Joe Biden Debate
Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden gestures while speaking during the first presidential debate Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)
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By Larry Keane

Former Vice President Joe Biden is the captain now.

“The party is me,” Biden said during the presidential debate. “Right now, I am the Democratic Party. I am the Democratic Party right now.”

The debate didn’t touch on gun control. Amidst the arguing and speaking over one another, the candidates touched on Supreme Court nominees, law enforcement, riots and looting. The topic of gun rights or gun control wasn’t addressed. The former vice president, though, told the American public exactly where he is on gun control when he uttered that phrase. He wants more of it. Lots more.

The Democratic Party adopted the Biden-Harris platform at their convention earlier this year that laid out their plans to enact unprecedented gun control. It’s a ban plan, an elimination plan and watchlist plan that will strip law-abiding Americans of their God-given rights and do nothing to address crime reduction.

Ban Plan

“Democrats will ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high capacity magazines,” their plan reads. The party maligns the modern sporting rifle by attempting to equate it with an automatic firearm used by the military. What they want to ban are semiautomatic firearms simply over cosmetic features and make technology that is more than 100 years old illegal. They would ban the manufacture and sale the most popular-selling centerfire rifle on the market today.

Elimination Plan

The Biden-Harris plan would eliminate “online sales of guns and ammunition” denying Americans the ability to shop online and purchase firearms, which can only be transferred by the retailer to the customer in a face-to-face transaction after a mandatory FBI background check. That background check, too, would be required for every transfer of a firearm.

Biden’s plan would criminalize private firearm transfers, whether that be a sale, a father handing a shotgun down to his child, sisters lending their handgun to one another or lifelong friends swapping guns as collectibles. That right would be eliminated, and worse, criminalized.

Watchlist Plan

That’s not all Biden wants. His plan to enact universal background checks would create registries that would put innocent Americans on government watchlists. That’s regulation that is barred by federal law, but they’ve got a plan for that.

He would force states to create a licensing scheme for firearm ownership and Americans would be forced to pay a fee to exercise a right. Illinois gives insight to the calamity that awaits. Illinois has among the strictest gun control laws, but the Firearms Owner Identification (FOID) Card system is a train wreck. The state has a backlog of more than three months and more than 135,000 applications to process a card to allow citizens to exercise their rights.

Biden proposes to go further and mandate how a firearm is stored in the home. Biden disregards the U.S. Supreme Court struck such a requirement in the landmark 2008 Heller decision. The opinion written by the late Justice Antonin Scalia did more than affirm the Second Amendment is an individual right. That decision also struck down the District of Columbia’s law that a firearm must be kept in the home with a trigger lock as unconstitutional.

This is the ship that Biden is piloting. The ship has no rudder. U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) said the party would drift further left if Biden is elected. Biden is putting his party on a collision course with the Constitution, the Supreme Court and voters. Biden is the captain now.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. Except when it comes to calling out Democrat governors for allowing the riots to go on, then he isn’t an elected official

        • Yes I am that idiot who will jump off a bridge if everyone else did and I WILL cut my nose off to spite my face.

        • Thank you so much for appropriating my handle!
          Imitation is truly the sincerest form of flattery.
          Pro tip for those for whom English is a second language, the first letter of a name is usually capitalized.
          But thanks for trying, it is entertaining to watch your childish attempts at disinformation.

          By the way, I’m so sorry to hear that your friend Donald Trump is losing his free government housing in January, that certainly is a shame.

          But you know, we need to stop the slackers and their immigrant wives from just wanting free stuff from the government, folks should pay their way like the Bidens who paid $300,000 in income tax last year.

        • “…the Bidens who paid $300,000 in income tax last year.”

          OH! You mean they didn’t pay taxes on that $3.5 million dollar wire transfer from the Russians?

        • “OH! You mean they didn’t pay taxes on that $3.5 million dollar wire transfer from the Russians?”

          If it’s a gift, then you don’t pay taxes on it.

          “…the Bidens who paid $300,000 in income tax last year.”

          Was that number above and beyond what was required by the tax code? Trump willingly gave $400,000 back to the federal government that wasn’t even required. He’s done this every year since being elected. Trump would have to be a fool not to use the tax incentives provided by the Obama Biden administration.

        • @Dude

          Wrong. Gifts of $10,000 or less are not taxed. Anything over that gets counted as income for your AGI. Hunter most assuredly did not pay a dime on the $3,490,000 he received so graciously from the wife of the mayor of Moscow.

