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"Why won't people like you shut the hell up and let me bankrupt the gun industry?"
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By Larry Keane

Former Vice President Joe Biden declared election victory, even as President Donald Trump continues to challenge results in several states. Runoffs are slated for both U.S. Senate seats from Georgia, which could decide the balance of power in Washington, D.C. and whether agendas get an unquestioned green light or hit roadblocks.

The Biden camp is already forming the presidential transition team and increased gun control is on the table. While everyone is trying to read the political tea leaves to predict what will happen, the firearm industry is taking a pragmatic approach.

When it comes to gun control, take Biden at his word.

He’s given plenty of public comment to know exactly what he wants to do if he’s unchecked. It’s nothing short of ending Second Amendment rights and reducing them to a nanny-state privilege that’s closely monitored and meted out piecemeal to a select few. It also means the firearm industry would be decimated through harassing litigation, overburdening regulation and a bevy of laws that won’t improve public safety but would render law-abiding Americans vulnerable to criminals.

‘The Enemy’

Biden made it crystal clear his thoughts on firearm manufacturers at the onset of the Democratic presidential primary race in July 2019.

“Our enemy is the gun manufacturers, not the NRA, the gun manufacturers,” Biden said.

Biden’s gun control plan would criminalize private firearm sales, requiring every firearm transfer to be conducted through licensed firearm retailers. He’d also crack down on those retailers, using the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) as an anvil by which to crush businesses for even minor clerical errors in inspections. He argued for the same failed so-called mandatory “smart gun” technology for which he led a task force in the Obama administration. It wasn’t ready for testing then and it’s still not ready today.

That was the beginning of the Biden gun control agenda. That’s now burgeoned to include every radical gun control wish list item. It starts at a national state-by-state licensing scheme and rationing gun rights to just one sale per month for every law-abiding American.

That’s not all. He’d destroy the firearm industry by pushing to repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, exposing manufacturers to harassing lawsuits by activist lawyers that long to bankrupt manufacturers for political means and use the courts to advance an agenda that doesn’t survive legislative scrutiny.


Biden unequivocally admitted to CNN’s Anderson Cooper in a 2019 interview that he would pursue an unconstitutional firearm confiscation agenda.

“To gun owners out there who say a Biden administration means they’re going to come for my guns…” Cooper said.

“Bingo,” Biden interrupted. “You’re right, if you have an assault weapon,” which the former vice president deridingly refers to when he speaks of MSRs. “The fact of the matter is they should be illegal. Period.”

That goes much further than reenacting the failed 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, to which in the same interview, Biden agreed it didn’t reduce crime. That means he’d go after the more nearly 20 million MSRs in circulation today.

“What I would do is institute a national buyback program,” Biden explained. He admitted then that outright confiscation of MSRs for lawful ownership was a Constitutional hurdle.

“Right now, there’s no legal way that I’m aware of where you could deny the right if they had legally purchased them,” Biden told CNN of his confiscation plans. “But we can, in fact, make a major effort to get them off the street and out of the possession of people.”

That was 2019. Today, he’s looking for the loopholes. One way Biden’s trying to achieve his agenda is by reclassifying the MSR to fall under the 1934 National Firearms Act so the more than century-old technology would be treated in the same fashion as short-barrel rifles and machine guns. That would require owners to be put on federal lists, submit fingerprints, photos, inform chief law enforcement officers, endure duplicitous background checks, wait more than nine months for approval and pay a $200 tax for the privilege to continue to own what they already legally purchased.

Those who don’t would see their firearms confiscated by a Biden administration.

‘I Don’t Work for You’

A Biden administration would be quickly hounded by gun control cronies like billionaire Michael Bloomberg and his gun control groups Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action. They’ll be joined by others including Brady and Giffords. Both groups issued press releases on their laundry list of action items to limit and deny Second Amendment rights.

That’s who a Biden administration would work for and not every day, law-abiding Americans who want to exercise their rights. Biden made that clear when he told Detroit union worker Jerry Wayne, “You’re full of sh*t.” Biden later added, “I’m not working for you. Don’t be such a horse’s ass.”

