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By Larry Keane

Democratic hopefuls squared off in the first primary debate over two days and they had plenty to say about the gun control plans they would enact if elected. Perhaps the most important take away from the two nights is that the candidates advocated or passively supported gun confiscation, rhetorically couched as “gun buybacks.”

Not a single one of the 20 candidates spoke in opposition to confiscation or the respect for the Second Amendment.  So, the Democrats really are coming for your guns.  The other key takeaway is that former Vice President Joe Biden believes the firearm industry is the “enemy.”

In addition, nearly all candidates embrace a ban on modern sporting rifles and standard capacity magazines and instituting universal background checks. Biden would mandate that all firearms sold be equipped with unreliable biometric authorized user recognition technology, sometimes called “smart guns.” Let’s recap what the candidates had to say about infringing on the Second Amendment. –


  • Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.): equated crimes with firearms to a health crisis, calling it a ‘national health emergency,” but ducked answering whether she supports confiscation proposals.
  • Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) said, “I hear gunshots in my neighborhood,” and proposed a national licensing program, requiring training standards. Sen. Booker also wants to restricthandguns sales to once per month. He claimed to MSNBC that the majority of Americans agree with his plans to require licensing and training standards to exercise American rights.
  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) tried to convince debate viewers that a forced buyback scheme to collect the more than 16 million privately-owned modern sporting rifles isn’t confiscationas long as the government makes an “offer.”
  • New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio portrayed gun control as a race issue, invoking his biracial son and quickly pivoted to policing.
  • Secretary Julian Castro (D-Texas), former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, predicted a Democratic sweep of The White House and Congress, ushering in unprecedented gun control. He’s previously said there would be no handguns in an ideal world.
  • Former U.S. Rep. Robert “Beto” O’Rourke (D-Texas), called modern sporting rifles “weapons of war” that “belong on the battlefield and not in our communities.”
  • Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) steered clear of committing to gun control on the stage, referring to changes in mental health care instead. Ryan was once a Lifetime NRA member, but has since embraced gun control platforms and even donated $20,000 of NRA contributions to gun control groups.
  • Former U.S. Rep. John Delaney (D-Md.) didn’t get to directly answer questions on gun control other than to say solutions must be reached in a bipartisan manner. However, Rep. Delaney cosponsored legislation to ban modern sporting rifles and standard capacity magazines and would criminalize private firearms transfers.
  • Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) spoke on military arms on the debate stage, but didn’t offer her previous stance on the issues, where she’s supported banning modern sporting rifles, standard capacity magazines and implementing universal background checks.
  • Washington Gov. Jay Inslee also struggled to be heard, getting just five minutes of speaking time, the least of anyone on the stage the night he debated. However, Gov. Inslee is a strident gun control supporter who voted for the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 when he served in Congress and supports the recent gun control initiatives passed in Washington by ballot initiative.


  • Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) answered the first question on guns, promoting his mass confiscation program, which even the moderators refused to acknowledge was a confiscation, labeling it, instead, as a “buyback.” Swalwell said Americans would be allowed to keep pistols, rifles and shotguns.
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) defended a previous position that states should decide gun laws and pivoted to his support for universal background checks and claimed so-called “assault weapons” are from the military, refusing to understand the modern sporting rifles as designed in the 1950s as a sporting rifle and sold by Colt as such before being adopted by the military and converted to the M-16.
  • Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) reiterated her demand for legislation within 100 days if elected and threatened executive action to ban modern sporting rifle imports. She also said “guns” would be priority for a Harris administration.
  • Mayor Pete Buttegieg (D-Ind.) blamed guns for the crime problems in America, saying they make Americans less safe. He called modern sporting rifles “weapons of war” and wants universal background checks.
  • Former Vice President Joe Biden (D-Del.) said gun manufacturers were the enemy, adding he would conduct a modern sporting rifle confiscation under the guise of a “buyback” and require all firearms sold to be equipped with so-called “smart-gun” or authorized-user technology that does not exist in a reliable form.
  • Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) said crimes committed with firearms were the fault of “greed” by gun manufacturers.
  • Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) didn’t speak on guns from the debate stage but has a mixed record on gun rights. He voted for a ban on standard capacity magazines, but also said he opposes on restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms.
  • John Hickenlooper (D-Colo.) touted his passage of universal background checks in Colorado while governor, but didn’t mention the ban on standard capacity magazines that caused Magpul to leave the state. Gov. Hickenlooper has put forth a national gun license requirement proposal, enacting age-based gun bans and banning modern sporting rifles.
  • Andrew Yang (D-N.Y.) didn’t speak on guns from the debate stage, but has proposed a tiered national gun licensing scheme, bans on suppressors, standard capacity magazines and implement age-based gun bans.
  • Marianne Williamson (D-Calif.) also didn’t speak on guns, but does support a ban on all semiautomatic firearms, standard capacity magazines, universal background checks and mandatory waiting periods for firearms purchases.

Whoever is ultimately nominated by the Democratic Party, there will be stark contrast between the Democrat candidate and President Donald Trump on the Second Amendment. The issue could very well determine the outcome of the election and the future existence of our industry.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel at National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. The gun companies ARE the enemy.
    Of all would be petty tyrants, and commie wannabes everywhere.
    But, really the damnocrats should be more concerned about all that would stand up to them not the gun co.s.
    I would wager that, if you could shut down the gun co.s, there are still enough firearms out there to arm any and all that would stand up.
    Do remember the Liberator .45. Shop formed sheet metal. Cost (at the time) about $2.90 USD.

