Alec Baldwin Rust Movie Shooting
Alec Baldwin on the set of 'Rust'
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From the AP . . .

A special prosecutor who doubles as a state legislator is stepping down from her role in the manslaughter case against actor Alec Baldwin in the death of a cinematographer on a New Mexico film set.

Baldwin’s legal team in February sought to disqualify special prosecutor and Republican state Rep. Andrea Reeb based on constitutional provisions that safeguard the separation of powers between distinct branches of government.

Reeb said in a statement Tuesday that she “will not allow questions about my serving as a legislator and prosecutor to cloud the real issue at hand.”

“It has become clear that the best way I can ensure justice is served in this case is to step down so that the prosecution can focus on the evidence and the facts,” Reeb said.

District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies filed a notification in state district court and declined further comment.

Baldwin and weapons supervisor Hannah Gutierrez-Reed have pleaded not guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The charges carry a maximum penalty of 18 months in prison and fines.

Hutchins died shortly after being wounded Oct. 21, 2021, during rehearsals for the Western film “Rust” at a ranch on the outskirts of Santa Fe. Baldwin was pointing a pistol at Hutchins when the gun went off, killing her and wounding the director, Joel Souza.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled in May to decide whether the evidence is sufficient to proceed to a trial.

Prosecutors say assistant director David Halls, who oversaw safety on set, has signed an agreement to plead guilty in the negligent use of a deadly weapon.

In her role as legislator, Reeb has sponsored several criminal justice initiatives, including enhanced punishments for firearms violations.

The Republican from Clovis steered clear of voting on public spending to prosecute Baldwin and Gutierrez-Reed.

She was excused from a House floor vote in February on a proposed state budget that includes $360,000 for special prosecution expenses in the fatal film-set shooting.

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  1. So justice in New Mexico is as corruptable as in Shallowfornia and DC?
    What is justice then? And where is it to br found?
    Surely, RICH and popular Akteurs and Influencers are immune from prosecution for bad behavior. Or manslaughter. He slaughtered that woman.
    Guilty is he!

    • “Guilty is he!”

      Hmmmm. Always thought mob justice was a leftist thing.

      Appointing a sitting state legislator to a position as a prosecutor (regardless of title) was just dumb. Appointing a Republicrat state legislator even dumber.

      Would be interesting if somehow we were able to find someone in the appointment decision to explain the dumbness.

      • Replying to Sam:
        I didn’t say Guilty lightly Sam. If I stroked the hammer and pointed a SAA clone at somebody, and it discharged, I wouldn’t try to cover up my actions.
        “But I didn’t pull the trigger” has no merit here. Superfluous verbiage.
        Sticky grease fouls the best mechanisms. (For instance, if you want a terrific bargain in a camera, buy cheaply the best camera you can find that’s “not working”, take it apart and clean it. “Japanese Green Grease” takes thirty years to fell the best they made. Carburetor cleaner on a Q-Tip
        makes you into a camera repair man.)
        What is dangerous about a SAA clone?
        It’s darn well documented.
        Pointing a SAA clone at somebody on purpose, then slightly stroking the hammer is possibly what he did. That’s EXACTLY what he claimed that he was practicing, by the way. It isn’t SUPPOSED to fire, but are you going to bet your life on it? I sure as heck doubt it…you aren’t even supposed to REST that firing pin against a primer, much less muster your bait with it.
        Notably, you can initiate a primer with retracting and letting go of the hammer that hasn’t even been retracted as far as the “safety” notch. Any Gun Expert like Baldwoman (self proclaimed I believe) knows this.
        Baldwoman is acting like the grown up CHILD he is by refusing to admit his INVOLVEMENT. He is GUILTY of being a lying 5-year-old child. Who just slaughtered a defenseless woman.
        AND he refuses to admit any connection to the tragedy he initiated.
        That’s the very indication (and hence my indictment) of his guilt.

        • “AND he refuses to admit any connection to the tragedy he initiated. That’s the very indication (and hence my indictment) of his guilt.”

          Have you considered contacting the DA, and advising that you are willing to testify as to Baldwin’s unquestioned guilt, and save all the complications of having a trial?

          Your virtuous rush to judgement cuts both ways. Is that the principle you wish to hang your life on?

      • “Hang your life on?”
        Sam, I did not cavalierly point a revolver at a girl, womanipulate it, shoot her, then rant about my virginal innocence.
        If’n I were a licensed, practicing Gunsmith, then YES, I would call the DA and offer my opinion. If I were an EXPERT on Single Action Army revolvers, then YES, I would volunteer as an Expert Witness. A$$lick has been tearing us POTG a new one mercilessly for decades. He must be a legend in his own mind by now.
        Are you implying that I should STFU because he hasn’t faced a non-POTG jury and been convicted? Or I need to STFU since I’m not as much of a self-proclaimed expert as he seems to be?
        If a person does bad things to or indicts innocent people, they have THE RIGHT to be angry at them. Baldperson is also GUILTY of that conduct, and yes, I’m pissed at him for it.
        Regardless of your tirade, he is GUILTY of WHAT I explained that he is exactly guilty of.
        Please re-read my post before you fire off another shot at me. Maybe you will agree with me on it. Could happen…

        • Everything you stated is no more than opinion, speculation, and second-hand testimony. “Guilty” is for a jury to determine…in each and every instance where a person is charged with a crime. (Bench trials are the exception).

