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I’m not saying this Dan Blizerian .50 vs. Rolex YouTube video is perfect. The most glaring defect: Dan the Man shoots fake Rolexes. That is SO not the same as drilling a real Rolex. If Dan had shot a Rolex Daytona – or two or three – that would have lifted this slo-mo video straight into the legendary category, adding to the Trustafarian’s already formidable rep as the [all but literally] balls-out American consumer. Better/worse yet, how about a Patek Phillippe? Still, this production is a gorgeous thing, proving that Shiva the Destroyer is a serious babe, if you know what I mean.

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  1. I would say this is the second best. My favorite one is the slow-mo watermelon vs the Barrett with the nice wedding music in the background.

  2. Wonder how far the watches are from the 50 cal ? I certainly would not shoot that gun standing up. There is a bipod on it for crying out loud. Use it instead of trying to look macho.

  3. The most impressive thing is the guy can hold a Barrett .50 free hand and shoot a GD wrist watch! Nice shooting!

  4. Meh, Even if were a Rolex and not a Faulex, it’s really not that big a deal in the world of cool and rare stuff.

    Don’t get me wrong, a Daytona or a President is worth some money as an expensive standard upper-middle bauble. Lots of Veeps wear them, while trying desperately to show they can afford them. But it’s still (at best) a mass-produced S-Class Benz compared to the world of $1MM++ Hublots, Jaegers, Vacherons, Milles and the like. Some of them sport north of 50 complications, a Rolex isn’t even Timex-entry-level in the collector world unless it’s really odd, old, and has provenance.

    Even if they were real, it’s merely blowing up an S500, not a Bugatti Atlantic.

    • I wear my father’s 1963 GMT Master which he gave to me when I turned 16 (and because he bought a President for himself).
      I kept it in a drawer until I turned 21 because I didn’t feel old enough to wear it. That was many years ago.

      It’s priceless to me.

      • Not trying to discount the sentimental value of any heirloom. I’ve got some rather rote items with emotional attachment like everyone else. I’ve got a Submariner, an early PD, and a couple of Sinns that I’d be loathe to part with, even they are all (relatively speaking) mass produced product.

        I was just going for the rational analysis of a stunt that was designed to impress and fails miserably when subjected to thought.

  5. The girl by the truck in those videos did not care about anything. She was on her phone and probably thinking something like “can we go home yet?”.

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