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As expected, President BidenHarris appeared before the cameras and a limited press contingent this morning to announce his first moves in further limiting Americans’ right to keep and bear arms. Grampy Joe, along with VP Kamala Harris and Attorney General Merrick Garland, laid out the initial gun control moves he wants his administration to make.

Harris introduces the President as a leader of “great will, great determination, great empanty” who will “never give up on this fight.”

Kamal Harris
Courtesy White House

For his part once Biden doddered up to the microphone, he made a point of dismissing any run rights objections to what he’s trying to do, announcing that none of his actions announced today impinge on the Second Amendment. He said, it’s “bizarre” to even think that any of today’s moves are contrary to the Constitution.

In short, today President BidenHarris waived away the concerns of anyone who cares about their ability to own the tools they need to protect themselves and their families and declared war on America’s gun owners.

The directions he’s given to the Department of Justice — sketch out a regulatory frameworks for requiring background checks on purchases of 80% frames, lowers and build kits (he wants them serialized), arbitrarily decide when a combination of an AR or AK pistol kit combined with an arm brace can be deemed a short barrel rifle and regulated under the NFA, and design the “ideal” red flag confiscation law — were just as revealed in last night’s “fact sheet” release.

The government cash thrown at urban areas for “violence interruptors” and other utterly useless feel-good programs, along with a new annual report on firearms trafficking in the U.S. are the usual meaningless, feel-good, I-can-say-I-did-a-few-more-things, types of government “actions” that are part for the course.

Grampy McUnity also came out in support of the House-passed bills to close the gun show and Charleston “loopholes” and called on the Senate to pass them, along with the Violence Against Women Act. He also repeated the bold-faced lie that the gun industry “is the only industry that can’t be sued,” calling for an end to the PLCAA. He said if he could have only one of his anti-gun wishes granted, THAT would be the one.

Joe couldn’t leave the lectern without calling, yet again, for another “assault weapons” ban. “There’s no reason someone needs a weapon of war with 100 rounds, 100 bullets that it can fire. No one needs that,” he said.

Finally, however, President BidenHarris managed to surprise those of us who watch these things while simultaneously raising a prominent middle finger at America’s gun owners and those who care about gun rights, when he announced last night that he’d nominate David Chipman to be the next Director of the ATF.

Giffords David Chipman ATF
ATF Director nominee David Chipman (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Chipman, again, is currently on the Giffords gun control operation payroll. Before that, he was a senior advisor for Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown civilian disarmament advocacy shop.

Oh, and prior to that, he had put in 25 years at the ATF, including some distinguished service in Waco, Texas in 1993.

As we noted this morning, Chipman is someone who thinks America’s most popular rifle, the AR-15, should be regulated exactly the same way as machine guns are under the NFA. That’s the baseline from which he’s operating.

So by nominating Chipman — an Everytown and Giffords alum and dedicated gun control advocate, President McUnity has announced clearly for to anyone who cares to pay attention that he doesn’t give a damn about American’s gun rights, their concerns for federal attempts to outlaw at least some of their firearms or Second Amendment. He really is coming for your guns and he isn’t making any bones about it.

The ATF has mostly operated under interim Directors over the last decade or so — they haven’t had one since 2015 — as Presidents couldn’t seem to find nominees that would clear the Senate’s confirmation process. Chipman, should be another one of these casualties. It’s hard to imagine a worse nominee — short of Michael Bloomberg himself — if you care at all about civilian gun ownership in this country.

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        • –>”Joe couldn’t leave the lectern without calling, yet again, for another “assault weapons” ban. “There’s no reason someone needs a weapon of war with 100 rounds, 100 bullets that it can fire. No one needs that,” he said.”

          Again he frames what we can and can’t have on the basis of needs. The left are commie pinkos.

    • They both deserve to die.

      Anyone who says a limit on what type of gun can and cannot be owned, deserves to die.

      They are against freedom, and for bigger government with more control over it’s people. This is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. We will not comply. You deserve to die for your tyranny.

      • Hey Montana, calm down. Your comments are uncalled for. You are the kind of person I wish was disarmed. Or are you just being scary.


        • Obviously you need to get your trolling scared ass out of here. We’ve heard enough of you already and don’t care to read your bullshit comments anymore. YOU are the type of person I wish was disarmed and lived in another country all together.

        • You would allow the government to further confiscate your earning just because they all the sudden said something is now illegal? The second amendment exists for those of us who know when violence is required to maintain life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, not tyrants like you that would bend the knee to king george of 2021.

