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Noted firearms and tactical expert, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., recently drew on his deep reserves of wisdom and experience to advise police officers that they should really just shoot dangerous suspects in the leg, rather than follow their training and aim for center mass in order to stop a threat.

As the putative President-elect pronounced back in June, knife-wielding perps aren’t really armed, so shooting them in the big parts seems a little harsh. Rather than put a couple of JHPs in the torso, Joe opined that everyone will be much happier and fewer people will wind up on a slab if cops would just pop them in the femur to disable them.

Easy, right?

We’d like to let Slow Joe — sorry, President-elect Slow Joe — know that there are two Rialto, California officers in the video above would beg to differ with that opinion. They were attacked out of the blue on Friday by a knife-wielding man, David Viveros.

The cops struggles to fend him off and tased him twice, to no effect. Finally, after Viveros stabbed one of the cops in the stomach, the other officer shot him.

The cop who took the knife blade to the gut is in the hospital. Viveros is in the morgue. President-elect Biden is staring out a window while meeting with his transition team. And the officer who shot Viveros and the entire city of Rialto are thanking their lucky stars that Viveros was apparently not a member of any protected class.


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  1. I was under the impression that morons are a protected class.

    I presume they’re going to do toxicology on him, anyone want to make predictions on what was in his system? Meth is the obvious bet.

    • I don’t know. But they shot him to death, and that’s a plus. Looks like a result everyone can appreciate. Kind of a win for everybody.

    • The president elect is a moron. He obviously considers himself a protected class. But such is life.
      Another one bites the dust. Hey. Hey. 😁

      • He is not – repeat, he is not – the President Elect. Even the GSA reminded the Biden campaign of this today, and warned against pushing that title without confirmation.

        The Electoral vote will occur on December 14, and Congress will then review and approve the votes on January 6. In the event of any ECs being discarded by Congress, a runoff election by the States (each State gets one vote) may be implemented.

        Biden and Harris are attempting to pre-emptively convince the sheeple that they are entitled to the White House, for the purpose of having an angry army of Democrats behind them to accuse Trump of “stealing” the election, when it’s becoming more apparent that the Dems themselves have.

        Give it time, everyone. Evidence is being sorted and compiled. Court actions are moving forward. Trump has time to move his pieces into place before springing his trap.

        • Haz,

          You speak truth!! And hope!! Loved reading how the GSA told the Dems that no funding for transition of power is available to them because Biden has not won.

          This blustering, partying, blurring about a Biden win is intended to demoralize the majority who voted for Trump and to trick the leftist mob into thinking Trump is stealing the election. Trump has won, the investigations will prove that. Still, the left wants violence and they will bring it.

        • “Give it time, everyone. Evidence is being sorted and compiled. Court actions are moving forward.”

          And,… There’s *BREAKING NEWS* in that department :

          “AG William Barr Authorizes Justice Department Probe Into Voter Fraud”

          “According to the Washington Times, this is an unusual move, since Justice Department policy prohibits any action that could influence the outcome of an election until the vote is formally certified. But the Justice Department is responsible for ensuring the integrity of federal elections.”

        • Thank you.

          We need to spread this far and wide to counter the media push to Declare Biden the winner.

        • CNN actually removed AZ from Biden’s total. They still have Biden over 270, but at least they’re letting a close state like AZ play out for the moment before declaring that someone won it. That’s more than you can say for Fox News.

        • Nothing matters unless this gets to the Supreme Court. AG Barr is a broken and compromised man, just like Mueller. His U.S Attorney investigating the Russia Hoax laid an egg and Barr did nothing. He’ll make a little noise about voter fraud, strike a pose for history’s sake, and then fade away having done nothing.

        • Morons aren’t a protected class because there are over 70 million of them living here in the United States and they all voted for dumber than dumb Biden. If the election results hold up after all of the lawsuits are heard, we will finally end up with a President Kamala. Won’t that be great? I am losing my faith in the American people. It’s like President Reagan said, freedom can be lost in just one generation.

      • That makes no sense at all.

        Besides, after four long embarrassing years we have a dog lover back in the White House. To think that no dog have lived there all this time, it was an outrage. No one who hates dogs should be permitted to run for President.

        So, we have that going for us until 2024 at least.

        • While I love dogs, especially German Shepards, as much as the next man, so did Hitler.

          That’s the real Hitler, by the way.

