Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Merrick Garland
President Joe Biden gestures as he speaks about gun violence prevention in the Rose Garden at the White House. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
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By Larry Keane

President Joe Biden is at it again. The Commander-in-Chief quite literally threatened Americans with unprecedented military action in an attempt to justify the most radical antigun agenda ever thrust on the nation.

History, facts and even the U.S. Constitution don’t matter when it comes to his nouveau interpretation of the Second Amendment. The more President Biden speaks on guns, the more he’s turning out to be the least trusted man to understand them and their place in America.

President Biden’s remarks from The White House, with the U.S. Attorney General standing by his side, completely missed the purpose of the Second Amendment. The president attempted to justify banning modern sporting rifles (MSRs) and standard capacity magazines by reinterpreting the Second Amendment as a Constitutional clause to protect hunting in America.

Rights, Not Needs

He said, “…no one needs to have a weapon that can fire over 30, 40, 50, even up to 100 rounds unless you think the deer are wearing Kevlar vests or something.”

That’s not what the Second Amendment is about. It’s a Bill of Rights, not needs and anytime anyone in the government attempts to dictate to Americans what their needs are, be worried.

The president wasn’t done, however.

“And I might add: The Second Amendment, from the day it was passed, limited the type of people who could own a gun and what type of weapon you could own,” President Biden said. “You couldn’t buy a cannon.”

Actually, Americans could own cannons then and still can. In fact, America relied on private citizens and their cannons for military success. The Austin American-Stateman reported this when President Biden attempted to peddle this same falsehood during the presidential campaign.

“Privateers were privately owned and operated ships that in wartime captured enemy ships for profit,” the newspaper reported. “While privateers received a license from the government that allowed them to avoid being prosecuted for piracy, they were not a part of the official navy. So any cannons they set sail with (or that they seized from the enemy) would be private property, not the property of the government or the regular military.”

Four 4 pinocchios

The Washington Post fact-checked the president’s preposterous claim not once, but twice, and gave him Four Pinocchios, the most that can be given. Politifact rated the statement as “False.”

Did He Just Threaten Nukes?

If that wasn’t bad enough, President Biden went so far as to threaten the use of unprecedented military force against American citizens to make the case to ban guns.

Joe Biden nuke nuclear

“Those who say the blood of lib- — ‘the blood of patriots,’ you know, and all the stuff about how we’re going to have to move against the government,” President Biden explained. “Well, the tree of liberty is not watered with the blood of patriots. What’s happened is that there have never been — if you wanted or if you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.”

“The point is that there has always been the ability to limit — rationally limit the type of weapon that can be owned and who can own it,” he added.

Setting aside the fact that this wasn’t the first time President Biden threatened military force against American citizens, he actually justified why the Framers had the foresight to ensure the American citizens were never left without the means to defend themselves against a tyrannical government.

The only part of what the president claimed that came close to the truth was restrictions on who could possess a firearm. The federal government placed no restrictions, but states did. They banned black slaves and indigenous Americans from the right to keep and bear arms. That’s hardly a historical point to make a case for disarming Americans today. As we have noted before, the origins of gun control are rooted in racism.

Set the Record Straight

David Harsanyi, writing for National Review, pointed out that President Biden not only edited history to fit his antigun narrative, he also edited quotes. The quote referenced by the president is derived from Thomas Jefferson’s letter to William Stephen Smith, son-in-law of John Adams.

The full quote reads: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

A government that would threaten the lives and liberty of its own citizens is exactly the reason the Founding Fathers included the Second Amendment in the list of things the government couldn’t do. When it comes to guns, it’s clear – shall not be infringed.

President Biden is the last person who should be dictating gun policy to America. Time and again he speaks about a subject of which he has no practical understanding at best, or is totally ignorant at worst.

Biden angry second amendment
Courtesy NBC News and Twitter

President Biden infamously told his own wife to blindly fire two blasts of a shotgun if there was ever an intruder. This advice was actually invoked in a court case, where the accused, Jeffrey Barton, was charged with aggravated assault. Prosecutors ended up dropping those charges and instead charged him with police obstruction, of which he was convicted.

