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The Great Gun Buying Sales Surge continues. Actually, that’s not strictly true. The pace of ammunition and firearms sales has slowed to a crawl. The product pipeline has run dry. Bass Pro Shop in Foxboro Massachusetts is sold out of all popular ammo calibers: 9mm, .45, .38, .40, .223 and, get this, .22. As is every Bass Pro Shop in the Northeast. The sales guys report it’s now a case of just-in-time purchasing. “I put ammo on the shelves, I turn around and it’s gone,” a not-so-hassled anymore salesman told me. The firearm situation is no better. ARs? Nope. None. Smith and Wesson handguns are obvious by their absence. OK, there’s one S&W 460. Otherwise, you can have any handgun you want as long as it’s a Ruger revolver or a [very lonely] Walther. Anecdotal evidence suggest the Northeast is not alone. And the Foxboro sales manager reckons there’s no end in sight. Or, more precisely, no start point for attaining normal inventory levels. What are you guys seeing?

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  1. Today I browsed the online ammo sales and a few were starting to come back in stock. That will probably change in the next few hours, but it ammo seems to be coming available again.

    • Yup. Most of our ammo problem is that we have so many shooters per capita. I really wish they’d put an ammo plant here =(.

  2. Only seeing ammo and ARs at gunshows….for a premium of course. Spent a few hours yesterday and saw 223’s for $20/box on average. Pmags were min $30 for used and $50 for new. Saw a few Colt LE6920s and Bushmasters from $1800 to $2400. But supply was definitely limited.

  3. Any outlet in the North Idaho/Spokane area is cleaned out for AR type rifles and 223 ammo is running $.75 per round and up…reloading supplies are scarce as well. Still good availability for most pistol and rifle ammo, though stocks have been hit hard in the last two weeks. Tac shotguns are still available (Big 5 is still advertising them).

  4. In Nj the shelves are dry, my local range is selling their guns at record pace. The Ar’s particularly fly off of the shelves. The only two guns Ive seen stay on their shelf are a Kraig rife and a Lee Enfield Rifle.

  5. found plenty of stuff at secret places in which i will not name publicly. Walmart, Cabelas, etc, don’t have anything. I actually found a place with Pmags and ARs. It was an LEO store open to the public. I’m in PA.

    The wife always wondered why the hell i kept at least 5,000+ rounds all the time. Now she knows. She still complains.

    Actually, i was at the range yesterday, and i was surprised how many people were putting lead downrange. Maybe trying out their new toys?

  6. Thanks for boycotting Dick’s. While their supplies aren’t plentiful, they still have a reasonable supply of ammo.

    • Joe Rogan does a hysterically funny standup routine based on the idea that if Al Qaeda offered a cellphone network that had better coverage than Sprint/ATT/VZW, people would find a way to justify using it.

      Not judging, BTW. If there were a Dick’s nearby and they had the only ammo available, I’d be right up in there with my debit card, no hesitation.

    • How do you know their supply if you’re boycotting?
      Dick’s is shipping all of their AR’s back to the vendors, so I’m sure other stores will see those models in 3 or so weeks when the vendors ship them to other retail businesses.

      • I think it was less “Thanks for boycotting Dicks!” as in he supports it and is doing it, and more “Thanks for boycotting Dicks!” as in hes buying ammo from them.

  7. Swung by the BPS in Independence, Mo last night and there was none of the 6 different powders that I reload with. It’s bleak. I’d been buying something every payday all through 2012, in preparation for the election outcome, so I’m OK for a while.

  8. My LGS has common pistol calibers available and might be within driving distance if you visit Foxboro.

  9. This afternoon I went to the outdoor range. I figured there would be, at most, one or two people there. Here in sunny California the range doesn’t see much use, (and almost NO cleanup, that’s actually why I went.) Low and behold, every spot had two or more cars, and several cars parked on the other side, some with people in them waiting for an open spot. I tried to strike up a couple conversations, but didn’t get much luck. Here in California conservatives are pretty defensive, and don’t mingle well with people they don’t know. On the other hand, maybe they just thought I was after their spot. But I was very happy to see two different families teaching their 5-8 year old kids to shoot.

