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By Larry Keane

President Joe Biden is making good on one part of his “unity” pledge. He’s getting the band back together to sing to America why he wants more gun control.

The problem is he’s out of tune with the nation. That’s just the first problem. There’s a whole lot more that’s off key.

The Band

President Biden already installed Susan Rice as his White House Domestic Policy Advisor. She served in the Obama White House as National Security Advisor when she went on the Sunday morning television circuit following the Benghazi terror attacks that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

She lied to the American public about the cause of the attacks, blaming it on a video. Mark “Oz” Geist, who was seriously wounded in the attack, recently penned a column in The Federalist warning that she’s ready to throw gun rights off the tour bus.

Susan Rice
(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Rice has some backstage VIP passes for gun control allies. She’s ready to bring them in as backup singers. An MSNBC Sunday morning show posed a question from March for Our Lives’ David Hogg as to when the Biden administration was going to take up gun control. Rice responded . . .

“We are not going to drop the ball on gun violence, and I admire the work that David and so many others in the March Four Our Lives have done to bring attention to this issue. We will be their partners in addressing this challenge.”

Bearing Arms’ Cam Edwards pointed out that the key word in the platitudes and non-answer Rice served up was “partners.” Hogg’s March for Our Lives, funded by antigun billionaire Michael Bloomberg, demanded during the presidential campaign that he gets a desk right outside the Oval Office.

The group’s proposal was to create a “cabinet-adjacent” national director of gun violence prevention that reports directly to the president. Gun control groups Brady United, Everytown for Gun Safety and Giffords echoed similar demands, including a naming a gun control czar.


The White House might be assembling the stage talent for this cacophony, but the incoming Chairman of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) is getting the road crew ready to set up the performance stage. Sen. Durbin tweeted, “Today I had the chance to speak with a group of gun violence prevention advocates from across the country. I told them that reducing gun violence will be a top priority of the Senate Judiciary Committee. And I will never stop fighting for gun safety.”

Durbin Supreme Court Barrett
Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., touches his face during the confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Shawn Thew/Pool via AP)

Sen. Durbin ignores that he’s from a state with some of the strictest gun control laws in America and a soaring homicide rate in Chicago, the nation’s third largest city. Clearly, gun control isn’t working there, and Sen. Durbin can’t understand that criminals ignore his gun control laws.

Top 10 Charts

What the Biden administration, Susan Rice and Sen. Durbin gloss over is Americans voted with their wallets over 21 million times in 2020 that they wanted their gun rights. They did this each time they submitted to an FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) check for the purchase of a firearm.

In President Biden’s first month in office, another 2 million NICS checks were performed for the sale of a gun, the most ever recorded in a January. In fact, three of the top 10 weeks for NICS checks came during January 2021 and one day broke into the top 10 days for NICS checks. That’s competing against the record-shattering year of 2020.  So far in the last 13 months, nine out of the top 10 weeks for NICS checks were recorded.

Americans don’t want gun control. They want their personal safety and their right to protect themselves. President Biden might be getting the gun control band back together, but they’re singing from yesteryear’s songbook. They’re out of tune with America.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. A real civil war is a distinct possibility…hope you aren’t counting on the FBI to do any dirty work dims!

    • FBI, DOJ, ATFE, Secret Service are all staffed by gestapo wannabe’s now. Military brass have instituted training programs to prepare the troops for immediate action against the white domestic terrorists. Our Republic died on January 20th. Powder dry, load and lock, every cliche applicable. Just be ready.

      • Right now they are trying to figure out how to round up 200 plus million Americans with guns. Seems to me like they have a major problem. As Hitler said and the American gestapo leftists abide by, “First you disarm them, then you can control them.”

        • They already have all our names and addresses in the database that they were not supposed to keep.

        • More guns sold in 2020 in the U.S. than any other year. Hmmm, wonder why?
          Could it have something to do with what Hitler said in 1939 that the Biden and his leftists love, “First you disarm them, then you can control them.” Reminds me, time to go buy another gun or two.

      • The disingenuous right wing media machine has really done a number on you McGarnagle. It’d be hilarious if it weren’t so fucking sad.

        • The actual sad part is that you, and the rest of the trolls who infest this site, are either, paid to post, or too stupid to understand the reality. Which are you? Oh and, by the way, since you hide behind a fake account name, you are doubly dumb. My name and picture are real. I stand behind Everything I post.