President Biden once argued to ban 9mm GLOCKs, claiming in an interview with Charlie Rose that he could kill more people with a .38-caliber revolver. He also oddly told police they should shoot “unarmed” attacking criminals wielding knives “in the leg.”

Police ripped that suggestion. Fox News reported the Fraternal Order of Police said it was “completely ridiculous,” “unrealistic” and a “pandering talking point.”

President Biden is the last person America should be looking to for firearm policy. His ideas are beyond ignorant. They’re dangerous.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.



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  1. Doesn’t surprise me coming from a deranged draft Dodger coward commie pinko Democrat.

    • I am always amazed that people keep making this F15 and nuclear weapons argument.
      Has no one read the news that we are leaving Afghanistan?
      And that our generals predict the imminent fall of the Afghan government?
      For 20 years the entire might of the United States Armed Forces have been directed against the Taliban.
      Who are armed with AK-47s, light machine guns and some improvised explosive devices.
      The Taliban does not have a single artillery piece, tank, helicopter, or airplane.
      And they have defeated a full court press of 20 years by the United States Army, Air Force and Marines.
      F15’s and nuclear weapons have not gained a victory in far off Afghanistan.
      What makes him think they will give him victory in the continental United States?

      • “For 20 years the entire might of the United States Armed Forces have been directed against the Taliban.”

        Utter BS. The Taliban could’ve been, for all sense and purpose, eradicated fairly easily if the American government and people had the fortitude to do the job. Certainly these mid-Eastern “freedom fighters” are no more determined than say, the Japanese holding Tarawa, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, and their own mainland during WW2. But then “we” had a different purpose: Finish the job.

        What the US military didn’t have to contend with then was a stream of photos and stories about poor women, children, and others who were not directly tied to the enemy military being killed and maimed by the “US attackers”.

        Read up on it, kids- it’s almost impossible to imagine under today’s rules of “engagement” how the Allies carried out bombing missions 24/7 against target cities in Germany during the war, US by day, Brits by night. Imagine imbedded journalists inside Dresden, a city with nearly no military presence, being completely destroyed just for the show of force and ability to the German public. Thousands of “civilians”- women and children, died in every bombing raid whether or not directly being targeted. (Of course, the same happened in the London Blitz and in the Far East when the Axis was engaged in their initial invasions.)

        Think about actually dropping nukes on Japan? Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not military-rich cities yet each one of these proved quite useful IF saving American lives was the ultimate goal. The projection at the time was a million US/Allied casualties were it necessary to invade the Japanese homeland islands.

        Today, it would seem, American servicemens’ lives are primarily pawns, not the object for concern or even worth saving. Since ‘Nam they’ve become expendable fodder for the great politicians, most of whom have never seen actual combat or who’ve even been accosted by a “bum” on American streets. The American “boots on the ground” have become mere throw-aways to play with in the game of exercising power without consequences to the pols and Academy grads seeking higher office, enrichment and further power.

        Do not discount the capabilities of the American military, or that of the Russian occupiers prior to our current “lifelong” engagement. The scrutiny needs to be directed at the leadership, willing to waste the lives or our most precious human resource along with the taxes of those who placed them in positions of power.

        We need to insist that our government protect our own interests and to hell with the rest of the world. We must come to realize that there are entire cultures that are wholly incompatible with the American system as envisioned and lived over the past couple hundred years. It was more simple to keep them at bay when there were oceans to keep them out but now that there are fair nuimbers of them actually embedded within the US government, it’s becoming critical. Allow them to exist elsewhere but fight to the death to keep them from taking over this nation.

  2. President Joe Biden is at it again

    PRETENDER “Braindead” Joe Biden is still at it… Fixed it…

  3. “It’s a Bill of Rights, not needs . . . ”

    One small quibble; but perhaps more important than it might seem. The 2A begins: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, . . . ”

    I find the word “necessary” in this prefatory clause. Does that not speak to “need”? Is something which is “necessary” something for which there is a “need”?

    Needed by whom? First, let’s observe that if something is Constitutionally necessary then it’s not so important to identify precisely who needs it. If it’s “necessary” then it is needed.

