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By Lee Williams

Detective John McClane was the first to warn us about the dangers of the Glock 7.

“That punk pulled a GLOCK 7 on me. You know what that is? It’s a porcelain gun made in Germany. It doesn’t show up on your airport X-ray machines here and it costs more than what you make in a month,” Detective McClane said in Die Hard 2.

Thank God the White House was listening.

As part of his latest sweeping and unconstitutional Executive Order issued Tuesday, Joe Biden announced he is strengthening, modernizing and making permanent the Undetectable Firearms Act, which will save us all from the perils of porcelain pistols, even though they don’t yet exist.

A White House “Fact” Sheet issued in conjunction with the EO states that Biden will “advance congressional efforts to prevent the proliferation of firearms undetectable by metal detectors.”

“In recent years, we’ve seen the rise of technology that allows guns to be made with polymers and other materials that are increasingly capable of avoiding detection by metal detectors,” the Fact Sheet states. “President Biden is directing the Attorney General to help Congress modernize and make permanent the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988, which is currently set to expire in December 2023.”

To be clear, no modern firearm or ammunition can make it through a metal detector undetected, but the GLOCK 7 “crackdown” is just part – the silly part – of another one of Biden’s overreaching assaults on guns, gun makers, gun dealers and gun owners.

Nowhere in the actual EO or the “Fact” sheet does Biden mention how he intends to hold criminals accountable. Instead, he’s holding the gun industry accountable, as if gun makers and gun dealers are responsible for the surging crime plaguing Democrat-run cities, which is giving Biden’s pollsters fits as 2024 approaches.

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Biden wants the Federal Trade Commission to investigate “how gun manufacturers market firearms to minors,” which is ludicrous. The only firearm I can recall ever marketed toward minors was the Daisy Red Ryder BB-gun. Besides, advertising is constitutionally protected speech, so I guess Team Biden doesn’t mind infringing upon the First Amendment as long as it leads to infringements upon the Second.

The EO shows Biden plans to use his sycophants in the legacy media to gaslight the public “with more information regarding federally licensed firearms dealers who are violating the law.” They aren’t, although scores of law-abiding gun dealers are being put out of business every day by Biden’s weaponized bullyboys in the ATF, who are revoking FFLs like it’s cool for the most minor of clerical errors, not for any serious reasons, like failing to run a background check, which only Biden believes leads to crime.

Joe actually proposed the creation of a new federal team that would swoop in whenever and wherever there’s a mass shooting to exploit the tragedy, which Biden and his cronies would never dream of letting go to waste. Maybe they’ll have “Federal Blood-dancing Bureau,” or FBB stenciled on the backs of their blue windbreakers, because that’s exactly what they’ll be doing.

To be clear, criminals have nothing to fear from Biden’s latest imperial decree. There’s nothing they need worry about. For the law-abiding, this is just the latest in a long line of infringements that we’ll have to endure until there’s a new occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, who views us as citizens, not subjects.


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  1. I’d rather have current-state Bruce Willis as commander in chief than the demented monkey we’re stuck with now.

      • Unfortunately Gun Owners trying to show pretending to be scared Gun Control zealots that a firearm is visible by X-ray serves to side with their reason to deny Constitutional Concealed Carry.

        When you exercise the Right to keep and bear arms it’s clear Gun Control zealots want to keep a very close eye on everything you say and do. It’s just the racist, genocide roots of Gun Control wrapping around your neck like a Boa Constrictor. Only way to stop the snake is cut its head off with The Truth About Gun Control.

  2. Most of the people against guns are so ignorant of guns that they really believe that there is a model that can pass through a metal detector.

    • I was demoing a 3D printer for a small group of people and it wasn’t long before they stopped asking real questions and went off on some tangent about guns.

      So I said, “okay I know a little about guns and 3D printing so let’s work this out as a little experiment.”

      A happy little jaunt into days long print times, metal component sourcing/fabricating and regular failures forcing restarts at any point along the process kind of killed their excitement.

      People are ignorant of a lot of things. Most things. Doesn’t prevent them from holding very string opinions on things they know absolutely nothing about.