          Come and take them, FUDD.

        • You would allow the government to further confiscate your earning just because they all the sudden said something is now illegal? The second amendment exists for those of us who know when violence is required to maintain life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, not tyrants like you that would bend the knee to king george of 2021.

          Come and take them, FUDD.

        • Exactly how do they think serializing AR15 lowers will improve LEO ability to trace weapons used in crimes?

      • I actually agree with Conscientious Objector. Not because we wouldn’t all be better off with the Cadaver and the Whore losing their oxygen rights. But because the left (all of the press, education, and most of the federal government) use this rhetoric as justification for their dictatorial usurpation of constitutional rights. Plus, I would bet a large sum of Bit Coin that you are not actually planning to revoke their oxygen rights. So, if you aren’t: DON’T talk about it. And, if you are: please stop. Any violence from the right, or even violence from the left will only be used as ANOTHER justification to steal all our rights. Save the gunning until AFTER the general revolution has begun.

        • YEA … YEA … YEA … so let them try to use it against us. Keep this surrendering attitude and demeanor and they’ll forever keep us in a defense position until there’s no more ground to give; SCREW THAT !!!

          I fully concur. I don’t care anymore what happens in DC to any Democrat in office currently and I doubt from now on I will. Sick and tired of them. They’re expendable as much as they say we are.

    • Take the man at his word.

      For non-NFA items, a 100 round mag capacity limit is OK by me.

      Anyone have a magazine bigger than 100 rounds for their AR?

      • I don’t care if i don’t have one, I don’t want that crap written into law for anyone! Stop feeding them small pieces before they take a huge bite!

      • The real question is: Can anyone carry an AR with a 100 round magazine a si

        Love the photo of Chipman! Looks like a cross between some sort of orangutan and a neanderthal. Fortunately if they can’t get a gun control law through Congress Chipman will be hard to impossible to confirm.

        • Reminds me more of a puckered-up guppy or a cross-dresser in a Kamala Communist Harris act alike contest. Quite suited for Soetoro’s man-wife Michael “MichelleDump Truck” Obama.

        • Highly insulting to the noblest great ape and the ancestors who gave us our most useful unique genes.

      • I don’t want arbitrary restrictions on belt-fed weapons. If you can manage a 200-round belt, that’s fine with me.

      • Give up a little here, give up a little there, Mad Maxx, and hell, one day you will wake up with no gun rights whatsoever. Along with all the other, Constitutional rights you are willing to give up a little at a time, as well, you moron.

      • Yes.

        How many rounds I enjoy shooting is of little concern when a government is as big as ours with satellites and nukes.

      • You can get a 150 round drum magazine for an AR-15. I might NEED 100+ rounds if a bunch of Black Lives Matters domestic terrorists are trying to set fire to my house and/or neighborhood.

        There’s not a lot of time to reload in that situation, even if I slow them down by playing the national anthem on a loudspeaker.

      • Shoot, all I have are 20, and 30 round mags for my AR. Maybe someday I’ll pick up a drum. Then again, they are spendy,.and 30s are pretty acceptable.

      • Once you enshrine into law the principle that there are limits on magazine capacity, the next logical step is where to place the limit.
        They start with a 120 round maximum capacity, just like the income tax started at 1%
        Income tax is now 35% top rate, and why not a maximum magazine capacity of 99?
        Or 10?
        Or seven?

        • This.

          It’s all unacceptable. We, patriots, rioted over a 1% tax and now the FUDDs here are showing their true colors when asked to burn the capital down over 37% and constant infringements from tyrants. Fuck em. Fuck em all with drum mags and belt fed nutsacks.

    • Why do we have a Holocaust Remembrance Day? The event had nothing to do with the United States or the American people. Just goes to show that all immigration has been bad for America and Americans. We should have slammed the borders shut to all immigration in 1790.

      • Well chris…The Holocaust is what can easily happen when the populace is unarmed or a minority is disarmed or prevented from owning firearms. I suggest you remember the US Soldiers that gave all in Nazi Germany freeing concentration camps and try to find it in yourself the ability to comprehend what “Lest We Forget” means.

      • I also ask why do we have a holocaust rememberance day in this country? Yes it was terrible. So was the Armenian Genocide. So was the Rawanda genocide. So was the Cambodia genocide. And so on, and so on. They are all basically the same.