  10. I have been having trouble finding .40 anywhere, even before this gun control mess. I went in to Bass Pro in Memphis a few days ago and while they had maybe a dozen handguns, they had plenty of ammo.

    Still, I think its time to get some reloading equipment and become “that guy” at the range.

    • yes, it’s that time again where 9mm is worth the effort vs buying. if you know what im sayin.

      • Yep. Stocked up on and saved components as long as I could buy 9mm for around 20 cents a round. Now that store stock is limited to buck-a-round defense loads, pulling the lever on the ol’ Dillon is that much more satisfying.

    • Reloading classes at my favored range/gun-store have apparently been getting VERY good attendance.

      • You dont need a class, just buy a book like the Lyman or Speer manuals which will tell you all you need to know

  11. You’ll be seeing this sort of swing in all markets. We’ll really squeal when it’s bacon, milk, meat, gasoline etc. Guns may be a canary but wait till you see what happens to basic commodities. Never mind gold or silver. There’s a lot of people out there and the direction the herd stampedes will see savage supply/price swings.

    • You’ll be glad you spent your money on ammo and not gold and silver the way this country is going.

    • gold and silver are long term investments rather than immediate investments. commodities will be worth more in the future. ammunition and firearms? substantially worth more.

    • My walmarts never carried much in the way of volume anyway. I’ve often cleaned them out of their Federal bulk .22 by just buying 3 boxes, so no surprise they were out the other day. For some reason, they had Winchester white box 9mm, but no other 9mm at all.

  12. Are you kidding? I’ve been avoiding the local gun stores like the plague. They were insane BEFORE the Newtown tragedy hit the news.

    I am thinking about swinging by Reed’s to see if anyone has bought that so-butt-ugly-I-kinda-like-it Mossberg 464SPX .30-30 “tactical lever-action” yet. My only hesitation is that if it’s still there, I’m going to feel compelled to remedy that situation.

  13. Most of my good LGS’s have a good supply of guns and ammo. Only thing I can’t find in central IL is the Ruger LCR .357. Plenty of .38’s, tho.

  14. Most stores in NWKansas are down to .270 and 45 acp. One store has a lot of ammo though but it in a town of less then 100 people. Bull city Guns Alton,KS

  15. Any chance the TTAG reporting crew can get statements from manufacturers of ammo or firearms on their efforts to restock the country?

    This episode should quiet those who scoffed at stocking up on ammo ahead of trouble thinking they would be able to get more at wally-world whenever they needed it.

    • Or, even better, the distributors who actually manage the supply chain. It’d be interesting to hear what they have to say even if they require the quotes to be not-for-attribution.

  16. Exact same situation at the Bass Pro in Ontario Ca. Nothing left but shotguns and a revolver or two.

  17. Big 5 as well. They have some stuff, but not much.
    My private LGS has almost nothing new, but they are helping to broker a ton of private sales. The rest of their shop looks bare like they are going out of business.

  18. The only ammo I can find in my AO is 38 spl, which is awesome since I have guns that can handle that, but in two states and several different stores I was able to turn up only 45 rounds on .45 ACP in a 230gr JHP. Rifles (AR’s anyway not so much AK’s), strangely, are readily available again from my LGS.

  19. I am seeing a similar situation — although not quite as drastic — in my neck of the woods, which isn’t New England or the Northeast U.S.

  20. Spent New Year in AL. Bone dry. Live in KY. Nothing here either. Buds is a bad joke. Love that store, but its now my favorite place to wallow in the status quo…

  21. Fortunately I stocked up after the election. I had to check every day for a week but when they got some in I jumped on it. Now it looks like the few boxes available on line are selling for a premium.