        • Paid troll? No. I’m just a person living in reality. So tell me, in your imaginary civil war who is fighting who?

        • Everyone vs most everyone else. It won’t be a clean demarcation. As soon as rule of law loses hold by lack of legitimacy, due to it becoming a merely partisan tool, every sort of faction imaginable will spring up along with common criminals and opportunists jumping into the mix. It’ll be like the Troubles but with even less sense as left and right political factions go at it with each other, some side with the establishment govt, and others siding with no one. Hell, Portland is still having leftist riots as of now despite the admin change. Matter of fact they’re protesting the CURRENT administration most of them probably voted for.

          People losing faith in the system isn’t a theoretical, we’ve arrived. Conspiracy theory types already think the election was an outright hoax, and they’re mostly pushing pretty outlandish stuff to be sure. However, even more moderate right and centrist people are questioning why there was no investigating aberrations , why there was such a stigma attached to questions about the election aberrations, why such a hardline stance condemning anything but complete acceptance was pushed by MSM, why states which ignored their own election laws in violation of their state law and constitution were allowed to go unchallenged in court, and many other things.

          And that’s just election speculation. You have the actual tangible and unquestioned reality of two legal standards that exist in many jurisdictions across the nation. People in metro areas with “progressive” DA’s are literally let off scot free for participating in riots in which people are killed, hurt, and immense damage is done to private and public property, yet people who try to defend themselves get the book thrown at them, cops who do their jobs get fired or worse. Ontop of this, people posting the wrong meme’s get literally snatched up by the FBI. Most successful revolutions/insurgencies have 5% or less of population actively participate in said revolution, with a larger percent tacitly approving but not participating. 70% of people voted against this administration, I wonder what percentage of those people will react badly if they feel that they are being attacked by radical policies or legislation.

      • Reminds me of something …One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them…. Tolkien was on to something.

      • Good thing there is like 20,000 of them and 120,000,000 of us. Come on man! Jigs up just pack it in. Otherwise, Bring it, chumps!

      • There will be factions for sure.

        They will use “virus mutations” in an attempt to keep us locked in while they push for more laws and use the gestapo agents – military, police – to patrol the nation. For your safety of course.

    • It’s Coming and the braindead Marxist couldn’t unify peanut butter and jelly and come up with a sandwich, not that he wants to but wants to say he tried.

    • I know I’m late, but Rice was not NSA when she lied on 5 talk shows on one Sunday, she was the US Ambassador to the UN. Which made me scream at the time, what the flaming hell did the Ambassador to the UN have to do with an attack on an Ambassador in Libya? The person who should have some knowledge or viewpoints to share would be the Sec of State, at the time Hillary Clinton. She was also the one who should have been hung, if she refused to acknowledge that the person who left the Ambassador unprotected so that he could be assassinated by terrorists was none other than Barack Obama. Somewhere, there was once a record of Rice being given the assignment to go and tell that blatant, bald faced lie to the American public, in a way which should get it to EVERY DAMN ONE OF THEM before the election in 2 months. I suspect the order was given by Obama, but it may have been Clinton. If the truth had been told, there is no way Obama would have been reelected.

    • Look at the last Election and Congress. We’re in a Civil War. Awaken.
      You mean an American Revolution as the U.S.C. is erroding by Left Wing Politicians wearing the real RED.

  2. “real men don’t need to hide their emotions and insecurity with an AR-15”

    We don’t hide emotions. We control them. And that logical way of critical thinking is not subjective to ONLY gun owners. But hey, virtue signal your assumptions about one group all you want as long as it’s not towards, gays, blacks, or democrats… amiright?

    Insecurity? I’d say the people wearing masks and pushing for gun control have that problem WAY more. “I need to feel safe”

    • The real question is when David Hogg became such a raging transphobe?

      Sometimes I think I should create a Twitter army (of the bot variety). Then the less-evil part of me decides that the evil side would abuse such a thing and I stop considering the option.

      But an army of LGBTQ accounts going after Hogg for transphobia might actually produce enough lulz to be worth the effort.

      • He’s outlived his usefulness. Nobody cares about him right now. Unless he does something massive in the future, his time in the activist spotlight has came and gone. I can’t wait for the 10 year plan on his bankruptcy before he hits 25.

        Hogg was and is an idiot. He had no idea what he was about and still doesn’t. He says he supports legal gun ownership, and his whole reason for running his mouth was because blacks at his school were not represented properly by the media after parkland. Can’t make this shit up.