        I say teach them all. Including 2A education and shooting teams in grades k through 12. But jews and homosexuals, victims of the holocaust, are against this education.

      • They probably shouldn’t have let in the Pennsylvania Dutch aka Germans prior to 1790, though that would have excluded some of my ancestors.

      • But the group Jews for the preservation of firearm ownership were pretty legit, as are our Jewish buddies here at TTAG like Robert Farago and Mr. Zimmerman.

  1. I suppose if 80’s aren’t guns then restrictions on them aren’t an infringement.
    Though if they aren’t guns restrictions on them are pretty f’n stupid.

    Restrictions to follow on 70’s? 60’s? Resin and molds? Aluminum ingots?

    The only logical conclusion is to round up anyone who knows how to use a caliper and a drill and execute them.

    • They will find that those that know how to use a caliper and drill, unless handicapped or caught by surprise, will be hard to “execute”.

    • All 3D-printers, CNC-machines and drill presses can be used to turn a chunk of aluminium or plastic into a lower receiver. Just by downloading the correct files and pressing start, at least on modern machines. But don’t tell sniffy Joe that literally any piece of metal and plastic can be converted into a gun. Just like you can turn a pipe into a shotgun.

  2. “Sketch out a regulatory frameworks for requiring background checks on purchases of 80% frames, lowers and build kits (he wants them serialized)”

    So will an 80% just become a firearm, need serial number and ships to your FFL? Or websites selling need some background check system before you check out? The former just turns them into guns, the latter would be some new system.

    As for round limits, so is Mr. Biden-Harris saying only 100 round mags should be banned? I don’t like any limit, but I think Californians, Colorado, and New York would love to set that at 100. 99 round drums or surefires only. Magpul can you make a 99 round legal pmag, thanks!

    • Have trouble affording to keep the 10’s loaded in the current market. So would be got 99 rounders but can’t feed the gun.

  3. “There’s no reason someone needs a weapon of war with 100 rounds, 100 bullets that it can fire. No one needs that,” he said.”

    I guess that includes the Secret Service.

  4. Stooping to the level of adding derogative adjectives, pronouns and names to news articles is counter productive. It drives me crazy to read “news” that is not obviously objectively biased.

    • You are obviously confused. This is a pro gun rights blog. They don’t claim to be journalists. It’s not “news”. I think they are almost always spot on- but this is not the place to go if you want objective news. Plus that really is not a thing that exists anymore.

    • Whether it’s news or opinion piece, it’s hard to take seriously when it’s full of nicknames, put-downs, and typos.

      • juice,

        Sorry to hear about your cognitive limitations. I find I am able to “screen” out material that doesn’t enhance my understanding of a story, on the fly. On the other hand, the things I was thinking, as I read the WH release, made everything in this article seem tame in comparison. And if you think what was written here was “extreme”, go back and study newspaper coverage of Lincoln (pro AND con). But, I guess snowflakes gotta snowflake.

      • Juice.

        This is a site about guns. The site and typically those reading it are advocates for gun rights. It is NOT non-biased and never claimed to be. We WANT the putdowns and nicknames. We like it. We agree with them. Hopefully that clears it up for you.

    • –>”Stooping to the level of adding derogative adjectives, pronouns and names to news articles is counter productive. It drives me crazy to read “news” that is not obviously objectively biased.”

      Frustrated. This is a gun site, full of gun people. Of course we are biased – WTF! No one here ever said they are non-biased. It’s not like CNN where they are claiming to be the most trusted source in news, completely objective, and non-biased (Which is a joke – CNN is leftist garbage). Nope!

  5. With 25,000 US Troops and all sorts of arms protecting him exactly who is it that has the “Weapons of War?”

    It went from Assault Weapon to Weapons of War all to scare the pants off milquetoast spoon-fed gullible parents who are prone to leave their kids in care of a Gun Free Zone Sign. America definitely does not need Jim Crow Gun Control joe to be smelling up the White House with denigrating labels that are along the exact lines of the N-Word..

    It’s called an Armalite Rifle. Call it anything else Jim Crow Gun Control joe and I’ll feed you a knuckle sandwich behind the gym…tough guy. All of this Jim Crow coming from a democRat whose dopey son left a firearm in a dumpster. stfu and gfy joe.

        • Yes. Although, given his obvious cognitive issues, I doubt Gropey Joe could rise to the occasion, so to speak.