    • So I was in Walmart today and I saw one lonely 100 round box of Winchester 115gr. 9mm, so I bought it. I know, I’m part of the problem. To Walmart’s credit it cost the usual $24, no gouging.

  22. Pretty much the same in CA, although Big5 has plenty of airsoft junk. I did a run of the lower SFBayArea the week before xmas and it was crowded everywhere I went.

  23. My local Wallyworld here in NH was out of all ammo except .40 and .30-06. Unfortunately, I have my first (and probably only) AR15, but have nothing to run through it.

  24. For pistol stuff (both hardware and ammo) supplies don’t seem to be too bad. There’s a Gander Mountain right down the road and while their supplies have dwindled pretty significantly post-Christmas their selection is still pretty good.

    Now, AR-15s, .223Rem, and 5.56mm… nada. Dick’s, Gander Mountain, and 2 gun shops. I’ve seen exactly one AR-15 (yesterday at Gander Mtn.) and someone walked out with it while I was there. Ammo? Fuhgeddaboudit.

    Reporting from Raleigh, NC by the way.

  25. Record turnout at the OGCA show in Ohio this weekend. Guys were asking $1+ per round for 5.56 tracer ammo. Most ARs i saw were priced at $2000+. Utter ridiculousness.

  26. My wife and I attended the Eastman Gun Show at the Cobb County Civic Center here in Marietta, GA today. We showed up around 1:30 p.m. and witnessed:

    1. a 10-12-minute line to get in

    2. zero .223 at the two major ammo vendors (most 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP was gone, too)

    3. half a dozen individuals walking around the show with homemade signs around their necks advertising various amounts (usually 1,000 rounds or less) of .223 available for sale privately

    4. AR uppers and lowers going for $200 or more each (30-round mags ranged from $50 to $100)

    5. most all of the few available ARs going for around $2,000 or more

    6. AK variants going for $800-$1,000 (and more SKSs for sale than usual)

    7. pistol-wise, fewer new Glocks, Sigs, and HKs than at most shows held here

    8. no more cosmoline-covered Mosin-Nagants being sold out of a crate for $100 each (though the ammo sellers had plenty of 7.62X54R available)

    9. far more than usual new and used low-quality pistols and revolvers for sale (Hi-Point, no-name revolvers, etc., some in surprisingly poor condition)

    Usually this show is fairly dead by 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, but even as we left at 3:45 p.m., it was still shoulder-to-shoulder on the main floor and it was nearly that packed at the tables around the top of the auditorium. The ratio of women to men was also greater than usual, but not by a huge margin.

    • Yep…I was there yesterday. I’ve never seen it like that. I even talked to a few Obama supporters while waiting to get in. It was seriously like controlled hysteria.

    • I went to this show yesterday. At 11am, the line was 30 minutes long. It was insane. I wanted to look at a Rossi levergun, but the guys manning the table were so busy at the glock/s&w/etc. end that I’d probably still be standing there if I’d have waited.

    • Some friends and I are debating going to the Fort Lauderdale show this weekend. On one hand, I don’t really need anything, but on the other IF I saw some 223 I’d like to get more (is the pushing and shoving worth it though). I think it’s a little more of a morbid curiosity to see how bad the prices are going to be.

  27. At my local Wal-Mart this afternoon there was rifle ammo in various Fudd calibers, as well as a couple of boxes of 7.62×39 FMJ. The latter surprised me, but I wasn’t about to pay $1 a round for it when I already have over a thousand rounds squirreled away.

    As for pistol ammo, it was pretty scarce other than a couple of boxes of .380 and a lot of .40 S&W. By a happy coincidence, I recently purchased a Glock 22, so I was able to top off my supply for that.

  28. In my area of Ca. shotguns are still readily available along with traditional hunting rifles. handguns not so much. Ammo, depends. Stuff like .30-30 is still around. Forget about 5.56 ot 7.62×39.

