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Former Vice President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Meg Kinnard)
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Did you watch the second installment of the Democrat debates last night? It featured a cavalcade of great ideas on how to reduce, restrict and remove guns and gun rights from American life. A few of the candidates’ “ideas” for how to address the alleged problem of civilian firearm ownership in this country stood out (full transcript here).

First there was, of course, Eric “Nuke Em” Swalwell, who’s built his entire campaign around gun confiscation.


Congressman Swalwell, among this field of candidates you have a unique position on gun reform. You’re proposing that the government should buy back every assault weapon in America and it should be mandator. How do you envision that working especially in states where gun rights are a flashpoint?


Keep your pistols, keep your rifles, keep your shotguns but we can take the most dangerous weapons from the most dangerous people.

By “the most dangerous weapons,” Swalwell means, of course, “assault weapons.” As in, America’s favorite rifles.

By “the most dangerous people,” the Congressman means “Americans.” As in anyone not part of the military or a law enforcement agency.

He went on . . .

I’ve seen the plans of the other candidates here. They would all leave 15 million assault in our communities. They wouldn’t do a single thing to save a single life in Parkland. I will approach this issue as a prosecutor. I will approach it as the only person on this stage who has voted and passed background checks—but also as a parent of a generation who sends our children to school where we look at what they’re wearing so we can remember it in case we have to identify them later. A generation who has seen thousands of black children killed in our streets and a generation who goes to the theater and we actually where the fire exits are. We don’t have to live this way. We must be a country who loves our children more than we love our guns.

So, as Swalwell’s made clear in the past, his plan is for gun owners to submit to a mandatory “buy back.” Or else.

swalwell for president
(AP Photo/Elise Amendola) and Bigstock

Fellow Californian Kamal Harris is totally on board with Swalwell’s plan, but she’s in no mood to mess with constitutional niceties like passing legislation when it comes to restricting Americans’ enumerated rights.

Thank you. I think your idea is a great one, Congressman Swalwell. And I will say there are a lot of great idea. The problem is Congress has not had the courage to act, which is why, when elected president of the United States, I will give the United States Congress 100 days to pull their act together, bring all these good ideas together, and put a bill on my desk for signature. And if they do not, I will take executive action and I will put in place—


—The most comprehensive background check policy we’ve had. I will require the ATF to take the licenses of gun dealers who violate the law. And I will banned by executive order the importation of assault weapons, because I’m going to tell you, as a prosecutor, I have seen more autopsy photographs than I care to tell you. I have hugged more mothers who are the mothers of homicide victims, and I have attended more police officer funerals.

It is enough. It is enough. And there have been plenty of good ideas from members of the United States Congress. There’s been no action. As president, I will take action.

kamala harris candidate 2020
Kamala Harris Credit: mpi04/MediaPunch/IPX

But for pure entertainment value mixed with jaw-dropping incoherence along with a few well-placed self-aggrandizing lies about his record, last night’s title for most vociferous wanna-be gun grabber goes to… Shotgun Joe Biden.

I’m the only person that’s beaten the NRA nationally. I’m the guy that got the Brady Bill passed, the background checks, number one.


Number two, we increased that background check when—when—during the Obama-Biden administration. I’m also the only guy that got assault weapons banned, banned, and the number of clips in a gun banned. And so, folks, look, and I would buy back those weapons. We already started talking about that. We tried to get it done. I think it can be done. And it should be demanded that we do it, and that’s a good expenditure of money.

And lastly, we should have smart guns. No gun should be able to be sold unless your biometric measure could pull that trigger. It’s within our right to do that. We can do that. Our enemy is the gun manufacturers, not the NRA, the gun manufacturers.

That’s right, if it weren’t for Biden’s stalwart efforts, both in the Senate and as Barack Obama’s uber-effective Vice President, we’d still have who knows how many clips in our guns.

But has anyone told ol’ Uncle Joe that there are no “smart guns” for sale in the US? And that gun makers have determined that there’s not enough significant demand by the gun-buying public to fund the R&D necessary to make one that works?

Oh, who cares? Joe got a good applause like and sound bite out last night and that’s all that really matters.

Meanwhile, the Democrat presidential candidates continue to elbow each other out of the way, trying to demonstrate that they hate Second Amendment freedoms and the right keep and bear arms even more than those other anti-gun clones on the stage. And so it goes.

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    • The candidates aren’t dumb. They ARE willfully ignorant of: RKBA; capabilities of inanimate objects to self animate; gun “statistics”; and the Bill of Rights. They DO KNOW how grandstand with self-righteous indignation to get the votes needed to get elected (gain personal power) and stay elected (build personal empires)…stoking their own egos at the expense of our hard won freedom.

      • Unfortunately, true. Some of the candidates are dumb, but they’re soon sifted out as the intelligent and savvy ones make their way through the debates. They take advantage of the Democrat voters, who are the genuinely dumb ones. The dumb follow the savvy…and neither cares for the other’s welfare. They simply look to their own interests.

    • Especially the dead ones and the illegal aliens who are illiterate and have to have someone assist in filling out the ballot.

    • Yes I agree.Its emberressing to our Country how they act. Especially that dumb Democrat from California who doesn’t know the meaning of ILLEGAL alien.

    • I don’t think the notion that Democrats are dumber than Republicans is a very useful one. Intentionally underestimating a foe is very foolish.

      • To be honest any presidential candidate in the last run or this one has sounded moronic or insanely despotic. Maybe there were a few who were not to the degree of the majority but apparently the way these things work is those who don’t have a vision of deluded grandeur are shoved to the background.

        The problem with leftists isn’t a problem of intelligence, it’s a problem of character. Too many believe any problem is best handled through the exercise of state authority, and if you get in the way you deserve what’s coming. They also have some interesting ideas about what do do with personal wealth that doesn’t belong to them.

    • Why do you waste ink on this? We all know what they think/believe/want to do. We’re not going to change they’re minds with facts or the Constitution. They sure as hell ain’t going to change ours. Write about something interesting. That bunch of idiots isn’t. Vote for your candidate of choice and let’s be done with this shit.