        • His rise is only supposed to be buns up.
          But it’d be like (bleep)ing the dead, unless you count the snoring. Maybe a bad dream would get a twitch or two?
          Whisper gunm things in his ear.

      • Unlike you, ‘yuc’, at least she has someone who cares about her… 😉

    • Keep the weapons of war going. Anyone that cares to read the constitution and federalist papers will realize that is exactly the type of weapon the 2amendment protects. 2A is the checks and balances of the American people

    • Really? You mean the election that Trump actually won but yet was stolen? There was no election. It was a heist plain and simple.

      • Mark,

        I THINK (but maybe I’m wishcasting) that d’s point was the Republican Party failed/refused to even credibly investigate what was OBVIOUSLY a tainted election. Can’t say that the difference would have changed the outcome (that’s what an actual INVESTIGATION might have uncovered), but the craven cowardice of our elected Republican “representatives” is enough to make a rational man puke.

  6. Hundreds of billions of dollars a year for personal protection and he’s going to lecture me about what I need for defense.

    That’s the liberal way.

  7. & where is the U S S C on this intrusion & manipulation of the U S Constitution?
    Even with 45’s appointments they’ve been absent on the 1st & 2nd Amendments… What’s the point of a S C if their not going to do their job?
    They need to let Joe & the Ho that their going against the Constitution they SWORE A OATH to Protect…..

    • Went direct from the liar in chief’s speech to the keyboard, SAF has another donation, I’m beginning to consider the automatic monthly concept.

  8. So, 80% receivers will become 75% receivers, and bypass the fake law anyway. So where does it stop, I saw a guy mold an AR receiver from melted beer cans, another made an AK receiver out of an old shovel. Aluminum ingots get serialized next. Joe is f&k -n ing insane.

    • The term “80% receiver” is only a moniker. The spirit of the attack against our longstanding right to create our own weapons is…well…to remove our ability to easily assemble our own weapons. Even if some of us have the ability and equipment to machine from bar stock or 3D print, a requirement to serialize is a net to catch up everyone into a database.

      Wait…isn’t it currently illegal for the Federal government to maintain a database of gun owners? Wouldn’t any change to that require Congress?

  9. I don’t have much control over what they may ban, but I can say 100% that if they try to outlaw my possession of legally purchased items, they can F off. I will not comply.

    • This is the correct attitude. It needs to spread. Impotent Joe can proclaim or order whatever his guardians dream up. Making it work is another story.

  10. I just checked out some ammunition for my 12 gauge, 3&1/2 chamber shotgun. They have #4 buckshot with 54 pellets per shell. Each pellet has the potential to inflict as much wound channel volume as a 5.56mm. (That extra mass and kinetic energy is irrelevant unless the bullet hits bone) Given a rifled barrel or choke tube to generate that true, scatter gun effect, the carnage that could be inflicted on a crowd would be horrific.

    Why is Biden obsessed with banning AR-15 rodent rifles?

    • It’s LAYER strategy. Nazis used it to disarm German Jews pre-WWII. (Wach Kitty Witherman, Holocaust survivor…with concentration camp number tattoo….., Youtube vids explaining how they pulled it off.) Pick something, scary black ARs, for which a rationale is fabricated to ban. That won’t achieve the promised objective. So, they come back for another demonized segment. Probably “high powered, sniper” rifles……you know the .30-06 Springfield “weapon of war.” Oh, no, that didn’t work either. Back for more, the 12ga shotgun used in Viet Nam. Eat the elephant one bite at a time. Death by a thousand cuts. Disarmament one category at a time.

  11. I’m sorry for laughing, usually I dont like people picking on people but ” grounded blimp” made me laugh

    • Wait until they want to serialize humans, it’s been done before. I expect they will try that soon here, instead of a tattoo on your forearm, it will be a bar-code and a chip.

  12. Not surprised by this BS…nothing affects me SO FAR. I wonder how many never Trumpers & Dim voters are having buyer’s remorse?!? Expect every AR “regular” size to sell out,no 5.56/223, no 30 round mags & more cop’s to quit…

    • B-but r/liberalgunowners told me its okay to vote dem because obama sucked at taking guns away or something.

      I guess if a pedophile keeps getting caught with his pants down and an inch away from entering it’s cool to let him go “cuz he sucked at pedoing”.

      Union jobs killed, both pipeliners and autoworkers.
      Student loan debt not cancelled.
      Wall may be continued, not just DC but southern one.
      15 an hour not instantly but years from now, then for fed employees only.
      People at the border forced to cosplay as a chipotle burritos.

