Savage Backcountry Xtreme Series Rifles
Courtesy Savage Arms
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Savage Backcountry Extreme Series Rifles
Courtesy Savage Arms

From Savage . . .

Savage Arms is pleased to announce the creation of a dynamic new series of performance-driven rifles designed for the most rugged and demanding hunts: The Backcountry Xtreme Series. These rifles are purpose-built and define the top tier of the 110 hunting line. Though each is unique, they all embody the most functional refinements Savage builds into its bolt action designs. These 110s can do it all.

“The Model 110 has been evolving for more than six decades,” said Jessica Treglia, Sr. Brand Manager at Savage Arms. “That’s longer than any other bolt-action rifle in production. The new Backcountry Xtreme Series is building on this legacy. These rifles mark the apex of the 110’s incredible journey. These rifles are more capable than any 110’s we’ve ever built. They feature protective finishes, innovative product features, and the best of our patented technologies. These rifles have premium features added and can do it all. The Backcountry Xtreme Series shows what it means to be Savage.”

The extras that define the Backcountry Xtreme Series are all built on the tested foundations that make the 110 so successful. AccuTrigger™ allows users to set pull weights as low as 1.5 pounds. AccuStock™ provides the receiver with the solid bedding needed for repeat accuracy, and AccuFit™ allows for a tailored fit—without the need of a gunsmith.

With the official designation of the Backcountry Xtreme Series, Savage is launching two new Model 110s:

The 110 Ultralite Camo:

Savage teamed up with PROOF Research® to craft a 110 that comes in under 6 pounds. The carbon fiber wrapped stainless steel barrel and melonite skeletonized receiver help minimize weight. This new Ultralite features a KUIU® Verde 2.0 camo for the ultimate concealment.

The 110 Timberline:

The 110 Timberline is built to maximize accuracy with a fluted barrel, overmold surfaces, target crown, and omni-port muzzlebrake. The Model 110 action is secured three-dimensionally along its entire length within the AccuStock internal chassis and AccuFit system lets hunters customize length-of-pull and comb height of the Realtree® Excape synthetic stock. The OD Green Cerakote® on the barrel, receiver and other critical parts protects against corrosion. It will be available in both left and right-handed configurations.
The full line of Backcountry Xtreme rifles can be found here, and include these models:

110 Bear Hunter: A true heavy hitter designed for dependability. MSRP: $1009
110 Ridge Warrior: Take on targets one day, and trophies the next. MSRP: $949
110 Timberline: Built to be concealed and to withstand the elements. MSRP: $1129
110 High Country: Maximize accuracy on long range shots. MSRP: $1129
110 Ultralite: A featherweight designed for tall peaks and treacherous terrain. MSRP: $1499
110 Ultralite Camo: Built for endurance and concealment at the highest altitudes. MSRP: $1549

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  1. Savage should continue to invest in the chassis line of rifles the have like the BA Stealth and Stealth Evolution. The traditional bolt action rifle with a straight stock is dead. These “new” rifles are a big yawn.

    • I love hunting with these dead rifles. They are accurate and don’t freeze your hands off when it’s cold outside. Holding a piece of metal in freezing weather is not my idea of fun plus I like the way they feel when you pull the trigger.

    • Most chassis rifles run north of 9 lbs, and they get very heavy during an armed hike in the woods, especially when hunting at altitude for elk and other high altitude species. Now that is not an issue back east when sitting all day in a stand, but that way of hunting is rare in the west. Savage makes a solidly built and accurate rifle, and the prices are not sky high either, some might say cheap for the quality you get. These rifles have an internal aluminum chassis, and will shoot just as accurately as the Stealth.

  2. I’ve been shooting Savage rifles for 35 years. Their accuracy has been unparalleled for out of the box affordable rifles. Nowadays there are other manufacturers managing the same feat but I give Savage points for consistency. It’s good to see them making more specialized rifles. The bolt action rifle market has grown incredibly over the last ten years due to more interest in long range shooting. Hopefully Savage can stay innovative and competitive enough to stay strong.

    • I’ve never seen a Savage rifle in that caliber. Excluding semi-autos, the (large) companies I can quickly name that make new bolt-action rifles (like the ones pictured above) in 7.62×39 are Howa, CZ, and Ruger.

  3. Despite most Savage rifles being manufactured to be sold at a price point, they are accurate, reliable and have very good triggers. Now that Savage is controlled by own internal management rather than Vista Outdoors, I expect nothing less.

    • Whenever someone asks me what brand of rifle to buy i always tell them start with Savage. The quality and accuracy are amazing at the prices they sell at.

      I just wish they still made the Savage 99. I’m looking for one and the prices are sky high for 20+ year old guns.

  4. I own a few Savage bolt guns. Every one of them holds less than an MOA. I only had to tinker with one, and that was just sliding a Sims lab dampener on the barrel.
    It’s my go to deer and elk rifle in .300 WSM.

  5. The rifles may be new, but the marketing bloviation is the same as it always was — “dynamic new series,” my left rear foot. Brain dead marketdroids.

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