      • Ask the average Gun Owner to define Gun Control and odds are you’ll get the definition for, “Clueless.” Such Gun Owner cluelessness is what holds the gate open for Gun Control.

      • 3D “printing” is a bit of a misnomer. It’s more accurately described as 3D “manufacturing”. Many people who have never 3D printed a thing in their life think that it is as easy as printing a book report on your home printer.

        Printing a firearm is still way harder than buying a stolen gun out of the trunk of a car.

        • ” It’s more accurately described as 3D “manufacturing”.”

          Or additive manufacturing.

          Anyways –

          You can 3-d print a working gun out of metal. The printer costs around 500 thousand USD, and requires many hours to print it, along with a tank of Argon gas and some very expensive metal powder.

          But those morons want to ban a 200-dollar plastic printer…

        • You can sorta see why. Most people don’t know how a gun is made or think much about it.

          What they do know is that a Ultimaker will print quite a bit of useful stuff without much effort. Shit, the kids are printing cable clamps and breadboards, tools, cases and even plastic automotive pieces… so why not guns too?

          I mean, you can get plans to print shit most people have never heard of and as long as you use the right kind of plastic to make it it’s just fine. Heck, the friendly dudes at MicroCenter will walk you through filament and resin selection if you’re unsure what to use, so why not a Glock too, right?

          Just tell them about the FGC-9 or CtrlPew and let their imagination do the rest. What are they gonna come up with? Maybe throw in some “expert” testimony about how an AR-15 cuts people in half.

          The result of a lot of propaganda and very little thought: 3D printer = Starship Enterprise Replicator.

  3. The wording “undetectable” is a misnomer. The gun is detectable, just not easily traced. Seems someone likes to use words to inflame.

      • tsbhoa.p.jr, Very simple. Your firearms are able to be traced by the serial number on the receiver of the gun.

        • That’s not how “undetectable” is being used in this context. And in any case, they’d say “untraceable” if that’s what they meant.

        • Cloudbuder, no, “sir”, you are wrong and so is the fraudulent name of the “Undetectable Arms Act”.
          No firearm is “undetectable.” Just for your edification. And to the rest who think there is.
          As Wiki is a collection of articles which are not necessarily accurate or verified, that is a poor excuse for a “source”.

        • Cloudbuster, thanks for proving my point,Maybe you don’t know the meaning of the word misnomer? THERE US NO SUCH THING AS AN “UNDETECTABLE” FIREARM.

    • Water Beverly III, You still don’t understand the article, and you’re ignoring everybody who points that out. The article, and the law, has absolutely NOTHING to do with untraceable firearms, it’s about undetectable firearms. The facts that the Glock 7 never existed and that there’s no such thing as an undetectable firearm doesn’t stop nitwit politicians from passing laws banning them. The Die-Hard movie scared people into thinking that undetectable funs exist, so they keep trying to ban them. The net effect is to stifle new gun technology by mandating that useless steel plates be inserted into the frames of subcompact guns in order to comply with a ridiculous law banning things that don’t exist and have never existed.

  4. let’s hope we can uncover every article written about this nothingburger.
    what are they really up to, elseplace?

    • what are they really up to?

      Bailing out millionaires in the SVB failure, deflecting from the Biden family/China corruption probe and the release of the ACTUAL footage of all the video from Jan 6, distracting from that pesky “continued” inflation (holding at 6%), Buttjuggs failures as Transportation Secretary, Braindeads inability to remember the HE is POTUS, what day it is, where he’s at… Toooooo much to list, take your pick, or choose your own…

  5. Riddle me this, how is the ATF going to confiscate a gun they can’t detect?? Get your Glock 7’s while you still can!!

    • Reverse the logic, this provides an excuse to search super, super hard because safety.

      So they’ll do it the same way the DEA does; With widespread warrantless searches coupled with extremely aggressive prosecution to keep people quiet about those pesky rights that are violated.

      Anyone else remember when that YouTuber stung the DEA by putting high pressure sodium grow lights and web cameras in an empty house? Sure enough, DEA booted the door for a warrantless search looking for that marijuana grow.

      They were SUPER pissed that they were livestreamed breaking numerous laws. I mean, not enough to fire anyone or anything but surely enough to have a meeting about being a bit more sneaky about violating the Constitution.