      10/10 greatest sniffer/hyena tag team ever

      • Man don’t even get us started on the people or reddit. Just plain ole trash… Or new trash… Either way, garbage.

  13. Joe Biden is absolutely correct..NOBODY needs 100 round Magazines…Have his secret service agents And Chinese bodyguards turn em all in..And pick up their new Colt revolvers and speed loaders asap…

  14. ‘No One Needs a 100-Round Weapon of War’

    Well no one needs a corrupt neo-lib with a child sniffing problem, but yet here he is.

    • He wasn’t sniffing… He was trying to inhale their souls through his nostrils. It’s like cocaine for democrats. The Dems can see their shine and they go full doctor sleep.

    • I always wondered exactly how they determined what percentage complete a receiver is. The 80% pistol receivers seem more complete than the 80% rifle receivers, so is it just a matter of changing the name? A few clicks of the mouse and some packaging changes and we’re a step ahead of the Biden admin?

      Then there’s also the inconvenient fact that AR lowers and semi-auto pistol frames don’t meet the federal definition of a firearm regardless of what percentage of completion they are in. Can’t wait for someone to take that one up through the court system to unravel the entire ball of yarn.

      • Because they don’t meet the definition, it is reasonable to suggest that a change in the federal statute will be necessary to accomplish his aim. For years the ATF has said that 80% lowers are not firearms until they reach a certain stage of production–and all of that will be introduced into evidence if they try to change their minds now. No, I don’t think that an EO will get then there.

        • Even at 100%, an AR lower doesn’t meet the legal definition of a firearm. They might have to change that while they’re working under the hood.

        • I seriously don’t think they can convict anyone of 80% thing. A defense lawyer could phone it in. Prosecutors will probably only charge the “Buy unregistered guns HERE” guys who set up shop- but then only for selling, not making.

      • In response to 80% determination. As far as the ATF there is no 80% rule or determination. 80% lower is a marketing device used by manufacturers. The ATF has made mostly arbitrary rules as to what constitutes a receiver under the GCA.

  15. The police are evil racist murderers, so lets make sure that they are more well armed than the communities they police. Or something.

    • One of my favorite examples of these retards drooling into their nappy’s trying to make a point, and failing to see the complete incongruence of their “positions.” Almost like they operate on Fee Fee power, and not any sort of logic or consistent principles.

    • The police are not racist. But they will follow orders and stand down. As your property is burned to the ground. And You and your family are physically attacked.
      That is why I say Disarm the police. And let the residence solve their own problems. The only reason to call the police, is to pick up the dead bodies.

      I like the police. But at this point in american history they are useless.

      • They have always been and always will be tyrants. None of us stood behind the racist bullshit they pushed in 2020, but most of us stood behind less police to begin with. Defund? Sure, but the narrative is why we didn’t get on board. The only thing that will change it is disarming both the tyrants and their masters through force.

        I live in an area full of thin blue line idiots. It’s fucking cringe. Same people who have the DTOM shirts on have a blue line bumper sticker. Smh.

  16. I couldn’t give one less of a modicum of an iota of a fraction of a piece of a transient fuck what ANY of these assholes pass into law or not, than I already do. It flat out won’t affect me. They’ve had their fun ruining everything culturally and socially. No more. So the best they can hope for is to just leave me and mine alone. Then the world will keep on spinnin’ with no issues at all.

  17. It has never said much for an American politician’s intellect when they fail to realize the Bill of Rights is do aptly named because it IS just that; a Bill of Rights, and never once has this translated to. Bill of “Needs”.

    Amazing how the stupid factor is qualifying for key govt. positions.

  18. What was not specifically mentioned was how the ATF, under the guidance of it’s new director, will slow roll or even stop issuing Tax stamps for all those short barrel rifle applications that will be rolling in!!!

    • Yeech! Ed, I’d say you have bad taste in your sex partners. Not sure which one would do you more harm. I’m also not sure that I’d even let them kiss my rosy red rectum.

  19. Who needs weapons or war? There’s the problem bumbling Joe, what the public has aren’t weapons of war. Who needs those huge ass yachts? Who needs a 700 HP Dodge? Who needs cigarettes Joe?? Cigarettes kill ten times more than guns do each and every year. So with all sincerity Biden, FUCK OFF!

    I’m MLee and I approve this message.