    • You are so right. These imbeciles have got the liberal/socialist voters so indoctrinated it should become a disease. And Biden still doesn’t understand we citizens do not own assault rifles and they don’t use clips. This statement just proves how ignorant and out of touch with thing he voted for in 2013! November 2020 can’t come quick enough. Then they can all go back to being what’s wrong with our country

    • Simple clue why the DNC sheepled led by Homo Sexual; Tom Perez is, Stupid Canadates who waste time and money on useless tactics, should be vetted out of the race, is The Gun buyback reference.Eric, how do you buy back something the Govt never owned!p

  1. The more I watch the DNC clown show, the more I realize how much I’m going to enjoy watching Trump demolish them in 2020. It’ll be like watching a bunch of retarded lemmings dive face first into a woodchipper.

    • You are dismissing their rhetoric at your peril. All that hate and rage from them Nov.2016? They haven’t accepted it. It still burns in them today, and we will see it in Nov. 2020. They haven’t forgotten it. They will show up to vote in greater numbers than we will. We’re kinda content with the way thing are. They aren’t. They are gonna show up in masses next year and put one one of those bastards in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave…

      • “We’re content with the way things are”……and that’s the FUCKING PROBLEM WITH “OUR SIDE”!!!!

        When the type of Stalinist Extremism coming from the Left is staring us down and calling us out, too many of us find an excuse to “sit out” Civic Activity: “It’ll never happen here”, “that can’t happen here”.

        When bad shit comes down the pike, our side screams, bitches, cries, whines, and moans; 😢😢 “That’s Unconstitutional”, “They can’t do that”.

        • Bringing up Stalin as a comparison to any American political figure or party is just plain outlandish, idiotic and displays a great ignorance of history. There is absolutely nothing about that brutal, insane, blood thirsty mass murdering dictator that is similar to any American in politics from the founding of this Republic to date.

          Drop the crazy, it doesn’t help us.

        • I disagree… The left’s embrace of ANTIFA terrorists would indicate otherwise. DNC is Russian Empire circa 1915 or so. Where they go from there, depends on just how crazy the people who take over are. Given that AOC managed to get elected, I’m not optimistic.

      • What you’re missing is that the angry leftists are a tiny vocal minority in their own party.

        Right now, they are busy alienating everyone who is not a rabid intersectional socialist feminazi.

        • So probably should keep quiet and let them keep up the intersectional diatribes till 2020. Honestly the two candidates from Colorado seem like the larger actual threats election wise but they may be too boring for the vocal base.

        • Oh, it’s a done deal. Any candidate that dares move to the center will get crucified by the far left’s propaganda machine. Don’t forget, the DNC voter base does not pick the candidate, the DNC pics the candidate (as Bernie found out the hard way in 2016). Right now, the party is twisting itself into pretzels trying to bend further and further left.

  2. Mark my words, it will come out some day that Swalwell will prove that he should be named Swallowswell. I have gay and bi friends but this guy is a phony and there is something terribly, terribly wrong with him…

    • One of my life lessons, based on over 60 years, is that there is something very, very wrong with anyone who at a young age, say high school, aspires to become a politician when he or she grows up.

      • Yup. I’ve been asked, repeatedly, to run for local elected office, in two states.

        I politely, but firmly, decline every time. I cannot, for the life of me, reconcile what even a local politician has to do on a day to day basis with what I want to do in my life.

        I’d sooner mutilate myself with a Dremel tool than run for that job – any of them.

        Be very, very wary of people who want to run for office. Be especially wary of people who “have big ideas” who want to run for office.

        The Three Stooges had a great line about such people: “Heeeeey, what’s the big idea?!” The Three Stooges (and Bugs Bunny) properly expressed the traditional American suspicion of people with “big ideas.” Americans should ever be wary of people with “big ideas.”

        • ‘I’d sooner mutilate myself with a Dremel tool…’

          Don’t do that. The Democratic Party would mistake you for their base.

        • Well, I caught my thumb in a car door once. Really hurt, swelled up. When the swelling went down the thumbnail stayed dark and then turned black and began to hurt again.

          So, I put a small pointed grinding bit on the Dremel tool. At a low speed and very carefully I made a little hole in that black thumbnail. Out came all this stuff, I’ll not describe it, folks here may be eating. Was under pressure though. Eventually it was just healthy red stuff leaking out. I took that as a good sign. Applied antibiotic ointment, bandaged it up.

          There was some Duct Tape involved in protecting the bandaging from daily work with my hands, but that’s to be expected.

          Using the Dremel to drain that injured thumb did the trick. The pressure relieved, the thumb healed. The nail did fall off but it grew back, all looks normal today.

          Sometimes, Dremels can be quite useful for minor bodily repair, first aid, and routine polishing of gun parts.

          Just saying …

        • You were wise. Too long a story for here, but most of those 60+ years were spent close enough to politicians and the political process to definitely develop an opinion. The funny part is they are frequently so narcissistic that they generally have no idea of your opinion of them … or care.

          One old friend of many years, Charlie B retired and won a City Council seat. I didn’t see Charlie for a while and joked about him becoming a politician when I did. After a short discussion it wasn’t surprising that he didn’t run for a second term.

          I’m not sure about former Virginia Senator Jim Webb in some regards, but I have read what might be his one non-fiction book “Born Fighting” about the Scots Irish in America and, being one myself, agree with much he had to say. When he dropped out after one term my level of respect rose considerably and when he forgot and almost carried his current handgun into the Capital by accident even a little more. I guess Members of Congress can carry in DC or obtain otherwise hard to get permits, but not into the belly of the beast, although there is apparently no penalty. They just held his gun until he was already to leave.

  3. They’re so cute with the numbers they think exist in this country. Makes me want to show up and finish an 80% in front of them and watch them melt, outright….and what % does the Californian moonbat thinks is represented by imports? Aero is right here…S&W M&P, Ruger, Armalite…someone do a fact check article and set these idiots on fire.

    Join the thousands of bikers to support the 7 killed( 6 Marine Vets and a wife) by an immigrant Mass sheltered from ICE AND allowed to retain his CDL after multiple DUIs and recent commercial accidents. Ride for the Fallen 7 happens July 6th. We demand Sanctuary status be revoked and common sense enforcement of current laws be allowed, even if you want their damn votes.

    • Depending on how one defines “assault rifle,” I though importation of those were effectively banned already.

      • It appears you can still get AK parts. MidwayUSA was advertising some recently with a statement that you still had to complete them with a certain percentage of US manufactured parts.