  2. Of course they do. To enact all their “free shit” programs for everyone that is in the country legally or illegally they are going to need to confiscate wealth, income, and property from all but the lowest tax paying wage earners in shocking amounts eventually. That will not go over so well with a significant percentage of the population and making sure they are disarmed making them subjects rather than citizens is key to their plan to accomplish that. In a way I am kind of glad that at my age I won’t be around too many more years but I greatly fear for what my children, nephews, and nieces are going to face if these progressives ever get their way.

    • Personal income taxes for the wealthy exceeded 70% back during the Eisenhower administration, and it didn’t take the Army or gun confiscation to enforce those tax laws then, what makes you think it will be needed now? The very rich will do what they have always done–creative accounting and moving money off shore to tax havens. Part of the reason that The Donald’s tax reduction was so successful is that it took away the incentive to move money off shore and have it taxed at a much lower corporate tax rate.

      • Nobody paid those rates and we had a solid economy. Now 10 percent of our population invaded us. Different scenarios.

      • During the Eisenhower administration we had a graduated income tax. Someone might have paid 70% on the very last few dollars of their income, but never as an overall rate. Savings were actually encouraged with a certain amount of exempt interest income, and stock dividend income.

  3. Wait, I hate to nit-pick BUT, as I recall, Armalite designed the AR-15, a fully automatic (or select fire if you prefer) rifle, as a potential military arm to compete against the M-14. Failing to acquire any government contracts except from the Air Force, the design was sold to Colt, which had much better connections. It made improvements and sold the rifle to the Army, which designated it as the M-16. The semi-auto rifle now known as the AR-15 came later, after Colt’s patents expired in 1977. Shouldn’t Larry know this?

      • The first two AR-10s ever built were actually designed for, and submitted to, the Army for testing to replace the M1 rifle.
        “The first prototypes of the 7.62 mm AR-10 emerged during 1955 and early 1956. At the time, the United States Army was in the midst of testing several rifles to replace the obsolete M1 Garand. Springfield Armory’s T44E4 and heavier T44E5 were essentially updated versions of the Garand chambered for the new 7.62 mm round, while Fabrique Nationale submitted their FN FAL as the T48.

        ArmaLite’s AR-10 entered the competition late, hurriedly submitting two hand-built ‘production’ AR-10 rifles based on the fourth prototype in the fall of 1956 to the United States Army’s Springfield Armory for testing.” -

    • of course they know this or at least some do but do not care thats just like the SKS was never fully auto but they try to list as a assault rifle

      • “…the SKS was never fully auto but they try to list as a assault rifle”

        I’ve heard Cosmoline gunking up in firing pin area has been known to cause occasional multi-round bursts if not cleaned off properly…

  4. let one of them come to my house and try and take my guns I don,t need a gun to defend my door I have my crossbow and a few bolts and my .177 cal pellet gun that i can hurt somebody but it will be better to shoot in head to see if anything in there now belive me I never want to hurt anyone especially to shoot or kill anyone because I don,t want to live with that but when it comes to protecting my wife and myself and our rights all bets is off

      • Truckman did fine. People should be encouraged to post, not discouraged by arrogant, holier-than-thou, little, phoney, intellectual prigs like you.

  5. Advertising principles at work.

    Keep beating the right words into people and you’ll change how they feel. If they feel negatively towards a group then it’s A-OK to fuck those people over. But they’re not here to fuck us over. It’s all “reasonable”.

    Just like bankrupting someone over a 0.08BAC is so fucking reasonable that the federal DOT runs ads on the radio telling you how reasonable it is. Telling you how it’s totally logical, reasonable (and a lot of other words) to take someone who’s a hard-working taxpayer who violated a technicality of the law and turn them into a welfare recipient because “they’re bad”.

    They actually run ads explaining to you how this is good public policy and most people eat that shit right the fuck up.

    • They’ll do that even if you don’t actually drive the car. Sleeping in the back of a car in a parking lot or even your own driveway with a >=.08BAC will get you anally invaded by LEOs and other officers of the court.

      • Yeah, there have been a bunch of cases about that in the bar district in Denver. People sleeping it off get rousted by the cops, found to have keys and keys+car+you in the car = driving. Supposedly.

        It’s all bullshit to enhance their money and their power just like everything else government agents do. But “safety” is so important that we put up with it. Right up until it happens to someone we know who literally didn’t do anything wrong.

        How do I know all this shit about DUI and how the testing procedures work? A buddy of mine got fucked to the tune of $25K and I became his chauffeur for a year and a half because he got a DUI when he wasn’t drinking. I know he wasn’t drinking because he was with me from 0600 until five minutes before he got that DUI.

        People tend to tell me that either I’m full of shit or “my buddy” = me and I was drinking (aka full of shit). Believe what you want. But when it happens to you don’t come crying to me about governmental abuse of power.

        • Actually I do believe you.

          I have witnessed the court systems going after people for “driving impaired” in the officers opinion.

          Not a shed of evidence besides a road-side balancing and weird walking test. Breathalyzer were read somewhere between 0.02 and 0.04, which is basically brushing your teeth and using mouthwash.

