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Never underestimate the inventiveness of gun makers. First there was the Arsenal AF2011-A1 SuperGlue job, joining two 1911s together to mark the centennial of John Moses Browning’s masterpiece. Then Gilboa got into the game, welding a couple of ARs together to make their Snake. Now it’s Tromix Lead Delivery Systems’ turn. But since Gilboa had already done the side-by-side thing, Tromix had to come up with something a little more…unique. Hence their “Siamese M16” full-auto over/under M16s (which they call their “most insane creation” that’s intended for “LAW Enforcement only”). OK then. Note the criss-cross gas system which apparently allows for alternating shots from each barrel. Just one question: Is that really the best place to mount that red dot?

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    • Yes it is, they made this siamese m16 about a decade ago, they also made a trimese-16, a 3 barreled m16. Tromix came up with this long before the other mentioned companies came up with their double barreled stuff, the author’s timeline is way off. However, its the first time the author has ever seen this, so it must be new!

  1. Neva been done befor…… oh for shits sake, really. Are these guys channeling Red Jacket? OK, you guys are clever, it works, but what possible application does this serve, aside from, we made one? if thats all it is, congrats, but otherwise……..

  2. To be fair there is a whole lot more to the Arsenal AF2011-A1 than just a “super glue job”, the machining on those guns is exquisite.

  3. OK, let’s do 4 of them, rig it up with a pivot/ball mount so I can install it on my ATV, and call it a “Quad Half-Fifty”.

    Put four Surefire 100-round mags on them, and NOW you’re wasting ammo!!

  4. Why would law enforcement need this? Recreational use fir that thing is more legitimate that law enforcement.

  5. There’s a fella or fellas out there who may need to sue, because they did the same thing years ago… hell, is upload the picture I have if I could…

  6. “Siamese Twins” is a highly inflammatory and racially charged phrase and we object to it vigorously. We are NOT Siamese if you please.

    — The Conjoined Twins Civil Rights Association

  7. I can see it now…

    Take the Giboa ‘Snake”, Tack on a Daewoo USAS-12 and you get…

    The first select-fire Drilling!

    I can see something else…

    Take a AF2011-A1 “Second Century” – Double barrel .45,

    Weld on a Taurus “Raging Bull” 454 Casull, and you get…

    The first Drilling pistol!

    (I knew I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue…)

  8. Ted has a good comment.
    They seem similar to red hack.
    Some things on their page is .. amusing. An seems like a fun shoot..
    But I don’t have enough time or money to get projects going like that.
    An if law enforcement has their Franken Twin. Maybe Ferguson could be put into control “sooner”..

  9. I only wish this had been the weekend photo caption contest pic. Let the sexual innuendos fly!

  10. I remember seeing pictures of this with two beta mags 5+ years ago. I’ve been wanting to see it work ever since. Thank you!!

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