  4. These assholes really want to start the American Revolution part 2. If one of them wins there are going to be people pulling the charging handle on rifles all over this country.

  5. Why all this focus on the left’s clown show, rather than on primarying Trump and on planning for the 2024 landscape?

    • Because that is the clown show that will roll into the white house in 2020 if we split our strength. If we gun owners vote for independents that have no hope of winning or we stay home cause the gop candidate isn’t perfect then clowns like this will have the reins.

      If Trump can be primaried, fine. But if he’s the chosen one then we need to get behind him. Period.

      I don’t like the guy. But I’m not letting that shitstorm, the dnc, back into the office.

      • Have to agree with you there JWM. We need every conservative at the polls and several of their buddies with them to cast votes. We need to make a statement that this BS socialist behavior will NOT be tolerated any longer and any one posing as a conservative will be called out and excoriated.

      • “If Trump can be primaried, fine.”

        I’ll be very surprised if there’s a serious effort to do that. He will tear apart and *destroy* them in the debates.

        Rude, crude, and uncouth, he has an undeniable feral brilliance in manipulating the press and winning elections…

    • None of the attempts to primary Trump are going anywhere because none of the people who are challenging Trump for the nomination (so far, Bill Weld is it) are convincing a significant number of people that they’d do a better job.

      Grumble about bump-stocks all you like, just take a good look at the alternative before deciding Trump doesn’t deserve your vote.

  6. Until I get an M1 Garand, I don’t even own any guns that accept clips.

    And, Joe: you can’t buy back what a) you didn’t own in the first place, and b) we refuse to sell you.

    (Cue Duke Nuke’Em for the solution to *that* problem…)

    • Doesn’t the law say the government can take your property as long as they pay you for it? The community/government can take your land and your home if they so choose, they just have to give you some papers.

      Makes you wonder why the final declaration of independence says “the pursuit of happiness” instead of “property” like they originally wanted. Maybe that’s because they wanted to take property/land from those uppity Indians? Now they want to take property/weapons from the uppity conservatives.

      What goes around…

      • “Doesn’t the law say the government can take your property as long as they pay you for it?”
        No, it doesn’t. The property must be “for public use.” So if they paid for your guns at the current market rate, specifically to give those guns to the public for their use, there might be an argument. It would also not preclude you from buying more guns, which you would be able to if “just compensation” was provided.
        The government could legally buy your guns at current market value in order to provide to others for a public good, and you could then legally just go buy more.

        The 5th Amendment of the Bill of Rights states:
        “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

        The framers did not remove “property” from that famous line because of the natives in any way. They did not consider the land the natives were living on as property owned by those natives anyway, and in the sense of what we think of as “private property” today, neither did the tribes.

        • They could argue they are taking your guns to give them to law enforcement. The government will take ownership of the guns for “public” use. They do that in other countries. Remember “public” is another word for socialism and “law enforcement” is a socialist creation.

          It’s true that the concept of “private property” was different between Americans and Europeans. The Americans/Indians thought one man can’t use papers to own a continent; they must work the land and live on the land. The Europeans thought buying “land rights” with money and having the government give them a piece of paper meant they now own it all until they sell it regardless of them not using it. So, yeah, very different concepts of how people have ownership over land.

          The chief of a tribe could not sell his tribes’/peoples’ land on their behalf; he had no right to do that. The tribe had to come to a consensus and give him that power. When the United States met with a chief and asked for the land rights he would refuse until he gets the okay from his people [the owners]. If his people said no, he couldn’t make a deal with the United States. When the United States couldn’t buy the land from Indians they considered it an act of war. The United States then gave the Indians an opportunity to comply or die. If they still refused to sell, the United States would send in their armed men to conquer/kill and occupy/steal.

          Under both ownership concepts what the U.S. did was stealing. The U.S. just thought that as long as the owners were murdered, and the survivors conquered, the land now belongs to the U.S. No surprise that current day European-Americans would still think that way now about taking other property (like guns).

          If they can nuke you for your guns then it’s theirs. Too bad, you shouldn’t have lost.

        • User1, no, that’s not what public means. There’s dictionaries online and in books. Use one.
          As far as taking guns under Eminent Domain, it’s a stupid argument. you’d just go buy more. Welcome the 2nd Amendment, or is the 5th amendment of the Bill of Rights not the only one you’d discard?
          To be clear, you just changed the subject. You were completely wrong about the framers reasoning for replacing “property” with “happiness”. You’re just making shit up entirely.

        • The public use element of taking has been so watered down (much like the commerce clause) that it’s meaningless now. The government is taking land from private citizens to give to other private citizens in the name of ‘general benefits’ (Kelo v. New London). Don’t think for a second that an argument based on that and not the 2nd Amendment would stop such a law.

        • I am only telling you what they would do using the logic they like to use. Even the supreme court makes such arguments. You’d be amazed by the arguments the judges make among themselves.

          What is public education? Government provided education, correct? Providing education for “free” by having the people pay for is socialism, correct? If the government owns/controls a segment of the economy and forces the workers to pay for it but calls it “public” then it’s no longer socialism?

          What about a “public” health insurance program?

          I’m sure you would argue that because you could send your kids to private school public school isn’t considered socialism because the definition of socialism is very strict. At least that is what I constantly hear argued by socialists.

          I know what human rights are. You don’t have to explain it to me. You have to explain that to the people that think “interstate commerce” gives the government the power to mess with things that cross state lines. You have to explain to the people that think “promote general welfare” gives them the power to provide all kinds of things or restrict all kind of things.

          The Supreme Court of The United States doesn’t follow the definitions in the dictionary, they define things as they see fit. They know what “shall not be infringed” means as they have a dictionary, but they decided that they [government] can pass gun control anyway as long as it’s for public safety.

          It would be nice if we didn’t interpret words to mean other things, however, that is not reality in America today. You can get mad at me, but it’s not my fault. I wouldn’t even come up with such an idea without Americans surrounding me with such logic/tactics.

      • The law may say that. Don’t expect people to comply.

        Even so, my point was semantic: the government can’t buy *back* what they never owned in the first place.

          • The government can compel confiscation of property for compensation less than fair market value, but in doing so, they are not buying *back* that property, because they never owned that property in the first place.