        • “we have a dog lover back in the White House.”

          Yeah, I’m sure Joe will be spending loads of time playing with a dog. If you ever wonder why politicians pander so much, right here’s your answer. People eat that shit up. Didn’t Bill get a dog AFTER going to the White House? I bet they really bonded and were inseparable. Real dog lovers understand that it’s cruel to have one if you don’t have the time to dedicate to it.

        • The German national socialists looked to the American progressive movement for advice. The progressive historians have been trying to avoid talking about this.

        • No, Butt Pirate, you achieved being the object of sarcasm and scorn . . . as you richly deserve.

          We’re not laughing with you, we’re laughing at you.

          Do the unicorns on your planet dance and sing, too???

          Dog lover. Jeebus H. Keerist on a pogo stick, you’re stupid.

        • With all this serious shit going on we have some idiot bringing dog-loving into this discussion. Now you know why I think half of this country is made up of morons.

        • There’s at least one silver lining to a Biden presidency, assuming everything breaks his way in the legal proceedings to come (I suspect it will, sadly). He’s more than half-senile, which should make for some good entertainment. PLUS: he might just move from HIS basement into OUR basement (the White House) and then proceed to do exactly nothing for the next two years until Kamala ushers him out the back door. I like my government best when it does as little to me as possible.

        • Except he’s not amiable, either. He’s a nasty, grifting, authoritarian s***weasel. Oh, I forgot “incompetent and senile”. Joe Biden has been absolutely WRONG on every major policy issue in his career. EVERY one.

          Hell, just by accident, he should have been right a few times, just by blind luck. Nope, wrong EVERY stinkin’ time. That takes talent.

          The rule in politics should be “Whatever Biden says, do the opposite.”

      • Help me find the position or term president elect in the constitution. It is a term used by the Sabatain, kabalist run media to create an illusion of reality. Folks, dont use their terms, dont discuss their non-sense and above all else dont comply.

        Problems solved.

        • Obama used it also. A big round seal on his podium said “Office of President Elect” on it.

        • If Biden wins this election, it is because he was carried across the finish line by the following pallbearers. The mass media, the Democrat Party Oligarchs, some back-stabbing Republicans, crooked politicians, and finally at the very last Fox News.

  2. Viveros…sounds latinx to me…but maybe he is white like George Zimmerman… /s
    knife = GUN…escalate by one level…

    • Latinos don’t riot when one of their’s has a bad law enforcement day. Latino criminals accept the risks of their profession.

    • Might be Cuban or Venezuelan. My wife was reading an article the other day that stated they have both been kicked out of the LatinX club and promoted to “white” for backing Trump.

      • Not surprising. There have been reports of the LGBTQ crowd telling people they’re no longer [fill in the blank] if they voted for Trump. These are the same morally superior people always preaching to us about tolerance and acceptance. The entire tolerance shtick was a smokescreen from the beginning. The only people fooled by it are the same weak-minded morons that love identity politics because it gives them something to feel virtuous about (and they have a need for that in their life).

        • Remember when Anne Heche was skewered by the LGBT group when she decided to leave Ellen Degeneres and date a man? No tolerance there.

  3. If and when Joe Biden actually becomes the president, will he instruct his security team to shoot them in the leg? I doubt it. But somehow he would expect others to risk their life in such a manner. Imagine that.

  4. Let’s see, was it Shoot a cold -stab a fever?
    I got it, flee a knife -charge a gun!

    Unarmed folks with knives can do lots of damage when you shoot them in the leg!
    Great advice Joe!

  5. Any advice from Jim Crow Gun Control joe is hazardous to your health, finances, optimism and quality of life. He is a democRat turd in the punch bowl.

  6. You want to impress someone? Swipe them above the belt line with a blade. That whole thing about their intestines falling on top of their shoes will get their attention. Seen it more than once. Multiple stab wounds to the torso really suck too. Or so the survivors told me. The other victims didn’t have an opinion.

  7. Yes Joe, lemme shoot the thug in the leg.
    Then i get sued for violating the dirtbags civil rights.
    Them i become a felon and prhibited person.

    No thanks, dead men cant testify.

  8. Hmm, I believe what Sleepy dumb Joe was meant to say: “Just shoot them in the leg with a double barrel shotgun.” Increase the chances of severing the femoral artery.