          Both Biden sons took after their father, and are/were bonafide PoS.

        • It’s my understanding that the Giftor is responsible for any tax, not the Giftee, and then only after the Giftor has surpassed the lifetime gift limit of over $10 million. It might become more complicated since the money was coming from outside of the country. Regardless, taxes are the least of their worries. They should be able to explain why this money was received, especially after pretending, but never proving, that the Russians were paying Trump.

        • @Dude

          There are some wonky rules with lifetime gifting, and the gifter paying the taxes in certain situations, but if the gifter does not provide their own tax info (doubtful being a foreign entity), it falls on the receiver of the gift. I 100% agree though that they likely did not pay anything, nor explain the ridiculous circumstances around it.

          In short, fuck the Bidens, and their brain-dead supporters.

  2. How sad this buffoon is the face of a major political party. And fancy Nancy. And satan…come on man! Resurrect JFK.

    • The author failed to mention the 30-50% taxes Sleepy Joe says he will slap on guns and ammo, as if prices weren’t high enough already thanks to demand.

      And the $200 tax stamp for every magazine and “assault weapon” the communists will make you register (register or sell it to the gov, they say). The rules on the proposal states a glock with a threaded barrel is considered an assault weapon, so it, too must be surrendered or registered. And it’s magazines are each separate stamps, as they have more than 10 round capacity…

      And no more parts or ammo by mail- you need a background check/ license to buy them and there is a tax on that as well.

  3. Police defund ? Hell yeah! Lockdowns and no jobs for small businesses. Heres the deal COVID mask crap I’m supporting AOC and Omar’s dream of an America ruled by sharia law. Defending Obama’s legacy with continued it’s all about the gay agenda. ISIS, Urkaine, Made in China dominance. CHAZ, CHOP, Antifa, BLM and fake racism crap, I love communism and sniffing little girls hair. No manufacturing jobs, no energy independence who needs gasoline for war? No 2 amendment Jill and I will cry when you die! No freedom of speech silence culture IS coming for your jobs SO dont disagree with me, it will only piss me off. Mandatory Worship and training for LGBT on Sundays or be fired from your job on Monday. Mandatory Transgender story hour for fetuses who survive. No freedom of religion unless your a Muslim. I will succeed with blaming others for all the failures of my do nothing administration. Trump will go to jail for COVID. (When obviously ha ha it came from China and hes a xenophobic of Chinese viruses.) I am presently hard at work figuring how to speak with my ear device for my next debate. Also working with the defecating approving pedophile loving demonic hollyweird Democrats and MSM to control and slowly destroy America which is what people really want. Please vote for the 47 year useless record of me Joe Biden. And please Make Hunter Bidens Income great again. MHBIGA forever!

  4. Biden’s defense of ANTIFA as just an “idea” was as shocking and baldfaced a lie as I’ve ever heard.

    Joe Biden, YOUR voters and supporters ARE the violent Marxist ANTIFA armed mob, overrunning and burning down American cities, attacking and shooting ordinary citizens, and attempting to assassinate law enforcement in cold blood.

    How stupid do you actually think people (other than your voters, obviously…) are?

    This cannot, and will not stand.

      • I do declare…The media were all in shock after the debate. Why how could the POTUS be so awful to the innocent democRat joe biden? The POTUS should have let bygones be bygones after obama, joe, hilliary and the fake news media ran with a diabolical concocted scheme to overthrow a duly elected POTUS.

        Schemes that cost American Tax Payers millions only to find after 3 years Nothing, NADA. From the start everyone with a lick of common sense knew it was all democRat Party Lies and the Rat Party never listened. But when has the sleazy self serving democRat Party ever listened to, “We The People?

        And don’t forget about an innocent phone call the POTUS made to Ukraine where the conversation turned to verify if an already ongoing investigation of the bidens was still underway? That conversation overheard by many others prompted a trial of the POTUS and resulted in the most lame, far fetched impeachment in US History. So the POTUS is just going to stand there in a debate after all the slander and libel and roll over and play dead for one of the key democRat ratbassturds behind all the schemes, lies, impeachment, etc?

        Don’t forget about the witch hunt of the USSC Nominee Kavanugh where liar after liar tried to stop his appointment to the USSC. What the rotten democRat Party and their media cohorts did to the USSC Nominee was despicable.

        Frankly the POTUS is entitled to some good old fashioned Street Justice and after the BIg Mouth ratbassturd biden called the POTUS a “clown” biden deserved an attitude adjustment…and probably almost got one. Rest assured those in the media with the look of shock on their faces are so low they have to look up to see down.