      • No. The term property was an attempt by the slave holding southern colonies to make slavery a constitutional right. This was not approved because the northern, non slave colonies might not join the Union.
        For crying out loud, what schools don’t teach is amazing.
        Get a copy of the Federalist papers and READ.

      • Wow, you’re nuts. Full mask drop, bro. The Indians (isn’t that a slur now, lol?) weren’t American citizens, and their lands weren’t owned by any government, so little/nothing in the founding documents has any bearing on them, except as a foreign/hostile power, which they were. When you choose to live as a weak, ineffective, vulnerable, tribal society in the face of a highly-organized civilization much advanced beyond your own…you lose the ability to argue about such matters. When you then lash out pointlessly in unspeakably brutal and horrific ways, you reap a terrible reward. See Japan’s reaction to European arrival for an example of what an inferior –but competent– people do to assert their long-term existence. Rights are granted by God, but only manifest in practice within the protective confines of a governing system. Operate outside such a system, and you’re on your own unless God himself intervenes on your behalf.

        • Cars and trucks kill as many people yearly as guns do, and they are specifically designed not to kill…

      • But not “in the gun” they don’t. The only clips that go inside of a firearm are the early mannlicher style that fall out the bottom on the last round, and the enbloc style, like the Garand. And there are some pistols that use those styles also, but none come immediately to mind.
        Most are stripper clips, wherein the rounds must be manually stripped off the clip into an internal magazine, and then either closing the action will push the empty clip out of the way, or the clip must be pulled out of the guide and discarded before closing the action.

  7. Kamala Harris got her idea for “executive action” from Donald Trump. She saw what the supreme court said and what Trump did, then she came up with her presidential platform idea for gun control. Thanks, Mr. President.

    Words have power. Trump and the NRA have done very bad things with their words. I knew the moment that BS came out their mouths tyrants would use it. I called it in a post over a year ago. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out their tactics and their ultimate strategy. They are very predictable.

      • I think even that is too ambitious; how about we settle for someone that simply knows how to talk? We used to have this thing called a “statesman,” who was someone that could form a coherent thought ahead of time and not sound like a damn teenager on national TV every time they open their mouth. We rightly mock Biden…but he babbles exactly like Trump; about two steps ahead of his brain. Before them we had Bush II the word-crafter and, uh, uh, Obama. These are the guys whose quotes will have to be memorized by kids in school decades from now; talk about shameful. “And then president So-n-So said famously in the 2038 State of the Union; ‘like, it’s very important, uh, we make sure to…we have to do the right thing here. Or else the guy won’t do, uh, do it right. It’s got to be right, we can’t let him do it wrong.’ We don’t know what the fuck he was talking about, but it was a crucial moment of his administration.” Friggin’ Idiocracy.

        • Fun fact about Idiocracy; Judge apparently didn’t tell his Fox producers (or the companies who granted the use of their likenesses) what the movie was really about. He trolled them the entire way, and mocked their sponsors (Fuddruckers, Starbucks, the movie industry, etc.) ruthlessly. It was such an industry scandal that it caused the producers to pull all advertising for the movie before it released –which is why it only reached ‘cult’ status– and basically ended Judge’s career, which was sky-high from both Office Space and King of the Hill. The movie was meant to be Maya Rudolf’s big breakout & win awards, but it was all scuttled at the last minute & quickly buried.

        • The roots of the problem lay in the self-selecting genetics of the Ivy League gene pool. Legacy admissions got us to this point. The idiotic preference for Ivy League credentials for the highest offices in the land (both Clinton and Bushes are Yale/Harvard pedigrees, the entire SCOTUS bench is Yale/Harvard, etc).

          When I was in engineering school in upstate NY, we’d occasionally compete in engineering and computer science against the Ivies, and it was then we learned that their supposed academic excellence is complete and utter marketing BS. They’re usually possessed of very, very average intellects, but they have excellent pedigrees, connections and money behind them. One of the knocks against Ronald Reagan was that he wasn’t from the milieu of the Bushes – the Ivy League connections, etc. Reagan had to make peace with the Ivy League cohort of the GOP by taking on Bush Sr. as his VP. It was perhaps the single worst political move by Reagan in his two terms.

  8. The Democrat Socialists must be counting on one HELL of a lot of Illegal Alien voting.

    It is good to remember that these imbeciles are simply front men for the Globalist Elite like Soros, Steyer, and Bloomberg.

    With all that money you’d think they could do better.

    • With all that money you’d think they could do better.

      They did. They got Trump.

      It is good to remember that these imbeciles are simply front men for the Globalist Elite like Soros, Steyer, and Bloomberg.

      Watch out! Republicans might call you a white supremacist Nazi anti-semite after posting those names. Even the Democrats will pile on. The RNC and Christians don’t like you doing that. You better get back in line before something happens to you.

        • You got that right, PWRSERGE.
          To quote my favorite lefty, Forrest Gump, “stupid is as stupid does”.

        • Do you think all the globalists elites are Jewish? Do you think all the rich people are Jewish? Do you think all the Jewish people support Democrat Socialists? Isn’t that quite racists of you?

          You did notice he is the one who posted 3 Jewish people’s names out of all the names he could have used? Have you seen me posting about Bloomberg and Soros like Republicans do around here? You could probably find posts of me criticizing Alex Jones for always blaming Soros and Bloomberg.

          You seem very sensitive to facetious jokes directed at people that go around calling others racist when they are clearly not. Funny, the one that took the bait is the one I was directing the joke to.

          Did you feel the need to respond because you felt personally offended or are you simply not smart enough to dodge traps?

          By the way, I think Dan Zimmerman and Robert Farago are ethnically Jewish. You don’t see me saying anything about them nor the Truth About Guns being ran/owned by them. They seem like good men. When TTAG starts censoring information is when I will think differently. It was bumpy after Farago left, but now it seems they got rid of the man who was censoring everyone in the comment section.

        • Farago was certainly jewish. We discussed it years ago, when we found out we both belonged to JPFO.

      • If Trump is a “globalist” how come all the globalist shills, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, want to get rid of him BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY?

        Don’t bother with an answer; you aren’t smart enough.

        • The useful idiots want to get rid of Trump because they think he is a Nazi, but Trump has done a lot for Israel. Remember Democrat voters are not fans of Israel because they don’t agree with what they do to Muslims. The Democrat horde defends Muslims, even the homosexual Democrats defend Islam.