          This is the judgement of a reasonable person (juror): “Just because they cannot duplicate the claimed malfunction, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Guns are machines; machines malfunction, or fail. The prosecution did not prove its case.”

          I don’t want you on my jury (should there be one).

          Over and out.

        • “I did not cavalierly point a revolver at a girl, womanipulate it, shoot her, then rant about my virginal innocence.”

          DEBBIE! Care to comment? 😀

        • “cavalierly point a revolver at a girl“

          He was told where to point the gun by the cinematographer who was setting up the shot, it wasn’t a “cavalier action pointing a gun at a girl”.

      • @SamIAm:
        Read my post,
        Read my post,
        Read my post.
        I’m sorry you would rather condemn and argue than discuss.
        He is guilty of his refusal to accept his participation. At all.
        If you drive a car over a girl and blame everything else under the sun, diverting attention from the fact that YOU WERE DRIVING, you would be acting like Alec Baldwin. He is guilty of THAT BEHAVIOR. In my eyes, also MANSLAUGHTER. YMMV.
        Bye Bye.

        • Miner49er falsely claimed, “He was told where to point the gun by the cinematographer who was setting up the shot.”
          No, the cinematographer he killed did not, I repeat NOT tell him to point the gun at her! She was not suicidal.
          No, there was nothing in the script saying to point the gun at the cinematographer.
          No, there is nothing in any script in any movie in the history of the universe telling an actor to point a gun at the cinematographer. — there are safety rules forbidding that.
          No, there is nothing in any script telling an actor to point a gun at a camera that is manned by a live person — there are safety rules forbidding that!
          As executive producer, Alec Baldwin was responsible for safety on the set.
          Fact: Alec Baldwin took a working gun, made the decision to aim it at a woman in violation of all safety rules, cocked the hammer, and pulled the trigger.
          If I were in charge of the case, I’d be looking into First Degree Murder, investigating whether Baldwin had a motive for killing the cinematographer, because his actions (aiming the gun at her, cocking the hammer, and pulling the trigger) suggest the possibility of an intentional murder.

    • This is a much simpler situation. The prosecutor just got elected to the legislature. Under the New Mexico Constitution you cannot be both a member of any two of the three branches of government, executive, judicial and legislative.

      It doesn’t really gain Baldwin much…a small delay and a different prosecutor.

      The other thing that he won so far was getting rid of the gun related sentencing enhancement because it wasn’t enacted until after the shooting. Ex post facto problem, also legit.

      I’m no fan of this asshole but these two wins were legit.

      • “…a different prosecutor.”

        Would you care to know about the political opinions of the remaining pool of people who might prosecute this case?

        This is a big, big win for Baldwin.

        • In this case that happened and, yeah, it’s a technically correct point. But it’s also entirely immaterial to the actual prosecution.

          IRL, Reeb wasn’t going to prosecute this case even if she lost the election. A reason would be found or manufactured to pass this to the “right” person because that’s how the city works.

          On the off chance that God Himself had intervened and she did prosecute it, she’d still lose the case. Again, because that’s how the city works.

          This is all a bullshit sideshow. The outcome is predetermined. Just as it was for SFCSD deputies and Sheriffs, a few police Chiefs and some other city officials, none of which are ancient history.

          Santa Feans like Santa Fe the way it is; Pretty, touristy, artsy, rich, corrupt as fuck with excellent options for high end booze, good marijuana and top-shelf cocaine all topped off with a very, very, very Leftist tilt.

        • Oh, yeah, that might make you wonder where the win is.

          Well, his chances of avoiding conviction were always exceedingly good, but now they’re a lead-pipe cinch.

          Really, the big W is that this will move very easily to spin in his favor after the case is over and he’ll rapidly be the “victim”.

          He’ll be not-guilty. She’ll have left the case for a “conflict of interest” (which, yes, is legit) and he’ll be made a martyr because facts and logic will be ignored to spin this as “a prosecutor with a conflict of interest tried to prosecute him for a crime that never happened”.

          That’ll be laundered at the local level and then up to the national level to rehab Baldwin. The “local experts who paid close attention to the case” will be his character witnesses assuring us that the case was trash and Reeb was a MAGA political hack. Which works perfectly for the narrative because there’s an R next to her name where political affiliation is noted and she’s from a hayseed, inbred hick area like Clovis. I mean, shit, Clovis? It even SOUNDS inbred, amirite?

    • This isn’t about NM in general, it’s the specific locality in question.

      And no, it’s not “corruptible”. It’s highly corrupt and has been for several generations. It’s also mostly populated these days with batshit crazy Lefties who don’t pay attention and don’t care about the corruption unless that corruption crosses over some line that’s in another part of their dogma.