        Show us smiley face Jim Crow Gun Control joe how you can tax us and promise all your slime green job creations like you and b. h. obama promised America all those, “Shovel Ready Jobs.”

        The POTUS was spot on when he said he has done more for America in 47 months than joe biden has done over the past 47 years.

        More than ever I am…
        TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • Here’s the deal, read Debbie W’s reply above because that’ the deal, right there that’s the deal. Don’t forget to read the deal as explained by Debbie W, I tell you it’s the deal.

    • Agreed, but he was allowed to get away with it, and much more. Trump was unable to land any solid blows, and Wallace was in Biden’s corner. Trump had an opportunity to promote his policies that favor blacks and didn’t do it, and just took the loss whereas this in actuality is a real opportunity for him. A lot of Black’s would go for Trump if he’d only act like he wants it. I believe a lot of them have come around to how the left panders to them, never helps them, and then comes sniffing around every four years. They’d go to Trump in large numbers if he’d play it correctly and draw attention to the very real things he’s done to help that community. Hispanics are coming over, too, yet they were never mentioned last night and are lost in the noise of all this BLM bullshit.
      This was supposed to be a night where Biden had to actually answer some questions and it never happened, no glove was landed. Hate to say it, but Biden won that debate by virtue of just getting through it unscathed. Big lost opportunity for Trump and it wouldn’t shock me if Biden didn’t do another one, he dodged a big bullet and may not have another debate in him. HE showed he could do it, he’s off the hook there, he’d be stupid to press his luck. I’m sure he’ll be advised not to.

      • @Ridgerunner
        I disagree that he successfully dodged the bullets. By forcing Biden to answer some direct questions Trump made him alienate the far left portion of his base and Bernie’s folks. Additionally, Joe would not answer whether he would pack the court. Again, the far left doesn’t want to guess about that. They wanted a firm “Yes I will”.

  5. If Sleepy Joe is the Democratic Party right now, does that make Trump the Republicanic Party? Biden is in the DEMOCRAT Party, there is nothing democratic about it.

  6. I literally rolled my eyes at everything that I saw last night between the two candidates, Trumps tacit endorsement of violent racists, and Biden saying ANTIFA is just an idea.

    Gonna need more guns and ammo to deal with this plague that is besieging this country…

    • the racists ARE ANTIFA. Can you not see that ?before Obama was POTUS there was no Antifa nor BLM groups. They came to be under the Obama admin.

      And if fighting communism is being racist…count me in.

      • “before Obama was POTUS there was no Antifa nor BLM groups. They came to be under the Obama admin.”

        And I must tell you, history started even before you joined Facebook.

        You have no idea how long minorities and liberal movements have been working together to achieve equality and civil rights for all.

        For starters, you might investigate the black panthers, students for a democratic society, the national Association for the advancement of colored people, and the Symbionese liberation Army.

        • “You have no idea how long minorities and liberal movements have been working together to achieve equality and civil rights for all.”

          Yeah!! Equality and civil rights for all… except if you are white, then you are the devil.

        • How sad, you still don’t get the handle correctly.

          While this time you did capitalize the first letter, you failed to add the lowercase ‘er’ at the end.

          Seriously, you need to file a report with your handlers and seek remedial English lessons so you can more successfully pass as a ‘good American citizen‘.

        • His claim is accurate. American Antifa groups and BLM did not exist until Obama’s reign. BLM was founded in 2013, specifically, in the wake of the Trayvon Martin case.

  7. 1). Trump did better here than the 1st 2016 Debate against Hillary Clinton with Lester Holt moderating.

    2). Trump went into 2016 GOP Primary Mode. He brawled on Biden like he did to Jeb Bush in thos GOP Primaries.

    3). Biden tried to come across as a Centrist.

    Limbaugh, Levin, Savage, and Alex Jones all predicted what Biden would do. Trump now has the tone set to expose Biden’s true colors.

    • Did someone say earpiece?

      You mean like the one Donald Trump uses?

      “Donald Trump is trying to clean up a racially charged controversy Monday after he refused to disavow former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke over the weekend.

      When asked about his comments on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Trump blamed a “bad earpiece.”
      “I was sitting in a house in Florida, with a bad earpiece,” the brash billionaire told NBC’s “Today” show. “I could hardly hear what he’s saying. I hear various groups. I don’t mind disavowing anyone. I disavowed Duke the day before at a major conference.”