      • Happened to friends of mine 4 years ago.
        They turned one bay of a 3 car garage into a grow room. A whole special drug task force showed up at 05:30 one day in April.
        They were pissed when all they found were about 100 various pepper plants along with a bunch of tomatoes and other garden vegetables. They were just waiting for it to warm up enough to plant them outside.
        No apologies, no oops we messed up, nothing.
        They did get a check to repair 2 doors .
        Bonus their little ankle biter dogs didn’t get shot.

        • Kinda makes you wonder how they found it, no?

          Which sorta leads to a lot of questions about the net they’re casting to snoop around on everyone looking for grow operations.

          Clearly, it’s not super high-tech IT based, otherwise they’d have pulled spending statements and they’d know the answer and never show up.

        • MADDMAXX March 17, 2023 At 07:44
          Your comment is awaiting moderation
          Kinda makes you wonder how they found it, no?

          Somebody had to snitch them out unless they bought a truck load of planters and potting soil and left a paper trail… Could have been a neighbor that didn’t like the way he watered his lawn or someone who was hoping the ATF would shoot his yappy little dogs… The ATF doesn’t have the resources to spy on every Joe Lunchbox in the country… A grow house in a garage would start to announce itself early on with a huge spike in electricity use not to mention the aroma of that many plants growing indoors… Virginia allows “home” cultivation of up to three plants at a time and possession of up to an ounce at a time…

          Now THAT’S the way to start the day, fukking “MODERATED” right out the gate… Must be…. WHAT?…. damned if I can see ANYTHING in THAT post that could be offensive, political, anti-American, personal or ANYTHING else,… Hell that one wouldn’t even be moderated by Facebook OR Twitter…. Stay Vigilant TTAG you never know WHAT us nefarious anti-government revolutionaries will try to sneak past that algorithm…

        • They live in upper middle class suburb south of Cleveland. They think the local popo cruise around in unmarked car with a thermal invading peoples privacy

    • Well, you think your little fantasy socialist revolution will happen any day now!


      • Rodney L, seems the jackasses are those who think that socialism is the answer to all the problems of the world.

  6. “porcelain gun”

    I’ve actually had anti-gun people accuse me of having an undetectable porcelain gun saying it was illegal to have one when they saw the Glock 22. One of them actually called the 🚔 police.

    So the cops arrive. The anti-gun person was upset the cops would not arrest me for having this illegal porcelain gun. They were even more upset that I and the cops were laughing a little about it. The cops explained it to them.

    • actually the call the cops got was…

      (wife and I were at a city park, I was open carrying at the time which is legal here including in city parks.)

      “Theres a man out here with an illegal gun. Its one of those undetectable porcelain guns.”

    • Similar case in my neighborhood. A guy was out for a walk carrying openly. Neighbor reported on the HOA website that she called the police on him and was PO’d that the dispatcher said he was perfectly within his rights.

  7. Nowhere…does Biden mention how he intends to hold criminals accountable. Instead, he’s holding the gun industry accountable, as if gun makers and gun dealers are responsible for the surging crime…

    That seems crazy until you understand their goals. Their goal isn’t to make life better for citizens. Their goal is to gain power and degrade their enemies. The end. It isn’t that they hate guns or white people, etc. They hate the demographics that tend to support their political opponents. Dems now enjoy support from most of the major industries and institutions in this country. Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Retail, “Green” Energy, Wall Street/Big Banking, check, check, etc. Guess which industries still support their opposition? Traditional energy and firearms. Now their actions make sense. It’s all about power.

  8. Wait, porcelain is undetectable? I’ve heard that line a thousand times and never realized it’s full implication. I could have been sneaking toilets on to planes for decades…!

  9. It has never been about stopping criminal actions with a firearm. It is always been about the harassment, and the infringement upon the rights of we the people.

  10. Biden is asking Congress to pass an extension — he can’t do anything on his own. There are 3D printed designs that are entirely plastic, but they still use metallic cartridges. I doubt someone interested in sneaking a gun past security to cause mayhem is going to think twice about illicitly printing a plastic firearm.