      • There’s actually a seperate charge for that in some states. In Arkansas it called “Drunk on highway”. Or at least it was in 1991. I know.

  6. When is someone going to tell Kamala that importation of “assault weapons” is already the law? Or that ALL new gun sales are processed through an FFL with a background check? The only transactions not subject to a background check (inmost states anyway) are private sales and criminal sales. When is one of these jackalopes going to admit that the vast majority of mass killings were committed by people who had passed background checks? When are these folks going to admit (as has been the recent experience in New Zealand) that the vast majority of the (est.) 15 million rifles out there are not registered with any state agency, and that the feds do not have a registry (per se), and that without counting all of the ghost guns, there is no way to identify who has these guns, and that therefore there is no effective way to enforce a confiscation order?

    • Am I the only one that wants to go through Kamala’s prosecutor history and see how she’s treated “gun offenders.” I bet she’s let more than a couple violent people go with a pat on the back and a “don’t do it again tiger.”

    • Kamala Harris knows the truth, she just wants black street gang members to be able to terrorize others at
      will. Go read the crime stats.

  7. @9; It’s called the BIG LIE. Tell it often enough and loud enough , some will start to believe it.
    The other part is the Rules for Radicals, identify and demonize. This was also used in war propaganda to de-humanize the enemy.
    Googel 20th century war propaganda, very enlightening.

    • It goes back way, way farther than that. Ceterum autem censeo Carthaginem esse delendam is over 2000 years old and it’s the same thing.

      Cato (the Censor) just beat that drum until he got what he wanted. The last Punic War was totally unnecessary in terms of Rome’s safety. In terms of Rome’s greed OTOH…

      • @9; Don’t confuse the masses. History started during the Crusades or the end of the cowboy era.
        Or maybe 1865.
        Depends on which “history” book you read.

  8. “Democrat Debates Label Gun Makers the ‘Enemies’”

    Of course they do, and they’d talked about going after gun manufacturers for yrs, and hold them responsible for whatever…we’ve seen the results of that kind of thinking already with the lawsuit against bushmaster…

    • They just need some “common sense” abortion control. Subject to criminal check, one abortion a year (after all, nobody _needs_ more than one a year), need to be 21 or older, and they need to register and get a card to show on demand which has to be signed off by a CLEO after being fingerprinted. Newspapers can print the names of all abortion recipients, too… Oh, and a $2.00 processing fee and a 10 day waiting period.

      • B.S. Most of the people that oppose abortion also fervently support birth control…if for no other reason than fiscal responsibility.

        • Come now, you don’t really believe that do you? Just consider the Catholic Church, they ban both abortion and birth control, and excommunicate those who exercise either. And look at to many court cases such as the hobby lobby case, where employees are denied medical benefits if it regards birth control, but of course any male employee can get Viagra for his recreational sex needs. More hypocrisy from the Christians.

          Trump is an adulterer, he has borne false witness and he has clearly coveted his neighbor’s wife. All these are violations of the 10 Commandments, the most holy Christian Law direct from God.

          On the other hand, Obama is a good family man who has never committed adultery and has raised his children in an upright and moral manner.

          By their fruits ye shall know them.

        • Yes, I do believe what I wrote.

          Hobby Lobby employees are NOT denied birth control methods (quoting Joe Wilson R-SC)…”You Lie!”

          Viagra…interesting you bring that particular drug up. My insurance (a major player in the field) does not cover Viagra…glad that yours (apparently) does.

          Finally…just where in my writings do you come to the conclusion that I am Christian in any way, shape or form?

          Keep a stiff, upper….lip.

        • Yes, the hobby lobby case was all about employees insurance covering methods of contraception.

          “As applied to closely held for-profit corporations, the Health and Human Services (HHS) regulations imposing the contraceptive mandate violate the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). HHS’s contraceptive mandate substantially burdens the exercise of religion under the RFRA. The Court assumes that guaranteeing cost-free access to the four challenged contraceptive methods is a compelling governmental interest, but the Government has failed to show that the mandate is the least restrictive means of furthering that interest.”

          I don’t believe I ever asserted that you were a Christian, you stated that many who opposed abortion were in favor of birth control. I pointed out that the Christians, especially the Catholic church, are opposed to both abortion and birth control.

        • You spin outright lies and many half-truths…that’s ok I expect them from you.

          The following is a news excerpt (minor, non-content affecting editing for brevity) concerning the health insurance Hobby Lobby uses:

          “It includes access, copay-free, to the following categories of FDA-approved birth-control:

          Male condoms
          Female condoms
          Diaphragms with spermicide
          Sponges with spermicide
          Cervical caps with spermicide
          Spermicide alone
          Birth-control pills with estrogen and progestin (“Combined Pill)
          Birth-control pills with progestin alone (“The Mini Pill)
          Birth control pills (extended/continuous use)
          Contraceptive patches
          Contraceptive rings
          Progestin injections
          Implantable rods
          Female sterilization surgeries
          Female sterilization implants

          Hobby Lobby’s health plan pays for 16 different kinds of contraceptives for its female employees!

          In the Left’s fantasy world, the militant Christians at Hobby Lobby police single female employees to assure that they have not engaged in sinful, pre-marital sex. As for married women, Hobby Lobby deprives them of birth control so that each can deliver a new baby every nine months, for God’s glory, just like in the Old Testament.