          However, the establishment (both Democrat and Republican) love having Trump as president. Trump is a distraction that takes all the blame for the Democrat and Republican politicians failures.

          The Democrat politicians act like they hate Trump and they want to impeach him, but they actually don’t want him gone. They said they don’t even want to continue talking about impeachment anymore. Why? Because Trump is the boogeyman [orange man bad]. Democrats (and Republicans) always need a boogeyman to rally their voters in the streets. Do you know how much money Bernie has made? Notice how many Democrats are running for president now? I lost count. This situation is good business for Democrats right now. They even got more gun control passed under Trump than Obama. Under Trump the NRA is imploding and the Democrats are dancing in celebration as they take credit. I am hearing that illegal immigration is actually at its highest ever under Trump [caravan after caravan].

          I don’t know… Sounds like the Democrats are winning while Trump is president. Remember when they said they would only give Trump a dollar for his border wall then Trump caved and opened the government? Then the establishment passed a foreign aid bill to help fund walls in other countries?

          Define “globalist” for me. I think we have different ideas as to what that means.

          Trump says he isn’t a globalist but he wants to flood America with 70 million immigrants in 10 years. Is America still going to be America if that were to happen?

          Isn’t Trump a corporate billionaire New York Democrat? Sounds very globalist to me. Unless you think “globalist” only means to get rid of borders.

          At least remember this: what Trump says is different than what Trump does.

        • The powers that be want to oust Trump because he is not a member of a secret society, and has never taken their secret oaths. In their world this automatically disqualifies him from holding any position of importance, let alone that of President. It’s the reason they are so insane about anything Trump. By their religious beliefs he is a heretic, and must never hold official positions, which is their priesthood. They’re just as crazy as any other religious fundamentalist, which they are now putting on display for the entire world to see.
          If you’d like to do some study on this, try:

          But shit! Look at what the prices have done. $325.00? I’d take a hundred for mine in a NY minute. It only cost me <50 back in the 1990s. And a GRAND for the softcover? That must be as rare as hen's teeth. I've certainly never seen one, or I'd have gotten one of those instead.

        • perhaps trumps a globalist…who’s also a nationalist…are the two incompatible?

        • A globalist Trump might well be, but that isn’t enough. The People who run things join secret socities, such as Skull and Bones, the Jason Society, Scroll and Key, etc. at an early age, and then progress up through the ranks over the years. These societies are all fundamentalist religions in nature, with their own dogmas, one of which is: no one must be allowed into powerful positions without having taken the oaths.
          Trump has taken their money and worked with them for ages, but that still does not qualify him to lead, in their minds. They will hire employees, and make deals, with those they deem heretics, but such ones must not be allowed into decision making capacities in the worldview of these societies. This the root of TDS.
          This is why you might notice Trump’s cabinet secretaries blowing him off and issuing contrary orders anyway. These ones HAVE taken the secret oaths, and they obey their secret leaders, not Trump. These are the ones often called the “shadow government”, or “shadow rulers”. AKA just “the elite”. Like must criminal types, they go by many names. All the better to create as much confusion as possible.

    • Nah, they just gave voting rights, but not gun rights, to “non violent” felons in Florida, that may be enough to tip things if the races are tight.

      • That is assuming that these felons want gun rights taken away. Yes, they have already lost them, but do they really want it so they have absolutely no chance of regaining them?

    • You’re as foolish as they were if you underestimate the anger against the current incumbent and what it can do. I know many people who were apathetic before but are engaging in political activism now to kick the orange one out of office. Our system is screwed up and will naturally wobble between two shitty parties. And every cycle there are a bunch of people who think there’s no chance that the other party will recover. Then they do and everyone gets that surprised pikachu face.

      • Clips work quite well if their use is practiced. They aren’t as fast to reload as a mag change, but one never has to take a break to reload empty magazines either. They also help balance the speed scale out by never getting bent feed lips.
        This is why early military firearms are almost all clip fed, with the magazine internal to the rifle. This way the feed lips are protected inside of the gun.
        In short, both clips and magazines have advantages and disadvantages, just like everything else firearm.

  9. 1st class IDJITS them all.
    Let them have the West Coast and NY.
    Leave the rest of us the heck alone.
    Will see how long they would last.
    The next Venezuela Im sure they will become.
    If they get elected that’s what this place would be. With a war or 2 before hand.

    • For statism to work you must follow the rules that the rulers created. If you don’t, the enforcers will come a knocking to make sure of it. So, they need you to be law abiding and they need people to enforce that law. So far they have both.

    • We have to let the fools secede first, so adjacent states can refuse to accept any refugees they don’t want.

    • is trump a true defender of the status quo?…or is he operating on a different timetable?….or seeking a different agenda?…he certainly seems enamored of the oligarchs and dictators and the more direct application of power…leading us to what?

    • O’l Joe’s primary appeal is ending the rancor…which people have grown weary off…while doing just enough to satisfy the progressives…a delicate balancing act that he may not be up to..but if he can, he remains the only serious threat to trump…frankly i’ve grown wary of a second term for trump when you consider the damage he has done to us already…a more practical course might be for him to get reelected and then seek impeachment to force him out of office…something that might garner a significant amount of republican support once he has outlived his usefulness…

  10. Usually when Democrat politicians babble about guns, I can sort of understand what they’re TRYING to say, even if it’s illogical or based on false premises. In this case, I can’t for the life of me figure out what Uncle Joe even thinks he’s talking about. He banned the…NUMBER…of…clips…IN a gun?? Guns that hold more than one magazine at once? No, he probably doesn’t know those exist. Maybe it’s something about RESTRICTING, not banning, the number of CARTRIDGES, not clips, in a MAGAZINE, not a gun. But…the Obama administration never passed anything like that. So what the fuck does he think he means???

    • Joe has been around a while and he was far sharper when he was a senator for Delaware than I have ever heard of him on the news since. Might be playing dumb but I would fail to see the point why. Might be he doesn’t care enough to make distinctions of terms and that is a lot more likely. But it could just be he is aging out of full coherence. Guess we will see with the longer debates.

      • ” far sharper when he was a senator for Delaware ”

        Having grown up and still living in Delaware, I can say without doubt that, no, Jokin’ Joe has been the same dumb-ass his whole life that he is today. Ain’t no cure for stupid.

        I can say he’s a good politician– once he was bought, he stayed bought.