Biden, who claims blue-collar roots, doesn’t think much of the “everyday” individual carrying a lunch pail to the factory floor and wants to exercise Second Amendment rights during free time. He’s much more attuned to the far-left radical agenda his running mate U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) brought to the ticket, wanting to bring California-style gun control to the rest of the country.

The firearm industry believes him. There’s no reason to doubt or to equivocate with calls to unite. Taking Biden at anything less than his word is malfeasance.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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    • One of my six-shooters holds 9 rounds. Another holds 5. Still another does hold six but it has two cylinders so between them that’s 12.

      none of them holds salt, but I’ve a salt shaker for that so no worries.

      • Stop reading his replies and don’t respond if you’ve read any part of them. He does it to pull your chain and get a response. He gets the last laugh. Sooner or later he will go away if he doesn’t receive feedback he requires.

      • WTF is your problem? VA citizens elected the D’s and then we had to fight the D’s tooth and nail to stop doing what they said they were going to do. It was a very tough fight, but we were able to keep them from passing the worst of the bills. Next GA session is going to be very bad, too, maybe even worse.

        I haven’t a clue you could misconstrue that statement to anything other than “Yea, the D’s will follow through with their treats look what they did to us”, but I guess it’s possible. If you suggest I’m an anti-2A troll – step off, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  1. Yes, we have that fight on our hands. When it will truly start in President-elect Bidens’ administration is hard to predict, there are many much more severe concerns to take on. Real problems far removed from Hoplophobic delusions about guns. Especially considering that Trump abdicated his responsibility with the pandemic early on and has now entirely abandoned his leadership responsibilities, busy as he is chasing ego saving efforts in a miserably failed election loss.

    Trump actually lost by the same margin he beat Shrillery by. Now how’s that for irony!?

    The makeup of the Senate has to settle out, and that is a run-off election in Georgia come January. One of our two laughable so-called “political parties” will have a weak and largely ineffectual majority. Possibly one will hold the Veep position for tie-breaking votes but at this stage nothing is certain.

    What is certain is all Federal gun laws must now be challenged energetically with new lawsuits and advancing existing ones on appeal. Pushing those most likely to fit in with the previously expressed judicial-constitutional thinking of the now 5.5 conservative votes on the Supreme Court. That is where real gains for gun rights are most likely to be achieved, and bad laws defeated.

    The fault for all this lays solidly upon all those conservatives who were reckless enough to support Trump over a large field of options for the 2016 Republican nomination. You chose poorly, placed our Republic under grave threat, all of which you were warned would happen. The course correction of over 5 million people, many Republican and right of center voters, supporting moderate liberal Biden is the outcome of your shameful transgression.

    Now, you need to get off the delusional, cult-owned hay wagon and restore the Republican Party to the concept of “Reason”, as our Founders understood “Reason”. As a hint, they gave us the gift of all those checks and balances in our system of government out of well reasoned concerns that a charismatic despot such as Trump could one day achieve wide appeal, and do grave damage to the Republic.

    That is where we are today, it is your fault, and you are still declining to learn from it. Which puts you in good company with AOC Squad, who likewise are failing to accept their part in weakening the victory of their party with their far left of center chatter.

    Funny how that tends to work out. The two parties having essentially the same malfunction, the failure of Reason, but from opposite ideological perspectives.

    • Good luck energetically challenging bad laws now that you’ve handed tiller over to the left. Trump, for all his faults, would have been a hell of a lot better to have around to replace Thomas and Breyer, than Biden or Harris will be. We have a couple years, if we’re lucky, before the SCOTUS tilts back.
      Furthermore, do you really believe the SCOTUS will address the rapid-fire administrative attacks that are coming our way? Pistol braces — they’re legal, wait, they’re illegal, wait, they’re only illegal if you shoulder them, wait, you’re manufacturing an SBR if you hold an otherwise legal firearm a certain way, wait, they’re legal after all. Day 1 of Biden’s administration, they will be illegal again. Regardless of how you feel about pistol braces, the situation poses an excellent example of what is coming to us on numerous fronts now. No law-abiding citizen in a supposedly free country should be subject to a felony if they can’t keep track of all this regulatory whiplash. They’ll pull the same tactic on any accessory or firearm they think they can get away with.
      To say nothing of the anti-2A judges down the bench that Biden will appoint, rendering your energetic challenges pointless anyway.