          Liberals are living in a cartoon of their own making.

          Again, Hobby Lobby’s health plan pays for birth-control pills, vaginal rings, contraceptive patches, and other items to help female employees plan their pregnancies. The Left’s arguments to the contrary are — surprise, surprise — lies.

          What Hobby Lobby will not cover are four contraceptive methods that its owners fear are abortifacients:

          Plan B (“The Morning After Pill”)
          Ella (a similar type of “emergency contraception”)
          Copper Intra-Uterine Device
          IUD with progestin

          Hobby Lobby does not prevent its female employees from using any of these four types of contraceptives. However, since they believe these innovations kill babies, they simply require that any employees who want to use them buy them with their own money.”

          It appears that you are perverting and misrepresenting the facts of the case for your own goals.


        • Healthcare benefits are earned by employees, they are not a gift from the employer. The employers have no right whatsoever to come between an employee and their doctor, what you’re suggesting is the nanny state.

          What I posted was an impartial summary of the court decision, what you posted was some biased news article that you didn’t even show the citation for, lame.

          And again, the Catholic Church bans both abortion and birth control, and has litigated court cases to prevent citizens of the USA from receiving birth control medical services under their insurance policies.

          And all you have is to accuse me of lying. Let’s hear your response to the Catholic Church’s monolithic denial of birth control.

          “Hobby Lobby — now free to drop emergency “morning after” pills and intrauterine devices from its workers’ health insurance plans — has given no indication that it plans to stop helping its male employees obtain erectile dysfunction treatment.
          The Supreme Court ruled Monday that the craft store chain, owned by evangelical Christians, doesn’t have to pay for health care coverage of contraceptives prohibited by its owners’ religion.
          But pills and pumps that help a man stiffen his penis in preparation for sex are perfectly acceptable.”

          When an employer can decree which contraceptive measures are acceptable for a patient they are usurping the role of the doctor and violating the doctor patient relationship, all to satisfy their religious fantasy doctrine.

          IUDs are not abortions, but are still prohibited by Hobby lobby, as somehow against their religion.
          It’s interesting that hobby lobby, a corporation which has never been drafted, never stood the risk of losing life or limb in a war, and never discharged the duties of citizenship can still claim all the rights of a person, even rights above a real human being citizen.

          Where is the real conservatives, who believe in smaller government staying out of citizens personal lives? Or is that all a lie, and the conservatives are all too willing to tell others exactly how to live their life and what medical treatments they can seek.

        • @Miner49er,

          Healthcare is only “earned” by employees because market forces require that an employee provide the benefits in order to be able to competitively fill its workforce. Any benefit is subject to the employer providing what it believes is necessary to compete in the marketplace. The counterpoint to this would be ADA, “Obamacare,” which has been a colossal disaster in that it has decreased the quality of care while dramatically increasing out-of-pockets costs for the vast majority of Americans.

          You had better read up on how IUDs work. They don’t stop conception. The stop the implantation of the embryo, aka, abortion-like.

          While the Catholic Church is still against most form of birth control, the vast majority of Protestant denominations have no such prohibitions.

          Please do your homework to better understand the facts.

  9. After these back to back democrat party freak shows, Shannon’s Sugar Daddy was so happy he pooped his pants! His prolific anti-civil rights expenditures over the past few decades are finally paying off. He is the one who is being pandered too. They all want, need and just have to have more of his dollars.

  10. Good; this means the ‘conversation’ we’ve endured for almost exactly 100 years is finally over. No more trying to win over Fudds with half measures, no more compromise, no more tolerating those who compromise, no more “strategic” retreat. We’re finally at the hill to die on, after decades of “strategic” retreat that have sapped our resources.

    We need to demand the NRA clean house ahead of the election or be left to die. We need to start boycotting manufacturers and trade groups that don’t denounce this sort of behavior and impose embargoes. We need the Republican Party to respect us again, even if it means meting out consequences. We need to find out who our friends really are, before we have to rely on them. We already know who our enemies are.

    The Dems *will* win the federal government again within the next 5-10 years, so we need to be ready for them. And that means we need the Dems too scared of gun owners & the gun industry by then, to even consider the sort of death-blow they are talking about today. We need clarity of focus and a unified purpose. We can no longer afford distractions to divide our attention or resources.

    If you want to keep your guns and avoid a dystopia, I implore you to become a single issue gun rights voter. No other cause will protect this most basic and crucial of civil liberties besides dedicated RKBA activism, and we must prevail here before we can even consider the next step toward reestablishing a respectable system of law and government in America. Find out your reps’ position and knowledge regarding the gun topic, and try to change or replace them if it is unacceptable.

    We can fight our way out of debts. We can choose to raise our children while the opposition slaughters their own. We can bring on converts from largely hostile demographics with a clear & welcoming message. But we will not peacefully regain the means to protect ourselves once we lose our arms. The time to fight back and put a stop to this century-old war peacefully is now, or never.

  11. To all you lard-assed intellectual types out there who won’t vote for Trump because he hasn’t gone as far as you would like with gun rights– here’s your chance to get “woke”.

    Go back and read through that list from the clown car, and then tell us again how smart you are to not vote or to vote for a throw-away candidate. I don’t like Trump either– hell, nobody likes Trump– but I’m not about to put any one of those asshats in power just so I can satisfy some narcissistic hissy-fit because the guy who is in power doesn’t fit all of my exacting standards.