        • Didn’t seem as bad pre Obama but I was over near Philly back then. Well sucks to be him/his handlers then.

        • He’s always been a fool like Pelosi, but the charade is far more transparent as they both age. Like it or not, human reaction time, memory, IQ, and simple judgement all degrade significantly at those ages.

          The real question is WTF is going on with the people in their 40’s running alongside them, who *also* can’t form a coherent thought? And how far-gone will they be in their autumn years?

      • Biden’s incoherence probably has something to do with those two quarts of Scotch a day.
        “at least one member of Congress from South Carolina admitted that he’s known Biden to be a drunk for quite some time. “Why do you think he talks so much and keeps putting his feet in his mouth all the time? The guy keeps fifths in every jacket pocket.” -

    • They’ve degenerated into howling spider monkeys. It’s not important that what they are saying makes sense, only that their speech patterns contain a high density of keywords which identify them as ‘friendly’ to their base. Orwell predicted this stuff about 80 years ago; that language would be co-opted by power players and turned into meaningless gibberish in order to make reasoned, thoughtful discourse impossible, therefore preventing an ideological competitor to The Party from arising. The Left has been completely engulfed by this premise, and it’s definitely starting to work its magic on The ‘Right’ as well, with catch phrases & taunting nicknames taking the place of actual policy discussion. Probably another 4-6 years before we are grunting right along with the Democrats, just an incoherent stream of buzzwords heard on right wing media outlets.

      • Damnit Barnbwt why do you have to lay out my paranoid fears as if they are reasonable and justified………

        • Speaking of justifiable fears… QUOTE:
          “This manual is in itself an analog declaration of intent. Such a writing must be secured from public scrutiny. Otherwise, it might be recognized as a technically formal declaration of domestic war. Furthermore, whenever any person or group of persons in a position of great power and without full knowledge and consent of the public, uses such knowledge and methodology for economic conquest — it must be understood that a state of domestic warfare exists between said person or group of persons and the public.” END QUOTING FROM-Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, Operations Research Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1
          Available with the illustrations under the FOIA from the Department of the Navy, Office of Naval Intelligence; or online for free without the illustrations here:

  11. Why would any thinking American elect any of these Marxist of the left,if elected the first thing after swearing a oath to the Constitution,they would willingly violate it. Ah the un American left.

    • Because they are scared or angry (or both). They are either afraid of being some sort of “ist,” or want to push other “ists.” So no; no *thinking* American would ever vote for such jackasses…but thinking is out of fashion these days.

  12. Man Biden’s gettin’ old; it looks like he hasn’t even got any teeth left in that photo, lol

  13. avatar When 911 fails to reach u in time U better have a plan to Survive and a Rifle that Starts with AR,AK & 30-100rders

    There is no democrat running 4 potus that won’t try confiscation or something close like illegal registration that leads to confiscation….some will say bs until the anti gun neighbor reports u and police stop by and see ur gun safe or guns laying around…after they do a search cuz it was reported a rapist ran into ur house.

    With Red Flag Laws its easy to take someone’s without a crime or charge even if ur Mother Teresa.

    Freedom Lovers and Gun Owners better get everybody u know to vote pro-freedom Pro-Gun and educate people who are voting to be slaughtered in the street without any means of self-defense.

    Some will say u only need this or that….tell that to the home owner in Houston not long ago were 5 Armed Crooks broke into his house and dozens of shots were fired and the homeowner lived by having a Semi-Auto AK Rifle….3 Crooks Died and 2 others were wounded…yeah…facts…

    • Fortunately most departments have said they won’t enforce red flag laws because there’s no investigation other than a report and anybody can make that report. But if it does come to that, you better resist. Any cop coming to take your guns is a tyrant.

      • hide them, guys…anywhere and everywhere…get creative…they may get some, but they won’t get them all..keeping all your guns in a single place like a safe just makes it that much easier for them….they’re out to make felons of us all anyway….

        • Agreed. UNfortunately, a lot of people do not have many hiding spots and/or are not that smart. Personally, I’d just rather prove my point than let tyrants force me on my knees. Our founding fathers would agree.

  14. First off, every one of the candidates are insane if they think they can buy peoples weapons at below what they paid for them. Second, the number of gun owners in the U.S. is more than some standing armies. Good luck at forcing them to give up anything. If you try to take anything from them by force, then put your affairs in order first.

    • It’s actually more than ALL standing armies. Even the PLA (the military branch of the Chinese Communist Party) doesn’t have the ability to put more than a few million troops in the field. For US gun owners, that’s called opening weekend of deer season.

    • examples will be made in an effort to induce intimidation…we will have to endure that…but they can’t lock us all up…the sheer numbers on are on our side…resistance through non-cooperation and compliance is the way to go and the most effective course open to us..

  15. the number of clips in a gun banned.

    OK, I’ll go with that. No clips in my gun. That will make loading my SKS slower — maybe we could limit it to one clip at a time? But detachable magazines are OK.

  16. I think the “provide health care for illegals” was the campaign moment that’s going to be played in GOP commercials on an endless loop with a voice-over asking “They screwed up health insurance with Obamacare, and now they want to give away your health care to people who aren’t even Americans?”

    Polling is now showing that the DNC has moved significantly left where their voter base is. Their policy positions are being formulated to gain approval from the press and academics. This is a very small group of voters. And where the rubber meets the road in American politics is the jobs situation, and they have nothing they can say about the Trump economy other than “We tried to stop him, but we couldn’t – and look at what happened!” Yes, look at what happened. 3.2% Q1 2019 GDP. The markets’ gains for June havent been this good since 1938. Unemployment for most everyone is very low. What exactly are the Democrats proposing that’s going to improve on that? Abortion rights for transgendered former males?

    • And yet the hive dwellers will likely still vote (legal or not) for that madness. I only hope the Democrat archipelago is smaller this time around.