        This fucking idiot tweeted about boycotting spring break vacations in Florida and traveling to Costa Rica instead if certain gun control measures were not passed. Boycotting a spring break… I mean, what the actual fuck is wrong with this dude? Besides a lot…

        • My point is that, these days, you could give him another 15 minutes of fame that he really doesn’t want by using his own tactics against him.

          Find something he’s said, like this, and Woke Army his ass online about it simply to provoke a response. The kid can’t shut the fuck up and he’s not real bright so he’ll simply self-destruct. Hopefully on video.

          In this particular instance this isn’t about getting a W. It’s about being mean as hell. Sure, it could send a warning to others but this is more about the schadenfreude.

    • And now come the days of “the troll”. You can tell because their posts are always about male genitals.

      • I gave money to the Lincoln Project and now someone named John says I have a big one.

        I am very proud.

    • I would say to get your gigantic head out of your ass, but I guess that’s the best you can do when you don’t have a spine.

    • Gee, HOGG, sorry your masculinity and manhood are defined by inanimate objects (mine aren’t). That may be why your ‘girlfriend’ requires a bicycle pump to get her ready.

      FWIW, you ignorant idjit, guns are tools – competent craftsmen choose the proper tool for the job. There are various jobs for which an AR-15 is appropriate, including hunting wild/feral hogs. But you wouldn’t know that, would you?

      • Hey now. There’s good evidence that ownership of a cordless Sawzall is related to both a small penis and having a shitload of catalytic converters to sell!

  3. “Biden’s Getting the Anti-Gun Band Back Together Again”

    So you think Biden’s in charge? That’s a good one!

    • Yeah, funny. Biden is just a mouthpiece with a hand and pen for signing. Doesn’t need a brain because the puppeteers control everything. The last thing they will hand him to sign is his own declaration of mental incapacity. 25th amendment enforcement will come next when they don’t need him anymore. Say hello to president harris and VP pelosi.

      • A hand and a pen would require a brain for coordination. He has a rubber stamp with his signature instead. Were Bell able to install his telegraph ticker?

    • Doesn’t matter. The nature of the threat is the same.

      The goal now is to cause the Democrats of one’s area to get more wobbly on their 2A-violationism.

  4. The Jim Crow Gun Control joe band is a bunch of pasty mouth washed up p-whipped has beens all residing in an imaginary world where they are king and aoc is their queen or vice versa when the whips and chains come out.

    • Obama opened millions of acres of national parks to open and concealed carry. Meanwhile Trump confiscated out bump stocks al la Hitler. But keep worshiping the orange turdburglar.

      • As if no one carried what they wanted to in the National Parks anyway…before, during, and after Barry S.


      • you paid shills always have the same lines. If Obama was so pro-gun please explain;

        The AWB’s that Obama encouraged in Congress, but couldn’t pressure or leverage out of committee?
        The failed attempt to push for more gun control via the Fast & Furious scandal that blew up in his face?
        Operation Chokepoint?
        His clear statements he would sign any AWB put on his desk by Congress?

        alternatively, skip the questions and KYS.

      • Minor corrections. W Bush opened the national parks to concealed and open carry of handguns. Trump was not behind the bump stock ban. That was the Obama leftovers in ATF, because Trump failed to clean house at the beginning of his term.

        • Fake news.

          George W Bush was another Republican gun grabber like Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan.

          In fact, it was Republican president Reagan who made it more difficult for citizens to possess their firearms in national parks.

          “The policy was enhanced in 1983 to prohibit possessing, carrying, or using a firearm outside of certain approved areas and hunting seasons, with an exception for firearms kept in a car or mobile home “when such implements are rendered inoperable or packed, cased or stored in a manner that will prevent their ready use.” The revision effectively mandated that visitors store their guns, unloaded, in a car trunk or equivalent while in a national park. After four months of public comment, President Ronald Reagan approved it.”

          That didn’t change until Elizabeth Warren promoted a bill to protect citizens from predatory credit card company practices. This was the bill that was later amended to include expansion of gun rights on thousands of acres of federal land.