      • Well then, if you believe all that then why did you select Trump, an obvious liar and phony, to be the 2016 Republican nominee? Elections have consequences and lots of people stated what would happen in very plain language. It is not as if Trump was an unknown factor, he’d been lying and bragging his worthless, amoral, thieving ass off his entre life. The “Never Trumpers” certainly saw him for what he was, how could the rest of you be so incredibly wrong headed and willfully blind?

        • Because Hillary Clinton would have been far, far worse, obviously? Did you vote for Clinton? Is voting for the most anti-2A candidate in every election to somehow advance the 2A your idea of 4D chess or something? With bonus points for being a smug douche to everyone else in the Second Amendment community who doesn’t grasp the genius of voting for gun-grabbers.

          I also reject your premise that Trump has been all that bad. My investments have never looked better. Gas has been cheap in my neck of the woods. My employer has been able to pay out bonuses every quarter. Nobody is perfect but you people that check under your bed at night for an orange-skinned monster are beyond hysterical.

        • The choice was not between Trump and Shrillery. The choice was between anyone but Trump, and Shrillery. And as we all witnessed, Shrillery ran an incompetent campaign.

        • OUR U S A has the constitution and Bill of Rights. When some communist decides that he can change all that then we need to draw the like around the Red States and tell them that this is the USA and that the blue states are a different country.

        • “And as we all witnessed, Shrillery ran an incompetent campaign.”

          And so did Biden. The difference was that Big Media and Big Tech didn’t sleep on Trump this time. They promised to do more to influence the outcome after the 2016 loss, and they did. Since the tech giants are multi-national corporations, shouldn’t that count as foreign election interference? Only a drooling moron would believe that Russian had ANY influence in the 2016 outcome.

        • The “Never Trumpers” certainly saw him for what he was”

          The only thing these Globalist/Military Industrial Complex saw was their power diminished.

          You voted for more world conflicts and War, enuf. You should be very proud of yourself.

    • enuf,

      … considering that Trump abdicated his responsibility with the pandemic early on …

      Tell us enuf: what exactly did Trump do wrong early on? What should Trump have done early on that he failed to do? I want specifics.

      • He ignored early warnings, played them down publicly even as he admitted the disease was a frightening killer. He faked a ban on travelers from china, waiting much too long and leaving wide open exceptions for tens of thousands of travelers. He ignored European travel at the same time even though the disease was spiking there. He failed utterly to make use of the Defense Production Act and continues to do so to this vey day. He promoted false cures and treatments and continues to do so today. He fired the team setup to deal with an outbreak and ignored standing plans and procedures developed by past administrations. He sidelined the CDC and other agencies with the skill sets and experts to respond, placing his incompetent family in charge of critical responses they then failed at. He held events devoid of any sound disease prevention methods, creating super-spreader events out of it. To this very day he continues to personalize the pandemic unto himself, as an assault upon his personal brand and image. He continues to ignore his role as President to lead in a crisis, instead spreading lies and fantasy over science and medicine.

        The parade of criminal incompetence resulting in tens of thousands of avoidable deaths is the single greatest leadership failure of a President in our history, either in time of war or peace.

        Trump is a Traitor to the Republic as real and deadly as if he had handed over war plans to an enemy in combat.

        • “He ignored early warnings, played them down publicly”?!

          It was Fauci and the WHO that initially was telling the entire world it was isolated cases and there was no human to human transmission, then telling us later it was not airborne and we didn’t need to wear a mask and there was no need to ban travel?

          “He faked a ban on travelers from china, waiting much too long”?1

          We got the vast majority of our covid strains from Europe _precisely_ because it was _Europe_ that didn’t ban travel from China… Then you have this gem:

          “A wall will not stop the coronavirus. Banning all travel from Europe — or any other part of the world — will not stop it.” – Joe Biden, March 12, 2020

          “He sidelined the CDC and other agencies with the skill sets and experts to respond..”?!