    • I did see a nice tactical shotgun at my local Big 5 for 499.
      Everything else was pretty bare, but they did have a savage 111 in 30-06 and a 7mm Remington. Everything else was 22 plinking stuff. Ammo was pretty gone, and Wally World is empty as well.

  29. LGS here (in NJ) has almost no 233. Only stuff left is $20+ a box TAP ZMAX and such. No 556 for over a week they have no idea when theyre getting more. All other ammo types looked in stock just low. No AR mags 10 or 15 rounds. Only semi rifles are the Storms and maybe 2 – 3 odd ball 22s. No idea when theyre getting any more ARs either. Pistols however plentiful due to the purchase pemit process.

  30. Seemingly record turnout for the Portland gun show this weekend. Reported 3 hour wait to get in as of 9am yesterday.
    The only ammo I see on the shelves of local shops is .17HMR, a few hunting rounds, less common things like .44, etc.
    .22lr, .38, .357, 9mm, .40, .45, .223, 7.62/39? forget about it. Any I’ve seen was being quickly snatched up before it was even put on the shelves.

    The good ol’ saying sure comes in to play here: Buy Cheap, Stack Deep!

  31. Saw some enterprising entrepreneurs at the PDX gun show yesterday trying to get $750 for Beta Mags. P-mags were going from $30 to $60, depending on how greedy the seller was. Great deals could be had on old cowboy style lever guns, lever guns, etc.

  32. I’ve been able to scour around and find just about anything except for 5.56 and .223. It’s been odd seeing .308 more available, and sometimes more reasonably priced than 5.56.

    12 gauge slugs, buck shot, and that PDX stuff is nowhere to be found.

    9 mm seems pretty readily available.

    All of this from Ohio, but including what I can find online.

    Stuff is still in stock one minute, and out of stock the next, but if you look in enough places, most ammo is still available.

  33. Does anyone have an opinion to offer on the Remington UMC .40 FMJ bulk pack (250 rounds) for $84?

    I have never tried it before and not sure if that price is worth the chance.

    • UMC bulk shoots dirty, so I have to do a full cleaning anytime I run that in my HK — but I’ve never had a problem with it. Powder charge seems consistent, never had a weak round fail to cycle the action properly.

      Then again, the only ammo my USP has ever disliked was the aluminum-cased Blazer stuff, because the ejector was chewing slivers of aluminum off of the rims of the cases.

      • Thank you both. Dirty ammo dosnt bother me much, so if its worth the money Ill pick some up next time I see it.

        By the way Alpha, jelous of the USP. Maybe someday. I love the full size USP .40

        • Yep, the USP40 is my main sidearm. It has definite Germanic character, in a good way, and it’s pretty much unstoppable.

          As recently noted, though, just watch out for my ejected brass. ACHTUNG!

    • If you’re talking bulk, also keep an eye out at Walmart for the Federal 100 round bulk packs. Maroon boxes, avail in 9, 40, and 45 for $22, $28, and (I think) $30.

      • My only problem with your otherwise excellent suggestion is that would involve actually going into a Walmart.

      • You REALLY have to jump on those. Well before this whole thing started even well before the election, Wal-Mart can’t keep them in stock. They go as fast as they arrive.

  34. As of last week, the shelves were empty at Academy of everyhting except a few odd calibers, some .22 and some birdshot. I went to my gun store about a half hour away, to pick up a pistol for my wife and the line for ammo was running about an hour long and they were rationing the stuff to 200 rounds/customer. They had plenty of handguns a few AR’s and a couple of bullpups of various types. I saw a couple of first time gun owners most of whom seemed to be buying on looks alone.

  35. Visited Sportco in Washington state this weekend – usually they have their normal shelves + bulk boxes open that you can access.
    All out of .22 except for $10 boxes of 50 rounds each.
    Only a few boxes of .38 left
    Still had some .45, .40, but pretty much self-defense rounds only
    The bulk box isles were bare.

