thru attrition.

    Wife decides she doesnt like hubby anymore, call the cops and tell them about his AR in the closet. Guy goes to the range with his SKS, a range Fudd calls the tip line to turn him in. Dude driving out to his buddys farm to shoot his now illegal AK and gets pulled over for speeding, cop finds the AK and hauls him in for a felony.

    Its always been a long game for the communists. They never were going to try the Australian model here.

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