      Corrupt cops and DAs? No problem so long as they’re not prosecuting or otherwise harming illegals, transmission genders or POC of the appropriate color.

    • Of course there is a dual justice system. The rich and the politically connected no longer face the consequences of their bad behavior. Hillary Clinton essentially gave loads of classified information to anyone with internet access and knowledge of how to get at her unprotected server and will never be prosecuted. Joe Biden, “the big guy” will never answer for the corrupt selling of access and favors. Nancy Pelosi and most of the Congress are guilty of insider trading and will never go to jail for it.

  2. “Baldwin was pointing a pistol at Hutchins when the gun went off, killing her and wounding the director, Joel Souza.”
    The gun went off? All by itself? Loaded with live rounds? All by itself?

    • “Baldwin was pointing a pistol at Hutchins when he pulled the trigger causing the gun to go off killing her and wounding the director, Joel Souza.

    • Are you not seeing the connection between what you just said, in the form of questions, and anti-gunner logic in general?

      Yes, it just went off. Yes, it killed someone. That’s why these things are dangerous and should be banned for all but .gov agents who are highly trained in the handling of such unfuckin’ believable dangerous things.

      He should never have been forced into such a dangerous position and it was all done because greedy capitalists basically enslaved him to make money and did so with callous indifference to the harms to him or anyone else.

      ^^Yes, this is how they think.^^ Yes, for many Santa Feans Mr. Baldwin is some sort of victim of a society that forced him into the presence of a murder-machine because of capitalism and a lack of human compassion for the people who obviously ran a very high chance of being harmed.

      You’re just damned fuckin’ lucky it wasn’t an AR-15 because those things have mind control powers that create mass shooters.

      Yes, your average Santa Fean is fuckin’ nuts. The place isn’t called “The San Francisco of the High Desert” for no reason.

  3. What is concerning is that the jurors sitting on this case are not smart enough to get out of jury duty.

    • Everybody wants to be on a jury now so they can get a book deal, make fools of themselves on national TV or just be activist jurors.

      From over-zealous prosecutors, to judge shopping to adult children on jurys the whole system is a farce.

    • Wally1:
      I was of the impression that this had not gone to trial yet. So… what jurors???

  4. Filming on the movie “Rust” is scheduled to be resuming soon at an undisclosed new location. Here’s hoping that all future scenes containing Baldwin have to be inconvenienced by the Set Director having to create scenes from within his jail cell.

  5. Haha, yeah. Under pressure by Article III section I of the New Mexico Constitution. I agree that this was likely just appeal bait.

  6. hutchins:
    married to a lawyer
    who worked for the same law firm
    that defended the only lawyer
    from hillarys 2016 campaign
    to be indicted by the durham probe
    the timeline:
    1 michael sussman is indicted and thereby becomes a significant threat to hillary
    2 halyna hutchins dies in a very strange turn of events
    3 michael sussman is acquitted
    see also:
    roughly about the same time
    that all this was going on
    alec baldwin was being sued for defamation
    in federal court for 25 million dollars
    and was saved from this financial calamity
    by a favorable ruling from a district court judge

    • “Who loaded the gunm?“

      “His suit names Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the film’s armorer, who was in charge of handling guns and ammunition on set; Dave Halls, the first assistant director, who handed the gun to Mr. Baldwin that day and declared it safe; Sarah Zachry, the crew member in charge of props; and Seth Kenney, who has been described as the primary supplier of guns and ammunition to the film set“

  7. How many times have I pointed out that no matter how much you want actual justice, he’s gonna get a slap on the fuckin’ wrist AT MOST?

    Facts don’t matter. Take a trip to Santa Fe. Plan it right and I’ll even meet you there and give you a tour. Introduce you to the restaurant and art class too. You’ll rapidly see what I mean.

    Dude’s not going to prison. Get over it.

    • “Strych” has Santa Fe nailed……all true.
      Even if, and that is a HUGH friggin’ IF! it went to trial, it would be seated w/ stoopid Dim’s who make $10 bucks an hour, pay $1500 a month to rent a shitty little apartment, live w/ (4) roommates just to squeak by and are pissed on by every Woke/rich A-hole that own 90% of the city and leave servers a $5 tip after their $1K meal and think these peon workers should be grateful for their generosity!…. and these a-holes will STILL vote Demoncrat! because they are doing BETTER than ever thought they would.
      No gentlemen AB will do zero time. He will buy a couple of paintings from local ‘artists’, maybe donate to a local charity/shelter but he is a hero in the starry eyes of that disgusting city. They’ve already ‘toasted’ the demise of poor Halyna who messed up their schedule by getting in the way of that boolit! Now, they have to relocate to Montana to finish the project and put her memory in the rear view and she will maybe be a credit @ the end of the final roll call. Her husband as I mentioned before gets to be Exec. Producer! WOO HOO bully for him! How friggin’ sick are these people??? VERY EVIL!

    • I’ve said before that he doesn’t spend one day in jail. Hell he wasn’t even booked when he was charged and his lawyers show up to court in his absence.

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