    They surprisingly had some 7.62x54R, which I don’t think I’ve seen there before.

  36. Fleet Farm in Stevens Point WI -no .223 to speak of. 7.62×39 is on the shelf for a day before it’s all bought up. All the cheap ammo is gone. Expensive “daily carry” pistol ammo is still around, plenty of shotgun and rifle (besides evil rifle) are all in stock.

    I happy to report that Mills Fleet Farm has not been engaging in any price gouging due to supply and demand. In fact they actually ran a sale on HP 7.62×39 that was in line with the pre-Newtown prices. They also continue to run ads for AK-47’s on sale in their weekly flyer as well as their own brand Huldra AR rifles. Of course, they don’t have any in stock but I like that they’re flying the “we don’t subscribe to the madness” flag.

  37. Bass Pro Shop in Miami has no 9mm, .40S&W, 45ACP, .223 and get this: no .22LR. No scary black rifles except a single camoflauge patterned AR, exact brand and model unknown. Plenty of defensive handguns, though. Depth of inventory unknown.

  38. north dallas burbs
    cabelas has .223 for 15.99 a box, .40 sw for 16 a box and 500 round cases of pistol calibers on the rack last night

  39. the question is…….

    When do you start selling off your unused inventory? You know, that Wasr that the mags fall out of, and the Century C93 with headspace problems, and that yugo SKS that you never shoot.?

    Do i keep these? or trade for another 1911? lever action? get a really decent scope? SniperCentral Rem 700 package? Mosins for all the family and neighbors?

    I’m getting close i think.

  40. Cabela’s in Boise, ID had a good supply of Herter’s 7.62×39, American Eagle .223, PMC 9mm at 4:30ish yesterday (Saturday) It was reasonably priced too.

  41. cabelas in suburban STL has plenty of ammo and guns . . . just no real deals.

    wally’s had 9mm 100 ct wwb, but I bought it all up . . . a guy actually begged me to let him have one box since he was low so instead of 1,000 rds, I got 900.

  42. Took a picture a lot like that at Bass Pro in Ashland, VA this evening. No handgun ammo at all except for .22 WMR, .38 spec, and (wierdly) .357 mag. I didn’t see any .223 either, but all other rifle and shotgun ammo looked to be available in decent quantities.

  43. We’ve got lots of guns here in Wis. although I made the mistake of asking a local dealer how much they would come down on a pistol. Before Sandy it was one they were motivated to sell, now its pay list or walk. Ammo is pretty decent although 38 special, .357 mag & 45 were all sold out at Cabelas & the farm & barn. Pistol prices are the same or in the case of one dealer even cheaper than they were. He said his cost is down & he’s passing it on. Although what passes for cheap here is probably highway robbery in Tx., Randy

  44. dunhams and gander mountian in the detroit area still have ammo and non “black rifle ” guns. prices are not much more than normal.

  45. In AZ they advertised Mini-14’s in the Sunday paper at Big 5 for the low low price of $780. I prepared to go buy every one of them on my credit card and to realize a huge profit before nightfall. I called to see how many they had left. None. None were ever sent to that store nor to any store in the state, yet they ran the ad anyways. Why would they do that? Who knows. On the upside, I went to WalMart at 1am the other day and got 100 rounds of .45 ball (Winchester) for $40. There was plenty of it, as well as some .40, .38, 270, 30-30, 30-06 and a few boxes of 9mm. I think this will pass in time.

  46. Here in Iowa, we’ve got NO ARs (except the .22 clones), one lone .50 caliber rifle for around 5k, and a very used Bushmaster M17. No .22 LR to be found, or 5.56, or .308. Strangely enough, at my lgs, there’s still tons of good quality 7.62×39, and at pre-Newtown prices. Go figure.