          It was the CDC that botched the early PCR test kits, one which required only inpatient people to get orifacially violated and then the test sent _only_ to the CDC lab in Atlanta for processing that could take over a week? By the time the CDC lifted this rule in late February, covid was well seeded in the US already from _Europe_.

          The same CDC and NIH that’s been promoting a barely effective “gold standard” drug costing over $3000 and allowed only inpatient, when it’s been well proven that simple vitamins are _much_ more effective and even as a prophylaxis?

          The way you’ve been peddling untruths makes me believe covid is more your fault than Trumps.

          We’re all going to get covid or immunity one way or another. In an odd way, Biden was both correct as well as wrong. Nothing was going to stop the US from getting covid short of getting it and or developing an immunity. If we didn’t get it from Europe we would have certainly gotten it from Mexico due to all the illegal trafficking. In fact, many people from Mexico have been coming to the US specifically to get covid treatment (and they got it mostly from Spain), a fact that has been suppressed and ignored by the Fascist MSM.

        • “been well proven that simple vitamins are _much_ more effective”

          Give me a break, you people and your bleach and Chloroquinine.

          And of course the CDC‘s response was not perfect, it’s a new virus.

          And Trump downplayed it in public while secretly admitting it was “deadly” because he was afraid it would hurt his public image.

        • You’re calling Trump a traitor for the Covid response, but we all remember you calling him a traitor before Covid-19 even existed. What was your reasoning then? You come across as one of those people that thinks that no matter what.

        • Like every dem did. Or has your deranged brain forgot Pelosi in Chinatown saying everything was okay and come on down for Chinese new year? Or the liars on CNN saying the china travel ban was just xenophob?
          BTW still waiting for your russia collusion proof.

    • You think very highly of yourself enuf? The most foolish always want to lecture others about their (in this case falsely perceived) shortcomings, never realizing what morons they truly are.

      There is a good reason you are thought of so poorly here.

      • And I should care about this why? You people have endangered my Second Amendment Rights and the lives of all Americans with your adherence to that traitor and his cult. Your cult leader lost by over five million votes, meaning far more than just the liberals voted against him.

        And yet you still imagine yourselves to be right or thinking straight?

        • The election is not over yet. In fact I think it might just be getting started if what I’m reading is true.

        • Why should you care, you ask?

          You should not, that is the definition of foolish. You are apparently comfortable with your Faustian bargain you made with people that fundamentally despise everything you are, over your hate for one man.

          Every time their evil agenda moves forward with it’s existential dismantlement of the constitution, liberty, and ultimately the United States, you must live with the fact that you willfully aided in that destruction.

          Are there any give-backs when you sell your soul for hate? I don’t know, but you will likely found out.

    • Nobody gives a shit about the scamdemic other than Karens perpetually afraid of their own shadows and morbidly obese, chain-smoking 80 year-olds.

      And the MSM of course. Fear keeps eyes on the screen.

      • The current count of the dead is 244,421 Americans. This website does the best job of updating from the various sources:

        Twenty of my co-workers have contracted the disease.

        Two of my oldest friends, men I served with in EMS/Rescue, died of the disease in ICU. Both left families behind.

        Your delusions of scams and conspiracy or whatever the hell lies you tell yourself to avoid the truth do not impress me one damned bit.

        • Lol, I have anecdotes too.
          4 friends all positive not one sicker than the average cold.
          Yay, anecdotes!

        • “Nobody gives a shit about the scamdemic”

          You know, initially, I felt much compassion for those who didn’t realize the danger of Covid.
          I realize that the virus hit the urban centers first and it will be quite sometime before the rural areas experienced the death and illness.

          But now that the dangers of ours are clear, there is no excuse for the conspiracy theories in denial.

          And my compassion is just about at an end, when the right wing nut jobs continue to follow trumps lead and intentionally downplay the virus because it does not fit their narrative.

          Now that the virus is running unchecked through the red states you’ll have an opportunity to personally learn about the death and illness, perhaps then you will believe.

          Do you think it is all part of Obama and Hillary‘s plot to have 10 mobile morgues in El Paso now?

          Do you think Joe Biden is behind the Utah governors mask mandate?