    “[N]ecessary to the security of a free state . . . ” seems to say that it is the state which needs a well-regulated militia. But, it’s not just any state which so needs a militia. An absolute monarchy is a state, albeit not free. The 2A only declares that it is the “free” state which needs a militia. Why should this be? It is because our system is government by the consent of the governed. Our state – both the national federation and our 50 individual states – looses it’s legitimacy if it governs withOUT the consent of its People.

    Our founders well understood that which Chairman Mao taught: “Political power emanates from the barrel of a gun.” No gun; no power.

    Anyone is free to question the wisdom of this declaration. A simple majority may question it. But, it is only the People, acting through at least 38 state legislatures, which can change this declaration of necessity.

    We can carry on quibbling about the right running to the People or to some “militia” institution. Likewise, the definitions of “well regulated”; arms, the People, keep, bear and infringed. All of this for another day.

    The fact remains that until the further will of 38 state legislatures becomes know, the “free state” “needs” the “right of the People to keep and bear arms”. We must not suffer this nonsense distraction about “need”. The declaration of need is in black ink on parchment right there in the text.

    • Nice breakdown.
      I would think the word necessary is a sticking point however, this is where we need to understand interpretation.
      I would tend to lean towards necessary meaning required. As in it is required for a free state. Not that it is an option, or that it is an individual need. It is a fundamental need or requirement. This is why arms ownership is considered a right. Otherwise, the people are at the mercy of the government which was never the intention of the founding fathers.
      This is also where we need to review the federalist papers, and the various discussions back and forth as to the intent of the document as a whole.
      I think most agree that based on the evidence we can say the constitution is meant to limit what the government can and can not do. It enshrines the freedoms and liberties of the individual “man”. It is not open for maybe maybe not if you can prove to us you need it, or that you can pay a fee or have insurance. It is a codified right, all stop.
      You are dead on regarding the government derives it’s power through the consent of the people. If the government oversteps this and becomes tyrannical then we get to the completely botched quote Biden tried to use. It is like a safety valve. It is the last thing protecting freedom.

      • I believe mentioning the necessity of the militia in the 2A is in response to the militia clause of the Constitution.

        The militia clause states when the President can can upon the militia but does not mention its important (necessary) role in removing a tyrannical govt. The prefatory clause in the 2A corrects that.

        The militia clause also says the federal govt is responsible for arming the militia. Knowing a tyrannical govt wouldn’t supply arms to any militia that would fight against it, the 2A guarantees the right can not be infringed, guaranteeing the militia can’t be disarmed. The 2A grants zero rights, it says rights can not be infringed.

        • Keep and bear arms is a citizens right. Separate from militia clause. Thanks for playing though

    • “We must not suffer this nonsense distraction about “need”. The declaration of need is in black ink on parchment right there in the text.”

      There’s another angle we need to explore –

      Bring up the ‘Inconvenient Truth’ of the Bill of Rights, and how they are looking at it inconsistently.

      Ask them why 9 of the 10 are clearly limitations on government powers, and have them re-read the 2A in the context of it being a limit on government. If they are intellectually honest (a hard sell, I know), the light bulb should come on…

    • Let’s for the trillion plus one time put The Second Amendment in the center of the courtroom. Why not put Gun Control and its racist and genocidal roots in the center of the courtroom where it rightfully belongs? Perhaps the jury could see all the filth that’s been hiding on the other side of the fence for far too long.

    • on the plus side…the more absurd his comments the less credibility he has….

  4. Agreed. Bit the old draft Dodger coward Presidents yes including Trump dont understand the concept
    The military would tell him to eff off anyway

    • Not so fast patrick…Allow me to rescue you from your political ineptness…
      Compared to the military experience and rhetoric of bill clintoon and b.h. obama both POTUS Bush II and POTUS DJT are Five Star Generals.
      It’s numerous lines of crap like yours that helped to usher in Jim Crow Gun Control joe. That you can take to the bank.

      • Bush 2 was a drunken slob and missed his formations being a reservist. Bit tje real. Lown was that murdering shit nag Cheney. Another effing draft Dodger coward. Trump at least supports the military. Clinton and Biden both draft dodger cowards both were Chima fans too Lost my Dad in Nam and he was never returned until 2012. So take your political clown show on the road or just shove it up your uninformed behind

  5. The BIG problem is, they’ve gotten away with every illegal thing they’ve done so far. Who’s gonna stop em, the democrat owned DOJ??