      • And then you can send all of the pieces to Hollywood where they’ll mate them up with plastic primers, springs, non-VOC propellents, etc. and turn them into something resembling Optimus Prime in the Transformers movie to sneak them through security?

        • …. nevermind that it would take a plastic barrel to be about the diameter of a Cokebottle to contain the chamber pressure of a plastic cartridge. The only thing Hollywood ever got right was the pause after the White House was destroyed inthe movie Independence Day… it gave the theater patrons sufficient time to stand up and cheer wildly.

  11. Okay, Your Lordship: we’ll believe you….but first….. On nationwide, live TV, available to all networks, run one of these undetectable guns through an X-ray scanner to show the X-ray can’t see it and then do a mag dump of live rounds through it. With SAF witnesses to make sure the round are live and the same gun comes out of the X-ray as went in.

    I’d pay good money to watch you try.

    If not, though it’s just more of your authentic citified-dipstick gibbering nonsense, only “believed” by people who make money by pretending to.

  12. myself, if I had mayhem in mind I would use my undetectable ivory Glock 7 1/2 with the glass supressor.

  13. “Biden wants the Federal Trade Commission to investigate “how gun manufacturers market firearms to minors,” which is ludicrous. The only firearm I can recall ever marketed toward minors was the Daisy Red Ryder BB-gun.”

    I wonder if this means pressure to ditch guns like the Cricket and other “youth model” guns, because they’re inherently for children. I still have my (now adult) daughter’s Youth model 870 20 gauge — she swapped it for a 9 mm carbine that she finds more convenient as a home defense gun (also shares mags and caliber with her Glock 19).

    • A cap gun is closer to a firearm than an air powered bb gun is. Neither is a “firearm”.

        • I suspect the Williams quote was the focus of Paul’s comment. Red Ryder BB guns are not firearms as defined by federal law. Your point about youth model firearms is valid.

  14. If a frame or lower is considered a “firearm” by the AFT, and now even an 80% lower is also considered a firearm, then an epoxy resin 80% right out of the mold might be considered an “undetectable” firearm if you twist the definitions far enough.

    But in reality, airport scanners these days can detect the outline of anything more dense and substantial than jello pudding so any trained operator would be able to “detect” it most or at least SOME of the time so it would hardly be “undetectable” by any stretch of the imagination.

    But how can this matter in today’s cultural revolution where words don’t even mean things anymore except for when the powers that be want them to so they can use their rules and tyranny to infringe on our Liberties and disarm us.

  15. The only truly undectable thing that comes to mind would be actual waveforms showing up on Biden’s annual EEG.

  16. The Red Ryder is not a firearm. At least not in reality-based states.

    In Birmingham, Alabama – you can sell shotguns, rifles, and handguns at a gun show. But you can’t sell super-dangerous, evil, sinister, stealthy air rifles – to anyone at a gun show.

    It was always part of the Saturday morning set-up to wait for the air-gun brown-shirts to make their rounds and the berate some po dumb bastid who had one on his table. And then we’d have to listen to an hour of “you can’t have airguns and pellet rifle at this gun show”.

    Life is funny…..especially with stupid stuff like that.

    • I go to the ones here in Montgomery and Atlanta. (I’ve found it’s a lot of the same vendors for certain items.) You’re not supposed to concealed carry inside the gun show. How ironic. People do it anyway. Is the air rifle rule just specific to the organizers of the gun shows in Bham?

      • Yeah. Birmingham has a law about gas and spring gun.

        Gotta keep dem yoots in line……..

    • That’ll change .. all that needs to happen is to have a pellet gunm IDENTIFY as a real gunm. Maybe the gov would even pay for the operation to make it REAL

      • That got a chuckle….. but I’m crying on the inside …….because it’s probably true.

  17. Even the detectable can be undetectable. Buddy of mine was flying from Atlanta to Chicago back in 2000. He got up mid-flight to get something out of his carry on and his pistol (S&W, 5906, if I remember correctly) was in his carry on. He knew better than to say anything, but was sweating bullets until he got out of O’Hare. Being paranoid about Illinois’ wacky gun laws, he drove to Indiana and shipped it home to himself.

