Barrett Family Tonight on National Geographic Channel

NatGeo takes a look at the Barrett family of .50 cal rifle fame tonight in a special called, ‘Snipers, Inc.’ As it’s my wife’s birthday, I’ll be at dinner with her—smiling appropriately—and praying the TiVo doesn’t screw things up somehow. Check your local listings and go right ahead and watch without me, OK?


  1. avatar Tom Ostlund says:

    If the tivo screws up I am sure that there will be a torrent with your name on it!

  2. avatar stateisevil says:

    I assume this a hit piece about how evil nonstate ownership of weapons is?

  3. avatar Chase says:

    Errr… whats up with the whole “military weapons” crap… It was 8 years after the M82 was in civilian hands the US military finally adopted it.

  4. avatar BLAMMO says:

    Oops!! Airing right now and I missed it. It’s on again at midnight EDT, so I’m DVRing it too.

  5. avatar Tony says:

    Watched it the first go around. It did primarily focus on their military contract arms but did get in a bit of a mention about civilian ownership. You could tell they (Nat GeO) weren’t real favorable towards the civilian market but it wasn’t over the top negative. The narrator left out civilan training when they were doing the bit on Tactical Solutions but the owner got in that they do civilian training. The Barretts did mention there were things with their rifles that could be improved and talked to military snipers looking for areas of improvement. Overall I thought it was pretty good.

  6. avatar Dryw says:

    There was a definite ‘tone’ to the show, but it wasn’t a hit-piece by any means.

    I’m considering a 25% direct deposit from my paycheck to Outpost Armory. Cut out that pesky bank middleman. Wish it were a longer drive to discourage me.

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