    • 1) It’s an incumbent presidential election year and Trump is still alive; they know there is a VERY steep hill to climb, especially given the number of candidates on the DNC side. The real purpose is to run for positions of influence with the DNC, and that means they have to out-do each other on dogma, even if it means taking retarded positions for now –positions are only temporary, after all, since none of these people likely believe in much of anything beyond their personal ascension
      2) The DNC has very nearly thwarted the elections system in this country. It’s rather plain they are increasingly confident that it no longer matters what they do or say, so long as they can weaponize mass media, bribe a portion of their constituency, and use state resources to destroy the opposition. Between what is all but acknowledged to be rampant fraud by aliens and election officials within their own strongholds, and rehabilitating huge numbers of felons in swing states like Florida and Virginia, we’re at best a couple years away from elections not even mattering. Ideally, candidates are trapped between trying to best impress their fellow party members to get leadership’s blessing, and broad appeal to a majority of the public. The DNC has already moved beyond that second part, so now the only force blowing these weather-vane politicians is oneupmanship to impress the king makers within the party…which is precisely how a tyrannical and completely unaccountable government functions (or rather, fails to function)

      The silver lining, is that the consequences for falling from favor become increasingly great. Already, we see the candidates tripping all over themselves simply to get out in front of being destroyed in an instant by claims of racism, sexism, or privilege. It will only get worse, and soon we will reach the fever pitch where the party faithful violently turn on popular candidates in an instant, probably to include physical conflagration. Entertainment for all.

    • Watch the tenor of the news to change between now and the election. They are going to harp on how lousy the economy is, and how all else is going to hell in a handbasket.

      They are scared shitless of Trump and those who voted for him. I wouldn’t put anything past them in terms of lies and dirty tricks…

    • The strategy seems to be “lets make sure all the people who historically don’t vote are on our side”.

      Bold move Cotton, bold move.

    • “Polling is now showing that the DNC has moved significantly left where their voter base is. Their policy positions are being formulated to gain approval from the press and academics.”

      Micheal Moore got it right. The day after the election, he asked “Why don’t the Democrats nominate someone beloved?”

      I fear someone like Tom Hanks or Oparah suddenly coming from out of nowhere and “Saving the day” or the Democrats.

      Their logic will be – Who cares about experience? Trump had no experience. The DNC can staff the White House for him and “make sure nothing bad happens”.

      The one we don’t see coming yet is the one I fear the most…

    • preaching to the choir…which they’re currently doing… may not resonate with the congregation….

  17. Poor Biden/Bernie AARP Represent…… proves Alzheimer’s is real….Imagine a President in their 80’s and they start playing checkers with the nuclear football….

    And Karmalaya is just going to bypass the Constitution and Congress and write her own laws…

    She called out Joe Biden over racism and she is not even black..pretty low ball….but, then again they go low low lower than low.

    Harris was born in Oakland to an Indian mother and Jamaican father.

    • Reagan was pretty darn senile by the time his term ended, and the Russians were still very much doing their Cold War thing all the while.

      It’s one of the reasons it’s dumb to elect really old leaders; no telling when they descend into their second infancy.

      • “Russians were still very much doing their Cold War thing all the while.”

        True, but they were scared as hell by him. The ’83 NATO wargames we have found out they were convinced the ‘Able Archer’ exercise was actually a ploy to sneak attack the Russians.

        Bush 2 got a little of that himself. When 9-11 happened, the US went to an immediate elevation of DEFCON. Ordinarily, it’s standard Russian military protocol to immediately match alert levels to what NATO is. Putin called Bush 2 and advised him Russia would not be elevating their alert level. Reportedly, because Putin thought Bush 2 was a cowboy like Regan…

      • Reagan gets credit for ending the cold war…justified or not…the threat of “star wars”…as fantastical as it sounds…was taken seriously by the russians and proved to be the last straw…we may underestimate our capabilities…but others don’t…nor can they afford to…

  18. what’s next??????? first taking away our 2nd amendment right? which makes it easier to do away with rest of the BILL OF RIGHTS!!!!!!! next comes the 4th, oh wait stop and frisk (NY city) does anyone see where this is going?

  19. I forgot about the SO CALLED RED FLAG LAWS THAT ARE STARTING TO TAKE HOLD. where are we headed?

  20. The stupid gets stronger by the hour with these imbeciles.
    Swalwell has a face even a mother could love to slap.
    Harris wore out a dozen pairs of knee pads to get ahead in her world.
    Biden? Where do you even begin about shotgun Joe?

    Our Constitution is under attack and they are not even trying to pretend or hide it any longer.

  21. Nope didn’t watch these turds. I’ll watch a little Tucka’! and get the gist. No JFK’s(the last good Democrat©) as far as the eye can see. Pathetic is an apt metaphor. You can’t buy back what you don’t own!


  22. Great idea a man gets shot and his wife can’t use his gun and her and ur family gets raped and tortured…or u and ur wife/kids/friends are in a crowded restaurant and a mass murderer starts shooting & kills ur buddy and u can’t use his gun to save ur family and others….these people have a extra helping of stupid.

    Or the battery is dead or it just fails & ur all dead.

    This Tech will never be practical or reliable and only makes sense if ur a dim idiot commie.

    • Want to have some fun? There are these little devices made by the Chinese, ESP8226-12F for instance is one. A little bit of code and one of these and a 3 volt battery source makes a nice deauther
      device. I could whip up one in less than 1/2 hour. Take it to Starbucks and turn it on and use your cellphone to have some fun , watch everyone in the places laptop and cellphones drop off line. What it does is use a known vulnerability in the WiFi protocol which can’t be fixed as too many devices use the existing methods. It simply sends deauthentication frames and kills the network. Luckily not to many know how to do it or are afraid since it is very illegal to do. But like I said I can make one in no time at all and I’m not that smart.

      But that will be childs play if smart guns with the ability to be remotely disabled or require some device on your person or biometrics appear. It will not take to long for someone to find the weak link in the code and do similar to what a deauther device does.

      Remember, if man designed it man can break it.

      Hackers figured out how to mess with my insulin pump. I tested what they can do and yes it can be changed for instance x10 so I get 30 units instead of 3. That could make me dead, luckily they are recalling it so I’ll have to go back to the old fashioned method again when I get the paperwork to send it in. Odds of someone hacking it are about as slim to none as someone killing the WiFi at Starbucks but since they can and it could kill me a recall has been ordered. I just hope it either gets fixed or the insurance company allows another model as I really liked the pump method of control.

      I was not going to respond to this then read the email from Cigna and got to thinking how easy it would be to mess with a smart gun.

    • absent effective security…whatever that is…a gun is your only option…and yet they go to ridiculous lengths to deny this….Wayne, ..between his shopping sprees and other distractions…was at least right about that….