    • that gives him WAY too much credit. No way did he actually mean anything other than exactly what he said, which is why it was followed by “all you need is two shots in the air out of a shotgun”

      • Which brings me to my next point, what would happen if someone shot “warning” shots…. ever? Under 99% of circumstances or for an even better example – during the “peaceful protests” this year? They would be mobbed and beaten to death. Even after rittenhouse fired lethal shots they chased him for their own sense of “vigilante justice”.

        • Yeah, they chased a man armed with an AR-15 with a 30 round magazine which he had clearly not emptied, and I thought Joe Biden was stupid!

        • Chasing someone who is armed with an AR-15 with a 30 rd. magazine is what morons do. Does that really surprise you?

  9. Let’s help Sleazy, Sleepy Joe with his long- overdue retirement.

    Rally/protest in DC this comming Saturday.

    Also similar rallies in all state capitols this coming Saturday.

    Joined the protest in Harrisburg, PA this past weekend. Speakers from the PA House and Senate. Others, also. Inspiring!!! Two to three thousand people. Dwarfed the competing Biden rah-rah.

    See you in DC this Saturday!!!

  10. You can absolutely shoot for the leg with a shotgun…😂🤣😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅🤣🤣🤣

    • At close ranges, a shotgun is no more accurate than a handgun unless the barrel is sawed off to an illegal length.

  11. Where are the Black Lives Matter protesters rioting in support of the attempted murderer who got ventilated? Do they only care when blacks get shot after trying to kill police? We may have a racism problem on our hands.

    • You nailed it, Biddy. They only care about black people. And, they don’t care about right or wrong, they only care about color. I could almost get behind BLM, if they only protested for innocents, like Tamir Rice, or John Crawford III, or Philando Castile. Innocents to get killed, and we need to address that. But BLM believes that being black makes a person innocent, and makes them right.

      Last I checked, such an attitude is racism.

      • BLM doesn’t care about black lives. They are just using these incidents as an excuse to riot, loot, and create public turmoil. They will destroy black-owned businesses just as ruthlessly as any other business. They are animals, correction, they are young caucasian animals. Check it out.

  12. When I went to work for a police department in the late 70’s, I asked a fellow officer, if I get into an armed confrontation, knife/firearm, ax, etc., do I wound the attacker or kill him. Without hesitation he said you kill him. The reason is that when he gets out of the hospital, he will get an attorney to sue you and the police department for denying him the ability to make a living. Think this is a stupid idea? It has been done, and the criminal has won. Sometimes making more for life than he/she would have made by being a thief. The cases are in the judicial records of many states. I couldn’t believe it myself. Back then, police officers and sheriffs deputies, were public servants and friends to the people that they served. They knew us by name. We only carried a S&W Model 66 357 mag with lead target-style bullets. The squad had a Remington 870 shotgun, mounted on the hump between the front seats, and released by an electric lock, switch located in the glove compartment. We were not to be an armed force, duplicating our armed forces, from which I had been recently honorably discharged. The socialist democrats have caused this radical change in how the police have had to change their tactics. Crooks are innocent. Law abiding civilians are the criminals. This year is the living proof of this. If you own a firearm, you must train to terminate those who would kill you or do you harm. This is not a joke for you or your family. The terrorists and criminals do not care if they hurt or kill you and your loved ones. Regardless of the commie news media and what they say, we have entered into a civil war and must be prepared to fight our enemies. War is not the answer to restore America to peace and the life we have enjoyed for 200 years. However, we may be the last line of defense. Thanks.


    • A dead center hit to the chest of an attacker will not stop him if he is in a rage of anger or on drugs. The only way you can put down an attacker for sure is with a center headshot. That is why police are taught to keep firing until the threat is down on the ground.

  13. Actually, Dementia Joe said “shoot him in the leg with a double barreled shotgun through the door of your balcony” when he got to the Senate 180 years ago before 300 million Americans died of the virus in Keene, Vermont when he supported a $15 million minimum wage.

    You follow?

    • “But bicep shots stop riots!”

      That tends to result in an instant ‘attitude adjustment’…

  14. If the skell was a member of the protected race there would have been riots in support of him; every sneaker and 70″ lcd tv in town would have been seized as reparations to the race/cause.

    That said, no kidding aside, if Biden carries this election the reaction to the first young black man to be shot by a LEO will tell us a big story.