      • Personally thou, I must confess, I prefer being a ‘mouthpiece’ if you know what I mean.

        Got a really nice collection of knee pads in case there is a crowd.

  8. Gotta change the constitution and get the vote in congress, OH! and deal with the millions of guns out in the public the Citizens refuse to give up.

    • 100’s of millions. and remember, we only give up our guns if we say we do. would you turn a gun over to that senile idiot or his whore running mate?

  9. It’s all about disarming the populace. Socialism plan & simple. They don’t care about saving lives or making the country safer. They will be happy when only two classes of people have guns: criminals and elitists.

  10. Yeah, we know, you old fool! That’s why you’ll never see the inside of the oval office again, or you’ll be the primary cause of civil war 2.0!

  11. McCarthyism NOW!!! Round up every Un-American Piece of Communist Excrement and Exile THEM permanently from all U.S. shores! All THEM!!! The Right and the Middle NEED to grow a big pair, and stand up for the U.S. Constitution-Bill of Rights! Or The DNC Politburo and it’s agents will wipe out America! Turn it completely into a 3rd world banana 🍌 Republic like Mexico or Venezuela!

  12. 22,450= The number of people employed by the TRUMP ORGANIZATION…
    $1,670,000,000.00= 2019 payroll of Trump Organization…
    $0.00= total amount of Presidential salary Trump kept in 2017/18/19/20 yr to date…

    0= number of “REAL” jobs held by Joe Biden (EVER)
    0= The number of businesses owned by Joe Biden
    0= The number of people employed by Joe Biden (excluding the undocumented housekeeper, pool boy and lawn care guy)….
    $15,600,000.00= income reported by the Bidens for 2018/19
    $300,000.00= taxes paid on 15.6 million and their bitching about Trump who donated his ENTIRE Presidential salary totalling 1.6 million by the end of 2020 to charity? Good luck getting the average guy to feel sorry for the Bidens who reported a net worth of around 9 million in 2019… (of course that does not include income from Hunters “side” job whatever that is)…

  13. Joe’s positions laid out in the debate: Biden will make everyone rich by the government forcing businesses to rebuild existing buildings and placing strict restrictions on new buildings, vehicles, and energy. That won’t hurt business and disposable income at all. We won’t ever have anymore hurricanes, floods, or fires because Joe believes in climate change, and will immediately sign the Paris Climate Accord. It’s super duper possible for the country to be carbon neutral in no time, while everyone’s getting rich with great clean energy jobs. No one else will ever die from Covid because Joe isn’t Trump. A vaccine could only be trusted with Joe as president because, well because he isn’t Trump. Did I miss anything?

    • Let’s see… Elect Biden and the clouds will part, there will be a world wide sigh of relief, Antifa and BLM will disband, college graduates will move out of mommies basement, China will stop trying to destroy the U.S. AOC will start prepping to run with Kamala in 24 and all will be right in the world because Biden is not Trump…. Yeah you got it…

    • The part of the debate when Joe accused the President of reducing jobs in the federal government.

      My wife and I both yelled “Good!” at the same time.

      Joe Biden thinks the gov’t should be chief employer, owner, and the boss.

      We don’t need the government to be Mommy and Daddy as Joe wants either.

      • My Green New Deal will create 7 million government teatsuckers.

        Um, Joe, didn’t you just finish telling us your plan isn’t the Green New Deal?

        (Wallace quickly closes the discussion)

    • Don’t think it was an ear piece but some form of bone conduction tech.

      President Trump needs the NSA techs on site at next debate to block this.

      • Block it? Heck no.
        Record and rebroadcast, in the clear, live. And at the same time, perform a location trace, and expose, on camera.

    • We DO NOT have to go along with any bullshit gun confiscation the democrats come up with. Who’s going to come to our houses and take them. Just don’t waste ammo for the time being.

  14. I’m sure when Biden said “I’m the Democratic Party” heads lit up all over Washington. Kamala probably doubled over with that evil laugh of hers. Pelosi likely crapped ice cream in her panties. Schumer dropped his eighth shot of bourbon down his shirt.

    So, now I know what I always suspected — the Democratic Party is an old, racist white guy. Oh well, so much for diversity.

  15. Watch “Riding the Dragon” on YouTube. It has three parts. I only watched part 1 so far and was blown away. Its Joe, and Hunter and their schemes with China, Ukraine and maybe Russia come in during last 2 parts. It’s amazing what the two of them have done.


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