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From Vudoo Gun Works . . .

Vudoo Gun Works, leader in rimfire precision rifles, is proud to announce the addition of the Vudoo “Three 60”, three-lug repeater rifle. The Vudoo Three 60 will be offered along side the already popular V22 two-lug repeater, V22m magnum repeater, and V22s Single Shot Target Rifle.

The Vudoo Three 60, features a 3-lug bolt with a 60 degree throw and a 12 o’clock ignition. This combination uses the same internal 3-lug geometry of the V22s, ensuring light bolt lift along with smooth and consistent bolt alignment with the bore. Users will enjoy the same accuracy performance known across the entire Vudoo family of rifles.

“The Three 60 configuration has been highly requested by our Vudoo family and in keeping with our promise to listen to our customers, it’s the logical next step in our product line. Is it more accurate than the 2-lug version? No, it’s just the next evolution in our ongoing commitment to redefine rimfire” – Said Paul Parrott, CEO of Vudoo Gun Works. “The guys who will love it most are our 3-lug centerfire shooters and those needing more bolt / optic clearance.

60 degrees vs 90 degrees bolt throw

Like all current Vudoo V22 actions, the “Three 60” fire control group offers a toolless disassembly by way of a unique bayonet style locking system between the shroud, bolt body, and bolt nose.

Vudoo Three 60 Features

  • Remington 700 Short Action Footprint
  • Remington 700 Pinned Trigger Interface
  • 12 O’clock Ignition
  • 3-Lug Bolt Design
  • 60 Degree Bolt throw
  • Available in right and left hand
  • Toolless Bolt Dissassembly

Customers who have existing orders that have not yet been completed, can change their order to the new Vudoo “Three 60” by filling out the form at this link:


About Vudoo Gun Works

Based in St George Utah, Vudoo Gun Works has been redefining rimfire since bringing the V22 to market in 2017. The Vudoo Gun Works (VGW) V-22 is a patented rimfire repeater action, that matches the physical footprint of the short action Remington 700. This form factor has created an extremely precise, “true-to-scale” precision rifle, that has forever changed the landscape of rimfire competition. Since inception, Vudoo Gun Works has been at the forefront of precision rimfire research and continues to innovate the future of a rapidly changing industry.


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  1. I may be fastidious about medical safety during a pandemic, but, this article has me scheduled some range time with my .22 semi.

    • We don’t need Joe, but his replacement would be worse…

      • His VP/replacement is a third lug nobody needs…or wants.

        Kamala Harris is a stalking horse for the corporate left. If the people of the US will put up with that unelected and unelectable hag in the White House, they’ll put up with anything.

  2. Digging around I find it’s $1320+ for a… .22 bolt gun.

    Dafuq is this? r/wallstreetbets projection for physical silver in several years?


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