          “Elizabeth Warren — not yet the junior senator from Massachusetts — played a prominent role in securing the passage of the Credit CARD Act of 2009. The bill’s proponents sought to put a stop to what they deemed predatory practices on the part of credit card companies. The House passed the original bill, introduced by Democratic Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney of New York in 2008, but the Senate refused to vote on it. It was reintroduced in the next session of Congress, again passed the House, and again went to the Senate, where it sat until May 2009.
          The second time around, President Obama joined Warren in an aggressive lobbying campaign, holding town halls and publicizing consumers’ credit card horror stories. There was significant pressure on the Senate to act before Memorial Day, and leaders of both parties going back and forth before eventually reaching a deal the week of May 10.
          Soon after the compromise announcement, an amendment to the bill was introduced, quickly voted on, and passed. This new measure had nothing to do with borrowers or lenders. Instead, Section 512 carried the title “Protecting Americans from Violent Crimes,” and it dismantled all existing federal restrictions on firearm possession for visitors to the national park system outside Alaska. State laws — including concealed carry statutes — would govern national forest areas instead.”

          Not only did President Obama and the Democrats expand your right to carry weapons on federal land, they did it along with a bill to protect you from predatory lending practices by credit card companies.

          All this, to relax Reagan area gun prohibitions in national parks.

          Lying conservatives trying to rewrite history again, sad losers.

      • It wasn’t for a lack of trying. But the Democrats lost control of the House in 2010 after expending political capitol on other leftwing pet causes. Which explains why he double down on other measures, such as Operation Chokepoint and expansion of Operation Wide Receiver under Obama’s Administration.

        The provision for expanding firearm carry into national parks was a provision snuck into a much larger bill that Obama signed. Knowing him, he probable didn’t know or even read the bill he signed.

        On NBC’s “Dateline” with Lester Holt, Mr. Obama said his biggest disappointment while in office was that he was not able to enact more gun control restrictions.

        As for Trump, he was never really a 2a guy, so I while I disagreed with his stance on bump stocks, I was not surprised.

  5. I don’t understand these people reading their comments. Some of them are so damn hoplophobic that when you try to have any discussion they always resort to the skewed “statistics”, typical “they’re compensating” ridicule, or “no citizen needs semiauto” bs without listening.
    The 2nd isn’t bestowed by the bill of rights, it is recognized as a natural right of our Forebearers, ourselves, and Posterity. And it is our responsibility to ensure that that right is preserved for those yet to come.

  6. Geist says of Biden/Harris/Rice that they “want to make it a crime for a neighbor to sell another neighbor a gun.”

    Oh, it’s worse than that. “Universal background checks” make it a crime to hand a rifle to a neighbor, so they can join the neighborhood’s defenders against the BLM/Antifa mob coming up the street.

    • It depends on the wording but some of the UBC Bills are so badly written you can’t even borrow a friend’s gun at a range to have a try while they are standing next to you.

      Not even our crazy gun laws downunder prohibit this.

  7. Here in Illinois, Dick Durbin is better known as Dick “The Prick” Durbin.

    Worse than a douche and jerk combined. A guy who thinks they know everything but in reality they’re stupid hypocrites. A guy who loves to cause drama then acts like nothings wrong.

  8. Gunms with no bullets. I dont care what the dude making ammo says, it’s a lie. Funny how no foreign country has any bullets to sale to the U.S of.A. if I was Red Army, Tula, or them others I’d be getting rich. But no, evidently them countries panick buy too, hah hah hah.

    • I’m worried Xiden will ban ammunition imports with one of his executive orders on “trade.” I think 7.62×39 should be one of the first cartridges to come back because:
      1.) Most people that have SKS and AK have been around a minute and were well stocked
      2.) AK style weapons production takes longer and is smaller in U.S. than 9mm or 5.56 AR so the numbers can’t as quickly get into the hands of new gun owners.
      3.)It’s a world market. We can’t get Norinco, but the rest of the world can. So if Wolf or Tulammo want to make money, they send all their product to the US at slightly higher price and let Norinco supply where demand won’t support higher prices.

      Come to think of it, maybe we should quit writing whining to our politicians and get a message to Xi Jinpeng and have him make Biden open up the market to Norinco.

  9. They, the anti-2nd Amendment voters, are the half of the country push and supporting this. The have both chambers of Congress and they will ram what they want through congress. We will see even Republicans side with the anti-2nd Amendment crowd because the 2022 election cycle is starting in less than a year now. I keep seeing the TTAG articles telling us the will not be able to do anything, but I just do not believe it until 2024 election cycle is over. Court packing will be the nail in the 2nd Amendment. I have already read where Trump left federal judges positions open the will fill them as fast as possible to block anything at the lower levels.