  20. Besides the ghost gunm thing and sbr stuff, I’m kinda digging Grandpa calling 100 rounds a high capacity magazine.
    He might be playing his own version of 3d chess. I dont know?
    We shall see what we shall see.
    At any rate, pray for the old man because We sure dont need Kamila H as prez, anyway I dont.

  21. come kill me, the first one I see I will start thowing all the 556 and 7.62×39 that I have at them.. orrah!!!

    death before dishonor!!! fuck JOE BIDEN __ kill me mother fucker.!!!

  22. ‘No One Needs a 100-Round Weapon of War’

    I do, but no one asked me and I’m assuming they didn’t ask anyone else either…

  23. If you were smart enough to ignore the last ATF bump stock rule (not law) via Trump’s executive action, it was recently ruled unconditional. As for unconstitutional “rules” perhaps we should just ignore them. Silly regulations should be ignored and fought in court. Everyone needs to call the gun grabbers bluff: No registration, no turning anything in, no serial numbers, no destroying anything. Open disobedience. Force them to take it. We need to give them one collective middle finger. F-them. “Not legal advice”.

    • yeah, would have to say that bump-stock thing has now come full-circle…and serves as the model…refuse to comply and fight them in court….

    • perhaps we should just ignore them.

      WAAAYYYY ahead of you on that one… Having a BIG middle finger airbrushed on ALL of my scary black rifles (that I’m also having camouflaged to look like single shot 22 rifles)… They’ll fool the Creepy One and Kammeltoe…

        • NO, I mean 22s (like the single shot Remington .22 rifle I had as a kid) It’s AMAZING what a good airbrush artist can do with a little paint… You’ll never know they are AR platforms when the invisibility paint is applied to the 40 round magazines, scopes, pop up sights, lasers, tac lights, sound suppressors, flash suppressors, etc.

  24. Drunk drivers and cars kill more people then gunms. Stop signs dont work, fines dont work , ,rehab dont work. So common sense says an ignition interlock should be mandatory in every car. What’s that you say, “you dont drink”, well you might, just as someone with a fully semiautomatic assault weapon of war might go on a killing spree.
    Mandatory Ignition interlocks for everyone, if it saves just one life.

  25. Miller v. US concluded that the Second Amendment protects weapons of war, or at least weapons appropriate for use by the militia. I think that ARs are appropriate for such use.

    • shhhhh, be quiet about the Second Amendment. Once they find Shall Not Be Infringed they’ll pass a law against it.

    • millions would agree…sooner or later that “in common use” clause in Heller will have to be clarified….

      • Why? The damn clause has already been clarified in Heller. We don’t need to clarify then continuously re-clarify just because corrupted whiney losers don’t like the decision(s) don’t meet their leftist expectations.

    • Well, no, it really didn’t.

      ‘Miller v. US’ has never been adjudicated fully; There was no argument, there was no presentation by the plaintiffs (they were mostly dead at the time, and their attorney bowed out), and the Court, relying upon the Government’s interpretation while hearing no evidence to the contrary, held that a short-barreled shotgun was NOT a military weapon in common use as such because nobody legally proved that one WAS a commonly-used military weapon.

      The Court held that it couldn’t take judicial notice of any facts about short barreled shotguns as none had been presented except from the Government side, and therefore could not do so as far as the weapon being ‘ordinary military equipment’ or that it could ‘contribute to the common defense.’ It also didn’t address fully what comprised a weapon included in ‘ordinary military equipment,’ nor did it make any decision on whether or not ‘ordinary military equipment’ or weapons that ‘contribute to the common defense’ were protected in the context of the NFA.

      Therefore, ‘Miller v. US’ should be legally ignored as a ‘non-decision’ that set no actual legal precedent–but it isn’t.

  26. Next thing you know, they will want to come confiscate my arsenal of thermonuclear hand grenades. Good luck with that.

  27. Last Novmber Polymer80 should have considered an IPO timed for this Spring. That would have been hilarious in so many ways. Especially when the went full GME this afternoon as a public face slap to this administration.

    Also, this comment section sounds like a 1930’s pharmacist convention. It’s not a bad thing but it’s ironic and late to the game.

  28. Apparently the order is 90 pages long. The dangerous parts were likely not mentioned at the presser.

    Never let a 90 page EO go to waste.

      • Bloomberg and Soros cronies hard at work again?