  15. You people are pathetic, sadly grasping for any rumor or conspiracy theory to explain your loss.

    From azcentral’s web site:

    “Meanwhile, here in Arizona, the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee and the Arizona Republican Party had their first court hearing on Monday on their lawsuit — the one that contends Maricopa County poll workers “consistently, regularly and systematically” took action that deprived Trump of “potentially thousands” of votes.”

    Or, as it turns out, 180 votes.

    And that’s assuming every one of those 180 vote would have gone for Trump.

    “Deputy Maricopa County Attorney Tom Liddy told the judge on Monday that only 180 of the 165,860 cast in person on Election Day had potential overvotes in the presidential race.

    “180,” Liddy said. “That’s it.”

    • How about soon to be indicted co-conspirator president Donald Trump?

      “One of the more significant potential legal threats Trump could face is from Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, who opened an investigation more than a year ago into Trump’s personal and business finances.

      The case started over payments to women who had alleged affairs with Trump, that he later denied through a White House spokesperson.

      The office has not spelled out clearly what specific allegations of wrongdoing it is investigating, but Vance sought, through a subpoena, eight years’ worth of Trump’s tax returns.

      Last year, the president resisted the subpoena claiming, that as a sitting president, he could not be criminally investigated.

      The U.S. Supreme Court recently rejected the broad immunity claim that the president’s attorneys asserted.

      The DOJ, on Trump’s behalf, then asserted in federal court that the subpoena was too broad and amounted to political harassment. Just last month, a three-judge panel rejected that claim. The government has sought review with the Supreme Court, which is now considering that petition.

      New York Attorney General Letitia James separately announced in August that she was investigating whether Trump and the Trump Organization improperly manipulated the value of certain assets to secure loans and obtain tax benefits to which they otherwise would not have been entitled.

      The investigation includes questions about involves at least four properties, including the Seven Springs estate in Westchester, New York originally built by Eugene Meyer, a former publisher of the Washington Post. James is investigating the estate’s conservation easement, otherwise known as a legal agreement that limits use of land for conservation purposes, and whether it was inflated “for the purpose of taking a larger tax deduction that would otherwise have been permitted,” a lawyer in the attorney general’s office said in August.”

      • President Trump has been attacked on a daily basis ever since his inauguration. He has been investigated by the FBI and every cretin who can walk and talk. No one is perfect, but he must be close to it because of all of the scrutiny he’s been put through. There are a lot of slimy people in this country and for some reason, all of these slime-balls keep going after Trump. I guess that’s because it makes headlines and these slime-balls love the notoriety.

  16. And Typhoid Trump’s BS lawsuits continue to unravel:

    “A Pennsylvania postal worker has recanted claims that supervisors attempted to backdate ballots mailed after the election, according to congressional aides. The false allegations were cited by the Trump campaign and top Republicans as examples of voter fraud impacting the results of the presidential election.

    Richard Hopkins, a Postal Service worker from Erie, Pennsylvania, alleged that he overheard supervisors discussing a plan to backdate mail-in ballots for Election Day.

    The Trump campaign, which, like the president, has rejected the results of the election and alleged widespread — and unsubstantiated — voter fraud, passed Hopkins’ account to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, who referred the matter to the Justice Department and FBI for investigation.

    But Hopkins walked back his assertions when questioned by federal investigators with the Postal Service Inspector General’s office, the leader of the watchdog agency told the House Oversight Committee staff on Tuesday.

    “IG investigators informed Committee staff today that they interviewed Hopkins on Friday, but that Hopkins RECANTED HIS ALLEGATIONS yesterday and did not explain why he signed a false affidavit,” committee Democrats said in a statement posted to Twitter.”

    • The report that the Pennslyvania Postal Worker recanted his accusations is false. He did no such thing and he secretly marked one of those back-dated ballot envelopes to prove his case. When too many are involved in a crime, the truth will come out eventually. Many of today’s politicians are crooked, but Democrat politicians and bureaucrats take it to a new level of corruption. President Trump promised to clean up the swamp, but he has received so little help in doing so because the swamp is much bigger than anyone thought. The President has and has had these swamp creatures in his administration. These swamp creatures are both Democrats and Republicans. The government bureaucracy is loaded with these swamp creatures. Maybe, it’s too late to save this country because the slime just runs too deep.

  17. If and when Joe Biden actually becomes the president, will he instruct his security team to shoot them in the leg? I doubt it. But somehow he would expect others to risk their life in such a manner. Imagine that.


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