  10. I would also say 2 new states, D.C. and Puerto Rico, will be the real nail in the 2nd Amendment for us all. Block us at the court level and solidify it at the federal congressional level with 2 new anti-2nd Amendment states.

      • Not if they abolish The Constitution. That’s a whole other can of worms. The boneheads that stormed The Capitol gave The Party everything they needed to use against any opposition. They are the legislators, and yes they can.

        • Abolishing the Constitution would take a Constitutional Amendment too.

          Easier to just wholesale ignore it if that’s the path they choose.

        • “Not if they abolish The Constitution.“

          Where do you guys get this stuff?

          More Q&Anon Lizard people propaganda, y’all will believe anything.

  11. I really dont think Biden is going to do much about gunm control. It’s just getting more support from the people he lied to.
    Every politician, ” I’m going to do this, I’m going to do that, ” which way is the wind blowing. If yah all remember Trump said your Second Ammendment Rights are safe with me, then bam, no more bumpstocks, due process later.
    The bullets thing, do you think maybe one of the “Smartz” said “They can have all the gunms they want, they have that right. We’ll fck em with no ammunition ” Your not telling me Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, and all the rest up and run out of ammunition too. Bullsht. Gimme back my bullets.

    • I know it’s been discussed here, but I think ammo manufacturers should be building new plants. Obviously they can’t keep up with demand.

      The argument that “this too shall pass” is not holding up especially with the amount of NCIC checks going on. I can only see this number rising as Creepy Joe ain’t going to restore calm and peace. The harder he comes at us, the more we’ll buy.

      Guns gotta be fed, even Euro ones. So America ammo makers are leaving money on the table now IMO.

      Plus, Mr. Hair Sniffer and his minions are going to get us in another shooting war so we’ll need ammo for that too.

      • The ammo makers are running extra shifts. Expanding production capacity is a different matter. Major capital required, time to get machinery ordered, made, and delivered. Plus, there is the matter of raw materials. This extraordinary demand is not totally unlike war circumstances–but without government assistance. Meanwhile at any time, the new illegal Maxist government could shut you down, or the new demand could finally be met (like with toilet paper), and you’d be at maybe 10% above previous sales but with new debt, interest and depreciation.

        If I owned the Federal Premium Ammo company, I’d run 3 shifts seven days a week, but I wouldn’t buy land, buildings, and equipment. I’d probably also need to increase prices to cover the overtime and maintenance. In other words, I’d do what the manufacturers are doing now.

  12. I fully support reducing gun violence. Who wouldn’t. It would require a minimum of common sense and maybe one or two functioning brain cells to implement something in that direction – unfortunately nothing the communist party or anybody on the west coast (or east coast…) can provide.

    Let’s simply start by putting murders, robbers and other criminals who used a firearm directly on the chair and flip the switch. Then let the police focus on getting rid of gangs and organized criminals instead of taking videos of gangs moving through streets, emptying stores and attacking bystanders (like in Chicago).

  13. Problem is that ammo produced overseas has to pass U.S. regulations, be safe, and have a willing distributor in the U.S. Look at Turkey. I have not seen Turkey produced ammunition in a long time. Turkey produces a lot of ammunition, but it is not imported into the U.S. Where are the distributors lining up to get ammunition for us, not many. Century Arms imports the Red Army Standard ammunition.

  14. Biden will do jack spit about gun control at the moment. The only ones pushing it now are the antis, and they’re not going to vote for Republicans. When there is a novel shooting that they can publicize, like at a school or festival, they’ll come out of the woodwork with the usual wishlist of antigun fantasies that would have done nothing to stop that shooting or lower the casualties.
    Besides a gun control czar, what other anti constitution offices are planned? A censorship czar? Torture czar? Religious persecution czar?

    • They just appointed a new “Reality Czar” to fight against “fake” news, meaning of course that it is the new ministry of propaganda which will work to destroy all conservative media, Rush, Tucker, Hannity etc. They also appointed an “Equity” czar who’s primary function will be to destroy the retirement systems in the country. They have already put “common sense” gun control bills in the house, see the one from Sheila Jackson Lee.

  15. “They’re out of tune with America.” AND they’re tone-deaf to boot. Accordingly, it’s imperative that the ENTIRE gun-owning community (new gun owners, Fudds, EVERYONE) make a concerted (and CONSISTENT) effort to keep Biden’s excuse for a “band” from releasing even a mediocre one-hit-wonder.

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