      • A friend of mine was leaving for a cruise with his wife, and security found a forgotten 30-30 cartridge somewhere in one of the side pockets of his duffle bag. This was maybe 6-7 years after the 9/11 attacks. He is still on all kinds of lists.

    • They must have had the scanning machines on the unobtanium detection setting that day and completely missed the two and a half POUNDS of stainless steel !!

  18. theBiden distraction r rights tanks you Crane eat fish
    Philip Pine says no my reef Dishware south see.

    • Uhhhhhh, okay? But the bus frog hunt to make launmores do stuff that when he falls up can hold crayons and drive trux on sidewalks…

  19. Wait a minute, you guys are against the reauthorization of the Undetectable Firearms Act?

    But wasn’t it signed into law by President Ronald Reagan on November 10, 1988?

    That guy was a real pioneer on gun control laws, now which party is he from?

    • You and he are brothers at heart. How many restrictions do you admit to wanting to place on our civil rights?

      Fascists gotta fascist.

      • This is more of a statist thing. Fascism being a portion of that.

        Personally, I’m warming to this sort of post from Miner. Nothing convinces Conservatives that politics isn’t just party and that government is generally a dangerous thing faster than a Leftist with power.

        The GOP becomes an actual party of small government and we’re cookin’ with gas.

    • Who said anything about anyone agreeing with his stance on gun laws? Or do you think gun owners are some kind of political monolith?Bigot.

    • MINOR Miner49er, Yep, as what you Leftists call “undetectable” is a misnomer. No gun is “undetectable”. Reagan made a big mistake. He was an excellent president, but not perfect.

  20. Thank God the White House was listening.

    Really hard too since Bruce Willis can’t talk any more.

    Nowhere in the actual EO or the “Fact” sheet does Biden mention how he intends to hold criminals accountable. Instead, he’s holding the gun industry accountable, as if gun makers and gun dealers are responsible for the surging crime plaguing Democrat-run cities…

    Well yeah, that’s how anarcho-tyranny works. Word-salad means whatever is convenient in the immediate.

    Biden wants the Federal Trade Commission to investigate “how gun manufacturers market firearms to minors,” which is ludicrous.

    Not really. They’ll just resurrect one of their old claims about video games and regulate an entirely new industry under the guise of “preventing violence”. Duh. This one’s aimed squarely at the games that can be linked to gun sales. It’s another front in the culture war because shooter games sell very, very well.

    Without Modern Warfare 3 I know at least four people who wouldn’t have ever bought a Vector. I know this, Farago knew this, the Dems know this. Gun culture is transmitted to many young people via video games. Like it or not, this is true.

    • Counter strike but it just helped me realize I couldn’t buy anything cool due to government re awb/stamp expense/moved to NY.

      • You clearly played the CT side too much. You just liked the suppressed M4 for headshots, huh?

        If you played for the other side a lot you’d have realized you can home brew auto sears and explosives.

        Come over to the dark side. We have cookies and Krieg 552s with *mods* lol. Sure, I mean, we had to go get SIG 550’s but it’s close enough.

        • I could go for a snicker doodle……….no that is not code for anything but good for a laugh ATF

        • Conversations like this cause me to imagine some old, grump ATF guy walking down a row of cubicles to find someone younger so he can ask

          “What the actual fuck is a Krieg 552? I’ve gone through all our manuals and lists of guns but I can’t find it. Also, what does “You clearly play the CT side too much” mean? Are these people insurrectionists or something?”.

          “No, gramps, they’re geeking out about video game guns and trolling you to boot. Go have an Ensure and forget about it”.

        • Almost want to download a copy and try it out again but finally got enough large pistol primers to do some 10mm reloading so fun and productive it is. Also can absolutely confirm that sort of situation happens with a fairly common level of occurrence with some of the NY task forces. They really should not put as much on various public message boards as they do.

        • I wouldn’t be shocked by this.

          IRL, what CS taught me was that it was fun to run around with plastic explosives and blow up random large crates that were conveniently positioned away from anything else that might be damaged. Also, I can throw knives with lethal effect REALLY far.

          Come drop your big ass rando boxes in large open spaces .gov! My bois and I know how to deal with that!

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