        The Obama crew has working hard on this one for at least a couple of days… Recommendations to Congress are dead on arrival in the Senate… Recommendations on ghost guns and SBRs to Justice will take too long since the recent fail by the ATF on braces AND the bump stock reversal, and OPTIONAL Red Flag Laws? WTF does that mean?… So what’s left? Background checks that already exist? This is smoke and mirrors to divert attention from Russian activity on the Ukrainian border and China’s harassment of Taiwan.. Oh AND the huge CRISIS/FAILURE at the Southern Border…

        • Greatest concentration of GRU personnel besides the Russian Federation? Mexico. Yup…and we keep catching Iranians attempting to sneak across the border too. But whine about COVID shots for the ‘undocumented immigrants’ because that’s what is important right now. Not much hoopla regarding kids in cages unless you only watch Fox too. Strange how that works out.
          Oh BTW….
          China is heavily invested in Bermuda. They control their entire cellular network and want to expand into the rest of the Caribbean. Funny how that’s not raising any questions either. Take a look at Ghost Fleet (or listen to the audio version) when you get a chance. It’s beginning to look more and more possible in this brave new world.

  29. Nominating Chipman for ATF director is Like nominating a leader from NAMBLA to the position of child welfare director. Just not a good idea.

    • Nominating Chipman for ATF director

      A-F-T… Under JoeMalla it is NOW the A-F-T… Creepy Uncle Joe says so…

  30. Some points to make:

    1. As many on this thread have noted, it’s the “Bill of Rights”, not the “Bill of Needs”. I don’t GAF what demented, senile, Gropey Joe, or the Kneepad Ho, think I “need”.

    2. As at least one other on this thread has noted, the whole “weapons of war” argument, in addition to being factually inaccurate, ahistorical, and illogical, flies directly in the face of the rationale of Miller. AFAIK, Miller is still good law (Heller certainly didn’t overturn it). In fact, per Miller, the only basis on which you CAN constitutionally regulate arms is if they are NOT “commonly used in the military”. F*** yeah, I want weapons of war, and Miller says I can have them. F*** off, Joe.

    3. Thanks to the ignorance of gun-grabbers, they have created a very robust industry. Commercially available 3D printers, multi-access CNC machines, etc., have become easy and relatively inexpensive to acquire, the capabilities get better each day. They tried outlawing distribution of the computer files to run them, but they got curb-stomped on that one. If they get bat guano crazy enough to outlaw 3D printers or CNC milling machines (good luck with THAT!), well, any decent high school metal shop student can get the job done with easily available power tools. Which leads me to my third point.

    3. Dear Malig-Nancy, Schmucky Chucky, Dick “Turban” Durbin, Beto “Fake Mexican” O’Rourke, Alexandria Occasional-Cortex, et. al. – y’all are dumber than Balaam’s off ass (and I revel in the fact that not a single one of you will “get” that reference). You can “regulate” any damn thing you please . . . for all the good it will do you. You cannot regulate knowledge. I has it, and I knows how to get more. With a few hundred dollars in my pocket, and access to a Home Depot, a garden supply store, a pharmacy, and other normal retail outlets, I can make a fully functional and effective (i) firearm, (ii) incendiary device (and no, I don’t mean a Molotov cocktail – I mean something that would cook an MRAP fulla ATF agents like a ribeye steak), (iii) nerve agent, (iv) blister agent, or (v) improvised explosive. Whaddaya gonna do, Beto Fake Mexican, round up my brain????

    Go f*** yourselves. Really vigorously, with a Louisville Slugger, wrapped in barbed wire and lubricated with battery acid.

    • Probably best to comply and turn in your gunms. You wouldn’t want to become a felon.
      Felons cant have gunms.

  31. I guess if I got to serial 80% frames, I guess the market will shift and they will be called 79.9% frames and I’ll have to take an extra stroke with the file? Oh no!

  32. Thank you to the Never Trump gun owners. All who said there is no difference between the republicans and the democrats. They only care about making drugs and prostitution legal.
    These people are worthless, in the defense of the gun, as an instrument of Liberty.

    • That apparently includes a regular contributor here. Travis Pike can’t differentiate between Democrats and Republicans. He’s apparently been asleep ever since Puppet Joe moved in. Republicans have their problems, but I can’t imagine them knowingly voting for a puppet like the Democrats did.