    • Trump has already banned more guns than any of them, and without even having to apologize to us. He was proud to stick it to guys like you who were his strongest supporters. Bragged about standing up to the gun lobby, sounding for all the world like an arrogant Democrat. But if he were a Democrat, guys like yourself would have had the nerve to fight back alongside ‘intellectuals’ like us, and we’d have come out on top just like we did with Obama, time after time. Let *that* sink in for a minute.

      • Yep, they all got snookered by Trump, and New York City rich boy who told them all what they wanted to hear.

        Trump shares their fears and prejudice, using them as an emotional lever to cover his theft and treason.

        The Democrats, under Obama, held both houses of Congress and the presidency for two full years and yet no gun control legislation advanced. In fact, gun rights were extended to national parks and BLM lands.

        All those who voted for Donald Trump have now given us a NYC billionaire who says “We’ll worry about due process or later.”

        The same goes for the evangelical Christians, always talking about how important character is in our national leaders. Right up until they get the racist Trump, who has committed adultery three times and, under biblical law, he should’ve been stoned to death three times. Where are all those people saying that the United States of America should be governed by biblical law as a Christian nation?

        Hypocrites. Like a white painted tomb, beautiful to behold but filled with corruption within.

        • Miner49er,

          Let me know when you find a candidate who will do a better job supporting our unalienable rights AND WHO WILL WIN THE ELECTION. I am all ears.

        • Get bent, commie. Your buds have dropped the mask, it’s time you do the same & quit pretending you give a damn about guns except as a means to murder those you hate.

        • Miner49er if you are without SIN cast the first stone but you are a sinner as far as Obama is concerned he is a homosexual and all those who practice this lifestyle will burn in the lake of 🔥 if they don’t repent of it thru Christ Jesus

        • Obama is a homosexual? Where did you get that from? Do you think a lot about the homosexuals and the dirty homosexual sex they’re having? Do you see homosexuals everywhere, maybe even when you look in the mirror?

          From his own mouth Trump declared “she was a married woman and I moved on her like a bitch.” That is clearly and unequivocally coveting thy neighbor’s wife, a clear violation of the 10 Commandments. Trump is a sinner, and all who follow him are doomed to the Christian hell.

          Please, share with us your evidence for the claim Obama is a homosexual.

  12. All I can say to liberals is this: when your wet dream for gun confiscation finally comes to fruition, be a man and come try and take the guns yourselves. Don’t be cowardly bitches and send the police in your stead because you don’t have the balls to carry out what you want. Come do it yourself. Talk about it, be about it. And you gonna learn.

  13. Modern sporting rifles are not meant for the streets or home use. They are for matches at a gun range. You can leave them in the vault at the range. This is done in other countries.


    • yeah,.. right….in regard to the dems…no surprises there…if no one seemingly wants your vote and/or isn’t willing to court you for it…why give it to them?….

      • I have never voted Democrat or registered as a Democrat. I don’t have any plans to do so in the future.

        I can’t say I haven’t voted for a Democrat in Republican clothing. That’s a problem with the Republican party: they have Democrats pretending to be Republicans. Republicans need to raise their standards much higher if they want to ultimately win. Republicans are becoming the new “blue dog” Democrats while the Democrats are finally showing everyone they want their communism now.

    • “You can leave them in the vault at the range.”

      ‘Rip Crews’ are gonna *love* hundreds of thousands of dollars of easily fenced guns can be had in one go.

      The real bitch?

      If the Leftists manage to get that into law, if your sporting rifle is stolen by one of those crews you can bet your ass the Leftists won’t allow you to replace it. They may even pass the keys and alarm codes to the rip crews…

      Non /s

      • From HELLER GUNS CAN BE KEPT IN THE HOME, sorry Commiecrats,Eff them and the jackass they rode in on.

        • I was pointing out how using the word “sporting” isn’t smart. Guns for “sport” are not guns for self preservation… If you can call them “sporting rifles” the other side can call them “assault rifles” or “war rifles.”

          The 2nd Amendment isn’t about competition, recreation nor hunting. It’s about killing other humans that try to mess with life, liberty and property. The 2nd Amendment talks about owning and carrying weapons, not just firearms. I can own and carry the biggest sword I want. I don’t need to justify the property I own or want.

          Anti gunners can’t make a firearm less deadly because then it won’t be a weapon. A firearm is a weapon. Weapons are for injuring and/or killing. Once the gun can’t injure or kill it ceases being a weapon. A law trying to make a gun less lethal is a law trying to get rid of that weapon.

          I don’t like using sport to justify my weapons. I don’t want to be like Asian countries where they have airsoft over firearms because you can still do your sport without using a weapon. Eventually there will only be lasers coming out of that gun.

      • You won’t be needing to replace it because you’ll go to jail when that gun turns up at a crime scene and the registered owner is you.

  14. Rather the enemy of the republic and nation were those on stage at the freak show that was supposed to pass as a debate,a parade of Marxist’s .

      • If the spectators at the debate cheered it means the audience was rigged with debate supporters.
        Normal people would either boo or consider running the corrupt SOBs off the stage.