          Many of you will continue to blindly follow the New York city slicker as he feeds his ego with his followers lives.

          I really don’t think most of you will believe until the John Deere is pushing the dirt on top of your box.

    • You’re never going to have your perfect nominee for president.

      In four years, I’m sure you’ll come up with some excuse as to why the republican challenger, whoever it is, is as “grave a threat to the nation as Trump was” and vote Democrat again.

  2. Another libertarian moron, whose only purpose is to promote third-party Notions and candidacy is designed to ensure that Republicans lose, and then lecture you on the gracious way to lose. Despite all the Sturm und Drang of the last four years, most of which was amplified or indeed created by the media (thought experiment: how quiet and reassuring has the media been, and oh by the way no more BLM rioters in the streets, since Biden allegedly won? Which of those two forces was the more effective brown shirts for the Democratic Party?), Trump’s tenure has revealed many truths, that the media is entirely to be suspected all the time on every issue, that RINOs like this commentor should be treated like the quislings that they are (another example: George Will), that Democrats will go to any lengths to obtain power, believing as they do that their cause is noble, just and pure and therefore any means necessary are appropriate and indeed required, mandated, and forgivable, that Democrats truly despise America as it has been constituted and evolved, and really do want to do all those things they’ve discussed which will include attacking gun rights in the extreme, and the only guy who stood up to that with someone who was not clubbable, was impervious to the slurs of polite society and could not be shamed, who loved America, and who is in fact on almost every issue right and correct, factually and in every other way. This comment or is it best a RINO Like Paul Ryan or a libertarian dreamer and fool who will never occupy any office or support a successful candidate under that flag because that cannot be done. And now he presumes to lecture us. BTW Which of the other Republican clowns who were on the stage at the earlier parts of the Republican primary process in 2016 would you regard as having the slightest possibility of beating Hillary? Jeb! ? The twitchy unkempt homeless guy Kasich? My answer – none. There were two noble politicians there who have only grown in stature since, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio (BTW Cubans both); the rest, to the extent I remember them, were buffoons. (I don’t remember if Rand Paul was among them, but if he was he’s in the first category also.) so, take your lecture and your sermon and stuff it.

  3. Yep, Biden will try to take your guns, and spy on your communications. At least Republicans let you have guns (but still want to spy on you.)

    If only there were a political party believed in freedom….

    • They all believe in Freedom and agree on many things. But they are caught up in believing they are supposed to hate and despise each other, and so they tell themselves lies.

      Political Parties are a communicable anti-social disease.

  4. Jim Crow Gun Control joe is a pos that belongs in jail for a list of crimes including pimping his son out to Russia, China and Ukraine.
    What sleazy democRats have done to your vote is what Jim Crow democRats did to Black Americans to keep them from winning elections. The Rat Party is old hat at cooking the books. What Filth.

  5. We have to continue fighting this as hard as we can. But as a practical matter I don’t think the Democrats are going to want to spend the political capital necessary to have any chance of passing significant new gun control legislation. Again I think we have to show them that this is really not a battle they want to fight. Support Loeffler and Perdue in Georgia, contact your own Congressional members and let them know no new gun control is acceptable, declare state and local Second Amendment sanctuaries, buy more guns, mags and ammo and of course refuse to comply.

    • They will fight for the complete and total ban of gun ownership as that is part of there end goal of there real goal of the banning of all gun ownership and the confiscation of all guns and the mandated extermination of every single United States citizen that owns a gun, there families as well the complete and total extermination of every single solitary registered Republican, Trump voter as well as every single United state citizen that opposes any of that even if it means literally (and preferable) the extermination of the entire population of the United States minus themselves. Because to them after they pass legislation mandating the extermination of all gun owners, Trump, voters and all who oppose that if 100% of the population oppose that to then the literal extermination of all human life in the United States except themselves is the proper course of action to stay in power. They will rationalize that it is our fault they had to deploy the entire nuclear arsenal to exterminate all human life in the United States because they were not in fill support of the complete extermination of all gun owners, Trump voters, republicans as well as all who oppose that. The extermination of all those people is the right thing to do. It is the justified thing to do since they opposes the democrats and to them all United States citizens that opppse them need to be killed and if that turns into 100% of the country the extermination of 100% of the population is needed.