  47. Anyone still interested in the protest on January 19th in Sacramento please email me at [email protected].
    I am getting tons of replies, and all of them will be distributing flyers from Lake Tahoe to LA. 🙂

  48. Down in Houston stocks of ammo and firearms were a lot lower than I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t find any defensive 9mm, and I considered myself lucky when I spotted two boxes of Speer Lawman 9mm that were tucked away behind other ammo. A few stores did have Winchester 9mm NATO in stock, I guess the warning label scares people off from it. There isn’t any .223 to be found anywhere except horrendously overpriced .223 at a local range. AR-15s are out of stock everywhere (I’m glad I got my lower and upper kits when I did) and the stocks of mid-range handguns are low.

  49. I checked three Wal Marts in the Sarasota/Bradenton area in Florida for .380 ammo. At one store the shelves were picked nearly clean of everything, another had about half of what I normally see and a third had a fairly decent stock of most calibers, but everywhere .223 & 5.56 was out of stock with customers crying the blues. I’ve stocked up until the storm passes. One good thing I did observe is that prices there have remained stable, no gouging.

  50. My go to gun shop told me all of their suppliers has already sold out their complete 2013 production run. This shop is also a regional distributor.

  51. You know, a printed AR 15 is starting to sound good. Of course I still wouldn’t be able to get ammo.

  52. Whatever on-line shenanigans (now we sell them, now we don’t, now we do, well not really) CTD is doing doesn’t apply to their brick & mortar store I just had to check out – ARs on the wall where I expected to see holes. But starting around $1500 and up, up, up from there. Rifle ammo (AR/AK/.308) shelves clean. Long shelves of dust. Turned around, and lo and behold they had pistol ammo. Lots of holes, but boxes too. .40 & 9 available in FMJ at not-too-crazy prices ($17 for fo’die, $14 for niner). Academy clean of .223, obviously. Fo’die and niner in FMJ had a couple boxes each, nothing else. And more expensive than CTD. So I grabbed some 12g from them, since they had a few boxes of slugs and #00bk (no #4bk, which is what I usually stock up on). Soon I’ll be checking out the scene on reloading components, and stocking up [MOAR]. *shudder*

  53. Orlando Bass Pro (two days ago) had about half their usual complement of handguns, but their rifle wall still looked pretty full and the ammo selection was… moderate.

  54. What am I seeing, he asks. (Pittsburgh area)

    A whole lot of nothing, that’s what. Good luck finding anything in a common caliber–rifle, pistol or shotgun. Wal-Mart? Out. Dick’s Sporting Goods? Out. Several local gun shops? Out. As for weapons? HA! No semi-automatic ANYTHING aside from the little pocket .380s and the like. Bolt-actions and lever-actions are still available but mostly old military-surplus stuff like Mosins or the odd Mauser. Revolvers are hanging around, but mostly the less-popular brands that nobody wants anyway.

  55. Most of the big box stores in northern AL seem to be wiped out. Last time I stopped into our biggest LGS they seemed to still have ammo and guns (even some AR’s) although the prices were high. They were limiting sale of ammo to a few boxes per customer.

    • Larry’s is the place I was referring to. Walked in and out with a Taurus slim for my wife in under 30 minutes though. The line for the ammo was insane

  56. Grapevine TX (Dallas area) store is roughly as empty. It’s almost like they haven’t restocked in 3+ weeks.

    • I was in Turners today here in Southern California, they did have plenty of Wolf 7.62×39, but had marked them up 75% from what they had them at a month ago. No AR’s, many semi auto’s sold out and not much of any other ammo.. They also stopped taking deposits for any gun not in stock.

  57. Here in Denver it is scarce as well. Haven’t looked at the Big 5 of Dicks, but the LGS, Bass Pro, Gander, Sprtsmans Whse, all low on it all.

    How are long are the background checks taking these days? Last I heard here just before new years it was taking upwards of 9 days. Purely anecdotal, but thats what my father-in-law said, who talked to a guy, whos brother knows this guy….. Anyway. Is it really that bad? Wouldnt surprise me I guess.

    • “How are long are the background checks taking these days?”