        • Yes, there is evidence that many of these events have paid actors who cheer at the scripted moments. Here’s a good example:

          “The Hollywood Reporter sussed out the evidence. An email from a firm called Extra Mile, soliciting people to be paid $50 to attend “an event in support of Donald Trump and an upcoming exciting announcement he will be making.” Instagram photos of an actor in attendance that day. A reference in that email to Gotham Government Relations, the firm that hired Extra Mile and which Trump had used in the past.”

          Yep, many of those cheering faces are receiving a paycheck to subvert democracy.

  15. And, all of their anti-gun plans were as stupid as they could get.
    Any moron knows that a criminal is NOT going to register his firearm, nor is he going to turn it in to the federal government. That would be like hiring the fox to guard the hen house, and I know of no one who is THAT stupid, except possibly the democrats that thought up their gun confiscation plans. BTW: Read interesting article this morning in answer to question, “Who won the democratic debates. Someone had wisely written: Donald Trump! I thought, “Good answer”.

  16. What guns has Trump banned? As far as I know he only banned bump stocks not guns. Those bump stocks where more of gimmick than an effective offense or defensive weapon. Try to have show up at Thunder Ranch with a bump stock. Clint Smith would of kicked you out of there and asked to return with a real battle rifle not a toy.

    Trump is far from perfect, but the alternative is downright Orwellian. The Democrats have to learn that any candidate who espouses crazy hoplophobic ideas will lose when running for President.

  17. Now for sure everyone knows how dumb the democratics are and what they want from the people, if they can’t, in just a few words I’ll explain all your rights to freedom.

  18. It’s time not to take this discrimination. These democrats are discriminating against honest, responsible gun owning citizens who have committed no crime.. Call them out for their bigotry every time they open their mouth. Time to take it to them, call them out every single time. .

  19. Well, add that to the list … deplorables, irredeemables, scum, bitter clingers, and now just plain enemies.

    • To be called that by an immoral, corrupt domestic quisling is a badge of honor – and a deadly challenge, but it’s just all talk.
      For now.
      One of my boys once asked me why it was useful to memorize his code of conduct during his first years at military academy. I told him that the code of conduct would ingrain values – values he would take into greater consideration as an older man because once the situation arose later to question what he saw or experienced, then that code of conduct would present itself in his reaction as a man.

      • True, that.

        As your faculties erode from the situation, or illness, or just age, you’re left with the grooves worn in yr brain. You do what you’ve practiced; all your doing before then was practice.

  20. One thing I appreciate about Sanders is his ‘let the states figure it out’ stance. Better than the other goofy shit we usually hear.

    Last time around, when Hillary was spouting nonsense about holding gun manufacturers accountable for crimes committed with their products, he said something along the lines of “Well, I don’t think that’s reasonable.” In response.

    Got booed by the crowd lmao.

    He’s not on our side, but on some things, he’s at least a little more grounded.

    • He’s from Vermont, and just as being in New York moderates a “strong” conservative’s positions, so does the reverse. But with the sort of power & control over the economy (read: human behavior) he wants to bestow on the federal government, it hardly matters what his individual policy stances are. Even if he was somehow going to be a ‘wise’ leader, he’d be dead within 5-10 years, and there’d nothing to stop the next leftist in a long line of historical monsters from seizing power.

      • “”””””””””””””””””Even if he was somehow going to be a ‘wise’ leader, he’d be dead within 5-10 years, and there’d nothing to stop the next leftist in a long line of historical monsters from seizing power.”””””””””””””””””””

        We Socialists are working on just that for 2020 which will vote out the Greed Monger Gluttonous Gangster Criminal Capitalvanian Republicans.

        • Great username, it reminds me of Vlad the Impaler.

          Now there was a guy who knew how to dissuade immigrants from invading his country.

          If you’d like to know more about Vlad, there’s a great movie, “The Keep”, is it fantasizes what would happen if Vlad came back.
          Very entertaining.

        • I must say I enjoy how you’ve completely dropped the mask, lately. Was it just too great a burden to pretend to be like a lover of freedom, or did we just call you out on your two-faced bullshit one too many times, and you see this internet dog-barking as giving “pay back?” Either way, surely you must be feeling much better now, so I’m happy for you

          What a goddam disgrace.

  21. Ok lets cut through the complete bullshit.

    Standard capacity magazines ARE NOT 20 and 30 and 40 round magazines and never were. Even the ancient FN High Power pistol of 1935 that only held 13 rounds was considered high capacity then and now.

    Fact. Universal background checks would keep tens of thousands of second hand guns out of the hands of nut cases and criminals. The Brady Bill which only vets new gun purchases has already proven how many people it has caught each year trying to buy a new gun that were prohibited from owning a gun. That is fact and the Far Right can lie all they want but the studies prove this beyond all doubt.

    I am surprised there was so little said, if anything, about safe storage laws which again would make it far more difficult for crooks to simply walk into a home or gun store and walk off with arm loads of weapons as well as lower the average of 1,300 children’s deaths from accidental shootings. Again a fact proven by studies.

    Failure to do anything eventually results in confiscation of just about everything.

    • About time you came on shift.

      Speaking of bullshit, me boyo, you state that 1,300 children dead by accidental shootings is an average (averages are usually plotted over a specific time period). Average over what time period…day, month, year, decade, century? Just another one of your random, picked-out-of-the-air examples of posturing and hyperbole.