  6. funny, this rehashed account of dingleberrie’s rambling pablum mushmouth diatribe nonsense coming from the gun rights foundation most likely to wander into fuddville. but thanks uncle larlar, i’m glad you’re ostensibly on our side.
    methinks this horse flogged thoroughly here.

  7. The sad part is that not a single person is challenging the president live on this stuff. We know he is lying but the media just laps it up and keeps going.
    This is how it works, you control the media you control the message, and that is how they are winning.

  8. Didn’t we read an almost identical article from the NSSF about this the day after Biden mumbled it into the microphone?

    I suppose the salient point bears repeating, however.

    In the totalitarian view of leftist “progressives” and Democrats, there are always limitations on individual rights — all the limitations they can dream up an excuse for, in fact — but none at all on the powers of government.

  9. Native Americans had their gun taken away by the U.S. Army(many times buffalo soldiers) and were marched to Oklahoma or to land reserved for them from the Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming and other plains areas before they became states. Those same tribes were also rounded up by Canadian forces and put onto reservations there. It was the Feds that did most of it, not the states.

  10. As much as I agree that Biden is a bumbling moron the likes of which is rare even in a McDonalds drive-thru window, I feel like his “f15 and nukes” comment is being misrepresented.
    It’s not really a direct threat of military action so much as chest-thumping ‘you don’t have a chance’ bit of idiotic posturing. Its a lot like a Neander-thug swiping your phone from your hand and then getting in your face and saying “Whacha gonna do about it?”. What Biden fails to understand, besides literally everything, is that you keep getting in people’s faces like that and eventually someone’s gonna strike hard and fast and knock you flat on your can.

  11. “states did”

    this is a misconception. more accurately, states and counties and towns and communities and corporations and sheriffs and families and associates did.

    just like you will, if the grid actually goes down and there’s no law enforcement anywhere except you.

    • If the grid were to go down, no LEOs, then it would be on my community to form our own version of the Constitution and Bill Of Rights (to include what the 2ndA means and that citizens have the right to bear arms, not just a militia, and, oh, term limits), form our own LEOs and militia, our own judicial system based on the presumption of innocent till proven guilty.
      Unless your handle is ant7/gman, then you should be drawn and quartered, staked out, and left to feed the yotes for being a pest.

      • “Unless your handle is ant7/gman, then you should be drawn and quartered, staked out, and left to feed the yotes for being a pest”

        you make my point. and it’s a point everyone should heed, because there’s lots and lots of people out there who can’t wait to start forming their own governments and their own laws and their own judicial systems all based on their own presumptions – and then drawing and quartering everyone they don’t like, first chance they get.

        and that includes you too, EDNKH. that includes you too.

      • “it would be on my community to form our own version of the Constitution and Bill Of Rights (to include what the 2ndA means and that citizens have the right to bear arms”

        Tell me, would that include strangers of a different ethnicity and/or religion passing through your community?

        • I only ask because I am an abject race baiter, like Al Sharpton, only I have not monetized my hyper-intensive objectification of peoples skin color as well.


  12. Why would anyone take this feeble old man seriously?
    His mental decline is on display for the whole world to see.
    Unfortunately for us, 90% of MSM is on board with defending, or ignoring that fact.
    If Trump had said something like that, MSM would be questioning his mental state.
    Biden actually does it . . . crickets.

  13. I’m not holding up for theBiden however I dont see he threatened to use nukes against the American people or those speaking of changing the way things are. He stated what I believe is true, its going to take more then an AR to whip the U S. military.
    Besides they dont need nukes when they’ve got biological warfare, and yeah they’re already using that. This covid was a test.

  14. Its somewhat disturbing to know that someone who has the nuke codes suffers from such an advanced level of dementia.

  15. “someone who has the nuke codes”

    he doesn’t have anything, biden’s not the president, he’s a front for whoever is. probably ron klain.