      When I was at Bass Pro a couple days ago, people were leaving with their purchases. At the gun show today, waits were running 1-2 hours.

  58. Im in Seattle metro area in Washington and I dont see much of any .223 or 5.56 or .308. Also of course no semiauto rifles. It looks like on the walls are just bolt actions and shotguns. I did manage to get a bunch of CCI mini mags and 9mm at my local gun store.

  59. Stopped by my local Wally World to mostly empty ammo shelves…just some .17, some PDX .45, some .380, and various rifle calibers that weren’t 5.56 or .308. They still had most of their guns, even a couple of Scary Black .22’s. Gonna hit Sports Authority this week, see if they have anything and if they’re increasing prices.

  60. Anyone else staying far away from this nonsense? If anything, it’s letting me know what to stock up on when it does come back in stock. A SHTF situation would see similar results, though folks might be a tad more…insistent…on getting what they want.

    Time for a separate ammo locker.

    • Yeah, it’s sort of like trying to buy plywood an hour before the hurricane comes on shore. Too late now, pilgrim!

    • Yeah, it’s sort of like trying to buy plywood an hour before the hurricane comes on shore. Too late now, pilgrim!

    • Yes, I am staying far away from this nonsense. I couldn’t even tell you what the stores look like here, ’cause I haven’t bothered to go look. I have no need or desire to join the ill-prepared panic buyers.

      A lot of gun owners pay lip service to being prepared, but we’re seeing right now that many apparently haven’t walked the talk. I have ALWAYS kept at least 2,000 rounds each of 5.56, 7.62×39, 9mm and 5.45 tucked away as a “SHTF stash”, not to be touched unless truly needed. And I’ve done so precisely because of what we’re seeing now.

      Anyone who truly needs to be buying right now needs to have a serious talk with themselves and ask, “Why am I in this situation?” ‘Cause if you wait until times of relative crisis to stock up on goods you need (whether it be guns, ammo, food or whatever), well, you’ll just be one of a million other chumps trying to get his paws on whatever crumbs are left for you.

      I hope some good comes of all this, and people start to re-evaluate their preparedness strategies. This time, it’s only guns and ammo. If a similar thing were ever to happen with food, you DON’T want to be that guy fighting in the grocery store to get his hands on one of the few loafs of bread.

      Seems to me that a lot of gun owners need to go re-read that old story about the grasshopper and the ant.

  61. My local farm store which I buy ammo from quite a bit because its so close to me and usually reasonably priced was all out of everything I wanted; .22lr .40S&W and .45 auto save for some crappy steel case for $20/50rnds. Sucks.

  62. Southern Idaho is the same – from neighborhood stores to Cabela’s, everyone is very low on any popular ammo, including the basic .22LR. Still some of the upper-end stuff (Hornady Critical Defense), but none of the large quantity/cheaper ammo in .223, .308, 7.62×39, .45acp, 9mm, etc. Forget any AR-type rifles or magazines, unless a used one comes into the store. Those sell out in about 1-2 hours.

    Not even any Mosin-Nagant bolt actions left, and the Ruger 10/22s are gone. some of the high-end semi-auto handguns ($1000 and up) are left, with a fair selection of revolvers.

    Hey, nothing to see here, the Brady Bunch says fewer and fewer American household own guns. According to their highly accurate telephone polling of many households in NYC, Chicago, Frisco, LA and Wash DC.

  63. Went to a gun store in southern Indiana today. Ammo shelves literally had 3 boxes of .45 ACP, 4 .357, and one lonely box of Brown Bear 7.62x54R. Gun shelves? Off-brand .22 handguns and a couple of well worn pump .22s and break-action, single-barrel shotguns.

    I wish this crap would stop.

  64. If you live in SoCal and don’t mind driving to Murrieta, there is a GREAT LGS there called “The Shootist” where the owner predicted this shortage. You can only buy 3 boxes of each caliber, per visit…but he always has it in stock.

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