      Roughly 73 children in the USA deceased in 2018 by accidental shootings….nowhere near your 1,300 figure.

      What is the pay per hour for trolling? I might be interested in part-time work…

      • Nearly 1,300 U.S. kids die from gunshot wounds each year
        Lisa Rapaport
        5 MIN READ

        (Reuters Health) – Firearms kill almost 1,300 American youngsters each year, and boys and black children are most often the victims, a U.S. study finds.

        During the 13-year study, more than half of the gun-related deaths were homicides, while 38 percent were suicides and 6 percent were fatalities from accidental gun injuries, researchers report in Pediatrics.

        Each year, guns seriously wounded about 5,800 additional kids under 18.

        “Firearm injuries are a leading cause of death among U.S. children aged 1 to 17 years and contribute substantially each year to premature death, illness and disability of children,” said lead study author Katherine Fowler of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta.

        “About 19 children a day die or are medically treated in an emergency department for a gunshot wound in the U.S.,” Fowler said by email.

        Although accidental firearm deaths among children declined from 2002 to 2014 and gun-related homicides decreased from 2007 to 2014, suicides surged 60 percent from 2007 to 2014, the analysis of national injury records found.

        Boys account for 82 percent of all child firearm deaths, and black children have the highest rates of firearm mortality overall due to much higher firearm homicide rates. About four black children out of every 100,000 die from gunshot homicides, ten times higher than the rate for white, Asian or Pacific Islander kids, the study found.

        “It is important to note that firearm injuries and especially deaths are typically not isolated events,” said Alex Piquero, a criminology researcher at the University of Texas at Dallas who wasn’t involved in the study.

        “They often tend to co-occur with other crimes, whether gang-related, drug involved or other serious criminal activities, and for many of these crimes boys tend to be overrepresented compared to girls,” Piquero said by email. “Crime – especially violence, poverty and related adverse contextual circumstances – are unfortunate characteristics that are common to inner city areas that are overrepresented by minority residents.”

        For younger children, homicides often occurred in the context of domestic violence, a conflict between intimate partners or other family members. Among older kids, homicides typically happened during disputes with their peers, the study also found.

        Suicides often occurred in the context of stressful circumstances or relationship problems with a boyfriend, girlfriend or family member. White children, American Indian and Native Alaskan children were four to five times more likely to die by suicide than other kids.

        If kids didn’t have guns, the impulse to kill themselves might pass before they acted on it, said Dr. Eliot Nelson, author of an accompanying editorial and a researcher at the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital in Burlington.

        “Too many people assume that if (youngsters) didn’t have a gun they’d use something else, but the quick lethality of guns makes them especially dangerous for an impulsive teen whose moment of crisis might pass with a little time,” Nelson said by email.

        “Other methods are harder to use or more likely to be survivable, such as an overdose,” Nelson added.

        Accidental gun deaths, meanwhile, almost always happened in the context of children playing with firearms.

        All gun deaths and injuries are preventable, experts say.

        “Children are curious, and research tells us that they know more about the location of guns in the home than parents might assume,” said Dr. Ruth Abaya of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

        “Simply instructing kids about safe handling is not sufficiently protective,” Abaya, who wasn’t involved in the study, said by email. Guns ideally should be stored outside the home, she said, but if they are in the home they should be unloaded, locked, and in a gun safe.

        Parents also shouldn’t underestimate how witnessing gun violence influences kids, said Joan Reid, a researcher at the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg who wasn’t involved in the study.

        “Living in communities marred by violence that seems to be inevitable and unavoidable, some come to view gun carrying as a defensive strategy, adopting the belief that gun carrying can keep them safer,” Reid said by email. “However, we know that carrying a gun increases the likelihood of youth being injured or dying by gun violence.”

        • Vlad, you’re going to have to quit with the facts. It annoys people when the facts interfere with their opinion.

          Can’t you come up with some conspiracy about pedophiles in a pizza parlor nuking gay whales for Jesus or something?

          Jade helm, jade helm!

        • to Minor

          “””””””””””””””””””Vlad, you’re going to have to quit with the facts. It annoys people when the facts interfere with their opinion.

          Can’t you come up with some conspiracy about pedophiles in a pizza parlor nuking gay whales for Jesus or something?

          Jade helm, jade helm!””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

          I like your post its witty, humorous, sarcastic and above all 100 per cent truthful. I might add admitting to Reality panics and scares the shit out of the Far Right.

        • Your lengthy post doesn’t negate the fact that your original statement said “…the average of 1,300 children’s deaths from accidental shootings…” Your original post was and continues to be incorrect. Any attempted corrections after the fact only serve to further discredit your stance…thank you for playing…your certificate is in the mail.

        • Vlad, Miner,
          Spend more time reading your own damn sources, and less time copy-pasta-ing massive articles and spewing bullshit.

          The 1300 number includes homicides (I wonder if those 18-20 year old “children” are being counted yet again, and which are largely intentional/murders) and a third are suicides (which is also not an accident).

          You’re like Pelosi or whoever it was who said a hundred million children die from gun violence in America each year; completely full of shit.

          I’ll “get out of here with those facts,” now. You can, too, and go peddle that shit in your socialist forums instead, alongside all the mass-murder fantasies.

