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No, I’m not talking about the ban hammers at The Campaign to Stop Gun Ownership or Moms Demand Disarmament for America wield on commentators who don’t tow the party line. I’m talking about honest-to-God hammers. Hammers kill people! It’s time for hammer control! And if you think I’m kidding, well, I am. But keep in mind that gun control is a slippery slope without any reality-based foundation … unless you consider the desire for a nanny state a suitable base for America. Anyway, hammer time [via] . . .

Police have released a photo of the man who they say attacked two women in the Union Square area and a man in the Herald Square area with a hammer on Monday.

The first assault happened on West 35th Street near 6th Avenue, police said. That is where the suspect attacked a man without warning or provocation at about 1:45 p.m., police said.

Then at about 7:30 p.m. inside Union Square Park at Union Square West and 17th Street, the hammer-wielding man struck a 28-year-old woman, who was sitting on a bench, in the head, police said.

About 10 minutes later, the man hit another woman in the back of the head near 45 West 17th Street, the NYPD said.

But it would have been so much worse with a gun! Unless you were an armed, law-abiding citizen determined not to have your head stoved in by a madman.

Then again, if New York City residents were “allowed” to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, maybe the madman would have thought twice before attacking people with a hammer. Maybe not. Does that even matter?

UPDATE: the po-po took down Mr. Hammer guy today, ballistically speaking. You know, good guys with guns.

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  1. According to the FBI crime stats, more people are killed by hammers and bare hands than rifles every year, yet the moron Libs keep harping on “assault rifles” because it makes them look good to the other Liberal chimpanzees and it’s an emotional issue they can build their overall agenda of control on.

  2. Once upon a time Joe Nocera put together “The Hammer Report” to illustrate (supposedly) how infrequent hammer deaths were – in response to some criticism that people kill each other with all sorts of tools (
    . It lasted all of a few days as I recall, because there are actually quite a few!

    Will J. Mascia be adding The Hammer Report to Nannies Demanding Attention “News Service?” Don’t hold your breath.

  3. That dude definitely got the ballistic ban hammer, permaban from the server of life.

  4. It’s…….Hammer Time!

    Ban hammers. Ban knives. Ban screwdrivers. Ban ice picks. Ban high heeled shoes (for more than one reason!) Ban bows and arrows! Ban everything!…. Ban…bans!

  5. That’s “toe” the line, the same as “toe the mark”. The reference comes either from footracing, where the runners were to stand at the starting line, or military training, where the recruits had to place their feet at a mark on the ground, not sure which. No one “tows” a line, altho lots of people use “lines” of various sorts to tow barges, cars, gliders, etc. Sorry, but I’ve just seen it once too often I guess. Hopefully no one will mention “diffusing” a tense situation anytime soon…Anyway–saw this story a day or two ago. figured I would see it here before long, at least in a comment. Wonder if the action-deprived “moms” recommend asking about hammers before sending the kids over somewhere?

  6. All of these attacks could have been stopped months ago if New Yorkers would have exercised their 2nd Amendment Rights! Just another example of how Bloombergs efforts to take away our rights is NOT saving the day!

    • Actually this could have been prevented from the start. The guy had 8 prior assault arrests. Why is he out on the streets. Luckily NYPD took care of him. Hopefully he won’t recover. The officer that shot him is an Iraq war vet. Four shots two that did hopefully permanent damage.

  7. The video of hammer-man beating the cop and then getting plugged really shows how fast this stuff can happen.

  8. In 1346 at the battle of Cercy, 10,000 English longbow-men won a victory against 30,000 French knights and foot soldiers. Fire and movement won the day then as it still does now. Each bowman carried one or two quivers (magazine?) of 24 arrows. What was the bow-men’s back-up weapon? A hammer with a 2-pound head and 18-inch handle. After expending all his ammunition the bowman wadded into battle and bashed in his opponent’s skull with the hammer. Until the widespread use of firearms in the 16 and 1700s, more soldiers were killed on the battle field by hammers, than any other weapon. The hammer was the terror weapon of the 13th, 14th, and 15th century. Once you empty your 15 round double stacked magazine, that’s all your technically superior pistol is, a hammer. Don’t make fun of hammers, they are deadly weapons.

  9. Bang, Bang, Maxwell Silver’s hammer came down upon her head.
    Bang, Bang, Maxwell Silver’s hammer made sure that she was dead.