      • “…as well the complete and total extermination of every single solitary registered Republican…”

        What a relief! My voter registration is ‘Independent’.

        Oh, and a free clue – When the ‘extermination’ begins, those doing the extermination will then be exterminated… 🙂

    • Just a few of the Republicans who disagree with that or are publicly saying the transition teams should begin their work immediately.

      President George W. Bush
      Karl Rove
      Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine
      Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan
      Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker
      Maine Sen. Susan Collins
      Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski
      Utah Sen. Mitt Romney
      Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse
      Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford
      Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley
      South Dakota Sen. John Thune
      South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham
      Ohio Sen. Rob Portman
      South Dakota Sen. Mike Rounds
      Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley
      Texas Sen. John Cornyn
      Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich
      Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger

        • Wouldn’t be so fast to say that. There’s plenty of non-RINO names in that list and others showing up in the news.

      • An “appeal to authority” fallacy.

        That judgment is not theirs to make, nor is the truth on their side.

        Trump is legally allowed to challenge the vote right up to the last second if he wants, just like Al Gore did. And Trump and Biden both are bound by law to accept that final result, win or lose.

  6. Biden is going to go down in history as being the second president responsible for presiding over/starting the second Civil War in this nation.

    • As a rule, Americans are very peaceful and “the very notion of violent reprisal benumbs them.” Which is one reason why BLM and antifa are such successful anomalies.

      • Only because us unwoke people will get in more trouble defending ourselves than they get for the attack.

    • Nonsense. No war is coming over all this.

      Some nut jobs may try to pull an Oklahoma City kind of home-grown terror attack. That is a very real possibility. But civil war?


      • Slight correction:

        “Some RIGHT WING nut jobs may try to pull an Oklahoma City kind of home-grown terror attack.”

  7. I’m not saying i’d bet everything i own on it, but i think the dreams of the more draconian measures (along with the rest of the crazy progressive agenda) died with the blue wave that wasn’t.

    a 50/50+tiebreaker senate isn’t packing the court, adding states, or eliminating the filibuster. After the way the elections shaped up, i’m not even sure Nancy could get those things through the house.

    I’m sure we’ll see some erosion of our gun rights over the next year, but i’m also no longer worried about things like NFA stamps for every single 15 round magazine etc etc

    plus history would suggest the house will turn red in 2 years, and i’m pretty comfortable betting the next POTUS is in 2024 will be a republican. so we should be good for at least this decade

    • I’d agree odds are against the most severe of their agenda getting into law.

      Less convinced that the 2024 party to win the White House is at all predictable. Both parties have their idiot elements still in full force. The Republicans will not admit to why they lost the White House either in 2008, 2012 or 2020. The Democrats will not admit to why they performed so poorly in the 2020 down-ballot races.

      Both parties continue to embrace their delusional, self serving narratives.

      So it could go either way in 2024, depending on the breaks.

      • A big reason republicans lost in 2008 is part of the same reason why they won in 2016. It’s called being against stupid foreign wars. I always thought running well know defense hawk McCain right after the Iraq invasion disaster was about as dumb as it gets. But, hey it was McCain’s turn! That’s how it’s supposed to work in politics, just ask Hillary. Now we’ve come full circle to elect Joe Biden, proud supporter of toppling a sovereign government because…reasons!

    • NJ2AZ,

      … i’m pretty comfortable betting the next POTUS is in 2024 will be a republican.

      Bzzzzzzzt. Wrong. If the states and U.S. Supreme Court refuse to throw out all the bogus votes and thus allow Biden/Harris to win the 2020 election, Biden will resign in a few months and Harris will become U.S. President. Then, come the 2024 election, everyone on the Left with a pulse (and several million without a pulse) and probably almost half of all supposed Conservative women will vote for Harris for no other reason than Harris is a woman and they want to say that they finally installed a woman as President of the United States. Tens of millions of U.S. voters could see authenticated live video streams of Harris eating human babies and diddling with young boys’ privates and they will still vote for Harris in overwhelming numbers.