  23. Ban the election of all non smart politicians

    Besides that, we have one big thing going for us. Anybody know what that is?

  24. I’ll sell the govt all 6 of my guns, 200k each, and then I will move to the third world, renounce my US citizenship and the USA can kiss my butt. Wtf makes these people “think’ that 300 or so of us wont (one by one, independently) all go to DC and say “hello, and GOODBYE to one anti-gun pol each? ALL gunlaws will be repealed within a week, nationwide. Wtf makes you ‘think” we will wait for you to come to us, hmmm?

    • you will take what they offer…or else…[assuming they even make you an offer]….

  25. Given the FACT that the so-called Smart Gun is nowhere commercially available, correction please if appropriate, blocking the sale of non-smart guns amounts to blocking the sale of all guns. Might that possibly be the desired end? Say it isn’t so Joe, say it isn’t so.

    As to Biden on Assault Rifles, hasn’t the dummy yet been told, or can’t he absorb the fact that ASSAULT RIFLES, being Selective Fire Capable Arms have long been restricted under the National Firearms Act of 1934. As to “clips”‘ a Clip, as in Stripper Clip, is a simple device used to facilitate the loading of bolt action rifles, with internal magazines, ala the Mauser design.

    • wonder if the NFA will be enough to save suppressors?….things are moving quickly under trump…

      • …do they know where they all are?….considering the state of their record keeping?…or will they be content to dangle the sword of Damocles over our heads?…..we’ll see….

  26. What terrifies me is if somebody loses, it means somebody will win. RepubliStain or DemonCrap, somebody will win if somebody loses. This is bad, bad for Americans everywhere.

    Our ballot needs a “NONE OF THE ABOVE” option. If “NONE OF THE ABOVE” wins, it’s a do-over. We get a fresh election with all new candidates. Nobody that ran that last time can run again.

    • Comparing the GOP to Stalin is as retarded as AOC comparing immigration detention centers to Dachau. We might not like 100% of what the GOP does, but we all like SOME of what they do. On the other hand, we like NONE of what the DNC does.

      FYI, Stalin killed over 70% of my family. Even I don’t know the exact numbers because my family tree on one side pretty much ends in the 1930s. Please don’t trivialize a monster who used socialism to murder almost 7 million people in 2 years.

      • I didn’t bring up Stalin, guess you clicked the wrong “Reply”.

        But I do agree with you on how wrong it is to bring Stalin into this thing.

      • …didn’t kill any of my family members…[that i’m aware of]…but he sure did a number on their material wealth….anyone who has had actual experience with communists knows what they are all about….

  27. Good news! None of my guns use “clips” therefore, they’re not “assault rifles” (none of them meet the accepted criteria of assault rifle being they’re not capable of selective fire).

    • I didn’t know guns took this things girls use in their hair. Mine use magazines 🤣

  28. Trump 2020. They wanna take away 2nd amendment period. Let all the illegals in and give them free medical. Damn not even through 2 debates amongst themselves and trump already won the election lol.

    • The GOP has made a massive error in not making themselves the party the illegal immigrants would look up to favorably. Give those people a path to citizenship, turn them into tax paying voters who remember who helped them. Fix the border security problem at the same time and steal the entire issue away from the Democrats.

      But no, turn millions of people into an opposing constituency the Democrats can pander to. And that’s pander to with good reason and loads of human interest, heart breaking stories and images.

      Massive error in right wing judgment, big mistake, huge, one of the worst ever.

      • Heck, no. On the whole the illegals are a net financial burden to society, a threat to public health since they are not being screened for communicable diseases, and they are bringing their sh*thole, high crime cultures with them. The illegals are not the elite of their societies, but rather low IQ peasants entirely out of place in a high tech society.

        The GOP would be better taking a firm stance against their entry, especially since that is a more popular choice among Americans.

  29. At least we now know what they will do without reser vations The SCOTUS can’t be counted on to pr otect the 2nd. A Republican Senate might not either.

  30. How about we ban all people opposed to the Constitution? Joey, ole buddy, have your guards carry them first to prove they are 100 % reliable. How about you and all the other candidates in favor of despotism? what else would you call disarming a law abiding populace, making everybody get the same crappy medical care, pay more taxes to take care of SOBs from other countries who come here illegally? By the way, all you clowns who yell we are a nation of immigrants, in the 62 years Ellis Island was in use 12 million immigrants entered the country, not, as Nancy the anti-American wants, a couple of million a year.

    • those people who came through Ellis Island were not only wanted…many were recruited…they helped to build this country…not tear it down….there’s a reason we never chose to keep mexico after we conquered it….

  31. I’m 58. I didn’t think it would come to violence in my lifetime. Now, I think it might.

    God help us.

    • I’ve got a decade on you. I graduated from High School in 1968, then college and grad school. Frankly, somewhere in the back of my mind I have always realized that the 60s and 70s radicals were trying to worm their way into the main stream.This really accelerated when the generational change started as the baby boomers started to retire and were replaced by those educated by the radicals, now ensconced, in the educational system. I’ve always had the gnawing feeling somewhere in the back of my mind that a radical takeover might be attempted, but hope they fail.

      Biden like any low life politician in his lizard brain simply senses where the wind on his side of the aisle is blowing and is going with it. He is really just complicating things for the hard left and that’s, on balance, probably a good thing.

  32. Biden is a dried up moron, This guy is an absolute scumbag. I watched the democrats debates and one word describes the entire debacle, Delusional. Not one of the demo candidates has any real plan for the betterment of America. These people are evil. I for one never gave them permission to control my healthcare. These lowlifes know that the baby boomer generation is getting older and these scumbags want to drain the money out of there wallets by controlling healthcare. I h0pe they continue on this course, it will ensure a Trump win in 2020.

    Congressman Swalwell from California is spouting off that he is going to confiscate every assault type rifle. A couple words for this scumbag, Bring It! He is delusional.

  33. Smart guns aren’t really very smart, but every “smart gun” produced pushes Biden one slot lower on the list of intelligent life on earth.

  34. I sit salivating awaiting eagerly armed rebellion against Satan`s Democratic Party.

  35. They prove the statement about common sense.
    “Common sense is not a blessing – it is a curse. Because those of us that have it, must put up with those that don’t”.
    These demotaters do not have common sense. Or it appears any sense at all.

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