        • “I like your post its witty, humorous, sarcastic and above all 100 per cent truthful. I might add admitting to Reality panics and scares the shit out of the Far Right.”

          Vlad, Miner,
          You’re the same person…aren’t you. Pathetic.

        • ”””””””””””””””””””Your lengthy post doesn’t negate the fact that your original statement said “…the average of 1,300 children’s deaths from accidental shootings…” Your original post was and continues to be incorrect. Any attempted corrections after the fact only serve to further discredit your stance…thank you for playing…your certificate is in the mail.””””””””””””

          Old Guy your not only getting senile but your reading comprehension is about zero as well. You and Barn Brain cannot see the forest for the trees especially when you try and dodge the article’s truthfulness on children’s deaths by guns by claiming older children’s deaths by suicide do not count. Try telling that to the grieving parents. Lets face facts it was the handgun that killed them and as the article pointed out suicide by other means is often far less successful.

          Sorry try again, your playing at numbers claiming that the body count is not high enough is sickening , crass and exactly what the Nazi’s at the Nuremberg trials said when they said “Hey we did not kill 6 million people it was a few thousand less so do not panic”. Really now do you think people who are sane and have full control of their mental facilitates give your perverted response to the article on 1300 children’s deaths and almost 6,000 wounding’s seriously but they do realize your crass rantings are repeating the bizarre rants of the twisted minds of Far Right gun propaganda.

        • “You’re like Pelosi or whoever it was who said a hundred million children die from gun violence in America each year; completely full of shit.”

          Barney, you’re gonna have to come up with a citation for that one, it’s strains credibility. As there are only 320 million humans in the USA, 100 million a year would deplete our population in about three years.

          So let’s see your support for your claim.

          Or is it more of the big lie from the right wing propaganda mouthpiece?

  22. I might add that Gun Companies in their blind greed and total irresponsibility are marketing guns that are unsafe to use. I could name many but briefly the Glock and its dozens of copy cat clones as well as the Styer model L9/ M9 which does not have a passive safety despite the fact that it is striker fired.

    • 1) Doesn’t know what a passive safety is
      2) Doesn’t know that a Glock has two of them
      3) Doesn’t know what a manual safety is
      4) Doesn’t know that a Glock has it’s trigger pull double-duty as the manual safety
      5) Likely doesn’t know a decocker from his own dick
      6) So, probably can’t explain the *actual* pros & cons of a Glock-style manual of arms vs. a Browning or SIG approach
      7) Wants to have the state murder you for not worshipping his shitty socialist dystopia

      Why should any of us care what you have to say about firearms, when you display such ignorance and hatred?

      • “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””1) Doesn’t know what a passive safety is
        2) Doesn’t know that a Glock has two of them
        3) Doesn’t know what a manual safety is
        4) Doesn’t know that a Glock has it’s trigger pull double-duty as the manual safety
        5) Likely doesn’t know a decocker from his own dick
        6) So, probably can’t explain the *actual* pros & cons of a Glock-style manual of arms vs. a Browning or SIG approach
        7) Wants to have the state murder you for not worshipping his shitty socialist dystopia

        Why should any of us care what you have to say about firearms, when you display such ignorance and hatred?””””””””””””””””””””””

        Now look Barn Brain the problem of the Glock is that it acts more like a single action than a double action. True, its only cocked internally 67 per cent but the actual trigger pull weight it often roughly that of a revolver in single action mode. THE RESULT IS THE SAME AS SNAGGING A REVOLVERS TRIGGER WHEN THE HAMMER IS AT FULL COCK, THE GUN ACCIDENTALLY FIRES. NOW WHAT PART OF THIS DOES YOUR FUZZY LITTLE BRAIN NOT FATHOM.

        The Glock also has the most unsafe take down system of any pistol and so does its copy cat clones requiring you to pull the trigger with the slide forward. An accident waiting to happen and happen it does all to frequently.

        Its obvious that a person like yourself does not understand how a Glock works and since it does not have a visible hammer, because its striker fired, results in what you cannot see and do not understand therefore does not scare you as would a pistol that has a visible hammer at full cock. You only show how ignorant you are and how you mechanical aptitude simply does not exist.

      • The mechanisms you called passive safeties are not safeties at all, in the sense of the word preventing an accidental discharge by owner malfunction. Passive safeties or mechanisms such as a firing pin safety that prevents the firing pin from flying forward as a result of a mechanical failure. The firing pin spring on a 1911 is a good example, it prevents the mechanical failure of having a firing pin discharge a primer that was not intended.

        “Doesn’t know that a Glock has it’s trigger pull double-duty as the manual safety”

        So you’re suggesting that a stiff D a trigger pull is a safety? Step back and consider how ludicrous that statement is. Just because the trigger is difficult to pull meaning your aim will be off when you discharge the weapon does not make it a safety.

        Out here in hillbilly land, this is where the other fellow says “is that all you got?”

        A safety is a intentional device that prevents unintentional discharge of the firearm by the operator. It’s not a series of mild impediments to an accidental discharge.

        Prior to actually shooting, one should not have their finger on the trigger so it boggles the mind that one would think a stiff trigger pull is somehow a safety to prevent unintentional discharge.

        Glock found their market niche by providing high caliber, high-volume fire power inexpensively to amateurs and novices who don’t need any training, just some small unmarked bills and a relatively clean record.


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