    • “Sweetness, sweetness I was only joking when I said I’d like to smash every tooth in your head…”

  10. Better start stocking up on hammers now. Word is Obama is calling for a ban on any hammer with a complete metal hammer head, or is constructed entirely of metal. Only large rubber mallets will be permitted, after a background check and registration though of course.

  11. Speaking as someone who is totally in favor of Constitutional carry, I gotta say.

    With regards to:
    “if New York City residents were “allowed” to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to
    keep and bear arms, maybe the madman would have thought twice before attacking people with a hammer.”

    more likely he’d have had a gun of his own.

    • Sure, because anyone who is willing to break the law and hit perfect strangers with a hammer must be deterred from getting a gun by a different law.

  12. Unfortunately for the world, hammer man David Baril is still consuming oxygen. Considering that Officer Geraldo Casaigne pumped three or four rounds into Baril at close range, I’d say that the Officer’s marksmanship could use improvement.

    • HuffPo article on it, fwiw, said that he hit the guy once in the arm and once in the torso. It does not say where the other two rounds went. This part of the story will doubtless change many times.

    • After watching the video a couple times, I’d say the officer did pretty damn good to clear leather and get hits on target. The incident went from zero to 60 in a flash, and was extremely dynamic. He put down the bad guy, and probably saved his partner from a cracked skull,

      • For sure. I’ll also add that the other officer showed remarkable restraint by only firing four shots. If someone attacked my partner I’d probably empty the mag. That scumbag could not have been shot fast enough or enough times, in my opinion.

        • I’d probably empty the mag also.

          To those that haven’t been in a fight, this is a whole lot different than standing with your hand at the ready, waiting for a shot time to go off.

      • From the limited view, I was impressed. Looked like the 2nd cop was fast to draw, and stayed in control, got close enough to assailant to be seeing backdrop, waited until his partner was clear, then put the assailant down quickly.

        The first cop moved fairly well away from the threat, but one thing I’d have done differently ( rather than backing into street traffic), would be to move sideways in a circular fashion, 90 degree off direction of attack. That clears the bad guy for partner to shoot faster, and keeps the fight close at hand. But I am just a civilian, so what do I know.

        I wonder if NYC trains for 2 v 1 tactics in this fashion. Anyone have a link for best practices, ideas?

  13. How about Moms Demanding a little action start harping that we shouldn’t let certified paranoid schizophrenics wander around loose in public? Hmm? There’s your liberal policies coming home to roost.

  14. Hammers are harmless?

    You’ve obviously never heard of a “War Hammer”. A blunt end to break bones, and a spike end to punch through chain-mail and plate armour. A dismounted knight’s worst nightmare.

  15. Ahhh…..paranoia and schizophrenia…..the mental illnesses of peace strike again.

  16. If everyone in NYC could freely exercise their 2A rights, the NYPD wouldn’t need 35,000+ cops.

    • Being able to exercise a right doesn’t mean they will. A statist coward is still a statist coward, whether he’s able to be free or not.

  17. If someone swings a bat or hammer at you, you need to close the distance, not run away as this female officer did.

    • Looking at the body language of the female officer, it seemed to me that she was surprised when the guy pulled the hammer out, then she went into flight mode, not fight.

  18. I think that’s actually an interesting idea. Antis are intent on making our lives miserable through legislation, let’s do the same to them. Begin campaigns to require registry, licensing, and proof of “need” for everyday items like hardware, gasoline, insecticides, knives, eating utensils, bleach, hairspray, and so on. After all, each of those items can kill more people than a gun if in a criminal’s hands.

    We’re irredeemably slipping into a fascist despotism anyway, might as well make sure they feel it also.

  19. In NY and other slave states you might think about changing that to “supposedly constitutionally protected” because the powers that be don’t seem to be worrying too much about that old piece of paper…

  20. “a 28-year-old woman, who was sitting on a bench, in the head,”

    I’m aghast that a man was in the women’s head! Or was it a unisex head? Wait, what? Oh, look at the commas? Ah, I get it now.

  21. Amazing no other innocent citizens were hit by the trigger happy police… and do they just let anyone on the force?!

  22. “… after being hit in the head by Baril who swung the claw side of a white carpenter’s hammer at her …”

    See, this is more racism from the NYC cops. They shot a poor homeless black man, when it was a WHITE carpenter’s hammer !!! The black man gets shot, while the white perp walks away !

    [For the clueless, /sarc off/]

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