  16. “While privateers received a license from the government that allowed them to avoid being prosecuted… “

    Yes, privateers could not own cannons without a permission slip from the government, similar to the CCW system we enjoy today.

    And the constitution gives Congress the authority to “prescribe discipline for the militia” meaning whatever regulations Congress cares to pass regarding the militias’ training, organization and weapons.

    • Nope, wrong. Again. Still. They all owned cannons anyway and could have as many as they wanted. Virtually every ship had some on board for self-defense against pirates. No permission slip needed and no limits.

      The privateering license was a contract that gave them the privilege of engaging in what would otherwise have been piracy, as long as it was done to the nation’s enemies.

      • I just figured if I repeat my lies enough, someone, somewhere, will believe them.

        It does not help my fantasy ING, if you continue to undermine my exceedingly intense delusions.

        My confliction with reality (and history) will likely continue, as my disharmony with the natural state rages on.

    • Good Sweet Bouncing Baby Jesus, Minor IQ, are you STILL trying to peddle this nonsense???

      I’ve taken his lame-ass, ahistorical, ungrammatical, internally-inconsistent nonsense apart twice, now, and you’re STILL coming back with this errant male bovine feces??? Give it a rest. Your argument would obviously be incorrect, even if it wasn’t stupid – but it’s also stupid, so there’s that.

      ” . . . the right of the people . . . ” Minor Idiot. Doesn’t say “the right of the militia”. Doesn’t say, “the right of people sworn in and under Congressional control”. It says “the right of the PEOPLE”. That phrase has only one meaning. Your foolish argument trips over itself, because the “logical” conclusion to your argument is that the Congress could specify a uniform for the militia (which it can, for the ORGANIZED militia, when and to the extent it is under federal control), and require ALL Americans to wear it, because it was part of “militia discipline”.

      Folks, Minor Annoyance can’t help being stupid, it’s all he’s got. Read the Constitution, the 2A (which POST DATES) the Constitution, and the Militia Acts (still federal law, and ALSO post dating the Constitution and 2A). If you buy Minor Annoyance’s line of BS, I have some oceanfront property in New Mexico I’d be happy to sell you.

      • ” . . . the right of the people . . . ” Minor Idiot. Doesn’t say “the right of the militia”.

        unfortunately this passes over the fact that in the thinking of the american founders, all (white) males between the ages of 16 and 60 simply were presumed to be in an organized and regulated militia – they would have rejected any notion of responsible mature functioning citizens not being in an organized and regulated militia as being an unstainable contradiction. but one observes that many modern rightists specifically and categorically reject any notion of them being part of any organized and regulated militia (and for that matter they frequently reject any notion of them being anything other than isolated atomized individuals independent of any society whatsoever). the truth is that the 2nd simply does not address what many modern rightists insist it to mean, and they cannot understand it because they simply are not citizens of anything at all.

    • if you wanted a cannon you could get one…keel boats on the Missouri often had one as a defense measure….

  17. For too long our public schools have not taught the facts in regards to the Bill of Rights. There is a separate preamble that was written for the Bill of Rights that fully explains why there was a need to write those first ten amendments. The Bill of Rights places further restrictions on the Federal Government and retains them for the people. We need to keep reminding people the the US Constitution places restrictions on the Federal Government, not on “We the People”. We the People wrote that document, not the Government.

  18. A government waiting for an excuse, any excuse, to suspend The Constitution in it’s entirety.

  19. I would say that it’s because he’s a neo-communist turd, but it isn’t even that. It’s because he’s a sock-puppet, and that’s Soros talkin’.

  20. “Democratic Party” = Organized crime. Once they take the mid terms it’ll be gloves off. The Constitution will be declared racist and abolished. The Military will be used to enforce whatever the mob dictates. Biden and Harris will be expendable. Opposition will be assassinated at higher levels, others will face firing squads, especially any military personnel. A protection racket on a national scale. Substandard health, infrastructure, even lower education, etc. at higher union rates, if any work is done at all. Voting will be a farce. Government controlled anarchy. Tried and tested in the streets, and proven successful. This is not a political party, this is thugs-R-us. We are facing the death of a Nation. Sound far fetched? Nobody ever thought we’d elect a political front for organized crime either. But, here we are.

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