  33. Beijing Biden says you can “build a ghost gun in 30 minutes” I want him to come over to my house and show me how… It takes me about 4 hours from scratch with a blank upper and 80% lower.. (hell it takes me 30 minutes to install and set the trigger… I do take my time with the milling (about an hour) but it looks factory finished when I’m done… I’m afraid I have to call Creepy Old Joe out on that one…


    • You sound like CORNPOP Joe and HO. This is supposed to be a pro-gun thread. You coming in here as a troll only proves your ignorance and with this latest elementary remark a closet-liberal/leftest.

      Truth may be brutal but that doesn’t translate to rude.

    • Well hey, maybe you do not need free speech NTexas. Maybe we should whittle that down to so many words a day, as well. What the hell are you, some Commie-lover? Possessing 100 round magazines have nothing to do with “game hunting”. Apparently, you are too damned stupid to figure out what the Second Amendment is really all about. Even more tragic, is that stupid people like you vote!

    • It depends solely upon the ‘game,’ and the numbers with which the ‘game’ show up at your home in the dark of night, whether or not 10 rounds will do for ‘hunting’. Or light of day, for that matter.

      Should a ravening band of feral Inner-City yutes H*ll-bent on turning their lives around, at your expense, to finance their doctoral studies and a sideline foray into the profitable world of Hip-Hop arrive in your living-room unannounced, and there happen to be slightly more of them than can be brought to heel by a mere ten rounds, you’ll have a hard time explaining to your raped, dead wife and slaughtered children why you didn’t have one or two more shots to fire in their defense. Of course, you will almost certainly be dead as well, so ‘explaining’ may not be at all necessary.

      It ain’t about ‘hunting,’ my friend. Not in my world, at least.

  35. The gorilla in the room scares the hell out of, my guess, almost all gun owners, and people who are gun owners: weapons of war are the objects protected by the Second Amendment. We like our euphemisms, such as, “ensuring a tyrannically bent government remains disciplined (fearful) that armed citizens will meet force with force”, and some such.

    No Republicrat politician, and I would venture the vast majority of gun owners, is willing to think, much less say, “Weapons of war are precisely what the founders intended, in order to wage war against the elected government and its standing army, should the government seek to control the populace through force of arms.” That, my friends, is “crazy talk”. So, we are stuck declaring we need guns for self-defense against common criminal activity. This line of defense opens 2A defenders to attacks of, “Nobody needs…..for self-defense.” Or, “No one needs to defend themselves against crime, that’s what police are for.” And so on.

    We end up fighting the battle the anti-gun mafia wants, on ground of their choosing. No important individual has yet defined and declared specifically what line the government cannot cross without instigating justified insurrection. Without that rallying point, we are just howling at the moon; reduced to small changes in law that can be swept aside when the gun-grabbers and their puppet masters have the political power to do so. (Which is why the leftists want to essentially make elections meaningless – HR1 and SB1)

  36. I’m now tempted to make my own “ghost gun”. With stormtrooper white cerakote and “BOO” stenciled on the side.

  37. “Nothing I am about to ‘recommend’ in any way impinges on the the 2nd Amendment, but no amendment to the Constitution is absolute” Because I SAY so and my new appointee to the AFT (American Federation of Teachers?) will make damn sure EVERY person in the US that owns ANY type of AR or AK style weapon WILL wish they had an ample supply of KY Jelly on hand because when HE gets through fucking them in the ass they are going to hurt bad… C’mon Man…

  38. I’ve been doing it wrong all this time… The “CREEPY ONE” says I can buy ANYTHING I want at a gun show without a background check… I have been buying my guns from reputable dealers at gun shows and have always had to go through the background check AND while “technically” if you buy a gun from “some guy” in the parking lot, you did make an unchecked purchase AT a gun show, but not FROM the gun show, actually you have engaged in a “private” transaction which in MOST states is perfectly legal and does not require an FFL… Creepy Uncle Joe is also correct that anyone CAN purchase a firearm on-line WITHOUT a background check, however he FORGOT (?) to mention that the firearm must then be shipped to an FFL where a 4473 must be completed and a background check conducted… OOOpppppps… Unfortunately there are a lot of people who believe his bullshit…

  39. “Exactly how do they think serializing AR15 lowers will improve LEO ability to trace weapons used in crimes?”

    Serial number tracing reinforces the public perception that such numbers will lead directly to the criminal who used the firearm, usually the owner of a legally, or illegally possessed firearm. Serial number tracing is a bread-and-butter element of TV and movie crime stories.

    And, with more and more jurisdictions making it a criminal event to lose, or have stolen a legally purchased firearm, government gets a twofer.


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