      If Republicans manage to produce a solid candidate for 2028, they will be almost guaranteed to win because the nation will have had enough of the Democrat Party platform. Until then, we are going to be stuck with Democrats in the White House.

      • Tends to happen to facts that don’t fit the desired narrative, whether it’s a fraudulent stolen election or a mandate for Democrats’ social programs.

  8. “He argued for the same failed so-called mandatory “smart gun” technology for which he led a task force in the Obama administration. It wasn’t ready for testing then and it’s still not ready today.”

    As California goes, so goes the nation. Is there any federal law, or judicial restriction, on the creation and validity of laws that cannot be complied with? The Californication SC ruled that such an impossibility does not make a law invalid. As a lefty organization, I would push to legislate mandatory “smart guns”, declaring all non-“smart guns” illegal. It might not hold up, but it would play havoc with gun owners and the industry until the USSC rules such law invalid; years of fun.

    • “…so goes the nation.”
      i can remember hearing my maw say that way back when; we were probably talking about skateboards then…
      shame, but it’s true.

  9. Of course he wants to do those things. So did Obama. The question is what they can do. Divided government is the best we can hope for and it’s infinitely better than putting a complete idiot back in office because he pretends to be pro 2nd. Speaking of which:

    “We’re going to take the firearms first and then go to court, because that’s another system. Because a lot of times by the time you go to court … it takes so long to go to court to get the due process procedures. I like taking the guns early.”
    -President, Donald “we’re going to take the firearms” Trump, 2018

    • “Of course he wants to do those things. So did Obama.”

      So you think 2020 is just like 2008? Obama was a smart politician. Go back and listen to his campaign speeches. He sounded like a populist. The only radical idea he was pushing was Obamacare which was promoted as inexpensive health insurance. Who wouldn’t want that? He wanted a second term. The mask is off now. “Nothing is off the table.” Biden won’t have a second term, and everyone but you understands that.

    • Enuf is a stubborn fool, but at least he’s got stones. Hannibal is one of those who won’t tell the truth about himself until the argument’s almost over and someone else took the heat.

      As for Trump vs. Biden, Trump is an imperfect vessel at best (I don’t trust him one bit), but he is the best shot we had at keeping the economic, social, and political freedoms we cherish. Biden, well…see Strych9’s comment below. It’s going to be a long, ugly four years.

      • We’re already getting a preview. We’ll have authoritarian levels of censorship and news media completely ignoring stories that don’t fit the narrative. And we’ll be living in super woke identity politics hell. Every single policy decision should be based on this one question: “How will this benefit the American people?” So far, I’m only seeing expanding opportunities for the government dependent class (including government workers) and the wealthy. The middle working class will once again be left behind. Back to business as usual.

  10. Biden is a headfake.

    The real zealots are the ones to worry about. They don’t have dementia and they’ll likely hold key positions in a Biden or Harris admin.

  11. The idiots in America Voted for it. So many people Don’t realize the mistakes they made till it’s too late. They Think Trump was bad, but Don’t even care about the ruinous Things that are to come. There is no talk about fighting back? No one cares about standing up to them? Too much money to fight against? Bah

  12. We all need to thank the voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia and Arizona. Perhaps now we have all learned that most people in these states are full of crap when it comes to them saying “you’ll never take my freedom” becuase they handed their “freedom” over to Uncle Joe. Good going Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia and Arizona. I hope Uncle Joe rewards you by confiscates all your guns first.

    • I hope you never used the word snowflake to refer to another person. You seem a bit emotional buddy. Head on over to Parler. It’s a blizzard over there. You’ll fit right in and they’ll whisper all the self indulgent fallacies that you need to sleep at night,!

      • Na, you didn’t smoke a bunch of crack before typing your response. It makes about as much sense as you liking the toilet bowl after you pee in it.

  13. Couple of quick questions.

    If your Glock identifies as revolver and your AR-15 identifies as lever action , will the ban still apply?

    Isn’t it racist to ban black guns?

    Black Guns Matter, all guns matter.

    Embrace diversity, carry a 9mm and a .45 .

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